Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Tribute To A Hero

I write this brief post because even though we are gaining the upper hand, militarily, in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror, we have some Americans trying to say it is too late and to pull out and admit defeat. We have too many Americans who do not want to win here or anywhere. There are too many Americans who think, quite bluntly, we are getting what we deserve.
I want to focus on someone who has died for this cause and why we should not stop in Iraq until there is total victory.
The American is James P. Blecksmith. He was a marine who died in the battle of Falujah in 2004. November 11, 2004, Veteran's Day.
Second Lt. Blecksmith was not a soldier who, as Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) came from a lower class background, but was born and raised in San Marino, California, an upper middle-class enclave in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles. He went to Flintridge Prep, a prestigious private high school, then the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Entered the marine corps voluntarily to fight for the United States in the War Against Terror. I am sure that he knew he would be in the front lines whether in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Second Lt. Blecksmith could have not gone to the Naval Academy and instead possibly an Ivy-League school and done something with himself in the private sector. But, he followed a long line of family who served their country, asked or not. Second Lt. Blecksmith's father, Ed, served in the marine corps in Vietnam. That was the last war the United States lost. What a tragedy that this could be the second.
Second Lt. Blecksmith was in the thick of the action in Falujah on that fateful November day when he was involved in heavy fighting, literally house to house combat. Second Lt. Blecksmith was shot by a sniper who hit him in the right spot. The bullet went right through 2nd Lt. Blecksmith and he died instantly.
His parents, Ed and Pam Blecksmith got the news the way almost all soldiers families get the news no one wants to hear. Two members of the armed forces went to the Blecksmith home and then they knew. Their son died a hero.
The memorial was held at the church they have attended for years. Yes, I was there and it was amazing seeing 2nd Lt. Blecksmith's flag-draped casket moving about the church and then the very short drive to the graveyard next to the church. Those that spoke talked about an amazing young man. Some referred to 2nd Lt. Blecksmith as a "Soldier for Christ" and his faith even going into the field of battle.
The reason I can write so intimately about this is that the Blecksmith's are members of my church, Church of Our Saviour, in San Gabriel, California. They are really down to earth people that have had to endure more than most Americans will ever have to endure.
And they want to see it through. They want victory in Iraq and in the War Against Terror. They understand as do so many military familes what we are doing not just in Iraq but overall to beat the Islamofacists.
I also write this because we hear so much about the thuggish soldiers in Abu Graib and now recently the writings of a so-called member of the military bad-mouthing the troops in the way that the war has turned them into sociopaths. That is what the DDBMSM wants to paint the picture of the American soldier.
I just want you to know some one like 2nd Lt. James P. Blecksmith, an American hero

The County Fair-Americana At Its Best

This past Sunday, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I went to the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California. I really love county fairs, and one of the best is in Orange County.
It is not just because it is deep in the heart of Red Southern California, but just the feel of the people, the carnival, the performances, the food and the animals, really just about everything.
Most importantly, it is an amazing place where Americans of all groups, incomes, status and the like can let it hang out, so to speak, and have a good all-American time. Mrs.rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I are not real fans of the carnival. We leave that for the teenagers. One of our favorite places is where all of the products are sold. It is like one huge television infomercial on steroids. Everything from George Foreman grill knock-offs to mops that leave no streaks and everything else in between. Amazingly, many people watch the demonstrations and really do buy the stuff. We did not. Sometimes, the missus buys some kind of jewelry or some kind of wonder jewelery cleaner.
My favorite place is the livestock. I love seeing all of the farm animals. There seemed to be an endless supply of sheep. I have to say, I love the sheep. But, I wonder one thing about sheep. How do they see? I mean, their eyes are so wide apart and, even though it seems like they are looking at me. If anyone knows, please comment.
Anyhow, at the OC Fair, there is the funnest thing to see-the All-Alaskan Racing Pigs. Now, it is not the two-ton Tessies running around a small track but piglets. And they are so amazing they can even jump over like horses in a steeplechase. The piglets are so cute and amazingly fast! Afterwards, the local big-chain grocer, Ralph's, aka Kroger gives coupons away for a free package of bacon.
The food, now that is a gastronomical delight. One can get almost anything fried. Fried candy bars, fried cheesecake, fried avocados, beer battered Australian potatoes, which is one of our favorites and of course we consumed. If I were left to my own devices, I would still be recovering at a local hospital with all that I would consume if it were not for the missus keeping a good leash on my eating habits!
What I find so refreshing about a county fair is that it is inter-generational. I mean, we saw grandparents with their grand kids, moms and dads and many kids and people from all walks of life, a little bit of America and all enjoying themselves at a relatively inexpensive price to walk in the gate compared to the big amusement parks like Disneyland and the like.
I hope that this slice of Americana is maintained in a big way throughout the United States. I think this is a perfect gateway to show those from foreign lands what America is all about.

Victory In Iraq=A Problem For The Democrats

According to the Washington Post http://washingtonpost.com, South Carolina representative James Clyburn, the third in the Democrat house leadership admitted that if the situation in Iraq shows vast improvement in September, it will be a problem for the Democrats.
As if we did not know!
In an interview, Mr. Clyburn states the obvious and thus what the strategy has been all along for the Democrats. Invest in defeat in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror and that is good news for the Democrats. Winning in Iraq is bad news for the Democrats.
So, if General David Petraeus comes to Washington in mid-September and tells congress that the military mission in Iraq is vastly improved and that the surge should keep going for total success, what do the anti-war people do?
They will be rightfully exposed and that will, I believe, get the American people back to supporting that the troops leave Iraq with victory, not their tails between their legs as in the Vietnam era.
The war in the Iraq theatre or anywhere else should not be a partisan issue. Victory should be non-partisan.
But, Rep. Clyburn let the cat out of the bag and that is why we are in the position we are in today.
Let us hope that Gen. Petraeus comes back with good news and that the big problems come for the Democrats. That can only be good for America.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Democrats And Voter Fraud? NAH!

In today's Wall Street Journal http://opinonjournal.com, columnist John Fund has a fascinating column on voter fraud being perpetuated by Democrats throughout the United States and the in credulousness of the aforementioned Dems and their allies.
You see, for the past eight years the Democrat machines in many parts of the United States has been talking about voter fraud that was done by Republicans with the largest being, take your pick, Florida in the 2000 presidential election or Ohio in the 2004 presidential election.
In 2000, then Governor George W. Bush won Florida by 527 votes after the Democrats tried as they could to steal the election by forcing local election boards to count potential votes. Yet, the same Democrats saw nothing wrong with that. These are the same Democrats who tried to suppress the votes of military members serving abroad in both 2000 and 2004. The fact is, George W. Bush won Florida no matter how the Democrats tried to divine votes. A consortium of news groups, led by the old gray lady herself, the New York Times, concluded that Gov. Bush won Florida.
But, the Dems still do not believe that to this day. Dems still think that Florida was "stolen".
Let me say that if any group knows how to steal votes and or elections, it is the Democrat party. There is no doubt in my mind that had Mayor Daley in Chigago had not waken the dead to vote and Sen. Lyndon Johnson made up voters in Texas, Republican Richard M. Nixon and not Democrat John F. Kennedy would have won the 1960 presidential election.
But, somehow the Dems have perpetuated another myth. That the Republicans stole the 2004 presidential election in Ohio by a few tricks such as voter suppression and broken voting machines. Yes, the Republicans suppressed over 120,000 Ohio voters who would have voted for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass). Yet, too many people believe that.
Thus, when in the Mr. Fund column he cites cases of Democrat voter fraud, no one on that side wants to talk about it. In fact, Vermont Sen. Patrick Lehey says that there is no voter fraud problem. Boy, did he say that in 2000 and 2004 in regard to the Presidential election?
Read Mr. Fund's column, but note what Mr. Fund wrote in his book on election fraud.
Democrats need to win elections and need to be in power because many can not do anything else. It is essentially what they trained for. They know nothing else. Republicans usually do not have the same problem as so many come from the private sector and can always go back there.
So, Democrats will ignore blatant voter fraud to their benefit, but make up voter fraud when Republicans win elections because, yes the Democrats do believe this, people can not really vote for Republicans. But, the dead always vote Democrat

Friday, July 27, 2007

What Is And Is Not Shown On Television

Today, two television helicopters crashed into each other while covering the end of a police chase in Phoenix. There is footage of the final moments already on the net http://drudgereport.com and http://breitbart.com. It is sad as the pilot has no idea of what was about to unfold.
I guarantee that this will be shown constantly. That is tragic. But, there is another tragedy.
That is, when is the last time that you saw footage from the events of 9/11?
The reason I bring it up is that it seems like everything else is fair game, including titillating footage on supposedly all news cable outlets (and that includes Fox News Channel.).
I think that because the so-called news channels and the big three networks never show the footage of the attacks, that is why Americans are not believing that we are fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, and so many unknown areas of the world.
Here is a trade off. Stop showing this kind of stuff and start reminding Americans what the events of 9/11 were. Maybe that will wake a slumbering nation!

Can't Wait For The On Air Promos

***********WARNING! ***** WARNING! ***** WARNING! *********For those sensitive to vulgarity, please do not read the following!
It appears that the FCC missed this new name for a radio station http://starbulletin.com/2007/07/26/businiess/engle.html.
I for one do not believe that this made it this far. But, you can say this would get a lot of listeners just to hear the station announcements!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Memo To The GOP

That is the title of a very important post by radio talker Hugh Hewitt today http://hughhewitt.com. There are two very important points I would like to give my take on.
Firstly, that the National Republican Congressional and Senatorial Committees not waste money on candidates without a snowball's chance in hell of winning. I would refer anyone to the absolute waste of GOP cash trying to keep Lincoln Chafee's Rhode Island senate seat in the "GOP corner". I put that in quotes because Mr. Chafee was the least Republican elected official in either the house or senate. I suppose that someone has to be, but Mr. Chafee enjoyed tweaking the GOP leadership and, as they tried with former Sen Jim Jeffords of Vermont, they got burned. Also in Mr. Hewitt's post is that if necessary, yes the Republicans should get involved in primaries. The White House was very involved in the 2004 campaign of Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Penn.) backing Mr. Specter to the hilt over conservative Republican congressman Pat Thoomey. We know who won that race and is still a sitting senator.
Secondly, and I think very important, is to get veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror to run, especially in congressional races. The Democrat brain trust was actually smart enough to recruit en masse veterans who were opposed to the war, especially in Iraq and that translated into votes and some wins for the Dems. Imagine veterans running in the Republican camp who were for the invasion of Iraq and winning primaries and being in the front lines of the political wars winning seats for the Republicans.
The memo of Mr. Hewitt's is because the Republican committees I wrote about earlier are way behind in money to the Democrats. The Dems are banking on their base being excited to possibly retain congress and take the White House. The Republicans just don't seem to care. But they and we should care.
The question I have for disgruntled Republicans of all stripes in the coalition is this.
Do you like what the Democrat control of congress hath wrought? In other words, all the doom and gloom that many predicted has happened. The investigation machine is on warped speed, trying to find anything to nail on President Bush and even Vice-President Cheney so as to impeach both and lead Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) to become president. If it is not the investigative machine, the continued blocking of federal judical appointments? And the constant seemingly weekly votes in both houses to wear down Republicans and set a pull out date in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror?
Pay attention to all of Mr. Hewitt's letter. It is a big way to victory for the GOP in 2008.

Obama, The Arrogant

It seems that Sen. Barrack Obama (D-Ill.) believes that he knows all about foreign policy and that he was so right about the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror. Also, he will make Iraq, socialized medicine, and the usual Democrat claptrap his main priorities if he is elected president http://drudgereport.com.
I do not think that Sen. Obama has ANY foreign policy experience. I mean, this is his third year as a senator and before that he was a state legislature in Illionis. He criticizes those that have a vast reservoir of foreign policy experience including Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-NY), who may be second least foreign policy experience in the Democrat field, Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), Sen John "F--- You" McCain (R-Ariz) and my favorite second tier GOP candidate, Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Cal.). Of course it is easy to criticize and offer nothing more than retreat in Iraq and to be willing with no conditions to meet the rouge gallery of dictators within the first year of his presidency.
It is just Sen. Obama's narcissistic, arrogant attitude that rubs me the wrong way. Instead of sounding like he wants to do the job of president for the American people, Sen. Obama wants you to think that he is Mr. Know-It-All and that he and he alone can solve all the problems of the nation and the world.
It may turn on the wackadoos in the left wing of the Democrat party, but the supposedly charismatic Sen. Obama may strike many Americans the wrong way. The way of, oh maybe someone like Sen. Clinton!
This arrogance is what I believe will drive voters away from the Democrats. It is why people have not voted for the Democrats in recent presidential and congressional elections. Yes, I know the Democrats regained congress in 2006, but chalk that up to frustration with an equally arrogant Republican congress. People want to hear a candidate that thinks and speaks like them. Dr. Frank Luntz, whose book about "Words That Work", points this out constantly and it seems to fall on deaf ears.
Lest you think that arrogance is only on the Democrat side. There is the infamous Sen. John "F--- You" McCain who showed extreme arrogance during the debate on the failed "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam.
It is as if these politicians continue to separate themselves from the American people and think that they are potentates or some kind of royalty.
But, Sen. Obama may take the cake in how he sees himself and that is when the American people in all of our wisdom give our check to that by, in Sen. Obama's case, not voting for him for president.

Back From Canada

I am sorry that I have not been blogging the past several days, but I was off on a secret mission to Canada, Vancouver in fact. No, it was not really a secret mission but a wedding that Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I attended.
Now I am back and, for once, no major catastrophe occurred but a lot of news, so away I go.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Dems Keep Losing

Today, the United States senate voted once again to end cloture on another meaningless resolution to get out of Iraq. Once again, the vote was 52-47 with the three GOP stooges, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska joining the Surrender Caucus. And, of course, Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman of Connecticut voted with the Victory Caucus and thus, the surrender first crowd fell eight votes short of ending cloture.
This, like everything else the congress has voted on regarding the war in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror is pointless. The Democrats are in control of congress and the purse strings. Thus, they can at any time cut off the fund to the troops in Iraq and end the war in a blink. So, why do they not go for broke and all out to cut the funding?
The answer is that they know they do not have anywhere near the votes that will withstand the certain veto of President Bush. They also do not have the guts to bring a fund cutoff to a vote because they will be seen as the cut and runners that they really are.
So, we are treated to these dog and pony shows, meaningless votes every so often to remind the American people that these principled Democrats are still trying to bring some Republicans along and vote for a staged withdrawal.
The congress that is now controlled by the Democrat party is at a lower polling than the Republican congress ever was in 12 years of control. The reason is simple. The Dems are obsessed with keeping Iraq on the front burner while doing nothing to really change things. The Dems believe that this will ride them to keep congress and their presidential candidate to the White House. Well, the polls seem to bear that out.
But while that goes on, do they not think that the American people are not going to catch on their cynical strategy? I think they already are and that the present polling numbers will turn around.
But, that is not what is the current situation is. The senate is going to try this again after the August recess. And that will be about the time that Gen. David Petraeus will deliver the all important report on progress in Iraq. That is when this may get serious.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'll Take The GOP Top Tier Over The Dems Top Tier Anyday!

I, for one, do not get the Republican angst over the candidates running for the presidency. I think it is a very diverse field, not just politically but socially, and economically. The four leading Republican candidates for president can leap any day over the three top Democrat candidates.
So, I will take the candidates background and, as Fox News Channel says, we report, you decide.
For the Republicans.
Sen John "F--- You" McCain. Besides getting a nice profanity or two to supposed allies, the man is a patriot and great American. Entering the air force during the height of the Vietnam war, he was shot down and became a prisoner of war under the worst of conditions. After the war, he went into the private sector and ran for congress as a Republican from Arizona and later Senator. Sen. "F--- You" McCain has basically seen it all.
Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was a deputy attorney general during the first Reagan administration and later became United States attorney for New York. Then he left for a short stint in the private sector and ran for mayor of New York City. Lost the first time and then won two elections and was the mayor during that fateful day, 9/11/01. For the most part, Mr. Giuliani has been with the Justice department or mayor of New York City. A legal and political background.
Then there is former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Very interesting background. Has both a legal and business degree from Harvard. Made a lot of money in the private sector, particularly with Bain Capital. A businessman who has had to actually meet payrolls. Mr. Romney took a stab at America's favorite alcoholic senator, Teddy Kennedy back in 1994. Mr. Romney has the distinction of giving Sen. Kennedy his closest reelection since he was first elected to the senate. Then, Mr. Romney became Mr. Fix it and saved the mismanaged Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from financial ruin. It was one of those America coming together moments as it was not long after the 9/11 attacks. After that, he ran for and became governor of Massachusetts. Mr. Romney is a successful businessman, fixer-upper and governor.
Most intriguing is former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson. Mr. Thompson is a pulling himself up by the bootstrap story of marrying his high school sweetheart and working his way through college and eventually law school. Then he became lead counsel for then Sen. Howard Baker during the Watergate hearings, where he got his start. Then, he hung up a shingle in Tennessee and became famous for bringing down a sitting governor. When Hollywood was making a movie about the exploits, they could not find the perfect Fred Thompson actor. So, Mr. Thompson said he would play himself and that became a successful career in film. In the Republican sweep of 1994, Mr. Thompson ran for the unexpired term of then Vice-President Al Gore and won in a landslide and subsequently reelection six years later. Upon retiring from the senate, Mr. Thompson merged the law and acting to become New York county district attorney Arthur Branch in the NBC hit series "Law And Order." Mr. Thompson has been in a little of everything and brings a real world experience to the campaign.
Now, for the Dems.
Front runner Sen. Hilary Clinton. Lets see, she served as first lady of Arkansas while Gov. Bill Clinton was in office. She was a partner in the highly controversial Rose Law Firm. Then Mrs. Clinton became first lady of the United States when Gov. Clinton was elected president in 1992. She wrote a highly controversial book on child rearing and parleyed her status to carpetbag a senate seat from New York state. Mrs. Clinton could have easily ran in Arkansas or her home state of Illinois. Now, she runs for president. She has no real accomplishments as a lawyer or a senator, but she is running on being a Clinton and a woman.
Sen. Barrack Obama from Illinois gets a lot of press because he is the first really serious black candidate for president. He did not live in a life of poverty but was rather privileged. Sen. Obama went to law school and was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, a real major accomplishment. Sen. Obama then became a politician, first in the Illinois statehouse and then was elected to the senate in a landslide in 2004. Another lawyer and politician, not much in the real world.
Then there is former North Carolina senator John Edwards. At least Mr. Edwards did come from almost nothing to succeed and go to law school. But, upon becoming an attorney, he became what is commonly called an ambulance chaser. Mr. Edwards became wealthy by a percentage of huge lawsuits won by plaintiffs. Then, Mr. Edwards ran for and became senator from North Carolina in 1998. In a mystery, Sen. John Kerry chose then Sen. Edwards to be his vice-presidential candidate in 2004. Sen. Edwards did himself no favors and was seen by many on both sides of the aisle as an empty suit. And, of course, this could not stop Mr. Edwards from thinking he should be president. Another lawyer and politician.
Here is what separates the GOP from the Dems. Three of the four top tier candidates have had a career out of politics. Thus, they do have a better pulse on what people are thinking than career politicians that surround themselves with yes people and never really know what people are thinking. Also, there is more diversity in the GOP field with social moderate Mr. Giuliani, businessman Mr. Romney and actor Mr. Thompson. The Dems give us three lawyers and or career politicians.
I, for one, think that the GOP field is a good one and I have already mounted my saddle on the Romney horse. I think that when the dust settles, the American people will like either Mr. Romney or if it is another GOPer as the nominee, and the gap will close and this will be another close election.

JetBlue and Daily Kos-A New Partnership

It appears that JetBlue airlines is sponsoring the Daily Kos convention of the Nutroots. Nothing all that wrong on the surface. Except that JetBlue is the only sponsor of the convention of lefty bloggers. So, why the fuss.
As Dean Barnett http://hughhewitt.com points out that JetBlue is not a Democrat or liberal airline. Thus, will they sponsor a convention of righty bloggers?
No one knows because when a producer for the O'Reily Factor http://FoxNews.com confronted the new CEO of JetBlue in a recent episode of the Factor.
Here is why this is a story.
When an airline flown by many Americans and non-Americans openly supports a fringe group not just in political money but a sponsorship, it makes those who do not support the views on the Daily Kos wonder what are the values and views of the airline that they choose to fly on? If JetBlue sponsors the convention of some of the most vile bloggers, does JetBlue think those views are a-ok?
Here is another problem, the new CEO should not avoid answering pointed questions. By doing that, it keeps a potential non-story going.
As they say at Fox News Channel, I report, you decide. But I will not cloud your judgement except to say I will think twice before ever flying on JetBlue.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Graham Vs. Webb. And The Winner Is. . .

Yesterday on the premier Washington, inside the beltway, gasbag show, Meet The Press, Tim Russert, former aide to New York Democrat Gov. Mario Cuomo, had Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Sen. James Webb (D-Vir) and the fireworks exploded over the situation in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror http://realclearpolitics.com.
While both men were trying to stick to their talking points, passion took over. While Sen. Webb was trying to act as if he knows the feelings of boots-on-the-ground soldiers in Iraq, which he is basing on polling done by the New York Times, Sen. Graham asked a simple, devastating question. "Have you been to Iraq, Sen. Webb?" Sen. Webb was grandstanding and Sen. Graham asked several more times and Sen. Webb even said that Sen. Graham had never been to Iraq either. WRONG! Sen. Graham answered Sen. Webb "I have been there seven times." Seven to none. A shutout. And, Sen Webb is the Democrat big military expert who beat former Sen. George Allen. And, he has not been to Iraq once.
I think that Sen. Webb does not want to look the soldiers in the eyes and tell them with false bravado that they are wasting their time in Iraq. Sen. Webb knows that he maybe in for a good ol' fashioned butt kicking.
The winner with one devastating question is Sen. Lindsay Graham.
The loser is a bitter troll, Sen. James Webb.
While Sen. Webb's son is or has been to Iraq, and since he has been elected a United States senator, I find it odd that he would not want to get a first hand account by seeing his son in the field of battle. Rush Limbaugh http://rushlimbaugh.com has a lot of points on that score that are correct.
One thing that should be noted. Sen. Webb was a Republican and he was not happy with President Bush or former Sen. Allen because they did not listen to what he had to write and say about the Iraq front on the War Against Terror. Sen. Webb got angry. But being a coward rather than really doing a political fight, Sen. Webb became a Democrat. Because Sen. Webb knew that he could not beat Sen. Allen in a Republican primary with his position on Iraq. Suddenly, with public opinion turning against the war in Iraq, then Mr. Webb announced that he was going to run in the Democrat primary in 2006. In shady campaigning, Mr. Webb defeated a longtime state senator and set his sights on Sen. Allen. And, as a guerrilla fighter he did eventually best Sen. Allen.
Well, here is something for Sen. Webb to chew on.
George W. Bush in 2009 will not be president at this time. Sen. Webb, your whole campaign was essentially about the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror. More than likely, many troops will be home and, God willing, Iraq is on the road to becoming a stable, democratic nation. Then, Sen. Webb, what will your angry act be?
I respect the fact that Sen. Webb and his family have had a strong military sense of honor. I did and still think highly of the book "Born Fighting", which was a definitive tome on the Scots-Irish influence in the United States. But, Sen. Webb, you are a coward when it comes to Iraq. You will not go there to see first hand what the situation is. If you don't like the "Dog and pony show", ask to go out of the Green Zone into the field. Then if your position is still the same, I may not agree but will have a little more respect for you. And another thing, Sen. Webb. I would not quote an alleged poll of military people and the source is the New York Times. There should not be polling of soldiers in war time, and we are in a war. And, even taking the poll at face value, no armed forces can conduct a war based on any polling data. You could not be an officer and thus lead on polling only. That is not a leader, that is a bureaucrat at best, coward at worst.
But, as far as who won yesterday's showdown on Meet The Press, it was Sen. Lindsay Graham. Oh, and Sen. Graham is a reserve military officer, not some "chicken hawk."

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yasser Arafat DID Die From AIDS

A not overly shocking revelation has now been confirmed. Yasser Arafat, hero of the Palestinian movement and one of the most evil terrorists of all time did, in fact, die from AIDS http://littlegreenfootballs.com/.

I, for one, am not shocked that this is finally being revealed. I mean the French medical report was suppresed and it was very sugar coated indeed. It was a dirty little secret that Yasser Arafat was a sexual pervert. And that nothing was off limits.

It is good that the Palestinian people are told the truth. Their God has been exposed as the charlatan that he was. While the Palestinian people were suffering, he was getting rich. When the Fatah movement was corrupted, Mr. Arafat did not care. For a terrorist thug that he was, he left this world a very rich man while he robbed nations blind that bought his sob stories about the plight of "his people". The truth is, he and those who have used the Palestinain cause have caused the plight.

As a Christian, I do not wish harm on people as a rule, but I will end with this. If there is a hell, as I believe there is, Yasser Arafat is leading the Devil's Brigade.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Barbara Boxer, California's Embarrassing Junior Senator

Being from California to many Americans is bad enough. But to have Barbara Boxer "representing" me and my fellow Californians is an outright embarrassment and today's latest shot across the bow regarding potential impeachment of President Bush solidifies that claim to fame.
Sen. Boxer was on liberal radio talk show, the one success, Ed Schultz when she blathered on that "impeachment should not be off the table." Not off the table? It shouldn't even be under the table.
Whenever anyone talks impeachment, we should always ask for what reason. Well, Sen. Boxer laid out a list of them http://drudgereport.com, but none of her citations has been proven to be against the constitution and or rising to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.
But, 300 separate investigations are an attempt to find a smoking gun. While Democrats like Sen. Boxer feel that is a worthwhile time that congress should be spending, nothing of real substance is getting done. And while in a half-joking way I thought that was good, it is not good to see congress going down this road. And leading the misfits is Sen. Boxer.
To say that Sen. Boxer is a liberal is like saying the Pope is German. She is to the left of almost everyone in the United States senate. She is the street fighter compared to the senior senator from the Golden State, Diane Feinstein. Sen Feinstein is one that I strongly disagree with, but unlike Sen. Boxer, Sen. Feinstein is not disagreeable.
The fact that a senator, with no proof of any deliberate wrongdoing on the part of President Bush or any one in the administration, says that impeachment should be out there like a Damocles sword shows that she does not realize that the whole reason for impeachment is not to be on a political witch hunt.
So, why did I FAVOR impeachment of former President Clinton? Because he did violate the law. Not in having relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, but in lying about it under oath in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Jones. If a president is willing to so easily lie to cover him or herself from charges of sexual harassment, then the course of action that congress took had to happen. Never mind that the reason it was all found out was because of the special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, investigating the matter under the Whitewater investigation. It was the special prosecutor law that the Democrats fought for in the wake of the Watergate scandal. But, when it was turned against their own, President Clinton, Democrats joined Republicans in scrapping the law, which was unnecessary to begin with. It was an overreaction to Watergate.
I am sorry to digress, but a little history was needed.
If this congress had some legislative accomplishments, maybe all their poking and prodding can be somewhat overlooked. But, it is the investigations, subpoenas, and the time being wasted that makes this Democrat congress a travesty. So, leave it to Sen. Boxer to be the ringmaster of this circus.
If people like Sen. Boxer and her gang want to continue to turn more people off from politics and the process, by all means keep this up. For Sen. Boxer, et al, it is all about getting even. Too bad there are 300 million other people that would like to see Sen. Boxer and the gang actually to some real work. That would get in the way of trying to oust President Bush.
I apologize to the rest of the United States that the good people of California keep sending this embarrassment back to Washington, D. C. every six years. Maybe next time. . .

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Democrat Congres Less Popular Than President-Time For A Change Of Direction!

In another beautiful piece of logic, go to Rush Limbaugh's website http://rushlimbaugh.com for how he sees the Democrat congress.
All I can say is that if the Democrat "logic" on the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror were applied to them, forget it! The Republicans would be back in charge of congress and on a "new direction."
Somehow, I do not think that will happen until 2008.

Villar And Vitter-Who Is Getting Slammed More

In the last two weeks, two politicians, one a Democrat and the other a Republican, are involved in scandals that should have the public outraged, but which one do you think the DDBMSM are steering the public to be more outraged about?
Politician number one, Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villar (currently, his surname is Villaraigosa, but when the wife gets her divorce, she will take back her part of the combined last name, Raigosa), who not only gets caught cheating on his wife, but with a Spanish language television reporter who was covering, ta da, the mayor! Well, obviously cheating on his wife is bad enough, but this is not the first time as in 1994, Mrs. Villaraigosa filed for divorce when Mr. Villaraigosa was caught with his pants down. But with a reporter that is supposed to be covering the mayor from an "unbiased" position, that alone raises numerous questions including conflict of interest on both the reporter and Mr. Villar and whether or not there was more favorable coverage of Mr. Villar as a direct result of the affair. But, somehow because it is a Democrat that has gone this way around the block many times, the media seems to be covering for Mr. Villar instead of doing their job and finding out not just about this affair but others that Mr. Villar may have had with other women in powerful positions.
Politician number two, Louisiana Republican senator David Vitter, a down the line conservative. Sen. Vitter's sin is cavorting with at least one or two prostitutes before he became a senator and was a measly member of the House of Representatives. I have to give it to Louisiana, corruption and morally questionable politicians is one thing that appears to be bipartisan. Now, buying sex with a prostitute is wrong on many levels, but we have no concrete evidence of this. All we have for sure is his telephone number ending up in the phone logs of Deborah Palffy, who has been indicted for running a prostitution ring under the guise of an escort service. And today, another prostitute in Louisiana who said that Mr. Vitter was a customer. So, Mr. Vitter admitted to committing a sin and that he asked his wife's and God's forgiveness. Now, since he was not actually caught in the act of buying sex, he can not be prosecuted. But the media is jumping on this scandal and probably scouring all of D. C. and Louisiana to find more prostitutes to embarrass the senator further. All possibly leading to a resignation and, well ol' Gov. Kathleen Blanco, as in blank during Hurricane Katrina, a Democrat could appoint another Democrat and increase the Democrat majority in the senate.
Clearly, Sen. Vitter is getting slammed more than Mayor Villar. One is a Republican who at least knows what standards are and one is a Democrat who goes through women like one does the weekly laundry.
In the DDBMSM eyes, Sen. Vitter is the hypocrite and Mayor Villar is not.
But, here is a little point. When one has very high standards and falls short, he or she does not blame anyone else. When one does not have high if any standards, he or she finds everyone else to blame.
Maybe that is what drives the DDBMSM crowd batty and trying to get conservatives riled up. The seeming hypocrisy.
The real story is that both Sen. Vitter and Mayor Villar are men who fell short in the most sacred earthly relationship, marriage. One asked for forgiveness, the other decided not to put up a fight. Too bad the DDBMSM crowd does not get that story.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gridlock Is GOOD!

I do not get to listen to Rush Limbaugh as much as I would like to as I do not get the radio station he is on in my office and because there is wonderful host, Dennis Prager, on the same time here on the left coast, deep in the heart of blue California.
But, El Rushbo, a little Spanish lingo as Mr. Limbaugh would say, hit is right on the head today and it is at his website http://rushlimbaugh.com.
Why in the world would gridlock in Washington would be good? Because while nothing gets done, no crazy legislation gets passed that would, more than likely, but a detriment to most Americans.
And, that is what has happened since the Democrat takeover of congress last November.
The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) had a real catchy slogan, "Six for '06" which was suppose to be the big agenda of the Democrats. Well, out of the six, only one has actually become law, the minimum wage hike. The minimum wage is a loser for Republicans because it is more ingrained in most Americans that it is a right to be paid a "living wage." It is more ingrained than Social Security. So, there is the big legislation from the House. They are busy with investigation after investigation of the Bush administration. That is good for they will not vote and suggest silly legislation.
Ditto that for the senate. They could not pass the hallmark of the Bush administration, the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam. They too are busy with investigating the Bush administration. Good, they too can not vote or pass bad legislation.
So, it is a good short term strategy, but in the long run, if a Republican wins the White House in 2008, it would be good if there was a Republican congress.
I think that, for the most part, they learned their lesson from the election of 2006. Don't stray from what you believe in. Smaller government. Republicans can not be Democrat lite. It does not work for voters are smart enough to vote for the real deal, Democrats, if that is what they get in a Republican.
So, for at least the next year and a half, Mr. Limbaugh is correct and gridlock is good.

The Straight Poop Express Takes A Big Dump

Er, I guess that Sen. John "F--- You" McCain (R-Ariz) is still calling his rapidly failing presidential campaign the "Straight Talk Express", but that would be the first bit 'o poop that the good senator is dishing in trying to keep his head above water.
Today, the candidate's campaign manager, Terry Nelson and the chief strategist, John Weaver resigned, but in the AP story http://breitbart.com, you would think it was the other way around as the writer implied that Sen. "F--- You" McCain fired the two. That was in the opening paragraph. But, go to the next paragraph and the truth is there. The two resigned. Also, the article compares the senator's flagging candidacy to that of Democrat 2004 nominee, Sen John Kerry (D-Mass), supposedly at the same point in that election cycle. That would be all well and good, if the campaign was in full swing at this time, but there was NO campaign at this time.
The DDBMSM crowd will not give in to writing this, but I will. Sen. John "F--- You" McCain, your candidacy is OVER!!
Why the DDBMSM does not get it while the rank and file Republican does is the fact that the DDBMSM does not get rank and file Republicans.
Rank and file Republicans are not looking for the bipartisan, business as usual candidate in this critical 2008 presidential contest. Yes, it is not the usual tight and usually already decided type of nominating process for Republicans. Many Republicans are shopping around, looking at different candidates and ignoring someone named McCain. So, let me explain why that is the case.
Firstly, Republican voters and activists know that Sen. "F--- You" McCain's relentless pursuit of "Campaign Finance Reform" with Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.) has hurt the GOP ability to keep up with the Democrats. It is also the most egregious assault on the first amendment that has gotten this far.
Secondly, Sen. "F--- You" McCain has also relentlessly pursued "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", which rank and file Republicans and many independents and even Democrats did not support. He was like the energizer bunny who kept going, and going and worse of all, he was doing it all with America's favorite alcoholic senator, Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.). Nothing turns off Republican voters more than a Republican stalwart, or so it seems, like Sen. "F--- You" McCain sucking up to Sen. Kennedy.
Oh, as a sidebar, it is where the senator got his new name, John "F--- You" McCain.
When Texas senator, John Cornyn was asking the good senator about an aspect about the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam, Sen. McCain shot to Sen. Cornyn, "F--- You! I know more about this bill than anyone here!" But, while the heavy lifting was being done by his junior senator from Arizona, Sen. John Kyl, Sen. "F--- You" McCain was busy campaigning to care.
Lastly, and this is more inside baseball, so to speak, than the other two above. Sen. "F--- You" McCain conspired with 13 other senators to essentially cut off debate about the plight of many of President Bush's judicial nominees that were being held up by the senate. The judge nominees were being held up by then minority Democrats. By instituting the so-called "Gang of 14", the senators led by Sen. "F--- You" McCain undercut then senate majority leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) who was about to institute the constitutional option and get all the nominees an up or down vote. Because of the deal, the Bush administration got votes on a few nominees, who were all voted in, and the administration withdrew the names of most because they had no chance.
So, the DDBMSM does not get it. They still think that Sen. "F--- You" McCain is that same straight shooter that ran in 2000. But, that is not the case. Sen. "F--- You" McCain gave some straight poop by saying his two top aides resigned and that he is happy where the campaign is at this point.
I guess it is good that Sen. "F--- You" McCain is happy because the wheels of the Straight Poop Express are falling off big time and it is only a matter of time before Sen. "F--- You" McCain does the honorable thing and leave this campaign with some dignity rather than last as long as he could to be humiliated in Iowa and New Hampshire. That would, in all sincerity, be the honorable and heroic thing to do.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fred And Jeri-I Told You This Would Happen

Ah, on June 1, 2007, in a post "Fred And The Young Wife", your humble blogger predicted that the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream Media (DDBMSM) would assault former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson (R-Tenn) for having a wife 24 years his junior. And, voila! As if The New York Times http://nytimes.com/ (subscription maybe required) reads this post. The writer even dares to use the term "Trophy Wife", a demeaning term that makes a smart and good-looking woman seem nothing more than, well Paris Hilton, the true definition of a "Trophy Wife."
Now, as noted in my earlier post, Jeri Thompson is not a home wrecker as she married Mr. Thompson long after his divorce from his first wife in 1985.
Now, why this clear hit piece when Mr. Thompson has not even formally announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination?
Well, look at last year in the midterm elections. The DDBMSM had story after story as to the fact that Republican voters were not happy. They felt that the congress let them down and a certain extent, the president. Much of that is true. But, the relentless assault on the GOP and allies by the DDBMSM did have some effect. Hey, if the DDBMSM could do it once, why not go for an exacta? So, you see and hear in the organs and broadcasts of the usual suspects that no one likes the current field in the Republican race for the White House. People want someone else. On and on and on.
Enter Fred Thompson, a conservative who has a lot of Ronald Reagan in him as they shared an acting career and got into elected politics after successful careers. Both are solid conservatives and both are plain speaking. Suddenly, Mr. Thompson is near the top of GOP polls and threatens former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani lead. Well, the DDBMSM can not let that happen. Why, Mr. Thompson may actually be competitive with the Democrat choice for president.
So, they begin the campaign to cast doubt.
A dubious story in the Left Angeles Times all but accuses him of lobbying for abortion. There are the multitude of stories about the fact he has less than 24 hour a day work habits. So far, nothing is sticking. So, it is time to slam the wife and by the fact there is a 24 year age difference, well it is like making it easy. Never mind the fact that she worked for the United States senate and was a Republican spokesman, or that just because she is a long-haired blond that she can not have a brain, let alone a brain cell.
The fact that this first broadside against Mrs. Thompson came from The New York Times is somewhat surprising. One would expect the "Paper of record", "The Old Gray Lady", and the "All the news that's fit to print" to go down to National Enquirer level, but they have and it is disgusting. Where are similar stories about wives of Democrat candidates for president that leave a bitter taste in the mouth? Come on, none of them can be as pure as virgin wool! Please, do not hold your breath for you may pass out and die!
I am not happy that I warned readers of this site that this was coming, but it has and Mr. and Mrs. Thompson should tell The New York Times, et al, to shove it and actually report news, not demean people in the most repugnant of ways.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Right's Fight Over Romney

In the wonderful world of the blogosphere, there is a fight between two not so inconsequential figures on the conservative side over the candidacy of former Republican governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney.
On one side, there is Jim Geraghty of National Review who wrote a recent online piece http://nationalreview.com that added up, what might be to some, odd quirks about Mr. Romney. In the piece, he really never addresses what seems to be the fascination of the DDBMSM over the candidate being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, AKA the Mormons. After reading his piece, there is a legitimate point that when all the quirks or oddities add up, then the DDBMSM can slam Mr. Romney but good on being a Mormon. I, for one, do not believe it was indented on being a hit piece in anyway.
On the other side is radio talker Hugh Hewitt http://hughhewitt.com, who has written the definitive book on the candidate, "A Mormon In The White House? Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Mitt Romney." It is a wonderful read and is an eye opener as to what a potential Romney administration would look like, using the time Mr. Romney was governor of Massachusetts. Mr. Hewitt believes that Mr. Geraghty has stumbled into the DDBMSM bashing of Mr. Romney. To a small point, that is true. But the larger picture is that it will be the DDBMSM M.O. in how they will go after Mr. Romney if he is in fact the Republican presidential nominee.
So, I think that they are both right. But, neither really points this out. Mr. Romney should tell the DDBMSM to buzz off about the Mormon religion and the effect on what a Romney presidency would be like. The most salient point for Mr. Romney is to point out how he won election and how he governed in the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts. If Mr. Romney is such a space case, wackadoo, or anything of that nature, he would have not been the governor of what is commonly referred to as Taxachussets. Mr. Romney needs to emphasize the fact that he does have a normal, nuclear family in this age of deep uncertanty about the traditional family. Mr. Romney also has a lot of time because of this the Longest March to the American presidency ever.
Let me be clear, I am a Romney supporter. I think Mr. Romney has a Reaganesque optimism about him that is going to be very important in this upcoming election. He does emphasize making government smaller, lower taxes and will be open to new ideas about taxation in the United States. He also calls the common enemy to the United States and western civilization what they are-Jihadists. He also wants to rebuild and expand the military and no other candidate is even talking in those terms in either party.
But, we need to hash all of this out now, when it is still early. This can only help, not hinder, Mr. Romney if he talks about these issues in plain, simple terms so that he does have practice if, God forbid, the Democrats do nominate Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-NY).
I think why candidates like Mr. Romney and Sen Barrack Obama (D-Ill) are attractive is that they are new, fresh and may stop the excessive polarization in American politics. There are a lot of pointless, petty "issues" that people talk about without realizing that not only is President Bush's numbers in the toilet, but so is the Democrat congress. While President Bush was trying to shove a bad immigration bill down the throats of the United States, congress has spent most of it's time on a binge of investigations against the Bush administration. Three-hundred separate investigation in the first 100 days of the Democrat congress http://drudgereport.com.
I think people like Mr. Romney and Sen. Obama are the kind of candidates that can put an end to pointless politics in America.
So, while there is a little dissension on the right over a Romney candidacy, if Mr. Romney handles it right now, the DDBMSM and the Democrats they hope it will help will be found to be obnoxious and that would be a huge victory in this, the Longest March in United States presidential history.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Political Correctness Run Amok

This is absolutly frightening. That Islamofacisists are that deep into any police department, but in the London police, the capital of the United Kingdom should put an end to the political correct way they are trying to battle the Islamofacisit threat. At least former prime minister Tony Blair would call them Islamic and terrorists, but his successor, Gordon Brown does not or will not use the terms. This is no way to fight the War Against Terror, but if they can not even fire and or arrest potential Islamofacisist terrorists in their midst, they will certinly and eventually pay a terrible price. Also, pause for thought as to who one should think about being the next president of the United States.

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A Site To Monitor The "Fairness Doctrine"

We now have a site dedicated to stopping the socialist Democrat attempt to reinstitute the "Fairness Doctrine", which is code for killing conservative talk radio.
http://fairnessdoctrinewatch.org has been started by blogger NZ Bear http://truthlaidbear.com to monitor the Democrat march to try to bring back as antiquated a government regulation as, oh, the fairness doctrine.
The short primer is that the Federal Communications Commission, FCC, in 1947 put into effect that the radio and television medium, the two major electronic forms of communication at the time, that broadcasters must always air both sides of major issues of the day. Also, it made broadcasters have to devote a certain amount of programming to "public affairs."
In 1987, the Reagan administration let the doctrine die and by not renewing it had the foresight to realize that an information revolution was in the making and keeping it would be an impediment.
But, to the Dems, the impediment is that conservative talk radio as put a huge spotlight on them and what they really want to do to the United States. Hence, they are building a head of steam to get the "Fairness Doctrine" enshrined into law.
The "Fairness Doctrine" is a fraud. It will make conservative talk radio as it is now non-existent and that is just the way they like it. It is not enough for the Democrats to have all control over the big three networks, the newspaper axis of evil, the New York Times, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, NPR, PBS, CNN, MSNBC.
So, please keep up with and get those fingers dialing the phone or pounding the typing keys to your senator or congressman to oppose any attempt to muzzle conservative talk radio. Remember, we did a good job with the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam, and this maybe another case to fight a loser congress not addressing real concerns of the American people.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Late Thoughts On Independence Day, AKA The Fourth Of July

Yesterday was Independence Day, or as it is more popularly known the Fourth of July. It is the
231st one since a group of brave men in the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, led by a future president named Thomas Jefferson, wrote the most immortal words of political history. Also, and most important is the sacrifice of average, humble colonists led by General George Washington, our first president.
Like everyone else, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I went to a barbecue and celebrated by watching and shooting off fireworks.* But before the festivities was an interesting discussion with a friend, more of Mrs. RVFTLC, about current events. The following is instructive in how hard it is to really have civil, sane conversation with a die-hard liberal.
Our liberal friend had been a school teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District, in and of itself a frightening thought. Now she got out of teaching and is becoming a librarian. Both are noble positions. But, unfortunately she is one of those bumper-sticker liberals and does not really get it.
The discussion that set the tone began with her adulation for the latest propaganda film by the ton of blubber, Michael Moore, "Sicko". No my friends, it is not a self-mockumentary! It is Mr. Moore's attempt to justify why the United States should have socialized medicine. I will let you be the judge and not go into the film. It was her prostrating at the propagandist's feet that got me excited. I will make a disclaimer. I am very selective about spending $10 plus dollars on movies. I am old school. I like to be entertained, not spoon-fed propaganda. I have never seen a Michael Moore prop-movie. Now, I have read all about it and I asked some pointed questions. Of course our friend did not have logical answers. Eventually, all of us, and there were other liberals and moderates and conservatives besides myself, pretty much dissed Mr. Moore's analysis. Of course, Mrs. RVFTLC had the sanest point. One should only believe about 50% of what they see and read and read and see more. Well, out friend felt cornered because no one agreed with her about how wonderful the United States would be with one size fits all socialised medicine.
Here is a clue when talking to a liberal. When they refer to you, a conservative, as nothing but a George W. Bush robot, ask them, as I did, did you support everything former President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton did. Without a breath or a moment to think, she said yes. I asked again, hoping that she would change her answer. She only got stronger with her enthusiasm for the former whore monger in chief. If someone has that robotic following of anyone or anything, then all hope is lost. Has this site not been very critical of President Bush and the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam? Does any conservative and Republican just lay down and roll for any president? NO! Also, it shows how little liberals really understand conservatives.
The thought I took away from it all is a sad one. That liberals may really believe what they say. I always think they are just pandering. But, a true believer is our friend, who just does not live in the real world.
Two other clues about liberals.
One, ask if they believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy. I did just that and the friend said that she is not sure that it was not. Of course when anyone goes down that twisted road, do not even engage. Step back and just move on.
Second clue, ask who their favorite Republican president is. Most true liberals will say Richard M. Nixon. Surprised? One should not be. After all, he ushered in some of the worst big government programs that no liberal would dare to do. If the liberal says how much they hate Ronald Reagan, refer to the above. Big government, "Detente" Nixon, small government, "We can defeat the Soviet Union and communism" Reagan, who would a liberal like?
What is most important about our conversation is the fact that 231 years ago, some brilliant men began a concept, a democratic republic, that has proven the way that most of the world wants to go. But, most important is that because of them, we have the freedom to discuss and disagree strongly, but we are free to do so. We are free to criticise the government, no matter what party is in charge at all levels. That is what, today, thousands of brave young men and women are doing all over the world in the War Against Terror. And, most important, they have all volunteered. And I am in awe of them and respectful.
So, I hope all had a wonderful Independence Day and maybe gave some thought as to what we celebrated yesterday between hot dogs and hamburgers.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The McCain Campaign Death Watch

How can I forget to talk about the near-end of the wonderful presidential campaign of Sen. John "F--- You" McCain!
If you did not hear, Sen. "F--- You" McCain only raised a measly $11 million dollars this second quarter. Even better, reports are that he may need federal matching funds. Best yet, the campaign has laid off 50 plus people which is not a bad thing because now they are free to get on board a candidacy that has a chance to get the GOP presidential nod.
Although I did not really think that Sen. "F--- You" McCain had the nerve to even enter into the Republican presidential fray, once he did it was only a matter of time before the fate of possibly being the first to pull out of the race would happen. When a supposed front-runner has to do this in such an early stage of the campaign, it is a bad sign.
Is this a good way for a fine, wonderful American such as Sen. "F--- You" McCain to bow out of the presidential race? Of course not, but while not wanting to dance over the dirt going into the grave, Sen. "F--- You" McCain brought it all on himself.
By constantly being on the wrong side of critical issues important to Republicans, such as on the immigration reform bill-scam, so-called campaign finance reform, the infamous Gang of 14 that essentially crushed President Bush from nominating solid conservatives to the federal judiciary to how we treat enemy combatants in the War Against Terror, which maybe the only aspect of big issues he is in sink with Republicans. Sen. "F--- You" McCain's constant pandering to Democrats, even when Sen. "F--- You" McCain did not have to, is why Republicans are turning and now probably in droves, against the McCain candidacy.
Yes, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain is a dead man walking in the GOP presidential sweepstakes and that is a tragedy for had he been with his party on the above mentioned critical issues, Sen. "F--- You" McCain would be far ahead now and vanquishing candidates like former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and yes, former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn). Instead, Sen. "F--- You" McCain is probably looking for someone else to blame on the beginning of the end of the presidential candidacy.

Look What Happens When I Take A Weekend Off

I have to say, I have impeccable timing!
I take a weekend off from the blog and voila! Terrorists not only try to blow up a night club in London but if that is not enough, amateur terrorist hacks try to ram an SUV full of explosives and nails into the main terminal at Glasgow International Airport in Glasgow, Scotland.
Then there is all the hokey Sunday talking head shows. On Fox News Sunday, Homeland Security secretary, Michael Chertoff makes a fool of himself by telling Chris Wallace that they just do not have the tools necessary to "enforce the law." Ahh, so that is why since President Bush 41 has been office, there has been no serious enforcement of immigration laws, because the customs, now ICE, "does not have the tools" to do the job. UGH!
But, today, President Bush did the right thing and commuted the jail sentence of former Vice-Presidential chief of staff, I. "Scooter" Libby. Mr. Libby will serve no jail time, as he should not.
Well, one out of three, if my math serves me, is a .333 bating average.
And, the Dodgers FINALLY beat the San Diego Padres to avoid a three-game sweep. Just like that, the batting average goes way up to .500.
Clearly, the attacks in Britain are twofold. To test the new prime minister, Mr. Gordon Brown, and to let Britain know that they can still cause a lot of problems. So far, in a bureaucratic way, Mr. Brown has not buckled and the anti-terror forces have been unleashed and arrested eight suspects so far. I am afraid that Mr. Brown will not live up to the standards of former prime minister, Mr. Tony Blair. It is kind of like President Bush 41 coming in after President Reagan. And, look at what happened.
As far as the post-mortem on the immigration debacle, the inside-the-beltway crowd just does not get it. They blame the usual suspects, but especially talk radio, the righteous demise of the bill-scam. They do get that bad legislation should never be passed in the name of, "this is the best we can do," and the dreaded "bipartisanship". "The best we can do" would have lead to chaos in the immigration system in this nation and opened the floodgates to almost anyone wanting to, come in from Mexico and points beyond. "Bipartisanship," is never to the Republican advantage. It is only when Republicans join the Democrats to pass their legislation. If it was so "bipartisan" in the first place, why were there none of the enforcement provisions in the original legislation? Why did the senate leadership try to ram it through? Why were there only changes made after the people, the American people, rose and looked at the bill and said collectively, "What the hell is this wool you are trying to pull over our eyes?!" My question, will congress really put enforcement mechanisms in place? You don't think they will? Neither do I.
The Scooter Libby conviction is a farce because the charges against him were a farce. But, President Bush could not give an outright pardon. But, President Bush could not let Mr. Libby go off to jail. So, we saw the compromise that makes sense. The conviction and fine stay with Mr. Libby, but Mr. Libby can now file appeals as a civilian, not prisoner, cell block H. Given that the political environment is so toxic, Mr. Bush wanted to do the right thing. And, just when we thought President Bush would not do it, President Bush comes through.
The Dodgers need some serious offense, no kidding, and middle relief. Without that, they will not be able to compete in the dog days of summer coming up in July and August. And, they have got to beat teams like the dreaded San Diego Padres. If not, they make not make the wild card from the National League.
Maybe I should not take weekends off!