Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

Unfortunately, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass) was only a few blocks from my humble abode on Monday in Pasadena at Pasadena City College for a supposed campaign rally for embattled Democratic nominee for California governor, state treasurer (go figure, trusting Democrats with taxpayer dollars!) Phil Angelides.
What transpired is glib remarks about getting an education or those students maybe ending up in Iraq from the intellectual Sen. Kerry.
Oh, sure after he was caught not only in our local fish wrap (www.pasadenastarnews.com) and on youtube, he offered, well not an apology but an asinine diatribe saying that the comment was in reference to President Bush. Oh, I'm sorry, I must have missed the reference to President Bush since he did not use his name at all.
But, Sen. Kerry, trying to buck up another loser in Angelides has maybe turned this midterm election back to helping the GOP keep the majorities in both houses.
Let me be clear, this is the pattern of Sen. Kerry, to denigrate those who, in this war, volunteered to sign up in the US armed forces. The message was quite clear from Sen. Kerry. Get an education or you will end up as one of the bumpkins fighting in Iraq.
Sen. Kerry can not spin this as a Republican or Rush Limbaugh spin job. Here is what Sen Kerry said, verbatim:
"You know, education, if you make the most it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you'll get stuck in Iraq."
Funny, I did not see George W. Bush's name anywhere in that glib, flippant remark.
Of course not as that what it was not about. It was a slam on the military that Sen. Kerry has so loathed since he served in the Vietnam war. It is infact what left wingers really think about the military and those that serve in it.
It is why he and his ilk fight against ROTC programs on high school campuses throughout the United States. It is he and his ilk that fight recruiters at high school and college campuses. Afterall, a high schooler can pay for and have an abortion, but don't let that recruiter get 'em!
What this shows is the left's utter disregard for the military and those that serve in it. It shows that portraying the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror as a failure, they are indirectly saying our soldiers are part of the reason. It pollutes the leftist cannard that only poor people serve in the military.
I would like them to tell that to the family of marine J.P. Blecksmith, who was killed in the battle of Fallujah. He came from San Marino, California, a very wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. He only graduated from West Point and came from a long line of military "losers".
This genie does not get back into the bottle. It is already out and making the Democrats very uncomfortable in the waning days of this mid-term election campaign.
So, what is the gift Sen. Kerry gives this time? Not only the guaranteed reelection of Gov. Schwarzenneger but keeping the GOP in control of congress. If this does not motivate disgruntled conservative Republicans, nothing will.

Friday, October 27, 2006

What Wednesday, November 8 Will Look Like

Since this is the time the pundits start to look seriously at the close races, consult the Ouiji Board, do a seance or whatever it is they do to make their predictions, I will jump in with my preliminary predictions for the House and Senate as to who will win the big races and what the make up will be. I say preliminary because I will come back next week with an update. Here goes nothing!
The House of Representatives:
Republican Democrat
225 210
Democrat net gain +8
Republican Democrat Ind.
58 41 1
Republican net gain +3
Now before you say, how do we gain 3 seats in the senate, follow me.
The so-called big six, Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Montana, and Virginia will all stay in the GOP column. Don't get me wrong, they will all be close, maybe only a few thousand votes in each race. But, they will stay GOP. I think the Republicans get Maryland and maybe the easiest of these races. Also, look for Tom Kean, Jr. to take New Jersey and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard to take Michigan. Also, don't count out Minnesota congressman Mark Kennedy squeaking by in Minnesota. It may offset any of the above that may not turn out for the GOP.
How do I get here?
Simple, the countinous onslaught by the dinosaur MSM that this is going to be a tidal wave for the Democrats. Also, the same folks trying to supress conservative, Republican voters will backfire as it as since 2002 when they also thought the same thoughts of takeover of the senate and the house.
The Democrats biggest problem is that they do not have a plan for anything. Chairman Howard Dean says as much. The only plan is they are not George W. Bush, and their blind hatred of him is worse than anything.
Disenchanted conservatives, I am one, are coming home as noted in an earlier post. We realize that a Republican majority will get conservative judges appointed and possibly to the supereme court. Also, we will not see a tax hike. Trust me, W does not make the same mistake as Bush 41. And in the most important issue of the day, President Bush and the Republicans are the only ones who can fight the War Against Terror with clarity and conviction. The Democrats have not offered any way to counter that as a grown up party.
Here is a chance to make them grow up. Keep them out of the majority until they can act like they care.
Anyway, there it is, the Republicans keep the majority and the Democrats have their bloodbath when they throw out Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from their leadership positions.
Come back next week to see if their are any changes.

Steele For Senate

Michael Steele will be the next senator from Maryland, and he will be a breath of fresh air compared to the blowhard, congressman Ben Cardin(D-Maryland) running against him.
While Cardin has the disingenuous ad from Democrat hack Michael J. Fox lying about his position on stem cell research, which he voted against before it became the Democrat cause celebre, Steele has a perfectly good retort in this ad on his website (www.steeleformaryland.com). It is his sister, telling the truth about her big brother and she has multiple sclerosis.
When Cardin is not using actors to lie for him, he won't answer questions in a debate and ducks them outright due to the time worn "scheduling conflict."
Steele is getting endorsements from unlikely sources such as Russell Simmons, hip hop impresario. He will get the 25 percent of the black vote that he will need to beat this hack into the ground. I think that he is the kind of candidate that moderate blacks can vote for and be proud just as I would if I could vote in Maryland.
It is not his race but what he stands for and not afraid to take on the Democrat establishment that can't stand the fact he left the plantation and is, horror of horrors, a Republican!
Please, send some cash to Steele (www.steeleformaryland.com) so he can get the message out and beat this Cardin fellow into the ground.
Michael Steele is going to be but one story of the many Republican victories on November 7 that the media will have to explain in this
"Democrat" year.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Your Coming Back, Admit It

This is to all of you conservative Republicans, which I am one.
Thank you for coming home and getting ready to vote the Republicans back to congress and keeping the House and Senate in Republican hands.
I am with you that there have been many disappointments, but just today, thanks to the House Republicans, President Bush signed to Border Fence bill into law. Don't think that would have come out of a Democrat congress.
How about the war effort? If the Democrats were to take congress, eventually they will do what they did in the waning days of the Vietnam war. They will just cut off funding, thus ending the mission and forcing our troops home before the mission is done.
If that does not satisfy you, just think of a Democrat senate that blocks a well qualified conservative to sit on the supreme court. Don't think that would not happen? Think again. Also, think about what the state supreme court in New Jersey ruled in regard to same sex "marriage".
These are not scare tactics. These are the realities.
Now that many fence sitters are thinking again, they are coming home and getting to work doing early voting and volunteer work. That is what we need to do.
Remember, we have no allies in the dinosaur MSM so we should just avoid dealing with them seriously.
I tend to agree with Dean Barnett's analysis at Hugh Hewitt's site (www.hughhewitt.com) that this is beginging to look a lot like 2002, when the Republicans made gains in both the House and Senate.
I am not sure about gains in the House, but if we roll a perfect six in the big contested senate races, I think we can get Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey. Even with a couple of losses (maybe Ohio and Rhode Island), it would be a possible two seat gain. Throw Minnesota in the mix as Mark Kennedy is getting traction in new polling.
By coming home and keeping the Republican majority in both houses, conservatives will have more of a say as we will have been the ones to save the congress.
Think about that and get out and vote and volunteer to help the GOP anywhere you can.
Thank you for coming home.

Michael J. Fox Has Always Been A Democrat Activist

The recent brouhaha over the disingenuous television ad with actor Michael J. Fox brings to mind a dirty little secret that many people seem to forget as he began his acting career during the 1980s on the popular sitcom "Family Ties."
In that series, Fox played Alex P. Keaton, a young upstart who was a Reagan Republican being raised by '60s parents. Very early on he made clear that he was not anything like Keaton, but was infact as liberal as his shows parents in real life. It was then that he lent his name to liberal and Democrat causes.
So, why is anyone surprised that he would in probably a worse stage of Parkinson's disease make disengeous ads demonizing Republicans who may not support embryotic stem cell research, which has not been promising at all?
Because, he is and has been a Democrat, not that theres anything wrong with that.
What is the fraud is that he has only become an activist since being diagnosed with the disease.
Fox is not being used by the Democrats. He is one of them who just happens to have a debilitating disease and is desperate to find a cure, any way, anyhow.
I don't blame him.
But, junk science can not be started that may have a Orwellian end that will be worse than what may be the cure.
For the record, I do not think these ads are going to change many minds.
Sen Jim Talent (R-Mo) will win reelection. Michael Steele will be the next Republican senator from Maryland.
What is true that if Fox wants to get involved in the political arena in this way, get ready for the criticsim. He is no different from any one else just because he does have Parkinson's disease.
The truth is, Fox has always been a Democrat and should be clear about that.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Time To Put The Cash And Time To Keep The GOP Majority!

My fellow Republicans, it is time to put our money and time where our mouths are.
I know, you are not going to vote because the New York Times says you won't.
The Los Angeles Times says that because you are not going to vote, the Democrats are going to gain seats in Red America.
I can go on and on, but I know this is nothing but...BULL!
As we speak, I am sending $30 to the RNC. If every Republican in the United States did that, we could change the course of this election and gain seats in both the House and Senate.
Do you know that Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey are in play? Well, they are and $30 can go a long way to elect Mike Bouchard in Michigan, Mike Steele in Maryland and Tom Kean, Jr. In New Jersey.
Do you know that the Democrats are so running out of cash that Chairman Howard Dean is trying to take a $10 million dollar loan just to keep some balance with the GOP effort?
Also, don't think that because you live in a very safe GOP area or deep in Dem America that it does not count.
Look at California.
Gov. Arnold has a commanding lead in the polls, but that means nothing. Send money and take time to phone bank. That will help keep the governor's numbers high and elect Tom McClintock, a Reagan Republican, as lieutenant Governor and Chuck Poochigian as Attorney General. It will also send back Congressmen Richard Pombo (CA-8) and John Doolittle(CA-11) with large majorities that make the Democrat effort a waste of time and money.
The only way we will stay in the majority and see any immigration reform, appointment of conservative members of the federal judiciary and the Supreme Court, and win the War Against Terror is by sending back a GOP majority to congress.
Most importantly, DO NOT LET THE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR MSM ALLIES tell you what to do!! They are telling you not to vote and yet you will be the first to complain when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid go after the President because they still can not get over not stealing the 2000 election. DO NOT LET THEM STEAL this election. By the "reporting" and "analysis", they are saying some dumb things. And by suppressing your vote, they are stealing this election, plain and simple.
But, now is the time.
Let us put our money and time where our mouths are and get the GOP back in the majority.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why No Talking About California Turning Red?

It is curious that in this super-charged lets get the Dems in power in Washington drive by the MSM, they have totally ignored the real story of the year.
They have not covered the fact that reliably Democratic California is turning Republican in a hurry and it will turn almost all of the constitutional elected offices in the hands of the GOP.
A lot of people, fellow Republicans and especially conservatives, don't think that Gov. Arnold is a real Republican. Well, he is a Republican as one can be married to a Kennedy! But seriously, on the issues that count to Republicans and even conservatives, he has been on the right side. He has, to use a so 1990's term triangulated the Democrats and they could not have done better in nominating far-left Phil Angelides to be their standard bearer.
That has led to Gov. Arnold having a lead of anywhere from 10-15 percent in any given poll. That means that all of the other candidates are within striking distance and keeping other Democrats from breaking 50 percent or better.
Only former Gov. Jerry Brown has got as high as 50 percent in his race for attorney general. That more goes to name recognition, so take 10 percent off of that and he is not very far ahead of Republican Chuck Poochigian.
This means that Republicans, moderates and conservatives, will be in control in Sacramento. Maybe they will even pick up a couple of Assembly seats and even a Senate seat.
Why has the MSM not talked about this?
Because, you see, this is a Democrat year. They are going to storm back in control of congress in record numbers. Maybe they will even have enough senate seats to impeach President Bush.
Just a little hyperbole.
Seriously, the MSM can not talk about any GOP success. That is not part of the game plan. We have stories about the Democrat taking on the Republicans in red country. Tell that to the so-called endangered GOP reps in Connecticut that will win reelection and thus keep the House in Republican control.
I think this is indicative about the fact that polling weighs heavily to the Democrats and that when there will be "surprises" on Nov. 7, excuses and conspiracy theories will rear their ugly head.
Just remember, there are Republican success stories and California will be one of them.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Top Five Reasons Republicans Will Keep The Congress

Yes, you read it right, the Republicans will keep control of both houses of congress. There are five large reasons, but I will concede now that they will lose a few seats, but there will not be a Democrat tidal wave and some of the so-called races are not really races at all.
Here are the top-five reasons:
1) Turnout. I believe that Republican voters are smart enough to see that the MSM has made what amounts to a last stand as far as their relevancy is concerned. They really do believe that Democrats will turn out in droves and take over by possible substantial margins the House and the Senate. There is no evidence of this, even the most partisan MSM analyst will admit this. Yes, Democrats are more enthusiastic about their candidates than Republicans. But, because the MSM is trying to channel this election in their favor, many will stay home, thinking it is in the bag. But, because of the superior Republican get out the vote-aka GOTV-planning and the low expectations, they will get the maximum of Republican voters out and stop any potential bleeding. One bit of history. Republican voters tend to vote in midterm elections, Democrats do not.
2) Money. The Republicans have more money in the bank and will use it wisely where they will get the most bang for the buck. Also, that effort will be made in the 72 hour GOTV marathon that will get the most Republican voters to the polls.
3) National Security. Yes, there have been a few polls that say the voters trust the Democrats more than the Republicans, but that will not correlate come election day. Right now, they have no plan for Iraq, North Korea, Iran or any other hot spot. Because, as you will see in reason four, polling is being done intentionally overusing Democrat leaning voters. Try asking real independent voters and Republicans.
4) Lying Polls. The MSM is most transparent in this area. In almost any given poll, the pollsters are polling more Democrats than Republicans, thus skewing any poll to make them look good and the Republicans look bad. Also, they are relying on registered voters over likely voters. Why? Because, registered voters favor Democrats because more people in many parts of the country are registered Democrats. But, likely voters favor Republicans because Republicans actually vote. Why was Rassmussen closest to the exact election results in 2004? Because he used likely voters to sample Too bad the MSM won't do that.
5) There is no realignment in this election. Michael Barone in the latest US News and Report (www.usnews.com) said that even if the Democrats do indeed take one or both houses of congress, it will be by a slim margin. So, what may happen is that voters will send a message to the Republicans and it will be a slight Democratic majority at worst. But, Republican voters will be motivated to see that does not happen.
We know that the next three weeks will try to make this a redeux of 1994, but it won't happen.
Republican party chairman Ken Mehlman said it best. The Democrats were not prepared for the 1994 Republican onslaught that was a realignment election. This year, the Republicans are, and that might be in the words of Karl Rove, the October Surprise.

Coming Back

This is just to let those know that IMMMMM BAAAACK!! And now, with only about three weeks to go, we who know that the current Republican congress has been less than perfect, it will be better still in the hands of Republicans and now is the time to show that there are some who will do anything to keep Republicans down, sometimes actual Republicans! I will take time to show how our MSM is pulling all the stops to bring back the Democrat party to power, even making things up that they think will help the cause. Those of us who can need to blunt this blatant assault by the MSM and their allies to steal this election. There is, even by their own accounts, not a huge surge to the Democrats. Democrats are excited, that is a fact, but making races where there are none, it is absolutely amazing. So, I will show why the Republicans will keep congress and maybe there will be some surprises. Stay tuned.