Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When The Los Angeles Times DOES Release A Tape

If you think that the Los Angeles Times is engaging in protecting the integrity of a source in reference to a video tape that the "newspaper" will not release, you would be wrong.
There is a video tape that The Times will not release showing then little-known Illinois Democrat state senator, Barack Obama, at a rousing going away party for Rashid Khalidi, a man with very close ties to the PLO during the height of its reign of terror before the Palestinian Authority was established.
But, when it comes to a Republican, in this case, Gov. Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, thinking he was in a private conversation, the "newspaper" had no problem writing about it and releasing the audio tape.
Oh, and the same "newspaper" also wrote extensively about Gov. Benedict Arnold allegedly sexually harassing a co-worker on a movie before he entered politics.
So, again, I urge you to either e-mail the Los Angeles Times or call their toll-free number to urge them to release the video tape and let us judge for ourselves.
One more thing.
Read this from a former Los Angeles Times staff writer, Evan Maxwell. The following last two paragraphs are what makes what Mr. Maxwell wrote compelling:

I am not inured to the nuance of the practice of journalism. But even in the good old days of the last century, reporters who came into possession of confidential material from a source usually were smart enough not to admit in print that they possess the material. The moment a journalist says he is using a secret report to validate his work, and then refuses to reveal the full contents of the report, he is guilty of the kind of conduct that deservedly brought Sen. Joseph McCarthy to disgrace.

You let the cat’s tail out of the bag and you admitted you still possess that bag. Now I think you have no choice but to show us the rest of the animal so we can see it for ourselves. We are, after all, big boys and girls out here now. Hell, they even let us cast our votes. So help us to do that.

So, what Mr. Maxwell is saying is simple. The Times screwed up in the first place and now must find a way to release what is on that video tape in detail.
With that in mind, here is the contact information:

Toll-free phone number: 877-544-4000


Mad Hatter said...

ha, thats a joke

Rightwingsnarkle said...

OT, but worth a follow-up to close the circle.

Remember your excitement about the outlier poll showing Mad Jack leading among young voters?

Well, Nate's got a final review here.

It's worth your time to read it, because what he says applies to individual polls in general, to various degrees.

Bottom line - "The point of all of this is that just because some pollster puts some numbers together in a PDF doesn't mean that they have any particular idea what they're doing."

Tuesday night can't come soon enough.

Z said...

Mark..I know you're in Pasadena and I'm not, but do you happen to work in a law firm there? I designed a big law firm there; I can't even remember it's name, though...

oh, well.

I called AND emailed.....I heard thousands have cancelled but I think that's a little rightwing hubris (I'll admit it) because I heard a woman on a talk show say she'd cancelled and the person said "You're about my sixtieth cancellation today" On the other hand, who knows how many people are taking calls, right?

I LOVE THIS...I have to watch the local news (NEVER do) because I haven't heard how the rally outside their offices went today.. if you know, could ya come on back to geeeez and let me know?

Ya, using YA a honor of Sarah...tho It's about the only thing I can't STAND about her '" Good to see YA!" (ptui!)

Jeremayakovka said...

Here's my email:

Re: Release the 2001 tape of Obama and Khalidi * NOW *

To the LA Times:

If you possess any video footage of Barack Obama related to campaign issues in which the American voting public has a direct interest, you have NO PROFESSIONAL EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for withholding that footage (and any other related media or documentation) from the American voting public.

Rumors swirl that you have video footage featuring Barack Obama and Rashid Khalikdi. Only the LA Times has the power to confirm or deny those rumors.

How will you act?

# # #