Thursday, October 26, 2006

Your Coming Back, Admit It

This is to all of you conservative Republicans, which I am one.
Thank you for coming home and getting ready to vote the Republicans back to congress and keeping the House and Senate in Republican hands.
I am with you that there have been many disappointments, but just today, thanks to the House Republicans, President Bush signed to Border Fence bill into law. Don't think that would have come out of a Democrat congress.
How about the war effort? If the Democrats were to take congress, eventually they will do what they did in the waning days of the Vietnam war. They will just cut off funding, thus ending the mission and forcing our troops home before the mission is done.
If that does not satisfy you, just think of a Democrat senate that blocks a well qualified conservative to sit on the supreme court. Don't think that would not happen? Think again. Also, think about what the state supreme court in New Jersey ruled in regard to same sex "marriage".
These are not scare tactics. These are the realities.
Now that many fence sitters are thinking again, they are coming home and getting to work doing early voting and volunteer work. That is what we need to do.
Remember, we have no allies in the dinosaur MSM so we should just avoid dealing with them seriously.
I tend to agree with Dean Barnett's analysis at Hugh Hewitt's site ( that this is beginging to look a lot like 2002, when the Republicans made gains in both the House and Senate.
I am not sure about gains in the House, but if we roll a perfect six in the big contested senate races, I think we can get Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey. Even with a couple of losses (maybe Ohio and Rhode Island), it would be a possible two seat gain. Throw Minnesota in the mix as Mark Kennedy is getting traction in new polling.
By coming home and keeping the Republican majority in both houses, conservatives will have more of a say as we will have been the ones to save the congress.
Think about that and get out and vote and volunteer to help the GOP anywhere you can.
Thank you for coming home.

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