Thursday, August 15, 2013

Say, Can Obama EVER Be Mocked?!

You know the rules of presidential bashing change from administration to administration I suppose.
For instance, none of the late night talk show hosts dared to mock the current occupant of the White House, the Dear Leader, President Obama, during his first term.
Fast forward to the early days of term number two for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Now the host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno, finds it safe to diss the Dear Leader, President Obama, so much that he is a guest on The Tonight Show last week. Even David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon feel a little OK to throw in a diss or two.
Now lets go back to the George W. Bush administration.
It was not that long ago. It ended on January 20, 2009 at 12 noon, Eastern Standard Time.
Yet for eight years, the steady drumbeat of Bush bashing hit lows that are beyond low. Here is one depicting Mr. Bush as a vampire

OOOOHHHH!!!!! So scary! George W. Bush the vampire taking a chunk out of Lady Liberty's neck! Should throw the whole Village Voice in jail, right?
Say, do you remember all the jokes about Mr. Bush being a monkey?
 Why even supposed news reporters like Erin Burnett referred to the 43rd president as a monkey and while she apologized, it did not end her lively hood. In fact, she is now a major player at CNN. Yeah, really Miss Burnett should be unemployed at the least and maybe jailed for treason.
And who can forget this gem of a movie made while Mr. Bush was president, Death Of A President. You know that this was the movie about . . .the assassination of President Bush. And of course it was not condemned at all. It attained critical acclaim. Nah, it really should have been so condemned that a hit squad should have gone after all involved in the movie, right?
We must endure this bit o' history because now that we are deep in the Age o' Obama, the rules have certainly changed.
Pretty much any criticism of or joking at the Dear Leader, President Obama's expense is . . .wait for it . . . RAAAAACISM!
Remember, there are five A's in RAAAACISM!
What else to explain what happened recently at the Missouri State Fair in which a clown donned an Obama mask? Now to be fair, the clown did not just put on the mask, but whipped the crowd up asking if they wanted to see a bull chase him in his Obama mask. And the crowd went wild and did want to see that.
So lets go through some things.
This is Missouri, not exactly Obama Country. The Dear Leader, President Obama, lost here in 2008 and 2012. In 2012, the result? The Dear Leader, President Obama, lost 44% to 54%. This is the State Fair and not held in a town like Kansas City or St. Louis. These are conservative people, by and large. And yeah, not inclined to like the Dear Leader, President Obama.
It was a perfect storm, so to speak.
And the person that notified the media, he clearly had an axe to grind because he did not like the event and the clear animus against the president. For Perry Beam spoke about it to a lefty blog, Show Me Progress. So he is not an innocent bystander in all of this.
In wake of what was meant to be humor, there is a helluva lot of collateral damage.
For one the clown who is either unidentified or one Tuffy Gessling is banned for life in participating in any events at the state fair. And the announcer of the rodeo event, Mark Ficken, resigned from his post as president of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association so that he can explain that it was not him but the clown whipping up the crowd.
And the wrath of the left?
Well, it is up and running.
It is so bad that the Missouri NAACP, which FTR the C is for Colored, is calling for the Department of Justice and the Secret Service to investigate this horror.
I think that Byron York at the D. C. Examiner has this right.
It is a two-fold situation in which some people are uncomfortable that the Dear Leader, President Obama, was so disrespected and ridiculed at a family event. On that I agree. Maybe the real problem, to me, is that this was interjected at an event that is probably attended by people of all walks, not just Republicans, conservatives and Obama-haters. And yes, some people took it to mean that the perception would be cool to see the Dear Laeder, President Obama, chased down in a violent manner by a bull.
Where I get ruffled is that somehow, any mockery and or criticism of the Dear Leader, President Obama, is taken so seriously by his supporters and sycophants. While eight years of abuse, even hoping the assassination of the then sitting president, George W. Bush is shrugged off.
And I hate the race card being thrown in as well.
Most of us that do not like the Dear Leader, President Obama, and to be clear it is his policies, do so because we don't believe that it will be good for the United States. The fact that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is mixed race, sorry but he is not all Black but had a White mom, is beyond secondary for me. Could care less that he is what he is. He is a child of God. Race is irrelevant.
I must ask where was all this outrage when Mr. Bush was assaulted in ways much, much worse than the Dear Leader, President Obama, even hopes to be? Was the Missouri NAACP calling for an investigation into the makers of the movie Death Of A President? Was not not a potential idea for a terrorist or a whack job?
I will be the first to note that I took offense to some of the outrageous assaults on Mr. Bush. But there were really and truly so many. I tried to stay away from those that were just a bit trivial. It is why I always refer to Mr. Obama as both the Dear Leader, a mocking of his cult of personality, and as President Obama because even though I did not vote for him, he is my president. I do respect the office and yes, the man who is the current occupant. But many of those who hated Mr. Bush would not even call him president. They did not like the outcome of the 2000 election so much that they could not respect the constitutional outcome. And for the record, I loved the late comedian, Steve Bridges, who did the greatest impersonation of Mr. Bush ever.
Having fun at any president's expense is always a fine line. Mocking and ribbing is all but an American birthright. But this administration can not take anything that dares to do any of that. It is true. The fact that the NAACP believes that the clown in the Obama mask should be investigated is a sign of the times.
I hope that when all of this dies down, the clown will be allowed to participate in the Missouri State Fair. He did nothing wrong. There need not be any investigation of any kind.
What is needed is not to change the rules of criticizing and or mocking the President of the United States no matter who he or she is. Period.

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