Friday, August 30, 2013

What Does Miley Cyrus Say About Us?

I can't say that I have followed the career of Miley Cyrus all that much.
I mean, of course I know of her. As Hannah Montana of the Disney Channel.
But something happened to that seemingly nice, sweet teen and now that she is an "adult".
Here is a photo of Miss Cyrus from 2012

Now in this photo, Miss Cyrus looks very attractive. Nothing wrong with her here. OK, maybe the dress, but I am just talking about her basic appearance.
This is a photo from her recent "performance" at the Video Music Awards
Beautiful! Just beautiful!
May I ask the obvious question here?
What the hell happened from that top photo to the bottom photo?
Well, here is something I will suggest.
The one-time Disney sweetheart is so untalented that she figures to keep the gravy train going for her and the Cyrus clan, she is reducing herself to twerking and slapping people's butts and calling it an entertaining performance.
That is a theory.
I mean, on the Hannah Montana show she portrayed a kind of split personality gal. Schoolkid by day, pop singer at night. I can think of worse things I guess. But for a show aimed at kids, it was probably cute and funny. I do not remember ever watching it.
The whole thing seems to be a sad descent no matter what. After all Miss Cyrus is only 20 years old. Yet something has happened along the way.
Can I blame both parents here and not just her famous daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus? I mean, it appears that all are dumping on him, but hey, isn't there a mom involved? Why yes there is and her name is Tish Cyrus. But judging from all of this, there appears to be not a stable family structure in the first place. I am kind of having trouble keeping up with who's who there. So I am going to suggest that both of these parents are very much dysfunctional people very wrapped up in the wrong things about life. Just sayin'.
Understand that the "performance" Miss Cyrus gave was a lot of things.
Misogynist is one.
Sexist another.
Maybe even racist as one of my friends on Facebook pointed out.
But who can even remember what Miss Cyrus sang?
Well, one thing is that both mommy and daddy seemed to be just oh so proud of their harlot-looking daughter.
Here is Tish Cyrus:

"I'm so proud of her, and just honestly, I'm in awe of who she's become as a performer."

Yes Tish, I can see she has done you proud. Would you be just as proud if she was "performing" that naked and the guy, was really doing something beyond the "Twerking"?
Hey Tish, wanna see some real performances, why don't you watch Dancing With The Stars? OK, maybe sometime they will get real stars, but some of the dance routines are what I would call sensual without being sexual. Yes there really is a big difference.
Oh, so how about daddy, Billy Ray? Well, he too is just so proud of Miss Cyrus:

"Thanking God for so many blessings tonight. Continue to pray for world peace. More love ...less hate."

That was a tweet of the proud papa.
As an aside, Mr. Cyrus was referring to the situation in Syria in regard to wanting world peace, more love and less hate. This dude should replace John Kerry as our secretary of state. No, seriously.
Well Mr. Cyrus seriously does have this to say about his daughter:

"She's still my little girl and I'm still her dad regardless how this circus we call show business plays out. I love her unconditionally and that will never change."

One of the tragedies of today's culture is the loving your children unconditionally.
Seriously, if you knew that your child killed someone for no reason, would you maintain that love to the point of delusion? Mrs. RVFTLC and I have told our son that our limit is just that. If we knew he did something so horrific, it would be a rush to see who could call the authorities first.
There is not one thing wrong if Mr. Cyrus were to be a little parental rather than a pal to Miss Cyrus. In other words he kind of sort of knew what she was doing. He could have suggested that maybe it would be better to tone it down yet make it entertaining. No indication that he did. And mom, well neither did she try to suggest to tone it down.
See fame is more important than being a parent to these two parents.
They seem to think that Miss Cyrus being perceived as nothing more than a tramp is A-OK for at least people will know who Miss Cyrus is.
Oh, as one aside, Mr. Cyrus is on the advisory board of the Parents Television Council.
Is that not rich?
What does it say about us that with all going around in the world we are still talking about this, days after the event?
It says we are very conflicted on such things as freedom, sexuality and how we as a society treat women worse today as sexual objects than before the so-called women's lib movement.
First, I don't think most women's libbers really fought for women to be objectified sexual objects. I don't think that they fought to see women sell themselves out as gals like Miss Cyrus are doing. I think that they fought for women to be free from such bad things.
Second, Miss Cyrus sends a bad message about sex in general. That it is so cool and that there are and should not be consequences about having casual and meaningless sex. Sure, it has always been with us but only since technology has so advanced do we a society seem to think that there is nothing wrong with it.
Third, true freedom is not doing just what you want as an individual. True freedom is realizing your role in other people's lives.
To me, this whole family could use a little guidance and that not everything is OK. That somethings can be cool and yet left to the imagination.
And we need to stop saying that anything goes. For I know that is not true. We are better than that.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Legacy Of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Is That ALL Americans Can Claim His Message

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the most consequential speech of the 20th century by a non-politician as we Americans celebrate what has been called the I Have A Dream speech delivered by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.
It was no surprise that the Speech was delivered at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The message from the Rev. Dr. King was as powerful as that of the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, when he proclaimed the Emancipation Proclamation.
It is a message that capped an amazing struggle that the Rev. Dr. King was leading to end the degradation of Black Americans and the spectre of segregation that still gripped much of the American South. An American South that politically was in with the Democrat party. Republicans of all stripes, though disagreeing how, did not support the segregation and the keeping down of Blacks in the South. But it was not just segregation. It was keeping people of color down by the government at all levels. Economically, politically and socially, Blacks and other non-Whites were to be blunt kept in their place.
To put it another way, when the Rev. Dr. King gave the Speech, major league baseball was only desegregated a mere 16 years. And in the South, only one team and that was the Houston Astros. The Braves would not move to Atlanta and the Deep South for another two years.
I use the sports analogy because while the sport was expanding, it would not go to the Deep South in moving teams and expansion. Even major league baseball was not sure how it would be to have a team in a part of the United States that still kept Blacks from drinking water at a decent fountain or eat at a lunch counter in a restaurant.
But for me, the Speech was a call to arms for Christians to once and for all be the leaders of the movement to end the government allowing for such injustice to occur. And it was a call to those of us who value freedom to seek this freedom for those irrationally kept from reaching their full, God-given potential.
Let me share this line from the speech that expresses the freedom the Rev. Dr. King was seeking for all:

The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. 

Now the Rev. Dr. King did not mean violent militancy but the kind of Rosa Parks who just was damned tired and wanted to sit down in the front of the bus in Birmingham, Alabama. The just saying no to the likes of Bull Conner and yes being violently suppressed.
But the Rev. Dr. King extolled the crowd that not all White people were bad. That many were there at the Speech and believed in the message of freedom. And here what speaks to me:

for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny.

Yes, I really believe that. Because it is our American destiny. To be one nation of people from all over the world to live the American Experience.
Read the clear Christian message the Rev. Dr. King was saying to not just those the victims of injustice but even to those who were the cause of the injustice. The Rev. Dr. King quoted the Old Testament prophet, Amos 5:24 here, "No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until "justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream." That was a powerful message to those committing injustice to free themselves from that bondage as well as a message to those that got it.
But it was not the total straight from the Holy Bible message but making clear that it was a mandate from God himself that all people had to change.
The meat of the speech was the dream itself. And that is what is needed to be read again and again:

And this will be the day -- this will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with new meaning:
My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.
Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrim's pride,
From every mountainside, let freedom ring!
And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true.
And so let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire.
Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York.
Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.
Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado.
Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California.
But not only that:
Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.
Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.
Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi.
From every mountainside, let freedom ring.
And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:
Free at last! Free at last!
Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

As I have said, it is a message to the captives of the racism being practiced in the South openly, in other parts of the United States covertly. And a message to the real victims of real racism that someday all will be able to live together in peace and harmony.
We need that message more and more today.
And this message is sorely needed to be drilled into every single American every single day:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Yes, yes, yes!!! We need to judge (note the Rev. Dr. King does not use non-judgemental language here) all people of content of character. I sure don't care what color one is. But I care how a person handles her or him self.
For me that is the legacy of the Rev. Dr. King that I take and try to live by as best as I can.
Many conservative people have been leery of this aspect of the Rev. Dr. King and what he was trying to accomplish. Many thought that he was too close to the Communists. Yet I can say that while the Soviet reds thought that they had a fellow traveller, he was using them because he needed all the support, however questionable, he could get. Why I know this is again, because the Rev. Dr. King was a devout Christian and could not support Communism or its goals as they were just as devout atheists as he was a Believer.
In retrospect, then President Reagan made a big error when he vetoed congressional approval of the holiday in the Rev. Dr. King's honor back in the 1980s. And I admit I was wrong to support that decision. For me I just was not certain of the true legacy that the Rev. Dr. King left on his country. But as time went on and I actually did some and research, I realize that the man was a great man and I think the only one that could lead the United States away from the era of accepting separate but equal that prevailed since the War Between the States or the Civil War.
A legacy of a true leader is the fact that from throughout the political spectrum, people can take something and hold on to it or indeed use that as their way to live life.
And that is not just the legacy of a speech read, no orated, on a hot day, August 28, 1963 by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. That all Americans can and do live it every day.

California Trying To Affect Social Change Through Tax Code

It stuns me that I have to find this story about legislation winding through the California state legislature that would take away state tax-exempt status from various groups for supposedly perpetuating some form of discrimination in . . . The Washington Times.
And this should be getting much more publicity than it is.
But this is California and the "media" is all but controlled by the Democrat party. No seriously. Outside of maybe talk radio and a couple of newspapers, The Orange County Register and the U-T San Diego, the "media" in this state is driven by the left and their agenda.
Understand that if this legislation passes and Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown signs it, this is how the Democrat party will try to force private organizations to change their ways to please their fringe base. A fringe base they need to obtain, gain and keep power.
The legislation is known as SB 323 and spearheaded by state senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and it will take away the state tax-exemption from what is referred to as a public charity youth organization. And in the text of the legislation it has these definitions:

"That an organization that is a public charity youth organization that discriminates on the basis of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or religious affiliation is not exempt from the taxes imposed by that law."

And what is it that qualifies as a public youth charity organization?
Well here is what Sen. Lara thinks are public youth charity organizations:

Little League, Bobby Sox, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire, Inc., Young Men’s Christian Association, Young Women’s Christian Association, Future Farmers of America, Future Homemakers of America, 4-H Clubs, Distributive Education Clubs of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, Collegiate Young Farmers, Boys’ Clubs, Girls’ Clubs, Special Olympics, Inc., American Youth Soccer Organization, California Youth Soccer Association, North, California Youth Soccer Association, South, and Pop Warner football.
Inserting the triple facepalm here, although it is not enough:

Where, where to begin?
Well, the obvious is what is Sen. Lara's skin in the game?
Of course Sen. Lara is openly gay. And in Sen. Lara's "mind", these groups are real or imagined anti-homosexual. Oh yes, he does throw in sop language like race, creed or religion to make it a bit more palatable. But really, this is to make organizations drop what they believe or are perceived to believe.
Let's look at the list and show some examples of organizations that clearly have a religious angle.
That would be the Young Men's Christian Association and the Young Women's Christian Association. Both are more familiar as the YMCA or the WYCA. I highlight Christian for the obvious reasons. Both groups are, let me spell for those like Sen. Lara, C H R I S T I A N organizations. Both were founded specifically to promote Christianity. In fact, here is the mission statement for the YMCA at the link. Ahh, I think that the statement has nothing to say one way or the other about homosexuals. And I know that when one uses YMCA or YWCA facilities, no one is asked if they are Christians and or homosexuals. And the WYCA sounds like the perfect group for people like Sen. Lara as it advocates the left-wing agenda. Read this link if you think that I am being over reactive. In fact, the statement does note that many are NOT Christian that work in and for the WYCA. But once again, there is nothing about homosexuals one way or the other. And I'll bet that there is really no discrimination at all at WYCA facilities.
But no matter to people like Sen. Lara. They are clearly sexist organizations and they advocate that yucky Christian religion. So yeah, lets tax 'em into submission.
OK Sen. Lara, why are you going after the Future Farmers of America?
There is nothing, not one thing anywhere that explicitly or on the down-low that discriminates against anyone, male or female, heterosexual or homosexual, race, religion, not one thing. If you do not believe me, here is mission statement page, the bylaws and the organization constitution.
I suppose the pesky standard that one should be enrolled in agriculture related classes and actually work and spend their own money is pretty discriminatory according to Sen. Lara and his clique.
One of my favs of this is going after the Special Olympics. Yes, I know that a group that exists because of recognizing the value of those with special needs, and that is an umbrella term primarily for mental disorders, is just eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll! I guess that there is some people that feel the Special Olympics is a discriminating organization as evidenced here. But I support this worthy goal because it does provide an outlet for those with mental disabilities to participate in sports. What bothers Sen. Lara and his clique about this? That there are no homosexual special needs participants?!
And damn me that this legislation goes right after youth sports! Here is the list:

Little league baseball
Bobby Sox softball
American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)
California Youth Soccer Organization (CYSO)

California Youth Soccer Organization North and South
Pop Warner football

I refer to the triple facepalm photo above once again.
When I suggested here that the left hates competitive sports here, I know what I am speaking of. Even though most if not all do not have score and statistics until children are older, they are competitive. And yes, they do play by gender. Again, there is nothing to stop a group from forming co-ed, no stats leagues. Also note that the legislation goes after baseball, a tradition-laden sport, football, a very competitive and yes aggressive sport and soccer, a very popular sport especially among immigrant communities but has a fan base that again, can kind of be yucky to people like Sen. Lara and his clique.
And of course the legislation goes after the eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll Boy Scouts. And even the Girl Scouts are not safe. Neither are gender-specific Boy's Clubs or Girl's Clubs. The Boy's and Girl's Clubs seem to be safe.
If you really look at the list all the groups listed are pretty traditional laden. The natural appeal is to people who value a certain tradition. And it is not limited to conservative people. Many people that are liberal are part of all of these groups. Most promote great ideas and values and have adapted to changing times without going against their values.
But here is what people like Sen. Lara and his clique don't get.
If this abominable legislation should be passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Moonbeam Brown, what is to say a conservative part of the United States will not try this to assault decidedly liberal or left leaning groups? Who is to say that Texas legislators may not move to take away the state tax-exempt status of Planned Parenthood? The National Organization of Women? The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? May I go on with liberal-left groups that the conservatives do not like?
The real problem is how the tax-code grants special status in the first place to many groups and or organizations.
The point of taxation is to have the largest possible base and to fund the government to provide basic services. Which of course means that takes out any social engineering. And that is what Sen. Lara and his clique are trying to do.
But my real question is this.
What the eff is wrong with you Ricardo Lara? What, do you hate these particular groups? Could not hang in sports? Didn't get into the FFA? Couldn't get in the Boy Scouts? What, all because you are gay? Did they all tell you so? Really, do you realize that you will tax these worthwhile groups out of existance unless they conform to your personal specifications? Do you really want to take away social opportunities for children especially? Educational opportunities?
Once again, people like Sen. Lara and the whole idea of a full-time, top paid legislature is what is making California an unlivable place. Seriously. This state that I love and call home is becomingly utterly unlivable.
Social change is not always a bad thing. What is bad is using the taxing power of the state to affect social change among organizations that choose what kind of people they want in them. It is a form of the jack-boot of big government that is going to force a showdown that is totally unnecessary.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


It was bound to happen and I think myself I predicted this outcome here that the Democrat San Diego mayor, Filthy Bob Filner, will resign after working out a deal to settle the sexual harassment claim filed by the former communications director.
As Ace notes here, in the end it maybe nothing more than being all about the Benjamin's. Money, cash, etc., etc.
And also courtesy of Ace, this pathetic protest in support of Mayor Filthy Filner could have also sped things up. Folks, you have to at least show a modicum of reality and believing in the dude you claim to support. Just sayin' . . .
And another quite under reported aspect of this tawdry tale is that Mayor Filthy Filner may have also been involved in some nice corruption.
Of course those few, the proud, supporters of Mayor Filthy Filner would probably suggest that hey, all pols do that corruption stuff, right? You know, you have to grease the wheels to get anything done.
What can one say about this that has not already been said?
Well, I suppose that the voters of San Diego deserve what they get for voting for this douchebrain in the first place.
I don't think that the majority of those that voted for Filthy Filner voted to have this happen. I believe that the majority of those who did vote for Filthy Filner regret that vote.
The sad fact is that a lot, and I mean a lot of people enabled Filthy Filner to have and continue being in politics when clearly he is a truly sexist pig.
Oh, but on the so-called gal issues, he voted the right way. So I guess we can put up with what, a little grope here, a wet sloppy kiss there, and hey, doesn't every male boss ask his hot female employees to come to work with no undies?
Filthy Filner is no political rookie as he has been a member of the San Diego city council, starting in 1987, a member of congress since 1992 and was elected mayor last year. That is 26 years of public service, over a quarter a century. A helluva long time to not notice until now that Filthy Filner was, well filthy.
How could no one deal with this a lot sooner?
Oops! My bad!
Why yes as a matter of fact some did.
And what happened?
Do ya hear crickets chirping?
Of course you do for in the end, even though local offices in California are officially non-partisan, a Democrat had not been mayor of California's second largest city since 1992. And that way more important than whether or not the candidate that was agreed upon was a serial perv and God only know what else.
In this article at, basically Escondido City Council member Olga Diaz, San Diego County Democratic Central Committee member Martha Sullivan and Former California State Assemblywoman Lori SaldaƱa brought their stories and or concerns to the now former San Diego county Democrat chair, Jess Dufee. And Mr. Durfee said hey, I'll talk to Bob about it. And ol' Filthy Filner assured Mr. Durfee that nothing would come up in the campaign for mayor. And according to Mr. Durfee, Filthy Filner said the following:

"In all my years in Congress, I've never had a sexual harassment complaint against me."

If that did not send up the red flags, nothing would and the local Democrat party lust for power trumped the mine field that was long in the making.
Because in the end it is all about the power.
And it is not just a Democrat problem to be sure.
We Republicans had to deal with the toilet toe-tapper, former Sen. Larry Craig (R-Id.) and his announcement that he would resign from the senate only to end up serving his full term and not running for reelection. FTR, I wrote that he should have resigned and stand by that.
And in South Carolina there is the former governor, Mark Sanford, who dropped from sight, claimed that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail and in fact was shtuping his Argentine mistress, now his fiancee.
Drunk with power, Mr. Sanford ended up winning back his old congressional seat in a special election this year to replace now Sen. Tim Scott. Unfortunately, in the primary Mr. Sanford won the majority of Republican votes and the voters in the very Republican first congressional district had a bad choice, held their nose and voted for Mr. Sanford.
But Filthy Filner is choice because like all Democrats, as I noted he was right on gal issues. Never mind he gladly voted the right way that he was treating women like nothing more than conquests. He was acting like a juiced-up bad frat boy when he should have known better. And it was more important to support Filthy Filner for mayor of San Diego in the end because it was not about personality. And that is what Lori Saldana said in endorsing Bob Filner for mayor.
Mrs. Saldana was concerned enough to bring serious allegations about Filthy Filner to no less than the local chair of the Democrat party. But in the end, it was more important to elect a Democrat no matter how horrible he is.
Therein lies a serious problem today in politics.
But I do have some advice for those seeking office.
We live in an electronic age. Nothing but nothing his ones' own business. If you run for office, you better be able to not have this kind of stuff come up. Or you should definitely come clean about any possible problems. In reality, the Dear Leader, President Obama did in Dreams From My Father by admitting illegal drug use. Took that issue off the table. There was so many others but that is another post. Don't hope nothing comes out as Filthy Filner did. In the end it will catch up with you.
And that is what is great about Filthy Filner. In the end truth has prevailed and now, maybe he can really deal with his woman problem in retirement.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Frightening World Of Cooperative

I am listening to Dennis Prager this morning and he is mentioning a piece by Christina Hoff Summers in the latest issue of Time magazine.
Yeah, there is still a Time magazine. It outlasted Newsweek and will probably keep doing so.
The piece by Mrs. Summers is that schools are becoming, no check that, hostile to boys.
There is a lot of evidence to back her up on that audacious claim. In a lot if not most school districts, there are "zero tolerance" policies for various real and imaginary offenses. And one is that guns, any kind, real, made or imaginary are a huge no-no. Mrs. Summers offers examples of this inane policy.
But Mr. Prager mentioned something that caught my attention.
In some schools, tug-of-war is no more. Oh, it is not like the concept is totally on the ash-bin of history. It is just renamed, and the point of the long-running activity is twisted and it is know as, I can not believe that I am writing this, tug-of-peace.
I kid you not.
If you go to the link in Mrs. Summers article, you will see a flyer for an elementary school celebration. And buried in the events is tug-of-peace.
Who comes up with this crap?!
Well, I put tug-of-peace in a search engine and there is an online game store called Cooperative Games.
I knew that it sounded bad but when you go to the site, it is worse than you can imagine.
But it is instructive because it explains the concept of tug-of-peace:

Participants group themselves around a rope that has been tied in a knot to form a circle. Players squat down around the rope, holding the rope with both hands. At the count of three, all players lean back and-using the energy of the group-they stand up. When everyone has stood up (and cheered), players can, on the count of three again, carefully lean back into a squat.
In this game, the counterbalance support that players provide to one another is a graphic representation of mutual support and cooperation. It’s a totally different experience than Tug-of-War, which can be a painful exercise that activates aggression and leaves players in the dirt.
(This game comes from Maria Sapon-Shevin, “Because We Can Change the World”)

First, I would like to ask Miss Sapon-Shevin how this "game" changes the world? To me it makes both boys and girls weak and takes away their individuality.
Oops! My bad! I guess that is the point. to stifle individuality. Why no one person can be better than another. One team pulling on a rope is so, so unfair. Because it teaches that there are winners and losers.
And in the real world, sorry folks, there are winners and losers. And to promote such a false teaching as the Cooperative Games folks do is just wrong.
So in going backwards on the explanation of the point of tug-of-peace, let's focus on this line:

It’s a totally different experience than Tug-of-War, which can be a painful exercise that activates aggression and leaves players in the dirt.

Yes, the team that loses will fall in the dirt. Yes it gets rid of natural aggression by both sides. And yes, there can be pain and that is not just for the losers. The winners will actually have more pain because they have been pulling as hard as they can. The team that loses actually has given up and thus they get maybe a mud bath.
It's kind of the point.
But I love the socialist message of the joy of tug-of-peace:

In this game, the counterbalance support that players provide to one another is a graphic representation of mutual support and cooperation.

Well, if everyone "wins", then it is really no longer a game. It is an exercise, but not a game. And tug-of-war is a game. In a game, there are winners and losers. But it Cooperative Game Land, there are no winners or losers. Everyone will have their perceived self-esteem intact.

Now the actual game itself, without to social engineering can be OK:

Participants group themselves around a rope that has been tied in a knot to form a circle. Players squat down around the rope, holding the rope with both hands. At the count of three, all players lean back and-using the energy of the group-they stand up. When everyone has stood up (and cheered), players can, on the count of three again, carefully lean back into a squat.

Take out the phony cheer and the exercise is just that. A group exercise that can be good for the body.
But I assure you, this site is just frightening to me. For while I do not have anything against cooperation in general, what this does as I noted is take away the individuality of people, especially children and young people.
So I went to the link on the story about Cooperative Games. It is a long meandering piece, but it is the brainchild of one Suzanne Lyons. And she is not a dumb person. She writes that she has degrees in physics, Earth science, and science education. And she also has a California teaching credential. Lord have mercy! You have to go quite away down the story of Cooperative Games, but this is the motivating factor to how it came into being:

Here is the story of how this business came to be: My husband, Pete, and I watched our kids play competitive sports through childhood and vie for the “Principal’s Award” in school. While basketball, Spelling Bees and other competitive activities have an upside, they also promote aggression and stress and lead to bruised feelings. Likewise, competitive board games can often bring out feelings of anger, defeat, selfishness, or aggression.

You have to get here to know that Mrs. Lyons is even married.
But what a shock as sports is what made her and Pete crazy. That damn competitiveness. Promoting aggression, stress, "bruised" feelings.
What Mrs Lyons does not mention is that there are team sports and individual sports. Swimming, golf, tennis deal with individuals and yes there is team scoring, but the individual is emphasized. And team sports do at the child and youth level emphasize working as a team and even in team sports individual achievement is lionized.
But you know, there are some kids that are better than others. Some teams better than others. And in Mr. and Mrs. Lyons world, that is just awful.
Think about the feelings of the losers. They are angry, selfish and even more aggressive being losers.
Oh I know, you think that it is mean to use such a term.
Winners and losers.
It is not mean but real. Yes Mrs. Lyons, whether you like it or not, there are winners and losers.
Even her Mrs. Lyons' description of defending why they can't have low prices, it is a slam against the capitalist system that actually fosters such an endeavor that she is taking:

Our prices are as low as possible. We have to keep the lights on, so we can’t engage in the kinds of hypercompetitive price-slashing that the big retailers sometimes use. We don’t use computer programs that sniff out the lowest prices on the web for given products then reduce our price by a penny or two to capture your business.   Another business practice grounded in a cooperative mindset is that we strive to “co-exist” rather than “compete” with other merchants. To each, his own. Let’s hope there are many companies that will earn a living through cooperative play in the future. We don’t have to be the biggest one or the only one; we just have to be ourselves– Good Wishes for Peace and Prosperity to All. Period.

UGH! What a frickin' tool!
So Mrs. Lyons, is all your business about keeping the lights on? Wouldn't you like to actually make money? Would you not like the opportunity to expand the message and sales of Cooperative Games?
No, because in your words, yuk–that’s hyper competition and it’s unsustainable.
What will be unsustainable is this business model. Eventually if more and more people want the products you provide, then you will have to expand. Yes Mrs. Lyons you may have to hire actual employees. You may have to have a warehouse that will be able to store the products so that there will be enough to fill orders. Then it is no longer about keeping the lights on.
But judging, yes friends I AM being judgemental-BWWWWWWWAAAAAHHHHHH!-by this business model, Mrs. Lyons has really no interest in making money but in promoting this concept of cooperation over individual intuitive. And that will lead to eventually this business going by the wayside.
But not the concept.
It is all about this concept.
And here is what is scary about Cooperative Games.
They are infiltrating our schools.
How else would the Albany, Minnesota elementary school know of such a "game"?
Well, here is why. Cooperative Games has an "Educator's Hub" and it is an orgasm of sorts for teachers like Mrs. Lyons.
And of course educator is an inclusive term because that does not mean just teachers but administrators as well. That would also include principals and school boards.
It is the kind of "thinking" of Mrs. Lyons that is turning boys into lobotomized zombies rather than fostering their natural aggression and play to the kind of games that will not turn them into future mass murderers but normal grown men.
There is a balance that can be had here. But when you read people like Mrs. Lyons and see the ideas she promotes in practice, it is totally unbalanced and worse does not prepare boys and girls for the real world.
And the point of Mrs. Summer's article is that boys are even less prepared to be part of the real world than ever.
And the scary thing is that Cooperative Games is part of that problem.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Attacking Christian Churches In Egypt By The Religion Of Peace

The Religion Of Peace, aka Islam, Islamic, or Muslim, ahh they tend to get worked up pretty easy in some parts of the world, don't they?
I mean, I guess if I was an Islamist in Egypt and did not like the fact the armed forces removed the democratically elected president, Mohammad Morsi, who would I take my rage on?
Why the Egyptian Coptic Christians of course.
And they are doing so with vengeance that is usually reserved for the really big bogeyman in the radical Islamic world, the eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll JEWS!
According to Ed Morrissey over at, ABC and to a lesser extent CNN are actually reporting this horrible aspect of the Day of Rage Endless Rage of the Islamics.
Here is a little bit of the radical Islamics handiwork.

Beautiful, isn't it?
Why of course the reason that Mr. Morsi and by extension the Muslim Brotherhood, were ousted from office is because of the immense power of Pope Tawadros II.
Fat chance!
Egyptian Christians under the Coptic Church has lived in more or less subjugation since the 12th century. Even though the religion has been allowed, first under the Jizya tax that is only for non-Islamics it was only in the mid-1800s that the church came out from under the thumb of Islamic rulers.
And since the Radical Islamics got their taste of power in the last year, they sure made it known where the Christians stood in the New Egypt.
Back to the bad old days.
But because their numbers are not much, a mere 10% or there abouts or about 8,500,000 of a total population of 85,000,000, and their relative lack of serious influence, it is very doubtful they had much to do with the military removal of Mr. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. But the fact that they support it, well that is all the Radical Islamics need to whip their supporters into such a frenzy as to harass and take out a part of their Endless Rage on their Christian co-citizens.
Why is this so important?
Because the Christian church in the Middle East is dwindling at an alarming rate. The fact of the matter is that the Coptic Church in Egypt is the highest concentration of Christians in North Africa or the Middle East. The only other nation with a large number of Christians is in Lebanon.
The Middle East is where the faith was born. In fact, the Christian presence in the Holy Land is all but non-existent. And no doubt the radicalization of Islam and their influence even in non-radicalized groups is pervasive, makes it difficult for Christians to freely practice the faith without a genuine fear of one's life.
Oddly enough, the freest one can practice Christianity in the Middle East with out government threat or undue influence is Israel.
But Egypt is important and the Christians need to be supported in all ways. It is almost a line in the sand to defend the faith and it's adherents in this region. They are being unduly attacked because they have held on to what they believe. And that is the antithesis to the Radical Islamics. They believe for no reason that the Church poses a threat to them and their religion.
It does not.
The powers that be within Islam in Egypt need to forcefully oppose and denounce this clear coordinated attack against the Christians within their nation. It needs to support their freedom, limited as it is even now, to practice their faith with little interference from the government no matter who is in office. And it needs to help protect the churches throughout the nation that have and have not been a part of the Endless Rage of the Radical Islamics.
The Religion Of Peace, Islam, can take a real stand in regards to the abuse that Egyptian Christians are facing here and now. So long as the violence continues against the Christians with little condemnation from those within Islam in Egypt, then I will call all of Islam out on this.
And thus, Islam cannot be a serious religion of peace when it commits near genocide against Christians.

Wanna Know Why Republicans Are Big Losers?

Ahh, now I have the hook for the lefties to troll here and think that I will give them something that they want.
Maybe that I changed on illegal immigration?
I am sure that many will think that I agree with the current RNC Chair Reince Priebus and this that he said in an interview with Business Insider:
“Using the word ‘self-deportation’ — it’s a horrific comment to make. I don’t think it has anything to do with our party. When someone makes those comments, obviously, it’s racist."

Of course now Mr. Priebus has to walk back on the racist thing. And Business Insider is oh so glad to oblige. And credit to keeping the original quote goes to Allahpundit over at
So Reince, may I call you by your first name?
So Reince, did you really, truly feel this way in 2012 when the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, said this many, many times over the course of the campaign? If so, did you let him know, Reince? If so at what point? And Reince, what is horrible about the comment and or the term "self-deportation"?
Let me write this up front.
I don't think that self-deportation is a great term either. Not because it is racist. No the opposite for me. It was a politically correct way to say sure, I'll deport a fair amount of illegal aliens. Well,I won't really do it. See, they will come to the United States, look for work, can't find any and voila! They will just go back from where they came from. And that is how I will do some deportation.
When one has to over explain such a position, to use a consultant term, it sucks.
But to Mr. Priebus' point of it being racist or even horrible, it is not either. No, really, it is not.
After the loss in the 2012 presidential election campaign, Mr. Preibus and the GOP claimed that they wanted to hear from the grassroots. They sent out some mailers and or e-mails. I got an e-mail and it had a lot of questions. Some on illegal immigration. And what is the top priority in dealing with it. I believe that I answered what I have answered for 30 years now. We need border security first and foremost and nothing else matters until that goal is met. I am realistic and know that it will not be a hundred percent, but that there should be something in place that show tangible results.
I guess in Mr. Priebus' mind, that makes me a  . . .you know what is coming . . .a  . . .RAAAAACIST!
Again, dear readers, always remember that there are five a's in RAAAAACIST.
Oh, and while I think since he should know better, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) should have probably left out his comment of people that smuggle drugs, many illegal aliens, have the calves the size of cantaloupes, they point Rep. King was making is that because our border, both north and south, are so porous that drug smuggling can happen with little if any consequence.
But by what Mr. Preibus is suggesting, does he really care about what the rank-and-file Republican thinks on this issue? Or does he care about what the big-money donors, the left, and most importantly, the permanent Republican Consultant Class thinks on the issue? Oh, and why is this so damned important when we need to fight Obamacare?
Last question is an aside, but very much again the divide between the Republican Consultant Class and the rank-and-file.
But I think it is obvious that Mr. Preibus wants the cash and the accolades of the establishment rather than doing the right thing.
And this is why the Republicans are big losers.
I write this and say it time and again but, well let me highlight it so that Reince and the gang actually read this it might absorb in their craniums:

Republicans cannot out do Democrats on being liberal. If there is a Republican moderate and a Democrat, no matter where they are in the party, running for office in marginal districts, areas, whatever, people will vote for the Democrat. At least with the Democrat they know they will be getting a big-government type. With the moderate Republican, they think that candidate will lick that index finger, put it in the wind and go where ever that wind blows.

Reince, do you get it? Hey, Republican Consultant Class, are you actually reading and taking any of what a grassroots Republican voter thinks?
If you want to understand that you need to better reach Hispanic voters, it is not all about adopting the Democrat position. Because I refer you to what I wrote above. The thanks that the Republican party will get is a nice, big middle finger as Democrats will win many voters because they do not trust us and what we really think on the issue.
And here is a reality we conservatives and Republicans of all stripes better understand.
We will not, I repeat not, make any tangible gains with Hispanics in 2014 or beyond no matter what happens in the immigration debate.
The Republican party gets about roughly 30% of the Hispanic vote in any given election. All we need to do is expand that a few percent each election. Not by pandering on illegal immigration. But by getting really into the communities and speak to the people directly. No amount of pandering will work if we do not even bother to really go into so-called hostile territory and explain to the people why the Republican party is better for them than the Democrat party.
When the Republican National Committee chair can't even talk straight about illegal immigration and articulate a position that accepts some will be able to stay and become, eventually, American citizens and that we will have to forcibly deport a number of illegal aliens and create a real border security such as a real and virtual fence, we will be the losers we deserve to be.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Say, Can Obama EVER Be Mocked?!

You know the rules of presidential bashing change from administration to administration I suppose.
For instance, none of the late night talk show hosts dared to mock the current occupant of the White House, the Dear Leader, President Obama, during his first term.
Fast forward to the early days of term number two for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Now the host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno, finds it safe to diss the Dear Leader, President Obama, so much that he is a guest on The Tonight Show last week. Even David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon feel a little OK to throw in a diss or two.
Now lets go back to the George W. Bush administration.
It was not that long ago. It ended on January 20, 2009 at 12 noon, Eastern Standard Time.
Yet for eight years, the steady drumbeat of Bush bashing hit lows that are beyond low. Here is one depicting Mr. Bush as a vampire

OOOOHHHH!!!!! So scary! George W. Bush the vampire taking a chunk out of Lady Liberty's neck! Should throw the whole Village Voice in jail, right?
Say, do you remember all the jokes about Mr. Bush being a monkey?
 Why even supposed news reporters like Erin Burnett referred to the 43rd president as a monkey and while she apologized, it did not end her lively hood. In fact, she is now a major player at CNN. Yeah, really Miss Burnett should be unemployed at the least and maybe jailed for treason.
And who can forget this gem of a movie made while Mr. Bush was president, Death Of A President. You know that this was the movie about . . .the assassination of President Bush. And of course it was not condemned at all. It attained critical acclaim. Nah, it really should have been so condemned that a hit squad should have gone after all involved in the movie, right?
We must endure this bit o' history because now that we are deep in the Age o' Obama, the rules have certainly changed.
Pretty much any criticism of or joking at the Dear Leader, President Obama's expense is . . .wait for it . . . RAAAAACISM!
Remember, there are five A's in RAAAACISM!
What else to explain what happened recently at the Missouri State Fair in which a clown donned an Obama mask? Now to be fair, the clown did not just put on the mask, but whipped the crowd up asking if they wanted to see a bull chase him in his Obama mask. And the crowd went wild and did want to see that.
So lets go through some things.
This is Missouri, not exactly Obama Country. The Dear Leader, President Obama, lost here in 2008 and 2012. In 2012, the result? The Dear Leader, President Obama, lost 44% to 54%. This is the State Fair and not held in a town like Kansas City or St. Louis. These are conservative people, by and large. And yeah, not inclined to like the Dear Leader, President Obama.
It was a perfect storm, so to speak.
And the person that notified the media, he clearly had an axe to grind because he did not like the event and the clear animus against the president. For Perry Beam spoke about it to a lefty blog, Show Me Progress. So he is not an innocent bystander in all of this.
In wake of what was meant to be humor, there is a helluva lot of collateral damage.
For one the clown who is either unidentified or one Tuffy Gessling is banned for life in participating in any events at the state fair. And the announcer of the rodeo event, Mark Ficken, resigned from his post as president of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association so that he can explain that it was not him but the clown whipping up the crowd.
And the wrath of the left?
Well, it is up and running.
It is so bad that the Missouri NAACP, which FTR the C is for Colored, is calling for the Department of Justice and the Secret Service to investigate this horror.
I think that Byron York at the D. C. Examiner has this right.
It is a two-fold situation in which some people are uncomfortable that the Dear Leader, President Obama, was so disrespected and ridiculed at a family event. On that I agree. Maybe the real problem, to me, is that this was interjected at an event that is probably attended by people of all walks, not just Republicans, conservatives and Obama-haters. And yes, some people took it to mean that the perception would be cool to see the Dear Laeder, President Obama, chased down in a violent manner by a bull.
Where I get ruffled is that somehow, any mockery and or criticism of the Dear Leader, President Obama, is taken so seriously by his supporters and sycophants. While eight years of abuse, even hoping the assassination of the then sitting president, George W. Bush is shrugged off.
And I hate the race card being thrown in as well.
Most of us that do not like the Dear Leader, President Obama, and to be clear it is his policies, do so because we don't believe that it will be good for the United States. The fact that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is mixed race, sorry but he is not all Black but had a White mom, is beyond secondary for me. Could care less that he is what he is. He is a child of God. Race is irrelevant.
I must ask where was all this outrage when Mr. Bush was assaulted in ways much, much worse than the Dear Leader, President Obama, even hopes to be? Was the Missouri NAACP calling for an investigation into the makers of the movie Death Of A President? Was not not a potential idea for a terrorist or a whack job?
I will be the first to note that I took offense to some of the outrageous assaults on Mr. Bush. But there were really and truly so many. I tried to stay away from those that were just a bit trivial. It is why I always refer to Mr. Obama as both the Dear Leader, a mocking of his cult of personality, and as President Obama because even though I did not vote for him, he is my president. I do respect the office and yes, the man who is the current occupant. But many of those who hated Mr. Bush would not even call him president. They did not like the outcome of the 2000 election so much that they could not respect the constitutional outcome. And for the record, I loved the late comedian, Steve Bridges, who did the greatest impersonation of Mr. Bush ever.
Having fun at any president's expense is always a fine line. Mocking and ribbing is all but an American birthright. But this administration can not take anything that dares to do any of that. It is true. The fact that the NAACP believes that the clown in the Obama mask should be investigated is a sign of the times.
I hope that when all of this dies down, the clown will be allowed to participate in the Missouri State Fair. He did nothing wrong. There need not be any investigation of any kind.
What is needed is not to change the rules of criticizing and or mocking the President of the United States no matter who he or she is. Period.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When You've Lost Hooters . . .

In more of the San Diego Mayor Filthy Bob Filner file, it appears that he is no longer welcomed at a rather unusual restaurant, considering their own reputation.
Four of the local Hooters restaurant have pulled the welcome mat out from under Filthy Filner and said that he is not welcomed at their restaurants. Here is what is being posted in front of the four Hooters, just in case Filthy Filner should try to show up:

Like I write, for Hooters to remind Mayor Filthy Filner of this is amusing yet a sign that this sleazebucket has worn his welcome and it is time to go. But it seems like he either is delusional or does not realize the mess that he is in and embarrassing the city that he so wants to govern at all costs.
But just in case you are unfamiliar about Hooters, here is a photo of what the waitresses, yes only waitresses kids, look like at work.
Yes, they are attractive and pretty scantily clad. Oh by today's lowering standards, they are practically dressed as nuns. But nonetheless, they have rankled the ire of Feminazi groups pretty much since they came on the scene.
So it is rich that they come out in essentially dissing the reprobate Mayor Filthy Filner.
And in a serious note, understand that Mayor Filthy Filner has no support of his city council. One way to ratchet up bipartisanship! And add another former San Diego mayor to the list calling for Mayor Filthy Filner to resign.
Mr. Wilson is one of the most respected mayors San Diego has ever had. He led probably the last scandal-free administration in the city. Scandal and San Diego go hand in hand. Also a way of bipartisanship!
That Mr. Wilson is giving his thoughts now show that this is a pile on. He could have chimed in a lot earlier, but my though is that he was hoping that he would not have to. But he can't continue to watch the city that he loves continue down this path. And this quote from the linked article is spot on:
“It has been all consuming, and I have no idea whether we’ve seen the last of it yet.”
And that is why Mayor Filthy Filner must and has to do the right thing.
If you lose Hooters after all . . .
*I know , Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed to be a Republican, but he is not even a RINO!  



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Confused About What Bathroom To Use? Not To Worry If You Are A California School Student

I tell you loyal readers, I have never been more embarrassed to be a Californian as I am today as my state will, as of next year, allow "transgendered" K-12 students to use whatever restroom they so choose and whether or not the want to go out for the boys or girls sports team.
Of course, it all depends on how they feel any given day, right?
Here is the funny thing.
There really is nothing that I read about the legislation, signed by Gov. Jerry Brownout, that really defines how much one is or is not "into transition" from one sex to the other.
So, before we go on, it is very important to define terms. Because being transgendered is different from being a transsexual.
Let's go to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

Transgender (adjective) : of, relating to, or being a person (as a transsexual or transvestite) who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person's sex at birth.

Transsexual (noun) : a person who strongly identifies with the opposite sex and may seek to live as a member of this sex especially by undergoing surgery and hormone therapy to obtain the necessary physical appearance (as by changing the external sex organs)
It is very, very important to get the terms straight, so to speak.
Being a transgendered person does not mean that person will go all the way and become a person of the opposite sex that they were born as. The so-called transition can be quick or a very long time depending on the person. And the reality is that it may very well be a feeling of the moment and not the life-changing experience that becoming transsexual is.
OK, now that is out of the way. Again, it is important to understand why this is insanity.
First, what are the actual statistics as to how many California K-12 students are transgendered? Well, the article does not say and it is rather impossible to find out online as there are over 13,000,000 possible matches. After 10 pages of searching, I gave up. Maybe the reason that we are not told is because the number is beyond infetesibly small and probably the overwhelming number of that are high schoolers and not kindergartners.
So, with no stats easily at one's disposal as to how many transgenders this effects, what is the rationale for this legislation?
Here is Evan Westrup, a spokesman for Gov. Brownout:

"All students should have the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in school."

I agree with that. Yes, all students should have the opportunity to participate and succeed in school.
But where one goes to the bathroom or decides upon their frame of mind any given day what sports team that they may want to try out for really affect full participation?
Not at all.
After all, in regards to the sports teams, coaches will supposedly still get to determine who makes the cut to be on any team.
And there are such things as unisex bathrooms. In fact they are given such names as family restrooms. That is so a dude can take a baby in a restroom to change a baby's diaper and vice-versa. Then said parent does not have to be worried about going into their gender-specific restroom and deal with junior or juniorette.
So, I don't buy that reason at all.
But leave it to the bill's sponsor, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco-of course!) to explain yet another rationale behind this legislation:

"While many California schoolchildren are already protected by policies in some of our biggest school districts, other districts don't seem to understand that transgender students should have equal access to all programs and facilities."

Ahh, Assemblyman Ammiano hits on something that statists do not like.
Letting local school districts determine such policies.
I know for many outside of Cali, it is hard to believe but there are conservative parts of the state. The Central Valley is one. Much of inland No Cal. And yes, always Orange County in So Cal.
The statists who in this case are pushing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered/sexual polices, better known as LGBT want the power of the state, in this case, California, to supplant that of local school boards because without that, they will not force the conservative or traditional parts of California to "come along" with this particular agenda.
And they are right.
No one in the conservative or traditional parts of California want to shove their agenda on this issue down the throats of the people in places like Los Angeles or San Francisco as they are to them.
But that is of no concern to those pushing this agenda faster than a runaway freight train.
But the one thing that is totally laughable in defending this embarrassing legislation is this from the San Francisco Examiner:

Supporters said it will help reduce bullying and discrimination against transgender students.

Sorry, I have to clean the coffee stains off the computer keyboard from the laugh over that one.
Really, singling out transgender, as this legislation does, is going to reduce bullying and discrimination?!
Have any of these douchbrains been to school, ever? No really, have they?!
I mean, bullying and discrimination have gone on, well forever and will continue to do so whether they like it or not.
As far as the bullying, that is kid-oriented. There are always going to be kids that harass others. No matter all the PSA's and the "shaming", it is something that is for some a strange rite of passage. I do not get it. But as the victim of and yes, even participant in bullying, it is not just going to go away because LGBT activists want it to.
When I was bullied in school I was taught to let it go until it got physical. Then I could fight back and fight back hard. Eventually, I found someone less than me, in my school mind of mush, I could harass. Never got violent or anything like that. But I realized at a point how wrong I was for doing that. I did so on my own and stopped doing it. I am not proud to admit that here, but it is what happened with me.
The reason I even mention my own experience is that for the transgendered, they need to realize that not everyone is going to be down with them. If it was not for being transgendered, there could be a million, nonsensical reasons. But the one thing that they need to be taught is that. And also to have a beyond thick skin. For you cannot force people to like you. And if harassed to the point of violence, what I do not advocate but I do live in the real world, fight the hell back. Trust me, the bully will stop when confronted back. It is not what they really want and or expect.
As far as discrimination, sorry but again in K-12, that too is student-led.
By discrimination, I mean who can be a part of a school-sanctioned club. And who people choose to be friends with or not. Like bullying, there is a pecking order in school.
There are the jocks, the cheerleaders, the geeks/nerds, the stoners, and I can go on but you get the picture.
Like anything else, they are not going to suddenly say welcome to the transgendered in a group just because one is.
I also want to point out that this is a direct result of dealing with one's feelings over reality.
For those that are wondering if they really are a gal trapped in a dude's body or vice-versa, it is probably very traumatic. But it can also be just a stage as well. It should not be taken lightly by a child and or parent. It takes a lot of therapy, all the things to determine if it is really something a kid really understands and wants. If Johnny wants to play with Barbies and Janie wants to play baseball, it does not mean that they are trapped in a wrong body. One cannot and should not take that to mean that said kid needs to become transgendered and then transsexual.
And one more thing.
Being transgendered does not mean that person is going all the way, again so to speak, to becoming transsexual.
That kid may just want to feel everything but fully the opposite gender. Maybe the boy does not want his member removed and turned into a vagina. Or a girl wanting her vagina turned into a penis.
So sometimes it should be left to people, not government, to deal with these very personal and traumatic issues.
But when there are votes to be had and a show of emotion, one can count on the liberal Democrats and their allies to whip up the populace in a frenzy and this is why I am embarrassed to be a Californian today.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Surfer, Food Stamps And The End Of Welfare Reform As We Knew It

I know that a lot of people are not happy that Fox New Channel did this expose on the current state of the Food Stamp program.
I mean, we know that all those people are absolutely in need of the program, right?
Please tell me that all the 42,000,000 plus people on the Food Stamp program are not able bodied, can't work and don't choose not to work.
Because I would be very sad if in fact and indeed there are some people that ate able-bodied, can work and choose not to work.
So, pray tel, explain this guy, one Jason Greenslate.
How does this guy have an EBT card and able to get $200 on the EBT card as a result of the SNAP program?
Before we go on, SNAP is the new euphemism for food stamps and it stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. And the EBT card is the debit card SNAP participants use and it is for Electronic Benefit Transfer.
Why we call the program the Food Stamp program still, I do not know.
Let's get back to Mr. Greenslate.
Mr. Greenslate is a participant is the SNAP program. Mr. Greenslate is all of 29 years old. And Mr. Greenslate is able-bodied, can work and chooses not to.
So, what does Mr. Greenslate do with all his time?
Well, for one, he partys hardy. In between smoking (in the interview it appeared to be cigarettes, but who really knows, we are in California) and drinking, he does surf. So he is in a modicum of physical shape. And he is actually a sound engineer with hopes to be the next Motley Crue.
I hate to break it to Surfer Dude Jason, but even the members of Motley Crue were not of public assistance when they were starting out. And they were younger than his 29 years of age having already made it big.
So again, it is not like Surfer Dude Jason is not without any skills. He is a sound engineer.
OK, I think that letting Surfer Dude Jason tell things in his colorful way:

First, Surfer Dude Jason, what is the "Rat Life"? Uh? You have no clue on a rat life. You are 29 years old and live in a fantasy land, some of it perpetuated by us, the tax payers.
Second, what kind of woman would want to be with this guy?! I mean really, unless said gal is as lazy and aimless as Surfer Dude Jason, then I ask my question again.
Third, what about all his buddies? Are they also sponging off the rest of us as well?
Fourth, why didn't the interviewer, Fox News John Roberts just get up and beat the crap out of him?
The thought that went racing through my mind is what the then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) had to say in the great Obamacare debate:

“We see it as an entrepreneurial bill,” Pelosi said, “a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.”

And as the infomercial guy or gal will say, but wait! There's more:

“Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance.”

OK, just take health insurance, or Obamacare, out and replace the government program du jour with Food Stamps or a SNAP card.
I find it to be pretty much the same thing. Let the government cover something like food and hey, Surfer Dude Jason, you can be living the Rat Life!
And just so you know outside of So Cal, La Jolla where Surfer Dude Jason prowls is a very high end neighborhood near San Diego. And according to the interview, Mr. Roberts points out that Surfer Dude Jason grew up nearby. If that is the case, most of what is nearby is also high-end, not Lower Slobovia.
But back to Nit Wit Pelosi.
Is this what she has in mind? Some punk who does not want to grow up leeching off of those of us that work, living the Rat Life? I think that Surfer Dude Jason would see himself as an artist. Not quite sure, but yeah, I am pretty certain.
What Surfer Dude Jason is an indictment of the expanding Welfare State under our Dear Leader, President Obama. An indictment of offering no incentive to look for work. An incentive for people to seek any government welfare program. And the worse thing is that those seeking and sponging do not care about those that are working and paying their ever increasing taxes.
While I do not believe that Surfer Dude Jason is what the American future has in store, we could get there if people do not wake up and realize that we are not all that far from having a nation of Surfer Dude Jason's if we do not at the very least force the Dear Leader, President Obama, to at the very least return to the welfare reform passed in 1996 by a Republican congress and signed into law by then Democrat President Bill Clinton.
As for some background to this, one of the reasons that Surfer Dude Jason is able to sponge is because the very guts of the law were suspended under the so-called economic stimulus of 2009 and the extension thereof. Before, one could only get SNAP assistance for three months every three years. Now well, guys like Surfer Dude Jason can get Food Stamp/SNAP assistance for as long as the economy sucks.
And the point?
The Dear Leader, President Obama, has used the sucky economy to gut the welfare reform program of 1996. And the result is people like Surfer Dude Jason.
So, in Barack Obama's America of 2013, we have gutted welfare reform, expanded the Food Stamp/SNAP program beyond belief and because of that we are stuck paying for Surfer Dude Jason to live it up buying gourmet food at taxpayer expense.
What a country modern America has become.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Filthy Bob Filner Is Cured! Hallelujah!

Well, the perv San Diego mayor is not really cured at all.
But he did check out of his "intensive" two-week therapy to cure him of his proclivity to sexually bother the opposite sex.
I guess then it only took a whole week of intense therapy to cure 70 year-old Filthy Filner of his sexual harassment of the ladies.
Somehow, I just do not think so.
But it does get more interesting as the locks of Mayor Filthy Filner 11th floor city hall office were changed.
And do not fear because it was Mayor Filthy Filner's chief of staff,  Lee Burdick, who had the locks changed. And you know why don't you? Well, lets let Mr. Burdick explain:

 "The fact is that I had the locks changed to protect the Mayor while he is away. My concern is/was that if anything was removed while the Mayor was away, it could raise all kinds of questions about preservation or spoliation of potential evidence. Because I could not possibly determine everyone who had keys, I believed it was necessary to ensure the integrity of his physical office in his absence. The Mayor will be given the keys upon his return."

So Mr. Burdick, why not just give the keys to a third-party, say the city attorney? I mean, I do know that CA Jan Goldsmith is a political opponent of Mayor Filthy Filner, but he is the city attorney and I do not doubt that he and or his office would have held the keys and provided them back upon his return.
This is upon the heels of Mayor Filthy Filner's support, such as it is, is eroding.
Senator Barbara Boxer and the last two supporters of the mayor on the San Diego city council, Myrtle Cole and Marti Emerald, called on the filthy one to resign.
I am hopeful that the real reason Mayor Filthy Filner left the intense therapy a week early is to resign office sometime this week.
I mean, how can he survive being mayor when the entire city council is calling on you to resign?
He cannot.
For some inexplicable reason, Mayor Filthy Filner is dragging out this affair needlessly. He has no support to speak of. He has already lost his fiancee. More and more women are coming forward to share their experiences of sexual harassment at the hands of Mayor Filthy Filner. At some point, some of these women will be from his days as a congressman. So it will not be a recent few but even many more should come out if he continues this ridiculous game he is playing.
But maybe, just maybe Mayot Filthy Filner is cured. And as such he can prove to the people of his city and beyond that all it takes to end years and years of being a perv is a week of intense therapy.
Somehow, I think that is not the case and expect Mayor Filthy Filner to resign sometime this week.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Why Is Ariel Castro Even Alive?

Really, I want to know why the Creature of Cleveland, Ariel Castro, is only being given a life sentence for holding as prisoner three young girls for over a full decade?
Well the reason is the The Creature was allowed to plea his case, not go to trial and a certain death sentence.
So, according to The Plain Dealer, The Creature will get a life sentence and 1,000 years just to make sure he never sees the light of day.
Understand that The Creature kidnapped Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. He chained them up. He had endless sex with them. I am certain that they were constantly raped. He impregnated at least two of them. One of the babies died as The Creature forced a miscarriage. One survived and has to bear the shame that her father, a worthless piece of crap, raped her mother. They were never, ever allowed to come and go as they pleased. They were what amounts to being slaves to this piece of crap. The Creature.
I get the fact that a trial would have forced the three women to relive their time as prisoners of The Creature. But I think that it would be worth it so long as he was found guilty and sentenced to death.
But again, The Creature will be alive. He will get his three-square meals a day. He will breathe the same air as the victims and the rest of us. Talk about pollution. I do not see this as fair. I am with Ace on this one. Why even have the death penalty?
One thing that perplexes me about these kind of cases how it is a fluke that they do end up the way that they do.
In this case, a lucky break as Amanda Berry had an opportunity to escape and she took it. Because of her, all the victims are still alive and The Creature is spending the rest of his natural life where he at the very least belongs.
In prison.
Then there is the case of Jaycee Duggard and the lucky break it took to free her from her just as depraved captors, Phillip and Nancy Garrido.
The common thread is that all the people involved in these heinous acts are world-class sociopaths.
Look at The Creature.
Here are a couple of the choice quotes he said about his relationship with his victims:

"I don’t understand why you have to tear my house down. I have so many happy memories there with Gina, Amanda and Michele."

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.
But wait! There's more:

"I'm not a monster. I'm just sick. I have an addiction, just like an alcoholic has an addiction. God as my witness, I never beat these women like they're trying to say that I did. I never tortured them."

How dare The Creature take the name of God in such a vein!
Oh, yeah, you're just a sick monster!
At some point, The Creature will give some twisted interview, maybe with Oprah, and there will be a push to have people feel sorry for him and not the victims. Trust me, it will happen.
What should happen?
Hopefully a few of The Creature's fellow inmates will do to him what some in Wisconsin did to another sociopath killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. In case you forgot about him, THAT Creature not only killed his victims, but ate them.
That is my hope.
I know that some Christians would be appalled by my wish, but there is a point that one cannot let certain people live. To allow such an individual as The Creature to have life is as much a sin as what he did to Amanda, Gina and Michelle.
Sometimes a trial is necessary rather than a deal. And this was the case. And yes, because he would get about 1,000 years of appeals he probably would die naturally or at the hands of others in prison. But we, the people and the American society would be sending a message. That there are still bad bridges to cross. And The Creature did just that.
Really, at the end of the day why is The Creature, Ariel Castro, still alive?

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hey Jim Brulte, What Are You Going To Do About This?

Just as I think that the Cali GOP is beginning a revival with an important win in a state senate special election, this article in today's Left Angeles Times kind of puts the kibosh on that.
Not one supposed serious GOP contender for the state constitutional offices has more than $50,000 cash on hand. Yet Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown already has a war chest of $10,000,000.
Ten million dollars to $45,000 for the leading GOP candidate, supposedly, former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldondo?
If that keeps up, might as well not run any GOP candidate and give that and all the other constitutional offices back to the Democrats.
I am not saying that money is everything. But let's face it in a state in which registered Democrats are almost 2-1 against Republicans, it would sure help to know that leading candidates are making their intentions known in a better financial manner than they currently are.
Which brings me to the Cali GOP chair, Jim Brulte.
My question is this Chairman Brulte.
What are you going to do about it?
I mean, it is great that you spent a lot of money to get the great Andy Vidak win in state senate district 16, but do you realize how weak our bench is for everything else?
Is Abel Maldonado going to be the best we have to take on Gov. Moonbeam Brown? I think not.
And while I really like Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, I am realistic enough to know that he will not be able to win the general election if he should become the GOP nominee.
So who would be a choice to look at?
Once again I would love to see former congressman David Dreier as a candidate. He is conservative. Maybe gay, but I don't care. Has always been a great face for the GOP on television. Is not rough around the edges as Assemblyman Donnelly. Not a squish like Mr. Maldonado. Mr. Dreier is a great potential choice who would be able to keep up financially with Gov. Moonbeam Brown. And he would be awesome in a debate with the current governor.
And do we have anyone running for the thankless job of lieutenant governor? The Times article does not indicate that to be the case.
Same for attorney general.
The only other race that there is a Republican showing any interest is for the secretary of state. And that is Pete Peterson who heads the Davenport Institute and Pepperdine University.
The Davenport Institute? Yep, I had to look that up. And Mr. Peterson seems to be conservative enough. The good thing is if there are up to five Democrats running for that office, the primary could be ugly enough that Mr. Peterson ends up in second place. But because of the uniqueness of our current primary system, the downside is that two Democrats could be in the general election in November 2014.
Seriously, what Mr. Brulte needs to do, and he maybe doing so but way, way under the radar, is finding candidates willing to compete for all the constitutional offices. As well as all the assembly seats and the 20 state senate seats due for election in 2014.
If the Cali GOP can not do any of the above, the the problems are much deeper than anyone realizes.
Winning one state senate seat is not enough Chairman Brulte. We as a party need to show commitment to competing and yes, winning not just legislative seats but really big elections such as the governor's office. We tried the millionaire gals in 2010 and that did not go well at all. There is a bench and I am hoping that you are trying to coax some to run for office.
There is no faster way to accelerate a party's decline than to give up before even trying.
So, Cali GOP Chairman Jim Brulte, what are you going to do about this?

YES! Even More Updates On Filthy Filner!

Ooh boy! Our favorite perv Democrat mayor, Filthy Bob Filner of San Diego is a gift that keeps on giving and there are now two new updates for the gift closet.
First, I kid you not, Filthy Filner through his just as cretinous attorney, Harvey Berger, is now claiming that the city IS at fault because it did not give him the city required sexual harassment seminar within six months of his hire.
Uh, wasn't Filthy Filner elected by the people? Does an election make him nothing but an average city employee? Just askin'.
Well, Mr Berger seems to think so. And this is the reason, according to Mr. Berger, why the city should be liable and the taxpayers should pay him for his sage legal counsel.
A little wrinkle in the Berger move.
According to, there were several attempts to have Filthy Filner go through the sexual harassment seminar, but it was his office that cancelled the several attempts to have such a meeting. Maybe they were afraid that he would be able to teach the course himself.
OK, call me a little picky, but really, does a 70-year-old man really need to have such a course? Is there nothing that he learned in his 70 years on God's Green Earth that would at least suggest that he should not behave in such a manner around women?
I guess not.
Oh, and this one, this is so awesome.
It appears that the San Diego city attorney, Jan Goldsmith, a Republican FTR, issued an order that Mayor Filthy Filner should not be meeting with women alone until further notice.
The best part of this?
Filthy Filner tried to say that this was HIS own new policy.
Not only is this dude a perv, but a liar too!
Hence, it is why he is a politician, right?
I like this that Allahpundit wrote in the link:

This cretin would apparently rather cling to power, disgraced to the point where his own chief of staff advocates not letting him meet with women alone, then resign and repent.

Why is this douchbrain even pretending any more that he is mayor of San Diego?
Because even in his weakened state, it is all about the power.
Really, is is time at 70 years old to resign. You got caught and you should have been caught being a perv a lot sooner. But you were not. You need to care about someone other than yourself. After all, you have adult children and they are married and have children of their own. Is it better for them to know that their gramps is a perv or would it not be better to start your own rehabilitation with your family?
I mean, sure this is great for us bloggers, but there are real people and their lives are already in shambles.
It is time to stop giving us our gifts and time for you, Mayor Filthy Bob Filner, to resign as mayor for your own good and the good of San Diego.