Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are California Dems THAT Excited To Vote On November 2?

Some interesting poll numbers from the once Golden State are producing results that seem to be bucking the Republican trend nationwide.
The latest numbers from three polls show Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown leading Republican Meg Whitman. Ditto Democrat Sen. Ma'am Boxer over Republican Carly Fiorina.
Funny thing is that maybe, just maybe all the polls have one problem.
They are oversampling Democrat voters.
Now the latest Field Poll for the senate race shows Sen. Ma'am leading Mrs. Fiorina 47% to 41% with 12% undecided. In the governor's race, it shows Mr. Brown and Mrs. Whitman in a dead heat.
The Field Poll is lazy because it pretty much goes on the party registration to get its numbers. So, it appears that they may have a fairly decent read of the California voter.
Fast forward to the Los Angeles Times/USC poll showing Democrat Brown with a lead over Republican Whitman, 49% to 44%. But, this was done by a Democrat polling firm head by Stan Greenberg. Oh, and the same poll had Sen. Ma'am Boxer leading Mrs. Fiorina, 51%-43%.
Funny thing about this poll.
It appears that Democrats are more likely to vote than Republicans.
As Tony Quinn points out here, in the June primary, 33% of voters showed up. But, the number for Republicans was 44% and for the Dems an anemic 32%. That would be an enthusiasm gap of 12%. Yet the Times/USC poll has the self-identified likely voter spread like this.
Democrat: 43%
Republican: 28%
Decline to state: 28%
This defies logic. The poll suggests that California Democrats are more excited and likely to turn out than Republicans were in 2008. Not. Likely.
The CNN/Time poll is a real weird one. It shows Mr. Brown leading Mrs. Whitman 53% to 43%. Ditto in the senate race with Sen. Ma'am Boxer leading Mrs. Fiorina.
The Weekly Standard's Jay Cost deconstructs the CNN/Time poll that there is no question it is way overstating the Democrat enthusiasm.
Take the senate race.
How can Mrs. Fiorina be leading 53% to 39% among independents, 92% to 2% among Republicans and yet be losing by 10 points to Sen. Ma"am Boxer? Again, like the Times/USC poll, based on nothing empirical, they assume that there is more enthusiasm among California Democrats now than in the presidential election year of 2008.
So what to make of all this?
That we should not over do our dependence on polls. When you look at all three polls combined for the senate race, it shows Sen. Ma'am Boxer leading Mrs. Fiorina 50.3% to 42.3%. Again, two of the three polls show a strong Democrat enthusiasm. As for the governor's race, average the three and Mr. Brown leads Mrs. Whitman, 47.7% to 42.7%.
One other thing to look at is the undecideds. Two of the three polls show a high number of undecideds. And there is where the underdog, Mrs. Whitman and Mrs. Fiorina, will have to turn the tide.
I do not see that Democrats are that fired up to vote this time around. And stuffing poll numbers to reflect something that is not there will not help.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meg Whitman And The Illegal Alien Nanny

OK, this is not a good revelation this late in the campaign for governor of California.
It appears that the Republican candidate for governor, Meg Whitman (don't blame me-I voted for Steve Poizner!) had an illegal alien as her housekeeper/nanny for nine years.
Nine years?
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?
Now in Mrs. Whitman's defense, she has produced a document that seems to indicate that the illegal alien in question, Nicandra "Nicky" Diaz lied on an employment questionnaire. On the very first page of the questionnaire, under the question "Can you legally accept employment", Mrs. Diaz checked yes. You betcha! Sure I can!
Which, according to herself, is an out and out lie.
But enter the greatest ambulance chasing lawyer this side of John Edwards, Gloria Allred.
By sheer coinkidink, the day after a debate between Mrs. Whitman and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, Mrs. Allred (and believe me, the name fits!) trots out this Mrs. Diaz.
Oh, but the horror story Mrs. Diaz wants to tell.
How terrible it was to work for Mrs. Whitman. How she knew, knew that she was an illegal alien. And used that against her.
Funny that.
According to Mrs. Whitman, it was Mrs. Diaz who came to her in June of 2009 to admit that she had been lying about her immigration status. That she was, in fact, an illegal alien.
Now, I tend to believe that maybe Mrs. Whitman knew sooner than that time. And that maybe Mrs. Diaz did not want to make any trouble. At that time.
But if the linked document is accurate, then at the time of hire, Mrs. Whitman did not know of Mrs. Diaz immigration status.
Unless Mrs. Allred can come up with documents that Mrs. Whitman knew sooner that Mrs. Diaz was an illegal alien that should have never been hired in the first place, this is pure speculation.
And it also shows that when the chips are down for California Dems, Mrs. Allred can produce women that have an axe to grind.
Against Republicans.
Remember when Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for governor in the 2003 recall election?
Well, the same Gloria Allred trotted out six gals that claimed they was sexually harrased by then Mr. Schwarzenegger.
Of course, it went nowhere.
But, a dent in the armor was done. And, Mr. Schwarzenegger was forced to talk about this at least a couple of days.
I think that Mrs. Whitman taking this charge head on, showing a document that does put some credibility issues against the accuser, Mrs. Diaz, will have this blow over.
It looks like a desperate attempt to change the discussion.
But, Allhapundit over at HotAir hits it out of the park:

One thing is certain, my friends: If Californians are so angry that Whitman used to employ an illegal that they’re willing to resign themselves to four more years of total control by the party that’s driven their economy off a cliff, well, good luck to ‘em.

Now as noted, Mrs. Whitman was not my first choice (again, don't blame me-I voted for Steve Poizner!), but she is a superior alternative to Mr. Brown, who had eight years to screw the pooch of the California people. Let us not give him another chance to screw us again.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Weekend In San Francisco

This past weekend, a good friend and I took in a weekend deep in the den of inequity, aka San Francisco.
The purpose of the trip was the statewide convention for California Freemasons. You know, those of us plotting to take over the world and throw out of the Christians, et al.
The 161st Annual Communication took place at the Grand Lodge on Nob Hill, home of San Fran's elite. Across the street is the venerable Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel. Down California Street is the equally venerable Fairmont Hotel.
You get the picture. This Grand Lodge was built in the money area of town.
Now while this post is a kind of sort of travelogue, there are some observations about this town, San Fran, that needs to be written.
One, I really do not know how this town functions. The streets are really narrow. The hills are like mountains in a city. It just seems that everything is compact in San Fran. Especially in the downtown area itself.
Two, the reputation of libertard heaven is really accurate.
While waiting for a cable car to get to the Grand Lodge, it was not all that unusual to see two very buff, chiseled men holding hands walking down the street. One such couple, one of the men had a t-shirt that said the following:
Fairy with an attitude.
Very charming.
And let us not forget the homeless. Always nice and entertaining to hear some homeless aimlessly railing. When they were not arguing with each other over turf.
A new thing that I had not seen in previous trips were street evangelists. And boy, does this town need a little dose of Jesus. Actually, they can use a lot of Jesus.
Riding the cable car is a truly amazing experience.
There are two operators on the cars. Really only one is doing the grunt work. The other is more of a conductor and collecting the money, tickets, or checking to see if people have a one, three or seven day pass. Somehow, these guys and gals did not miss anyone. If you did not pay, you were asked to depart the car. I do not see how they did it.
Somehow, this town is like a functioning train wreck.
And yet it is in a strange way part of the charm.
Oh, one observation.
I actually saw a sign for House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi's opponent, John Dennis, in the window of a home somewhere deep in the heart of downtown. There is some hope. BTW, here is John's website. And a little cash will help Mr. Dennis defeat the Wicked Witch by the Bay in November. Remember, if you think it is a waste of time, how is Mike Castle's campaign doing?
I say this every time, and I did with by Masonic brother and friend.
San Francisco is a great place to visit. Great food, fascinating neighborhoods. A great park in Golden Gate Park. But, and this is the but. I do not know how anyone would actually want to live there.
A weekend is long enough for your humble blogger.
I can wait another year to visit the city by the bay. After Nancy Pelosi is demoted to House Minority Leader.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spineless Senate GOP Enables A Political Crack Whore

So, I knew it had to be too good to be true.
It figures that the Republicans in the senate did not have the cajones to strip America's favorite political crack whore, "Sen." Lisa Murkowski, of her seniority on the Energy committee.
And to make matters worse, in even more unreality, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) says that stripping "Sen." Murkowski would not be in good taste. Sen. Hatch even asserts that "Sen." Murkowski is still a Republican senator.
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?
With all due respect Sen. Hatch, "Sen." Murkowski is running a write-in campaign. She is running against the duly nominated Republican, Joe Miller. She is not a Republican as long as she carries on this temper tantrum. And does this really prevent her from voting with the Democrats on issues between now and the election? After the election in a lame-duck session.
Hey, memo to GOP senators.
This is why there is a Tea party movement. Because people are sick and tired of this kind of political claptrap. Of the governing class sticking it to the people. Sticking by a member of the club rather than working for a man or woman of the people.
"Sen." Murkowski lost because she lost touch of her people. The people do not want to suck the federal government teat, as "Sen." Murkowski does. They do not want an expansion of the government. That is why the Republicans of Alaska voted for Mr. Miller. And "Sen." Murkowski, it is not about you at all. It is about what you represent. And it is no longer the people.
Now, it is time to respect the people and strip, no tar and feather this gal, of all seniority in every way, shape and form.
One wonders if these dolts want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Political Crack Whore Only Down 15 To Joe Miller

America's favorite political crack whore, "Sen." Lisa Murkowski (Loser-Alaska) is sure proving those people that wanted her to run as a write-candidate they were right.
Oh, my bad!
Unless they think that already 15 points behind the actual Republican nominee for the Alaska senate seat, Joe Miller.
Remember, give some cash to Mr. Miller here to put this political crack whore on a permanent vacation.
And do not forget to keep pressure on the Republican senate leadership to strip her of everything and now!
The rationale for "Sen." Murkowski running as a write in candidate is, well she can bring home the bacon. The problem is that if the Republican leadership strips her of all her leadership and seniority, she will be in no better position than if Alaskans elect Mr. Miller. And, maybe Alaska is getting tired of being in the constant cross hairs of the federal government. And that is why Mr. Miller may be in such a lead.
The reality that "Sen." Murkowski does not want to tell is that she feels she is damn well entitled to the senate seat. After all, daddy had it and gifted it to her when he became governor. It is the entitlement mentality. And although up to now she has claimed to be a Republican, when said Republican voters rejected her, she called them extreme.
Alaska will take care of this Murkowski problem once and for all.
But, they will need our help. And we all need to push Mr. Miller's numbers upward to make "Sen." Murkowski's write-in bid the disaster that it should be.

Hey Karl Rove, Why Don't You HELP Christine O'Donnell Instead Of Continuing To Trash Her?

Sorry for the long post title.
But the question is an important one.
Unlike many on the Right blogosphere, I do not have a grudge against Karl Rove. I mean, he is what he is. A political operative. But, he is one of our operatives. So it is baffling why Mr. Rove has this hardon against the Republican senate nominee from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell.
It started last Tuesday night when the results were announced from the Delaware primary.
On Hannity on the Fox News Channel, Mr. Rove basically said that because Miss O'Donnell defeated the Republican establishment candidate, Congressman Mike Castle, the whole fight to regain the senate was lost.
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?
Because an outsider defeated a questionable insider for a party nomination? Because this insurgent candidate did so with relative ease?
Well, Mr. Rove just laid into Miss O'Donnell. That she has a "checkered past" and that she misled voters about her college education. And that it took her two decades to pay back her student loans.
Fine. That is and has been out there and will be out there.
But here is the thing, Karl. May I call you Karl?
Christine O'Donnell won the primary. She is the duly nominated candidate of the Delaware Republican party. Like it or not.
So, my advice should you want to take it is this.
Why do you not go to Delaware, ask Miss O'Donnell what you can do to help her win her race? Is it easier to sit on the sidelines and bitch about all the crap that is being thrown at Miss O'Donnell? And add to it, I might add.
This is a really important midterm election. It may be the most important one of my 46 years on God's green earth. It will determine control of the House of Representatives and yes, the senate.
Karl, you have been a great strategist and operative. This is a campaign that is going to need someone with your background to get in there, deflect the garbage and keep the candidate, Miss O'Donnell focused.
Now, you may go down there and offer your services. And I think after your trashing it should be pro bono. And maybe, just maybe Miss O'Donnell will listen and give you the bird. Or, she may listen and take some of your potentially sage advice and wisdom. I hope it is the latter.
But Karl, be a mensch. Put your tail between your legs. Apologize for going gonzo on Miss O'Donnell and fight for this seat. Just as the Republicans and conservatives need to fight for every senate seat. Every House seat. Every governor's race. Every statehouse.
So Karl, I hope that you think about it and take my advice. That of but a humble blogger that wants to see the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his radical agenda stopped dead in its tracks.
It can only happen if supposed allies and friends put the firepower towards the other team, not our own.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Political Crack Whore Sucking The Lobbyist Teat

Wow! How could I miss this one?!
It appears that part of "Sen." Lisa Murkowski's (Loser-Alaska) strategy for holding on to the senate seat like the political crack whore she is will be to beg for cash.
From lobbyists!
And to show that she is now a bipartisan political crack whore, she is hitting up a heavyweight Democrat lobbyist for cash.
Heather Podesta is a major Democrat lobbyist.
And do you know who her brother-in-law is?
Well, if you said John Podesta, you win the prize!
And do you remember Mr. Podesta? He was once chief-of-staff to former President Bill Clinton. Now he heads the left-wing "think-tank", Center For American Progress.
Who says that bipartisanship is dead in Washington, D. C.?
Not when you tell your political party to go to hell. And that you decide that you just can not believe that voters may want a new face in the senate. And that maybe if your daddy had not appointed you to the job of senator, you would not get that taste of lobbyist teat.
For those on the left that want to point to this as part of the "civil war" within the Republican party, they are right.
We want those we elect to actually do what they say they will do when they come home and ask for our vote. You know, like cut the size of the federal government. To cut taxes. To restore a panoply of issues best left to the states rather than allow the federal government to continue to usurp those issues.
The Republican party will be better off without a political crack whore like "Sen." Murkowski as its face.
Remember, here is where we can help get her successor, Joe Miller, elected.
Because it is time for an intervention. It is time to get "Sen." Murkowski off the government and lobbyist teat.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lisa Murkowski Is A Political Crack Whore

OK, it is official.
"Sen." Lisa Murkowski is a certifiable political crack whore.
This sore loser announced that she is mounting a write-in candidacy to hold on like a crack whore to the senate seat that she was appointed to by her as discredited father, former governor and senator Frank Murkowski.
Yes, the first major act of then Gov. Murkowski was to appoint a successor to his senate seat. In a state of over 600,000 people, he could only find his daughter was the choice to replace him in the seat he vacated to run for governor. From that moment on, his governorship was doomed.
"Sen." Murkowski did win a full term in 2004 in the same year that former President George W. Bush won reelection. But she barely won that race against a popular former Democrat governor, Tony Knowles. "Sen." Murkowski squeaked by Mr. Knowles, 49% to 46%.
Fast forward to 2010.
"Sen." Murkowski thought that she did not have to actually run to retain the senate seat she was handed to by daddy.
Then came along Joe Miller.
Mr. Miller mounted a serious challenge to "Sen." Murkowski. So much so that the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, lent her support to Mr. Miller. The Tea Party Express also put it's support behind Mr. Miller.
Mr. Miller challenged "Sen." Murkowski on the basis that she was not adhering to basic conservative Republican ideas.
And Mr. Miller was and is accurate.
"Sen." Murkowski was one of the dreaded "Gang of 14" that railroaded then Senate Majority leader Bill Frist from employing the so-called "Nuclear option" that would have brought stalled Bush judicial appointees to votes on the senate floor.
"Sen." Murkowski supported expanding the State Children Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP.
You get the picture.
"Sen." Murkowski supported expanding the power of the federal government and diverting as much pork as possible to her state.
But Joe Miller, well he just had the tenacity to point all this out. And he said that enough is enough. And thus he challenged "Sen." Murkowski.
And you know, he gained the support of Mrs. Palin.
And "Sen." Murkowski treated Mr. Miller like an annoying gnat rather than someone who had serious policy differences.
And more like a wasp, Mr. Miller stung "Sen." Murkowski in the rear by actually winning the Republican nomination for the senate seat.
And that began a bizarre series of events that led to "Sen." Murkowski's disgusting announcement today.
"Sen." Murkowski tried to get the Alaska Libertarian party to change it's rules and let her run as their candidate. But, unlike "Sen." Murkowski, the ALP has some morals and believes in smaller government. Since "Sen." Murkowski acts more like a crack whore at the teat of the federal largess and the ALP believes in lessening that role in our lives, they said thanks, but no thanks.
When that did not work, a supporter named Andrew Halcro, pushed a one-time poll that showed "Sen." Murkowski could win in a three-way race with herself, Mr. Miller and Democrat senate nominee Scott McAdams.
And like the political crack whore that she is, "Sen." Murkowski has turned her back on the Republican party. She has ignored the will of those voters. She believes that she is the Messiah for Alaska in the senate. She is not running because there is a real principle such as when Sen. Joe Lieberman (Independent Democrat-Conn), ran for reelection in 2006 after losing the nomination to Ned Lamont. The whole rationale for Mr. Lamont's candidacy was that he opposed the War Against Islamofacsist Terror in the Iraq theatre and Sen. Lieberman supported it.
At this writing, the Republicans are stripping her of any leadership roles and or committee assignments. As well they should.
And we should not forget that this is where we can help the Republican senate nominee, Joe Miller, fight off this brazen act of a political crack whore.
As usual, Sarah Palin says it best:

"My advice for Lisa is the same for anyone who sees a grizzly in the woods. DON'T RUN.".

Somehow, I do not think that the political crack whore, Lisa Murkowski, is listening.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will The Loser Castle Endorse The Winner O'Donnell In Delaware? OF COURSE NOT!

Tuesday night was an amazing primary night. A lot of great candidates won in seven primaries throughout the United States.
And one of the victors was Republican senate candidate Christine O'Donnell.
Miss O'Donnell defeated Congressman Mike Castle in the Death Match GOP primary in Delaware.
Like several other moderate, RINO* types, it looks like Congressman Castle did not see the O'Donnell express barrelling down the tracks.
And Congressman Castle did not just lose by a little. He lost handily. Congressman Castle lost by a margin of 53% to 46%. And turnout for Republicans was very high for this election.
But we all want to know if the good congressman will back Miss O'Donnell in her victory now and to win this Democrat-held seat in November?
Why, of course not!
Did you really think that it would be any other way?
No, see, the RINO* Republican can not believe that after being in politics for 40 years, that fellow Republicans did not want a milquetoast this time around. The rest of Delaware outside of the big cities of Wilmington and New Castle spoke loudly as evidenced by this map. And what they said is that it is time for a change.
Is Miss O'Donnell the best candidate that is running for the senate in the Republican party? Time will tell that.
But, leave it to the Obamawhore media and the RINO* Republican crowd to find anything that maybe dirty and can stick to Miss O'Donnell.
Like when she spoke against mastrabation on MTV. As Jim Geraghty, a clear O'Donnell opponent in the primary, points out, she gets credit for going into the lion's den and taking a contrarian stand on an issue that, well can be best handled in a different manner than on MTV.
And we all know about Miss O'Donnell's financial problems.
Oh, and The Other McCain gives us a salacious bit of news about Miss O'Donnell. That her sister is. . .wait for it. . . wait. . .a lesbian!
But back to Congressman Castle.
Yes, it was a very bitter campaign right up to the polls closing in the First State. And one clear smear that I thought was way over the top was accusing the congressman of having a homosexual affair. Without proof, it is a dirty trick. Even with proof, it is a dirty trick. But a lot of the other stuff was what candidates do in a primary. And the loser at the very least congratulates the winner, backs the winner publicly and maybe slithers off the stage.
But, Congressman Castle's feelings were hurt, you see. As noted, it is that which precludes Congressman Castle from endorsing Miss O'Donnell.
Hey, my candidates for office in California lost. Steve Poizner to Meg Whitman for governor. Chuck DeVore to Carly Fiorina. And, all showed up at the victory rally the next day. And yes, these were very bitter campaigns. And, I am a supporter of both Mrs. Whitman and Mrs. Fiorina. They won.
That is what Congressman Castle needs to do. If he believes that the Republicans in control of congress is better than the Democrats in control, now he needs to put aside the hurt feelings and support Miss O'Donnell. She is who the Republican voters wanted in the general election.
In other words, stop being the RINO* that you have been so accused of being and back the candidate.

RINO*-Republican In Name Only

Monday, September 13, 2010

Will The Loser Back The Winner In The Delaware GOP Primary Death Match?

This post by Gabe Malor over at Ace makes my point exactly. And let me be clear. Whoever wins this race, I am all in. I will support the winner and urge the good people of Delaware to do the same. ANYONE that suggests a Democrat is better than a RINO needs to get a clue. This whole thing as to who controls the senate-Democrats or Republicans-may hinge on this race. So come Wednesday morning, put away the bitterness of the primary and get behind the winner. Whether it be the RINO or the Tea Party candidate.

In what has become the Republican senate primary Death Match, the Republican voters of Delaware will decide who will be the nominee for the senate seat once occupied by the brain surgeon Vice-President, Joe Biden.
In less than 48 hours, voters will decide if Congressman Mike Castle or insurgent Christine O'Donnell will represent the GOP in November.
It has been a battle of the ages.
If Miss O'Donnell wins, this will be the upset of the primary season. Not to compare, but it will top Alvin Greene's stunning Democrat primary win for the senate in South Carolina.
If Congressman Castle wins, and just barely, questions have to be raised about his seriousness about winning the election. The fact that he ignored Miss O'Donnell until the last week of the election and let her gain so much ground may mean that the touted candidacy may not be all that strong.
You see, that is what the primaries are all about. Candidates go after each other and then someone wins and the loser pledges support.
But I wonder if that will happen in this contest.
Miss O'Donnell is a bit of a hot-head. I worry that if she loses, she will mount a third-party or write-in challenge. As I noted in an earlier post, there is something Harold Stassenesque about Miss O'Donnell. If she does not win and loses close, she may convince herself that an outside shot is better than none at all. That will keep this seat in the hands of the Democrats. An unnecessary tragedy.
What if Miss O'Donnell wins this race? Will the loser, Congressman Castle support her? Will the National Republican Senate Committee spend more money than they wanted to to win this seat? Writing this off because an outsider, Miss O'Donnell, were to win would be absolutely asinine.
This seat is winnable. The Democrat party is on the run. And whoever wins this primary should be given a shot at winning this thing.
So, my request is simple.
Who ever wins, be gracious. Who ever loses, pledge support. And the NRSC better fork out the cash no matter who wins in Delaware.
These two better patch it up come Wednesday morning. Because the real enemy is the Democrat party and their leader. The Dear Leader, President Obama.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Patriot Day 2010

Yesterday was the Patriot Day 2010 rally in South Pasadena that I wrote about on Friday's post.
It was a great event as hundreds gathered to celebrate the United States, remember those that died on 9/11/2001 and yes, to hear a little speech making by the local congressional candidate and state assembly candidate.
Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast and I arrived around the noon hour and the event was in full swing. Unfortunately, we missed John Colbert's address to the crowd. But as you will see later, your humble blogger did speak with him one-on-one. Very exciting to think that I was able to speak to the next congressman from the California 29th congressional district.
The event was a lot of fun as there was food and a great band covering some great old rock music.
The following are some photos from the event.
This is a shot of the crowd. It does not seem like a lot of people, but I got just a little too close.
You have got to love the shirt the lead guitarist/vocalist is wearing. Mocking the Obama logo it says: GONE January 20, 2013. My sentiments exactly.

Above is the Republican candidate for the California state assembly district 44, Alvaro Day. He is great, young and very energetic. This is one young man that will be going places in California Republican politics.
WOW! This election is really going to the dogs! This is Shaun Hoffman's pooch. He is running for the California Board of Equalization, the tax board, in the fourth district. He has a very longshot campaign, but hey this election the longshots maybe the ones that pull off the wins. Which here will be good for us conservatives and Republicans.
A lot of people looked like they took the opportunity to register to vote. This area was very busy. This is the kind of grassroots effort it is going to take to bring change not just to Washington, D. C., but Sacramento as well.
Above is your humble blogger speaking with the next congressman from the California 29th congressional district, John Colbert. I asked Mr. Colbert if the current congresscrook, Adam Schiff was going to debate him. He did say that there is a debate scheduled but that he is not sure Mr. Schiff would even show up. I also asked how the campaign is going and he was really excited. He commented on the large crowd that showed up and said that he had never seen people as energized on our side as we are now. I thanked him for running and mentioned my endorsement of his candidacy.
Folks, here in California the primaries are long over and the battles are in full force. The conservative Republican side is fired up and looking for some big wins in November. I believe in these candidates and that they do have a great chance to win their respective races. So take an opportunity to visit their websites. Give some money or time or both. As noted, the energy is on our side. Lets keep it going until November 2!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Patriot Day Rally In South Pasadena On Saturday!

Saturday, September 11, the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City, Shanksville, Pennsylvania and Washington, D. C., will be a celebration of Patriot Day at Arroyo Seco park in South Pasadena.
This event is being put on the the Pasadena Patriots and Republican congressional candidate John Colbert will speak as well.
We must never, ever forget the events of that fateful day in our history. And we must show our support to those that are in uniform and fighting those that want to destroy our way of life.
Most importantly, we must not lose sight that we are not fighting the whole religion of Islam. We are fighting those that want to impose a tyrannical perversion of that monotheistic faith.
Never forget what happened on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Whiner In Chief

Ooh boy!
Once again, our Dear Leader, President Obama, shows the American people that he has a really thin skin when it comes to criticism.
Today, the Dear Leader, President Obama, said this about the Republicans in congress and, I suppose, the American people:

“They talk about me like a dog.”

WHAH! WHAH! WHAH! The big, bad repubicans don't like me! WHAH! WHAH! WHAH!
Hey, Dear Leader, President Obama, grow the hell up!
Did you feel this way when you were joining your fellow Democrats in diminishing former President George W. Bush for eight years? In fact, does any one remember Mr. Bush saying anything like this about his opponents? No, because he did not. Unlike the Dear Leader, President Obama, Mr. Bush was man enough to be involved in politics and understood, people who do not support you say and do lousy things.
Remember, no one is making a movie fantasising about assassinating the Dear Leader, President Obama. But some cretin low-life did about Mr. Bush. And of course it won critical acclaim. Would that happen if someone did a movie fantasising about assassinating the Dear Leader, President Obama? Like it will happen in the first place.
And before one pontificates that this was not the work of a politician but a movie-maker, it does not matter. I sure do not remember hearing Democrat politicians or leaders decrying this garbage. If one can find it, I will stand corrected.
Dear Leader, President Obama. You wanted to be the president. And being president means that those that do not support your policies will be critical. And offer their own ideas. That, sir, is what makes elective politics in a representative republic.
The above comment came in remarks about the latest initiative that Team Obama is trying to jump-start a moribund economy.
It is another make-work jobs program regarding the United States infrastructure.
And, it should have been the original stimulus legislation.
But, Mr Thinskin can't take that Republicans do not see this as any better than the $787,000,000,000 so-called stimulus program.
So he resorts to whining.
And it really is unbecoming of the leader of the Free World.
If the Dear Leader can not take what Republicans say about him, how is he going to handle our sworn enemies as Iran? I do not want to see that.
As I wrote, this is part of the job.
It is time to man up, Dear Leader, President Obama.
Stop being the whiner in chief and be the commander in chief.

Should It Be Christine O'Donnell Or Mike Castle In Delaware GOP Senate Race?

Help me my fellow conservatives.
I am very frustrated about this senate race in Delaware between incumbent Republican Congressman Michael Castle and challenger Christine O'Donnell.
I mean, Miss O'Donnell was nothing but an afterthought as Congressman Castle was supposed to win this primary in a cakewalk.
Except a funny thing has happened.
Miss O'Donnell is gaining ground and Congressman Castle may be lucky to win this race by the skin of his teeth. If he should be so lucky.
In July of this year Miss O'Donnell had raised a measly $55,000. That is not much in this day and age. Then Miss O'Donnell went on the Mark Levin radio program and raised $30,000 in 30 hours. And she gained the support of the Tea Party Express and the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List.
Now she is within striking distance of Congressman Castle.
On the other hand, Congressman Castle has the full-throated support of the Republican establishment. Even many solid conservatives are supporting Congressman Castle.
So, are these two that far apart on the issues?
Well, I always go to the websites of these campaigns.
Miss O'Donnell's website highlights 11 issues and if you follow her recording of events over Congressman Castle's career, it appears that he may well be a Democrat in Republican clothing. A RINO*.
Go to Congressman Castle's website and the issues he chooses to focus on are, well to be blunt, rather milquetoast. Gives me the impression that he does not like to actually fight for anything. It is the kind of stuff that bores me to be honest.
So, I find Miss O'Donnell to be the conservative in this race.
I should endorse her based on the issues that she chooses to focus on.
But here is my problem.
In a recent radio interview, Miss O'Donnell accuses the host of being on the payroll of the Castle campaign. She also claims that in her previous campaign for the senate, against now Vice-President Dingbat Joe Biden, that she won two out of three of Delaware's counties. Huh? She did not. She lost all three. Jim Geraghty makes this rather uncomfortable point in this post. I guess he is on the Castle payroll too. And some of Mr. Geraghty's subsequent posts on Miss O'Donnell will get him more in trouble I am certain.
OK, maybe you think that Mr. Geraghty is too inside baseball. So, how about Ace over at the Ace Of Spades? Is he on the Castle payroll too? And why is the O'Donnell campaign spreading a totally uncorroborated rumor about Congressman Castle and a homosexual affair? There is more to the rumors of Florida Governor Charlie Christ than that of Congressman Castle. In fact, there is so no there there that the man behind the rumor justifies spreading it for this reason:

(Yates) Walker said he had no compunction about repeating the rumor about Castle because "he's a threat to American sovereignty."
He didn't offer any evidence for the claim.

WOW! I expect this trash from the other side. It is their raison d'etre. But from a conservative and a Republican, it is not what I want to hear. Miss O'Donnell, you have Congressman Castle on the issues. Stick with them. If you really want to win this thing.
Reading the rest of Ace's post is rather depressing. Unlike the three candidates that ran in California for the right to defeat Sen. Barbara Ma'am Boxer, Miss O'Donnell seems to be a conservative Harold Stassen. Perpetually running for office. And the same one. The United States senate.
Another conservative that is, well, unimpressed with Miss O'Donnell is Quin Hillyer over at The American Spectator. No one can question is conservative bona fides. And yet Mr. Hillyer is saying that voting for Miss O'Donnell is a waste of a vote.
But of course Miss O'Donnell has her supporters.
Mark Levin is not giving up on her at all. But he does not offer the strongest of defense for her when he says that all of this is minor stuff.
There is Mr. Hillyer's compadre at The American Spectator, The Other McCain. As always, he makes a good case. One is how Miss O'Donnell can win the Republican primary. But as a commenter notes, she would lose the general election. Or here where he makes a good case that if Miss O'Donnell does pull off the upset, that all the dirty work will have been done by establishment Republicans. The only problem with that is the same will happen if Congressman Castle wins. Hang out that he is some megalomaniac that sends his henchmen in the bushes to harass Miss O'Donnell. Or that he has has a homosexual affair. See, it does work both ways.
Again, I would like to support Miss O'Donnell. I mean, Congressman Castle is as establishment and RINO* as one can get. He can trace his family tree all the way back to Benjamin Franklin. But one thing is as sure as the sky is blue. Congressman Castle can win without a doubt. The resources that the Republican party would have to put will be no where near what would have to be done to help Miss O'Donnell. That is just a fact. And there is the possibility that this candidate would be way to hot for the establishment to fully back.
But if anyone can make a real serious case for Miss O'Donnell, do it. I do not get to vote in Delaware, but many conservatives and Republicans do. And they need to make an informed choice on September 14.

*RINO-Republican In Name Only.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Left Angeles Times And Either Or On The GOP

It is actually amusing reading the Sunday Left Angeles Times.
For on page one, for all the world to see, is an article that seems to continue the shilling the fish wrap is doing for the Democrats this election season.
The headline reads "GOP flies high, but midterm won't be a breeze".
Well, duh?
Of course it will not be a breeze. Anything can happen between now and election day to change the dynamic of the race for congress, governor's offices and statehouse legislatures.
The article's main thrust is the third paragraph:

But despite all its assets, the GOP still faces hurdles. It suffers a disadvantage in fundraising, a national organization in shambles, an inconsistent message, and bruises from a tumultuous primary season — all factors that could make the difference between winning and winning big.

Yes, it is true that the Republican party is not the party with the cash at it's disposal as do the Democrats. After all, the Republicans do not have the labor union's shilling for them. And they do not have the power of celebrity that the Democrats do. But money can only buy so much. Just ask some Republicans that had the cash and still lost on election day. George Allen is one. So is Rick Santorum. It is not always about the money. It is the mood of the electorate at that election cycle as well. And it was not very pretty for the Republicans.
National organization is important, but can only go so far. They can dole out money and troops to some candidates. But again it is all about the mood of the voters.
The message is not inconsistent at all. It is no to the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his policies. There does not have to be an absolute manifesto, but a clear bullet-point number of proposals. And it does not have to be right now. As we enter the home stretch of this campaign, within the next two to three weeks, the Republicans will put it all on paper and run on the bullet--points. Just as the Contract With America in 1994. Why should they give any time for the Democrats to rebut it? I find that it is smart on the Republicans part not to come out with a plan too early.
And please, citing "bruises from a tumultuous primary season" as a potential drawback is stupid.
The fact is that because so many Republicans are looking at a favorable terrain is why they chose this time around to run. A primary like the one that Sen. John "F--- You" McCain and J. D. Hayworth had is a good thing. It means that Sen. "F--- You" McCain is going to be held more accountable if he wants to win reelection. Had he coasted, it may have been the old "bipartisan" McCain and not the more conservative McCain that won the primary. And trust me, J. D. Hayworth, as do I, would rather see this John "F--- You" McCain than the "can we just all get along" McCain.
Primaries are good for a political party on the ascendancy.
OK, so you think that the Times would leave well enough alone.
But no, in a case of but one the other hand, in the same Sunday edition comes this headline about California political races, "Because of the economy, a more conservative electorate emerges in California".
I thought that the Times cited that it was going to be a tough road for the Republicans in this election season?
Yes, it does seem on the surface to be a kind of sort of slight of hand.
But, read the whole thing because it cites that favorite buzz word of political scientists and the like.
The thrust of the article can be best summed up this way.
Sure, the California voters is teed-off right now. The economy sucks and they do not think that the government should be taking any more money now while we have to tighten our belts. But we like all the state services. Just want it ran more efficiently. And eventually, all will be forgiven and the independents will eventually elect Democrats. Maybe not this time around, but maybe next time.
While about 20% of registered California voters are decline-to-state, many are in fact and indeed conservatives. Many have opted out of the California Republican party because of the leftward shift under the titular leader, Gov. Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many did not realize until election day that both the Democrat and Republican parties opened up the primary to decline-to-state voters. It may have played an out come in who got the nominations for the state constitutional offices and the United States senate. But trust me, at least half are frustrated Republicans.
A side note.
Something not noted in this article is that in San Diego county, where the Democrats seemed to be poised to become the majority party, not so fast.
It appears that the Republicans have gained back a small majority of registered voters and are now ahead by 891. That is a lot of work after the election cycle of 2008. And it shows that many of the Democrat registered voters were in it to vote for the Dear Leader, President Obama. Not long-term voters by any stretch of the imagination.
It also shows a trend nationwide that Republicans are taking registration seriously and making a real effort to get people back into the fold or new voters.
But remember, the Times must point out that Democrats comprise about 45% of the electorate and Republicans 31%. This clearly does not account for the changes made in this election cycle.
The point is that the Times seems to not really get it.
This is going to be a Republican year. It maybe one that none of us have seen in our lifetimes. The only aspect of this is how much will the Republicans will gain. Will be a devastating number of seats in congress, the senate and governor's races or a large number be not all that defined. That is the real story. But do not expect the Left Angeles Times to write about that.