Thursday, May 28, 2009

Republican Squish Regrets Vote For President Obama. Sigh!

Well, leave it to a contributor on David Frum's website, "New Majority" to have buyer's remorse because she admits to voting for the most vowed left-winger to run for the presidency.
Crystal Wright has the cajones to admit that she voted for President Obama over the Republican standard-bearer, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain. To her credit, she not only admits her vote for The One, but now has the ability to admit that it may have not been a great vote.
Her reasoning?
Here it is in her own words:

I truly had no idea he would turn out to be the radical tax and spend liberal he's revealed. Since the beginning of his presidency, Obama seems more interested in making policies and decisions that grab headlines than those in the best interests of the country. The announcement of his whopping $3 trillion budget, trailing the $800 billion bank bailout, was shocking and yet the media seemed to rally around him. The president wants to do everything at one time, national healthcare, economy, taxes (wealth redistribution), clean energy, infrastructure, education and more. He acts very king-like, expecting Congress to endorse everything he floats their way, but his high octane PR strategy--loaded with smiles and good oratory may be fading.

Where, oh where to begin Crystal?!
I guess that you were in your Washington cocoon to not realize that then Sen. Messiah Barack let it all out in the infamous confrontation with Joe the Plumber. As Sen. Messiah Barack said, he wanted to spread the wealth. So, Crystal, how in the name of Almighty God did you expect Sen. Messiah Barack go about wealth-spreading? By twinkling his nose a la Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched? Really, the only way to carry out that pledge is to raise taxes and spend on what appear to be popular programs. As you note, taxes are wealth redistribution.
Then, in the same paragraph, you seem to be surprised that the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media, DDBMSOWM are rallying around the "high octane" proposals and strategies.
Ah, hello?!
The same DDBMSOWM all but handed then Sen. Messiah Barack not only the Democrat presidential nomination but the general election. There was absolutely no, none, zip, nada, critical analysis of then Sen. Messiah Barack's proposals and potential policies. The same DDBMSOWM, rather than take a serious look at what Sen. Messiah Barack told Joe the Plumber, went after. . .Joe the Plumber! We know more about Joe the Plumber than President Obama's records at Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard law school.
Crystal, I am glad that you have seen the error of your way, but why are you wasting time contributing to a website that is only interested in bashing conservatives? I would like to have seen this in a conservative site like the Weekly Standard or National Review. Townhall would be another good one.
As I have offered to help the foul-mouthed Meghan McCain see the light towards conservatism, I offer you the same, Crystal. The fact you see that President Obama is in fact and indeed all that he said he was should be a start. Time for you to graduate to reading real conservative thinkers. Also, maybe contribute some of your commentary to the above named conservative organs.
It is worth reading the comments to Crystal Wright's post.
As one commenter noted, she will not be the first of the squishes to have buyer's remorse. And she will most certainly not be the last by a long shot.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jeb Bush Endoreses Mario Rubio! Too Bad It Is Jeb Bush, JR!

At least a member of the Bush family is on board the Marco Rubio bandwagon.
The son of former governor Jeb Bush, Jeb Bush, Jr. has endorsed Mr. Rubio's candidacy for the senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez.
And, proving the theory that broken clocks are right at least twice a day, former Republican presidential candidate, the Rev. Mike Huckabee is endorsing Mr. Rubio.
It is time for Gov. Sarah Palin to jump on the Rubio bandwagon.
Now, before anyone gets upset that I highlight this posting by The Other McCain on the endless rumors of Gov. Charlie Christ, the establishment choice, being a closeted homosexual, I point this out because if this is being discussed on the right, imagine the dagger the left will use on this.
Please, go to the Marco Rubio link and see what a real conservative candidate will do to anyone the Democrats bring on. Imagine Gov. Christ denying that he is gay under the DDBMSOWM microscope.
Jeb Bush, Jr. gets it. Maybe the old man gets it but wants to stay out of a primary fight. But, we need to stand by a real conservative. Time to back Marco Rubio for senate.

How Should The GOP Handle Judge Sotomayor?

There is a lot of hand-wringing in conservative circles over President Obama's nomination of federal judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace Justice David Souter on the supreme court.
First, the obvious.
This appointment is the worst kept secret from the Obama administration. They have had her name out there for this possible appointment oh, say the day after the election last year.
Also, Judge Sotomayor's appointment does not change anything as far as balance on the supreme court. It is a liberal for a liberal.
And, since elections do have consequences, and the Democrats have 59 to 60 seats in the senate, this should be an easy win for the Obama administration.
Now, the not so obvious is what do conservatives and Republicans do about this.
Remember, there is no way this appointment gets blocked. So anything that is done is more or less to show that Republicans have some fight left.
So, there are the voices that are saying that this is not the time or place to take on President Obama.
We have former President Bush 43 adviser Mark McKinnon saying that opposing Judge Sotomayor is the Republicans going on a suicide mission. And there is Stuart Taylor over at the National Journal offering his analysis.
And there are those such as Rush Limbaugh advocating taking Judge Sotomayor on. Also, it appears that Newt Gingrich also has some thoughts about this choice for a supreme court justice.
Here is the way I would like to see conservatives and Republicans tackle this foregone conclusion.
First, use this opportunity to expose the Sotomayor record. That is the role of a loyal opposition. Highlight those decisions that make Judge Sotomayor's record the issue.
Point out the obvious double-standards between the glowing reviews of Judge Sotomayor and another Hispanic that was appointed by former President Bush 43 to an appeals judgeship. That would be Miguel Estrada. Note that it was Democrats that filibustered Mr. Estrada's nomination in the first place.
Also, it is important to note that then then future president as a senator not only voted against both Judges Samuel Alito and John Roberts to the supreme court. Why then Sen. Messiah Barack was in favor of a filibuster against now Justice Alito. So, those who now say lets just rush this through and by acclimation should get a little taste of their own medicine.
DO NOT FILIBUSTER this nomination!
It will not stand up and will make legitimate points that will be brought up in the judiciary committee moot. People will look at a filibuster as sour grapes more than anything. And, the Republicans will not have the votes to uphold it.
At the end of the debate, every Republican should vote against Judge Sotomayor for the supreme court. Just because one is nominated does not mean that nominee should be given the post by acclimation.
It is basically threading the needle and that is the best the Republicans can do in this position. And it will be the best thing to do to expose the many judges that President Obama will nominate to the federal bench at all levels.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California Supremes Get It Right On Proposition 8

Today, the California state supreme court cut the difference and upheld Proposition 8, which returned the recognized marriage between one man and one woman. Also, the same court upheld the 14,000 to 18,000 same-sex marriages that occurred between their decision last year allowing same-sex marriage and this decision.
It was the right thing to do and correct according the the California constitution.
The decision to uphold Prop. 8 was by a vote of 6-1. That included three of the justices that ruled there was a mystical right to same-sex marriage in the first place. Those included the chief justice, Ronald George, justice Joyce Kennard and Kathryn Werdegar joined in the majority opinion. Justice Carlos Moreno was the lone dissenter. On the separate issue of whether or not the same-sex marriages performed would still be legal and recognized, the decision was unanimous.
The troubling aspect is that the supreme court was tone deaf to reality and set themselves up for this decision. But worse, they did not stay the original ruling which would have avoided the secondary question as to the validity of the marriages that took place. Thus, many people in California and from other parts of the United States came here in good faith to marry their same-sex partners and now are in a kind of sort of legal limbo.
What the court recognized is that the power to actually change the constitution belongs to the people. That was the thrust of what chief justice George wrote in the decision:

"All political power is inherent in the people. The sole, albeit significant, exception that the designation of 'marriage' is ... now reserved for opposite-sex couples."

It needs to be noted that there was noting to deny the generous benefits that same-sex couples enjoy nor to reject those marriages that have already been performed since last year.
But some people, such as the Episcopal bishop of Los Angeles, the Rt. Rev. John Bruno, does not understand that the people, within limits, have the right to amend the state constitution. Look at this little ditty in his statement regarding the decision:

Sadly enough, a small majority - 52 percent of voters - was able to alter the constitution of the great state of California. The initiative process wrests away from the legislature and the courts the ability to legislate and affirm justice.

First, Bishop Bruno, with all due respect, this could have passed by one vote and it would be a majority and thus the will of the people. The reason that there is an initiative process in the first place is because there had been abuse by the legislature. And, the legislative process does need to be reigned in and that was the wisdom of allowing for these matters to be put to a vote of the people. And, most important is that it is not the role of the courts to legislate of affirm justice. Their sole job, especially a state supreme court justice, is to rule whether said case is constitutional or not. Period. End of story.
But, at the end of the day, the California state supreme court made the right decision and puts this right back squarely on the people to decide. If those who advocate same-sex marriage want to get enough signatures and have a vote to repeal Prop. 8, get at it. And if it were to pass, I would respect that as the will of the people. Period. But in this state, we do get to determine how the debate will go. And it is at our will, the people.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great News! Notth Korea Conducts A Nuclear Test

In a disturbing development, the Communist dictatorship of North Korea has announced that they have conducted an underground nuclear test according to the government Korean Central "News" Agency.
Of course the Red Koreans are quick to state that this is in the name of "self-defense".
And why not. I mean, democratic South Korea is certainly on the march to Pyongyang, right? I mean I have to assume that would be such a reason.
The failures of the Clinton and Bush 43 administration to deal with this mounting threat now means that President Obama will get his turn. And, judging by the pronouncements of the president and his underlings, one should not get any hopes up at all.
It is absolutely baffling why two previous administrations have failed to take serious action against this brutal, rogue dictatorship that has so abused its people through the failures of the Communist idea. People are starving due to government policies that lead to "famine". Electricity is all but non-existent for the average citizen of North Korea. The majority of people live in abject poverty and fear.
I actually hope that President Obama and his foreign policy team can deal much more strongly with this dastardly dictator, Kim jong-il, than his predecessors.
Something has to be done before the Red Koreans are successful in developing a nuclear bomb and or an arsenal.

The Left Angeles Times Misses The Point-What Else Is New?

In today's Left Angeles Times is an article concerning the debacle that has become the California state budget and offers five "solutions" that almost could have come right from the California Democrat Party handbook.
Almost because one of the five "solutions" actually scratches the surface of a large reason the state is in the budget mess in the first place.
The first "solution" is one that deals with the primary way that California raises revenue in the first place. The state income tax. The following:

Updating the tax structure
California is extremely reliant on personal income taxes to fund government. It is a source of cash that is unpredictable and subject to huge swings. When the stock market is soaring, it is great for the state.
California's millionaires and billionaires contribute wads of capital gains taxes in those good years, and the state has consistently used that money to grow programs.
The richest 1% of residents end up contributing half of all the personal income tax the state collects.
As soon as the economy takes a dip and the stock market stalls, the money stops flowing and the state plunges into a crisis.

Note the admission that the Times writer, Evan Halper, has to make. That the top one percent of California residents pay half of all the personal income tax the state collects. That is totally unsustainable. It is a totally unfair system and it takes out many Californians. By taking out so many, there is a totally unrealistic view of taxes and who pays taxes in this state.
Of course the "solutions" go downhill from the obvious one.
Take the next one, the two-thirds rule.
California voters voted for this in the middle of the Great Depression in 1933. The voters realized that the legislature would not stop raising taxes unless they were reigned in and they acted accordingly. But, the Times does not like this little fact:

Ending the two-thirds rule
Only two other states require two-thirds of its Legislature to approve a state budget. The rule was added to the California Constitution by voters in 1933.
The idea was to make it exceedingly difficult for the Legislature to raise taxes. And it is.
But it also has become exceedingly difficult for lawmakers to merely do their job and get any spending plan in place -- with or without new taxes.
GOP lawmakers, a minority in the Legislature, tend to use the influence they have over the budget to renew policy demands that had been neglected for much the year.
Democrats complain they are being extorted for budget votes. Gridlock follows.

Nothing happens until the state stops paying its bills or comes close to it.
Lawmakers rush a budget onto the governor's desk that uses borrowing and other gimmicks to paper over much of the problem. The cycle repeats itself.

Notice how Mr. Halper frames this as the legislature "exceedingly difficult to merely do their job and get any spending plan in place". Well, it should be if it is nothing expanding government without the means to sustain it. And, of course it is all the Republicans fault. You know, because their presence keeps the Democrats from running hog-wild in raping the California tax payer. Which they would do with impunity if the Republicans did not stand for the tax payer.
Of course, the third "solution" would be to curtail the rights of the citizenry to put initiatives on the ballot because, in reality, they just get in the way of the legislature doing their job. The problem is that the legislators end up supporting or opposing what ever the ballot initaitive is in question in the first place. But, read it for a laugh:

Reining in citizen initiatives
Voters have created a complicated and conflicting web of spending requirements and tax limitations. They have told the state to borrow billions for new programs without any plan for repaying the loans.
Last week's special election embodied the problem. Voters refused to reallocate money they had previously ordered spent on mental health and children's programs, but they also refused to raise revenues with tax increases and a plan to borrow against the lottery.

Uh, hello? In reference to the children's programs initiative, Proposition 10, it was an increase in the cigarette tax to specifically fund children's programs. Now, I voted against the measure because of opposition to taxes on principle. But, it should be noted that this was a baby not only of actor/director Rob Reiner of "All In The Family" fame, but of the current California governor, Benedict Arnold. And the reason that voters have to end up voting on these kind of measures is because the damn state legislature does not do the heavy work in the first place.
The next "solution" has been tried, the Rainy Day fund. It means that the state has to have a surplus and allocate a portion to this fund. And, it has been done in the past, first under former governor, George Deukmejian. This does make sense.
The last of the five "solutions" is an intriguing one. It is having actual oversight on every bit of money in the state budget and the programs they fund.

Getting some real oversight
Other states keep track of how well every program is functioning, requiring department heads to meet a strict list of "performance standards" or risk losing money. California has resisted this for years.

Hmm, I wonder why California has resisted this seemingly sane approach for years? Could it be that an oversight board would maybe, possibly find waste and inefficiency? And, could this be because the state employee labor unions have been resistant? I wished that the article would have addressed that aspect of the oversight issue.
But overall, the "solutions" proposed in this article would eventually lead to a Democrat-dominated legislature to raise taxes and increase the size of government and pay off their benefactors. And it would be a disaster for the citizens of California.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wanna Solve The Crisis Of Governing In California? Return To A Part-Time Legislatue

In 1966, the same year that a retired actor named Ronald Reagan was elected governor in a Republican landslide year, the voters of California passed legislation that forever changed the way that California was governed.
The legislation was Proposition 1A and it was on the same general election ballot that Mr. Reagan was on with a still popular Democrat governor, Edmund "Pat" Brown, father of Moonbeam Jerry Brown. Why, both men supported this measure. It was an act of increasing government by then Assembly Speaker Jesse "Big Daddy" Unruh.
What was Prop 1A?
It was the act that made the California legislature a full-time legislature.
Previously the state legislature met in even-numbered years to consider general legislation and odd-numbered years to deal with the budget. And it was limited in duration.
But, Prop 1A changed that to a legislature that could meet all it wanted and consider any legislation within the two-year period between elections.
And that is not all.
It let the state legislators determine their own salaries and compensation. So long as it was by a two-thirds vote of both the state assembly and senate.
And that, my friends, was the beginning of the end of sane governance in California.
The irony is that the voters were promised that there would be better, less corrupt and more "professional" legislators.
That has worked out real well.
We have a bunch of two-year old babies in suits that do not want to deal with reality in the current state budget fiasco. These dolts prefer to blame us, the voters, for creating the budget mess in the first place.
Again, really?!
I do not think that the voters negotiated unrealistic contracts with state employee unions.
I do not think that the voters keep inefficient boards and commissions in which former politicians are paid outrageous salaries to do little, if any work.
I do not think that the voters are to blame for a state government that does not encourage efficiency over increasing state employees and lining the political pockets.
I do not think that the voters are to blame who want people to not stay in the same seat until they die. Voters wanted term limits because they wanted to have a chance at electing new people to seats in the assembly and senate.
So, the question is this.
What has a full-time legislature done for us, the citizens of California?
Gotten us into one helluva mess and not wanting to do some painful, yet necessary cuts and reforms that could alleviate this in the future.
Note this about our state legislature.
They are the highest paid state legislators in the United States.
A member of the state legislature makes $116,208 a year plus $170 per Diem. And, if one is a leader such as a party leader, tack on another $16,964 a year. The governor makes $212,179 a year. So, if a legislator in the state assembly stays for three, two-year terms, a total of six years, they can make, not counting the $170 per Diem, $697,248. And if one is a two-term state senator, that comes out to $929,664.
In the private sector, these dolts would have been fired long ago for waste and inefficiency.
Here is a solution.
Revert back to the part-time legislature. The legislature meets in even-years for four months to consider general legislation. In odd-years, three months to consider a two-year budget, not an annual budget. Cut the salaries of the legislators to $50,000 a year and $75 per Diem. Allow the elected officials to work in their given professions the rest of the year. As long as there is not a conflict of interest in legislation before either house. Oh, and if they can not pass the budget on time, dock their pay.
We seem to forget that these people work for us. It is not the other way around. We have the power to get effective change if we only get together to demand it. We did this past Tuesday. We did with the vote to have term-limits. We did with Prop 13. Now, it is very important to seek real, long and lasting reform that will make these clowns in suits actually do their duty when they are elected. Reverting back to a part-time legislature will make these people more accountable to the people because they would be out of the ivory tower that Sacramento has become. Imagine that these people could legislate part of the year and actually live under their laws like the rest of us the remainder of the year.
It is time for us, the people, to take back our state.
It is time to bring back the part-time legislature.

Friday, May 22, 2009

California Political Class vs. The People

You would think that the California voter rejection of five tax and robbery measures this past Tuesday was a sign of the apocalypse, judging by the political class reaction to the crushing defeat.
Led by Gov. Benedict Arnold, there is a theme that the voters are tired of voting in special elections. That there have been too many in the last several years.
Well, yes there have been a few elections.
Start with the recall of former Gov. Gray Era Davis. That crushing blow for Mr. Davis and the ascension of Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed to usher in a new era to Sacramento.
But, instead of focusing on one issue at a time, Gov. Schwarzenegger tried to get several ballot initiatives passed all at once. Coincidentally, in a special election.
Ahh, but the state unions, led by the California Teachers Association blindsided Gov. Schwarzenegger and ran enough ads to plant in the voters minds how terrible the governor's proposals were.
Needless to say all went to defeat and then was the beginning of Gov. Schwarzenegger's transformation to his current incarnation as Gov. Benedict Arnold.
And once again, when faced with a left-wing, Democrat-dominated state legislature wanting a slew of taxes, Gov. Benedict Arnold tried to cut down the middle. Oh, he went along with the Democrats by and large, but appeared to be down the middle.
And once again, rather than solving a problem, the governor and the legislative leaders tried to pass the buck and the voters said enough is enough.
But, many of the political class can not believe how badly the voters reacted.
What this means is, THE HORROR!, these clowns in suits now have to work on a real and long-term solution to the mess.
Stop with the threats to cut public services. We know that some will have to be cut. But, there is a whole state bureaucracy that needs very, very serious reforms, cuts and eliminations.
California state government is operating on the exact model when the state was admitted to the Union in 1850 with 93,000 people.
Now, it is time for the people we elect to office to sit down and come up with real solutions.
If they do not, the people will let them know in November, 2010. And it will not be pretty.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Problems

I do not know what is wrong, but apparently there is a problem for those of us that blog on Blogger.
Some of you maybe seeing a box and it says "Operation aborted" and when you click OK, you are kicked out.
I went to the help section and the Blogger people are supposed to be working on it.
As soon as the problem is fixed, there will be postings. Postings on the recent victory for the California taxpayers. And for a long term solution for those politicians that want to keep blaming us for their getting us in the mess to begin with.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 For 6

The people of California have spoken and given Gov. Benedict Arnold, the Republican legislative enablers and the Democrat-dominated legislature the defeat they rightly deserved.
Props 1A to 1E have been defeated by as many as 20 points in some of the propositions.
Only Prop 1F, which denies legislative raises when the state is running a deficit has won and won handily.
Now, I noted that Prop 1F could be described in this sentence, courtesy of the Orange County Register's editorial urging a NO vote on this proposition:

Prop. 1F is an unnecessary exercise in venting.

While I voted no on this proposition, the reality is that the people are venting the only way that they can at this point. The people are telling the legislators and the governor to actually work this budget mess out.
But there is no doubt that the people are already being blamed for these measures going down to defeat.
Tomorrow's edition of the Left Angeles Times will have this instant analysis of the problem.
It is our damn fault for passing measures that tie the legislators hands in the budget process. And the writer, Michael Finnegan dredges up the ghost of Prop 13. It is because the citizens got tired of taxes being raised willy nilly, especially property taxes, that it passed in the first place. The fact that Prop 13 called for two-thirds of the state legislature to approve tax hikes has been one way that the people have put the brakes on the legislature. But, what is not mentioned is that people do not realize how much of the state budget goes to paying state employees some extravagant salaries and benefits compared to their counterparts in other states. But, to Mr. Finnegan's credit, he has the money quote from a history lecturer:

"We pay the legislators to go to Sacramento and figure these things out," said Denise Spooner, a lecturer on California history at Cal State Fullerton.

If the legislators and governor did their job, and laid out the realities to the people, not the political dog and pony show and the threats, people would be more than understanding.
But, now we will have the specter of teachers, firemen, policemen and these type of workers being threatened with pink slips.
And, we will be blamed.
But, we should not be blamed for asking those we elect to office to do their jobs. No matter how tough they are. The elected class in Sacramento tried to have us sign our own economic death sentence. And we said no way. And, most voters said that if you, our elected officials, can not get your act together, you will not get any more money than you deserve.
We have spoken Gov. Benedict Arnold, and the legislative cowards.
Now, get to work and seek tax and budget reforms that will have a long term benefit for all and make this the Golden State once again.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

0 For 6

In today's Orange County Register, the lead editorial explains why California voters should vote a resounding "NO" on all six tax and robbery measures on Tuesday's special election ballot.
As we say, read the whole thing.
A lot of people, even many conservatives, believe that voting yes on Prop 1F is OK.
It is not.
It is the measure that the political whore, state Sen. Abel Maldonaldo, got on the ballot to gain his vote to end the so-called budget stalemate in the first place.
Here is the money line as to why Prop 1F is a joke:

Prop. 1F is an unnecessary exercise in venting.

Amen to that!
But a point that is made by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is also worth noting. A balanced budget can be achieved with tax increases as well as by spending cuts. Which none of these measures does in the first place.
While The Register editorial points out that Prop 1A is confusing, there is a reason for it.
As noted on the sample ballot that I received, nowhere in the language does it mention that if one votes yes on 1A, it will extend the California state sales tax hike for another two years.
No question that if it did, the No vote could be devastating.
It may well be anyway.
It is time for the voters of the once Golden State to send the message to the legislators and Gov. Benedict Arnold.
Do the damn job that we voted for you to do. Make the tough choices. Really explain them to us, the voters, your bosses. Let the chips fall where they may.

A Little Shaking Going On

As I sit here, scanning the internet for new and exciting news, a little earthquake occurred here in the Pasadena area.
It appears that the quake is a decent sized one at 5. on the Richter scale according to Fox News Channel.
Because I am on the second story here at Right View From The Left Coast headquarters, Scout the Wonder Dog and I felt it pretty good.
Link to Fox News or, dare I write this, the Los Angeles Times for updates.

Maureen Dowd, Plagiarist

It appears that the fiery red-headed columnist, Maureen Dowd, of The New York Times can not seem to write a column without lifting a money paragraph from a fellow-travelling lefty blogger.
Now, Miss Dowd claims that she got what she wrote,

More and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when we were looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of Iraq.

from a friend.
Here is the question of the day for Miss Dowd.
You have friends?!

New Link To The GOP Grassroots Rebellion

As I posted on the Battle Royale between Charlie Christ and Marco Rubio for the GOP senate nomination in 2010, I noticed a new site to let the National Republican Senate Committee know how we feel about the unconditional endorsement of Gov. Christ.

It is a new blog that has been linked to this one in response to the top-down approach the NRSC is taking in this race.

I note that this post by contributor No Sheeples Here makes the point that I made in yesterday's post formally endorsing Marco Rubio for senate in Florida:

Pinellas State Committeeman Tony DiMatteo said, "To try to impose Rule 11 on a former Speaker of the House of Representatives—a Hispanic American, at a time when we're trying to reach out to Hispanics and African-Americans and diversify—is beyond outrageous.”

Rule 11 allows the national party apparatus to campaign for and pour money to a certain candidate ignoring all others in a primary.

But hey, do not take the word of an actual party committeeman in a county in Florida. I mean, we all know that the wiseguys in Washington will give Florida their candidate whether they want it or not.

Again, I want make clear. I have no problem that Gov. Christ is in the race and it will be a spirited one between Mr. Rubio and Gov. Christ.

The problem is with the wiseguys in Washington that want to clear the field and want to do so at the expense of Republican voters actually deciding these races.

We must make NRSC chair Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tx) realize that he should keep out of this race and any other where there is more than one serious candidate in the running. The only way that they are going to get that is if they do not get money from those of us that are the activists they tout about all the time.

Let me remind you that if we take their approach, it is the approach that gave us Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan in 1976. The same approach that gave us beleaguered Californians Gov. Benedict Arnold over now congressman Tom McClintock.

It is time to take a stand.

And Not One Red Cent is a way to take a stand.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sorry Charlie, Marco For Senate

With the announcement this week that popular Florida governor, Charlie Christ, is running for the senate next year, it sets up a classic contest between a moderate and conservative. As well as a generational race with Gov. Christ and Marco Rubio, the former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.
The real problem with Gov. Christ is not that he is so much a moderate, he is. But that Gov. Christ is always looking for the next office and thus comes off, well like a moderate.
The secondary problem is the National Republican Senate Committee chair, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, giving unconditional support of Gov. Christ's bid as if there are not others running.
Ah, hello?!
While there is no question that Gov. Christ has the name and popularity to possibly win the senate seat being vacated by Sen. Mel Martinez, there is another candidate that has shown he is not always running for office and thus changing principles to get to the next level.
And that candidate is Mr. Rubio.
Unlike Gov. Christ moderating as he moves up the political ladder, Mr. Rubio stands true to conservatism and conservative principles. And, unlike Gov. Christ and current Sen. Martinez, Mr. Rubio does not support so-called "comprehensive immigration reform", which in its current form is amnesty.
Also, Mr. Rubio is Hispanic and an evangelical and only 37 years old.
Why would the Republican party turn its back on an up and coming young conservative Hispanic when they need to reach out to people of color more than ever?
I do not have the same problems with Gov. Christ being a RINO. I do not think he is all that like our governor, Benedict Arnold. What it is with Gov. Christ is that he is always looking for the next level. He does not finish a job and run on that record.
And, please do not tell me that the rumors that Gov. Christ is a closet homosexual will not play a role in a campaign for the senate. I do not believe rumors until they are fact. I take Gov. Christ at his word. And in fact his recent second marriage should put it to rest. But it will not.
Mr. Rubio is a family man still married and with four children.
It would be good if the NRSC would just stay out of the race now, see who wins and then back the winner all out.
It is after all the same NRSC that backed former Sen. Jim Jeffords. And Mr. Jeffords rewarded that effort by becoming an "independent" senator and handing the senate over to the Democrats after the 2000 election. Who can forget the backing of now Democrat senator Arlen Specter in 2004? Some thanks from Sen. Specter. And the most annoying waste of money was the 2006 race for the Rhode Island senate seat once held by Lincoln Chaffee. After losing to a real Democrat, Mr. Chaffee also became an "independent" and backed then Sen. Messiah Barack for president.
NRSC, let Florida Republicans decide who they want to run for the senate seat.
As for me, even though I am in California, I will wholeheartedly support the candidacy of Marco Rubio for senate in 2010.

Thank You President Obama For Ridding Us Of Another RINO

It is not often that I thank President Obama for much of anything. But in this case I wholeheartedly thank our president for getting rid of a Republican In Name Only, RINO, in Utah governor, John Huntsman.
In an announcement this morning, President Obama named Mr. Huntsman as his ambassador to Red China and thus Mr. Huntsman has to resign as governor of Utah.
Good riddance!
Soon to be former Gov. Huntsman is one of those Republicans that is "moderate" on social issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion and is a believer in Globaloney Warming.
Having such a belief on Globaloney Warming is very dangerous as it accepts a lot of junk science that only now is being disproven. Also, buying into the false ideas of a "green" economy is a certain job killer and growth killer in the United States.
The successor is Lt. Governor Gary Herbert who is clearly where the majority of Utahans are not just on social issues but economic growth.
One thing that is important that in a state such as Utah, there is a large rural population. And Mr. Herbert is clearly one that listens to those concerns and not just those of the urban and suburban areas.
And while a consensus builder, Mr. Herbert is one of those that does so without selling out.
Now, President Obama, is there a need for an ambassador to Austria? I have the perfect candidate for you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amazingly, These Republicans Want To Be Governor Of California

The 2010 elections are a little over a year and a half away and, because it is never too early, there are some people who actually want to be governor of the once Golden State.
There are already three Republicans looking to be the standard bearer in what promises to be a hotly contest race to succeed Gov. Benedict Arnold.
The first of the three is Tom Campbell, a former congressman and a definite libertarian and small government conservative.
A very big problem for Mr. Campbell is that he has served as an economic adviser to Gov. Benedict Arnold. And, once the five tax and robbery measures are soundly defeated next week, look for the other two opponents to wrap that around his neck.
Also, his last statewide race was for the United States senate against Sen. Diane Feinstein. Mr. Campbell could not even muster 40% against Sen. Feinstein as she cruised to reelection.
With a conservative Republican voting bloc, these are big negatives and could make the more well-known Mr. Campbell start off with a lot of baggage.
Next is the current Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner.
It appears that Mr. Poizner is the choice of many conservatives within the California Republican party. And because Mr. Poizner is the only other elected Republican constitutional office holder, Mr. Poizner has a big head start. And a big bankroll.
In Mr. Poizner's favor, he is a successful businessman and has served in government at the federal level as director of Critical Infrastructure Protection in the National Security Council in the Bush 43 administration. Mr. Poizner is an advocate for charter schools and has made education reform a front-and-center issue in his campaign.
A negative is that Mr. Poizner is not as well known as Mr. Campbell. But, he will make every effort to be as well known between now and June 2o10 when the California primary is held.
The third candidate is the former chair of E-Bay, Meg Whitman.
Mrs. Whitman is also a successful businesswoman and rose to fame as an early endorser of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. And when Mr. Romney dropped out, she hooked up with the McCain campaign.
Her successes are legendary.
But, Mrs. Whitman is the only candidate that has no elected experience. In this climate and considering that the current governor had no experience can be a drawback to some. I am not certain.
All three candidates are at the very least social moderates. All three support abortion "rights" and oppose same-sex marriage.
I will have a lot on these candidates in future posts. Check out their websites and see where they stand on the issues.
Most amazing is that anyone wants to be governor of the most ungovernable state in the Republic.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Brilliant Ideas On How To Improve The Republican Party

Ahh, thank goodness that there are people who want to have the best interests of the Republican party in their heart and "mind".
That is why such Republicans as former Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell, say the GOP needs to embrace big government. Why Gen. Powell says the following: "Americans do want to pay taxes for services. Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less."
Not according to polling done by Rasmussen Reports in which only 28% of Americans want larger government. A staggering 62% want less government services and lower taxes.
Maybe the general should rethink that comment.
Of course Gen. Powell reads from the Team Obama talking points in the obligatory bashing of radio talker Rush Limbaugh. And if that is not enough, he went after the "polarizing" governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.
Of course my favorite Republican, David Frum, is on the general's side in how to make the Republican party better. Why for good measure, Mr. Frum jumped on the Charlie Christ for senate bandwagon.
More on that later.
Want a real laugh on how to make the Republican party better?
Former Sen. John "F--- You" McCain campaign guru Nicolle Wallace says that the GOP needs a larger-than-life hero. And one of those heroes Miss Wallace is touting is actor Gary Sinise.
Now, I think that there is no more stelar individual in the Hollyweird crowd than Mr. Sinise. His undying support for our troops is legendary. His support in the War Against Islamofacist Terror is also very well known.
What is not well known is Mr. Sinise's views on a wide range of issues. Outside of these two issues, I have no idea where Mr. Sinise stands on the excessive government that President Obama is foisting on the American people. How about his views on taxation? The proper role of government?
As a Californian, we went down this road in getting Gov. Benedict Arnold elected in 2003 after recalling Gov. Gray Era Davis.
And, Gov. Benedict Arnold will see his political career go in flames as he continues to push a Democrat-led series of tax and robbery measures that we, the people, will vote on next Tuesday.
And, Miss Wallace touts a couple of other heroes that can save the GOP.
Gens. David Petraeus or Ray Odierno.
Both are real heroes in leading the fight to save Iraq. But, once again we have no idea where they stand on issues.
And, for a real series of laughs, there is the latest pundit in the name of Meghan McCain.
Miss McCain is, shall I write, a little light in any sense of ideas. Sure, she parrots the left's talking points on what is wrong with the Republican party. Why Miss McCain even goes so far as offering a Dr. Ruth type primer on how Republicans do not understand sex. I kid you not. But as far as any sense of actual ideas that are remotely conservative. Well, they are just not on Miss McCain's radar.
And there is the National Republican Senate Committee.
The chair of the committee, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tx.) is a good conservative.
But, he somehow thinks that a top-down approach will keep a Republican seat in Florida.
The popular, moderate governor, Charlie Christ, announced yesterday that he is in the race for the senate seat.
Sen. Cornyn immediately put the name of the NRSC behind Mr. Christ.
Too bad there is another candidate that also has a great chance of winning. That candidate is former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Marco Rubio.
Yes, that is the ticket.
Send in the old, white, moderate against an up and coming Hispanic and conservative.
Here is one idea.
How about having some principles that are not-negotiable and having candidates that can run and articulate those ideas and principles?
There are many out there.
But if we listen to those like Gen. Powell, Miss Wallace and Miss McCain and Sen. Cornyn, we will see a party in a perpetual minority.
As I have written many times, when voters are faced with a Democrat and Democrat lite, voters will choose the Democrat.
The party needs to support those that will have the articulation of Ronald Reagan and the vigor of Newt Gingrich if they are to get back on top.

As Promised, The Miss California Saga Does NOT End!

I my post yesterday on Miss California, Carrie Prejean, I noted this: This issue will not go away anytime soon.
And sure enough, I am correct.
It appears that Shanna Moakler, a co-director of the Miss California pageant, has decided to leave the organization. Miss Moakler is leaving because "I cannot with a clear conscious move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth. I want to be a role model for young [women] with high hopes of pageantry, but now feel it more important to be a role model for my children. I am sorry and hope I have not let any young supporters down but wish them the best of luck in fulfilling their dreams."
Well, lets talk about being a role model Miss Moakler.
As noted on The Other McCain, it appears that you, Miss Moakler, found it A-OK to pose, fully naked, in Playboy magazine. Hmm, oh yes, Miss December 2001. Oh, and how is it being a single mom since you are a divorcee?
How can this woman say this crap with a straight, indignant face?
Because she wants to be on the "right", re: politically correct side of the never ending saga of Miss Prejean and her view on same-sex marriage.
I notice that the openly gay co-director of the Miss California organization, thug Keith Lewis, is still on board. Maybe Mr. Lewis is still stunned that The Donald actually had the fortitude to let Miss Prejean continue as Miss California and basically told all of you political correct trolls to stuff it.
Bad choice of words regarding Mr. Lewis.
Oh, I am certain that Miss December 2001 will have ample face time on the all-Obama, all the time "news" network, MSNBC. I am certain that she will be canoodled by the worst sportscaster evah, Keith Olberman. It will not just be a thrill running up Chris Matthews leg. Hey, maybe Rachel Madcow can see if Miss December wants to be on the home team.
Let us note the Miss December 2001 and Mr. Lewis already tried an end run by "appointing" the Miss California runner up, Tami Ferrell, to be a "shadow" of Miss Prejean and attend events where Miss Prejean could not attend or would be "unwise".
Does any think that The Donald took kindly to that?
What it shows is that the left will not let go.
These people can not debate the issue of same-sex marriage on the merits. They went to great lengths to try to destroy a young and possibly naive woman for answering a question with honesty. In between Gossip Girl Mario Lavendeira, Jr, aka Perez Hilton, calling Miss Prejean a b---- and alluding that he wanted to call her a c---, these thugs thought that somehow releasing photos of Miss Prejean not all that nude would send her supporters to the showers.
It did not.
More and more people were given a look into the mind of the hard left in the United States.
And it was not pretty.
And, BTW, I can not think of a better gift for Miss Prejean on her birthday than seeing Miss December 2001 leave crying.
Hey, Miss December, maybe you can become one of Hugh Hefner's Girl's Next Door!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean 1-Haters 0

The Donald made the big decision this morning concerning Miss California, Carrie Prejean, and whether or not she would continue to be Miss California.

And the Donald did not disappoint as he allowed Miss Prejean to continue to be Miss California. This despite being sold out from within as the California pageant leaders, openly gay Keith Lewis and Shana Moakler appointed a "shadow", re: politically correct, representative, the first runner up, Tami Ferrell. Miss Ferrell will be attending events that Miss Prejean "can not" or would be "unwise" to send her.

Now, if one has been hiding under a rock for the past several weeks, Miss Prejean answered a question by Miss USA pageant judge Mario Lavandeira, Jr., aka Perez Hilton, asked her views on same-sex marriage and whether or not it should be across the United States. And, Miss Prejean gave this answer:

"We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."

And that set off the firestorm that caused Mr. Lavandeira to use his blog to refer to Miss Prejean as a b----. Also made Miss Prejean a sudden spokeswoman for traditional marriage. And the pushback was relentless. The cheesy sleaze site TMZ actually went so far as to make a case that her parents divorce made Miss Prejean a "homophobe". It has culminated with a slew of "nude" photos of Miss Prejean ending up on another sleazy website. I will not link that. If you want to peek, The Other McCain has been up on this.

But the Donald pointed out that Miss Prejean's view on same-sex marriage is the same as President Obama. And that the so-called racy photos of Miss Prejean were not all that racy.

Now, the photos had not one wit to do with the issue of the comments. They are being released to show that Miss Prejean is a "hypocrite" for posing topless and professing being a Christian. And that her view on same-sex marriage is judgemental. The photos are a completely separate issue.

This issue will not go away anytime soon.

And, it should be instructive for conservatives. Especially young conservatives.

That if one speaks out on any given issue and it is not politically correct, the forces of political correctness and their allies will come after you with all guns blazing. They will use everything at their disposal to destroy you. But, you should not despair. Speak out. You will find a whole lot of us willing to stand up for you and your rights.

Once Miss Prejean finishes her duties as Miss California, I hope that she continues to be an advocate for traditional marriage. We need young people like her out there because she represents a silent group of people. Young conservatives and yes, even middle-of-the-roaders. For now we can continue to call Carrie Prejean Miss California.

Thank you, Donald!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Sanity And Insanity All From Pasadena, California

In today's Pasadena Star-News lead editorial, the writer makes the case against five of the six tax and robbery schemes that on the May 19 special election ballot. Unfortunately, the same editorial endorses the last of the six measures, but again ALL SIX TAX AND ROBBERY MEASURES MUST BE DEFEATED!
The editorial pointed out that they were prepared to endorse all the measures. But, they can not because the legislature has proposed measures that show a lack of seriousness in dealing with the massive budget shortfall.
You should read the whole editorial, but here is something that caught my eye:

Leaders of both parties - with, astoundingly, the GOP being slightly more generous with money that doesn't really exist - were set to give their top staffers 5 percent pay raises at the same time as other state workers are dealing with furloughs and layoffs.

Hello? Who are the dim-witted Republicans that would have backed this pay raise? And five percent? Hey, how about cutting all legislative staffs and having these legislatures do the work that they are paid to do?
And, here is more to back the new-found position of the Star-News editorial board:

Since the budget agreement was passed, over a period of months in which a new $8 billion gap appeared, sensible managers would be slashing spending even deeper. There's no other choice.
Instead, our Legislature killed a plan to freeze salaries for the most highly paid state workers. It refused to get rid of a cushy waste-management board, a frequent soft landing place for termed-out legislators who get $132,000 a year for very little work. A dozen other questionable state commissions proposed for elimination by Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Thousand Oaks are still shoveling cash into the wallets of Capitol insiders because Democratic legislators wouldn't scuttle them. They wouldn't drop plans for a $185 million new headquarters for the Lottery. They refused to sell up to $2 billion in state property California doesn't need.

Amazing! Unf---ingbelievable!
This is what many of us thought Gov. Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to Sacramento to clean up in the first place. Instead, he is the leading heroin addict desperate to get one more hit off of the taxpayers of the once Golden State.
Commercial after commercial on radio and television is painting a doomsday scenario if we do not pass these six tax and robbery measures. As I have noted, the people that we elect to solve these problems are passing it off on us to sign our own economic death sentence.
Yet the more these commercials are played, the more the opposition grows. And, even the Left Angeles Times is having to admit that not even the "star power" of Gov. Benedict Arnold is going to save these measures.
One other aspect that the editorial did not mention but is very important is how these measures were written in the California sample ballot. Look at it. On Proposition 1A, nowhere does it say that if it passes, it extends the state sales tax hike another two years to 2013. But, that is what it does. Again, read the whole thing. It is mind-numbing.
But, not as mind-numbing as the Pasadena city council and mayor backing Prop 1A, the sales-tax extension.
I have to love the comment of our illustrious mayor, Bill Boggard, "I'm the first to admit that the ballot proposition is not appealing."
No, really?
To stop people from spending money here in the Crown City? Remember, Los Angeles county now has a 9.25% sales tax.
But, wisely, the Pasadena Star-News is not mind-numbed enough to support these measures. They have made the correct call and again dear California voter, VOTE NO ON ALL SIX TAX AND ROBBERY MEASURES!

When Will Hawai'i Celebrate Christian Day?


It appears that according to a judge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is A-OK for a husband to slap the missus around if she spends more than she should shopping.
Well, two thoughts.
First, better not let this be known here. You know, that in Islam, there are judges that believe that slapping a wife for overspending is OK. If that caught on here, wow!
Second, one wonders if this development is making the Hawai'i legislature think a second time about the little Islam Day that they want the state to celebrate.

In more of the theatre of the absurd, the Hawai'i senate passed a resolution calling for September 24, 2009 as, drum roll please. . .ISLAM DAY!
A day to celebrate the "the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions" that Islam and the Islamic world have made.
Oh, I'm sorry. I think that one of those noble contributions might include the Taliban government in Afghanistan blowing up Buddhist statues that dated from the 1,700 years before their destruction in 2001. Oh, but one does not have go back that far to see the wrath of the "religion of peace".
If that is not enough, how about Islam's "contribution" to women's rights? I suppose servitude is one of those contributions made to the world. Like this photo below of two women who still feel that they have to wear a burka.

Can someone explain this as a wonderful contribution to society?
No, I can not either.
Now, I would not have a problem with this but I believe that this is nothing more than political correctness run amok.
Where is the celebration of Christian Day? Jewish Day? Buddhist Day? Hindu Day?
Also, is there not a separation of church and state? I mean, the same people would more than likely argue that to celebrate a day as Christian Day would offend, well Islamics.
I think that this day should be vetoed by Gov. Linda Lingle.
And while she is at it, maybe tell the Hawai'i legislature to do some work rather than engage in kowtowing to Islam in an attempt of "tolerance."

HT: Karl @

Saturday, May 09, 2009


This one is for all the mom's out there.
It is my salute to you who have the most thankless, yet most rewarding job in the world.
Sure, the pay is lousy. The hours suck. And for about three years most mom's will not get a full night's sleep. And there are a lot of valleys in the lifelong relationship between mom's and children.
The rewards can be wonderful.
Because of all the care, nurturing and love that you give your children, most will grow up with an amazing amount of knowledge and the same love and care for their children.
And this for for Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast.
For many years, she was a single parent trying to raise a brilliant son. It was not always easy and there were some valleys. Not in their relationship. But in being a single mom trying like the dickens to do the right thing for her son.
I came into their lives as he was entering high school. And while I am the step dad, it was the way that Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast raised and has had a wonderful relationship with her son. Now, our son.
It can be done. There are so many mom's that need a support system. Because of the rise in divorce and yes, remarriages, mom's are the rock. But, they need to have extended family to be there for them.
Well, while I salute all the mom's out there, my special salute is to my wonderful Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

This Could Not Have Happened To A Nicer Guy

Get this.
Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pennsylvania) has now been put to the back of the bus by his new comrades as he has lost his seniority on several key committees.
Supposedly, Sen. Dr. Specter was assured by his new comrades that he would not lose his seniority on committees.
Could not have happened to a nicer guy!


The former Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain told radio talker Hugh Hewitt that he would like to see former Homeland Security secretary Tom Ridge run for the senate seat now occupied by Sen. Dr. Specter.
If anyone thinks that Mr. Ridge is the answer, a look back at his career in the House should remind those why Mr. Ridge is a terrible choice and one that the elites want, not the rank and file.
And Sen. "F--- You" McCain wonders why he lost to Sen. Messiah Barack in the first place.


It appears that Mr. Ridge is NOT going to take a shot at the senate seat of Sen. Dr. Specter. That is truly great news. I wonder how Sen. "F--- You" McCain feels about having to support Pat Toomey?!

HT: Right Wing Snarkle

Manny, Say It Ain't So!

This is absolutely awful news.

As a die-hard Los Angeles Dodger fan, to read that left-fielder Manny Ramirez will be out 50 games for violating Major League baseball's anti-drug policy is discouraging beyond belief.

Yes, our friendly lefty, Mr. Snarkle, will write to say "I warned you" about Manny. Mr. Snarkle is a Boston Red Sox fan. And glad to have seen Manny leave.

All I can relate is that Manny had been a Godsend to the Dodgers.

After attending a game last week against the San Diego Padres, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I witnessed a towering homer from Manny into the Left Field Pavilion. And it was 421 feet from home plate.

Since Manny has been with the Dodgers, the team has gelled into what it is today. The fans have been like I have never seen before.

And to be fair, according to the linked article, there is no indication that steroids were involved. If so, it would be the height of stupidity.

Manny needs to come clean-no pun intended-and let us, the fans, know the full story.

The blame for this mess should be right at the feet of the worst commissioner in the history of the game, used car salesman Bud Selig.

The inability of Mr. Selig to deal with the issue of performance-enhancing drugs has led to many players bucking the rules and taking life threatening short cuts to bulk up their bodies.

But, that is because the former used car salesman and former owner of the Milwaukee Brewers installed himself as commissioner. Under his stellar leadership, baseball lost a World Series in 1994 due to his locking out players and trying to renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement. And, Mr Selig looked the other way as Barry Bonds, Mike McGwire and many others took the dangerous shortcuts to bulk up and hit a ton of homers during the late 1990s.

Only now, under a lot of pressure, has Mr. Selig made half-hearted efforts of cracking down on the abuse of performance enhancing drugs.

And, regrettably, Manny Ramirez was caught with some kind of drug on the periphery of steroids. Not quite steroids, but close apparently.

Manny, Manny, Manny.

Come clean for us, your fans.

We want to see you back and healthy. All around healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Signs Of Hope For The GOP

While it is very, very easy to harp on what ails the Republican party, and there is a lot, there are more signs of hope every day that it is possible the GOP will be on the comeback trail now that they are out of power in Washington, D. C.
This post over at Patterico shows that the United States is at a 16-year cycle that may, just may favor a return of the Republicans at the national level. If nothing else, many voters will look to the Republican party as a back-stop against the excesses of the Democrat control of government in the nations capital. And the majority of the governorships in the United States.
Once again, Jim Geraghty over at The Campaign Spot shows that Republicans are poised to retake the governorships in New jersey and Virginia this year. And, there is some great news in New Hampshire that may want to make current Republican Sen. Judd Gregg reconsider his retirement. Which, BTW, dovetails onto a strategy I outlined in an earlier post on the potential Republican comeback.
If that is not some good news for national Republicans, the fate of the current Democrat governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, is in the tank. So bad, that there is talk President Obama will rescue Mr. Patrick by naming him the United States attorney for Massachusetts. Worse, and this is really cool, is that a majority of those polled think that former governor Mitt Romney did a better job than the current governor.
And, it appears that Americans are not buying all the hype about Globaloney Warming. Only one to two percent of Americans consider this all that major an issue. Even better. Forty-one percent think that Globaloney Warming is a lot of hot air.
Add this to the government trying to take over Chrysler and force it into a "partnership" with Italian car maker Fiat, and while President Obama is personally popular, his policies are getting increasingly unpopular.
If the Republicans are smart and do not overreach, this can all be to their advantage.
Some other blogger hits it right on the head about all this Hope and Change.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Arlen Specter, Sen Moron

Another reason that I am thoroughly glad the Democrats have this guy, Sen. Arlen Specter, this says it all:

"If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine.

This guy is such a genius!
The fact is that the federal government does spend money-and lots of it-on cancer research. And while there have not been a slew of cures, we better understand and are able to treat many cancers. People do live longer now than ever. And yes, some are even cured.
But, here is the thing.
Sen. Dr. Specter does not even know what kind of cancer Mr. Kemp had. Sen. Dr. Specter does not know when Mr. Kemp was diagnosed with what ever cancer he did have.
Talk about playing politics with people's lives.
This is one of the many reasons I think the Dems will be sorry they are embracing this guy, Sen. Dr. Specter.
Oh, and do not forget that Sen. Dr. Specter is a cancer survivor himself.
And, as Ed Morrissey notes, had Sen. Dr. Specter used his own example to make the point, fine. But, Sen. Dr. Specter did not even wait 24 hours to use a dead man as nothing more than a political prop.
Continue to keep it classy Democrats. Keep it classy!

Even The Los Angeles Times Realizes Firing Teachers Is Impossible

It is amazing that this story appeared in the Los Angeles Times of all places, but here it is. The thrust of the story is how hard it is to fire teachers in the state of California. And especially in the behemoth known as the Los Angeles Unified School District.
There are so many points of this article that are worth highlighting, but the fact that teachers gain tenure after only two years is one that clearly needs to be highlighted and changed. Directly from the article:

The system in California provides teachers protections that go beyond what they receive in many other states. Teachers here can gain tenure after two years instead of three, which is common elsewhere.

Tenure in two years? Why do school teachers get such a deal in California? Again, directly from the article:

Teachers have won strong job protections over the years, the legacy of labor battles in the early 20th century, when instructors could be fired for frivolous infractions. Some experts say the tenure system has outlived its usefulness.

Really? Do ya think?!
It is important to read the linked article. It starts out with a teacher that asks a student why the student was out of class. The student said he was hospitalized over a suicide attempt. And when the student showed the teacher their wrists, the teacher said that the student did not try hard enough. Other students were getting in on the conversation. Yet, this degenerate is still employed by the Los Angeles Unified School District.
There are many other egregious examples in the linked article.
But, the bottom line is the overwhelming power of the teacher's unions. They protect mediocrity and quite frankly, the scum of the earth that have flopped into teaching because they could never hold a job in the real world.
This is not written to impugn those that are teachers for the right reasons. But even they buy their own union propaganda about if there was no tenure districts would fire teachers for no reason. There can and should be legitimate safeguards to protect against that kind of approach. But, having tenured teachers marking time until retirement and no merit pay, districts all across California and the United States get what they pay for.
It is time for the good, serious teachers to rise up and tell their unions that it is time to stop protecting the idiots that give the teaching profession a bad name. To make the road to tenure much, much longer than two years. To allow school districts to get rid of bad and dangerous teachers easier than it is now.
If these teachers really care about the children, they need to step up and be counted. This article is a start.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jack Kemp, 1935-2009

With sadness, I write that former congressman and Republican vice-presidential candidate Jack Kemp has died fighting cancer.

Mr. Kemp was a former pro football quarterback that led the American Football League Buffalo Bills to two AFL championships in 1964 and 1965.

When he entered politics in 1970 winning a House seat in suburban Buffalo, it was no doubt that his playing experience, working for his father's trucking company and marrying his high school sweetheart, Joanne, were what motivated him to be the real compassionate conservative.

It was Mr. Kemp along with former Delaware Republican senator, William Roth, that proposed the then radical 30% across-the-board tax cuts that were the highlight of former President Reagan's economic plan.

But, Mr. Kemp was a lone-wolf for he was a voice for those on the margins.

Mr. Kemp wanted to see what were then called Enterprise Zones. That is where businesses and entrepreneurs would be given tax breaks to go into low-income and otherwise undesirable neighborhoods and lead economic and social revitalization.

Eventually, that would occur in a form during the Clinton years.

This passion eventually made him the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the one term of former President Bush 41.

In 1996, former Senator Bob Dole tapped Mr. Kemp to be his vice-presidential nominee. While many, including this blogger, thought he had a terrible debate performance against then Vice-President Al Gore, it was his overall ideas-and he had so many-that gave him an appeal to many.

And, he always had a smile and was a jovial type that while even in a debate setting made all feel at ease.

Jack Kemp was a one-of-a-kind type that we really need in politics today. He will be very missed.

Related story:

Another Reason MSNBC Is NOT A Credible "News" Network

I have often wondered how MSNBC can consider itself a credible "news" network and still keep in its employ one Pat Buchanan.
And, I am not alone.
So does Gay Patriot West in this short, yet to the point posting.
Now, to me it is not just the blatant anti-Semitism that discredits Mr. Buchanan from being called a serious conservative.
Mr. Buchanan clearly has no problems with such economic policies as high tariffs, anti-free trade and virtual total isolationism. These are the kind of economic policies that can set back the United States to the 19th century.
But, what GPW states in the post is the reason I believe that MSNBC keeps Mr. Buchanan around:

Does MSNBC just keep him on because they believe he’s a conservative and they so want to tar conservatism in general by his narrow-minded mean-spirited rantings?

Of course that is the reason Mr. Buchanan is kept around.
Mr. Buchanan is pretty much conservatism's version of Keith Olbermann.
Even CNN have people like Bill Bennett and now Mary Matlin on their payroll. And I think they represent conservatism much better than Mr. Buchanan.
And, lets face it. Until MSNBC actually can get any conservative voice from say the late 20th century and or the current era, well they will continue a network-wide spiral into oblivion.

Don't Let This Happen To You!

My blogging will probably be lighter than usual since I had a lovely bike accident yesterday.
To explain.
I was riding my bike on my way to work, a car cut me off and, BAM! fell right on my left side and have a lot of scrapes and bruises. Amazingly, some how I broke my right thumb! Now, I am wearing a nice large splint on my right hand. But, I still have four fingers to use!
So, I still have some thoughts and will muddle through.
I may even have some photos taken by Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast.