Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great News! Gov. Benedict Arnold's Tax And Robbery Schemes Losing With California Voters

In the latest Field Poll, the preeminent public poll in California, it appears that the voters are going to hand the legislative Democrats, weasel Republicans and Gov. Benedict Arnold a stinging defeat.
The voters are poised to reject five of the six tax and robbery measures that the Sacramento gang is foisting on the citizens of the once Golden State.
And, as Hugh Hewitt notes, the Republican party in California and nationwide needs to look at what is about to happen here on May 19.
Here is the rundown of where these measures stand:
For Against Undecided
Prop 1 A) 40% 49% 11%
Prop 1 B) 40% 49% 11%
Prop 1 C) 32% 59% 9%
Prop 1 D) 40% 49% 11%
Prop 1 E) 40% 51% 9%
Prop 1 F) 71% 24% 5%

See the link to have the complete explanation of the propositions and why all six must be defeated.
These measures were put on the ballot in a blatant attempt to cover up the fact that the state legislators and the governor could not come up with serious budgetary and tax reform. They want the voters to sign an economic death sentence to a state that has the highest unemployment after Michigan.
The only way to send a message to those in power is to defeat all these measures. Even though Prop 1F sounds attractive, remember all of this is the result of the political whore, Sen. Abel Maldonaldo, selling his vote for this pointless, feel-good proposition.
It is also a fitting end to the political career of Gov. Benedict Arnold.
Gov. Benedict Arnold rode his way to the statehouse in the righteous wave of voter disgust that recalled Gov. Gray Era Davis. Gov. Benedict Arnold promised reform. He fought for and got four on a special election ballot that all went down to crushing defeat.
Now, since that defeat he threw in with the Democrats. After agreeing to a Democrat budget scam, the same Gov. Benedict Arnold is forcing another special election on the voters and should lose on at least five of the six measures.
What this episode shows is that Gov. Benedict Arnold has been the most ineffective governor in my 45 years on God's Green Earth. The fact that he will have lost on two major statewide special elections shows something that I did not think possible. That in comparison, Gov. Gray Era Davis was a brain surgeon compared to this guy, Benedict Arnold.
Keep up the opposition California. VOTE NO ON ALL SIX MEASURES! Send a message to the Sacramento gang. Do your damn job! Work for us, for once, and not for your special interest buddies.

The Republican Party Is A NATIONAL Party

A lot of talk in the past two national election cycles is the theme that as the Republican party has lost congress, the White House and the majority of governorships is that they are no longer a national party.
The big theme is that the Republican party is not only too conservative, but a party that has little if any representation outside the South.
As Jim Geraghty points out over at The Campaign Spot, that is not true at all.
The real problem, and it can not be understated, is that the Republican party is having a great deal of trouble in the Northeast and New England. The Republican party has only three of 29 congressional seats from New York state. None from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Those states other than New York represent 22 congressional seats. That is not chump change. But, it means that the Democrats have that region to thank in large part for its congressional majority.
What does that mean? Is it the fault of the Republican National Committee? The National Republican Congressional Committee? The National Republican Senate Committee? Each state GOP?
The fault is all of the above.
Without a strong state GOP, there is no incentive for candidates to run for any office and thus it gives ground to the Democrats by default.
Take the New York state congressional special election just concluded in the 20th district.
The New York state GOP encouraged and backed a state machine pol, Jim Tedisco. He looked like someone from central casting for The Sopranos. And, unlike a member of that motley crew, Mr. Tedisco did not have enough of a grasp on the issue of the so-called economic "stimulus" that he seemed to be for it before he was against it. The voters of the district saw a weasel and in the end either stayed home or maybe even voted for the winner, Democrat Scott Murphy.
A bright side aside.
The fact is that the previous winner, now Sen. Kristen Gillenbrand won the seat handily in 2008, a 62-38 blowout. The fact that a weak GOP candidate as Mr. Tedisco was able to knock 12 percent off and make it a 50-50 tie should be a sign of hope for the beleaguered New York state GOP.
While the Northeast and New England are almost alien territory for the GOP, the rest of the United States is rather competitive.
Look at this from Mr. Geraghty's post:

The South amounts to 44 percent of the Republican House delegation, which means 56 percent has to come from somewhere else.

Now, that is a lot, but nowhere near a rump party that the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media wants people to believe.
And, another statistic from Mr. Geraghty's post:

Even in their shrunken minority, Republicans hold 19 House seats in California, eight in Ohio, seven in Michigan, seven in Illinois, seven in Pennsylvania, five in New Jersey, five in Missouri, three in Minnesota, three in New York, three in Washington state, and the one seat in Delaware.

And it works in the reverse, too — Democrats actually represent more House seats in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia and North Carolina than Republicans. Neither party is as regional as conventional wisdom suggests.

So, as the Republicans used to have trouble winning in the solid South a mere quarter of a century ago, it is now the reverse. And, the Republicans are having trouble winning in the Northeast and New England.
Keep this in mind.
If the Republicans can gain say six seats in New York state, two in Connecticut, two in Massachusetts and split New Hampshire's two seats, that will give the Republicans roughly a quarter of the seats that are no longer in their corner in the House. And, if the Republicans hold their own in the rest of the United States, no gains or losses, they will have 189 seats in the House. And, if there is not a precipitous gain in the economy by November 2010, the chances are those numbers may be higher. And not just in the Northeast and New England but across the United States.
Keep this in mind when those who diss the GOP, as many do, that this is a party that is representative of the United States. And, they will rise again in the Northeast and New England.

Carrie Prejean An Advocate For. . .Traditional Marriage

It appears that Miss California, Carre Prejean, has made out great coming in as the runner-up in the Miss USA pageant as she is now a vocal advocate for traditional marriage.
Miss Prejean became a sensation when asked by gossip girl judge Mario Lavandeira, Jr.. aka Perez Hilton, her views on same-sex marriage. And she answered brilliantly. Because Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton) had a hissy-fit on his blog referring to Miss Prejean as a "dumb b----". Oh, and Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton) really meant to call her a c---.
That politically incorrect answer more than likely cost Miss Prejean the Miss USA title. It went to Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton.
But it put the hot button issue of same-sex marriage front and center and now a voice has been found in Miss Prejean.
Sure, she could have atoned for her "sin" of not being politically correct and grovelled to the likes of Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton) and the advocates of same-sex marriage.
But, Miss Prejean is now speaking out on the importance of traditional marriage. One man to one woman.
In speaking to her fellow congragants at the Rock Church in San Diego, Miss Prejean told them that the people running the Miss California pageant told her to apologize for her comments. That she should not speak on her faith. And that all of the "controversy" was ruining the brand of Miss California.
Miss Prejean had a great response:

She told the church, her answer on gay marriage "was representing California. I was representing the majority of people in California."

Yes she was!
Miss Prejean was speaking for the majority of California voters that voted to restore the traditional definition of marriage. One man to one woman.
What a lot of people do not realize that here in California, same-sex couples have much of the same rights and privileges of traditional, married couples. No, it is not marriage, but a compromise. Which is the right thing to do. There is no need to redefine marriage.
It is very important to have young people like Miss Prejean to speak out for traditional marriage. It has been under assault from outside and from within. Those of us that are married need to maintain and strengthen our own vows. We also need be be a light to those that have troubles in their own marriages.
Traditional marriage is the important tradition to maintain. And we do need to find ways to respect and understand that people of the same-sex do have long-term, monogamous relationships.
Redefining marriage, however, is not the way to go.
And, it is very refreshing to see such an young advocate as Miss California, Carrie Prejean, willing to speak her mind on such an important issue.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter Joins His Friends, The Democrats. Good Riddance!

Today, Sen. Arlen Specter made it official and got on board the Hopenchange express, leaving the Republican party and becoming a Democrat senator from Pennsylvania.
Yes, it is not great news, but this turncoat has been a valuable education for Republicans who keep pinning their hopes on guys like the Benedict Arnold of Pennsylvania.
It should be noted that this guy, Sen. Specter, when he first ran for public office did the same thing.
Sen. Specter ran for district attorney of Philadelphia county in 1965 and was a Democrat. But, he could not win the Democratic primary and thus switched to the GOP and won election and eventually won the senate seat he now occupies in 1980.
So, Sen. Specter notes he went to Washington under Ronald Reagan's "big tent" and leaves the GOP because he voted for the so-called economic "stimulus" bill of President Obama. If Sen. Specter even grasped how and why President Reagan won two terms, it was not by supporting mindless "stimulus" bills.
Here is a telling line from Sen. Specter's statement on his party switch:

Since then, I have traveled the state, talked to Republican leaders and office-holders and my supporters and I have carefully examined public opinion. It has become clear to me that the stimulus vote caused a schism which makes our differences irreconcilable. On this state of the record, I am unwilling to have my twenty-nine year Senate record judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate. I have not represented the Republican Party. I have represented the people of Pennsylvania.

That is some of the most disingenuous crap to come out of any politician's mouth in a long time.
So, when the Republican electorate voted for you, and did so even though there were disagreements, all was well. But, because you are being challenged and you may lose the GOP primary, you will not take your case to Republican voters and let the chips fall where they may. That is a profile in being a worthless Chicken S---!
And, let us take a look at the "moderate" voting record of Sen. Specter.
According to the latest stats from the American Conservative Union, Sen. Specter has a lifetime ACU rating of 44%. That puts him to the left of the other senate moderates. The Maine gals, Sens. Collins and Snowe are much more in the middle than Sen. Specter. Sen. Collins is in at 50%. She is right in the middle. Sen. Snowe is in at 48%. And among his new Democrats, Sen. Specter is right in the middle of the Nelsons. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska has an ACU rating of 47%, making him the most conservative Democrat in the senate. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida has an ACU lifetime rating of 37%. Without a doubt, Sen. Specter fits more in the Democrat party than the Republican party.
The GOP has not learned the lesson.
In 2000, the party went all out for Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont. Sen. Jeffords was to the left of Sen. Specter. The reward after his reelection win was to become an "independent" and caucus with the Democrats. That gave the Democrats control of the senate.
In 2004, the Bush White House under Karl Rove lined up to support Sen. Specter's reelection bid. If not for the help of the White House, Sen. Specter probably would have lost the challenge that former congressman Pat Toomey gave for the GOP nod. Even then Sen. Rick Santorum came out to support Sen. Specter.
We now know the result of that.
In between, there was former Sen. Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island.
Once again, the Rovians lined up to support Sen. Chaffee and he held off a strong challenge from a conservative. And, of course, Sen Chaffee lost his bid and thanked the GOP by leaving to become an "independent" and supporter of then Sen. Messiah Barack.
Now that there is not a Bush White House interferring with primaries, people have to run on their merit. And in the case of Sen. Specter, there is no merit when you can not even face the people that you claim to have been supporters over the years.
The irony will be this.
That there is a possible challenge to Sen. Specter within the Democrat party. That even a win there leads to a loss in the general election to GOPer Pat Toomey. That is eternal justice for turning your back to those that have supported you over the years Sen. Specter.
I for one am glad to see Sen. Specter where he belongs. On the other side. Where he has been for a long time now.

Some additional thoughts on Sen. Benedict Arnold Specter.
I already have the obligatory comment from Mr. Snarkle. First, I am glad you have this guy. He is as slippery as a tub of Jello.
Secondly, I do not want just a conservative party. But, it would be nice to be on the center-right rather than on the center-left. That is where Sen. Benedict Arnold Specter is.
Thirdly, I think that Sen. Benedict Arnold Specter should resign and be appointed by Gov. Big Ed Rendell. I do not like when politicians switch parties this way. Do it clean as did former Sen. Phil Gramm did when he went from Democrat to Republican. He resigned his House seat as a Democrat and ran for the same seat as a Republican. That is a clean switch. I did not like it when some Dems switched after the Republican landslide of 1994 the way Sen. Benedict Arnold Specter is doing.

Here is the Full Metal Jacket wrap-around of center-right bloggers on Sen. Benedict Arnold Specter:

As always, The Other McCain has a spot-on analysis of the Sen. Benedict Arnold Specter jumping the GOP ship.

Ol' Ace gives the Sen. Ship-jumper the flaming skull treatment.

Over at The Campaign Spot, Jim Geraghty asks the obvious question. Why would the Democrats want this guy?!

Professor Douglas over at American Power points out Sen. Ship-jumper's claim to fame before becoming a senator. The man who served on the Warren Commission and came up with the one-bullet theory of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Betsy Newmark at Betsy's Page points to the obvious cravenness of the senator's switch to the other side.

Gay Patriot points out that Sen. Benedict Arlen's major constituency is. . .Arlen Specter!

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air points out the obvious. That Sen. Benedict Arnold Specter voted for President Obama's so-called economic "stimulus" plan. And that is why former congressman Pat Toomey is 21% ahead in the latest polling.

The Gateway Pundit says it simply. Good bye!

Paul over at PowerLine has a good take on the lie about the Republican party moving too far to the right.

Hugh Hewitt has the right tone. TOOMEY FOR SENATE!

But, there is always the fly in the ointment and that is the irrepressible David Frum saying how terrible it is that Sen. Ship-jumper showed his true colors. Oh, and of course blame the Club for Growth.

By and large, most center-right people realize that the Specter defection was but a matter of time. And that it is a good thing. And, I just want to remind you the real reason he jumped the shark:

I am unwilling to have my twenty-nine year Senate record judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate.

A real profile in courage. . .NOT!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Aw, Schucks! Fox Network Will Not Share In The 100 Days Obamagasm

I just can not believe that the Fox broadcast network would deny President Obama the coverage for the third news conference of the young presidency! Why, these people would deny President Obama saturation coverage of the greatest 100 days ever in the history of the world.
Of course the left will go ballistic, but Fox Broadcasting is well within its right to chose not to show a press conference.
During the waning days of the Reagan administration, the three broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC would not show what was deemed a major policy speech.
But, it is the fact that President Obama is hurting already hurting over-air networks by having press conferences in the middle of sweep periods in which all the networks lose money and advertising revenue that makes their financial year.
According The Live Feed, Fox Broadcasting moved the popular American Idol show to accommodate a "major" press conference of President Obama.
And, as noted, Fox News Channel and Fox Business will cover the Obamagasm live and in its entirety.
On Wednesday, I feel that I will have to wear a raincoat to avoid the Obamagasm, especially here deep in Blue California.
But, at least the Fox Broadcasting network will be a welcome diversion from the national Obamagasm.
Now, time to watch 24!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who Offers More To Society-Carrie Prejean Or Mario Lavandira, Jr. (Perez Hilton)?

I think that is a fair question.

On the one hand, there is Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009.
On the other is a bottom-feeding, self-loathing gossip boy, Mario Lavandeira, Jr, aka Perez Hilton.
Miss Prejean just had the misfortune of drawing an insipid, factually inaccurate question from the Queen Of All Media, Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton's) words.
Miss Prejean answered honestly, trying not to be mean to those who would not agree with her answer.
Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton) took to his blog, posted a video and proceeded to call Miss Prejean a dumb b---- because, well she believes that marriage should be for only a man and woman. Oh, I forgot. When asked about it later the next day, Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton) seemed to apologize for being such a jerk. NOT! No, he told the interviewer that he really meant that Miss Prejean was a c---. All because she has a belief different from that of a self-loathing, bottom-feeding gossip queen.
Well, I think that what the 21-year old Miss Prejean wants to do with her life is rather uplifting.
According to her official bio, Miss Prejean is studying at San Diego Christian College to become an elementary school teacher. And, if that is not enough, she wants to specialize in teaching children with special needs. Currently, Miss Prejean belongs to a group called Best Buddies, a non-profit group that assists special needs people in developing friendships and life-long relationships. Miss Prejean also is a volunteer for the Special Olympics. Miss Prejean also is an advocate for healthy lifestlyes for young women.
Yea, I think that Miss Prejean is a real cancer on American society. Because, when asked if she thought that same-sex marriage should be legal throughout the United States, she said no. Yea, that is really terrible.
So, what has Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton) offered to society?
Not all that much except this filthy website in which he goes after those in the Hollyweird community that he thinks need to be exposed. Yes, we really need to know all the sorted details of celebutards like Lindsay Lowlife, er Lohan, Britney Spears, et al. Yes, that is something that contributes to the betterment of society.
What Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton's) website is nothing more than the celebration of self.
What Miss Prejean seems to be about is selflessness. It is not easy to stand up for those that have genuine special needs. It is not easy to stand up for genuine belief.
It is very easy to go with the flow, and believe me, Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton) does that with no problem.
No, I think that the answer to the question is obvious.
Carrie Prejean is already doing more to better the world than Mr. Lavandeira could ever dream of.
And maybe, just maybe that is the real problem that Mr. Lavandeira (Hilton) has with Miss Prejean.

An Intervention For Meghan McCain

Meghan, Meghan, Meghan!!!

I know that I was very harsh in this posting on you and the similarities between you and your darling father, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain.

But, let me toss that aside to offer an olive branch and a little bit o' an intervention because I think that there is hope for you yet.

Firstly, I understand the need to go on such wondrous shows like The View, but I would offer that you no longer go on that show. For one, look at how your father was treated by the lovely ladies of The View. It was a near inquisition in comparison to the fawning over then Sen. Messiah Barack and Mrs. Michelle Obama. I think that you need to understand that the ladies of The View, save for token conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck, like it when you bash those eeevviiiiilllll conservative Republicans.

Oh, let me take this brief interlude for a little Rule 5 photo of the lovely Mrs. Hasselbeck:

Sorry for the interruption!

Back to point.

Meghan, if you were to actually articulate some conservative views, then maybe your appearances on such outlets would be worthwhile.

So, let me offer some assistance.

Ever heard of Sen. Barry Goldwater? You should have. After all, it is the senate seat that your lovely father now occupies. Anyway, Mr. Goldwater once wrote a book that everyone, no matter what one's politics are, called Conscience Of A Conservative. It was a manifesto of what being a conservative meant to Mr. Goldwater. Sure, then Sen. Goldwater ran for president in the sacrificial election year of 1964, but it was his persistence to the ideas of life, liberty and not surrendering American sovereignty that the tome can be remembered for.

Around the same time, a B-actor named Ronald Reagan made a full-circle turn and went from liberal, New Deal Democrat to conservative Republican. He also wrote a book, Where's The Rest Of Me? that chronicled his journey from the New Deal Dem to conservative, liberty-loving GOPer.

Reading their books is a good start.

And Meghan, it should be noted that what they believed and stood for was not all that hip or popular during their time, the Turbulent 60s. Yet, rather than change just for adulation, they stuck to their principles and beliefs. And in the end, Ronald Reagan and the conservative movement triumphed in the watershed election of 1980.

Also, get to know current conservatives.

You have indicated that you like Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. There is a good start.

Another thing is to put your animus towards Gov. Sarah Palin and her family. Your lovely father did not lose the 2008 election because of Gov Palin. It just was not his time. Remember, your lovely father could have done the popular, inside Washington choice and pick someone like Sen. Joe Lieberman or former Homeland Secretary Tom Ridge. And, trust me Meghan, it would have been a real blowout. For then Sen. Messiah Barack.

Take some time to hang out with one of the great conservative thinkers today, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. He is always full of ideas. And, someone like yourself can learn so much from him. Also, there is the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Conservative Political Action Committee. These are the leading think-tanks of conservatism today. Another and possibly more relevant group to hook-up with is the Young America's Foundation.

I think that you are typical of some conservatives today. The need to appear cool and "not like those conservatives". You know, you are so cool because you like tatts and think rap is cool and have a wee bit o' libertine in ya. That is OK. But, I will point out something when I came of age and realized that it was the popular people, the liberals during the 1980s that were, well not all that cool. It was much more cool to be a conservative. To say that I voted proudly in 1984, my first presidential election, for Ronald Reagan. Many people is my age group realized the vapid phoniness of the librertards of the day.

And Meghan, they are just as phony today.

Like I write, I think that you really have potential. After all, it took Ronald Reagan a while to realize that he was who he was and found the rest of him. And some of us came to that realization a little earlier in life. But to get to the promised land, you need to focus on what it means to be a conservative Republican. I think you will come to realize that a conservative Republican is the genuine progressive.

My offer of the olive branch is my start. I am at your disposal to get you over the fear of rejection from the in-crowd. They are not all that much of an in-crowd anyway. And just to show that I do not harbor ill feelings, here is a Rule 5 photo of you:

I am here at your disposal, Miss McCain, to help you in your journey to conservatism!

Monday, April 20, 2009

President Obama Wants Cabinet To Come Up With $100,000,000 In Savings. . .Heh! Heh! Ha! HA! HA! HA!

In a move that correctly is being denounced and derided, President Obama in a meeting with his current cabinet wants them to come up with "savings" equalling $100,000,000 in savings. . .in an over $3,500,000,000,000 budget!
Heh! Heh! HEH! Ha! Ha! Ha! HA! HA! HA!
Excuse me while I recover from the laughter over such a insipid move by our amateur president.
First of all, I want to know how President Obama asks this with a straight face? Even the linked article in The New York Times is mocking this move.
The percentage of budget savings/cuts is. . . 0.0025%!
Or another way to look at it is this.
Say that you like to get your morning cup of java at Starbucks. Or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Caribou Coffee. As one knows, a large cup of java could easily go over two bucks. Trying to save a little money, you decide to stop going to the expensive joint and going to, say McDonald's. Now they have similar, premium joe and for less money.
That is the slight of hand we are seeing here.
Instead of buying coffee out, the same person could save a lot of money by making the coffee at home and taking it for the road.
But, this Obama administration initiative is of the slight of hand variety.
Lets see where the administration is going to save a $100,000,000 and a $100,000,000 there.
Take the Agriculture Department.
Why, they are going to root out about $16,000,000 a year by preventing fraud in the farm subsidy program.
It is something that has been proposed, tried and failed. At best, this is window dressing when said program is many time more than the proposed $16,000,000 is savings.
Hey, here is a brainstorm from the Homeland Security department.
If they buy office supply items in bulk, guess what? They can save $52,000,000 over five years.
What a brainstorm!
It is what is done everyday in the private sector. Yet the government has not caught on to that little bit of office management?
But then there is the White House Press Flak, Big Bobby Gibbs trying to make this savings sound like some big deal. Right!
But, never fear.
President Obama is proposing $2,000,000,000,000 in budget savings over 10 years.
And, while the rest of the federal government is going to get a hormone shot of money to all kinds of programs, guess the one area of the government that they will find real savings?
The Defense Department, of course.
When all else fails for a left-leaning administration, take the knife to the defense budget. Oh, while we are fighting a two-front war against Islamofacist terror.
The fact that President Obama used this meeting with his cabinet to promote this insipid attempt of "savings" shows that he has no serious intent to curb government whatsoever. Except in the dreaded Defense budget.
The embarrassment that is the Obama savings initiative shows that it would be good President Obama had an A-team of underlings and not a B-team and a bunch of people who could not even pay their taxes.

A Real California Heroine!

She should be Miss USA, but she did not hold up a politically correct answer to a question from "celebrity" judge Perez Hilton, real name Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr.

And what was the terrible answer that Miss Prejean gave that probably cost her the title of Miss USA?

Why she said what she thought about same-sex marriage.

And, it was not what the openly gay Mr. Hilton (Lavandeira) wanted to hear.

Mr. Hilton (Lavandeira) asked Miss Prejean that in light of the Vermont legislature voting to legalize same-sex marriage and that there are other states that already have it legal (by court order), should same-sex marriage be legal across the United States.
Here is Miss Prejean's answer:

"We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."
Well, the bottom-feeding troll, Mr Hilton (Lavandeira) just could not let that stand without a comment. Of course on his video blog, not to Miss Prejean's face. Mr. Hilton (Lavandeira) called Miss Prejean a "dumb b----". Well, Mr. Hilton, you may be a graduate of NYU, but you a just a b----!

What, you can not take that someone may come to a different conclusion about same-sex marriage than you? Well, only 33% of Americans agree with your position. So, in reality, Miss Prejean is more in line with over 65% of the American public.
Oh, and if that is not enough, Mr. Hilton (Lavandeira) stooped to the new low-blow of the left. Referring to Miss Prejean as a c---. Keep in classy, Mario!
Speaking of class, you know how Mr. Hilton (Lavandeira) makes his money?
By being a worthless, bottom feeding gossip girl. By his own admisson, Mr. Hilton (Lavandeira) is the "Queen of all media". No more to add to that.
Except that it must give pleasure to someone like Mr. Hilton to wallow in celebrities and their problems. Worse though is those that read his stupid, insipid blog. You are just no better to follow such a scum.
Now, Miss Prejean got an unusual boost from a relative. Her sister, who is a second lieutenant in the air force and a supporter of same-sex marriage. Her is what Miss Prejean's sister had to say:

“She was just in my hotel room and she said, ‘Sis, I’m not offended by anything that you said. We have two different opinions and I love you because of it. I love you because you stood up for what was right, and it’s not a matter of being gay or not gay, it’s a matter of you competing for Miss USA and getting a question and answering it to the best of your ability.”
Now, if Miss Prejean's sister can come to this conclusion, that they do not agree and yet still love and respect each other despite such a difference, why could not the bottom-feeder Mr. Hilton (Lavandeira) see the same thing?
Is it better for Miss Prejean to have lied about what she believed and maybe won the contest? Not a chance. Here again is what Miss Prejean said in response to that:
"It did cost me my crown," Prejean continued. "It is a very touchy subject and [Hilton] is a homosexual, and I see where he was coming from and I see the audience would've wanted me to be more politically correct. But I was raised in a way that you can never compromise your beliefs and your opinions for anything."
"I feel like I won," she said. "I feel like I'm the winner. I really do."
It is amazing, but I totally agree with Miss Prejean. She stood up for what she believes and did not get the fame and adulation that would have gone with being Miss USA. Miss Prejean may in the end get more out of this than the young lady that did win, Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton.
Oh, and a little bit of Rule Number 5 blogging:
Now, what is more attractive:

The hottie, Carrie Prejean or the fattie on the right? Of course the hottie! The hottie any time, all the time.
My advice to Mr. Hilton (Lavandeira) is this. Shut your fat hole! You set back the cause of gay rights oh by about five centuries! Remember, just because Miss Prejean does not agree with what you believe does not make her any of the profanities you threw her way. One other thing. Miss Prejean has more class in the bathing suit she is wearing than your sorry, bottom feeding a--!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Los Angeles County Repubicans Just Say No To Props 1A To 1F!

The California Republican Party has come to its senses and is formally opposing all six of these so-called reform measures that is nothing but tax increases and robbery from voter-approved programs. Read the link to see what a defeatest Republican "leadership" foisted on the voters rather than dealing with themselves. JUST SAY NO TO PROPS 1A TO 1F!

This little notice is direct from the Republican Party of Los Angeles County:

Secondly, I want to report to you that at its Executive Committee meeting on Thursday night, April 16, The Republican Party of Los Angeles County voted to recommend a NO vote on Propositions 1A-1F for the May 19th election.

This is from Gary Aminoff's e-mail to Los Angeles county Republicans.
It is welcome news that the Republican party in the most populous county in California has come squarely against the tax and robbery propositions that are on the ballot in a special election next month.
The analysis of Propositions 1A to 1F is here.
I will hand it to the pro-Props 1A to 1F supporters. They have the nerve to promote these propositions on conservative talk radio with a slew of out right lying commercials that do not even refer to the the fact that Prop 1A is an extension of the 8.25% of the state sales tax. Or, if you are unfortunate to live in Los Angeles county, 9.25%.
Read what these propositions will really do over at my link to the earlier post.
As a side note, in a piece from Michelle Malkin's on the scene view of a Tea Party in Sacramento, she notes that the California Republican chair, Ron Nehring, was booed relentlessly. And that is because the state GOP has not been forceful in denouncing the Props and coming squarely against these tax and robbery proposals.
If the Republican Party of Los Angeles County can come out against the tax and robbery props, and the RPLAC is in the home county of Gov. Benedict Arnold, surely the state GOP can do the same. They owe no allegiance to a governor that has shown no allegiance to the state GOP whatsoever.
If you are in California, do not be fooled by the ads touting the tax and robbery propositions. Just because they may advertise on conservative talk radio, it is a big lie. All California conservative, Republicans, moderates, liberals, Democrats must vote NO on all the Props. From 1A to 1F.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Georgetown And Notre Dame-CINO-Catholic In Name Only

The recent controversies about Georgetown and Notre Dame universities, two of the most prominent Roman Catholic universities in the United States, brings a reality.

That these two leading Roman Catholic institutions of higher learning are really very much CINO-Catholic In Name Only.

To recap why these two universities are in the news, lets start with the kerfuffle at Georgetown University.

President Obama gave one of the "major" economic speeches that are the hallmark of the tenor of this administration. It was at Georgetown University. But, the White House asked, in only the way any White House can, to cover up the decidedly Christian symbols shown here.

Now, notice the "IHS", the Latin for Jesus Christ. Then look at the photo of President Obama greeting a man at the said place. Note how the sign is covered at the sight of the "IHS"? Now, why did the White House ask for a Roman Catholic university to cover the sight of Jesus Christ's name? Why would Georgetown university acquiesce to such an insipid request?

It is because as many a Protestant and discerning Roman Catholics have come to know. That Georgetown university loves to tout its Jesuit ties to bring in Roman Catholics, but leaves true teaching, which includes teaching of the Church and its vision of Christendom, at the door.

It appears that Notre Dame university is just as bad.

Recently, the university announced that President Obama will not only speak at the 2009 commencement, a high honor, but that it would issue an honorary degree to the 44th president.
An honorary degree? Is that necessary to do? Is it the price that Notre Dame had to pay to get President Obama to speak there?

As a Roman Catholic university, why would they feel the need to issue an honorary degree to a president that stands totally against one of the critical teachings of the Church. On abortion, there is no president more in the hip pocket of the pro-abortion lobby as is President Obama. Without a doubt, this president is going to rescind the conscience clause that former President Bush 43 put in place. That gives doctors, nurses and other medical professionals the right to refuse to perform services that go against certain beliefs. In the case of many Roman Catholic doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, distributing birth control and performing abortion goes against the teachings of the Church that they are faithful to. That also goes for many Protestants and non-denominational Christians and I am certain some Jewish health care workers and Islamic ones as well. And worse, if there is socialized medicine, these become employees of the government. And subject to their rules. Which will force these people to provide birth control and perform abortions. And, possibly other things such as dealing with embriotic stem cells.

If Notre Dame university upholds and educates those about Roman Catholic church teachings, there would be no honorary degree put on President Obama, the biggest threat to the Church and its teachings in the history of the United States.

Which brings to the point of this post.

Too many Roman Catholic educational institutions have all but given up church teaching in the name of the almighty American dollar and the money that many non-Roman Catholics give for their children to attend parochial schools and colleges and universities. And that is terrible.

If I, as a Protestant parent, were to send my stepson to a Roman Catholic college or university, and for the record he was seriously considering Georgetown university, I would have no choice but to accept that the college or university will be teaching from a Roman Catholic perspective. And that could have meant either one of three things. Total rejection of Church teaching, some acceptance and possible conversion to the Roman Catholic Church or seeking no faith at all.

That is how it should be.
But it is not in the new CINO world. And in that world, Church teaching and espousing it be damned.

Thus, I am not at all surprised that the two leading lights of Roman Catholic higher education, Georgetown university and Notre Dame university are exposed for what they have become. CINO-Catholic In Name Only.

Friday, April 17, 2009

CNN Hack Roesgen Wanted To Work At. . .FOX!

Heh, heh, heh!!!
It appears that CNN "reporter" Susan Roesgen really wanted to work for the eeeevvvviiiilllll "right-wing" news network, the Fox News Channel.
According to this little bit from a not-so friendly site, Gawker, Miss Roesgen sent her video tape not once, but twice.
Hmm, not only is she but a biased hack, but a scorned one at that.
But, I really think this is all good to know.
So many people really believe that the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media are not biased, or at the very least favorable to the Obama administration. If one looks at the video tape of her berating a man that she was asking why he was at the Chicago Tea Party, the fact that she was promoting Obama administration talking points was disturbing. It is not her job to insert herself and her views in the story. She is there to get the facts, even through a natural bias, and get it to the viewer. Nothing more, nothing less.
The worst part is exposing the fact that Miss Roesgen has absolutely no, no, no skills and talent to handle her job. Pathetic.

HT: Ace @

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Parties A Rousing Success

Today was the day many an American have been waiting for.
April 15.
Now, this is not a normal April 15. A day that most Americans rightfully moan and groan about. It is the day that Americans have until midnight to file our income taxes.
The reason that today is not a normal day is that this day, thousands of Americans from sea to shinning sea took to the streets to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! That while President Obama, Gov. Benedict Arnold and a cast of degenerate politicians in both the Democrat and Republican party plot to raise taxes and take away money and freedom, many are finally waking up and saying, thanks but keep the change.
Today I took part in a Tea Party in Glendale, California where I work. Now, I will not exaggerate the crowd but it filled the front of the city hall and stretched a block. So, a reasonable guesstimate is that 400-500 were there. Now, keep in mind that this was during the lunch hour, from 12 noon to 2pm. The crowd was a great mix of people. Many had American flags and the overwhelming majority had hand-made signs. Some had signs that were professional, but by and large the signs were hand-made. There were three speakers but no politician in sight. They were people that are tired of feeling that the government is not listening to them. And, your humble blogger was one of them.
The organizer of this rally is a La Crescenta housewife, Debi Devens, and she did it the old fashioned way. She got a city permit and made sure that anyone and everyone in media knew of this event. And, when she was done, she told us in the crowd that there will be another one of the Forth of July and many signed up to help with the next one.
I met a spoke with some people and we agreed that this had to be taken to the next level. That there needs to be some political organization.
Why, even this Los Angeles Times blog had what can only be said to be some positive coverage of this event.
A point of blog privilege.
I was literally in on the ground floor of the recall effort against former California governor, the Gray Era Davis.
A group of local Pasadena Republicans staged a rally in a local park during the process of obtaining signatures to get the recall on the ballot. There were about 25-50 of us that were at the protest. We had fun smacking a pinata of the Gray Era himself. We even had some media coverage. For the most part, we were dismissed by most media. But, the same media had no clue of the outrage that was building against the seeming oblivious errors that were foisted upon the people of California by the Gray one. Yet from a lot of small protests of that nature, we successfully got more than enough signatures to get the recall on the ballot. And, the people of California voted to recall Gov. Gray Era and, now unfortunately, we got Gov. Benedict Arnold elected.
The point being this.
The Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media is dismissive of this movement.
Take this display by alleged CNN "reporter", Susan Roesgen with a Tea Party participant in Chicago. Yea, she sure showed how fair and balanced she is. A tool is more like it.
Then there is the crowd over at Obama Central, aka MSNBC. They are just so adult about it all. You know, continuously using the term "tea bagging", which is a reference to a sex act. Yea, keep it classy MSNBC degenerates. I guess when Fox News Channel is whipping you day after day, night after night, you are just reduced to insults. Sad, just sad.
Then there had been the self-imposed blackout of once solid newspapers like The New York Times and the Washington Post.
Do not let their biased coverage get you down.
This protest, held in over 800 different locations across the United States is just the beginning of a real movement. A movement to take this nation back from the abyss. From the socialism of President Obama, the big government and spending of former President Bush 43 and assorted Republicans interested in keeping power over some principles.
The rally cry for us needs to be simple.

Here are some others that attended Tea Parties in their neck of the woods:

American Power himself, Prof. Donald Douglas takes in the Santa Ana, California rally.

RightWingSparkle has a bird's eye view of the rally in Houston.

The Other McCain took a 700 mile drive to Alabama to show his love.

Gateway Pundit took in the crowd of 10,000 in St. Louis.

Gay Patriot West gives us one of the more unusual signs of the day in Santa Monica-yes the People's Republic of Santa Monica, California!

This list will grow as we close in on the weekend and more people comment on their experiences at the Tea Parties held across this Great Land.

Good Advice If You Are Attending A Tea Party Today

This is really good advice if you are attending a Tea Party today, April 15, TAX DAY.
Do not let the buffoons on the other side bate you. That is what they want to do. Get you to be upset and let loose on these fifth-columnists.
This is a day to let your feelings be known. BE RESPONSIBLE!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Am A Proud Member Of The Right Wing Extremists!

Folks, I am finally on a government list!
It appears that the Department of Homeland Security has finally figured out the real threat to the Homeland.
No, it is not the evil, Islamofacist terrorists. No, it is not those that actually committed the worst act of terror on American soil.
It is. . .ME!
How did it come to be?
Well, in today's Washington Times, reporters Audrey Hudson and Eli Lake found a footnote in a report from the Homeland Security department that, among other lovely things describes those who can be future, right-wing terrorists. Some could be members of the armed forces that return from battle in the War Against Islamofacist Terror. Some could be radicalized because they actually believe that national borders should be respected and that those who knowingly and willingly break the law should be punished. Oh, and here is a rich one. Those that actually believe that the federal government should not meddle in the business of the states and or other localities. Why, we are anti-federal government types.
But the most disturbing aspect of this report is that there is no reliable data to suggest that there is any credible threat from within by so-called right-wing groups. The report is rhetorical at best.
What is astounding is how the report plays right into the "soldiers are stupid" theme that a former presidential candidate, Democrat Sen. John Kerry explained to a group at students right here at Pasadena City College a couple of years ago. You know, how stupid those who went to Iraq were.
The report claims that veterans from the current conflict are ripe for the picking for them there anti-guvment groups. You know, yuk, yuk, yuk!!! Take this taken directly from the report:

(U) Disgruntled Military Veterans
(U//FOUO) DHS/I&A assesses that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat. These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists—including lone wolves or small terrorist cells—to carry out violence. The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned, or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today.

So, the "right-wing extremists" are gonna get just enough pissed-off veterans to help them bring down the federal government, right?
Oh, and do you not like the return to the 90s theme of it all?!
The overall theme is that anyone who is conservative and does not like the policies of the Obama administration are potential suspects. Here is some more directly from the report:

Rightwing extremism in the United States can be broadly divided into those groups, movements, and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups), and those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.

Remember, if you care about the rights of the unborn or national soverignty, you are a potential domestic terrorist!
Of course, the same report has to lump in those with odious anti-Semitic views with the right:

(U) Exploiting Economic Downturn
(U//FOUO) Rightwing extremist chatter on the Internet continues to focus on the economy, the perceived loss of U.S. jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors, and home foreclosures. Anti-Semitic extremists attribute these losses to a deliberate conspiracy conducted by a cabal of Jewish “financial elites.” These “accusatory” tactics are employed to draw new recruits into rightwing extremist groups and further radicalize those already subscribing to extremist beliefs. DHS/I&A assesses this trend is likely to accelerate if the economy is perceived to worsen.

Again, keep in mind that nowhere in this report are any groups named. Any leaders of said groups. No numbers or potential numbers. But a helluva lot of innuendo.
This report essentially treats any reasonable opposition to the Obama administration as some potential nefarious plot.
And, one can not be just a wee bit suspicious as to the timing of this report, the day before April 15, the day of the second Tea Party. Once again, Prof. Donald Douglas has some great commentary on the timing of this embarrassment of a report.
This does not one thing but prove that the Obama administration is going to great lengths to stifle dissent. If this report was a little different, the same people out in the streets in protest. You know, if the eeeeviiiiilllll George W. Bush were still in office. And his Homeland Security department released a report about left-wing militant recruitment. With all the non-sequiters.
Get ready, you anti-federal government, gun-toting, religious, anti-Semitic, anti-globalist, pro-military, anti-Islamofacist types. The feds are after you. Er, us!
But, do not be afraid.
We are part of the political process, not a bunch of loons sucked into conspiracy theories. We believe in the system that we have. We cherish it. That is why we care so much that many of us will be doing our American duty tomorrow and sending a message to the government at all levels. Stop robbing us blind. If that is right-wing extremism, I am at the front of the line!

For those in the Glendale, California area tomorrow, the local Tea Party is at the following location:

613 E. Broadway
Glendale, Ca.
Contact phone number: 818-497-4901
The exact location is the corner of E. Broadway and N. Isabella on the northeast corner.

Remember, smile and wave at all the G-men that will be there taking photos and gathering intelligence!

HT: Michelle Malkin @ (For the direct lines from the report)
HT #2: The Other McCain @ (For the "Right wing Extremists" photo)

Meghan McCain: The Bad Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree

UPDATE: here are some thoughts on this subject from Donald Douglas over at American Power. Prof. Douglas brings up some great points worth reading and thinking about.

Today, the newest political sensation, Meghan McCain, "wrote" an opus of idiocy over at the Daily Beast saying that the Republican party must embrace the agenda of the gay Log Cabin Republicans and even endorse same-sex marriage.
For those that do not know a thing about this brain surgeon, she is product of the former Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain and wife Cindy. Among her other accomplishments, Miss McCain voted for John Kerry in 2004 and just became a Republican this past year in support of her father's failed presidential run.
It appears that Miss McCain is one of those Republicans from the David Frum school of how to keep the Republican party in a minority for the foreseeable future.
That is why she touts this notion that the Republican party should just give up all that it stands for to attract people like her.
Sorry, I do not really want people like you lecturing me, a proud life-long Republican, on how to attract any group. It appears that you really believe that you are the Little Maverick, just like to old man. What, should I expect an "F--- You" because I do not agree that the party should not abandon principle just to be cool? I wait with bated breath, Miss McCain.
The problem is that Miss McCain touts that she will be speaking to the Log Cabin Republicans as part of her "outreach".
Miss McCain should do a wee bit o' research for she will find that the LCR's are but a fifth-columnist front group that is now bankrolled by Democrats. If anything, Miss McCain should stop over at Gay Patriot if she wants to know real, gay and lesbian conservative Republicans.
If Miss McCain would stop with the clap-trap and realize that the LCRs gave up on the principles they claim to be for a long time ago. What the LCRs are promoting is not any different from the Stonewall Democrats in terms of gay, lesbian and so-called "transgender" issues.
When the lines blur between the two major political parties, here is the Right View From The Left Coast theory. The people will vote for Democrats over Republicans. And, that is where this approach will take the Republicans.
I appreciate that Miss McCain is bringing up the issue, but I want you to think about the way that she ends her opus of idiocy:

At the end of the day, speaking at the Log Cabin Republicans' convention isn’t just about reaching out to the gay community—although I believe doing so is vital to the future success of the party. It’s also about reaching a wider base and redefining what it means to be Republican, and leaving labels, stereotypes, and negativity by the wayside. That more and more people are discussing gay rights speaks positively for the millions of young and progressive Republicans waiting for our party to return to its roots. Personal freedoms are what makes this country the greatest country in the world. And just like the civil-rights and feminist movements before this, the movement toward gay equality and gay marriage is one I have absolute faith will triumph over prejudices. Moreover, I believe the Republican Party has, at this moment, the opportunity to come forward and play an instrumental role in securing gay rights. That's why I'm speaking at the Log Cabin convention and couldn't be prouder to be doing so. And yes, I'm still a Republican. Get used to it.

Here is a clue for the young Miss McCain.
One, stop listening to the old man. He is a loser and you will be too if you embrace his inner Maverick.
Two, please stop telling people you are a "progressive" Republican. You have no idea what that even means.
Three, take a breather and really read up on the issues before you bloviate about them.
Otherwise, I stand by my headline. The bad apple does not fall far from the tree.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Of Tea Parties Of Taxes

In less than 48 hours, we will find out if the Tea Party movement is a real force or a farce.
According to New York Times columnist and left-wing blowhard, Paul Krugman, it is a farce.
Here are some of his "thoughts" on the Tea Party movement:

One way to get a good sense of the current state of the G.O.P., and also to see how little has really changed, is to look at the “tea parties” that have been held in a number of places already, and will be held across the country on Wednesday. These parties — antitaxation demonstrations that are supposed to evoke the memory of the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution — have been the subject of considerable mockery, and rightly so.

Oh, yes, it is a mockery only to someone like Mr. Krugman. But, the paragraph before this tells you all you need to know about how the people like Mr. Krugman look at the Tea Party movement and the Republican party:

But here’s the thing: the G.O.P. looked as crazy 10 or 15 years ago as it does now. That didn’t stop Republicans from taking control of both Congress and the White House. And they could return to power if the Democrats stumble. So it behooves us to look closely at the state of what is, after all, one of our nation’s two great political parties.
Yes, conservative Republicans are "crazy" according to Mr. Krugman. People who are sick and tired of being taxed, taxed and taxed are rising up. And, Mr. Krugman can throw "crazy" out there all he wants. But, from all I have observed about the Tea Party movement, it is real.
Here in my hometown of Pasadena, California, the local Republican club with a little more than a weeks notice, they were able to draw 200 to 500 people to a protest at Pasadena City Hall. Here are some photos, courtesy of Gay Patriot.

And, just for good measure, this sign in the crowd shows that someone must read this blog and shares my sentiments about the current governor of California.
And while this is just a small sample, one can sense that the Tea Party movement is real. And the left is worried.
Look at the fact that some lefties are ready to try to horn in on the festivities on Wednesday. The good lefties at the Puffington Post are sending "citizen journalists" to cover the events. But, consider that the least number of Tea Party events are somewhere around 500 across the United States. If you need to find one near you, here is a good place to go. Tax Day Tea Party has the locations at each state in the nation. There are 62 confirmed Tea Parties across the once Golden State.For the record, if you are in the Glendale, California area, join your humble blogger and hundreds if not thousands sending a real and clear message. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
The people of the United States are tired of being hosed by all government entities from the cities to the feds. It is time to listen to We, The People.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Little Christian Humor

In keeping with this being the Easter season, I thought that I would share this little bit o' Christian humor courtesy of Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast. Enjoy!

Jesus and Satan were having an on-going argument about who was better on the computer. They had been going at it for days, and frankly God was tired of hearing all the bickering.
Finally fed up, God said, 'THAT'S IT! I have had enough.
I am going to set up a test that will run for two hours, and from those results, Iwill judge who does the better job.'
So Satan and Jesus sat down at the keyboards and typed away.
They moused.
They faxed.
They e-mailed.
They e-mailed with attachments.
They downloaded.
They did spreadsheets!
They wrote reports.
They created labels and cards.
They created charts and graphs.
They did some genealogy reports.
They did every job known to man.
Jesus worked with heavenly efficiency and Satan was faster than hell.
Then, ten minutes before their time was up, lightning suddenly flashed across the sky, thunder rolled, rain poured, and, of course, the power went off.
Satan stared at his blank screen and screamed every curse word known inthe underworld.Jesus just sighed.
Finally the electricity came back on, and each of them restarted theircomputers... Satan started searching frantically, screaming:'It's gone! It's all GONE! 'I lost everything when the power went out!' Meanwhile, Jesus quietly started printing out all of his files from thepast two hours of work. Satan observed this and became irate.'Wait!' he screamed. 'That's not fair! He cheated! How come he has allhis work and I don't have any?'
God just shrugged and said,
Jesus Saves!


The following is the Gospel account of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in which we refer to in the Good Friday service:

The Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ According To John (18: 1-19:42):

When Jesus had spoken these words, he went forth with his disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he entered, and his disciples.
2And Judas also, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus ofttimes resorted thither with his disciples.
3Judas then, having received a band [of men] and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, cometh thither with lanterns and torches and weapons.
4Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye?
5They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am [he]. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them.
6As soon then as he had said unto them, I am [he], they went backward, and fell to the ground.
7Then asked he them again, Whom seek ye? And they said, Jesus of Nazareth.
8Jesus answered, I have told you that I am [he]: if therefore ye seek me, let these go their way:
9That the saying might be fulfilled, which he spake, Of them which thou gavest me have I lost none.
10Then Simon Peter having a sword drew it, and smote the high priest's servant, and cut off his right ear. The servant's name was Malchus.
11Then said Jesus unto Peter, Put up thy sword into the sheath: the cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?
12Then the band and the captain and officers of the Jews took Jesus, and bound him,
13And led him away to Annas first; for he was father in law to Caiaphas, which was the high priest that same year.
14Now Caiaphas was he, which gave counsel to the Jews, that it was expedient that one man should die for the people.
15And Simon Peter followed Jesus, and [so did] another disciple: that disciple was known unto the high priest, and went in with Jesus into the palace of the high priest.
16But Peter stood at the door without. Then went out that other disciple, which was known unto the high priest, and spake unto her that kept the door, and brought in Peter.
17Then saith the damsel that kept the door unto Peter, Art not thou also [one] of this man's disciples? He saith, I am not.
18And the servants and officers stood there, who had made a fire of coals; for it was cold: and they warmed themselves: and Peter stood with them, and warmed himself.
19The high priest then asked Jesus of his disciples, and of his doctrine.
20Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing.
21Why askest thou me? ask them which heard me, what I have said unto them: behold, they know what I said.
22And when he had thus spoken, one of the officers which stood by struck Jesus with the palm of his hand, saying, Answerest thou the high priest so?
23Jesus answered him, If I have spoken evil, bear witness of the evil: but if well, why smitest thou me?
24Now Annas had sent him bound unto Caiaphas the high priest.
25And Simon Peter stood and warmed himself. They said therefore unto him, Art not thou also [one] of his disciples? He denied [it], and said, I am not.
26One of the servants of the high priest, being [his] kinsman whose ear Peter cut off, saith, Did not I see thee in the garden with him?
27Peter then denied again: and immediately the cock crew.
28Then led they Jesus from Caiaphas unto the hall of judgment: and it was early; and they themselves went not into the judgment hall, lest they should be defiled; but that they might eat the passover.
29Pilate then went out unto them, and said, What accusation bring ye against this man?
30They answered and said unto him, If he were not a malefactor, we would not have delivered him up unto thee.
31Then said Pilate unto them, Take ye him, and judge him according to your law. The Jews therefore said unto him, It is not lawful for us to put any man to death:
32That the saying of Jesus might be fulfilled, which he spake, signifying what death he should die.
33Then Pilate entered into the judgment hall again, and called Jesus, and said unto him, Art thou the King of the Jews?
34Jesus answered him, Sayest thou this thing of thyself, or did others tell it thee of me?
35Pilate answered, Am I a Jew? Thine own nation and the chief priests have delivered thee unto me: what hast thou done?
36Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.
37Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.
38Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault [at all].
39But ye have a custom, that I should release unto you one at the passover: will ye therefore that I release unto you the King of the Jews?
40Then cried they all again, saying, Not this man, but Barabbas. Now Barabbas was a robber.
Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged [him].
2And the soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put [it] on his head, and they put on him a purple robe,
3And said, Hail, King of the Jews! and they smote him with their hands.
4Pilate therefore went forth again, and saith unto them, Behold, I bring him forth to you, that ye may know that I find no fault in him.
5Then came Jesus forth, wearing the crown of thorns, and the purple robe. And [Pilate] saith unto them, Behold the man!
6When the chief priests therefore and officers saw him, they cried out, saying, Crucify [him], crucify [him]. Pilate saith unto them, Take ye him, and crucify [him]: for I find no fault in him.
7The Jews answered him, We have a law, and by our law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God.
8When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he was the more afraid;
9And went again into the judgment hall, and saith unto Jesus, Whence art thou? But Jesus gave him no answer.
10Then saith Pilate unto him, Speakest thou not unto me? knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee?
11Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power [at all] against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.
12And from thenceforth Pilate sought to release him: but the Jews cried out, saying, If thou let this man go, thou art not Caesar's friend: whosoever maketh himself a king speaketh against Caesar.
13When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he brought Jesus forth, and sat down in the judgment seat in a place that is called the Pavement, but in the Hebrew, Gabbatha.
14And it was the preparation of the passover, and about the sixth hour: and he saith unto the Jews, Behold your King!
15But they cried out, Away with [him], away with [him], crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar.
16Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus, and led [him] away.
17And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called [the place] of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha:
18Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst.
19And Pilate wrote a title, and put [it] on the cross. And the writing was, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS.