Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boehner/NFL 1-Dear Leader 0

This president, the Dear Leader, President Obama, is simply unfreakingbelievable.
For some reason, the Dear Leader, President Obama, feels that he needs to get congress together, force them to watch as he speechifies the latest, desperate attempt at kick-starting the moribund economy.
And today to much fanfare, the Dear Leader, President Obama, announced that he asked to speak before a joint session of congress. On Wednesday, September 7.
Oh, darn it! It is by sheer coinkidink that there is going to be a Republican presidential debate that same night. At the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. And two members of congress will be there to debate the other Republican presidential wannabes.
The two congressman are Michele Bachmann and Crazy Uncle Ron Paul.
And many Republican members of congress may not even be in Washington if possible. They may be at the debate.
But if one reads the Dear Leader, President Obama's letter to both Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada), he pretty much sums up what I am certain will be a long winded speech. Here is the letter:

Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. Leader:)
Our Nation faces unprecedented economic challenges, and millions of hardworking Americans continue to look for jobs. As I have traveled across our country this summer and spoken with our fellow Americans, I have heard a consistent message: Washington needs to put aside politics and start making decisions based on what is best for our country and not what is best for each of our parties in order to grow the economy and create jobs. We must answer this call.

Therefore, I respectfully request the opportunity to address a Joint Session of Congress on September 7, 2011, at 8:00 p.m. It is my intention to lay out a series of bipartisan proposals that the Congress can take immediately to continue to rebuild the American economy by strengthening small businesses, helping Americans get back to work, and putting more money in the paychecks of the Middle Class and working Americans, while still reducing our deficit and getting our fiscal house in order. It is our responsibility to find bipartisan solutions to help grow our economy, and if we are willing to put country before party, I am confident we can do just that.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your Dear Leader,
Barack Hussein Obama

OK, I kind of threw in the "Your Dear Leader" at the end. And yeah, I did add that Hussein thing too.
But seriously, why does the Dear Leader, President Obama, feel he has to have this big speech before a joint session of congress? Can't he just make some proposals and invite the congressional leadership over to the White House?
No, it is all part of the wicked narcissism of this president.
But a funny thing happened as this was asked for.
House Speaker John Boehner showed some testicles and fired off a respectful letter to the Dear Leader, President Obama, asking that the speech be put off one more day. That would move it to Thursday, September 8.
Now the propaganda minister, er presidential press secretary, Jay Carney, suggested that the Republican debate could be put off so that the Dear Leader, President Obama, can speechify to the joint congressional session.
Now lets keep in mind that this is a speech about a proposal. It is not a national emergency. It is not to ask congress to declare war. TEE HEE ! ! Don't forget Libya! TEE HEE ! !
Yet to hear the White House press flak, it is the most important presidential speech, evah!
So important that they decided to move it to the next day after all.
But the best news is that it is the opening game of the National Football League 2011 campaign!
Such schmucks, these people at this White House.
Sure, there was no attempt to try to steal the thunder of the Republican presidential debate scheduled for the same day and essentially time. And back to press flak Carney. He essentially said that the Republican debate can and should be rescheduled. And that the White House actually got the OK from Speaker Boehner's office. Only they never did.
Now the speech will be on the same night that the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints usher in the NFL season. Really, what are you going to watch.
Hey, Dear Leader, President Obama, you and your team ought to actually think things out before trying to pull another one over the people.
November, 2012 can not come soon enough!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Like I Said, California Dems Believe In Democracy Until They Don't Like It

Yeah, redundant I know, but so is the story.
In another twist for California Democrats and their sudden concern for the initiative process, now comes a scam, er proposed bill that would have voter initiatives only on general election ballots and not on primary ballots.
When Californians vote in even number years, it is a two-step process.
In June, voters choose the partisan candidates that will be on the ballot in the November general election.
One change is that all candidates, regardless of party, will be on a single ballot per office. The top two, no matter what party, will go to the general election.
And as long as there have been primaries and the voter initiatives, they have appeared on both ballots.
But, California Democrats are not happy. Because when they had their turn at the apple, it was A-OK. But now their legislative majorities are not enough.
So, state senate majority leader, Darrell Steinberg, is thinking of proposing a bill that would take care of that, they hope.
But, get why they want to make the change.
Here is from the mouth of Sen. Steinberg:

"It's something we're thinking about. There ought to be the opportunity for the highest voter turnout possible for major initiatives."

Funny, the wording. I mean, aren't all initiatives major? Are there minor ones? If so, why not let them go on the primary ballot?
Really, the linked article, in the Left Angeles Times no less, pretty much sums this up:

Fall elections typically draw more voters to the polls than springtime primaries. In June 2012, for example, a smaller and more conservative electorate is expected as Republicans pick a presidential nominee. Democrats are more likely to flock to the polls in November, when President Obama presumably will be up for reelection.

See, if the Dems want some initiative to pass, they want it when their voters take time out of their busy schedules to vote. I mean, I guess primaries are no big deal to Democrat voters, eh Sen. Steinberg?
Oh, and what may be on the November, 2012 general election ballot?
Oops! My bad. I mean the June, 2012 primary election ballot?
Only a couple of proposals that would place limits on state spending and. . .wait for it. . .curb public employee union power by curbing their donations to political candidates and causes.
Now, I am not being cynical, but I have to ask this. Do union voters only show up for the general elections? What, they don't have time to be involved in piddly primary elections?
The funny thing about all of this is that in recent elections, primary, general and special elections, some things that are definitely conservative have passed. And tax hikes have failed.
Why in the 2008 general election in which the Dear Leader, President Obama, was racking up 60% of the California vote, said said voters rejected any tax hike measures. Oh yeah, and want marriage to be recognized as only being one man to one woman.
So, even with this brazen attempt to curry favor with the union goon squads, it may turn out to not necessarily help the very people that the Democrats want to help.
The question is that if the legislation is pursued, will Gov. Jerry Brown sign it? Considering that he wants to take tax hikes to the voters? At the end, Gov. Brown must veto this attempt to not have good government but a naked attempt to circumvent one of the few good things out of the Progressive Era in California politics. The whole point of allowing the people to vote on initiatives was because of corrupt politicians and their thwarting the will of the people.
It will be tragic if they are allowed to corrupt the system even more.
But, it is what California Democrats are all about. Not democracy but power.

Now California Wants To Ban Styrofoam Boxes

Living in the People's Republic of California is such an adventure. I mean, when Democrats are not busy trying to subvert democracy, they are trying to interfere in private enterprise.
The latest busy-body attempt to regulate how we live is by this gem, state Sen. Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach).
Background on Sen. Lowenthal is that this is the same guy that wants to ban free public parking.
The latest in butting into the lives of the citizenry is trying to ban stryofoam boxes by 2016.
And what does the good state senator want to replace the plastic lifesavers?
So-called bio-degradable, compostable product.
Yeah, Sen. Alan, good luck with that.
Yet according to the article, more than 50 jurisdictions within the once Golden State have some kind of ban on what is technically called polystyrene. Fine. If they want to waste time an effort, let them. It is a local issue that should be handled by the cities that want to make the effort.
But to make a statewide ban is something that is just absolutely wrong. And it will be costly. Anyone that thinks it will not be has a mind that has been composted a few times too many.
But you see, this is the two-fold result of a full-time, Democrat-dominated legislature. They always have to be legislating something.
Come to think about it, that is what the liberal seems to be all about, correct? To legislate our lives, even while claiming to be for liberty.
If they really want to encourage usage of bio-degradable, compostable products, why not simply get out of the way? Or maybe encourage with some business tax break for companies to come up with products that for one, do not suck and two make it affordable for business and the consumer?
Nah, can't do that. It would make sense.
it is the problem of the busy-body. They have to get involved. They have to "do something" about anything. Even if there is no discernible problem.
Yes, I know that the styrofoam is a problem for landfills. And yes, it can be around for thousands of years, supposedly. But is it such a problem that a drastic measure has to be taken? That it be taken without thought of other ramifications?
No and no.
But, don't tell that to Sen. Lowenthal. Nah, just pay up to park and pay up for inferior products when you want to take out from a restaurant.
The living here in the People's Republic of California some days, no every day, is simply unfreakingbelivable.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

California Dems Believe In Democracy Until They Don't Like It

Not that one should that surprised. But some members of the California state legislature think that our voter initiative process is, well not to their liking, out of control.
So, some members of the state legislature want to make the process of getting initiatives on the ballot a harder process. And even if it passes, they even want to revisit within a time period. You know, to "revise" it.
According to this in the Left Angeles Times, the attempt to "reign in" the initiative process in being led by state senator Sen. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord). Get the pant load this dude is saying why he wants to "reform" the process:

"I don't want to get rid of the initiative process.I just want it to work better."

Sure, Sen. Mark. Sure you do.
So, Sen. Mark, why is it so important to reign in the process now? Maybe because your party, the Democrats, are running the show in Sacramento? You have all the constitutional offices. Control of the state legislature. Why now is the initiative process so terrible.
Because as the article points out, the Republican party and allies would be weakened if the process is reigned in.
Imagine under the proposed "reforms" if Proposition 13 somehow managed to get on the ballot today? Under one of the proposals, after a period of time, maybe four years, the legislature can review and revise the passed initiative. So, Prop. 13 would have passed and eventually gutted by a state legislature that would somehow find a way to say that all is OK now. Trust us.
The funny thing is that the Democrats have used the initiative process to push for some of the very things that have California at the financial brink.
Democrats and their allies pushed and succeeded in getting funding for mental health providers, passing the budget on a majority vote rather than getting 2/3 of the state legislature to pass it and Proposition 98 that allots for schools to get 40% of the general fund for their budgets.
Well, to quote that well-known philosopher, the "Rev." Jeremiah Wright, the chickens have come home to roost.
Now that California is on the financial brink, the ruling Democrats are in a pickle.
Now these legislators are claiming that the process has been "hijacked" by "special interests"-re: opposition to Democrat plans.
You know that California voters have been asked about raising taxes in the last several elections. And we have just said no every single time. And we will be asked again by a Democrat governor, Jerry Brown, through the. . .wait for it. . .initiative process.
That is where the Republicans have had some success. Even against an alleged Republican governor named Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But, surprise!
California voters do not like this backdoor attempt to reign in the process.
In the Times article, voters do not like giving the legislature the ability to revisit an initiative later on. Only 37% favor such a plan. I am surprised that so many favor a plan like that.
And the article ends with Marc Klaas, the father of Polly Klaas. She was murdered by Richard Allen Davis in 1993. It was because of her murder by a career criminal such as Mr. Davis that California led the way in the Three Strikes law. Oh, no thanks to the state legislature, but because of the initiative process. That would be Proposition 184.
Mr. Klaas said that the initiative process exists as a vehicle for unresponsive legislators. As Mr. Klaas said:

"The initiative process … exists so the people of California can have the kinds of laws they want."

Until they get in the way of the Democrats and their priorities.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Now For The Most Important News Of The Day, Vin Scully To Come Back To Broadcast Booth For 63rd Dodger Season Next Year

OK, long headline. Almost as long as the illustrious career of the greatest baseball announcer of all time, Vin Scully.
But tonight, Mr. Scully ended the annual speculation that he will finally hang it up and call it a career.
In the top of the sixth inning, Mr. Scully said he is coming back for one more season. And it will be his 63rd season behind the mike.
Sixty-three years?! That is so amazing in and of itself.
But what is more amazing is that my father, a Brooklyn Dodger fan born in The Bronx, introduced me to Mr. Scully. And I get to do that to another generation.
How many sports announcers can have that claim to fame?
How many announcers would invoke God as his guide as to whether or not to continue to announce another season of baseball games from Chavez Ravine?
Vin Scully has more talent in his 80 year old plus pinky that most announcers today. He is conversational, informative and never ever gets himself involved in the game that he is announcing.
I am so glad that in a dismal Dodger season, there is always Vin Scully to make everything seem a-OK. And that he will be back next year. God willing, a Dodger championship year.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Handicapping The GOP Presidential Race So Far

You know, being the Dog Days of summer is a good time to take a look at the current Republican presidential field including some that are not in but possible entries.
I am doing this as if this is a horse race. So yeah, there are odds and it is as I see it for the candidate's chances to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2012.
There is no order to this. I am just making the observation as a conservative and a Republican. I also am looking as to what the potential nominee will have against the Dear Leader, President Obama.
So, away we go.

1) Mitt Romney
Even odds
Mr. Romney is the front runner at this point. However, I worry that he is playing it safe too much. However, today showed that he does have his moments and that is what I want to see from him. It is passion. If he is the GOP nominee, he will have to rally in a big way people to his cause. Mr. Romney can not be the technocrat. He needs to zero in on the problems that the United States face, why the Dear Leader, President Obama, sucks and why he will be a better president.
If he can do that, he will be the Republican presidential nominee.

2) Rick Perry

You know, I am not all that sold on the Rick Perry candidacy. I think the guy has been a great governor for Texas. Definitely to the right of the guy he succeeded, George W. Bush. Texas is literally a miracle in a moribund economy. Gov. Perry did enact tort reform and made budget cuts rather than raise taxes to balance the state budget. Other positives are that this is a former Democrat. Yeah, he was the state chair for Al Gore in his failed 1988 Democrat presidential run. But remember, the Great Man, Ronald Reagan, in the same amount of time went from FDR Democrat to conservative Republican. And Gov. Perry needs to drive that point home. That the Democrat party is way to out of the mainstream and that the Republican party welcomes you. Another positive is that he has been the longest serving governor in Texas history. And he has had to run contested twice within the Republican party to keep his job. But there are negatives. One, he comes off as George W. Bush II. It is false because the two dudes do not really care for each other. But it is the Texas 'tude that people get the connection. Also, there is the Gardasil issue that I briefly highlighted here.
Gov. Perry may become the front runner if he can tie his leaving the Democrat party, highlighting conservative governance in Texas and his own story of achievement.

3) Michele Bachmann
Congressman Bachmann made a splash in her first GOP presidential debate and rode that to a victory in the Ames Straw Poll. But since the Perry candidacy, she has faded. Congressman Bachmann is a leading conservative Republican in Washington. She has rallied the troops against the Dear Leader, President Obama. She has led in opposition and that is a good thing. She has a great personal story. Like Gov. Perry, Congressman Bachmann was once a Democrat. She has raised five children, 23 foster children and is a lawyer. And it was her getting involved in local politics that has her where she is now. But there are some negatives. As a congressman, she has no legislation that she can point to and say she shepereded through congress and it became law. Can anyone point to a legislative accomplishment that the Dear Leader, President Obama, had when he was Sen. Messiah Barack? Or when he was a state senator in Illinois? Exactly. Inexperience in a leadership position may not help her candidacy. Also it remains to be seen if she can move beyond the base and attract non-ideological voters. But she has run some tough races each of her congressional races and in Minnesota no less. She needs to get some of the mo jo back or Gov. Perry will knock her towards the back of the pack.

4) Rick Santorum
I admit, I really like former Sen. Rick Santorum. He won some of the toughest congressional and senate races ever fought in Pennsylvania. But, he lost his senate reelection campaign in 2006 by about 20 points. And since then has stayed in Washington and been a Fox News Channel contributor. Mr. Santorum is probably going after the same primary voters as Gov. Perry and Congressman Bachmann. But, he is one of two Roman Catholics in the Republican field. So, he may appeal to those voters and Blue Collar evangelical Christians. Mr. Santorum is on the issues a solid conservative. But the negatives are rather large for such a good candidate as Mr. Santorun. I think that he will and has come off as part of the Washington political class. And again, he is competing for similar voters that Gov. Perry and Congressman Bachmann are. I do not think that he makes it past Iowa. If that long.

Newt Gingrich
Another great leader, but I think that his time has past. Former Speaker of the House, leader of the conservative Republicans for years in the House of Representatives. A man with so many ideas, they roll out with ease. A proven winner as he took the Contract With America and ended up leading the Republicans to the promised land of a House majority in 1994. But, the negatives are really high for Mr. Gingrich. Once in the majority, Mr. Gingrich was able to enact a lot of the CWA into law. However, his lack of discipline came back to bite him. He ended up not running for reelection in 1998 and left the House in disgrace. Then there is the fact that Mr. Gingrich was having an affair with the current Mrs. Gingrich, the third wife, while still married with wife number two. He converted from Baptist to the Roman Catholic church upon marrying Calista. Not that it is a negative. Just highlighting a lack of discipline. It is that which I worry about and I think a lot of Republicans worry about as well.

5) Herman Cain
Another candidate I like. He is the American success story. Against all odds, being Black, growing up in the segregated South, Mr. Cain became the head of a corporate region and became the CEO of Godfather's Pizza. All this despite rantings of the worthless troll, Janeane Garafalo. And since leaving corporate America he has been a radio talk show host and conservative activist. The problem is that he is not that well known outside hardcore conservative political circles. He is solid on the issues, but that lack of name recognition maybe his undoing. I think that he makes it out of Iowa at least but it may be undone in New Hampshire.

Ron Paul
What can I say about Crazy Uncle Ron? I mean, on a lot of issues I actually agree with Crazy Uncle Ron. But he is a libertarian in the extreme. And I am not. I do not think we would be a better society with unlimited access to illegal drugs, prostitution and other things. Nor do I believe we should retreat to Fortress America and pretend the rest of the world does not exist. But he has a very loyal following. However, I do not think that they will translate to enough votes to deliver the GOP nod to Crazy Uncle Ron. I do worry about him launching a Libertarian party run at for the White House. We shall see.

Jon Huntsman, Jr.
And the point of his candidacy? To give Republicans a younger Sen. John "F--- You" McCain? No, trying the running a respectful campaign against the Dear Leader, President Obama, yet savaging fellow Republicans will keep him from the GOP nod. And believing in Globaloney Warming and bashing believers in Creation is not a way to win votes. Unless you are running as a Democrat. This is the worst candidacy since, well since Sen. John "F--- You" McCain.

Now, that is the candidates. But there are at least three that are thinking about a run. They have not announced and or keep just saying no. But might be persuadable.
Here they are.

Chris Christie
The New Jersey governor, is doing a spectacular job taking on the public employee unions, fighting to balance a state budget without raising taxes and taking on a corrupt state Democrat machine. And he has a lot of success. And he has a refreshing no-nonsense approach. However, I am not sure is good on social issues and that is important to a lot of Republican primary voters. Also not sure about his foreign policy creds. But I like his style. Will that play well in other parts of the United States? Do not know. But he has a good record to run on. I think that he wants to run for president, but feels an obligation to at least finish his term as governor. But what a great race it would be if he does decide to get in.

Rudy Giuliani
I do not think he or his people get it. Rudy Giuliani is America's mayor, but he just is not ever going to be president. He was a solid conservative. For New York City standards. But to the rest of the United States, he is pretty moderate. But there is talk of him getting in the race. My advice. Don't!

Sarah Palin
That leaves the former Alaska governor. She is going to run. And she will be the candidate with the best chance of turning the crowded race upside down. Everything is known about Mrs. Palin. Good and bad. She is already the most vetted American not running for president. She polarizing to many, but so was some guy named Reagan. She is the one candidate in or out of the race that excites a lot of people the way that the Dear Leader, President Obama, did as a candidate. Deep down, I believe that Mrs. Palin is the one that Team Obama fears the most. Again, there are no surprises because she is the most vetted candidate and or non-candidate in the field. Running on her own will be good because I think that she will have a chance to connect with a lot of fence-sitters in a positive way. And on her own terms.

That leaves me with this comment.
I do not get this mantra that the Republican field is weak. Firstly, there are a lot of candidates and potential candidates. The Dear Leader, President Obama, is weak and getting weaker every day. These people are circling like sharks in the water. It is a great field and there are some others that may decide to take a shot.
A lot can change, but this is how I see the race today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is It Fair To Blame The Poor For Cost Of Depravity?

An interesting debate over at National Review online at The Corner between David French and Kathryn Jean Lopez about the cost of depravity among the poor.
In this post, Mr French pretty much lays a huge blame of depravity on the poor. And, I do agree that there is a problem among many who are in the lower economic classes.
And a part of it is a welfare state that to a huge extent rewards such behavior. In Mr. French's post, he cites an article by the great Walter Russell Mead in which some research seems to indicate that the poor are no longer rooted in religion. That according to research, it is the educated and financially well off that are more adherents to faith.
Again, I tend to question that research and the conclusions.
But if that is true, I would like Mr. French, Mr. Mead and the researchers to explain the depravity of popular culture? Explain how that emulates the poor and or underclass.
Kathryn Jean Lopez had this rejoinder to Mr. French in a later post. Although much shorter, but I think is on to something.
I kind of alluded to it above. That there is a helluva lot of depravity among the upper classes.
But, to go to he point that Mr. French is making is that depravity is not costly to the taxpaying American. And he is right. But what he missed and what Miss Lopez said and here is what I think is the tail wagging the dog.
Look at the celubtard culture. That it is OK to have children out of wedlock (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt come to mind). It is OK to have multiple sexual partners. That it is OK to be a stoner, a hardcore druggie or an alcoholic with no consequence. That it is OK to, oh kill your ex-wife and her companion and not be convicted of the crime. The list goes on and on.
Here is what I am getting at.
Because of the depravity from the elites, the poor feel a sense of entitlement. Because of the elites behavior essentially telling all that it is A-OK. And why, because more than likely it will not be behavior that taxpayers have to foot the bill. If people see that there is no shame in abhorrent behavior, they will come to believe that they can do it too.
And the larger cost is that to society as a whole. And until we find a way to return shame for depravity for all and not just some, you will see the result that we have today.
In a later post, Mr. French cites scary statistics. Here is an eye-opener:

36.5 percent of female-led single-parent families are poor compared with 6.4 percent of married two-parent families, according to this Heritage study.

And no doubt those poor unmarried women are on some form of government assistance. And that is a huge problem. But again, would that be the case if we had to so-called stigma of shame attached to bad behavior?
I think that is what Mr. French was alluding to. But by implying that people with means can go right ahead and be depraved because they can afford it is a kind of form of class warfare.
I treat all equally. I do not care if one is of means, but it is not good to be a single parent. It is not good to be a druggie, a stoner or akly because you can go into some so-called rehab facility.
I think that Mr. French would make a devastating argument if he included the overall depravity of the elites as well as the poor. And how both are costly and devastating to society as a whole. And Miss Lopez was trying to nudge him in that direction.
And this is the crux of the debate over the size and scope of government. Which is why all aspects need to be included in this debate as well as the debate over government.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who Know Who Would Make A Good Senator From California? How About David Dreier?

Yeah, I really believe that California would be better served if Republican Congressman David Dreier would take the plunge and run for the senate next year. He would face Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein in the general election.
There are many reasons why I think that Congressman Dreier would be a formidable candidate for the senate.
Firstly, no serious Republican is mounting a challenge to Sen. Feinstein. If Congressman Dreier were to announce running, no doubt the field would be clear. And Congressman Dreier has a beginning war chest that would have been used to run for reelection in California's 26th congressional district.
Secondly, California is at this point Northern California centric. And overly Democrat represented.
Take a look at our elected officials.
At the federal level is Sen. Feinstein, from San Francisco and Sen. Ma'am Barbara Boxer. She currently lists her primary residence as Palm Springs, but got her start representing the California 6th congressional district. And that is primarily Marin County, one of the most liberal districts in California. So, she is still a No Cal at heart.
Then there are the California constitutional offices.
Gov. Jerry Brown, Democrat No Cal. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Democrat No Cal. Treasurer Bill Lockyear, Democrat No Cal. Attorney General Kamala Harris, Democrat No Cal. Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, Democrat No Cal. The only Southern California representation in Sacramento is the Secretary of State, Debra Bowen and the Controller, John Chiang.
You get the picture.
Congressman Dreier coming from So Cal would bring a different set of priorities to the senate race.
Another plus, usually not good but an exception in this case, is Congressman Dreier's length of service in congress. Congressman Dreier is currently in his 30th year in the People's House. He is important in Republican congressional leadership as chair of the Rules Committee in the House. it is basically how bills weave their way through congress.
But where is Congressman Dreier on the issues?
Congressman Dreier is a solid conservative Republican. Congressman Dreier has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 91%. Solid on the issues. To see what latest available votes and how Congressman Dreier voted, see this link.
Congressman Dreier has long supported conservative reform positions on Social Security, education, taxes, and national security issues. Congressman Dreier was elected the same year, 1980, as Ronald Reagan was elected president. While this link is not the most current, it does indicate the solid conservative voting record Congressman Dreier has had.
To some, it is not a perfect record and it will be highlighted.
For instance, on an issue that I will delve into in a bit, Congressman Dreier has a mixed record of homosexual issues. He opposed the Defense of Marriage Act. Opposes job discrimination based on sexual orientation. Yet he opposes same-sex adoptions in the District of Columbia.
And that leads to the elephant in the room. No pun intended.
It has long been rumored that Congressman Dreier is a homosexual. He has never been married. And the rumors are that he and his chief of staff, Brad W. Smith were long time partners.
Congressman Dreier has refused to answer the allegations.
And FTR, I really do not care if Congressman Dreier is or is not a homosexual. He has never made it an issue one way or the other. Thus, it is his business. But, if he were to run for the senate, he would need to deal with the questions. Like it or not.
And let me be clear, if we lived in a different time in our history, maybe it would be an issue to plant the flag on. But we have so many fires out there that whether or not a congressman or senator is gay is not high up on my issues list.
And I believe that Congressman Dreier would make a formidable opponent to the senior senator from California. Something that Sen. Feinstein has not had in a while.
Congressman Dreier would be a great choice for California Republicans to take on Sen. Dianne Feinstein. I am very hopeful that Congressman Dreier is giving it some serious thought. The calendar is running against him. And it would have to make the Democrat party pour millions into what should be a safe seat for them. But, with the right candidate, Congresman Dreier, it would be at best a toss up. And a huge Republican take away. And that much closer to a majority Republican senate.
So, if you are paying attention David Dreier, I think that it is time to move up to the senate and this is the time to make a run.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

If Khadafi Falls, What Kind Of Libya Will The West Get?

It does appear that the Libyan civil war is about to end, sort of, with the rebel forces entering the capital, Tripoli. And they have met little if any resistance.
If this does indeed wind down the civil war, what will Libya look like a year from now. Six months from now. And most important, what will the new Libya be to the West and the United States. Will it be a friend or foe?
Part of the problem has been trying to figure out the rebels in the first place.
This recent article in The Christian Science Monitor sure does nothing to help. I would argue that because so many of the rebel leader are formerly of the Moammar Khadafi regime, it is hard to say what they will do once Khadafi falls. If he is still in the nation, will they find and kill him? Will they help Shepperd him off to another third-world dictatorship so he does not have to face the fury of his people? And what if they turn out to support an Islamist government in Tripoli?
Again, we do not know.
The linked article concludes thus:

Who are Libya's rebels? They're, well, Libya. Nationalistic, flawed, proud, inexperienced in government.
On balance, they're the best hope for a better Libya than what Qaddafi offered.

Hmm, I will question that balance. Not because I do not believe that the Libyan people want freedom. But many Iranians wanted that too and look what ousting the Shah of Iran did for them?
And what to make of the assassination of the rebel military commander,
General Abdul Fattah Younes? It appears that because the West and the United States support the Transitional Nation Council, as the rebels are now known, they are in line to get $30,000,000,000 of frozen Khadafi money. And if this report in Front Page magazine is correct, the money is just factionalizing the TNC more than it may have been. And it is a fact that there are al-Qaeda forces in the rebel coalition. And it is a fact that a faction if not al-Qaeda sympathetic are Islamist at heart.
Again, a fundamental problem is exactly what hurt us in the Iranian revolution of 1978-79. We supported the wrong side.
Sure, the Shah was not a democrat. Yeah, he was not a paragon of freedom. Part of that was a paranoia that turned out to be correct. A paranoia about being ousted by backward-forces. And he was. Had he instituted true democratic reform, there may still be an Iranian monarchy. But, just supporting people that may be better than the devil we know did us no good. And thus the brutal dictatorial Islamic republic is now in control in Iran.
If the Untied States does not figure out these rebels and how they will govern, it will be Iran all over again.
As the article in The Christian Science Monitor noted, because of Khadafi's form of rule, there really are no reliable institutions that the people will respect.
And that is a real and present danger.
I am glad that Khadafi is on his way out. But what will take over could be worse for the West and the United States. And having a hands-off attitude will not help matters either.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stuff White People Like And Their Contributions To The Downfall Of The United States

One of my best friends, proprietor of the Unmarried Man blog, is often kind of sort of crazy on a lot of his topics.
But one thing he is spot on about is moniker Stuff White People Like.
It is a book and had been a blog. But it really should be called Stuff White Liberal People Like.
Mr. Unmarried Man commented on my post on the douchebagette, Janeane Garafalo and how she is pretty ignorant and seems to spout off things just to keep up with her fellow travelling SWPL crowd.
It is very, very true.
From the now defunct SWPL blog is what the writers, Christian Lander and Miles Valentin, is the complete list of SWPL.
Of course by osmosis and just the reality of today's United States, I admit that I like some things on the 134 thinks SWPL.
Yeah, I like coffee. However, when I walk into the local Starbucks, I am their easiest customer. A large coffee, black, no room. Oops! My bad! I do not refer to the size in Starbuckese. I believe that it is called a Venti. No, we are in the United States. I speak English. And I want a large coffee, black, no room. Period.
Or a Frapacino with everything. Again either a small, medium or large. Period.
I do like farmer's markets. But most of the people look like the homeless that traipse about my town. I like good food and like to support people that are making an honest living. That is why I like farmer's markets. No agenda from me.
I consider myself aware. However I think that what a SWLPL considers awareness and I are oceans apart. I am aware that our federal government is overtaxing, over regulating and trying to stick their nose into business that no concern to them. I am aware that Islamofacsist terror is a real and present threat, besides SWLPL, to our way of life in the United States. I can go on, but you get the point.
I like travelling. But so far it is mostly limited to the United States. Travelling to a SWLPL person is overseas. And to some "exotic" places. Like India. Sorry but yes, call me the Ugly American. I do not see why I should spend hard-earned money to see abject poverty, corruption, hopelessness first hand. And call it a vacation. No thanks. I prefer the ol' Hyundai Tucson, Mrs. RVFTLC and Scout, the Wonder Dog and seeing the wonders that are the United States.
Yeah, I like breakfast places. But again, my kind of breakfast place and the SWLPL probably are different.
Take this fine establishment in Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga, California, the BC Cafe. Look at the size of the dishes! Yeah, I can finish some of them. But often times, I do need a hand from the missus. But, to the SWLPL, this is just awful. Too much food. Blah, blah, blah. Hey, let me eat what the hell I want in peace, please!
Oh yeah, count me in the people that hate those that wear Ed Hardy clothing. BLEECH! You have the see it to believe it. And how much people pay for such dreck.
But if you look at the list that I have linked, there is something rather serious about a lot of it.
I absolutely believe that a lot of it is why the United States is on the precipice of being the lone superpower to just another nation in the United Nations.
It is a lack of self-awareness that these SWLPL that seems to fuel their likes and or dislikes. But many of these people are in important positions in the arts, entertainment, religion, politics and even in the armed forces. And they are taking this list, checking it twice, and trying to sway the mass of Americans towards this direction.
No, it is not a purposeful conspiracy. They would actually have to be smart to pull it off. But it is the whole being around like-minded people theory. When you are around those like you and do not expose yourself to the other side, you have the well everyone thinks like me attitude.
But again, look at the list. Think about what you see at the movies. Watch on television. Listen to on the radio. Buy online. It goes on and on.
This is what is undermining what I think it means to be an American. We are the leaders, not the followers. We set the trends, not follow the trends. We are the defenders of freedom and liberty, not the enablers of totalitarianism and suppression that is most of the world.
These people may mean well, but they are we are sowing as the future of this great nation. And the end result is our leadership from the Dear Leader, President Obama, on down.
While it is fun to mock these people, they do need to be taken seriously.
And that, my friends, is the tragedy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Is Palin Running For President? You Betcha!

I think that it is becoming more and more obvious to anyone with a clue, but so many do not, that the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, is running for the Republican nomination for president.
While Mrs. Palin has not made any formal announcement, she hinted recently on Hannity on Fox News Channel that she is still thinking about it.
And there is this from US News and World Report. There is Peter Singleton a one-man shop in Iowa that is laying the groundwork for the Palin campaign there.
And radio talker Mark Levin is saying that he is certain Mrs. Palin is running.
I am with them both.
Folks, the one thing about Mrs. Palin is that she is unconventional. She does things the way that no one else in politics would.
Or to put it another way, she could jump in the race tomorrow and be in the lead very quickly.
Then there is Tim Palwenty.
He tried a conventional, very staged path to the Republican presidential nomination.
And as fast as it began, he is done.
A lot of people thought that Ronald Reagan was kind of crazy just two years in as governor of California to mount a half-hearted favorite son effort in 1968 against Richard Nixon. But that, and Mr. Nixon's vainglory, set the stage for the titanic 1976 struggle against President Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination.
It took Mr. Reagan three cracks at the apple but he hit it in 1980. And a lot of establishment Republicans, the RINOs of the day were just giddy about one George Herbert Walker Bush.
The point is that Mrs. Palin need not follow the leader. She is the leader.
I will go a step further and suggest that the announcement, which I believe will be unconventional, will occur around Labor Day. Which means only a couple of weeks.
And not by accident Mrs. Palin will be speaking at a huge Tea Party group in Iowa on September 3. And it is. . .Labor Day weekend.
Even Allahpundit at HotAir is jumping on the Palin is running bandwagon.
And also, to go back to Ronald Reagan, despite the fact that he won the presidency in 1980 by a landslide, it was not until the final weekend, and not better than 50-50 in polling that Mr. Reagan would be the 40th president of the United States. And yeah, he was considered a weak contender to then President Jimhah Carter.
So before all you Palin haters want to point out such polls as this, the similarities between Mrs. Palin and Mr. Reagan are rather striking.
So, my prediction is Sarah Palin will use the Tea Party speech on September 3 to began her quest for the Republican nomination for president.
Good luck to her. She will need it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jeanene Garafalo Continues Idiotic Rants Against Tea Party

You know, there was a time that so-called comedienne Janeane Garafalo was marginally humorous. Not roll-out-your-seat funny. More like a few guffaws funny.
Now, Miss Garafalo is not only elucidating her douchebagette stupidity, but zeroes in on a presidential candidate that she could not shine his shoes on a good day.
Now, Miss Garafalo is ranting against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.
We know that Miss Garafalo hates the Tea Party. She thinks that we are but a bunch of racist ya-hoos. But it is what she says about Mr. Cain that shows what, to quote Dan Akroyd from Saturday Night Live, said, "You are an ignorant slut".
In an appearance on Keith Overbite's show on Al Gore TV, aka Current TV, here is what Miss Garafalo said about Mr. Cain:

“[He's] in this presidential race because he deflects the racism that is inherit in the Republican party, the conservative movement, the Tea Party certainly. [In] the last 30 years the Republican party has been moving more and more to the right, but also race-baiting more. Gay-baiting more. Religion-baiting more.

But, Herman Cain, I feel like, is being paid by somebody to be involved and to run for president so that you go like ‘I love that, that can’t be racist. He’s a black guy, a black guy asking for Obama being impeached.‘ Or ’it’s a black guy whose anti-Muslim. It’s a black guy who is a Tea Party guy.’”

Whiskey? Tango? Foxtrot?
Really Miss Garafalo, do you know anything about Mr. Cain? Do you know that the man was creating jobs when our president, the Dear Leader, President Obama, was doing bong hits at Oxy College? Oh yeah, please Dear Leader, President Obama, we really, really want to see the college transcripts.
So, here is a bit about Mr. Cain for Miss Garafalo's edification.
Mr. Cain went to work for Pillsbury and turned around a 400-store Burger King region from least profitable to most profitable in three years. And Pillsbury rewarded that success by appointing Mr. Cain to be the head of Godfather's Pizza, another subsidiary. And Mr. Cain turned that company around to profitability within 14 months. And he and some investors bought the pizza chain from Pillsbury. And Mr. Cain was the CEO of Godfather's until 1996.
Again Miss Garafalo, and let me explain this to you slowly. Mr. Cain was creating j o b s. At the same time, the man you tout as peachy keen, Barry Obama, was hopping from one college to another, toking it up and snorting it up as well. He was getting stoned while supposedly being educated at elite United States colleges. And the man did not get a real job until the early 1990s. Mr. Cain turned not one but t w o companies around.
So, Miss Garafalo, why would any group have to pay Mr. Cain to run for president as some kind of window dressing? Huh?
I know that you do not get this Miss Garafalo, but there are some Black Americans that actually believe in the American dream. Many, no most, have had to endure a lot of crap for no good reason. Oh yeah, so did Mr. Cain. But instead of playing victim, he pulled himself up and took advantage of what America had to offer. And that many Americans were coming to the realization that the horrors of racism were real and a disgrace.
So, while I currently have no set dog in the Republican presidential Death March, people like Miss Garafalo could end up helping Mr. Carn with her insipid comments about a man that, IMHO, is a real hero. A man that did not let the bitter racism of many Americans get him down. A man that attained an education and went on to remake companies that helped all Americans by providing jobs. He created more private sector jobs than the Dear Leader, President Obama, did in his whole time in the White House.
If you must watch the ignorant diatribe, it is here on The Blaze news site.
Miss Garafalo, leave the political pontificating to people that at least have a functioning brain cell.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

T-Paw Is No More

The Ames Straw Poll conducted yesterday by the Iowa Republican party claimed its first presidential wannabe victim.
Former Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty, has ended his quest for the presidency pretty much as it began. With a whimper.
In a sense I am thoroughly disappointed with Mr. T-Paw for bailing on the race because of this straw poll.
Yes, it is important. But to base whether or not any candidate will or will not gain traction because of the result of a poll that is a glorified fundraiser for the Iowa GOP is pretty lame.
Ever heard of President Pat Robertson? Of course not. Yet he won the Ames Straw Poll in 1987. Eventually, former Kansas senator Bob Dole won the Iowa caucus. And yet he did not even win the nomination.
How about President Phil Gramm? He tied, by coinkidink, Bob Dole in the Ames Straw Poll. Yet he did not even win the Iowa caucus. Mr. Dole did that en route to his drubbing by then-President Bill Clinton.
And what about President Mitt Romney? He won the Ames Straw Poll in 2008 and yet the Rev. Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucus and Sen. John "F--- You" McCain ended up winning the nomination.
While it is a barometer, way too much stock is put into the Ames Straw Poll. It ended up dooming the Pawlenty campaign.
But at some level, the campaign did itself in. The results yesterday may be more of a reality that Mr. T-Paw is not the right man at this point in history to go all the way. But, I believe that he should have stayed in the race. For the simple fact that any of the multiple candidates can flounder between now and the actual caucus in January of next year.
But do not feel all that bad for the guy known as T-Paw.
He may have dropped his race to be president. But according to this, Mr. T-Paw maybe asked to consider a race for the senate against the incumbent Sen. Amy Klobuchar.
So in the end, maybe Mr. T-Paw just was in the wrong race. We shall see. But I am disappointed that Mr. T-Paw was weak enough to end the race based on one straw poll that people paid to participate in.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bachmann Wins The Aames Straw Poll, Rick Perry In, Oh My!

Congressman Michele Bachmann has won the Aames Straw Poll and the Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has made it official that he seeks the Republican presidential nomination.
The Bachmann victory is somewhat expected. But it is not necessarily a sign that she will win the Iowa Caucus next year or the Republican nomination. But it is a sign that will give her credibility and probably a bump in the polls.
But one thing is that some candidates just stayed away from Aames, including the front-runner, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Also not taking an active role is the former Utah governor and ambassador to Red China under the Dear Leader, President Obama, Jon Huntsman, Jr. And the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich did not make a serious effort.
Congressman Ron Paul finished second. Many expected crazy Uncle Ron to finish first. So it is not all that surprising that he finished in at least the top two.
A distant third place went to former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. He really should have been one of the top two. But I do not think this should tell him to get out of the race.
The surprise was the fourth place finisher, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Considering all of his effort, and the thought that he would not do as well, this is a good sign that he too should stay in the race.
The real surprise is the latest candidate in the field, Gov. Perry. He finished with 718 write-in votes and good for sixth place.
And that leads to the worst kept political secret of the year.
That Gov. Perry made his campaign official.
Gov. Perry is a solid conservative on most of the issues. Ironically, Gov. Perry could have some trouble with the constituency he needs the most. Social conservatives.
In 2007, Gov. Perry issued an executive order that made the HPV vaccine available for young girls in Texas. Now many social conservatives did not like that there was a mandate for girls to get the vaccine. However, there is a provision that included and opt-out clause. Some on the left believe that this was some kind of political payoff to a big drug manufacturer. Look for this to get some serious scrutiny.
But, Gov. Perry has been a much more consistent conservative governor than his predecessor, the eeeeevvviiiiilllll George W. Bush. On fiscal and most social issues, Gov. Perry has been to the right of Gov. Bush.
But, Gov. Perry may be seen as a lot like Gov. Bush to many people. And that may be a lot for some to digest. Again, the Perry record is very much to the right of the Bush record.
The Republican race may be in for another potential candidate.
And that would be the former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin.
I am looking for it to be 75-25 that she will enter the race for president and probably around Labor Day. Do not have any information other than what she has been saying lately. And that indicates she is not all that impressed with the current Republican field.
But, with a Michele Bachmann win in the Aames Straw Poll and Rick Perry entering the race, one thing is for certain.
That Republicans can not complain there is not a candidate for anyone in the party.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

There Was A Republican Debate Tonight?

Yeah, a lot of sarcasm. But the question is relevant because based on this debate and the Aames straw poll this Saturday, we are told some candidates will drop out of the race.
With the Texas Governor, Rick Perry, about to announce his candidacy. And speculation swilling whether or not the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, will get in the race, why should anyone drop out?
Based on what? A debate and or a straw poll?
Which gets back to the Republican debate tonight.
Eight announced candidates in all.
The former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney.
The former Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty.
The former Utah governor and ambassador to Red China under The Dear Leader, President Obama, Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.
Former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Herman Cain.
Crazy Congressman Ron Paul.
Congressman Michele Bachmann.
Former Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania.
And do you know what? There was not anything embarrassing said by any of the candidates. No knockout punch. If anything, each candidate shinned in ways that exceeded expectations.
Newt Gingrich showed that while he has got it on the issues and the pulse of the Republican voter, it might be considered too late by some. I think he should stay until the real vote begins next year. A straw poll now can not be transferred to the caucuses next year. If that was the case, there would never have been a Reagan presidency in 1980.
The real story is that many Republicans believe that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is so vulnerable that they are willing to go through this to be the Republican nominee in 2012.
And while I absolutely believe that with falling poll numbers and grumblings to his left, the Dear Leader, President Obama, is very vulnerable.
The key is to have the debate between the candidates now. Let all who are in get at least to New Hampshire and Iowa and then separate the men (or women) from the boys (or girls).
While tonight's debate was interesting, lets see future debates that will have at the very least Gov. Perry and maybe even Mrs. Palin.
Because tonight was a kind of sort of debate. The real fireworks are just beginning.

Why We Are In The Mess We Are In

Living deep in Blue California is sometimes mind-numbing because of the way so many people think.
Consider this.
A group of far-left Democrats are not happy with the Democrat congressman that represents my town of Pasadena, Adam Schiff.
They made their feelings known in a protest outside Congressman Schiff's Pasadena office yesterday.
FTR, Congressman Schiff did vote for the debt-ceiling plan just passed in Congress and signed by the Dear Leader, President Obama.
But these "progressives" are not happy that Congressman Schiff voted for the plan.
For these people think that this is awful. Just awful. That there will potentially be necessary budget cuts to bring about a balance of the federal budget books.
Here is what Paul Krehbiel, an organizer of the protest had to say:

“We’re really upset our Congressional representatives, including Schiff, did not find new areas of revenue creation in this debt-ceiling agreement. We’re concerned cuts mandated by the deal will be devastating, especially to people who are already suffering.”

Get the euphemism Mr. Krehbiel uses for taxes. "Revenue creation". Ooh boy! These lefties love to use private-sector buzz terms to make it seem like they are not promoting tax hikes.
Look, when the federal government is talking "revenue creation" there are only one of two options. A slew of fees and or taxes.
I do agree that many people are hurting. The many able-bodied, mind clear Americans that have no job and or no hope for a job. There are about 5,000,000 Americans that are out of work and have given up looking for work.
Ahh, but another bright light offers a solution to that problem.
Here is Linnea Warren, 56, of Pasadena. Do you know her solution to the unemployment problem in the United States? Well, here it is:

“We didn’t get out of the Depression by cutting spending, but by creating government jobs.”

Yes, there were a lot of make-work projects under a slew of alphabet agencies, but one of the most famous or infamous known as the Works Project Administration or WPA.
Now yes, people were working creating a slew of make work projects. Many are still around today. But did it solve the problem of high unemployment?
Hell no.
When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office in March. 1933, the unemployment rate was a staggering 24.75%. Until 1940, unemployment never went below 14% of the workforce.
So Linnea, how did those government jobs work out? Not well at all when it took getting into a war to eventually bring the unemployment rate down.
The problem with so-called progressives is that they really have no clue as to how the private economy works.
They really believe that people making $250,000 a year in gross income is the filthy, degenerate rich. The problem with that is that could be a married couple, say a doctor and a lawyer, whose combined income meets that magic wealth figure. Never mind that the doc may be in private practice, employing office staff and or nurses. Or the same for the lawyer. Maybe that lawyer has hung their shingle rather than work for a firm. Guess what? That lawyer needs support staff. There! Many potentially long-term jobs are created.
If one looks at the WPA program so touted by the "progressives", it was at best a temporary program to alleviate long-term unemployment. It was in fact the stated aim of the WPA that it was a stop-gap until the economy recovered. Remember, unemployment never went below 14% at the height of the WPA program.
Yet people really believe that make-work government jobs is the path to prosperity.
Before the Great Depression, there was a depression in 1920-21. Yet the solution was not massive government, but tax cuts and lessening the government's role in the private economy. In fact, at the beginning of the 1920-21 depression, unemployment was at 5.2% of the workforce. By the height of the depression, it was at either 8.7% or 11.7%. By 1923 during the Roaring 20s, unemployment was at either 4.8% or 2.4%. In fact, supply-side economics worked. The tax rate was lowered and expanded and the government had more money coming in. And during this period, there were time when there was no federal budget deficits and the surplus money was going to pay off the national debt.
Another aspect is the entitlement culture that "progressive" policies have made.
Take this protester, Suzanne O’Shea, 50, of Altadena. She was there for her mom. Her mom, according to her, relies totally on her social security check and Medicaid for her healthcare. From Miss O'Shea's mouth:

“She’ll have issues if these government social programs are cut as will millions of American seniors. It’s unfortunate to take money from government programs in this kind of an economy.”

I would like to ask a question to Miss O'Shea. What is she doing to help her mother out? Does she help with her mom's foodstuffs? Does she help with any of her mom's basic bills like the electric and gas? If the intrepid reporter asked those questions, there might have been a little clarity.
I am not heartless. There are people in our society that do need a hand up, not a hand out. But what "progressive" government has done is taken family responsibility out of the picture. Parents helping children. Children helping their parents. Neighbor helping neighbor. In this case, the mom is given a false sense of security with government assistance. The daughter thinks that the government should provide the money and healthcare for her mom. It is a mindset.
With this mindset, that the government can solve all, it is why we are in the mess we are in. Economically, socially, politically and yes, spiritually.
And there is no short-term fix for any of it. And it will be fraught with painful choices. But I am an optimist. I think that this is a time to restore our nation to a time of helping each other out and self-reliance. Other wise, this mess continues.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Keep It Classy, Barney Frank! Keep It Classy

Courtesy of The Blaze, this appears that the Massachusetts Democrat congressman, Barney Frank, is ripping a good one.
No, I do not mean on the Republicans.
It appears that the classy representative of the Massachusetts 4th district makes an uncomfortable movement in his chair and lets loose a blast of flatulence.
And it is kind of hard to say that he just moved around in his chair when one hears the unmistakable sound of fart.
Now I am not a member of congress appearing on television. But I have been known to have that kind of moment. Again, not on television.
It is just that there is something about someone like Barney Frank ripping one on television seems to be par for the course of the Democrat party.
I mean it is just the lack of class that Democrats show today.
They will do anything and say anything to achieve their goals.
And, it appears, they will fart on television and not care.
Keep it classy, Barney. Keep it classy.

What Is Going On In Great Britain?

It has been an amazing four days as Great Britain is gripped by unprecedented riots that appear to be spreading rather than dissipating.
Supposedly, this round of riots is the result of the shooting of an unarmed man, Mark Duggan. Mr. Duggan was not exactly a member of the British Boy Scouts. Mr. Duggan had been a suspected drug dealer and gang member.
Oh yes, Mr. Duggan was Black. And he lived in the Black ghettos that are part of London. Mr. Duggan lived in Tottenham, one of the areas that are populated by a Black community that has been kept in poverty for decades.
It appears that at least once a decade, led by the Blacks in Brixton, riots occur in London. And they do spread across Britian.
But this time, it is different.
It appears that the rioter are more than the underclass Blacks that are venting their frustration.
It would seem to be much more than that. The rioters are not confined to the low-end areas of London. But they are spreading out all over Britain. This timeline shows that it did start in Tottenham, but spread to Enfield, not exactly a low-end London borough and a majority White area. After Enfield, then Brixton joined in the carnage. And it continued to spread to Hackney in Central London. And of course it could not be contained to London. By yesterday, the rioting spead to Birmingham, Britain's second largest city. And the carnage spread in and around London to the areas Clapham, Ealing, and Woolwich. And last night, the fun continued to march on Liverpool.
OK, so call your humble blogger a cynic, but I do not buy that all of this rioting is being caused because of one man that may or may not have been a bad egg being shot by police.
The British left is already blaming this on the austerity budget passed and in effect by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. And that narrative is being pushed by Red Ken Livingstone, former London mayor and Member of Parliament. In the Washington Post, Red Ken said that the riots are the result of pent up frustration of an austerity budget, weak economy, and high unemployment. But this is rich and just pathetic:

"This is the first generation since the Great Depression that have doubts about their future."

Yeah, and I am sure that the youth of Britain did not have a tough time defending Britain from the Nazis and Fascists in World War II. Or that there have not been other economic downturns before. This is the worst. Evah.
There is a reason this dude is known as Red Ken.
I think that the real reason is, save for the Thatcher era, Great Britain has had this coming. And the reason is the Welfare State that Great Britain developed after World War II. A Welfare State that created an entitlement culture. Hey, I am out of work. Give me some money. Hey, I want to get free health care. Give it to me. Hey, I want to go to college and I don't want to pay for it. Give it to me. It goes on, and on.
I think that Iain Murray over at National Review hits it on the head. And here is the money paragraph:

I think what we are seeing in Britain is a conflation of two liberal dreams — that of the 1960s, in which parenting and tradition went out the window, and that of the 2000s, in which self-help was replaced by easy credit, benefits, and an all-mighty “health and safety” bureaucracy — together with the unfinished nature of the Thatcher revolution. Mrs. T enabled economic Thatcherism but was unable to finish the project of what I termed social Thatcherism, whereby a free society recognized the importance of what once were called manners.

And it is not just manners. It is as Philip Johnston at The Daily Telegraph calls the long retreat of order.
Mr. Johnston explores the joys and result of the Welfare State. Like many a conservative her in the United States, Mr. Johnston states this:

Part of the problem is that the breakdown of the family (or an unwillingness to form one) has left a generation of feral adolescents without fathers or any adult males to act as role models. Parents rarely know what their children are doing, and exercise little power or authority over them. Instead, their loyalty is to the gang and to its codes, rather than to the prevailing moral orthodoxies of the majority of the population. Low-level criminality is a way of life – as, for some, are drugs, robbery and routine armed violence.

If you are a defender of the Welfare State and or a liberal, you will not want to read the rest of Mr. Johnston's piece.
Or that he is right.
We have already had a highlight of this kind of attitude in the Wisconsin budget fight. Labor unions causing a ruckus and disrupting government at the state level.
Bottom line is this.
There is no excuse to riot. Evah. Whenever anyone or any group makes excuses for it, they are not just enabling but making it easier for the next time. Because there will be a next time.
As long as there is a breakdown in law and order, there will always be those just waiting for their chance to do what is happening in Great Britain. And they will want to do it bigger and better.

Can We Say That The Economy REALLY Sucks?

Yes, I think that it is safe to say that the economy sucks.
Really sucks.
And there is no getting around the fact that the credit downgrade made by Standard & Poors to the United States is the latest is continuing the economic suckage.
Beofre the downgrade was announced last Friday, the unemployment numbers came out and the United States created a rip-roaring 117,000 jobs. And it did help bring the official unemployment rate down to 9.1%.
Most reasonable economists believe that a sustained economic growth cycle has to create over 250,000 jobs a month and, of course, unemployment must decrease. Even in the strong economy from 2003-2007, the numbers of job growth averaged 176,000 a month.
Because unemployment is really high during this recession, it is the focus of many.
Bringing umemployment down will create consumers and taxpayers. People getting unemployment insurance are less likely to spend money beyond the nessecities. And it is not taxable. And let us not forget that many Americans have given up looking for work. The numbers are worse than the government gives us. At least 5,000,000 Americans fit this category.
And because of that, the prolifigate spending at the federal level that has drastically increased the deficit and debt seems to not be getting the coverage that it deserves.
But, when a credit rating agency downgrades the United States from AAA to AA+, it is begining to get through to many Americans.
That the spending and no end in sight is a contributing factor in why the economy sucks.
So, what is the actual numbers we are talking about and why is this important?
Well, here is the so-called Debt Clock.
If one can look at this without their head exploding, the federal deficit is about $1,406,999,000,000. Yes, that is trillion. One trilion, four hundred-six, nine hundred-ninety-nine trillion dollars.
No, it has never, ever been that high. Evah. In this history of the United States.
Now, the Democrats, led by the Dear Leader, President Obama, blames former President George W. Bush.
OK, I do actually believe that is a little something to that. But lets take a look at the numbers since the Dear Leader, President Obama.
According to this, when the Dear Leader, President Obama, took office, the federal deficit was a way too high $438,000,000,000. Today, again, that number is nearly $1,407,000,000,000. And that is an increase of $969,000,000,000.
Stunning. Absolfinglutely stunning.
How can these people keep blaming W. when nearly $1,000,000,000,000 of the increase is on the Dear Leader, President Obama's watch? And two years of Democrat control of congress with the Dear Leader, President Obama?
And what about that debt?
With a little help from Jim Geraghty over at The Campaign Spot, we will see the drastic increase of debt has been a contributin factor in the current economic suckage.
When the Dear Leader, President Obama, took office, the total federal debt was $10,626,877,048,913.08. Yeah, that is a lot of money. And yes, W. did add to that. But since innaguration day 2009 to August 7, 2011 the total debt stands at $14,564,970,167,709.38. The increase in the time that the Dear Leader, President Obama took office until August 7 is a staggering $3,567,000,000,000.
And yet Team Obama blames, well everyone and everything else but the failure of their economic policies.
All the Dear Leader, President Obama, can seem to muster in response to this economic apocolypse is the need to raise taxes. Oh, and to blame Tea Party Republicans.
Let me try really hard to explain to Team Obama, the left and Democrats.
The government can not and will not spend it's way to prosperity.
What will be needed will be extremely painful and most if not all Americans will have to feel it one way or another.
We will have to learn that the so-called federal government safety net is not the end all be all. We will have to reform medicare, social security and repeal Obamacare. We will have to learn that extending unemployement insurance benefits indefinately is not the way to prosperity. We have to completely overall the way the federal government collects taxes. We have to adopt a flat income tax and or a consumption tax. We have to make it constitutional to balance the budget. We have to create an atmosphere in which the private sector is the engine for both economic growth and the increasing in employment oppertunities.
In other words, we need an absolute change in direction.
And we will have to endure this at the very least until November, 2012.
And then maybe, just maybe the economy will not suck any longer.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hey, How Is That Recovery Summer Going?!

Yeah, I am havin a bitchin Recovery Summer!
I mean, Mrs. RVFTLC and I are new homeowners.
But that is because of the weak housing market and we were able to buy our abode courtesy of a short sale.
Yeah, don't let the phrase fool ya.
A short sale is basically a way for a homeowner to get out from under and the lending bank getting something out of what is a loss for them.
Someones loss our gain.
Well, at least we are working.
But many millions of Americans are not working. And we do not know the numbers tomorrow, but today the weekly jobless numbers were stellar as they have been. Weekly jobless claims are right around the 400,000 mark. And unemployment is officially at 9.2%. But the reality is that it is well into double-digits. There are millions of Americans that have simply given up looking for any work.
OK, we are homeowners and are working. We should have nothing to worry about.
Except that when we go to the market and or the gas station, we are paying a lot more.
The magic word we don't talk about enough?
I N F L A T I O N.
But we are constantly told that inflation is low. Too bad that the way the federal government figures inflation is, well a fraud.
The fact is that prices at the market are higher than last year at this time. And while gas prices at this point are lower than three months ago, it is also still higher than last year. Which means less money in people's pocket. Which means less disposable income. Which means slower economic growth.
Oh yeah, how about that economic growth?
Well, in the second quarter of this year, it is a rip-roaring 1.3%.
One point three percent.
It is a recipe for economic anemia and guess what?
Eventually, the stock market takes notice of these things.
And today, the stock market did take notice.
Here is the downhill spiral by the big three indices:

Major U.S. Indexes.
Dow Jones Industrial Averages 11383.68 -512.76 -4.31%.
NASDAQ Composite 2556.39 -136.68 -5.08%0.
Standard & Poors 1200.07 -60.27 -4.78%0

Essentially, the gains that were had in the stock market for the year are now gone. And in one day we are in negative territory.
Like I say, what a bitchin Recovery Summer!
And two of the most dreaded words for liberals and Democrats are rearing their ugly head.
Jimmah Carter.
And The Wall Street Journal makes the point that the last time we saw this kind of sustained loss was 38 years ago when Mr. Carter was president. And the Democrats controlled the congress by huge numbers. And that is thanks to Richard Nixon, Watergate and hatred at the national level of anything resembling the GOP.
Regrettably, once the unemployment numbers come out tomorrow, that ought to make 10 straight sessions of decline of the stock market.
Totally bitchin!
So, let me get some things straight.
According to the Dear Leader, President Obama, we needed to pass the so-called economic "stimulus" in 2009 to keep unemployment from going past eight percent.
So, wha happened?
And we needed to pass so-called health care "reform" to reign in health-care costs and have more people have access to health care coverage.
And again, how is that going?
And we had to raise the debt ceiling so that we could borrow more money to pay our Red Chinese overlords and other international investors.
You want to know when we will have a real Recovery Summer?
Oh around 2013 when the Dear Leader, President Obama, will have lost his job.
Now, that will be a bitchin Recovery Summer!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Craptasm Complete And Armageddon Avoided-Except For The Stock Market

Whew! Thank goodness that the senate passed the hike in the debt-ceiling today.
By a vote of 74-26, the senate passed the bill that is supposed to bring about daisies and roses and the economy roaring back.
Oh, too bad that the stock market, the rating companies and it appears the American people are not buying any of it.
I do not want to beat this dead horse. But, this is simply a continuation of the bad economy that has plagued the United States now since 2008.
I know that some economists still insist that the economy is better now than say six months ago.
Epic, epic fail.
Unemployment is still over nine percent. The recent contentious vote was to raise a debt ceiling so that we can keep begging the Red Chinese to prop us up by buying our bonds. Inflation is on the rise. Go to a market and tell me that prices are not up. Not to mention gas. Government is on the march to contract the private economy.
That is why the recent exercise between congress and the White House was nothing but a craptasm (yes, a crappy orgasm but in no way sexual!). Makes everyone feel like they took a dirty shower before any of the nasty took place.
We all need to take a little break, regroup and start to make some serious efforts to get the economy going beyond anemia.
Hopefully, the stock market, the rating companies and the American people will show some ability to think about what happens next.
Meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer. Washington saved the day (insert laugh track here!).

The High Cost Of City Government

Coming across this item over at The Other McCain was rather eye-opening.
It appears that there is a gold mine to be had if one is a city manager in any one of the 34 cities in Orange County, California.
Now Orange County is still one of the last bastions of conservative Republicans in California. But even this area of California has, well gone off the rails more than once.
In 1994, Orange County declared bankruptcy as the county treasurer, Robert Citron, a Democrat, made some, oh I will say questionable decisions that had to be mopped up. It did not help that Mr. Citron was using psychics and astrologers to help guide his investment "strategy".
Corruption is no different in the OC than anywhere else, unfortunately.
But there is this rather shameful fact. That a dozen city managers are members of the 300K club. That salaries and benefits are at or above $300,000 a year.
In three of the top five cities, three of them are Democrat strongholds.
That would be Anaheim, Buena Park and Santa Ana.
Follow this chart and you will see the compensation broken down to annual salary and benefits, separated.
Oh, but to make it easy, the big three Democrat areas city managers make totals as follows.
Anaheim: $338,428
Buena Park: $337,351
Santa Ana: $344,989
And to make your blood boil even more, the average salary, including benefit package in Orange County cities is $281,699.
Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.
As The Other McCain pointed out, a city manager in Orange County, California makes more than a United States senator. More than the defense secretary. More than the FBI director.
This is on the heels of the city of Bell compensation scandal that has all but bankrupted the lower middle-class city in the outskirts of Los Angeles.
Oh yeah. Not surprising that all involved are. . .wait for it. . .D E M O C R A T S!
What is happening is clear.
Being a high-level government bureaucrat has become a way too profitable endeavor that many cities just can not afford.
I know that the argument is that cities need to fork out this kind of money to get good people. But really, is being a city manager more important than other positions in government? Do the citizenry need to make these people in the upper-middle class because they run a city day-to-day?
No to all of the above.
It is a huge part of the problem that big government at all levels lead to such things.
People are outraged at what many in the private sector make. Actors. Athletes. Entertainers. Business executives.
But the difference is that one does not have to go to a movie. A sporting event. A certain store. The list goes on.
But if one lives in any one of the 34 cities in Orange County, must they be held hostage compensating people a boatload of money when they are having trouble paying the cops and firemen?
The irony is that one of those making a boatload is the city manager of Anaheim. The home to Disneyland. It is as if this city manager made it to a Magic Kingdom of cash. At the expense of the taxpayer.
I guess being a city manager in Orange County is a million-dollar proposition.
No wonder we are going broke.

Monday, August 01, 2011

More Crapstasm-We Are Halfway From Preventing Economic Armaggedon

Yeah, I feel like this is a craptasm.
Sure, we are now halfway to preventing supposed economic Armageddon. The House of Representatives in rather divided fashion passed the crap sandwich that was worked out between the political leadership.
The vote was 269-161. Yet read between the lines and it looks like the Democrats were much more divided than the Republicans. But the reality is that is what happens when one produces something no one really likes.
What really is irritating is that this was a bad way to raise the debt ceiling and try to produce any kind of meaningful budget and yes, tax reform.
But it is where we are at.
The end result is that we as conservatives and Republicans need to be even more motivated to win more seats in both houses of congress. Yes, we need to increase the numbers in the House. And we need to take the senate as well. There are a lot more Democrat seats up next year as opposed to last year. And most important of all is we need to get a great candidate that can win the Republican nomination for president and become the next president.
We can not keep complaining or replaying the 2010 midterm elections. We can not think we will get much better than what has happened in this vote until we win more seats and the White House.
In the meantime, enjoy the craptasm that is the convoluted compromise.