Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some More Signs Romney Is Surging And Obama Playing Defense

OK, I alluded to this yesterday in this post on the reason Mitt Romney will be the president-elect next Wednesday.
A sign of a campaign on the rise is when they have the cash to expand the electoral map.
And that is what Team Romney is doing now.
As noted, Team Romney has done a nice ad buy that is forcing Team Obama to spend $2,000,000 to keep Michigan in Blue territory.
And let us not forget that Team Romney is spending money in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Why not a little in Oregon? The last poll showed that while the Worthless Leader, President Obama is ahead, he is at 47%. Remember that the Worthless Leader, President Obama won Oregon 57%-41%. If this is true, look for Team Romney and or its allies looking to make a last-minute push to at least make it close. Same can be said in Washington state.
Of course some of this can be nothing more than a lot of head games messing with the Team Obama campaign.
But note that Team Obama, they are not going into any Romney state. They have all but given up on two already, Florida and North Carolina. Combined that is 44 electoral college votes. And look at Indiana. A narrow Team Obama win in 2008, it is gone. And so are 11 electoral votes. And that makes a total of 55 electoral college votes. Colorado and Virginia are two more states that Team Obama is playing defense. And then there is Colorado and Iowa. Again, the numbers are moving Team Romney's way. Lose those and Team Obama loses another 15 electoral votes.
The picture is clear.
Team Obama is all about playing defense. Hoping that they will be able to cobble just enough states to hit the magic number of 270.
Team Romney is all about not just getting to 270 but taking at least one or more surprising states. And as Guy Beeson explained to Politico, it is getting to 300 electoral votes. And explaining that the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain was just trying to get to 270. In fact, Sen. "F--- You" McCain was in the end trying to defend the battlefield rather than seriously expand it. And if you want to see a rerun of that, keep watching Team Obama's campaign. It is a reversal of fortunes.
Bottom line is that Team Romney is surging and going on the offense. Team Obama is all about defense and in a sense running out the clock. I would put my marbles on the team playing offense at this point. That is Team Romney.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Week To Go And Mitt Romney WILL Be The Next President

Yup, the 2012 Presidential Death March is now in the final turn as one week from tonight, the American people will finally go to the polls and choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
And next week at this time, it will be President-elect Romney and Vice-President Elect Paul Ryan.
Now it may come as no surprise that I would predict that outcome. But it is not just pulling a rabbit out of the hat here. It is looking at polling trends and where the actual enthusiasm lies.
With no doubt, the enthusiasm is on the side of Mr. Romney and the Republicans.
Rally after rally in battleground states more people are turning out for the team of Romney/Ryan over the incumbent Worthless Leader, President Obama and his dolt of a running mate, Dim Wit Joe Biden.
Now you ask, what about those polls.
I will give you something interesting to look at.
Over this past weekend, the Left Angeles Times published its poll of the presidential race in California. And not a surprise but the Worthless Leader, President Obama, is comfortably ahead against Mr. Romney. The number is 54%-40%.
So you say, why should I get excitcted? I mean, Cali is Blue as Blue, right?
Yes, but the numbers are kind of down to earth for the Worthless Leader, President Obama. Remember, he won California in 2008 with 61% of the vote. If you look at the poll in comparison to four years ago, the Worthless Leader, President Obama has lost at least six percent. And if one takes the plus/minus of 2.9% (round it up to three percent), it could be that the Worthless Leader, President Obama, is as low as 51% and Mr. Romney is as high as 43%. Or go the other way and it is 57% for Team Obama and 37% for Team Romney. But judging from around my neck of the woods deep in very Blue Pasadena, the enthusiasm is defiantly a reversal of four years ago. A lot more Romney/Ryan signs around and Republican candidates in general. Sure, there are some Obama/Biden signs, but nowhere near the overwhelming number last time around.
So, my guess is that the GOP will probably not win California, but the Dems, they are not going to have a 24-point win this time around. I think that it is probable that it will be in the single-digits this time around.
Look at the swing states.
We are now seeing Team Romney doing what I think is smart and that is expanding the map.
The reason is because they see openings in unusual areas for the GOP.
A recent poll in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune shows the Worthless Leader, President Obama, ahead of Mr. Romney, 47%-44% and that is within the margin of error. So, Team Romney is now doing ad buys there. And forcing Team Obama to spend money that they don't have, oh the irony, to defend a state they won by over 10 points last time around.
And Pennsylvania is also trending Team Romney and they are doing the same thing there. According to the Real Clear Politics average for Pennsylvania, the Worthless Leader, President Obama, is up by under five points. Meaning it is now worth Team Romney making a serious run. Buying broadcast air time and making a going-in-debt Team Obama spend more money in another state that they won by 10 points four years ago.
And here is Team Obama having to buy broadcast time to defend Michigan. And Team Romney looking at some other states like Oregon and Washington.
While all the numbers outside of each candidate's base states look close, it is the trend to look at.
And the trend is going Team Romney's way.
And one other thought is the general felling around the nation. That things just do not seem right. The economy should be doing better. People should be able to find work a lot easier than they are now. People on the cusp of retirement worrying if they actually can do so. There is a growing anxiety among the populace.
And the populace may be yearning not so much for "Hope and change" as much as for "Stability".
And that is why next Tuesday evening at this time, Mitt Romney will be President-elect.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wanna Make A Lib's Head Explode? Tell 'Em That Rupert Murdoch May Soon Own The Left Angeles Times AND The Chicgao Truibune!

Yup, says so right here in black and white.
That the eeeeevvvvviiiiillllll Rupert Murdoch, proprietor of Fox News Channel, the Fox Broadcasting Network, and overall media baron is expressing some interest in buying the Left Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune as the Tribune Company comes out of bankruptcy either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.
Of course barring the End on December 21, 2012 according to the Mayans.
Now there are a lot of barriers and the reality that this is all talk at this point.
But there is no question according to the article that Mr. Murdoch has long wanted to buy the Times. In the article, someone says that Mr. Murdoch on many trips to Los Angeles would have a copy of the Times and mark-it up with a Sharpie pen to show how it would look if he owned the newspaper.
One of the barriers is that Mr. Murdoch is not the only one that would like to explore buying the once venerable newspaper.
There is local Los Angeles businessman Austin Beutner who briefly considered running for mayor in 2013. People like Mr. Beutner seem to think that it is terrible the Times is not locally-owned as it was for most of its history.
The problem is that the local owners, the Chandler family, basically realized that they could could not adjust to the changing landscape and ended up selling their mini-empire to the Tribune Comp. And that has been the case for over 30 years. Long before the eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll internet and all that. And local ownership does not necessarily guarantee some better quality of writing, reporting, etc.
And there are two semi-local people that have expressed interest in buying at least the Times.
They are the new owners of the Orange County Register, Aaron Kushner and the new owner of the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego real estate developer Doug Manchester.
And not much has changed so far at either newspaper.
The Register is still very libertarian-leaning and the Union-Tribune, or the U-T as it is being marketed is still center-right Republican.
The real problem is not who owns the Times but what they want to do with it.
The Tribune Company had no clue. The Chandlers did not and got out of the business.
The problem is that when it is the only game in town and does not feel obliged to report or care about anywhere but their base, then you end up with what we are seeing today.
Los Angeles is a huge city in size and demographics. And it is not all left-of-center. But the Times, they cater to the now left-wing city hall establishment and the tony, Westside Los Angeles libs. Oh, don't forget the entertainment industry. And that is the base and substance of the Times daily and or long term readership.
What the middle-class people in the San Fernando Valley? Or those on the Northeast part of Los Angeles that tend to be upper middle-class and, HORRORS!, Republican? How about the minority communities? And while we are at it, how about a better sports section? And it is not just coverage per se, but how they cover the diverse communities.
None of it beyond their base is ever covered positively. Not pro-whatever propaganda, but really when you read anything about the underbelly of Los Angeles, not much is positive. I suppose that a case maybe made that there is not much positive. But I submit that there has to be. It cannot all be bad.
Editorially, it is OK to be left-of-center. But please, be honest about it. Do not hide behind some phony "totally" objectivity. No one or company is. It is human nature.
Again, when the Times is the only newspaper left in town, it needs to appeal broadly.
While I was growing up, there was the Times and the rival, Hearst-owned Herald-Examiner. I was a Herald-Examiner reader. In fact, I was a paperboy for the Herald-Examiner. But the sad reality is that a crippling strike that lasted 10 years ended up eventually being the death-knell of the Herald-Examiner. On November 2, 1989, the Herald-Examiner published it's last edition. And yes, I do have one of those copies.
So, Since 1989, the Times has had no real competition. The only semi-competition is the San Fernando Valley based Los Angeles Daily News. But it really appeals to a regional reader rather than the city of Los Angeles as a whole.
And the Times has not only slimmed down over the years but decidedly made a hard-left turn and thus turned off a whole segment of readers.
Mr. Murdoch would appeal to those readers. Would he make the Times a tabloid? Why not? The highly regarded Times of London is a tabloid yet still maintains quality news coverage. Would the Times no longer be in the hip-pocket of city hall? Hard to say, but I do not think that is out of realm of possibility.
A newspaper like the Left Angeles Times need not just a face lift but a total overhaul. And why not Rupert Murdoch leading that overhaul?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breedists Running Amok

OK, you might ask what is a breedist?
Short and easy answer is one that has such dislike over a whole breed of dog that they would like nothing more than than see them go out of existence because they are misinformed dolts.
Unfortunately, thanks to what Rush Limbaugh refers to as the "Drive-by media", they perpetuate the breedism against a particular breed of dog with such sensationalism that they do play a direct role in people wanting to ban the Pit Bull dog breed.
And one of those that wants to do just that is a Pasadena, California city councilman wants to do.
Councilman Steve Madison is suggesting, shockingly, violating California state law and wanting to ban outright the Pit Bull from Pasadena city limits.
Oh, where oh where to start.
Let me explain to Mr. Madison something.
It is not the whole breed of Pit Bull, which there is not just one, that are bad. If any are bad, there are three factors.
One factor is how a Bull comes into the world and is nurtured. If he or she is from a street litter and is essentially raised on the streets so to speak, one can expect probably a scared pup around humans. Or one that protects itself in a natural animal fashion.
Another factor and most important is the Bull that is with an owner or owners and the home environment and, this is really important, how the Bull is trained.
The reason that Michael Vick's Pit Bulls were bad is because they were bred and trained to be that way. Yet many of them were essentially retrained and are in loving families. Those that could not be are at no-kill shelters and they are still being worked on to realign their behavior.
The third factor is that in many ways, certain musicians, entertainers, athletes seem to be connectected with the toughness of the Pit Bull.
All three factors in this overactive, hypersensitive society have made the Pit Bull persona non grata in the world of dogs.
It is rather sad that this has occurred. But it is a reality that needs to be stopped.
While there is some bad info in this Wikipedia link, there is an important thing that this link does note.
That Pit Bull is in reference to three particular breeds. They are the the American Bulldog, the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Now the American Bulldog probably does not fit the classic that most people have been made to be afraid of. Nor the often winning Bull Terrier at the Westminster Dog Show.
Another important and I think telling aspect of the misconception of the Pit Bull is this section which deals with the kind of people attracted to and probably abuse and turn Pit Bulls into fighters.
Now lets get back to Mr. Madison.
He kind  of shows his hand by the fact he owns to Maltipoos (a cross breed of Maltese and Poodle) and makes this snarky comment:

“I doubt there’s a stack of cocker spaniel fatalities they’re hiding from the newspapers.”

Although I doubt it as well, why is it front page news when a suspected Pit Bull kills but not say a Labrador Retriever?
Well, there have been cases in which a Lab has in fact killed children. Here is one from South Carolina. And another one in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Oh, and both of these were puppies.
My point is that when any dog feels threatened, they will do what animals do. Strike back. Even if to us as humans there is no threat whatsoever.
While the breedists can't really admit it, what they are really afraid of are the dog owners. Because to admit that would open them up to charges of racism and or classism.
Again, many people that own a designer dog breed, like a Malitpoo, are probably people who can afford it, train it, and treat them like their own children.
This is an excellent website called The Truth About Pit Bulls.
It makes the point that the Pit Bull was once considered an excellent family pet. That it was lauded. And now because some people have decided to live their false machismo through. . .their dogs, people want to not address the root problem but blame a whole breed.
Which leads to another thing.
Many breeds we love today were bred for rather yucky things. But today almost all are wonderful members of the family.
Thankfully, the Pasadena Humane Society led by Presdident Steve McNall is speaking out and totally against this hysteria. Mr. McNall is spot on for calling it what it is, discrimination.
You know, about 70 plus years ago, some dude in Germany said that Jewish people were not all that. Hell, in his mind they wern't even human. Throw in other like the Gypsies, the homosexuals and other perceived opponents of order and well, you had Hitler, World War II and over 20 million people killed because of being perceived as different.
Now before you go crazy suggesting that I equate dogs with humans, not at all. But as I am pro-life I am also pro animal welfare, not rights. And this goes totally against animal welfare.
I think Mr. Madison should listen to the wisdom of fellow Councilman Margaret McAustin:

“We shouldn’t let up on our efforts to control dangerous breeds, but dogs are trained to be aggressive by people who want aggressive dogs. We have to get at that behavior. The problem we really have is irresponsible owners, and if we can’t regulate the dogs, we have to regulate the owners.”

And that is how we begin to help the Pit Bulls and stop such over reaction.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time For Team Romney To Expand The Map

On this past April 29th, I wrote this post that suggested that if Mitt Romney is indeed the Republican presidential nominee that he should be able to play a large field rather than the narrow swing states and if that does come to pass, make a play or a head-fake for such places as, yes, California.
It appears that in the next 17 days, that could, and I stress could, be a possibility.
And it should.
I explained that California GOPers can use something positive and now would be a good time.
So, why not send the Vice-Presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) on a swing through California? I mean, not in Democrat strongholds but places like Orange County? The Inland Empire? The Central Valley?
One thing that I can tell you is that there is much more support for Romney than there was in California for the ill-fated McCain/Palin campaign. Sure, having then Gov. Palin on the ticket was energizing, but the results do not lie. The GOP ticket in California did not break 40%. It only got 37% of the statewide vote.
If California Republicans can use a lift, what about those in New York State? Connecticut? Maryland? Delaware? Illinois?
There are some parts of the country that are still going to resist voting for the GOP ticket. But as I wrote in that post, this has to be a nationwide campaign. What needs to be done is bleed Team Obama and make them have to send big guns into unexpected places.
Doing that is what winning campaigns do.
The polls are not all that over the place. Steadily they are breaking for Mr. Romney. Some are out there, but by and large, the swing states are beginning to break for or now solid in Team Romney's corner. Here is some of the latest polling from Real Clear Politics.
Think about this.
Team Obama did exactly the kind of strategy in 2008 Team Romney should do now.
I mean, Barack Obama had no chance to win Wyoming. But he went there. In this reddest of Red states, Team Obama snagged a couple of counties. Did the same in equally Red state Utah and the same result.
Sometimes you don't go places because you really think that you are going to win. It has to be done when things are going your way and you look at a big picture.
Because of Team Obama playing a more national campaign in 2008, Democrats made some huge gains in the House of Representatives and the senate.
That is why Team Romney needs to think about expanding the field.
With the debate schedule ending this Monday night, I think it is the right time for Team Romney to force Team Obama into some big mistakes.
It is time for Team Romney to expand the electoral map.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obligartory Second Presidential Debate Post

OK, let me get this out of the way.
The Worthless Leader, President Obama, was better tonight in the Town Hall presidential debate between he and the GOP standard-bearer, Mitt Romney.
But before you liberals choke on what ever you are eating that I do give the current occupier of the White House credit, the fact is Mr. Romney was steady and this debate is a draw but to get out of a room and having to choose one, I would choose the Worthless Leader, President Obama.
And why?
Because of the format and the fact that CNN drone anchorman Candy Crowley picked some, to be blunt, stupid questions.
There were 11 questions that Mrs. Crowley chose from 80 supposedly undecided voters.
So, what were some of the winners?
One question rehashed a Democrat talking point on women and equal pay for equal work mantra.
Why is it a dumb question?
Because when the left and Democrats trot out the "women only make 72c for every dollar a man makes in similar or the same work" line, it is just stupid. If that were the case, there would be few men working and almost everything being done by women. It is one of the ruses the left loves to put out there to create a sex-class warfare issue that is just not there.
Another question dealt with revisiting the so-called assault weapons ban that has lapsed and makes  the United States an armed camp.
Just a wee bit o' sarcasm on that last line.
But really, I know that there are people that do have a concern about it, but I did think that Mr. Romney did answer the root of gun violence overall much better than the Worthless Leader, President Obama did.
Yet there was one and only one question about foreign policy and it was about, surprise, Libya.
Oooh, this is where the Worthless Leader got his feathers in a bunch. Why don't question him and his  commitment about protecting out diplomats. Especially in place like the whole Middle East that is convulsing toward Islamofacist states right before out eyes. And how dare Mr. Romney try to score political points on Libya by having a press release the day of the attack. Which BTW was on 9/11.
Only Mr. Romney did not release a statement about Libya. And that has been lost in all of the back and forth. The statement dealt specifically with the assault on the United States embassy in Cairo, EGYPT, in which the American flag was removed and replaced with the Black Flag of Islamofacist death. It was in response to the tweets and a senior embassy official that was condemning the supposed slight to the Islamocrazies. The infamous movie trailer for some beyond weird movie seen by less than 10 people in a Hollywood theatre for "The Innocence of Muslims".
It is very important to get it right WHAT Mr. Romney was really commenting on that day.
And he should stand by it and ask is it right to condemn the Freedom of Speech that is guaranteed under the United States constitution.
After all, as a Christian I do not go after people for supposed slights to my religion. After all, it would be a full-time job, right?!
But clarity is important and when the Worthless Leader, President Obama, is trying to obsucfate what Mr. Romney said and make it about what he did not comment on Libya, it has to be called out.
But here is the thing.
It is just not the best format as it is now.
A moderator should not winnow the questions that these 80 people wanted to ask of the two candidates.
Because both candidates are expecting certain questions and are all ready for them.
By simply picking the people at random and not screen the questions other than for relevance and it not go into the gutter, just ask Mr. Jones or Mrs. Smith or Miss Rodirguez, whoever what they want.
No matter what she will say, Candy Crowley had to let her own biases get in the way of the questions that she chose for the candidates.
Now there is a commission that puts on these debates, right? Let them chose the questions. And lets make it an even two hours.
We need the kind of question that neither candidate expects to be asked. We need to know how they react to the unexpected. Otherwise, as it was tonight, both candidates just get to polish up their talking points.
These debates end up being about style in the end. It helped then Sen. Messiah Barack in 2008. It is helping Mr. Romney now.
The last, thankfully, debate is this Monday evening.
Maybe we can get some better questions and answers from the candidates.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Did Biden Or Ryan Win The Veep Debate?

Well, Vice-President Dim Wit Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) had their much anticipated vice-presidential debate tonight.
The obvious question is who won?
Well, I don't think our illustrious vice-president did himself any favors tonight in tone, style and frankly many answers.
Rep. Ryan was steady, calm, cool and came up with a couple of good zingers.
So, in the end, the edge, but not a smack-down victory does go to Rep. Ryan. But Vice-President Dim Wit Biden probably did fire up the left-wing base of the Democrat party. And in the process turned off more independents and solidified Republicans around the Romney-Ryan ticket.
I think that this comment from the estimable Charles Krauthammer sums it up, sadly:

If you were listening on radio, Biden won. If you were watching it, Ryan won.

I think that is true.
Hey, if you like former Vice-President Al Gore and the sighs and smirks in the 2000 election campaign against former President George W. Bush, you would have loved Vice-President Dim Wit Biden up against Rep. Ryan.
I mean, it is one thing to smile and look and act confident. But it is another to have these facial expressions of outright dismay. And laughing throughout the "debate". And hey, when he is not being a blowhard, why damn! Just keep interrupting Rep. Ryan when he tried to answer a question from ABC Newsgal Martha Radditz.
But in between all of that, Rep. Ryan managed to articulate the top of the GOP ticket, Mitt Romney, and what he wants to do if elected president. And managed to get a couple of zingers off on Vice-President Dim Wit Biden.
Now I loathe to ever resort to using the so-called fact-checkers. Most of the time, it is an excuse for actual reporters to not do reporting. But this link seems to be more fair than others.
On what may have been the damning part of the night for Team Worthless Leader Obama, Vice-President Dim Wit Biden really stepped in it.  It is in regards to the assassination of the United States ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and three others in the terrorist attack on the United States temporary consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
Here is the exchange:

BIDEN, on whether U.S. should have beefed up security at the U.S. Consulate in Libya before the deadly terrorist attack there: "We weren't told they wanted more security there."
RYAN: "There were requests for more security."

And the fact-check verdict?
Rep. Ryan is correct.
And the worst part is that, once again, the Obama administration looks like The Keystone Kops in not knowing anything before, during and worse, after the attack.

Another whopper that Vice-President Dim Wit Biden, parroting the whole Democrat party talking points is that they, only they, "rescued" Government General Motors. And how it saved jobs and all is rainbows and unicorns.
Uh, only problem is that, regrettably, the auto bailout began in the waning days of the George W. Bush administration.
And the whopper continues because once again, lie numero dos is that Mitt Romney did not want an auto bailout. That he just wanted GM to die.
And that is a lie bore out by this fact-check:

BIDEN: "Romney said `No, let Detroit go bankrupt.'"
THE FACTS: GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has gotten endless grief through the campaign for the headline put on his November 2008 opinion essay that he wrote for The New York Times. But his point was never that he wanted the auto industry to go down the tubes.
Romney opposed using government money to bail out Chrysler and General Motors, instead favoring privately financed bankruptcy restructuring. His prescription seemed improbable. Automakers were hemorrhaging cash and the banking system was in crisis, so private money wasn't available. Without the government money, it's likely both companies would have gone out of business. Romney did propose government-guaranteed private loans for both companies after bankruptcy.

While the fact-checker seems to offer an opinion at the end, that they would end up going out of business rather than being allowed to reorganize, the thrust is that Mr. Romney did not want the government to be as involved as it became in both GM and Chrysler.
But lets face facts.
On the right, we wanted to see Rep. Ryan mop the floor with Vice-President Dim Wit Biden's hair plugs.
But that did not quite happen. Rep. Ryan held his own and ends up shinning over you-know-who by simply not coming off as rude and obnoxious.
So, in that respect it is a victory for Rep. Ryan, the GOP ticket and Mr. Romney.
Vice-President Dim Wit Biden may have just went a little too far in the shtick department. Again, watching the debate and the split-screen and seeing Vice-President Dim Wit Biden just smile, laugh, look incredulous and just plain annoying probably excited the Democrat base. The problem with the approach that Vice-President Dim Wit Biden took is that it will turn off the very voters that they need at this point. They do not need the Democrat base fired up. They are. But not as many as in 2008. They need independents at this point. And I do not think that Vice-President Dim Wit Biden did any favors in that regard.
The edge goes to Rep. Ryan, but not by much.
It is enough though to keep the big mo' going Romney's way.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh Yeah, The Romney Surge Is Real

Read it and weep, my friends:

Romney     47.6%
Obama       46.1%

That is the national polling average at Real Clear Politics.
The Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, has surged at the right time against the Worthless Leader, President Obama.
There is no doubt that the public, over 60,000,000 that watched the two men debate last Wednesday are beginning to believe that Mr. Romney does have what it takes to be president in these difficult times.
There is no doubt that the GOP standard-bearer was behind the Worthless Leader, President Obama before last week's debate. And it was clear that Mr. Romney had to have a great debate and hope that it would help breathe life into a kind of sort of blah campaign.
In fact, if you look at the chart from the link above, Mr. Romney was pretty flat-lined at 45% to the Worthless Leader, President Obama's 49%. But look at the huge ground made up from Wednesday to Wednesday. While three points does not seem like a big deal, it is how Mr. Romney went ahead. But the Worthless Leader, President Obama, dropped three points and it would appear to be in a free-fall.
Tomorrow night, the respective vice-presidential candidates, the current one, Vice-President Dim Wit Joe Biden and the GOP number two, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) have their only debate.
A lot has been going around how Rep. Ryan will mop up the floor with Vice-President Dim Wit Biden. It is so bad that Vice-President Dim Wit Biden has been off of the campaign trail for six days prepping for this encounter.
For us, the bad thing is that the Vice-President has not said anything dumb, stupid or dangerous.
Too bad.
Maybe Vice-President Dim Wit Biden is just saving it all for tomorrow night.
But the bottom line is this.
Mitt Romney got to show the American public what he is all about without the filter of the Obamawhore front guard media. He was coherent, clear about what the problems are and the solutions to them.
On the other hand, the same public saw a distant, disengaged president that could not say anything that he has done has made the United States a better place in any way. In fact, it is as if the president was incensed that he had to actually be there in the first place.
And that is when the tide turned.
Huge percentages in instapolls right after the debate said not only that Mr. Romney won, but that people were willing to give him another look.
Some had to  be people that would vote for the Worthless Leader, President Obama. Some were undecided. Some had not seen Mr. Romney and it was their first time and they were impressed.
The Romney Surge is real. Tomorrow night could very well add to it. If Vice-President Dim Wit Biden makes a total fool of himself and Rep. Ryan comes off similar to Mr. Romney, it will make the Worthless Leader, President Obama's job in the next debate harder. And in between Mr. Romney could gain even more support in the polls.
We now have a race on our hands and the real question may very well be this.
Is there any Blue states that Mr. Romney will be able to pick up in 2012?

Sunday, October 07, 2012

WOW! What A Debate!

OK, yeah I am late to the post-presidential debate analysis which could take another post.
But, letting the reaction to the debate between Republican Mitt Romney and the Worthless Leader, President Obama, marinate made me realize that the whole debate was a deer caught in the headlights moment. Make that for 90 minutes for Team Obama and the Democrats.
I watched it twice to realize what a masterful job Mr. Romney did in totally deconstructing the whole three-plus years as an exercise in left-wing policies at its worst. And with ease at how he pointed the failures and what it would take to bring the moribund economy around.
But certain aspects need to be discussed before moving on.
First, it should be clear to all but the most die-hard Worthless Leader, President Obama's supporters, that not only is he an empty chair but hey, an empty suit as well.
The fact that the Worthless Leader, President Obama, does not feel any need for debate prep and that he is just sooo cool and awesome and all-knowing and all-seeing that the whole exercise is such a waste of time should come as insulting to anyone that has supported him.
But, sadly, it is not. Many are still just sooo into the dude that they would not care if he strangled a little kid on live television. For some, the delusion is that bad.
However, as I keep writing, there is a percentage of voters that can and will be moved to the Romney corner and it will be based on this debate.
It is because time after time when Mr. Romney went on offense, the Worthless Leader, President Obama, tried the professorial approach. To many, myself included, it showed a clear detachment that plagues leaders such as the Worthless Leader, President Obama.
Secondly, Mr. Romney could not have shown any more passion or care than he did this past Wednesday evening. Sometimes it was pretty excessive, but it has been Mr. Romney since he asked Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) to be his vice-presidential nominee. Yet the Obamawhore front guard media has not grasped this Mitt Romney.
Until now.
Thirdly, and this is for the aforementioned Obamawhore media. When they think that you are not in line, you become the punching bag that PBS' Jim Lehrer became by Thursday morning.
What was Mr. Lehrer's crime?
Why that he actually asked questions and allowed honest debate to occur between Mr. Romney and the Worthless Leader, President Obama. At one point, a belegard Worthless Leader, President Obama, begged Mr. Lehrer to move on to another topic. So, according to the Obama sycophants, why Mr. Lehrer "lost control" of the debate. And he did not ask follow up questions that could have helped the Worthless Leader, President Obama.
Uh, that is not a debate moderators role. It is simply to ask questions and the debaters within the time allotted. OK, maybe Mr. Lehrer appeared to be a little loose on that. But even there, the Worthless Leader, President Obama, spoke five minutes longer than Mr. Romney.
But what that shows is how horrible their guy, the Worthless Leader, President Obama, did during that debate.
But what about the debate itself?
It was Mr. Romney's awesomeness on full display.
Take this very apropos new one about big government:

Trickle-down government.

The left has loved to use the phrase "trickle-down economics", a phrase uttered by one David Stockman, the former head of the Office of Management and Budget, to deride the economic policies of then President Reagan.
But now Mitt Romney took that and stood it on it's head and slammed the big government, crony capitalism practiced with gusto by the current administration.
Nice open if I do say so myself.
Then Mr. Romney went on to the obvious point that it is the very middle class that the Worthless Leader, President Obama, claims to have been and wants to help.
Too bad that he hasn't.
Once again, he used in this case, the words of the worst vice-president evah, Dim Wit Joe Biden right back on the administration.
Read the following to grasp how easily Mr. Romney took down the all-caring middle-class Barack:

The people who are having the hard time right now are middle- income Americans. Under the president’s policies, middle-income Americans have been buried. They’re just being crushed. Middle- income Americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. This is a -- this is a tax in and of itself. I’ll call it the economy tax. It’s been crushing.

At the same time, gasoline prices have doubled under the president. Electric rates are up. Food prices are up. Health care costs have gone up by $2,500 a family. Middle-income families are being crushed.

Yup, we are being buried. And trust me, living in the once Golden State of California, with gas prices rising 20c overnight the day after the debate, we are being buried.
And from there, Mr. Romney went on to talk about his five-point plan to bring the economy back and hopefully begin to correct the excess's of Team Obama.
And that was the thrust of the Romney message.
That Team Obama had three-plus years to fix the mess and they have not. The so-called economic "stimulus". Epic fail. So-called health-care reform? Even more of an epic fail and the federal government all but taking over one-fifth of the national economy.
What Mr. Romney wants to do is create flexibility and allow for states to deal with some of these issues, such as health-care.
And I thought the best exchange between the two was about the role of the federal government.
For all the talk that somehow, Mr. Romney is some closet liberal, his defense of and extolling the virtues of the Declaration of Independence and the constitution was very much conservative and spot on.
What the debate showed is that this election is not only a clear choice but that the Worthless Leader, President Obama, has been the past three-plus years is an over rated empty suit. And when challenged, he folded like a house of cards. Which kind of explains how we are where we are, doesn't it?

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

An Interesting Pre-Debate Story

I must admit that considering that The Boston Globe was very, very anti-Mitt Romney in his run for governor and when he ran, this story is in fact rather instructive on how Mr. Romney was kind of sort of the underdog in that governor's race in 2002.
In the linked article, then like now Mr. Romney had a lead and then lost it against the Democrat candidate, state treasurer Shannon O'Brien.Then like now Mr. Romney was running against a special candidate. A woman then, a Black now. And Mrs. O'Brien gained a huge advantage among women voters, which brought Mr. Romney's poll numbers down.
But then Team Romney got together for a bbq, barnstormed and realized the nice, nice campaign had to end. Mr. Romney had to get tough with Mrs. O'Brien.
And tough he did.
He even ran an interesting ad against the then state treasurer as a not too swift sleeping basset hound and not as a watchdog on the state legislature. It is one of the most talked about ads still today in the People's Republic of Taxachusetts.
Then like now he did have a few missteps, but they were overcome by an aggressive campaign that turned any O'Brien attacks against him on her.
At the end of that campaign, the polls showed Mrs. O'Brien and Mr. Romney in a dead heat. Mr. Romney ended up winning the election by about five points.
Bottom line is this.
Those that want to write Mr. Romney off and think that he will have a terrible debate and it is all over and we should just coronate King Worthless Leader, President Obama, the winner are mistaken.
This is a man that concluded a very brutal Republican death march primary. In all there were 19, yes 19 debates. And while he did not win them all, when his back was up against the wall, Mr. Romney rose to the occasion. Just ask Newt Gingrich.
And while Mr. Romney does not have to land a knockout punch, all he does have to do is have a command of facts, act presidential, not be personal in any attacks and I think that some people, yes even people that right now seem to be in the Worthless Leader, President Obama's corner, take a second look.
Yeah, women did in 2002. Mr. Romney was down 18 points and ended up losing the women's vote by five points.
He moved the needle just enough.
And that is really what he has to do tomorrow night.
Just ask Shannon O'Brien about that.