Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sorry Charlie, Marco For Senate

With the announcement this week that popular Florida governor, Charlie Christ, is running for the senate next year, it sets up a classic contest between a moderate and conservative. As well as a generational race with Gov. Christ and Marco Rubio, the former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.
The real problem with Gov. Christ is not that he is so much a moderate, he is. But that Gov. Christ is always looking for the next office and thus comes off, well like a moderate.
The secondary problem is the National Republican Senate Committee chair, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, giving unconditional support of Gov. Christ's bid as if there are not others running.
Ah, hello?!
While there is no question that Gov. Christ has the name and popularity to possibly win the senate seat being vacated by Sen. Mel Martinez, there is another candidate that has shown he is not always running for office and thus changing principles to get to the next level.
And that candidate is Mr. Rubio.
Unlike Gov. Christ moderating as he moves up the political ladder, Mr. Rubio stands true to conservatism and conservative principles. And, unlike Gov. Christ and current Sen. Martinez, Mr. Rubio does not support so-called "comprehensive immigration reform", which in its current form is amnesty.
Also, Mr. Rubio is Hispanic and an evangelical and only 37 years old.
Why would the Republican party turn its back on an up and coming young conservative Hispanic when they need to reach out to people of color more than ever?
I do not have the same problems with Gov. Christ being a RINO. I do not think he is all that like our governor, Benedict Arnold. What it is with Gov. Christ is that he is always looking for the next level. He does not finish a job and run on that record.
And, please do not tell me that the rumors that Gov. Christ is a closet homosexual will not play a role in a campaign for the senate. I do not believe rumors until they are fact. I take Gov. Christ at his word. And in fact his recent second marriage should put it to rest. But it will not.
Mr. Rubio is a family man still married and with four children.
It would be good if the NRSC would just stay out of the race now, see who wins and then back the winner all out.
It is after all the same NRSC that backed former Sen. Jim Jeffords. And Mr. Jeffords rewarded that effort by becoming an "independent" senator and handing the senate over to the Democrats after the 2000 election. Who can forget the backing of now Democrat senator Arlen Specter in 2004? Some thanks from Sen. Specter. And the most annoying waste of money was the 2006 race for the Rhode Island senate seat once held by Lincoln Chaffee. After losing to a real Democrat, Mr. Chaffee also became an "independent" and backed then Sen. Messiah Barack for president.
NRSC, let Florida Republicans decide who they want to run for the senate seat.
As for me, even though I am in California, I will wholeheartedly support the candidacy of Marco Rubio for senate in 2010.

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