Friday, August 31, 2007

Who Are These People We Elect?

This Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho-not as of tomorrow) fiasco along with the other congressional scandals to many to write about and very bipartisan has led me to ask a fundamental question.
Who are these people that we elect to public office?
No one can say with a straight face that no one knew something about the antics of Sen. Happy Feet. I mean, a sleazy internet blogger, Mike Rogers, felt the need to "out" Sen. Happy Feet as a closeted homosexual, but worse for Sen. Happy Feet, as a congressman back in 1982, he felt the need to inform the media that he was not a homosexual. Reports were circulating about some congressmen, until then Congressman Happy Feet felt the need to go on immediate offense, unnamed involved in sexual relations of some kind with congressional pages. Eventually, the pages dropped the complaint as there was nothing to it. Again I ask, not a soul in congress and the senate did not know there was a cloud over Larry Craig, AKA Happy Feet? I do not think so.
Or how about Sen. David Vitter (R-Louisiana)? Again, no one in congress, where he once served, and the senate knew a thing about the fact he was cavorting with women other than his wife and prostitutes at that? I do not believe that to be the case.
Let us not just dump on Republicans. There is the case of Louisiana Democrat Congressman William Jefferson. An aside, remember I noted in an earlier post that one thing bipartisan in Louisiana is corruption. Back to Congressman Jefferson. The good representative has found a way to put $90,000 in a freezer. Now there is new meaning to cold, hard cash! Again, I ask, no one, not one of Congressman Jefferson's colleagues knew of this? Of course not!
And, well there is a lot about Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-New York) that I can write about, but I only have so much time and space!
I ask my question again. Who are these people that we elect to public office?
I no of no group of 535 people, the number of congressmen and senators, that seem to either be oblivious to what others are doing, or not doing, and when the crap hits the fan, they run from a colleague under the microscope like they were the black plague. I know of no other group that seems to cover for each other and their deviant behavior of all kinds.
And that is the problem. And, I think part of the problem is we live in an age in which nobody wants to be "judgemental." "Judgemental" is a term that has been so abused that people seem to think that it means live it up with no consequences. But, because being "judgemental" is not in vogue, holding the said 535 accountable seems not to be either.
I can not believe that a Republican senator did not take Sen. Happy Feet by the shirt collar and say cool it with the trolling for sex in toilets.
I can not believe that a Democrat congressman did not do the same thing to Congressman William Jefferson and tell him not to take bribes and give the money back and while your at it, why do you not resign.
I think it is time for these people to hold each other accountable, whether it will be a Democrat to a Republican or a Republican to a Democrat. This is a non partisan issue. Just firing these scum come election time is not enough.
I know that we are not electing saints to public office but by God almighty, we should be able to find 535 decent people that will not be an embarrassment, whether it be trolling for sex in a toilet or freezing $90,000 in a freezer.
I wish ACCOUNTABILITY, not being judgemental, was a serious issue in the upcoming election season, but alas it will not be and we will elect these same clowns. And that means we will ask the same question maybe in another two years time. And that is too bad.

Sen. John Warner Will NOT Seek A Sixth Term

According to Fox News Channel, Virginia Republican Sen. John Warner will not seek a sixth term to the senate. That is good news. It is now time for Ed Gillespe to get in the primary race and keep this seat in Republican hands. I am afraid that if Congressman Tom Davis runs, this seat will be lost to the Democrats no matter who they run.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Fateful Report And Finally A Response From Pro-Surge Forces

Lost in the tabloid saga that is Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho-not much longer) is the fact that on or around September 15, General David Petreaus will deliver the much-anticipated report on the success of the military surge in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Islamofascist Terror.
The good news in that now, the DDBMSM will not be able to give the anti-war forces free reign to trot out their liars and charlatans and will be shadowed by a non-partisan group called Gathering Of Eagles. HT: Michelle Malkin According to Mrs. Malkin, this is a coalition of Rolling Thunder, military bloggers and troop/war supporters.
Also under this umbrella are such groups as Move America Forward, the Victory Caucus, Free Republic and Vets For Freedom
The goal is to shadow the fifth columnist Communist group ANSWER-Act Now to Stop War and End Racism that plans one of their creepy demonstrations on September 15. The ANSWER crowd will stage a "Die-In" in which some of the cretins will pretend that they are victims of the war in the Iraq theatre.
ANSWER also is active in finding disgruntled soldiers who are serving or who have served in the War Against Islamofascist Terror and making their dissenting views seem like the majority that are serving in the armed forces.
A point of note. No one put a gun to any one serving now in the armed forces to join. They were not drafted. If some joined thinking they were there for a cakewalk, well some one sold them a bill of goods. When one joins the armed forces, they do not get to pick and choose where they will or will not fight. If a policeman did not want to go to a certain neighborhood, there would be anarchy. Same for a fireman. Same for anyone who joins any group or organization. Same for the armed forces.
The ANSWER crowd, it should be noted, is very active in the pro illegal immigration movement and was very active in the infamous May Day national demonstrations of 2006. Do you note the day the ANSWER group and their hangers-on chose-May Day, the Communist "workers" holiday. Most of the participants had no clue about the real goals of ANSWER and their affiliates. Thus, most thought they were simply demonstrating for illegal immigrant "rights."
If it holds true that the pro-war forces are able to keep up with ANSWER there will be no way the DDBMSM can avoid covering them. I am sure they will try to make their voice seen as way out of the mainstream or wackos, take your pick!
We in the blogosphere must do all to support this effort so that the rest of America knows that ANSWER is not the only game in town and that once and for all, they will be challenged and that will be a great event for our brave troops and the United States.

This Larry Craig Thing Will Not Go Away

In the latest on the Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho-still believe not for much longer) saga, the transcript and tape of the police interview of Sen. Craig was released.
I have not heard but read the transcript and I am actually confused by the whole thing.
Firstly, why does the arresting officer, Sgt. Dave Karsina, make a point of saying that he does not call the media? That is not something I would say to a suspect that I am interrogating. Of course, I am not a police officer.
As Sen. Craig tells his side of the story, I almost feel sorry for this guy. I think he is NOT the brightest light bulb in the socket. You almost get the feeling this guy was harassed by bully's in school who probably called him names, which I will not put in here, but we all know what they are. At least twice, Sen. Craig makes a point of saying "I'm not gay." Sgt. Karsina tells Sen. Craig that he does not care about the sexual preference of his one way or the other.
As the interrogation continues, it appears that Sen. Craig irritates Sgt. Karsina. Of course it is the sgt's. job to get a confession out of any given suspect. And, Sen. Craig is not giving Sgt. Karsina what he wants.
Also, you get the feeling that Sen. Craig just wants the whole thing to end and get to wherever it was that he was going to, Boise, Idaho or Washington, D. C. So, Sen. Craig is not thinking and just is all over the place with his explanation of the events.
Another interesting something we did not hear. Supposedly, Sen. Craig whipped out, oh boy, what a choice of words! his business card which identified himself as a United States senator and Sen. Craig supposedly saying, "What do you think about that?" to Sgt. Karsina. It must have happened before the interrogation began. We may never know.
An aside. I think the vice squad and who works there at any given police department is the worst assignment any officer than get. I just can not image some one sitting in a toilet stall all day trying to nail people looking for anonymous sex. It is so creepy. But, it is possible that Sgt. Karsina misinterpreted what Sen. Craig was doing. It can happen.
Back to Sen. Craig. I really think that we will never know what was potentially going to happen. But, I still think that Sen. Craig should resign. If he does, he can fight this away from a media looking for more. He should do it for the sake of his family. I think there is something not altogether there with this guy. I tend to think that Sen. Craig may be one of those people who do not care where they get sex and with who. I tend to think that he is a bisexual. And to heterosexuals and homosexuals, that is the worst of both worlds. Hence, if that is the case with Sen. Craig, no wonder he has been trying to hide it all this time.
And to comment on another reprehensible man, Sen David Vitter (R-Louisiana). In an earlier post, I wrote that if he was a real man, he should resign. I stand by that. So what if the Democrat governor appoints another Democrat to fill that seat? The Republicans do not control the senate at this time anyway and that is not a good reason to give cover to one reprobate and sell out the other. Both Sens. Craig and Vitter should resign because both have lost the trust of the people who have elected them and while Sen. Vitter has not been charged with a crime, his mentor former congressman Bob Livingston, did not become speaker of the House when it came out his dalliances.
I just hope this story can die, and soon. There are really important things to write about. Please, Larry Craig and David Vitter, just go away.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Really Important Matters-The Dodgers And Angels And The Pennant Races

As I am already tiring of the Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho-though not much longer) saga, it is time to write about something of really great importance. The pennant races, of course.
As we leave the dog days of summer month of August, now is the time that the men are separated from the boys in who will make the playoffs in major league baseball.
Although my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers had been tanking recently, almost falling to the cellar with the hated San Francisco Giants, they have finally remembered how to win and have won four straight, including a sweep of the lowly Washington Nationals.
An aside. Does any one remember the old saying regarding the Washington Senators? It goes:
First in war, first in peace, last in the American league.
That was because the old Washington Senators, now the Minnesota Twins, usually shared the cellar with the equally hapless St. Louis Browns, now Baltimore Orioles or the, believe it or not, the Boston Red Sox.
Now, here is the change in the saying:
First in war, first in peace, last in the National league.
I could not resist!
Anyway, the Dodgers beginning to win some games hopefully will get them to first place in the National league West and the division title.
And the Anaheim Angels* are keeping up their winning ways dispatching the Seattle Mariners into wild card land. Of course, the Angels had to learn how to win from one of the great former Los Angeles Dodgers, their manager Mike Scioscia. No matter, they should easily win the American league West and that will, God be willing, get closer to the ultimate dream, a Freeway Series-Dodgers vs. Angels.
Yes, I know you east coast biased fans want some hideous Subway Series between the New York Mets and the dreaded New York Yankees. Better luck next year!
It is time for you east coasters to stop with the bias and give us west coasters a dream to come true.
Oh, and if it is the Dodgers and Angels, I will be for the Dodgers now that the Angels have a World Series under their belts. Last World Series title for the Dodgers? 1988. Time for another one for the boys in blue.
*-This blog will NEVER call the Angels the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" or the "Los Angeles Angels" they are, here at least, the Anaheim Angels.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Tears For Michael Vick

Amazingly, many of the sports writers of the United States seem to have bought suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vicks' pathetic explanation and apology for his role in bankrolling the illegal dog fighting enterprise.
Well, for one thing, Mr. Vick did not confess to the most important charge levelled against him. That he was the ringleader of the whole enterprise, not just the banker. No, Mr. Vick suddenly realizes that dog fighting is wrong. I believe that Mr. Vick came to that conclusion as one by one, his cronies were singing like canaries to the federal prosecutor and all pointing the finger, and it should have been the middle finger, and Mr. Vick.
Mike Vacarro of the New York Post bought it hook, line and sinker from Mr. Vick. Mr. Vacarro wrote that we should have seen what he saw as he looked at Mr. Vick and the puppy eyes, not his line, my line, of sincere regret. I believe the regret was that Mr. Vick could not weasel his way out of it. Mr. Vick had to cop a plea. And the plea was to the least of the charges.
That is the problem. As his cronies were selling Mr. Vick out faster than the dog in the Bush Baked Beans television commercials, the prosecutor could have made Mr. Vick have to take the plea on the more serious charges. But, he did not and while Mr. Vick is probably going to serve some time in jail.
I hope while Mr. Vick is in jail, he reads the Holy Bible as he now claims he has found Jesus Christ, and understands what the human being's role is in relation to God giving us dominion over the animals. It is not to train dogs to fight each other and when one loses you hang, electrocute, or some other form of torture.
Yes, I am hard on Mr. Vick. It is because I do not believe that he is sincere. I think he is taking a page out of the Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) playbook and first denying all allegations, then copping a plea to a lesser charge, which Sen. Craig did in his little dalliance.
I will believe Mr. Vick when I see what he will do for abused dogs, especially pit bulls. If he shows compassion, and maybe starts a no-kill shelter for abused dogs, he will move up in my book. If not, no tears for Mr. Vick. Just contempt!

Lots Of Thoughts On Senator Happy Feet*

*AKA Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho)
I will note this about Sen. Larry Craig. The man has some guts and or stupidity, take your pick, as today he went before the constituents of Idaho and the world and belabored that he was innocent of the charge he pled guilty to in Minneapolis, disorderly conduct. Hmm.
But I do think some serious questions need to be asked. I will preface that this is NOT a defense of Sen. Craig, more a wondering of the axe that is being grinded here.
Since the arrest of Sen. Craig occurred on June 11, 2007 and the plea arrangement was on August 1, 2007. Very important questions. The Idaho Statesman newspaper was conducting an exhaustive investigation of Sen. Craig. How come they did not know about this? Why was the newspaper Roll Call allegedly tipped off some time last week according to John McArdle, the reporter that broke the story, see also Was someone waiting for the right moment since this public record did not peak any one's curiosity? Why did not Sen. Craig mount the vigorous defense he showed today right after the arrest?
I think that the question that needs answers is why no one looked into Sen. Craig's arrest within hours. I mean we all knew about actor Mel Gibson and his anti-Semitic tirade when arrested for drunk driving almost as it happened!
None of what I have brought up can defend the senator. He is correct in saying he has caused a cloud over him and the people of Idaho. One thing for sure, when one pleads guilty without so much as a whimper, something is not right. I do not think that his defense of wanting the charge to go away so as to not embarrass his family is not really a good one. I think Sen. Craig is smarter than that.
A lot of physcho-babble will come out about the fact Sen. Craig is suppressing his homosexuality. But, here is a knuckle ball for you. What if he is not gay as he said today? What if he is a "switch-hitter" liking both men and women? Or, possibly worse, Sen. Craig could be a sex addict and does not care where he gets it, men or women?
All I can say is that I think in about two weeks, Sen. Craig will end this episode and tell the decent people of Idaho that he will not run for reelection in 2008 and that he will not finish his term. I hope that is what he does. And whatever the situation is, I sincerely hope Sen. Craig can get some help and healing for his family and himself.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sen. Craig, Please Resign

It appears that maybe the rumors of Idaho Republican senator Larry Craig are true. That at the very least he has tried to solicit sex in a men's room and that he may be gay.
Now, this is not to gay-bash. If Sen. Craig, who is married with children and even grandchildren, is in fact gay, he needs to come out and deal with it. It is not a good thing to be a George Michael and troll for sex in men's rooms.
According to court records, Sen. Craig was arrested for lewd conduct in public, in this case a men's room at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. That was in June. Sen. Craig did not fight the charge but pled guilty. Sen. Craig paid a fine and is on one year unsupervised probation. Question of the day. Did Sen. Craig think this would just stay somewhere in the ether and no one would find out? If so, Sen. Craig must resign on grounds of stupidity alone!
Why this is more important than just another pervert politico trolling for sex anywhere anytime is that a creepy guy named Mike Rogers makes a career out of trying to out Republican homosexuals in office that he feels are hypocrites for not supporting the left-wing gay and lesbian agenda. Mr. Rogers wrote about Sen. Craig in 2006. And no one really picked up on until now.
Unfortunately, in cases like this where there is smoke, there is fire. And that is what has happened with Sen. Craig.
Oh, Sen. Craig mounted a pathetic defense saying that he was trying to get rid of this but that he should have hired a lawyer to fight the charges. Do you think?!
Here is a memo to Sen. Craig. When you are charged with lewd conduct in a men's room and you do not think that you are guilty, you get a lawyer and fight the charges like hell. When you don't, you essentially admit to the act.
Also, I firmly believe that it is perverted to troll for sex in toilets, whether it is straight or gay. There is the old saying, get a room. Sen. Craig should have tried that.
So, I think that Sen. Craig either better offer a helluva better defense or get out now. Resign. And come clean if you are gay. I think you owe to your wife and family. It may be painful, but what you may be doing is worse.
Republicans can not turn a blind eye to this. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell needs to step in if necessary. If we expect Democrats to have standards, we Republicans have to as well.
Please Sen. Craig, resign for the party and your own good.

Gonzales A Victim Of The Left

I will preface this post by writing that I have not been a huge fan of soon to be former attorney general Alberto Gonzales. But, I will point out that Mr. Gonzales was not the worst attorney general and the real underlying reason he has been so vilified in the DDBMSM and by left wing Democrats is simple. He is the first Hispanic attorney general and he was appointed by a REPUBLICAN and that is a no-no in Leftyland.
In Leftyland, one who belongs to a "minority" group, eg, Hispanics, Blacks, women, homosexuals, and the list goes on, can not be a conservative and or worse, a Republican. Because you maybe a member of any of the just mentioned groups, you must be to the left and a Democrat. People like Mr. Gonzales have some kind of problem being a Republican and conservative.
Now, as noted, he has not been the best attorney general, but what he was accused of supposedly notoriously doing was nothing that other attorney generals have done in the past. Fire some United States attorneys, who serve at the pleasure of the president no matter who he or she may be. Mr. Gonzales was well within his rights to do that. The supposedly illegal wiretaps. Again, one could argue the merits or non-merits, but nobody would be upset if the attorney general was a Democrat and doing the same thing.
No Democrat would ever say that race played a role in driving Mr. Gonzales out of office, but clearly it was a part of this story.
Mr. Gonzales was clearly in over his head as the attorney general. Somebody more competent, and yes maybe Hispanic could have been appointed to the attorney general in the first place.
But, no matter what one's race is, incompetence can not be rewarded. And he needed to go. But, he was driven out more because he represented something that just drives the Democrat left crazy. Being a conservative Republican is more dangerous to these people than Osama bin Laden and al-Queda.
I am sorry that Mr. Gonzales needed to resign under such pressure. It will never be reported or admitted to, but the Democrat's real reason to drive Mr. Gonzales out was because he is a conservative, Hispanic Republican. How dare he actually think for himself!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Romney Right About Abortion

In a recent interview with ABC news, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, said that he favors the individual states deciding abortion laws. For some inexplicable reason, people thought that Mr. Romney was changing his position on abortion. Actually, nothing can be further from the truth.
Mr. Romney is accentuating the end result of the supreme court eventually overturning the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. What Roe vs. Wade did was take the issue of abortion away from the states, found that somehow murdering unborn babies is a "privacy" issue and nationalize it by making easy access to abortion the law of the land, no matter where one resides.
If President Bush gets another chance before leaving office in 2009 to nominate another supreme court justice, there is no doubt that within the next few years, the supreme court will hear a case and they will overturn Roe Vs. Wade and more than likely a slew of similar laws that usurped the right of the states to determine many laws. Thus, as far as a possible President Romney, the issue will be moot at the federal level.
Then what will happen? Exactly what Mr. Romney said and the best approach to eventually banning most abortions nationwide.
The states will determine abortion laws. Some states through their legislatures will lead to ban most abortions. Some will put very tight restrictions, but not outright ban abortions. Some states may even liberalize abortions even further than what the abominable Roe vs. Wade decision had in mind.
My thinking is that most southern states will ban most abortions. The Midwest and most of the Plains states will tightly restrict but not ban abortion outright. The rest of the states, like New York and more than likely California, decidedly Democrat leaning and very "blue" will mandate liberal abortion laws.
And that is what Mr. Romney was saying in favoring the states to determine abortion law. And Mr. Romney is more than likely correct in assessing that the majority of Americans are not yet ready for a wholesale ban on abortions. But, the good news is that majorities of Americans are not favoring abortion on demand and thus eventually a majority will favor some kind of ban on abortions. Then either a President Romney or another president can pursue a federal constitutional ban on abortion.
But, until the a solid, consistent majority of people in the United States are wanting to ban most abortions nationwide, Mr. Romney is correct in saying that it should be left up to the states once the abominable Roe vs. Wade decision is overturned.
Until Roe vs. Wade is overturned, we continue to be a nation that is not civilized in allowing abortion on demand. And we can not lie and say that many abortions are not done for convenience, or to the so-called mother and or very bad, irresponsible father and inconvenience. And there are not many done to protect the life of the mother. And there are not many done because a woman was raped or the even more evil act on incest.
Mr. Romney's position will lead to what some people would say are abortions that are rare. And in some parts of the United States within the laws of that state. Mr. Romney's position is a federalist position and not at all inconsistent with being pro-life. It is what will happen when a future supreme court stops the abomination called abortion on demand.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sign My Wife Up For Homeland Security!

Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast is almost ahead of the curve when thinking about potential terrorist targets.
Last month, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I were in Vancouver, British Columbia and we took one the ferries over to Vancouver Island and took in the sites of Victoria, the provincial capital. We were on a small tour bus and we had to drive about a half an hour and almost back in the United States to catch the ferry. We just drove on to the ferry, no questions asked and walked around.
As an aside, this was a great ferry. It almost felt like being on a cruise ship. I would recommend taking it if you are ever in this area of Canada.
Anyway, about halfway into our 90 minute journey, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast asked where was the security? I told her I did not know. So, she asked if I thought that with such laxed security, would it not be easy as can be for terrorists to wreak havoc. I said yes, it would.
Forward a month and back here in the United States and voila, a potential threat on the ferry system in Washington state.
There have been two men that look Middle Eastern and they have shown an unusual interests in the workings of one of the main ferries. This worried some people enough to take photos of the potential suspects and alert the authorities.
Another aside. Apparently the Seattle Post-Intelligencer feels no need to publish the photos in their fishwrap of a newspaper. They feel that it would be racial profiling. And they wonder why people are not reading newspapers.
Back to the terrorist threat.
Does the homeland security department realize that people like Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast are the kind of people that they need? It is people that are ahead of the curve and at the very least thinking about the potential.
Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast also likes to share the same theories when we attend sporting events. Again, she is right. Because sporting events tend to draw people to pay attention to the game at hand, almost no one would be paying attention if we took say the two men in Washington state and put them in Dodger Stadium and running the same questions to stadium personnel and maybe taking unusual photos.
Again, people like Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast are ahead of the curve.
It is not that I do not think about it. I do all the time and very glad that we have a president in George W. Bush who recognizes the threats and trying all he can to prevent them.
But, what needs to be done is for homeland security to find a way to harness the thoughts of people like Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and use that to try to find ways to prevent the next potential terrorist attack.

More On The Innocent Victims Of Michael Vick's Side Business

As we speak, a judge will have to make a heartwretching decision on the fate of the 50 plus dogs that were saved from the Michael Vick side business, dogfighting.
As of this writing, no one has come forward to rescue the dogs and more than likely they will be euthanized. And no less than the most awful of the animal "rights" groups, PETA, says that the dogs are beyond rehabilitation and need to be euthanized. Really?
In one sense, the dogs are like humans in that they are not born to fight. These dogs were trained to fight. Yes, there is no doubt that these dogs can not be with other dogs and maybe with each other. But why can't PETA and the animal welfare groups get together and find a way to save the dogs?
There are many no-kill shelters that dogs live out their lives even if they are never adopted. Are there any for these kind of dogs? Could it be possible to create one so that these, the truly innocent victims of this horrible enterprise, be allowed to live out their days?
One reason that I want the dogs to live to remind people like Mr. Vick what havoc they have created to satisfy a bizarre satisfaction watching two, maybe more, dogs rip each other apart. And of course there is the betting. That is where the action really is.
These dogs were not born to be the fighters that they became. Some cretins created the viciousness that has potentially ruined these dogs.
Mr. Vick needs these dogs to be kept alive because they would serve as a reminder that he and all of us were given dominion over the animals by God. Not to abuse them, but to be shepherds to them.
Now, I should note that I am not a vegetarian and I love meat. But, I know that those animals, cows and pigs mainly, are bred for the purpose of being a good dinner. And there are better ways that they can be killed to be made food for us humans. Again, that would fall under animal welfare and not rights.
As we humans have evolved, we have a better understanding of animals and particularly dogs and to a lesser extent, cats. And we have come to realize that they have a relationship with us. But, some people like Mr. Vick and his cronies did not and probably still do not get that. And that leads to what they did.
But the poor dogs that they abused should not suffer because of the heinousness of these men.
I wish those who have the means and ability will save these dogs.
Oh, and as far as PETA goes, some animal "rights" group they are as they have shown that they are the hypocrites we who favor animal welfare have always known they were.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Talkradio Talking About Pointless Poll

Today, the three talk shows that I listen to so far, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager, and Michael Medved, are talking about my post from yesterday concerning the comments from Pat Schroder about the the reading habits of conservatives and liberals.
It is so eye opening that people really think that it is true that liberals are smarter than conservatives. What I have noted time and time again, it is because of the smugness of liberals that they do themselves in. The average liberal today, who is really a socialist, wants to tell you what to think and or "bring you along" to their way of thinking because if you are a conservative, you are not thinking to begin with.
If you do not believe me, have a conversation with the average socialist today. See if they do not mock you and or what you believe.
That is exactly what Mrs. Schroder did in her stupidity by saying that liberals are smarter than conservatives. That liberals want to believe themselves.
But those of us who are conservative know better. We are smart and are much more willing to access the tools such as the Internet than many socialists. They are the ones that are fearful of modernity and technology. That is why maybe conservatives may not read books as much as socialists.
The talkers need to keep the conversation up. Conservatives should never let these knuckle-dragging socialists keep us down. Prove to them that we are indeed smart and smarter than the average socialist.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mitt On The Move

The Republican Iowa Straw Poll results showing former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney the winner is having an effect.
Today in the Real Clear Politics polling average for Republican presidential candidates, Mr. Romney is tied with Arizona senator John "F--- You" McCain for third place, both at 12.7%. And that puts Mr. Romney within striking distance to former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson, who is second at 17%.
The polling data is cumulative of many polls, it is not just one poll.
Since Mr. Romney won the straw poll, he is getting more scrutiny and his numbers are going up as more people see what he is all about.
The plan is working and look for Mr. Romney to keep going on the upward trajectory.

How To Alienate Potential Customers

Leave to a left-winger to go out her way to alienate a potential customer base with a stupid comment that shows how these people really think.
Pat Schroder, a former Democrat congresswoman from Colorado is the president of the American Association of Publishers and in a recent interview said, I kid you not, that it is all Karl Rove's fault!
This is the beautiful quote from Mrs. Schroder:
"The Karl Roves of the world have built a generation that just wants a couple of slogans: 'Not, don't raise taxes, no new taxes.' "
So, according to Mrs. Schroder, those of us who are conservatives are so dumb and yuk yuk yuk that we only care about taxes and we all get our marching orders, blindly, from Karl Rove.
But, it gets better. Mrs. Schroder also went on to say that liberals tend to be policy wonks who "who can't say anything in less than three paragraphs. We really want the whole picture, want to peel the onion."
Again, liberals want to know more than conservatives who are morons and just led like robots.
What an anus Mrs. Schroder is!
It also goes to the heart of the mindset of the left. They really do believe that they are smarter than conservatives and one example is that they read more books than conservatives. Of course, Mrs. Schroder does not expand on what kind of books the intellectual giants are reading. Maybe they are reading romance novels.
All of this hyperbole is in response to a recent poll in which liberals claim that they read more than conservatives.
The poll was by AP-Ipsos, so that should tell one something.
According to the poll, 22% of liberals and moderates said that they have not read at least one book in the past year. Us ignorant conservatives come up with 34% who have not read a book within the past year.
So what? Liberals always want to show off how "smart" they are and will say they read more, are more culturally aware and all of that. I want to know what kind of books these people supposedly read? I think that makes a difference. Also, what the article pointed out is that the publishing industry is liberal dominated. So, the publishers tend to go after those they know will buy books. Have these same nimrods noticed celebrated conservative authors like Ann Coulter or Newt Gingrich, and many other conservative authors? Have these same nimrods noticed that there is niche book clubs like the Conservative Book Club or American Compass? And most damning, have they noticed because they have so ignored the conservative reader that there are publishing houses by and for conservatives such as Regenery? Probably not judging by Mrs. Schroder's moronic comments.
Yes, I am enraged because this is the canard of the left. We are dumb. We only care about taxes. We are easily lead.
Nothing is further from the truth.
Conservatives are thinking people who access a great deal of information to make our world view. We do read and you may notice that I have some book recommendations on this site. But, we also use the Internet and other sources to understand and thus have a world view. It is now apparent to liberals and instead of competing in the field of ideas, people like Mrs. Schroder like to mock us. It shows how ideologically bankrupt the left is.
Here is something for Pat Schroder and her ilk.
Keep offending potential readers. Make us more enraged. We need to have more conservative publishing houses so we can actually get our books out there so the public can read and judge for themselves. Since you think that we are morons, yuk yuk yuks and plain stupid that all we can comprehend is slogans, maybe you should publish a book of slogans. Oh, we would not know how to purchase them without help from Karl Rove.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Vick Is Going To Get What He Deserves-But Is Still A Coward

I am in sheer rejoicing as it appears that Atlanta Falcon quarterback Michael Vick is going to plead guilty for his role in the great dogfighting caper. And it looks like he will serve roughly about one year as a guest of the federal government.
Now some would say that it is too much to actually put some one in federal prison for dogfighting. After all, it is a dumb animal and so what if he finished the dog off with a beating when hanging a fighting dog who lost a fight? Others would say that his animal, particular dog murder is a bad crime and that even the sentence that he will receive is not enough.
I for one believe in animal welfare, not animal rights. Thus, Mr. Vick clearly showed no welfare for a defenseless animal, or numerous dogs, for what he did in training the dogs to fight each other and when they lose, kill them.
At the end of the day, what this shows is that animal abusers like Mr. Vick and company are nothing but cowards. The only reason that Mr. Vick is pleading guilty is because his co-conspirators fell like a deck of cards, taking any deal that the feds offered and all pointing the finger to Mr. Vick.
It is not manly to take a dog, more than likely pit bull terriers, train it to fight to the death if for the sick entertainment of men who are not men, and when it loses to kill it in such a brutal manner. I mean, if the poor dog does not die from the hanging, beat the bitch or bastard to death. A real man-NOT!
As an aside, because of Mr. Vick and his cronies, they have perpetuated the myth that all pit bulls are bad dogs. They are bad when they are trained to be bad. Many pit bulls that I have encountered at our local dog park when we take our dog have been the friendliest and sweetest dogs in the whole park. I take Warren Eckstein's word about the fate of the pit bull over excitable politicians who get excited about when there is a case of pit bulls doing bad things. They are trained to do it.
If Mr. Vick was a real man, when he was charged with his dastardly acts, he would have pleaded out then. But, he waited until he was the last "man" standing to plead out his case. And of course he offered the mandatory apology and the like. I believe they are called crocodile tears.
Now here is a real novel sentence for Mr. Vick and his cronies. How about a crew of the dogs that they trained to fight be put on them to do as they please. Maybe they will see what they hath wrought. But I doubt it.
Mr. Vick will serve time and probably be cut from the Atlanta Falcons, just in time for the opening weekend in September. But a man, a real man, he is not.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The BBC-This Is What Happens When Media Is Government Controlled

Beatiful! The British Broadcasting Corporation thinks that it is apporpriate to keep a comment on it's website for weeks refering to Jesus Christ as a Ba------. Yes, the poster was correct to refer to Jesus as fatherless in earthly terms, but Jesus did have a father-God. It is that kind of ignorance or intentional blasphemy that the Beeb finds a-ok. Now, what if there was a poster refering to Mohammed, the founder of Islam as a pedophile? How long would that stay on the website? An aside, in the United Kingdom, every television or radio is subject to a government tax and that in turn keeps the BBC in business. I shudder to think that if the left in the United States got their way, and broadcasting was like that what our news would look like. Oh, I forgot. It is called NPR.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Romney Wins Illinois Straw Poll

Yes, I know that most of you did not know about the Illinois Straw Poll and I must confess, neither did I. But, there was one for Republican Day at the Illinois state fair, and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, won with ease.
Mr. Romney had over 40% of the vote. No question that Mr. Romney got this from the win last Saturday in the Iowa Straw Poll.
It will be these kind of victories that may not seem much at the time, but will be key points in this death march to the Republican presidential nomination.
Remember that a win is a win and we who support Mr. Romney know that where there are more of these the wins, the polling numbers will go up and he will get that much closer to the current front runner, former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Like Mike, But Mitt's My Guy

Yesterday, radio talker Michael Medved all but came out endorsing former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee for the GOP presidential nomination. I like Mike, but Mitt's my guy and for the same reasons that Mr. Medved tacitly endorses Mr. Huckabee.
The most likable aspect about Mr. Huckabee is that he is a regular guy. He is the first in his family to not only graduate from high school but from college as well. Like another regular guy, former president Ronald Reagan, he graduated from a little-known college. Mr. Huckabee's college was Ouachita Baptist University while Mr. Reagan's was Eureka College and a part of the Disciples of Christ denomination which Mr. Reagan was raised.
Another good thing about Mr. Huckabee, and I think a real important aspect of what all on the Republican side need to listen to. Mr. Huckabee says about himself "I am a conservative but I am not mad at anyone." Many conservatives seem to forget that Mr. Reagan also was a conservative and not angry. Angry conservative Republicans will not get beyond dog-catcher as angry Democrats. If that was the case, we would be talking about President Howard Dean.
But, there are quite a few downsides that I see as stunting the case for Mike Huckabee.
Mr. Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. I have no problem and former president Bill Clinton was a Southern Baptist. But an actual minister will only exacerbate the bloody culture wars and turn off more voters than turn on. In the case of Mitt Romney, he too is a minister but not in the same sense as Mr. Huckabee. Mormon men in good standing are ministers, not paid, and as in the case of Mr. Romney he rose to the rank of bishop which is the equivalent to a diocese in the Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches. So, both men are men of faith and controversial ones at that. But, one is ordained and one is not and not as obvious and while that may sound bad, it is true.
Another aspect of Mr. Huckabee is that he is proud of his record as a politician. And, regrettably that is part of the problem. We need a non-politician type at this point. All of the Democrat candidates for president are government and big to bigger government type. The advantage of Mr. Romney is that he has been in the private sector and thus has had to meet a payroll. He knows the bad effects of big government.
Most importantly, Mr. Huckabee can not run from the fact he has raised taxes as governor of Arkansas. Mr. Romney not only did not raise taxes as governor of Massachusetts, but cut the size of the state government in one term.
Taxes are as important as social policy. Mr. Romney has been consistent on both and I for one accept the fact he has come around on the issue of life.
MIke Huckabee is a good guy, but I think that the Republicans and the nation needs someone like a Mitt Romney in this crucial juncture in American history. I hope that Mr. Romney has a place for Mr. Huckabee in his administration.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why The Left Does Not Get The Effects Of Illegal Immigration

The New York Times, the ol' gray lady, had another story today about an illegal immigrant This is not just another illegal immigrant. This is the mother of one of the outstanding suspects in the execution slaying of three college students in Newark, New Jersey.
The story is the problem. Where is the story about the family of one of the three that were murdered, execution style on their knees? I am still looking for it.
Places like the New York Times on the left and libertarians from Cato Institute on the right never like to talk about this aspect of illegal immigration and the cost to society that what we have now and amnesty will do. What they will do is demonize those of us that want strong border enforcement, workplace enforcement and where I may part with some conservatives, higher legal immigration quotas. They will say and write how nativist and racist we are. But, that is further from the truth.
The reality is the infamous MS13 gang that came from El Salvador is rampant in many big cities in the United States. Newark is no different but maybe worse because of the flight of the middle class. According to the latest statistics available, 60% of family households are headed by a single mom-no dad in the picture.
When whole gangs can control whole neighborhoods of any city and many members are illegal aliens, that is a cause and effect. When the illegal gangbanger is arrested by police, processed and in the criminal justice system, they are in our jails and prisons. On the American taxpayer's dime. And these creeps are using the jails and prisons to recruit new gangbangers. They are right up there with the radical Islamics using the jails and prisons for new members.
When those in Washington get out of their rarefied air and go back to their states and really talk to constituents, not the hand-picked suck ups, they may come to realize that "comprehensive immigration reform" needs to start with border enforcement, workplace enforcement and automatic deportation of criminals. The rest can fall into place and everyone, over time, can be happy.
But, those who see illegal immigrants as new voters or cheap labor are both short sided and putting at risk the majority of Americans who have to live day to day with what our immigration "policy" hath wrought. When will the New York Times have that article? . . .

Monday, August 13, 2007

An Anglican FINALLY Stands Up To Spong

I am so happy! Finally, an Anglican bishop with guts. Too bad he is in Australia.
The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Australia, The Rt. Rev. Peter Jensen, said that the Heretic, former Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, The Rt. "Rev." John Shelby Spong, can not speak or preach in any of the churches in his jurisdiction. HOORAY!
You know "Bishop" Spong. He denies the Virgin Birth. He says that Christianity must change all traditional belief or "die." Now, as if it is not enough, "Bishop" Spong is selling a new book essentially denying the deity of Jesus Christ in "Jesus For The Non-Religious."
Ol' "Bishop" Spong will not be satisfied until he destroys Christianity from within. It does not help Archbishop Jensen that the Archbishop of the Australian Anglican Church, The Most Rt. Rev. Phillip Aspinell, was the one who invited "Bishop" Spong to Australia to peddle the latest dreck from such a heretic.
But, Archbishop Jensen is standing up to his boss and will not allow "Bishop" Spong to pollute his diocese.
I do not usually want to stifle meaningful debate, but there is no debate when the opponent, in this case "Bishop" Spong, does not even believe the basics of the Christian faith. That is why I refer to John Shelby Spong as bishop in quotation marks. If he does not believe in the basics of the faith, I do not think he deserves the honorific bishop.
"Bishop" Spong all but bankrupted the Diocese of Newark, closed well over half the Episcopal churches within the diocese and lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% of the flock in his ignoble tenure as "Bishop".
Yet, most of the Episcopal leadership think he is a serious man when he is nothing but a buffoon that attracts the DDBMSM types and fringe people. People in the pews raise a collective sigh at the mention of his name.
So, it takes an archbishop in Sydney, Australia to essentially say, enough is enough. Now, when will the first Episcopal bishop say enough is enough? Don't hold your breath!
HT: Stand Firm

DDBMSM Doesn't Get The Romney Win

Although I should not be, I am amazed at the fact that the Dinosaur, Drive-by, Mainstream Media, DDBMSM, does not get the importance of the Mitt Romney win in this past weekend's Iowa Straw Poll.
So uninterested, the Left Angeles Times thought it so important that it was on A-16 of Sunday's edition.
If there is not disinterest, there is the line about the fact that former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani and Sen. John "F--- You" McCain decided to skip the event and thus it made it less important.
I think that Mr. Romney answered that question himself. Mr. Romney pointed out on today's Hugh Hewitt radio show that the reason Mr. Giuliani and Sen. "F--- You" McCain did not compete is that they know he has the strongest organization. In Iowa, that matters because it is a caucus state and people will remember this result.
So desperate are the DDBMSM crowd that they are reading way too much in the second place finish of former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee. The reason Mr. Huckabee finished second is because a group supporting the fair tax got behind Mr. Huckabee because he supports their position. It shows how unknowing the DDBMSM is about Republican special interest groups.
Mr. Romney did spend a lot of money to win this straw poll, but because he did, it will get him a lot more attention. And that will translate into stronger national poll numbers. And, whatever one may think of the way it currently works, Mr. Romney is playing within the rules, such as they are.
The Iowa Straw Poll maybe the best political scam going in some ways, but it is the best indication of who voters like. That may change between now and January, but it is doubtful.
Oh, one other point. Before you fall for the DDBMSM scam about how so fewer Republicans voted compared to the 1999 straw poll, this was tightly staged. Unlike 1999, voters had to prove they were Republicans and Iowa residents. Before, all they had to say is that they were Republicans and they could be from the North Pole for all that was known. Thus, when then Gov. George W. Bush won, he got a lot of votes from non-Iowans. That makes this an even bigger win for Mr. Romney.
The fact is that this was a huge win for Mr. Romney. It is the first step towards winning the Iowa caucus in January, the New Hampshire primary later in January and some big wins on super-duper Tuesday in February. There will be no sweep. Mr. Giuliani and maybe even Sen. "F---You" McCain will win a couple of those primaries. But, Mr. Romney will end up winning the lion's share and will have a big lead in delegates.
Too bad the DDBMSM does not get the significance of Mitt Romney's big win in the Iowa Straw Poll. They will come February.

Dopey Dan Rather Now "Investigating" 2000 Presidential Election

You have to hand it to Red Dan Rather. It is not enough that he and Mary Mapes, his former CBS producer, are about the only two people on the planet to still believe the infamous memo in the George W. Bush air force "scandal" was real. So, one would think that Red Dan would stop going into conspericyland. NOT!
Ol' Red Dan is now on some outfit called HD News. Now, Red Dan is investigating the 2000 presidential election
You know, Red Dan actually talked to someone who went so far as to blame the paper, yes paper, as a possible reason that the vote may have came out the way it did.
Only Red Dan could find someone like that!
What is amazing is that any news outfit would have hired the ancient lefty television anchor, but HD News did. I assume they believe that Red Dan would bring in a massive amount of viewers. Well, for the several years before Red Dan tried to throw a presidential election with false information, Red Dan couldn't keep an audience at CBS. Now, poor Katie Couric has the ignoble task of stopping the bleeding from CBS viewers switching to any other news. If ratings are accurate, Miss Couric is not doing much better than Red Dan.
I sort of like the fact that Red Dan is in the fever swamps and trying another set of falsehoods to try to discredit the win of George W. Bush in 2000. It shows what Red Dan, had he not been on some kind of leash at CBS, would have done to further discredit the CBS news division.
Red Dan's "investigation" should be watched by anyone with HD television and able to access HD News if nothing else for some good laughs. Red Dan has been a bad joke since 2004 when he and Mary Mapes went on a witch hunt that may have succeeded in ousting President Bush. Red Dan is a bad joke that keeps up the yuks.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Little Mercy Would Have Gone A Long Way

Before continuing this post, a disclaimer.
I am a Christian. I am not a theologian or a total expert on the nuances of Christian doctrine. What I will write is my best understanding of God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.
In an AOL news article, an evangelical church in Arlington, Texas was going to have a memorial service for a former veteran of the Gulf War. The day before as they were preparing for the memorial, the pastor found out something that he did not know. The man was gay. And, according to their understanding because the man lived an immoral lifestyle and having the memorial service would appear to condone the gay lifestyle, the family could not have the service at that church.
There is a lot about this story that is troubling. One, if this pastor, the Rev. Gary Simons, was doing a good pastoral job, he would have met with the family long before church staff found out while preparing a video tribute that Cecil Howard Sinclair was gay. The article does not make that clear. But, while church staff were preparing the video, they noticed men "showing affection, kissing and embracing." So, Rev. Simons should have known this before the staff were preparing for the memorial.
Mr. Sinclair's brother is a janitor at High Point Church. If the brother talked to Rev. Simons at all, there had to be a mention that Mr. Sinclair was gay.
Now, according to Rev. Simons, his church understands that homosexuality is sinful behavior. Many Christians would agree. The sexual act of homosexuality is the sin.
But there is another message of Christianity. And that is mercy.
The Rev. Simons missed an important opportunity to teach about mercy without condoning the act of homosexuality.
As I understand it, God and Jesus Christ do show mercy, even and especially for the worst of sinners. If one believes that homosexuality is a sin, that is fine. But, when one dies, it may not be the right time to turn away a family in grief. It is important to show mercy. The Rev. Simons would have been able to do a memorial service and even talk about the church's view on homosexuality with out compromise but showing the family what relationship with Jesus Christ is about. Not just the rules, which are very important, but how God shows mercy.
What Rev. Simons did was stand on principle. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with that. But, Rev. Simons gave every radical gay rights group a lot of ammo to condemn the Christian faith and especially evangelicals.
I would ask Rev. Simons this. Have you knowingly had memorials and or buried people you knew who were not Christians? Or have been notorious sinners who have not sought repentance? I think I know the answer.
An act of mercy by allowing the service and being able to expand on the doctrine of mercy would have been so much better.
This is why so many non-Christians and liberal Christians have open season on well meaning people like Rev. Simons. He believed so much that having a memorial for one who was gay and did have a "life partner" would have been more grievous and bad to God than showing the mercy of God by having a memorial means Rev. Simons is too tied to doctrine.
The church needs good people. It needs to remind people what sin is all about. But, there is a time and place for it all. This was not one of them.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Romney Wins Iowa-Tommy Thompson May Drop Out

As expected, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the Iowa Straw Poll with 31% of the vote. An 18.1% was good for second place and that went to former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.
The big loser is former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson who managed a meager 7.3%.
A lot will be made that only a little over 14,000 participated in the straw poll, but that is really to be expected. The Republicans have had the White House for seven years and despite the poll numbers going up for President Bush, we are dealing with an unpopular president and the war situation in Iraq, which is all interconnected.
But intensity in this case counts and the Romney people showed it. Had the other two big contenders actually participated, it may have been marginally different. But, Mr. Romney would have still won.
I really think that this is going to be really important at caucus time and in the general election. The mood of the nation will be better as news from the Iraq front in the War Against Islamofascist Terror improves further.
This is also further proof that the tide may not show in national polls, but Mr. Romney's numbers will go up. Way up. And, it may change the mood of the longest unannounced candidate in history, former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson. He should have been in Aames, but because he was not, do not look for Mr. Thompson, if he enters the GOP race, to do any serious campaigning in Iowa.
A big win for Mitt Romney, a big loss for Tommy Thompson and a win for the Iowa Republican Party.

Anytime Now, We Will Know Who Won The GOP Straw Poll In Iowa

According to National Review Online, some time after 5pm pacific time, we will have results from the Republican straw poll in Aames, Iowa. And that will be a very strong indicator of which candidate has organizational strength and who will come in second.
There is no doubt that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will win. The question is how large the margin will be. But, one does not know who will be second place and possibly one who can keep going in this long death march of a campaign.
The results will be interesting.
****** Monday, August 13, I will have my latest straw poll of Republican candidates. There maybe a couple less than the last one! ******

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Deadly Side Of Illegal Immigration

For those who were so fighting for the so-called "comprehensive immigration reform" bill-scam, one of the "highlights" for those looking for the security side was the "Z-Visa".
Allegedly, this "Z-Visa" would only be given to an illegal immigrant after a-get this-a 24 hour period in which the applicant would have a background check completed.
Now, lets us stop laughing and say that there is absolutely no way that thousands upon thousands of applications can be processed in 24 hours with a thorough background check. The fact is, the current "system" is fundamentally non-enforceable since there is not enough Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) personnel to handle the way things are now.
What is the side that those "comprehensive immigration reform" people never want to talk about is the criminal activity of illegal immigrants. And, sometimes that inability to enforce the law leads to deadly results.
The latest example is the case of four young people having a pleasant summer evening in Newark, New Jersey. That evening was ruined allegedly by one Jose Carranza, 28, an illegal alien from Peru. To make matters worse, there was a 15 year old boy with Mr. Carranza. What did Mr. Carranza and the boy do? Allegedly, Mr. Carranza and the boy forced the four black youths to their knees and blew their heads off. One girl did survive but is in critical condition. If that does not make you sick, consider this. Mr. Carranza was out on bail. And the bail was given as Mr. Carranza was charged with raping repeatedly a girl. And that started before the girl was five years old! Oh, but Mr. Carranza was using an alias and a fake social security number. But, according to Essex County sheriff Armando Fontura, the authorities KNEW that Mr. Carranza was an illegal alien!
There are countless cases of this nature throughout the United States. Another case involves an illegal alien in Virginia Beach, Virginia where the suspect was driving drunk and killed a pedestrian.
Yet, the proponents of "comprehensive immigration reform" would argue that we are just being alarmist and there are not really the numbers out there. WRONG!
And, this does fall into national security.
When Cuban dictator Fidel Castro dumped a slew of Cubans during the infamous Mariel boat lift in 1980, Mr. Castro made damn sure to dump his criminals onto our shores.
Do not think that the reform proponents were serious about the 24 hour background check to get the "Z-Visa", which also would have been able to be renewed into perpetuity by the illegal alien.
And that was a major problem with the bill-scam. It was not serious except to legalize 12 to 20 million illegal aliens.
Everything else thrown in later was a bone to get more senators to vote for the bill-scam.
But, the current situation and what was proposed does not nor did not be a solution to a serious problem. This should be an issue in the presidential campaign. But, lets see if it will.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Should We Blame President Lyndon Johnson For The Bridge Collapse?

As I wrote in the aftermath of the I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, the Democrats were beginning to blame President Bush. I also noted that the bridge may have not been built to handle the capacity of 2007 traffic.
Well, I may have been right on the second point So, the question is, should we dig former President Lyndon Johnson out of the grave and blame him for the bridge collapse? After all, since the modern Democrat party was blaming President Bush as they do for all wrong, or even right, in the world, since the I-35W bridge was built in 1967, lets blame Mr. Johnson!
I am being somewhat facetious, but you get the point. Before bodies were pulled out of the wreckage, far-left Democrats starting with Minnesota's junior senator, Amy Klobachar, were quick to slam President Bush. It was pointless and dumb. But, by golly, that never seems to stop the Democrats.
The point is that people should have cooled their jets and let the investigation begin and run it's course. Politicians need to stop blaming and let the process take course. A simple fact is that someone with no understanding of the nuances of bridges as myself deducted that it was possible the design of the bridge may be the culprit.
Here is a deal. I won't blame former President Johnson if the Democrats suffering BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome, stop blaming President Bush? See how easy life would be!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Title For War

In this blog, I have referred to this as the War Against Terror. Not exactly a catchy phrase.
I have thought of what would be a catchy phrase and there is not really one that just rolls off the tongue.
But, I do have a more accurate description.
War Against Terror is too broad for I have been leaving out who that enemy is. Until Now.
From here out, it is now the War Against Islamofascist Terror.
Yes, it is a bit long and it does not roll off the tongue. But it is the accurate description of why there are thousands of brave Americans all over the world stopping fanatical Islamics from doing any more dastardly deeds that will cost untold loss of life.
I want to be clear. This is not a call of arms against all of Islam. There are too many good people of the Islamic faith that feel trapped by these fanatics that have perverted the religion and have used it against people rather than trying to, through deeds and evangelism, convert people. These thugs have decided that war is the only way to bring all the world to Islam.
So, in now calling it the War Against Islamofascist Terror, all that is being done is to crystallize what this is all about. I, of course, appreciate any comments. BUT, you must keep them clean and non-offensive. I will just remove them from the comment section.

How Do We Serve In Wartime

Today, radio talker Hugh Hewitt, talked about the ambush of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney by an anti-war protester in Iowa.
The questioner, Rachel Griffiths, of a local group, Quad City Progressive Action For The Common Good, asked why had none of Mr. Romney's five sons served in the armed forces and if they had any intention to do so. Now, go to Mr. Hewitt's site for the answer.
What I want to ask is a broader question. How do we, who have never been in the armed forces, support not just those in Iraq and Afghanistan, but throughout the service branches?
I have thought long about this. The main reason I am not in the armed services is that I am too old. But, how else can we serve?
Well, for one, donate to any of the fine groups that help wounded soldiers. If one can not donate money, volunteer time.
Another is to simply write letters to the troops. Many school age children do that as class projects. It is a way that may change the way that they look at the soldiers, sailors, marines, air force personnel.
Still, another way is to pray for those that are near and dear to our hearts and serving in the front lines of the War Against Terror. My church does just that. We say the service personnel's name the first Sunday of the month and at both Wednesday services.
Support those in the entertainment community who are doing their part in taking fellow entertainers to Iraq and Afghanistan. One of those is actor Gary Sinise of Forrest Gump fame and the star of the hit CBS television show, "CSI New York." As important as it is to show the troops that we not only support them, but what they are doing is to support people like Mr. Sinise. Mr. Sinise is very lucky to be a major enough star that he is not blacklisted in Hollywood, a community that elevates usually the most banal in our society.
I often hear from mostly lefties that we who support the war but have not served are "chickenhawks." "Chickenhawks" is a chicken you-know-what way that the left tries to guilt those of us who support the war to their side. It is a bad analogy for if we take what that means, the left basically says that unless one has served, then they are not able to have an opinion or that they should not be for the war. The same people claim to support the troops, yet are on a constant campaign to make them look bad.
Most importantly in serving and supporting the troops and their mission, we must persuade those on the fence as to why success is vital. Believe it or not, there are people that can still be swayed. It is our duty to talk to those people and let them know that our troops are the best in the world and that they want to win and then come home. They do not want to leave their battle in midstream with their tails between their legs. Victory is the way to bring them home.
Serving in wartime without being a warrior in this polarized environment is so important to the morale of those who are in the armed forces. They need to know that the overwhelming majority of the American people are really behind them.
And, that is how I am serving. By writing this blog. By trying to educate people as to the cost of defeat. By exposing the Islamofascist threat that is real, not a slogan. That is service. We all can do our part.

Bad Move To Dismiss Iowa

The presumed front-running GOP presidential candidate, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and other front-runner, in his mind, Arizona Sen. John "F--- You McCain, are making a very big mistake by skipping the Iowa Republican party straw poll this weekend in Aames, Iowa.
Yea, yea, the inside-the-beltway analysts are saying that it is no big deal and that Iowa is no big deal. They have what I will call small stateaphobia. In their mind, Iowa fits that paradigm.
But, in the last two presidential elections, Iowa was a swing state. In 2000, it voted for Democrat Al Gore by roughly about 5,000 votes. In 2004, it flipped and went with President Bush by roughly about 5,000 votes.
So, what is the big deal about this straw poll in Aames?
It is a sign of organization and what candidate can get the most Republican voters to the caucus in January. That is how it works in Iowa. No primary. Thus, what Aames does is separate the cream of the top and the milk at the bottom. A little farmer lingo from this city boy!
Without a doubt, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has invested a lot in this straw poll. And that is a good thing. If he ends up with the most votes of this non-binding vote, it should translate to more in January. Mr. Romney has the most to lose if he does not win this straw poll.
As an aside, it is the most brilliant fund-raiser I have ever seen. A state party charging $35 a head for the right to vote for the candidate of the Republicans choice. Approximately 20,000 to 25,000 will attend this straw poll. At the least it will get $700,000 for the state party. At most well over a million bucks. I think about this happening here in California. Say at $50 a person, as many as 100,000 going to this say in Sacramento. That is $5,000,000 for the state GOP in California. Oh well, I am not the state chairman, but if I were I would look at this seriously.
Iowa is still a small enough state that organization matters and maybe Mr. Giuliani and Sen. "F--- You" McCain just do not want to make that effort. But, if one of them is the nominee and it is the kind of election that 2000 and 2004 was, getting Iowa in the GOP corner will be very important.
That is why Mr. Romney is working so hard to win this straw poll. It should translate to votes in January and votes in November if Mr. Romney is the Republican presidential nominee. It is smart, old-fashioned retail politics that do still work in a place like Iowa.
It is too bad that Mr. Giuliani and Sen. "F--- You" McCain have decided to not take part in the straw poll in Aames. They do not take Iowa seriously and they should. Mr. Romney does take Iowa seriously and this is another reason I believe that is why Mr. Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bad News By The Bay

It had to happen. Tonight, it did.
San Francisco outfielder Barry Bonds hit the infamous 756th home run of his career and that breaks the previous record set by Hammerin' Henry Aaron.
Now, we should all hang our heads in collective shame.
Why? We should be celebrating, right?
Unlike Mr. Aaron, Mr. Bonds maybe one of the least deserving major league baseball players to ever set a record.
As noted earlier this week, Mr. Bonds may have gotten a lot of those home runs juiced up on steroids. Steroids are banned by professional baseball and Mr. Bonds has been at the center of an ongoing investigation as to whether or not he obtained steroids, which would break the major league rules. Would his record have an asterisk, as it should? That is a tough question to answer.
Pete Rose, the former Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies player is not in the baseball hall of fame and is banned from the game because he gambled on pro baseball and when he was manager of the Reds. According to Mr. Rose, he always bet on the Reds to win. That was very big of him!
So, if it is eventually proven that Mr. Bonds did take steroids, will he be banned from pro baseball and not be enshrined in the hall of fame? One would have to answer yes. Mr. Bonds will have been proven to have done as much a grievous act as did Mr. Rose.
The shame is that both Mr. Bonds and Mr. Rose are and were, respectively, great ballplayers. Why one is not in the hall of fame and another may not is not just based on morality being applied unevenly. It is that they will have been caught doing actions that are detrimental to the success of major league baseball.
So, tonight is a date which will live in baseball infamy. Barry Bonds breaks Henry Aaron's home run record. It could not have been done by a worse player.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Blogging Means Different Things To Different People And Groups

Why do I blog? It is simple. To share information and to have a free forum to discuss the events of the day and or just write about silly stuff on occasion. For me, it is freedom.
Why to the Daily Kos crowd, et al, blog? To make a difference and to influence a political party, the Democrat party, and possibly an election or two.
There is a huge difference. I do not expect my visit from Mitt Romney because I am sure to many I am nothing but a shill for his Republican presidential quest. I do not get a check from Hugh Hewitt even though I link to him quite often. I do not expect my Episcopal diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. John Bruno, to be all that thrilled when I write about the decrepit state of the Episcopal Church, USA. Won't be getting any love from Barry Bonds concerning my views on his home run "record." And that is the way I want it.
I have a lot of freedom having this blog site. I do not abuse it with a slew of pointless profanities. Even my references to Sen. John McCain are edited so any one can read this blog. I don't have as much an axe to grind, but what I try to offer on this site is stories and thoughts that you will not see in the Dinosaur, Drive-by, Mainstream Media, DDBMSM.
The Daily Kos crowd, as well as Huffington Post, claim to be something they are not. Free forums. But, why then when a United States soldier confronted a seminar at the recent Yearly Kos convention was he shouted down? If they are open, they should have let the soldier talk and debate. But, they are not really interested in debate. They want a seat at the political table and to be an influence on the Democrat party. So far they have succeeded at both. The top three Democrat presidential candidates went to their little convention this past weekend and groveled at the feet of the crowd, begging them to keep it up. Not one Democrat went to the meeting of the Democrat Leadership Council, the moderate Democrat group founded by, among others, former President Bill Clinton and former Vice-President Al Gore. They are just so old school.
These bloggers want power. I just want to be able to share with you information and ideas from the conservative side of the equation. With a lot of freedom to not have to be in the hip pocket of any group, organization or political party. For the record, I am a Republican and believe that one of the best ways to have a strong political party is not to always be in lockstep. That is why, for instance, we have primaries for the presidential nomination. There are nine announced candidates and a chance to check them all out. I do not think I take the conventional route since I support Mitt Romney. No, I am not on his payroll.
Only recently has a conservative alternative,, been around to coalesce conservative opinion and be a somewhat answer to Daily Kos and the vomitorium of the left.
But, I choose to be out of their blog listing. I want the freedom of blogging on my own. All I can do on my own is write and do all I can to make this site even better.
I do not blog in allegiance to anyone but myself and those that read this blog, no matter what they believe. I wish the lefty bloggers felt the same way.

What Is The Big Idea If Someone Changes His Or Her Mind On An Issue?

I am continued to be perplexed by conservative Republicans who attack former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for being a "flip-flopper" especially on the issue of abortion. Is there not room for growth on an individuals part? Apparently not.
I will digress to point out on the issue of abortion, some Democrat politicians went from being pro-life to pro-abortion. Remember former house minority leader Richard Gephart (D-Mo.), former Vice-President Al Gore? Those are two examples of Democrat politicians switching sides as they moved up the political ladder. But, liberal people will say that these two have "grown" when they went from pro-life to pro-abortion. When a politician goes the other way, they are accused of pandering.
So, some Republicans are taking aim at Mr. Romney. People like Sam Brownback (R-Kans.) who are bashing Mr. Romney for not being pro-life all through his life and boosting the fact that he has been. Yes that is true, but my question to Sen. Brownback is this. How do we get more people on the side of life when we have a convert in Mr. Romney with your approach? You accuse the former Massachusetts governor of being pro-abortion as governor. It was during the time as governor that Mr. Romney changed his view. We should be welcoming that change of heart and hold Mr. Romney to that position.
It is just bizarre to me that someone like Sen. Brownback would by into the liberal definition of Mr. Romney's conversion on the issue. I know that Sen. Brownback has really been in front on the issue of life and abortion, but he should not be bashing Mr. Romney for coming around. This is an issue Sen. Brownback should stay away from and talk about other issues concerning Mr. Romney's term as governor of Massachusetts.
I take Mr. Romney at his word. How we as voters hold him to that is to make sure he is sincere is to ask about the kind of judges that he will appoint to the federal courts and the supreme court. And for good measure what kind of congressional legislation he would support to curtail abortion. The answers that you will hear will bear out the sincerity of his change of heart.
Here is a new paradigm. When someone becomes more conservative that is as much "growth" as any one who becomes a liberal. "Growth" is determined by how you and I stand on issues. We have to look at a candidates overall stands and see where he or she has decidedly changed their mind on an issue and why. Then we will see if they are "growing" in the direction we would agree with.