Thursday, August 22, 2013


It was bound to happen and I think myself I predicted this outcome here that the Democrat San Diego mayor, Filthy Bob Filner, will resign after working out a deal to settle the sexual harassment claim filed by the former communications director.
As Ace notes here, in the end it maybe nothing more than being all about the Benjamin's. Money, cash, etc., etc.
And also courtesy of Ace, this pathetic protest in support of Mayor Filthy Filner could have also sped things up. Folks, you have to at least show a modicum of reality and believing in the dude you claim to support. Just sayin' . . .
And another quite under reported aspect of this tawdry tale is that Mayor Filthy Filner may have also been involved in some nice corruption.
Of course those few, the proud, supporters of Mayor Filthy Filner would probably suggest that hey, all pols do that corruption stuff, right? You know, you have to grease the wheels to get anything done.
What can one say about this that has not already been said?
Well, I suppose that the voters of San Diego deserve what they get for voting for this douchebrain in the first place.
I don't think that the majority of those that voted for Filthy Filner voted to have this happen. I believe that the majority of those who did vote for Filthy Filner regret that vote.
The sad fact is that a lot, and I mean a lot of people enabled Filthy Filner to have and continue being in politics when clearly he is a truly sexist pig.
Oh, but on the so-called gal issues, he voted the right way. So I guess we can put up with what, a little grope here, a wet sloppy kiss there, and hey, doesn't every male boss ask his hot female employees to come to work with no undies?
Filthy Filner is no political rookie as he has been a member of the San Diego city council, starting in 1987, a member of congress since 1992 and was elected mayor last year. That is 26 years of public service, over a quarter a century. A helluva long time to not notice until now that Filthy Filner was, well filthy.
How could no one deal with this a lot sooner?
Oops! My bad!
Why yes as a matter of fact some did.
And what happened?
Do ya hear crickets chirping?
Of course you do for in the end, even though local offices in California are officially non-partisan, a Democrat had not been mayor of California's second largest city since 1992. And that way more important than whether or not the candidate that was agreed upon was a serial perv and God only know what else.
In this article at, basically Escondido City Council member Olga Diaz, San Diego County Democratic Central Committee member Martha Sullivan and Former California State Assemblywoman Lori SaldaƱa brought their stories and or concerns to the now former San Diego county Democrat chair, Jess Dufee. And Mr. Durfee said hey, I'll talk to Bob about it. And ol' Filthy Filner assured Mr. Durfee that nothing would come up in the campaign for mayor. And according to Mr. Durfee, Filthy Filner said the following:

"In all my years in Congress, I've never had a sexual harassment complaint against me."

If that did not send up the red flags, nothing would and the local Democrat party lust for power trumped the mine field that was long in the making.
Because in the end it is all about the power.
And it is not just a Democrat problem to be sure.
We Republicans had to deal with the toilet toe-tapper, former Sen. Larry Craig (R-Id.) and his announcement that he would resign from the senate only to end up serving his full term and not running for reelection. FTR, I wrote that he should have resigned and stand by that.
And in South Carolina there is the former governor, Mark Sanford, who dropped from sight, claimed that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail and in fact was shtuping his Argentine mistress, now his fiancee.
Drunk with power, Mr. Sanford ended up winning back his old congressional seat in a special election this year to replace now Sen. Tim Scott. Unfortunately, in the primary Mr. Sanford won the majority of Republican votes and the voters in the very Republican first congressional district had a bad choice, held their nose and voted for Mr. Sanford.
But Filthy Filner is choice because like all Democrats, as I noted he was right on gal issues. Never mind he gladly voted the right way that he was treating women like nothing more than conquests. He was acting like a juiced-up bad frat boy when he should have known better. And it was more important to support Filthy Filner for mayor of San Diego in the end because it was not about personality. And that is what Lori Saldana said in endorsing Bob Filner for mayor.
Mrs. Saldana was concerned enough to bring serious allegations about Filthy Filner to no less than the local chair of the Democrat party. But in the end, it was more important to elect a Democrat no matter how horrible he is.
Therein lies a serious problem today in politics.
But I do have some advice for those seeking office.
We live in an electronic age. Nothing but nothing his ones' own business. If you run for office, you better be able to not have this kind of stuff come up. Or you should definitely come clean about any possible problems. In reality, the Dear Leader, President Obama did in Dreams From My Father by admitting illegal drug use. Took that issue off the table. There was so many others but that is another post. Don't hope nothing comes out as Filthy Filner did. In the end it will catch up with you.
And that is what is great about Filthy Filner. In the end truth has prevailed and now, maybe he can really deal with his woman problem in retirement.

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