Thursday, June 28, 2007

Before We Move On To Maybe Real Immigration Reform, How We Got Here

I think that the real turning point in the raucous debate over the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam came on May 1, 2006.
Do you remember that day? That is the day thousands, if not millions of Hispanics marched all across the country in support of "comprehensive immigration reform." But, try as many might, including the DDBMSM, they could not hide this fact. Few, if any, were protesting with American flags. Most had the Mexican flag and flags from assorted Central and South American nations. For many Americans, that was enough that no matter what was done, there was a feeling that if a plan were made into law, these people really did not care about becoming Americans. There is no doubt in my mind because I know it is how I felt. Later protests the organizers were smart enough to have the protesters with American flags. It was reminiscent of the protests just before election day in 1994 in California in which Proposition 187 ended up passing by a wide margin.
What that kind of stuff does is give credence to the wackadoo crowd about a "swarm" of Mexicans trying to reconquer the American Southwest and incorporate in into Mexico and rename in Aztlan. It may have not been the goal, but it had a profound, negative effect nonetheless.
Once the midterm elections of 2006 were done and the Democrats took back control of congress, President Bush knew he might have an opening to have the "comprehensive immigration reform" done because it would not fly with his own party while they controlled congress.
But, instead of having an open, honest debate on the merits, the White House, and a group of "grand bargainers" from the senate tried to draft legislation in the dead of night and literally ram in through the senate in an unbelievable fashion. Few, if any, senators knew what was in the legislation. And, that is what the cabal wanted. And, a new way to rub an already testy America the wrong way began.
In this instance, the "grand bargainers" and a new ally, Sen. John Kyl (R-Ariz). But, I think he knew the bill was in trouble when many fellow senators complained about the way it was crafted and concerns about not really knowing what it really meant other than, in a word, amnesty.
But, and this is very important, Sen. Kyl gets an amazing amount of credit. He did two things. He willing went on any conservative talk radio show to try to explain and sell it. And he listened to the concerns of hosts like Hugh Hewitt and really tried to do the right thing and try to add provisions that might save it. In a weird sense, he is a real hero in all of this.
And a great divide and unusual alliances occurred.
Liberal Democrats did not like a lot of it, particularly in what is now known as chain migration. That is where family members from the illegal alien's home country could come and be part of the "path to citizenship." Also, they did not like the emphasis on so-called guest workers.
Conservative Republicans main objections were where was border enforcement, which included the 854 mile fence, which they cut down to 370 miles along the southern border. Also, they did not like the "path to citizenship" because it appeared that people who broke the law to get here were being moved to the front of the immigration line and given amnesty.
And, all sides were right, which only exacerbated the fact that the flawed legislation was drawn up with no hearings, in the dead of night, and no one who participated seemed to have a clue.
So, what did proponents of the bill-scam do? Well, the oldest and dirtiest trick in the political book. Try to paint the opponents as "nativists" and bigots and outright racists. They had no logical explanation why this legislation was needed right now.
Let us be clear right here and now. People like Sen Lindsey Graham and company should be ashamed of themselves. They chose to emphasise a small minority of bigots and racists. They did not want to really hear the opinion of the American people. So they played up the racists as if they were in the majority of those opposed to the bill-scam. I will say occasionally some callers to conservative talk radio were on the edge. But, I think it is because many remembered the 1986 so-called comprehensive immigration reform. No border enforcement, but at least they had the guts to call it amnesty. They, like myself, did not want a worse repeat. Also, the Graham crowd really had it in for conservative talk radio, another big mistake. Many listeners voted for people like Sen. Graham, and the buffoon Trent Lott. Sen. Lott came on many of the same shows to beg forgiveness for his tacky remarks regarding former Sen. Strom Thurmond. How soon they forget.
So, in a game of we will give you a bone, senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) came up with a last ditch effort, which was pushed along by the White House. Why even President Bush tried to twist some senators arms in a Capital Hill lunch last week. Ahh, but when one keeps screwing up, the mistakes just get better and better.
Sen. Reid would bring the legislation up for another cloture vote this past Tuesday. Had they not gotten 60 votes to invoke cloture, the bill-scam would have died, again, and for good this congress. He promised each side could offer 22 amendments. Oh, and no senators could see which ones he would choose to come up for a vote.
In a game of cat and mouse, the senate voted 64-35 to invoke cloture and see what can be done to save the sinking Titanic of a bill.
Again, the American people came to rescue to senators from themselves and called the senators , jamming the phone lines at the Capital and once the senators, particularly the Republicans, saw none of their amendments given any serious consideration, sanity returned today when the senate voted 46-53 to keep the debate going. Sen. Reid right then and there stopped the madness. The roll call vote was impressive. Many Democrats joined the overwhelming Republican majority to put a stake through this beast.
It was not pretty and showed the worst in governing.
Now that the enforcement view has prevailed, let us see how serious those who supported it as an afterthought were. I think Republicans would be wise to reach out to someone like Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va) because he ran as a populist Democrat and he more than likely shares their concerns.
It is time to work on enforcement first and true border security. Let us see and make it happen.

A Quick Immigration Observation

I am listening to Michael Medved, who was I think the only serious conservative talk radio host to back the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam. Mr. Medved is citing a Gallup poll and article in USA Today that Hispanic voters are moving towards the Democrat party. Moving to? They are in the Democrat party.
One of the worst arguments used by Republican proponents of the bill-scam is that if this does not pass, the GOP will lose the Hispanic vote for a generation. Firstly, the Republican party has not in any way, shape or form, been a natural home for Hispanics. Even in the 2004 presidential election, 40% of Hispanics allegedly voted for President Bush. So, what happened down ticket? I for one do not know, we have not had polling data on it. I am afraid that 40% is about the high water mark among Hispanics. The real question is, out of Hispanics, particularly those second generation Americans and more vs. recent Hispanic immigrants illegal and legal, how they vote. I would suspect that is a great divide.
To pass a bad bill that will not really solve the problem of illegal immigration and for the two political parties to woo these potential new voters shows the cynicism of both parties elites. The American people, and I would even suspect some illegal aliens, want border security and national security to be first and foremost. Once that happens, we can revisit how these people can potentially be assimilated into the American fabric.
I will close with this. When Republicans try to be Democrat lite, voters know it and vote almost always for the Democrat. At least the Democrat is honest. Hispanics are not stupid. They will vote for the real deal, not a phony pandering worse than the Democrat for their vote. ANY voter will feel the same way.


The senate saw the light a short time ago and voted against cloture, 45-53, killing once and for all the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam. There will be more later and a link to how the senators voted.
Most important it was us, the people, who let out views known and thus the senate really listened to the people. If you thought that there is serious opposition to the war in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror, it was worse and vehement against this bill-scam.
More later, but give ourselves a pat on the back and work for real reform that emphasizes national security and a logical way to deal with those that are here now.

Kill The Bill Scam Once And For All

There is still time. Call the senators, e-mail the senators, fax the senators. Go to for all the contact info. There is still time. There are eight potential senators who will do the right thing and end this travesty now. They are, with phone numbers:
Kit Bond (R-Mo) 202-224-5721(Washington)
Sam Brownback (R-Kans) 202-224-6521
Richard Burr (R-NC) 202-224-3154
Norm Coleman (R-Minn) 202-224-5641
John Ensign (R-Nv) 202-224-6244
Ben Nelson (D-Neb) 202-224-6551
Mark Pryor (D-Ark) 202-224-2353
Jim Webb (D-Va) 202-224-4024
Remember some things. Sen. Ensign is the leader of the GOP senate election team for 08. He does not want to make his job more difficult with the wrong vote. Sen. Brownback is allegedly running for president. He won't make it now or ever with the wrong vote. Sen. Webb ran as a populist Democrat, more old school. A bad vote here may come back to haunt him worse than maccaca did former Sen. George Allen. Sen. Coleman needs to have some back bone.
Don't give up on any senator. Call as many as you can. We did it once, we can do it again and kill this beast once and for all.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Remember, Elections DO Have Consequences

Here is to all of those who last year said on talk radio, blogs and letters to the editor "I am NOT going to vote for the Republicans in the congressional midterm elections because they did not (fill in the blank)"
Look at the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam. Do those people think that this would have come up in a Republican congress? Of course not! Had that been the case, President Bush would have pushed hard in the previous six years this bill-scam. President Bush needed Democrats only too happy to go along. After all, the way that the bill-scam is drawn up helps the Dems. Hence, now that the Democrats control the congress, voila. Here we are having to really fight to stop this. Had the GOP been in control of congress, the emphasis would be on enforcement, not amnesty. It is a simple fact.
Are those of you who did not vote for the Republican candidates happy with the slew of investigations now happening? Well, that is what we are getting. Only today, a senate committee is subpoenaing for records of Vice-President Richard Cheney's records. That is what we get having a Democrat congress.
How about the people talking about returning to the unfairness doctrine? They are all Democrats. Of course, always on top of events, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) is calling for a return to the so-called "fairness doctrine" that will be forced on all on-air broadcasters. During the Reagan administration, having real foresight, they scrapped the doctrine because it was antiquated and was not going to keep up with new technology that will be coming. That was true then, and is true now. The attempt here, now this is for you who protested Republican shortcomings, is to shut down conservative talk radio. The same shows that many of you called to spout off the shortsightedness would more than likely be forced off the air and more than likely move to satellite radio. That would create a two-tiered information system. Yes, that is one of the results of not voting for Republicans in 2006.
Now, some will say I am being too harsh on those people. Really? Seeing the results, I would say that I am being kind. Do you people think this will not get worse? Of course it will.
So, what to do? Lets us come to agree that the last Republican congress made a lot of mistakes. Having said that, with a Republican president, they should have done better. Some blame has to go to President Bush.
The solution is simple. We have to use the state primary to make our point. I am embarrassed to admit this, but in 1992, in the California Republican primary when then President Bush had the renomination sewn up, I voted for Pat Buchanan as a protest to the failings of then President Bush. But, by golly I voted for President Bush for reelection.
If we are to get candidates that reflect our point of view, we have to get them in primaries and vote for them. Then work as hard as possible to get them elected. That is how it works.
Yes, we Republicans had some bad baggage candidates for some congressional districts. Maybe those candidates should have been seriously replaced before the scandals got out of hand. But, I very much believe we will have some really good, conservative, candidates in 2008.
So, next time you Republicans want to change things, do it in the primary. If you don't get that change, don't pick up the marbles and go home. Get the guy or gal that won elected. If you want conservative, or even conservative lite, governance, keep the Republicans in. When the Democrats are in charge, we get what we deserve.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No Matter What On Immigration, We Need To NOT Leave The GOP

As I think about this immigration debacle, I realize that there are a lot a really angry Republicans, myself included, out there. It is not just on immigration, but the Dubai ports scandal, the Harriet Myers fiasco, the general drift of President Bush and topped by an inept GOP congress that lost it bearings and majorities in both houses. But, I do not despair.
I think this is the time to look seriously at those who are running for the Republican presidential nomination. I think it is time for a course correction and maybe shake things up a little.
I do not think that there is anything left for President Bush to do but prosecute the War Against Terror. I mean it. There is no chance for meaningful, conservative and Republican legislation getting through this congress. It is a fact. So, President Bush must continue to be the commander in chief and go for all out victory in the Iraq theatre.
So, when nothing gets done, who will be the blame? Congress of course. That is where smart presidential type leadership will come in.
Out of the top four GOPers, only two maybe able to do the job. Dare I say Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. Maybe Fred Thompson, but not John "F--- You" McCain.
The GOP does not need to be redefined, its core ideas need to be taken seriously. No more big government conservatism. Return to the roots. Look at new conservative ideas for problem solving. That can only be done by someone not polluted by the stench of Washington DC. Hence, Messrs Giuliani and Romney fit the bill.
We need not to be afraid to call our enemies, radical Islamists, what they are and fight them like an enemy. Again, Mr. Romney always refers to jihadists. We must fight to win, but if that means trying new things or expanding on unused options, we Republicans must not be afraid to try.
We have to remember one thing. Conservatism in the Republican party and practicing those principals is what leads to victory. Ask Newt Gingrich. One could point without a doubt to Ronald Reagan. Weakness and trying to be Democrat lite leads to the 1960's-1970's Republican party, a permanent minority. Many of those who lost in New England in 2006 fit that mentality.
We could just fold up and go home, but Ronald Reagan did not. After losing the presidential nomination in 1976, he went home to California and started a four-year campaign, but a stealth one a that. He re energized a moribund party. He made it cool to be conservative. I think we have to do that again and it is called renewal. It is a good thing every now and then.
So, we have to stay and fight the good fight and be ready to lead again. The American people will call on the Republican party once they realize they can lead with principals.

Is This The Important Cloture Vote Or What?

A very interesting post by Carol Platt Liebau says that this is not the important vote that was held today on cloture in regard to the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam. The real test will come at the end of the week when amendments will be voted up or down and apparently another cloture vote will take place.
However, Laura Ingraham, says on her show that this was the vote and whatever happens here on out does not matter. That is why she spent the better part of her show calling senator's office's in Washington to see how they would vote on cloture today.
As you know by now, cloture passed 64-35, thus cutting off debate and moving to vote on the 22 amendments to the bill-scam.
So, who is right? I hate to take a middle ground, but I think they are both right.
If those Republicans who voted to end debate and let votes take place realize that most if not any of their amendments will pass, then they can vote against cloture later this week. Some believe that the strategy is to make the Democrat senate have to vote for or against on seemingly realistic amendments to the bill-scam. It is a very risky strategy. I have given it some thought and think that those who want real changes before they consider voting for the bill-scam are hoping that there will be reason and some, maybe when hell freezes over, if not all the amendments will pass. The problem is, they will be offset by the Democrat amendments. That is why it is a risky strategy Also, many of these GOP senators are up for reelection in 2008 and have already taken immense heat on the war funding vote issue. They can not afford to take another hit for President Bush, who is not up for election next year.
To digress, I know it is crass to tie this vote to future votes on funding the wars, but it is a political reality. Some senators may tell the president that they can not alienate the overwhelming majority of Americans, voters in their state, and their base, on this bill-scam and continued war funding. They may say to President Bush, it is either this or the war. I hope it does not come to that, but I would not be surprised.
Now, on to the point that voting to end cloture means the bill will eventually be voted up or down. Those who say that have a point. The way to end any further discussion on this bill-scam was simple-vote against cloture. Thus, senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) would have been forced to either let debate continue or pull the bill-scam altogether. But, today he dodged that bullet. Too many Republicans caved and voted for cloture. Having any more debate may embolden the pro-bill-scam forces and they can pick off senate opponents one by one as the talk drags on.
So, are those of us opposed to the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam finished yet? I do not think so. As I noted on the earlier post, DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep calling the senators and flood their lines. SO WHAT IF THEY DO NOT LIKE IT?! A good resource to get the phone, fax numbers and e-mail addresses is
If we do not ramp it up even more now, then the elites will have won. We can still put this abysmal piece of legislation on the ash heap of history. We can see if President Bush is serious about the national security concerns. We can try to make congress not give amnesty, and that is what this is. If we let the elites win this, we the people have no one to blame but ourselves.

A Vote Against America

Well, not to my surprise, the senate this morning voted to end debate by invoking cloture and voting on 22 amendments to the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam. Although this vote is bad, I believe that there is still hope to kill the bill. Some senators switched their votes in return for votes on their amendments. They can be brought back around. So, this is how your senator voted.
Alabama: Sessions (R) No Shelby(R) No Alaska: Murkowski (R) Yes Stevens (R) Yes
Arizona: Kyl (R) Yes McCain(R) Yes Arkansas: Lincoln(D) Yes Pryor(D) Yes
California: Boxer (D) Yes Feinstein(D) Yes Colorado: Allard(R) No Salazar(D) Yes
Connecticut: Dodd (D) Yes Lieberman(I-D) Yes Delaware: Biden(D) Yes Carper(D) Yes
Florida: Martinez (R) Yes Nelson (D) Yes Georgia: Chambliss(R) No Isakson(R) No
Hawaii: Akaka(D) Yes Inouye(D) Yes Idaho: Craig(R) Yes Crapo(R) No
Illinois: Durbin(D) Yes Obama(D) Yes Indiana: Bayh(D) No Lugar(R) Yes
Iowa: Grassley(R) No Harkin(D) Yes Kansas: Brownback(R) Yes Roberts(R) No
Kentucky: Bunning(R) No McConnell(R) Yes Louisiana: Landrieu(D) No Vitter(R) No
Maine: Collins(R) Yes Snowe(R) Yes Maryland: Cardin(D) Yes Mikulski(D) Yes
Massachusetts: Kennedy(D) Yes Kerry(D) Yes Michigan: Levin(D) Yes Stabenow(D) No
Minnesota: Coleman(R) Yes Klobuchar(D) Yes Mississippi: Cochran(R) No Lott(R) Yes
Missouri: Bond(R) Yes McCaskill(D) No Montana: Baucus(D) No Tester(D) No
Nebraksa: Hagel(R) Yes Nelson(D) Yes Nevada: Ensign(R) Yes Reid(D) Yes
New Hampshire: Gregg(R) Yes Sununu No New Jersey: Lautenberg(D) Yes Menendez(D) Yes
New Mexico: Bingaman(D) Yes Domenici(R) Yes New York: Clinton(D) Yes Schumer(D) Yes
North Carolina: Burr(R) Yes Dole(R) No North Dakota: Conrad(D) Yea Dorgan(D) No
Ohio: Brown(D) Yes Voinovich(R) Yes Oklahoma: Coburn(R) No Inhofe(R) No
Oregon: Smith(R) No Wyden(D) Yes Pennsylvania: Casey(D) Yes Specter(R) Yes
Rhode Island: Reed(D) Yes Whitehouse(D) Yes South Carolina: DeMint(R) No Graham(R) Yes
South Dakota: Johnson(D) N/V Thune(R) No Tennessee: Alexander(R) No Corker(R) No
Texas: Cornyn(R) No Hutchison(R) No Utah: Bennett(R) Yes Hatch(R) No
Vermont: Leahy(D) Yes Saunders(I) No Virginia: Warner(R) Yes Webb(D) Yes
Washington: Cantwell(D) Yes Murray(D) Yes West Virginia: Byrd(D) No Rockefeller(D) No
Wisconsin: Feingold(D) Yes Kohl(D) Yea Wyoming: Barrasso(R) No Enzi(R) No

There it is, no highlights or low lights. 64-35 in the affirmative. The bill-scam is still alive, but now more than ever we need to keep the pressure on to vote no for the next cloture vote. Also, do not forget that this still needs to go to the house, and it may die there. If not, there is the reconciling conference between the house and senate and possible death there.
WE CAN NOT STOP NOW! Keep calling the senate, flood the lines. At some point, some will listen and change their minds. Maybe those who thought they would get a fair shake will see that it was all a scam. WE NEED 51 VOTES TO KILL THE BILL-SCAM! I still think we can do it.
Killing the bill-scam will be the only way to start over and make sure that enforcement first and foremost will be done. No enforcement, no bill.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Romney Placing SOME Distance Between He And President Bush

It had to happen sooner or later that the Republican candidates show some distance between themselves and President Bush, and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is just the latest. Although one can say it is an attack on President Bush, I think that he is just stating the obvious. A vast majority of Americans feel that the country is on the wrong track. Why, I do not know. But, what makes Mr. Romney so appealling is that he is not appealling to our worst insticnts. He is making a positive appeal in very dangerous times. Reminds me of another ol' Republican who did the same thing named Ronald Reagan. In this way, I see no problem of taking a page from the Gipper's playbook. This is why Mr. Romney will go a long way and more than likely to the GOP nomination.

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Will Conservative Republicans Turn On The Iraq War?

An interesting article over the weekend in The Washington Times, blogged on by Carol Platt Liebau,, highlighted, or low lighted, the serious possibility that the last bastion of strong support for President Bush, conservative Republicans, may turn on him concerning the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror.
And, why would that happen? The "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam, of course.
Many are feeling that if President Bush is going to try everything to force GOP senators and congressman to support a bill nobody wants, many will feel liberated to start ratcheting President Bush on Iraq and thus become the ones who will force the president to change the strategy, if not the possibility of the timetable they have been consistent in opposing.
I think it would not be a good thing for people in congress to do that kind of horsetrading. Our soldiers serving nobley in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever the front lines are in the War Against Terror should not be political pawns. But, the blame for this possibility lies at the feet of President Bush.
By pushing so hard for this bill-scam, President Bush has made very deep divisions in the Republican party. Few senators really support the bill as is. Many are already expressing they will vote against cloture that will kill debate on the bill-scam. Today, Carol Liebau asked her old boss, Sen Kit Bond (R-Mo) on the Hugh Hewitt radio show, where he would vote on cloture. Sen. Bond indicated he will vote against cloture. And his fellow senator, Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) may follow suit.
The momentum is for more debate or the bill-scam should die one more time, for good. Yet, there is President Bush who will do all he can in twisting more Republican arms.
It also proves that the Bush White House does not have a great relationship with congress in general. Which is why there maybe a conservative revolt over the Iraq theatre.
I hope it does not come to it, but there is no doubt that may happen. As the 2008 elections get closer, look for more Republicans from all factions to basically say enough is enough.
The surge may work enough that maybe Republicans in congress will just wait it out. But elections do funny things to otherwise principled people. That is the danger of the immigration bill-scam and the war in the Iraq theatre.

Another In The You Can't Make This Stuff Up File

I decide at the last minute to take a couple of days off from blogging and there is something that comes up today that really makes me laugh and realize at the same time what a pathetic old coot Sen. Teddy Kennedy (D-Mass) is.
Rush Limbaugh, the man that runs America according to Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss) has the audio of Sen. Kennedy actually singing-IN SPANISH! I kid you not. I must say, his singing is about as good as his rescue skills (ask the Kopecknie family about that!). I mean, what a way to go off and try to pander to the Spanish speaking community. He already has them in his hip, very big hip, pocket. So, it appears that he really must believe that this "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam is in trouble. Can't explain what he was doing on Spanish radio.
And that is a good thing.
The senate needs to take a serious look at what the bill-scam is all about. Also, please stop trying to treat the American people as children by saying it is too complex for us to understand. Make it less complex, enforcement first, piecemeal it rather than making it all one big fiasco. That is what the problem is, period.
We do not need the singing swimmer from Massachusetts making a last-minute attempt at trying to save this tragedy.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Little Background On Moi!

One of my blogging friends is shocked that I mentioned in a earlier post that I have a Socialist brother. Well, I actually have a family full of misguided, Godless, Socialist misfits.
So, why do they think that way? WOW! I mean, if I could figure it out, the Nobel Prize committee would be calling me! But seriously, they are really true believers in the Socialist drivel about how terrible, racist, homophobic, warmongering, religious nuts are ruining the country.
But, here is something else. My one brother is a math teacher in high school. One is a county probation officer. Their children, my nephews are a fireman, a high school teacher and a helluva football coach, one is going for a PhD and another has his hands in a lot of different things. Do you see the general trend? All but one are in one way or another are in government careers. Like I say, they are true believers.
But I think the easiest way to explain is those that really seem to have a vested interest in politics are typical of today's liberal, or correctly, Socialist. They really think that they have all the knowledge and need to "share" that with others. They are the ones who just can not believe that I would actually make a conscsious effort to get up every Sunday and go to church and to be active. They really do not get how anyone could have voted for President Bush. They are of the "No one I know voted for George Bush" caucus. They really believe it is their purpose in life to save us poor, misguided people who follow some guy named Jesus and vote for ignoramuses like George W. Bush or any Republican.
I have explained the real true believers in my family. There are others that are just sheeple who vote for any Democrat and really do not know why. They are not really all that concerned with all affairs of the world.
So, how did I grow up? In high school, when Ronald Reagan was president. I realized, this guy really makes sense. He said in a wonderful, easy to understand way, what I came to believe. I did not follow blindly. I began to read National Review. From Mr. Reagan and William F. Buckley, I came to realize that conservatism and the Republican party is what I believe in and a crucial difference occurred. Conservatives DEBATE issues. Their are different schools of thought as we see in the immigration debate. All that the Socialists do is debate tactics, not policy.
All in all, I would say that I grew up while my Socialist family still believe all that is wrong with the United States and the world.
Also, there are a lot of people who came around, later than I, in life. There is Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Bernard Goldberg and the greatest convert of all, Ronald Wilson Reagan.
I hope that someday, they will all grow up and really think for themselves, not be sheeple. I even pray about it!
**********BTW, Thank You Incognito for giving me an idea for a post!!!!!*********

More Sliming Mormanism And Mitt Romney

Here is a story of more Mormon bashing and in turn using it against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor. Note that a lot of the Mormon bashing is coming from the camp of Sen. John "F--- You" McCain (R-Ariz). Yea, yea, every time something comes out, there is an apology, but make no mistake, the McCain people are scared of Mr. Romney and thus, they take aim at his Mormon faith because they know that most people know little about it and what they do know is negative. Of course the Giuliani camp tried the same thing and on an earlier post I noted how wrong that was. Nothing more from the Giuliani camp in that way and that is good. But it appears that the McCain crowd can't get enough of the Mormon bashing. In another time and place, the same thing would have been done to a Roman Catholic named John F. Kennedy and before him Alfred Smith. Most logical people comdemned it then and we do today. We should not even be debating this. We should be debating issues, but when candidates like Sen "F--- You" McCain and Sen Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) can not, they always have the fallback of religion bashing.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Radical Math-You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

According to a story on Fox News, there is a new way to teach math and it is called radical math.
What is radical math, pray tell?
It is another loony left way of interjecting "social justice" into an are of the classroom that most of us thought they could keep their grimy paws off of. But, apparently not.
According to the report, It is very popular in New York City schools. What a shock! Now that Rudy is gone and the sycophant Michael Bloomberg is the mayor, I guess this is an end result.
Here is a beaut. Some problems include calculating the casualties in Iraq. Others include how much money is spent by the government. But this is my favorite. Computing statistics to see if baseball all-star game voting is racist. Racist?! Do these inbreeds know how baseball all-star voting is done? It is done on line and at all major league baseball parks with a punch-out ballot. It is an old-fashioned popularity contest. Do these nitwits actually think that people in white hoods make sure there are no minorities in the all-star game? It is too unreal to believe.
This is what now passes for education in some public schools.
I have one for these teachers. How about instead of adding social commentary to math, making sure that students can actually do the problems and have the correct answers and learn HOW to get to the correct answer? That might be too much for some of these teachers.
I was lousy at math throughout my schooling. I do not think this would help.
There are plenty of dedicated, good math teachers. Heck, my socialist brother is one! But really, we need to improve the concept of math and this is just one way for some socialists to interject their world view and not teach our students. This really needs to be stopped before it becomes the only way math is taught in government schools. Our children deserve better.

If You Do Not Think The Socialist Dems Are Going After Talk Radio, Read This

This report by a "progressive"-gee, don't you love the way the left covers up the real word-socialist-by using the new "progressive"-think tank is one more in a series of events that the left hopes will gin up support to either bring back the "fairness doctrine" or make new draconian legislation that will effectivly kill conservative talk radio. At least these "progressives" do not hide it. They want to go after conservative talk radio. Others have couched the language as that legislation will break up the "monopolies." It will not. In this new media age, here is a clue. Left-wingers are going to have to adapt to it or get left behind. As I have noted in previous posts, all this will do is explode the satellite radio market and then what, a lot of left-wing talkers with no audience and making the radio station owners no money? As usual, the liberal, left mind is a terrible thing to try to figure out, but we must be aware of these end runs that could someday become a reality. The left is setting it up and we have to be on the front lines to defend and yes, protect. conservative talk radio.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why Does America Feel So Bad?

I realize that a lot of Americans are not happy about certain aspects of our common life. There is the reality that the war in the Iraq theatre in overall War Against Terror is not going the way it should and more troops are going to try to restore some order. Many Americans feel that the economy is not that good. I disagree, the economy is great and all indicators appear to back that up. There is the feeling that we are losing our nation in the immigration debate, yet this has invigorated Americans to make their feelings known. So, why the overall funk?
I honestly believe that it is because the DDBMSM has somewhat succeeded in convincing the majority of Americans that things are awful and there does not seem to be any hope.
Look at the way that polling questions are asked. Remember, that is the way that the pollster wants the results to skew to a certain way. Thus, if the objective is to make things seem worse, well the people answering will answer accordingly.
Also, I think that there is evidence that the majority of people who would identify themselves as conservatives are generally more upbeat, optimistic and thus do not see the United States going down the toilet. Conservatives just have a better way of looking at things than do liberals. For the liberal, a problem is never really solved or if it is, another one pops up. Thus, liberals are always looking for the problem and pontificate on it. Conservatives see a problem and try to come up with a solution and voila, problem solved. However, the conservative does not go and look for problems.
So, what about the self-described middle-0f-the-roaders? Well, they are a split personality. They see some problems but may be easily swayed that there is a problem and thus would be more in line with the liberals. Or, they look for the solution like the conservative. Generally, middle-of-the-roaders are cautious people. They are not too optimistic or gloomy. In other words, they are easily swayed.
I think that why America is in a funk is easy. It is the fear of the unknown. Deep down inside, most Americans are just waiting for the next mass terror attack and do not feel that they will be prepared. Or that maybe their investments are going to go bust and they will be left holding the bag. Or that the American way of life is slowly eroding and they do not feel they can stop the trend and restore it.
We need to have both strong moral and secular leaders to lead a restoration. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan and Pope John-Paul II were those kind of leaders. I wonder, although I support Mitt Romney for president, where is that kind of leader like Reagan, not a reincarnation but one with the kind of clarity and not afraid to speak on it? Where is the moral leader? I do not see one anywhere. Sure, there is Pope Benedict, but what about the Evangelicals? Or observant Jews? Or moderate but certain Muslims?
I think that is what we need to look for, people who can be uplifting and offer concrete solutions to our problems or perceived problems.
The United States has always had those kind of people and I think they are in the midst of us now. We just need to look harder and listen. We have had so many wonderful leaders in all walks of life in the United States and I think they are here now.
I for one am the optimist. After all, I cast my first presidential vote for Ronald Reagan in 1984 and really believe we need to remember that it is that kind of leadership that has been what America is all about. And the moral leadership of one like the Reverend Billy Graham. I know it is there in the midst.
I think we just need to look and listen and we will find those who will lead us out of our funk.

Michael Medved And The Wacky Episcopalians

On today's Michael Medved radio show, he addressed the issue that I posted on Sunday on the "reverend" Anne Redding and her being a Christian and a Muslim. Of course, your humble blogger was ahead of the curve on this one.
It is good to know that this is going to be talked about because I fear one of the attempts of liberal Christians is to blur the lines between Christianity and other religions. The overwhelming majority of Christians understand that our religion is unique. It is not compulsory. It is an invitation to have a real relationship with God through his only begotton son, Jesus Christ by the grace of the Holy Ghost.
But, those wacky liberal Espiscopalians forget one of the most important messages of Jesus Christ. It is from the Gospel according to St. John:
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me." St. John 14:6
No, not through Moses or Mohammad or the flavor of the month for the liberal Christian and or Episcopalian. What they miss again is that we are invited into that relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Jesus is simply stating the obvious as to what separates a follower of Jesus vs. any other religion. It is NOT exclusive as the liberal would claim.
While the "reverend" Redding was teaching faith development, she should have focused on the above passage and she may have not been so weak as to have to become a Muslim.
Of course, Mr. Medved thought that this is absurd and there was lively discussion, but at the end of the day, no matter what the Bishop of Washington says, the "reverend" Redding will have to make a choice. I have no doubt she will put on the hijab and reject Jesus.

Wow, What A Shock About Michael Bloomberg

Today New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg became a political independent, dropping his phony affiliation with the Republican party. It is not really a shock as Mr. Bloomberg has not been very Republican, making his predecessor, Rudy Guiliani look like Newt Gingrich. Mr. Bloomberg became a Republican in the heady days after 9/11 when he wanted to succeed Mr. Guiliani. Before that, Mr. Bloomberg was a Democrat. To win that election, Mr. Bloomberg became a Republican to get Mr. Guiliani's blessing and sailed into office because of that. He is the worst political oppertunist in years. Now he wants to be "nonpartisan" and says that the United States is in trouble because of "partisanship." The United States is not in trouble because of political partisanship, it is because of people who get elected one way and then betray the voters and "grow" in office. That is Mr. Bloomberg. And, he really believes the hype that he will be the next president of the United States. NOT!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Keep The Pressure On

Are you all out there calling your congressmen and senators and telling them a resounding NO to the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam? What? You haven't?! Well, you better get hustling for as soon as we thought that the dragon was slain, out of the depths with a little prodding from the president, this bill-scam is seeing a second life.
Those Republicans that have been for this bill-scam, such as Sens. John "F--- You" McCain, Lindsay Graham and now the ungrateful turncoat Trent "Talk radio is running America" Lott, are heating up the rhetoric that those of us opposed to the bill-scam are racists, nativists and offer no viable solution. The sob stories are being cranked-up by the DDBMSM to maybe, just maybe change one of our racists, nativist, know-nothing minds.
News flash. . .! ! ! It will not changes most of our minds but make us more determined than ever to see that this dragon is finally slain and then we all can start over.
Here is some help for you to find your congressman, senator and yes, even President Bush. The Washington Times has a great site with all the contacts you will need. And even if you live in a place where your elected officials support the bill-scam, call or write an e-mail anyway. Someone will leak out that info to the media.
We did it once, we can do it again. Don't let the elites in both parties try to ram this down our throats.
This is the caveat that I implore on you to follow:
One of the arguments that Sen. Graham has employed is that we are the "loud" people. Well, yes as a matter of fact I am loud because this is the worst piece of legislation quite possibly in my lifetime. Yes, I am loud, but always with respect. I will not sink to the level of the left, or Sen. McCain.
DO NOT GIVE UP! CALL OR WRITE NOW! We are going to win again and then maybe the people we elected will finally listen to us!

W Finally Showing Strength On Right Issue

It is about time that I write something positive about President Bush and something about the administration. It appears that the president is getting serious about runaway federal government spending. Unfortunatlely while the Republicans were in control of congress, this did not seem to bother the president not the Republicans in charge. Nothing like a dismal midterm election in which the Republicans lost control of both houses of congress. Sometimes, I am afraid that is what it takes. Better late than never. President Bush is prepared to veto the majority of the spending bills as soon as they are approved and get to his desk. Since there will not be enough votes in either chamber to override any given veto, this would seem to be a futile excersise. But, no doubt that the Democrats will use the vetoes as best as they can to their advantage. I am not sure that will work. Americans wants fiscal discipline and this spilt partisan government thing may be the only way that will happen at this point. I think that W is going to finally win some battles and it may be the jump start that the administration needs. Now about that immigration scam. . .

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

And We Episcopalians Wonder Why So Many People Leave The Flock

All I can say, with almost tears in my eyes, is this is why so many of my fellow Christians knock the Episcopal church. To have a Christian minister AND a Muslim and to say that she is both is first of all a matter of multiple contradictions. Also, in this story in the Seattle Times, "reverend" Ann Holmes Redding says among other things that the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are not to be taken literately. That when she prays, she is praying directly to God, not to Mohammad or Jesus Christ. Well, if you really do not believe in the Holy Trinity, then as the "reverend" Redding points out, go directly to God himself. Another point of the good "reverend" is that when she enters the mosque, she realizes that unlike her Episcopal church there are people of color. WOW! She has got to be kidding! But, alas, she is not. The most appalling aspect of this story is that the "reverend" Redding was until recently, the director of faith development at the St. Mark's cathedral in Seattle. Appearantly, someone forgot to develop the faith of the "reverend" Redding along the way. Liberal Christianity, this is what thy hath wrought onto thyself.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Throwing Pace Overboard

I have not wanted to write this post. I really wanted to believe that the Bush administration had not sunk to this level. But, even the man in the middle says that he was asked to voluntarily retire. He said no way and that makes Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff a hero and defense secretary Robert Gates the spineless bureaucrat that many of us feared when he was appointed to his post the day after the November 2006 election.
If you do not remember that, President Bush threw then defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld under the bus. Without coming out and saying so, the Bush administration blamed Mr. Rumsfeld and his handling of the war effort as the primary reason that congress fell back into Democrat hands. Well, that was not the primary reason. There were many. But, Mr. Rumsfeld can not be blamed totally for the war in the Iraq theatre. After all, he was the head of a department, took the advice of those on the field and presented that to the president. See, there is a lot a blame, if we want to do that, to go around. That should not have happened. Maybe Mr. Rumsfeld should have had a plan b and c. Again, not all his fault. There is the man at the top, President Bush. After Mr. Rumsfeld "resigned" President Bush named Robert Gates as his replacement. Mr. Gates is probably a nice guy, but he a bureaucrat. He has no idea about the defense department. He had no background in fighting the current war we are in, the War Against Terror. A wiser choice would have been to appoint just re-elected Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn) to the post.
In between then and now, Gen. Pace made very personal comments about homosexuality and never said anything against the current policy of "don't ask, don't tell" which allows gays and lesbians to serve in the armed forces. Gen. Pace was very clear that the comments were his own point of view, yet the Chicago Tribune emphasized his view about homosexuality and that may have been the begining of the end.
But I have to say, the powers to be are spinning it really good. They are saying that they did not want a bruising battle in the senate because there would be intense questioning about the war in the Iraq theatre. As a sidebar, they noted the comments about homosexuality may also come into the hearings. SO WHAT?! If the Bush administration and defense secretary Gates are so frightened of intense questioning and yes, the possibility of Gen. Pace not getting senate approval, then how will the continue this long struggle against Jihaddists?
In reality, Mr. Gates should go. Gen. Pace, on a bad day, is a better man and leader than Mr. Gates will ever be.
Gen. Pace, I believe, said it best when he said that he was "offered" to resign or not be reappointed. Gen. Pace said that he could not resign because that would be a slap in the face to those serving in Iraq and in the United States armed forces. No, Gen. Pace, you gave Mr. Gates a nice backhand.
It is the continuation of so many missteps that the Bush administration is making. It is getting harder and harder to defend some of these actions. By not standing up to the senate and let it ride, the administration shows weakness. Rather than wasting time on the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam, he should have stood up for Gen. Pace and not the bureaucrat Mr. Gates.
I hope that things turn around in the Bush administration soon because these are not good signs and those on the other side always smell blood and pounce. Mr. Bush should never give them that opportunity, but he has in this struggle and it may be profound in the overall War Against Terror.

Trent Lott Of Nerve

Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss) is really a bad seed in the ongoing "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam. He is, as noted in an earlier post, a career politician. He has been in Washington 35 years, and he is proud of it.
What, you may ask makes him such a bad seed?
Now, Sen. Lott does not like the fact that conservative talk radio is informing the voters on the immigration bill-scam. In the New York Times, he is quoted as saying there is a "problem" with talk radio. A problem? Sen. Lott seems to forget that when he became the latter-day chairman of the Strom Thurmond for president and it drew a huge outrage with the usual left-wing suspects, it was conservative talk radio, and only conservative talk radio, that came to his defense. Even though he went all over the left-wing media merry-go-round, he ended up losing as Senate Republican leader and we got, Sen Bill Frist from Tennessee. Sen. Frist is a genuine nice guy type that was way in over his head, but had Sen. Lott not made a foolish comment about how better off the United States would have been if Sen. Thurmond had won the presidency in 1948 as a racist Dixiecrat, a lot of things would have been different.
Now, conservative talk radio and I am sure us nagging bloggers, are a problem because they are not being, to use a Don Imus quote, butt-boys for Sen. Lott and just accepting this immigration bill-scam. Does this mean that Sen. Lott would support the "Fairness doctrine" when the Democrats certainly will bring it up to make it law? Has Sen. Lott realized that if it where not for conservative talk radio and especially Rush Limbaugh, Republicans would have never been able to harness the public's anger to vote the GOP to control both houses of congress in 1994. That was then. Now those of us who blog or listen to conservative talk radio are a problem.
No, Sen. Lott, YOU are the problem. Sen. Lott, you have been insulated from the real world for so long, you really think that the world is the District of Columbia and then everything else is "fly over" country to you. Again, 35 years is long enough for anyone to be in a job.
So, Sen. Lott, you can thank me personally for getting the people riled up and deluging your e-mail and switchboards.
Washington office phone number: 202-224-6253
Mississippi office phone number: 601-965-4644
You and I, the voters, need to give Sen. Lott hell and remind the good senator who he works for-us.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

And They Wonder Why There Is No Support For "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

What a beautiful job our politicians are doing back in the nation's capital. I mean, one can not take away from this that it really takes a lot to have a president coming in at only 29% popularity but congress is bringing up the rear with a rip-roaring 23%. So, the question is, why do the dweebs in the White House and congress keep trying to pass a bill called "comprehensive immigration reform" when the overwhelming majority of the American people do not support it in the current form? Why does the Democrat congress keep thinking that they are going to get the United States forces out of the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror without actually voting to cut off the funds, the only way they can do it? This is all that our elected officials seem to be able to talk about, and that is probably why in any given poll, roughly 70% of Americans think the nation is on the wrong track. If these people were in the private sector, heaven forbid, Donald Trump would just have to hit the play button on the taperecorder saying the immortal words, "You're fired!"

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Its Time To Gear Up Against The "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Bill-Scam

Unfortunately, it appears that the president and allies in the senate are trying to revive the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam with very little changes that an overwhelming number of Americans want.
While many on the blogosphere and conservative talk radio are trying to buck up the senators who may be wobbly on this, I think it is time that Americans let President Bush know personally that we do not need a comprehensive bill now. We need border enforcement, speeding up the building of the whole, not part of, the fence on the southern border. We need to enforce the laws we have now in regard to employers who hire illegals knowingly. See how all of this works for a year, come back and stagger the rest of the bill. If an illegal has been here five years or less, they have to go home, no if ands or buts. Then there will be a willingness to give the rest an opportunity for citizenship. But as it is now, this bill has so many holes that Swiss cheese looks more stable than what the senate is offering.
Also, when the senate comes back with a better bill, make sure not to write it up in the dark of night. Sunshine, senators, sunshine. Any bill done the way this has been done is doomed to failure. As noted, look at the Department of Homeland Security.
Here is the contact information for the White House:
White House switchboard: 1-202-456-2461
I think because the emphasis has been on keeping senators in line, we have forgotten that deluging the president may be the only way to get this out of the senate and done right.
But, don't stop keeping pressure on the senate and your senators. Since I am here in California, here is Diane Feinstien's and Barbara Boxer's contact info:
Diane Feinstein:
Washington office phone number 1-202-224-3841
California main office number 1-415-393-0707
Barbara Boxer:
Washington office phone number 1-202-224-3553
California main office number 1-415-403-0100
Hey, they are both liberal Democrats but they do represent all of us.
Call the White House, the senators and let them know this impending train wreck must be derailed now.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Politicizing Emergency Information

How pathetic has liberalism, er socialism, gotten in the United States? Well, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, a Broward county commissioner wants to stop having emergency information, especially regarding hurricanes, broadcast over radio station WOID 610. Why, you may ask? Because that station has the utter gaul to broadcast. . .RUSH LIMBAUGH! and SEAN HANNITY!
It would be a roll-in-the-aisle, knee slapping good time except this absolute nitwit, Broward County commissioner, Stacy Ritter, said "They have every reason to speak, but we don't have to do business with them." True enough, but why did they "do business" with WOID in the first place?
Because, firstly, WOID was willing to pay top dollar and because they have both an AM and FM signal and, this should be the most important aspect of the deal, they are the stations in the area that have the strongest and widest signal strength.
Now, two other stations in the area are willing to cut a deal so that the emergency information, mostly news conferences, can be broadcast.
So, because the socialist Broward county commissioners suddenly don't want emergency information reaching the widest audience because the station they cut a deal with broadcasts conservative radio talk show hosts, they will be held liable if in the next hurricane people did not get the emergency information because that station does not reach as wide an area or could have been knocked off the air. Also, the same socialists who babble about the broadcast bands being licensed and part of the "public airwaves" are in effect, contradicting themselves.
More than likely, cooler heads will prevail as the vote on this ridiculous measure is being delayed one week.
Here is a clue to Stacy Ritter and her comrades.
Weather or other disasters are not liberal or conservative. Democrat or Republican. They affect everyone and this attempt by some socialists to tie conservative talk radio and if they will allow needed information in an emergency shows how deranged the left in the United States has become.
If this reflects the politics of Broward County, Florida, thank God I am in California!

Keep The Grahams In Your Prayers

Ruth Graham, the wife of America's best known evangelist, Billy Graham, is appearantly almost ready to go home with the Lord as Reuters is reporting. Mrs. Graham was truly a soul mate to the Reverend Graham and she will be missed.

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Civil War In Gaza

I refer you to the recent and fluid events in the Gaza strip. The event is the civil war between the Fatah, a secular party that once ruled the Palestinian territories with an iron fist and Hamas, a religious party that was elected to control of the parliament and wants to rule with an iron fist and once it does, vent its fury in full force at Israel.
Most importantly, this proves a point I have made in many postings. Tomorrow, Israel could no longer exist. That would not stop the Arabs from fighting each other. Arabs have been at each others throats for centuries and Israel or no Israel, this would go on.
Fundamentally, this current battle is between Islamics that are secular and those that are religious, no matter if they are Sunni, Shia, or any other sect of Islam. But, without a doubt, there is no way that this civil war can be blamed on Israel. Oh sure, those who are predisposed to will try, but it is not successful.
Overall, the problem is that these Palestinian people believe they are mature enough to have there own nation, but since they have had a chance, time and time again they have shown incompetence, corruption and now civil war.
Thus, rather than unifying and showing that they are mature and will work with Israel to create a two-state solution and fulfillment of the 1947 United Nations mandate that created a Palestinian and Jewish state. No, Fatah became corrupt and incompetent and Hamas took advantage of that to sweep to power. But, that is not enough as they want to assume the position of Fatah and, as noted earlier, once that is achieved will turn on Israel.
Oh, as an aside to the anti-Israelis who often will say that the poor Palestinians do not match Israel in military power, they are showing that guns and explosives and hand to hand combat do quite well and would serve a Hamas-dominated government that will, no doubt, declare war on Israel.
The American media is having a hard time with this. They can not say this is a civil war and what is going on in Iraq is not in the same way. I mean, no doubt the war in Gaza is between two distinct forces, Fatah and Hamas. In Iraq, it is so multifaceted there is not a way to tell some of the players without a scorecard.
So, no matter who wins this civil war in Gaza, Israel loses, Jordan loses, Egypt loses, the United States loses and I am afraid the civilized world loses. This is not a good thing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baca, Hilton, Sharpton. . .The Three Stooges

I am sorry, but I must comment on the Paris Hilton jail saga.
Firstly, I for one am glad that she was sent back to jail. For all too long, Miss Hilton acted like a spoiled, rich brat. Miss Hilton was crying out for tough love and all she got were enabling parents, especially her mother. Well, jail is a very tough place and shows no love, but that is what happens in the end to people like Miss Hilton. She may have cried "Mommy!" last Friday, but no one, not even the sheriff of Los Angeles county, Lee Baca, could save her.
And, speaking of Mr. Baca, he has acted like an incompetent boob throughout this sordid affair. Mr. Baca was personally involved in letting Miss Hilton go home with a large ankle bracelet and serve her sentence at a palatial mansion. According to all involved, Miss Hilton is "suffering" a medical condition apparently very top secret. What is it? A contagious disease? Hives? A bad monthly? No one will say, which is a bad sign. Mr. Baca is NEVER that involved in run of the mill shortening of sentences.
Oh, and here is a news flash. Many people are processed at the County Jail Twin Towers, but go home that night and are given time served. That has been going on for many a moon and it has not changed.
So, as Mr. Baca is getting himself more dirty in this affair, who rears his ugly head but the racist of the year, the "Reverend" Al Sharpton. It just does not get any better than this.
"Reverend" Sharpton actually flew out here to Los Angeles, but had a meeting with Sheriff Baca. A meeting? He should have been arrested right there by Mr. Baca himself! And why is the "Reverend" Sharpton interjecting himself in this affair? Well, because of course he sees this as not only a bad action because Miss Hilton is rich, but because of course this would never happen to a black American. Please, "Reverend" Sharpton! Get a clue! As noted above, people are processed, released and given time served, even though they never spent but a few hours as a guest of the county of Los Angeles. Are blacks and other minorities treated differently? Probably, but not because of race, because they do not have access to the best lawyers money can buy.
So, will this three-ring circus ever end?
Yes, but we will be subjected to these three stooges for a long time to come and that is the tragedy of this situation.
I, for one, wish they would all just go away. . .

Linda Chavez Falls Into The Trap

One of my favorite conservative activists is Linda Chavez. Yes, she did not become of member of the Bush 43 cabinet because of her own problems with a maid of hers that she did not pay Social Security taxes and all of that, but everyone is entitled to mistakes and even being misguided. So, when she wrote a recent column for National Review, that essentially painted most opponents of the "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam as racists and anti-Mexican, the ears perked up. I feared she fell into the trap of Sens. John "F--- You" McCain and Lindsay Graham who decided rather than to listen to the opposition to the bill, they would embark on a scorched-earthed policy of demonising the opponents instead of taking them head on.
Alas, after reading the original column, my fears were correct. It is actually alright to support the bill-scam. I have expressed through many postings why I am opposed and that it is not good to be in the Pat Buchanan camp that looks at this issue through very racist terms. I support legal immigration, from all parts of the world for it does more to invigorate the American experience, if done correctly, than not.
So, Mrs. Chavez wrote a follow up that clarified some of her original points but to some it was half-hearted. I for one will forgive her because I am with Ward Connerly, who is the leading champion of a colorblind, non-race conscience American society. Mr. Connerly, in a rebuttal on the National Review website says it best. Conservatives like to cannibalize their own. Touche!
I will say this. Some people opposed to this bill-scam are racist. They not only do not like Mexicans, but you can fill in the blank of what group and they will be against those people. They are not the majority.
Where I think Mrs. Chavez went off the cliff is by not taking those opposed to the bill-scam head on. One of the few supporters of the bill is radio talker Michael Medved He takes on those opposed every day on his radio program. I could not disagree with him more on this issue, but I look at Mr. Medved as I do Mrs. Chavez, as allies, not enemies. If Mrs. Chavez was taking on the opponents point by point, she would have had a much stronger case to promote the bill-scam.
But, Mrs. Chavez did not, and that led to more of the cannibalizing that Mr. Connerly pointed to.
Now, the bill-scam is on life support going down for the third time. I think that is good. We can now seriously address the national security concerns and have a staggered approach to potentially allowing those who have been here a long time the path to citizenship. In a much earlier post, I suggested that those who have been here five years or less get the bus back to the border and can never become citizens. Ever. Those that have been here longer can maybe have a path to citizenship. I for one do not support the guest worker element as is. It must be for only two years and no more. Then, either want to become a citizen or go home.
This bill-scam was done in a bad way and defended in even a worse manner by people who know better.
But, as Mrs. Chavez fell into the bad defender part, she has tried to expand on her approach which I still may disagree with, but she is talking about the real concerns, not demonising those opposed. I will cannibalize Mrs. Chavez. I thank her for her clarification and hope that we would be more together than not.

How WE Can Help To Win The Peace In Iraq

On today's Hugh Hewitt radio show, Hugh had one Maj. Eric Egland and he is the head of an organization called Troops Need You. What is so important that Maj. Egland has written a book, "The Troops Need You, America!" that outlines direct steps all Americans can take to help insure victory. The book has been read by Gen David Petraeus. The book is based on suggestions by United States soldiers on the front lines in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror and there are several areas in which the average American can donate and bring potential peace and the beginning of a troop draw down in the Iraq theatre.
This is a very important organization and it will be linked here and on the links on the side of the welcome page to this blog.
I am glad there is SOMEONE who talks victory and lets those of us who support the troops know there is something constructive that can be done to lead to the victory and the draw down that every American wants to see for our brave men and women fighting the terrorist enemy there instead of the streets of the United States.
For all too long, there has been no talk of direct sacrifice that can help the war effort and I think that has led to a dwindling of support not just for the troops but the mission in general.
Hopefully, Maj. Egland will reverse that effort.

Back From Camping, Rearin' To Go!

I came back from our weekend camping trip and I will write a lot more about that later, but as usual there is just so much to write about from Friday to today, so later this week look for a camping post.
One thing I will say. EVERYONE should go camping at least once a year if you can and I will say that I found it rejuvenating restorative. Look for that post for a detailed explanation.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Today, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I are taking a weekend off and going camping near the Sierra Nevada mountains. Therefore, no blogging until Sunday at the earliest, maybe Monday. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Writing Bills In The Dead Of Night+No GOP Support=DEFEAT!

In a last-ditch effort to save the so-called "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam, the United States senate voted against ending debate 45-50 as they needed 60 votes to cut off debate and voting on amendments that might have rescued this hideous legislation. HOORAY!
Here are some facts.
Tonight, key Democrats voted against cloture and most of the Republican senators, save for the usual suspects as in Sens. "F--- You" McCain, Graham, Spector, and the worst man to be the minority whip, Trent Lott.
Oh, as for Sen. Lott, he went on a temper tantrum that was, dare I say, almost comical. To me, the most telling line was the following:
"I'm getting calls, but would I dare say to my constituents "Have you no faith in me after 35 years?" Thirty-five years in congress?! That to me is an astounding case for term limits and to make congress a part-time body as the founders had intended. Because Mr. Lott has been in Washington as a congressman and senator for 35 years, I am afraid that he does not get why the American people were so against this bill-scam.
As the headline says, senators should never go about such legislation behind closed doors, cutting deals and writing a 360 page, dead on arrival bill-scam like this. When this is done, we are given such lines as Sen. Graham saying the bill is not perfect, but it is the best bipartisan chance to be had. Really? If this is the best, FORGET IT!
The bill-scam did not address the concerns that most Republican opponents had, and that is concerning national security. The z-visa is an invitation to amnesty, and to abuse and that potential terrorists could easily obtain that and commit unspeakable crimes against the United States. Also, why isn't the 1986 bill being enforced? Had that been more enforced, maybe we would not have been facing this titanic struggle to get a handle on our borders. On the Laura Ingraham radio show, former attorney general under President Reagan, Edwin Meese said that at least in the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill, they were honest and called it an amnesty. Using cutesy language to say that it is not when it is did not help gain support.
The Republicans who supported the bill, save for Sen. John Kyl (R-Ariz), were busy demonizing opponents as know-nothings, nativists, racists, unrealistic, bigots, asking moronic questions as "How are we going deport 12 million illegal aliens?" when most opponents want current laws enforced and the border security strengthened. When proponents resorted to such tactics, that is always a bad sign that they know this is not a good bill.
This seals the fate of Sen "F--- You" McCain in his hunt for the GOP presidential nomination. He will NOT be the nominee and may even have the wisdom to get out before a single caucus or primary vote is cast. Sen. McCain has a very bad habit of trying to cut deals with Democrats and always gets burned. Sen. McCain may not see that, but he like Sen.,Lott have been in Washington way too long.
Talk radio and blogs, large and small, helped stop this from seeing the light of day. There are so many that deserve credit, but a lot has to go to Hugh Hewitt, actually took the time to read the bill and being a lawyer was able to find the many defects in the bill. Laura Ingraham gets kudos for talking up the fact that current laws are not being enforced and should be and our borders strengthened. Unlike some, I will not bash Michael Medved for supporting the bill. He believes that something is better than nothing. Every conservative can be wrong on something.
So, maybe this will make the light of day, but if it is done right, and national security is the focus, I think there is a good chance. BUT, it can not see the light of day in its current form. Maybe this time, congress got the message, especially the Republicans.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Well, finally, Southern California has Lord Stanley's Cup as the Anaheim Ducks beat the Ottawa Senators at the Honda Center in Anaheim tonight in the National Hockey League finals. The score was 6-2.
I am a Los Angeles Kings fan and in some way this is bittersweet, but I am just glad that it will be here, in So Cal for at least one year.
When the Disney Company owned the Ducks, they made hockey a joke by naming the team the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, after the hockey movie of the same name, the Mighty Ducks. Well, Disney got out of the sports business, something they had no knowledge of, with the sale last season to Orange County businessman Henry Samuelli. Thankfully he dropped the moronic "Mighty" and they became the Anaheim Ducks. Changed the uniform and it must have had some effect on the team.
All that I know is that something that not even the mighty Wayne Gretzky could do when he was on the Los Angeles Kings has been done. The Stanley Cup is in So Cal, and I for one, can not be happier.
Now, if only my World Series prediction holds up. . .

Obama And The "Quiet Riots"

Maybe it is just me, but I do not get the excitement about Illinois senator Barack Obama. I mean, maybe he is just of such an intellectual mind that I miss the point. Maybe his speeches are just, well over my head.
But, I was taken aback when yesterday, Sen. Obama referred to the "quiet riots" in the black community.
I had to wait to post this and do the research for I thought that he was referring to the 80s metal band, Quiet Riot. But, alas, he was not.
In a speech before a primarily black audience, he constantly referred to both the Los Angeles riots of 1992 in reaction to the not guilty verdicts in the Rodney King beating case and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
The quote is as follows:
Those "quiet riots" that take place every day are born from the same place as the fires and destruction and the police decked out in riot gear and the deaths. They happen when a sense of disconnect settles in and hope dissipates. Despair takes hold and young people all across this country look at the way the world is and believe that things are never going to get any better.
Now, I do not get it? Is Sen. Obama using that as a call to arms or is it just lofty rhetoric? I mean, are all young people feeling this way? I, for one, do not think that is the case. I also do not think it is a call to arms, but it is a bizarre way of trying to explain things.
Sometimes, it is not what you say but how you mean it. That is what I would like the DDBMSM to ask Sen. Obama in the next Democrat presidential debate. I mean, the trudging out of the Los Angeles riots and the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina is not a good thing if Sen. Obama is trying to reach out beyond the Democrat base. The fact is, starting with Katrina, it was local and state govenmental incompetance. New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, who unbelievably was reelected in the aftermath, and Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco were way in over their heads. No question, so was FEMA chief, Micheal "Brownie" Brown. As far as the Los Angeles riots are concerned, Rodney King was the wrong candidate to rally around. As Mr. King has shown since his original arrest, he is nothing but a punk and this is what many blacks so rallied to? I have never and never will understand why he became the poster child for blacks to rally around concerning police abuse.
I think that Sen. Obama should have used better examples rather than incompetant state and city leaders in Louisiana and a discredited punk who probably does belong in jail.
Most importantly, Sen. Obama should cool the overheated and lofty rhetoric and offer concrete solutions to the problems that not only would affect black Americans but all Americans.

A Cheney For The Senate?

An interesting posting on The Politico has raised some speculation that Lynne Cheney, the wife of Vice-President Dick Cheney is being floated as a possible replacement for the late Wyoming senator Craig Thomas. Sen. Thomas died on Monday after a battle with leukemia.
In a save for the Republicans, Wyoming law allows the governor to select a candidate from the party that the seat was held under. While the Wyoming governor is a Democrat, he will pick from three names supplied from the Wyoming GOP within 15 days from this past Monday. That replacement will run in 2008.
Now, would that not be interesting? I think it would be, but one thing is for sure. Mrs. Cheney is truly an intellect compared to another female senator who happens to be running for president, Hilary Clinton (D-New York). Mrs Cheney has a PhD and has served in government before.
But, for what it is worth, I do not think Mrs. Cheney would accept unless the Wyoming Republican party convinces her that she would be the only candidate that could hold the seat. And even then, that would be a lot of convincing.
I for one do not know of any other candidates other than those in the post on The Politico.
Although, SENATOR Cheney would drive SENATOR Clinton crazy, so. . .maybe?