Friday, August 16, 2013

Attacking Christian Churches In Egypt By The Religion Of Peace

The Religion Of Peace, aka Islam, Islamic, or Muslim, ahh they tend to get worked up pretty easy in some parts of the world, don't they?
I mean, I guess if I was an Islamist in Egypt and did not like the fact the armed forces removed the democratically elected president, Mohammad Morsi, who would I take my rage on?
Why the Egyptian Coptic Christians of course.
And they are doing so with vengeance that is usually reserved for the really big bogeyman in the radical Islamic world, the eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll JEWS!
According to Ed Morrissey over at, ABC and to a lesser extent CNN are actually reporting this horrible aspect of the Day of Rage Endless Rage of the Islamics.
Here is a little bit of the radical Islamics handiwork.

Beautiful, isn't it?
Why of course the reason that Mr. Morsi and by extension the Muslim Brotherhood, were ousted from office is because of the immense power of Pope Tawadros II.
Fat chance!
Egyptian Christians under the Coptic Church has lived in more or less subjugation since the 12th century. Even though the religion has been allowed, first under the Jizya tax that is only for non-Islamics it was only in the mid-1800s that the church came out from under the thumb of Islamic rulers.
And since the Radical Islamics got their taste of power in the last year, they sure made it known where the Christians stood in the New Egypt.
Back to the bad old days.
But because their numbers are not much, a mere 10% or there abouts or about 8,500,000 of a total population of 85,000,000, and their relative lack of serious influence, it is very doubtful they had much to do with the military removal of Mr. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. But the fact that they support it, well that is all the Radical Islamics need to whip their supporters into such a frenzy as to harass and take out a part of their Endless Rage on their Christian co-citizens.
Why is this so important?
Because the Christian church in the Middle East is dwindling at an alarming rate. The fact of the matter is that the Coptic Church in Egypt is the highest concentration of Christians in North Africa or the Middle East. The only other nation with a large number of Christians is in Lebanon.
The Middle East is where the faith was born. In fact, the Christian presence in the Holy Land is all but non-existent. And no doubt the radicalization of Islam and their influence even in non-radicalized groups is pervasive, makes it difficult for Christians to freely practice the faith without a genuine fear of one's life.
Oddly enough, the freest one can practice Christianity in the Middle East with out government threat or undue influence is Israel.
But Egypt is important and the Christians need to be supported in all ways. It is almost a line in the sand to defend the faith and it's adherents in this region. They are being unduly attacked because they have held on to what they believe. And that is the antithesis to the Radical Islamics. They believe for no reason that the Church poses a threat to them and their religion.
It does not.
The powers that be within Islam in Egypt need to forcefully oppose and denounce this clear coordinated attack against the Christians within their nation. It needs to support their freedom, limited as it is even now, to practice their faith with little interference from the government no matter who is in office. And it needs to help protect the churches throughout the nation that have and have not been a part of the Endless Rage of the Radical Islamics.
The Religion Of Peace, Islam, can take a real stand in regards to the abuse that Egyptian Christians are facing here and now. So long as the violence continues against the Christians with little condemnation from those within Islam in Egypt, then I will call all of Islam out on this.
And thus, Islam cannot be a serious religion of peace when it commits near genocide against Christians.

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