Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confirmed. Republicans Are More Patriotic Than Democrats

At least according to this "study" from a den of academia, Harvard college.
The study claims that those who attend July 4th festivities tend to be Republicans. And if one is a yout, well that increases the chance they will be become Republicans. And worse for the Dems, more likely to vote in elections.
Amazingly, this is a 40 page report and uses, among other data, weather to come to its conclusions.
It is very exhaustive to say the least.
But one does not need to read all 40 pages to get this nugget that, I am afraid, is accurate:
Republicans attend Forth of July to a greater extent and also view the holiday as more important than Democrats (Gallup, 2002; AARP, 2006; Rassmussen Reports, 2009, 2010).
That is rather disturbing to say the least.
The polling data is but one of the criteria the study uses, but it is rather true the way that Democrats view such matters as patriotism in general.
A member of the city council, Mike Clark, sought to have the Pledge of Alliegence or flag salute at the beginning of every public meeting of the council.
Mr. Clark's reasoning seemed to be that the flag salute is unifying and would be something to show this liberal city's more conservative residents that their point of view is tollerated.
Well, poor Mr. Clark obviously does not realize how damn divisive the flag salute is!
According to the mayor of Eugene, Kitty Piercy, "If there's one thing the flag stands for its that people don't have to be compelled to say the Pledge of Alliegence or anything else."
OK, sure Kitty.
The problem is that the proposal was proposed to be voluntary in the first place.
Now, how about a bet that Kitty and her cohorts on the Eugene city council, George Brown and Betty Taylor are Democrats? Miss Taylor compared the flag salute to reading from the "Communitst Manifesto".
Again, sure Betty.
This is the same city council that wanted to go on record with its views on the War Against Islamofacsist Terror. Needless to say, they are against it.
Now I do not want to paint a broad picture that all Democrats are not patriotic. Way to many are. Many are serving in the armed forces. Many are our police, fire fighters, emergency personal. These are the rank and file.
But way too many of the Democrat leaders often times show their disdain for the very people that make this Great Land.
Take Sen. John Kerry.
In 2006, while campaigning for California Democrat gubenatorial candidate Phil Angelides, Sen Kerry had this to say:
"You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."
See, Sen. Kerry was saying, whether he likes to admit it or not, is that smart people do not join the armed forces. Only dummies do that. And that is beyond an elitist position. It is the way so many Democrats and the left really feel. I suppose that one can extend such dimwittedness to those that are police, fire fighters, emergency personal. You know, the very people that keep our way of life the way it is.
And speak with a young person that has attended or is attending college and or universtity. They are being taught basically that the United States is evil incarnate. It is any wonder anyone gets out with their brains still intact.
The fact is that there is a sad divide that maybe growing in the United States. The flag salute is now seen as a bad thing. Many Americans do not realize what it is that we are even celebrating on the Forth of July.
And it takes a study from Harvard to point out what many conservatives have been saying for years.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Netherlands Descent Into Darkness

Yes, it is a bit of a dramatic headline, but what the Dutch lower house of parliament has passed is a descent into the darkness of animal "rights" vs. welfare. Religious freedom vs. a state that wants to subjugate certain practices that it does not like.
It is in the Netherlands that party called the, I kid you not, the Animal Rights Party, has been able to cobble a left-right coalition in banning the ritualistic slaughter of animals according to Islamic and Jewish law.
If this does not unite Islamics and Jews, nothing can.
For the Islamic, it is called halal. For the Jew, it is kosher.
Essentially, it is an imam or a rabbi that observes and or performs the slaughter of permissible animals for eating. It is done by a sharp instrument that slits the throat of the animal. The observant Islamic and Jew will not eat animals that are not butchered in this manner. And both monotheistic faiths do not eat pork and or pork products.
But, the ARP finds this not a good thing.
Now many find this ancient act not something for the modern world. Yet it has been practiced for centuries no matter where an Islamic or Jew lives.
Read this quote from the ARP leader, Marianne Thieme:

“This way of killing causes unnecessary pain to animals. Religious freedom cannot be unlimited. For us religious freedom stops where human or animal suffering begins.”

OK, where to start.
It appears that Miss Thieme believes religion is OK. Unless it is something that is at the heart of a particular faith she does not like.
This is not subjugating women and forcing them to wear burkas. This is not treating women as second class people. Nor about the excesses of any religion. The ritualistic slaughtering of animals is a central tenant of both faiths. The laws of any given nation that believes in any religious freedom must protect practices of the faith such as this.
But the heart of Miss Thieme's comment is speaking about animal and human suffering.
It is a direct assault on religion under the guise of animal rights.
Look at the situation in which the voters of San Francisco are being asked to ban circumcision. No doubt about it. It is an assault against Islam and Judaism. It is an ancient practice limited to male babies. Yet those supporting the measure would argue that a male baby is suffering at the hands of the snipper of the male penile foreskin. Kind of fits Miss Thieme's human suffering angle, doesn't it?
And what about what some religions ask of their members.
Such as the Roman Catholic church.
It asks those entering Holy orders to be celibate. Male and female. Is it unreasonable? I believe it is as a Protestant Christian. But I suppose that a postulate for Holy orders can claim some kind of psychological pain due to such a requirement. Would that fit under the human suffering angle of Miss Thieme?
Or those that believe homosexual relations are immoral and choose to deal with it within the tenants of their religion. Usually that would mean something like an excommunication or shunning of the person. Would that fit the human suffering at the hands of religion?
In this case, it is a start to assault all religions. And the foil is the cute cow. Or goat. There is no evidence that "stunning" an animal before slaughter is any better than the religious method. Either way, the animal dies.
But I am afraid that is not what is in play here.
There are deep religious tensions in The Netherlands. Radical Islam is on the rise. There is a push back against it. However, the pushback may take down the believers of Islam that are not radical or violent. The Jew that observes what they believe from the Old Testament. The Christian that simply share their faith with others, also a belief expressed in the New Testament.
All that stands in the way is the Dutch senate and the thought that even if this is passed, it would be unenforceable.
It should not pass and never be enforced. It is a real assault on people of faith. This has nothing to do with animal "rights" in the least. It is a descent into darkness.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Uplifting Story To End The Week

Naki’o is one lucky dog. In more ways than one.
Naki'o started out life pretty crappy. Being abandoned by his litter mates, Naki'o got stuck in an icy puddle and lost his paws. And his legs were made useless.
But thanks to Orthopets and a vet tech named Christie Tomlinson, Naki'o now has four prosthetic legs and is living life as much as he could with fake legs.
It is a testimony for the will to live that Naki'o has and now his reward is a life reborn!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beware Conservatives, Jon Huntsman, Jr. Is Officially In the GOP Prez Race

When I wrote this post, I did not realize this over at Real Clear Politics. Read the whole post and come back to this link.

Do not say that I have not warned you about the dangers of the candidacy of the former Utah governor, Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Today, Mr. Huntsman announced that he is seeking the Republican party nomination for president.
The Obamawhore media is swooning like crazy. They are orgasmic about the Huntsman candidacy.
And if you think that will warm the hearts of the Republican faithful, consider this from the Democrat senate majority leader, Harry Reid:

"If I had a choice, I would favor Huntsman over Romney."

Yes, Sen. Reid, like Messrs Huntsman and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney are Mormons.
But that is not the point.
The point is that the people who will tout Mr. Huntsman and his nice-nice campaign would turn on him faster than one's head would spin.
Ask the last Republican candidate that curried favor with the leftywhore media.
That would be Sen. John "F--- You" McCain.
As soon as he had the GOP nod in 2008, the media knifes turned right in his back.
And as if he had Stockholm Syndrome, he did not get that the people who he curried, the leftywhore media, had a new darling.
That was then Sen. Messiah Barack, the Democrat presidential nominee.
And while we are at it, let us note that while a lot of people will tout that Mr. Huntsman was a conservative in a conservative state, that is easy. The hard job is to be a conservative in Blue territory.
That is where two former governors have something on Mr. Huntsman.
Mr Romney and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty were as conservative as their respective states could get. And both had to govern with huge Democrat majorities in both state legislatures.
Also, Mr. Huntsman is a real believer in Globaloney Warming. That totally disqualifies him in this conservatives mind.
But, Michael Medved asked a question that is very important regarding the whole Huntsman candidacy.
Why? What really makes him so different from the rest of the pack? How can he fire up a base that wants a fighter when said candidate shuns the “corrosive” nature of what is a primary fight? And if, God forbid, Mr. Huntsman were to be the Republican nominee, what would make his candidacy any different from that sage senator from Arizona?
In order, here are my answers.
Mr. Huntsman will try the "I am the best general election candidate" card. Not exactly inspiring.
Mr. Huntsman would have to do a Sen "F--- You" McCain type pick for VP to rally a base. But, not unlike the former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, that candidate would be a victim of a kind of campaign Mr. Huntsman has vowed to run.
And last but not least, maybe Mr. Huntsman could lose a few more states to the Dear Leader, President Obama. Because a dispirited base will not turn out for Mr. Huntsman. Not when his less than conservative record in Utah is exposed.
Hope of all hope is that Mr. Huntsman will simply fade away like another governor who thought he could be president.
Ever heard of President Pete Wilson?
Fellow conservatives, we must all unite on this. Jon Huntsman can not be anywhere near a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination. If we want four more years of the Dear Leader, President Obama.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome To Recovery Summer II, Youth Edition

I am so glad that our nation's economy is full steam ahead. I mean, the leader of the Democrat party, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz says so. She even says that the Democrat party "owns the economy". Yes, this is the gal the Dear Leader, President Obama, thinks should lead the Democrat party.
But a real story that needs attention is how the current economy is affecting a segment of the population that is more or less seasonal.
That would be youths trying to get a summer job or a part-time job that would last into the school year. Whether it be in high school or college.
This article in the local fish-wrap, the Pasadena Star-News, shows the devastating effect of Recovery Summer II.
Of course a couple of caveats.
One, this is California after all. The unemployment rate is higher than the rest of the nation as a whole.
Two, this is a worst job market for youths in 60 years.
Six-zero, folks.
What is worse is that these same youths are competing for jobs with long-term unemployed adults. Adults that are desperate enough to take a job that is well below their standing.
The numbers are staggering and worth the read. But the dire straits has an organization called Women At Work cancelling a teens job-fair. Why you may ask? Well, according to Executive Director Robin McCarthy, "This year, we opted not to do it because there just simply aren't enough job opportunities for teens."
And here is something in the article that should be of note to those that think the minimum wage is Mecca,

Because California has one of the highest minimum wage rates in the country - and because it costs companies more to train inexperienced workers - California employers favor hiring out-of-work adults.

This is not right-wing propaganda. It is a fact. And why at the very least there should be a two-tier minimum wage. If we need one at all.
And if you think that going to summer school helps, think again.
Back to the article, Mario Rodriguez, who works with teens at L.A. Works had this to note:

"We're telling kids, `Hey, you can't get a job. Now's the best time to get your education. And then they go to register and they can't get into classes."

That is very true. It is the perfect storm.
Now before one says, yeah, that is the reason we need to raise taxes, no that is not the reason.
California must be a business-friendly state. And it is not. Business are fleeing as fast as a Wisconsin Democrat senator when they don't want to vote on legislation. And sadly, it is not. California ranks 49th of 50 states in a business-friendly climate. I know that does not compute to those on the left who think that all you have to do is tell businesses to just hire people. Sorry, it just does not work that way.
California needs to drastically find a way to improve the business climate if there is going to be any hope that there really will be a Recovery Summer. So far, the youth of the once-Golden State are not beneficiaries of the Recovery Summer II.

More Stupidity About The Current Republican Party

Ahh, former congressman Joe Scarbourough is desperately trying to remake the Republican party. And he is not alone.
Watch all of this if you could. But Mr. Scarbourough has moved away from being a conservative to something like, well a Colin Powell Republican. That would be a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat. Not really exactly the Republican party that Ronald Reagan had in mind.
Although Mr. Reagan would often work with Democrats in the House to pass conservative legislation, that was when there really were conservative Democrats.
If you can find a real moderate and or conservative Democrat, let me know. And don't tell me what about Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.).
I get it. That Colin Powell would not have gone willy nilly into such endeavors such as Afghanistan and Iraq. But the whole Powell agenda would look rather Democrat on domestic policy. Pro taxes, pro same-sex marriage, pro "choice", pro bigger government emanating from Washington.
OK, lets go on with the establishment pushing former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. for the White House? Come on, do you really think that Mr. Huntsman really came in an honest second in the Republican Leadership Conference straw poll this past weekend? There is speculation that Mr. Huntsman and his political team actually paid, paid for people to fly into New Orleans and vote for Mr. Huntsman. BTW, was not Mitt Romney often accused of this last presidential Death March in 2008? Why is it OK for Team Huntsman to do this, but not Team Romney?
Methinks it is because of who is actually advising Mr. Huntsman. As I noted in this post, way too many of Sen. John "F--- You" McCain's cronies. Yeah, enough reason to keep this Huntsman far away from the GOP nod.
Speaking of Sen. "F--- You" McCain and his lapdog, Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), now they are accusing Republicans of being isolationist. Why? Because many of us actually believe that the Dear Leader, President Obama, should go to congress if he wants to wage war in Libya. Oops! My bad. That would be kinetic military action. Call it what you will, it is still taking American forces to assist NATO to force out the Libyan dictator, Khadafy.
If that is not enough, there is always Sen. Goober for some comedy relief.
Sen. Goober, do you not think that it was the correct thing for former President George W. Bush to go to congress to ask for authorization to go to war with the Taliban in Afghanistan? To take out Saddam in Iraq? Would you have liked it if Mr. Bush just went in willy nilly? Crickets chirping. That is all we are asking the Dear Leader, President Obama to do. And I believe that the Dear Leader will get the authorization. Yeah Sen. Goober, there is a little something called the constitution.
What all this will do is give the Obamawhore media fuel to add to the Republican fire. They will continue to drive home this "civil war" within the Republican party. The fact is that there are and always have been divisions within the Republican party. There has always been a moderate, even liberal wing. By and large, that is no longer the case. And the same is for the Democrats the other way. Yet the same Obamawhore media sure will not expose Democrat divisions.
The left and their media allies want to push an agenda. My advice to the Republicans of all stripes is not to let them get away with it. That is leadership. That is what Ronald Reagan showed in an even more hostile environment. Time for the Republicans as a whole to stop this agenda.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

WOW! Weiner Pulls Out Of Congress

I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised that now former Congressman Anthony Weiner did the right thing and leave congress.Of course Mr. Weiner, vaingloryhog to the end, had a rambling press conference to announce his leaving congress.
Mr. Weiner said that he is leaving congress "So my colleagues can get back to work, my neighbors can choose a new representative and most importantly that my wife and I can continue to heal from the damage I have caused."
Funny though, Mrs Weiner, Huma Abdein, was nowhere to be seen in the debacle of a press conference.
The presser deteriorated when a Howard Stern goon mocked Mr. Weiner with such choice comments as "Are you more than 7 inches?"
Gawd, that was so lovely.
Credit to that goes to Benjy Bronk.
Somehow it is a fitting and humiliating end to a guy that gained his political foothold running a sleazy campaign for New York City council in 1991. That election Mr. Weiner pulled the race card from his Snidely Whiplash hat. He played on racial fears to win the city council seat and eventually parlayed that into a seat for congress.
As a congressman, Mr. Weiner was a ladies man, in his mind, and a hack who loved going on cable news programs.
When he was not on cable news, he would flail around the floor of congress being the attack dog when the Dems needed theatre.
Too bad that they could not keep the leash on this sick puppy.
When the tables were turned and Mr. Weiner was exposed as the cyberperv that he is, he tried to spin it. That his Twitter account was somehow hacked by Andrew Breitbart. As time went on, more gals came to the forefront and the reality was not that Mr. Weiner was hacked. It appears that he was doing the hacking. If you know what I mean.
Some people have expressed that they are sorry about Mr. Weiner and his political demise.
I am not sorry in the least.
When the chips were down, he had no problem being such a liar that he would impinge the integrity of one Mr. Breitbart. Mr. Weiner tried to build a lie that he was the victim of some kind of conspiracy. When all along it was he himself being a cyberperv.
Good riddance.
It is a good thing to see some garbage being thrown out of the nation's capital.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Luddite President And More Thoughts On The Eeeeevvviiiiilllll ATM Culture

I have been thinking more about the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his comments about the eeeeevvviiiiiillllls of our "ATM economy".
What I have come to realize that the inner socialist, no the inner Luddite is what came out in that stream of consciousness.
Now some fellow conservatives do not like when we point out the obvious, but it is so important to see when the Dear Leader, President Obama, is teleprompterless, he says what he really thinks.
And apparently, the Dear Leader, President Obama, thinks that the banking of yore was so much better.
Yes, when banks were only opened Monday through Thursday from 10am to 3pm. And 10am to 5 or 6pm on Fridays. No Saturdays. No Sundays. Every holiday closed. When lines went out the door because people had to figure their cash flow. And take time off from their job to make a trip to the bank.
Hence the now dated term "banker's hours".
Not that banker's hours made the job of working at a bank any easier.
See, this is how life was in the old Soviet Union.
One had to line up just for the basics of life. Things that we take for granted. For food, medicine, often items rationed by the state. And items that overwhelmingly most Americans can attain.
For instance, after buying the new RVFTLC Manor, we had to purchase a new refrigerator, washer and dryer. Yeah, we did not buy it all at once. We had to combine our paychecks. Get the fridge first. Then the washer and dryer.
In the old Soviet Union, and any nation that still clings to such a sick ideology, one could not walk into the Sears, Best Buy or such a place. No, no, no. One had to be put on a long-term waiting list. It would take years to get the three items I mentioned above. For Mrs. RVFTLC and I, it took a couple of weeks.
See, socialism is not about making things better and or improved. It is to keep people busy. Making lousy products people do not want because they are crap. Yet because it is all they have available in some parts of the world, well you get the picture.
There are many people in the United States that think this wonderful technological age is eeeeevvviiiiilllll.
And deep down, I suspect that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is one of them.
Thus the ATM economy remark is what this guy really thinks. He thinks that it is just damn awful that people can have access to their money 24/7. He thinks that it is awful that advances have been made that the overwhelming majority of Americans are better off than those before us.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, exposed his inner Luddite. And we who believe in progress and a free economy need to not let this go. We need to remind the American people who really stands with them. It is not Barack Hussein Obama.

Team McCain Pushing Jon Huntsman

I love the fact that one of Sen. John "F--- You" McCain's biggest butt-boys, John Weaver, is pushing the candidacy of one Jon Huntsman for the GOP presidential nomination.
The part to laugh at is this line from Mr. Weaver:

"There's a simple reason our party is nowhere near being a national governing party," Weaver told Esquire. "No one wants to be around a bunch of cranks."

WOO ! HA !
This is soooo rich coming from a strategist to one of the biggest cranks to evah win a party nomination.
Sen. John "F--- You" McCain did not earn that moniker because he is a cool dude. No, he earned it because he did not like being questioned about the so-called comprehensive immigration "reform" back in 2006. Ask Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX.) if Sen. "F--- You" McCain is not a crank. I think that he will tell you differently.
And yet this guy, Weaver, is advising the fledgling campaign of the former Utah governor, Huntsman. And saying the Republicans are not ready to govern. Or are a bunch of cranks.
That alone disqualifies Mr. Huntsman from serious consideration from conservative Republicans.
It is telling that the losers of the presidential Death March of '08 are coalescing to Team Huntsman.
There is Mr. Weaver. Then a so-called advertising "guru", Fred Davis. Yeah, Fred did a real bang-up job electing Sen. Carly Fiorina. Oops! My bad! Yeah, Carly did not beat Sen. Barbara Ma'am Boxer last year. Amazingly, Mr. Davis' uncle is the great Oklahoma Sen. James Innofe. Amazing.
But hey, this should put Mr. Huntsman over the top. Yes sir!
Mr. Huntsman is what Mitt Romney is often accused of being.
A RINO. A Republican In Name Only.
After all, he was the Republican governor in Utah. Utah, the most Republican state in the land. Yet he took a hands-off approach to social issues. Believes in Globaloney Warming. Again, a disqualifier for one touting being a conservative. And Mr. Huntsman wants to run such a bizarre campaign that he will not mention his opponents by name. No, he will leave that to Mr. Crank, er Weaver.
As I have warned, Mr. Huntsman is being pushed by a real Axis of Evil.
That would be the Republican party establishment in Washington, D. C., former McCain supporters and the leftywhore media.
And once again, these dolts will be proven the losers that they really are.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Dear Leader Blames ATMs For Weak Economy. WTF?!

I must say, according to the Obamawhore media, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann combined are the dimmest bulbs in the United States.
Yet the Dear Leader, President Obama, is the most brilliant man evah to be president of the United States.
Forty-two other men can not hold a candle to the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Well, not so fast people.
According to the Dear Leader, President Obama, there is a serious problem why the jobs are not occurring in Recovery Summer II
A T M machines.
W T F ? !
Really, you can't make this up no matter how hard you try. But here it is straight from the Dear Leader's lips:

"There are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. You see it when you go to a bank and you use an ATM, you don't go to a bank teller, or you go to the airport and you're using a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate."

Very interesting.
If you take it on face value.
Which of course you can not.
A little research by National Review's Jonah Goldberg notes that in fact and in deed, there are more bank branches. Yes, there are more ATM machines. And guess what? There are more bank tellers now than ever! Now, the stats that are used are from 2002, but the fact is that there are still more bank branches, tellers and ATMs.
Mr. Goldberg also points out that ATMs need to be maintained. And guess what that means?
J O B S.
Someone need to make the ATM machine. And some one needs to maintain the machines. And some one needs to fix machines that breakdown.
Mr. Goldberg also notes that there have been some problems in the age of globalization.
But the fact is that automation can not be blamed for the fact that the Dear Leader, President Obama, has instituted policies that are killing jobs.
That is the issue. Not the fact that Americans can access their money any time of day from a machine. And that they can always see a human being at one of the many bank branches that still exist all over the United States.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bachmann Officially In

Congressman Michelle Bachmann made it official tonight. She is running for president.
Congressman Bachmann told an audience in New Hampshire that she is in it to win it.
The three-term congressman from Minnesota is the second one from the state to get into the Republican presidential fray joining the former governor, Tim Pawlenty, in the 2012 Death March to the White House.
I think that this is a great thing.
First, it is a strong woman in ideas that is entering this race. She is a favorite of the now Tea Party base of the party, nationally.
Second, she is the opposite of Mr. Pawlenty. She is not afraid to take it to the Democrats and or the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Third, I think that the more in this race, the better for the party. Do not listen to the Washington and or conservative elites. This is a race to see who can best rally the base, offer a contrast of leadership to Team Obama and who is the most electable conservative.
It will be up to Republican primary voters to determine that.
One candidate, despite his own lapse of reality, is all but out of the race before it began.
That would be former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.
It is time for everyone that wants to get in this race and give it their best shot.
And that is what Congressman Bachmann is doing. And it is good for the Republican party.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LeBron A Loser In Two Cities

I can not say that I am happy that the Dallas Mavericks are the National Basketball Association champs.
But it proves one thing.
LeBron James, the NBA's Second Coming is nothing but a loser in two cities.
While Mr. James was in Cleveland and filling the QuickenLoans Arena for Cavalier' games, he took a so-so franchise to the next level. But, alas, they could not pull the trigger and lost in 2007. It proved to be their only appearance.
Then the franchise player decided to take the road show to Miami and scorch South Florida as the star of the Heat.
And they made it all the way this year to the finals.
And guess what?
Yeah, different town, same result.
L O S E R!
At least with the Heat, LeBron was able to win two games.
Two more than when he was with the Cavaliers.
Bottom line is that the good folks in Cleveland get the last laugh. Now the folks in Miami know that LeBron is a loser in two cities.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is Blame The Wife A New GOP Trend?

I must say when I wrote this aside in regards to the sudden collapse of the Newt Gingrich presidential campaign that I was on to something.
The aside is as follows:

Another tea leaf to swing through is that many are blaming the latest Mrs. Gingrich, Calista, and her insistence of being hands on in campaign operations.
Or is that hands off?
Same sources say that the insiders that bailed the Newt ship did not like the fact that the Gingrich's went on a Mediterranean cruise just after his announcement of running for president.
Yeah, when all else fails, blame the wife>

I realize that I am not alone in this thinking. That it is not cool to blame a candidate or potential candidate's wife, or husband, for decisions said people make.
In this piece by Matt Latimer, this is not really all that new a trend. But it is one that I find really stupid and bad.
Mr. Latimer goes deep into the archives of this "blame the wife". He goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan.
Yeah, you know when he was in his first term, wife Nancy was not lionized by the leftywhore media. She had the nerve, nerve I tell you, to want to update the White House china. Of course it was more a matter of timing rather than a bad idea. Mrs. Reagan wanted to do this in the middle of one of the worst recessions to that date. Unemployment was high and there was little if any economic hope. So, what did people do when then President Reagan's popularity suffered?
They blamed Nancy Reagan.
And it got worse when the whole astrology scandal came up during the Reagan second term.
Ehm, excuse me but Ronald Reagan was president, not Nancy. Thus, blaming her for things that went wrong or did not is stupid. And it takes away from a hallmark of Republican and conservative thinking.
Taking personal responsibility.
The latest "Blame the wife" is in reference to the Indiana governor, Mitch Daniels.
He decided to pass a run for the White House. It was his decision. And yes, it was based on not just what his wife, Cheri thought. It had to be based in part because of their own shall I say untidy marital history. For background, read Mr. Latimer's piece.
But those desperate for Gov. Daniels to enter the race seem to want to lay all blame at the feet of the wife.
Pssst! It is not all Cheri Daniels' fault.
At the end of the day it will be a candidate that has to take the credit for the good and blame for the bad. Not the wife or husband. Period.
Hmm, think of a battle between Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Would these people dare to talk smack about their husbands?

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Continuing Absurdity That Is Anthony Weiner

OK, if disgraced online perv Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) needs the actor Smart Alec Baldwin to defend him and his actions, I have this to write.
We have descended into the abyss.
When you have this guy, Baldwin, in your corner, it is the sign that Congressman Weiner (D-NY) is desperate to hold on to power at all costs.
As The Other McCain points out, this is the same Smart Alec Baldwin that had this to say to his daughter in a lovely rant:

“Once again I’ve made an a– of myself getting to a phone to make a phone call … I’m tired of playing this game with you. You have insulted me for the last time …You’ve made feel like sh– and you’ve made feel like a fool over and over again … I’m going to straighten your a– out … You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.”

Yeah, this is Daddy Dearest.
And this is what is defending the online actions of Congressman Weiner (D-NY).
If you read Smart Alec Baldwin's defense, essentially he lays some of the blame of the people that he asserts were participants in the online actions. It is their fault that they did not keep the confidentiality. No, it seems that it is not Congressman Weiner's (D-NY) fault at all. He is just some "High functioning man" to quote the dweeb, Baldwin.
If I were Congressman Weiner (D-NY), I would definitely dismiss this defense.
Really, the guy has no defense.
If Congressman Weiner (D-NY) took his marriage vows with any seriousness, he would not be spending time online trolling for real or imaginary sex. He would not be taking photos of himself. Some shirtless. Some of his undergarments. Some of his schlong. And sending them to women, not his wife.
If he was a mensch, he would resign. But he is not a mensch. He is a self-absorbed scum of a man that would throw anyone overboard a sinking ship to save his worthless hide. And Smart Alec Baldwin would be doing the same thing. What a fight to the finish that would be.
Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) will not resign. After all, he has Smart Alec Baldwin in his corner. What more can he ask for?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Newt The First Casualty Of Campaign 2012

Newt Gingrich, we hardly knew thee.
Yes, you say that you are committed to "running the substantive, solutions-oriented campaign I set out to run earlier this spring".
However, that is a tall order considering that much of your campaign staff has left the reservation.
Now the speculation is beginning as to why this has happened. Why from the campaign manager, Ron Johnson, to a consultant that ran for Republican party chair, Katon Dawson, all quit on one day.
The story for consumption is that the campaign and the staff are going in "different directions". Meaning, these folks do not think that Newt has any chance to even get to a primary.
Another tea leaf to swing through is that many are blaming the latest Mrs. Gingrich, Calista, and her insistence of being hands on in campaign operations.
Or is that hands off?
Same sources say that the insiders that bailed the Newt ship did not like the fact that the Gingrich's went on a Mediterranean cruise just after his announcement of running for president.
Yeah, when all else fails, blame the wife.
But the reality is that while Mr. Gingrich is one of the smartest people in the room, he is also one of the least disciplined at the same time.
Sure, Mr. Gingrich got the House Republicans to the promised land in 1994. The first time in over 40 years of control of the people's House. But his erratic leadership lead to his leaving in 1998 at the height of the Bill Clinton scandal. And his exit from elected politics.
To run for president, one needs to be focused. Like it or not, it is pretty much 24/7 from the time of announcement to either winning the nomination and the general election. Or when one realizes the folly and drops out.
I really think that Newt is a great leader and conservative. But his lack of leadership discipline has shown, tragically, in this episode. And no matter what he says, he will not recover.
Thus, Newt Gingrich may not realize it, but he is the first casualty of the 2012 presidential Death March.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weiner Resignation Watch

So, since everyone is beginning to think the end is nigh for perv Congressman Anthony Weiner, I ask the following:

My guess.
He won't resign.
All the Democrat hand-wringing is for show.
This Weiner fellow is going to hang on like a photo of a guy in Jockey shorts hangs around the internet.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hmm, No Mainline Protestants In Republican Presidential Field?

This is a very interesting article about a potentially strange fact.
That whoever the Republican presidential nominee is, it will not be one from a mainline Protestant Christian denomination.
Think about it for one moment. The next president of the Untied States may be a Roman Catholic (Newt Gingrich, a convert, Rick Santorum), a non-denominational Christian (Sarah Palin), a Lutheran (Michelle Bachmann and John Bolton), a Baptist(Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain), a Mormon (John Huntsman, Jr, and Mitt Romney).
That is the basic Republican field at the moment.
Note, not one Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran (Mrs. Bachmann and Mr. Bolton are not members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Mrs. Bachmann is Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran and Mr Bolton is Missouri Synod Lutheran), American Baptist (Mr. Cain is a National Baptist), or a member of the United Church of Christ. That is the denomination of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
It shows a real sea change in American politics that tops racial demographics.
The Republican party was once the natural home of the Mainline Protestant. Of all the American presidents, most have been members of the Episcopal Church. Next comes the Presbyterians. And three of those Episcopalians were Republicans. And three Presbyterians were Republicans. Two Methodists were Republicans. The only two Quaker presidents were Republicans. Being a Mainline Protestant and Republican went hand in hand.
Those not part of the Mainline, the Roman Catholics and or evangelicals were Democrats for many a moon.
But as the Dems moved left, the RCs and evangelicals were welcomed into the Republican fold.
And that was led by Presbyterian Ronald Reagan.
Now the transformation is nearly complete.
The Republican is now the party of the observant church-goer, temple-attender and mosque-worshiper.
The Democrat is now more secular, Mainline and nominal RC.
So, if the Dear Leader, President Obama does not win reelection, the next president will be from a religion that many Americans will not be familar with. Especially if it is either Mr. Huntsman (God forbid!) or Mr. Romney.
It is a good thing for the United States that non-Mainline Protestants are about to have a seat at the political table like they have never had before.
And it should be a wake-up call that the Mainline Protestants are not just declining in numbers, but serious influence as well.
An interesting trend this 2012 election season. No Mainline Protestant Republican in the running for president of the United States.

Monday, June 06, 2011

What Is In The Water In New York State?!

Ooh boy! Or should it be oy vey?! This Anthony Weiner is guilty, guilty, guilty! He is one sick puppy.
My two questions are real easy. One, when will he resign? He says that he won't, but any support is already begining to evaporate. Two, when does this guy find the time to do the people's business as their congressional representative? Maybe this will help answer question number one. I can't answer number two. Help me out on that one, will ya?!

Well, just when one thinks Weinergate does not get worse, S U R P R I S E! It does. According to The Other McCain, there is now a photo sent by the self-procaimed ladies-man showing him. . shirtless. If you read the rest of this, note that is all it took for Christoper Lee to resign. I do not see how this guy survives the week. And if not, maybe he can join Mr. Lee where ever he is.

OK, I have had little to comment on Congressman Anthony Weiner and his Twitter dalliance.
But I would like to ask this question no one has asked.
What the heck is in the water in New York state?
I mean, there is former congressman Christopher Lee.
Why is he a former congressman?
Well, because one does not run as social conservative then post a weird photo of ones' self on Craigslist shirtless. That is why Mr. Lee is former Congressman Lee. And to his credit, he did not fight with ridiculous assertions that someone else took a photo. Or photoshopped it. And Mr. Lee did the honorable thing and resigned.
Now this with Congressman Weiner. Appearantly, he likes to show the bulging samami, Kosher of course, off and send a tweet of it to some hottie follower of his on Twitter.
Now the married Congressman Weiner fancies himself a ladies man. I mean, read America's great newspaper, the New York Post and you will know why.
And do you not find it odd that this congressman has time to follow roughly about 140 gals on Twitter?
But may I ask again, what is it with the water in New York state?
And why do these guys think that they can get away with being pervs?
And when is Congressman Weiner going to join Mr. Lee and resign?
It seems that all I have are questions.
I leave it to you faithful readers to help me out on this one.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Portugal Turns Right

In another sign that the left across the West is in retreat, the voters of Portugal have handed the ruling Socialist party a crushing defeat.
The election results gave the center-right Social Democrats (funny, I always figure Social Dems=left wing-but not in Portugal!) enough seats that it will be able to coalition with the more conservative Democratic and Social Center (CDS). Between the two parties they will have 129 seats in the upcoming parliament.
This is the basic trend in the West. The left enacts disastrous economic policies, then in the case of Portugal increases of unemployed are unsustainable. And they are another country of Europe showing the folly of having a unified monetary unit, the uninspiring Euro, and little for the member states to do when their economies go south.
Also, it is a rejection of the march towards a politically unified Europe.
This is good news for conservatives everywhere. And it is showing that the people want change that they can really believe in. Not platitudes.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Can We Now Say This Is Barack Obama's Economy? And Can We Say It Sucks?

Hmm, it has been three years since George W. Bush graced the inside of the White House as president of the United States. Yeah, the economy began a downhill spiral in 2008.
Fast forward to today, Saturday June 4, 2011.
Barack Hussein Obama is president. Has been now over two years.
I think that it is time for the dude, the Dear Leader, President Obama, to make an admission. That the economy, for better or worse, is now his baby. No, won't blame W any more. Wouldn't be prudent.
And now if the Dear Leader, President Obama, did take credit for the economy, can he admit that it sucks?
Well, since he can't do either, I will do it for him.
Dear Leader, President Obama, you do not have a Midas touch. Nothing you have touched has made the economy better. In fact, in most cases it has flat-lined or made it worse.
Take the unemployment figures released yesterday.
The rate went up to 9.1%. That was from 9% in April. Many had thought a good May would be a sign that the economy would turn the corner. No, it is continuing into the ditch that I would like to call Obamanomics.
Then there is the federal budget deficit. Yeah, W did not exactly do a great job on that front. But when W left the White House on January 20, 2009, the federal budget deficit was closing in on $500,000,000,000. Today, the projected federal budget deficit is hovering around $1,500,000,000,000. More than double. And this does not include the wonderful so-called health care "reform" passed by the Democrat controlled congress in 2010.
Hey, not to worry. we will just print more money to pump up the sagging economy. And that is being eaten away by something you kiddies have no idea about.
To explain, that is when the prices of goods and services rise at a rate higher than incomes.
For instance, gas and food prices are rising at an alarming rate. And in a weird way, they are related as no time in history.
The price for a gallon of gas in the United States is averaging about $3.74c a gallon. Over a dollar more than last year at this time. Needless to say, while it may not seem like much, think of volume. Like filling up the gas tank twice a month. It could be as little as $50 to over $100 more a month. For many people, that takes a chunk out of discretionary income.
And food prices are way up. Part of the reason is the insanity of growing such items as corn for food, but for fuel. Part of that green revolution Team Obama keeps pushing. As a result there are in many parts of the world food shortages. What do you think was one of the catalysts in the Egyptian revolution? Food shortages. It is all going into a car's gas tank near you.
And the federal government has tweaked the way inflation is statistically figured out so that it does not appear to be all that bad.
Ever hear the leftywhore media explain that when you take out the rising price of gas and food, inflation was low overall?
Yet these are two of the most important things that keep an economy going!
Housing prices continue to plummet.
Now, that was good for the Right View From The Left Coast family as we just concluded our first, and hopefully last, home purchase.
But for many, it is a stark reminder of how much suckage this economy really is.
The bottom line is this.
Back in the day when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was pulling the wool over the people's eyes, lying about prosperity around the corner, the public was less educated and aware of reality. They did not have the kind of news sources and a sense of things that many do today. It was a truly desperate time. FDR was a great used car charlatan. And he too had a compliant, leftywhore media much like the Dear Leader, President Obama has today.
Back then, all FDR had to do is invoke the name Herbert Hoover. After all, he got the United States into the Great Depression. Yet what is never told is how President Hoover and President Roosevelt's economic policies kept the Great Depression going long past it's due date.
That is what you are going to hear from Team Obama.
That this economy is all George W. Bush's fault. And I am just trying to get us out of the mess.
This time, it will not work. The policies are not working. The increase in the size and scope of the federal, state and local governments are awaking the once Silent Majority. And they have said enough is enough.
And yeah, it is now your economy oh great Dear Leader.
And yeah, it really sucks!

Cut Or Uncut, The San Francisco Anti Circumcision Campaign Goes Anti-Jewish

It was once dismissed as something that can only happen in the Freak Show aka San Francisco. But the attempt to ban male circumcision is real. And has taken the clear anti-Jewish slant many believed that it was all along.
All that it took to get this on an actual voting ballot this November was 7,700 signatures.
Yeah, there are 7,700 freaks in the Freak Show that think that snipping a little bit of a male baby's foreskin is the end of the planet as we know it.
Before I continue, FTR, I had the procedure done when I was a baby. OH, DA HORROR! I soooo remember the snip, snip!
Yet in the linked article, one of the major pushers of this absolute junk science, Lloyd Schofield, claims that it is a painful and dangerous procedure. You know, you have read sooo many cases of snipping gone bad. And Mr. Schofield claims that it is not in the best interests of the male child.
Most doctors have no problem doing the procedure. In fact, many believe that the benefits outweigh the minimal risks of performing the procedure on a male infant. In fact, there is science that backs up the fact that men have less penis problems as they live their lives out. And it has been studied that men that have been snipped are less likely to have urinary tract problems than those not snipped.
Now in this overall link on the subject-may not be safe to read at work-there is a couple of comparison photos of a circumcised penis over the non-circumcised one. Sorry, the cut just looks better than the uncut. It looks cleaner and not as gross as the uncut one.
But, there are some sane voices such as San Francisco Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders who points out that this is on the surface a general trend of the, as she calls it, Special City.
OK, now that I spent way too much time on the background, I really have wondered why for some this is a real issue.
Well, methinks it has to do with religion.
Particularly. . .the J O O O S!
Yes, the eeeeevvviiiiilllll J O O O S!
You know, those snipping rabbis have been praciting the barbaric, barbaric I tell you, procedure for, oh about 5,000 years. Yeah, it is really important to the J O O O S that male babies be circumcised for faith reasons.
As you read the link, surprisingly to me, the procedure is something that is encouraged in Islam. And there is nothing specific for or against in most Christian churches. Many American Christian males may or may not be snipped. But if so, it is not really for religious reasons.
But now the campaign for banning the practice outright in San Francisco for males under 18 years old has taken the ugly turn.
Zombie over at Pajamas Media has the goods on the blatant anti-Jewish nature of the campaign to ban male children circumcision.
For those that do not know, Zombie is a resident of the Freak Show, Special City, what ever any wants to call San Francisco nowadays.
Under the title of Foreskin Man-I kid you not-a rather buff, blond, Aryan looking fellow goes after the eeeeevvviiiiilllll rabbi, also known as a mohel, for daring to carry out the ritual of circumcision.
Again, credit also goes to Miss Saunders for exposing this vile anti-Jewish literature.
Really, is the best case against something that opponents believe is a bad thing? Is it really helping their so-called cause any depicting rabbis as evil?
It is if the real message is hatred for Jews.
And that is what I have come to believe this is really all about.
It is not about science. It is not about what the shlong looks like, cut or uncut. It is certainly not a gay-rights issue.
It is a back-door way of sticking it to the eeeeevvviiiiilllll J O O O S and one of the most sacred religious practices.
Over at The Other McCain, there is a quote from Da Tech Guy that I believe says it all:

“That I would see something like this in an American city while survivors of the ovens are still alive is obscene.”

Enough said.