Friday, February 24, 2006

The Divide Deepens in Episcopalland

As another parish leaves the Episcopal Church (St. Luke's in The Mountains in nearby La Crescenta, CA), the Diocese of California (San Francisco) is potentially going to elect another gay or lesbian as the next bishop, the vast middle the Anglicanism has long represented is ready to ask, where do we go from here? If we can not get sanity from the alleged leadership within the church and don't want to leave, what other options do we have? I say to stay and fight from within. It took the radicals roughtly about 40 years to bring this wrath on the Church and it may take another 40 years for those of us sickend by the recent events to rise up and stop bitching and start doing what the liberals have done. We need to get into the leadership levels starting at the parish level working way up to the diocesean level and then to the national church. Let us also get one thing straight. Most of those who are liberal and confused DO love the church. So do we who want to preserve what makes the Church unique in Christendom. We must stay, organize and fight the takeover by an elite left wing leadership and bring our mother church back from the brink!

Sorry For The Long Break

Sorry for the long break in between posts. Taking a little time off ponitificating on life today. But...I'm BACK!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Puppies as Mules

In today's New York Post (, a report that Columbian durg lords are using puppies as drug mules to smuggle liquid heroin is truly disturbing as showing a sign of desperation to get the evil drug into this country in any way possible.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Freedom On The March

President Bush hit a grand slam homer out of the park last night with the State of the Union address, most importantly concerning the War Against Terror.
He laid it all out there for the world to see.
In letting Iran know that a nuclear state will not be tolerated he said that the United States will act to prevent that from happening.
In Iraq, what he said is what he has been saying-we will not quit and run.
In respect to Iraq, Mr. Bush was most eloquent and trying to explain the reasons we are there and why we should stay, fight and finish the job.
I think what he said last night makes me so glad that he, not any Democrat is president.
It is not always perfect and the way that I would always address issues of the day, but he is doing a stellar job in keeping the nation safe. And that is his constitutional duty.
Thank God that George W. Bush is keeping freedom on the march!