Friday, October 31, 2008

This Is What The United States May Have To Put Up With For The Next Four Years

As we wind down the Death March of the 2008 presidential campaign, I can not tell you what one of these examples of America under the reign of The One is worse.
But, I think you will agree with the order I put these in.
An Obama supporter who prostrated at a gathering of the Obamacultists had the following to say upon hearing The One:

"I never thought this day would happen. I won’t have to work on puttin’ gas in my car. I won’t have to work at payin’ my mortgage. You know. If I help him [Obama], he’s gonna help me."
Peggy Joseph
Obama Devotee

You have to see the video of this Peggy Joseph for yourself. It is a sad commentary for I really think that she believes that The One will pay her gas and mortgage and she will not have to work to do that.
Sad, so sad.
But, The One himself tries his best to shame the average American. You know the Joe the Plumbers and Tito the Builders. How does The One try to shame the average American?
By telling us that not paying higher taxes is a sign of selfishness.
Let me show you in print how The One swoons the Peggy Joseph's that swarm to him as the disciples swooned to the Saviour himself:

"The reason that we want to do this, change our tax code, is not because I have anything against the rich. I love rich people! I want all of you to be rich. Go for it. That’s the America dream, that’s the American way, that’s terrific...
"John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic. You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness."

Again, see The One in action at the link.
It is very disturbing that The One thinks that he has this election so in the bag that he can have a supporter say something absurd as The One paying her gas bill and home mortgage. And it is just as disturbing that The One thinks that he has it so in the bag that he will call a whole bunch of hard working, taxpaying Americans as selfish because they are just a bit concerned that their hard work is not being rewarded when a government takes away their money to give it to someone else.
Well, I for one am proud of my hard work and being able to pay for gas for our automobile. And, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I are not home owners. But we pay our rent every month. And, we do a lot on our own to make people's lives better and that is mostly through our church. In the last month, we donated over five garbage-size bags of clothing for members of our transitional housing group that our church sponsors. We brought happiness to many people that are trying to get their lives on track just out of jail, or state prison or just trying to get off the drugs an or alcholol that has ruined their lives.
I, for one, do not want to put up with this mindlessness for the next four years. I want Sen. John "F--- You" McCain to be my president. I believe in his message. It is so much more hopeful than the message of The One.
Go to the McCain/Palin website and take 20 minutes of your time to call people to vote Tuesday.
We need someone like John McCain and Sarah Palin now more than ever.
Or, get ready for this for the next four years under the reign of The One.

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Perfect Game Can Kill

Too bad for Don Doane.
Poor fellow was on the same bowling team for 45 years at a Ravenna, Michigan bowling alley.
And when he bowled his first perfect game, he celebrated with his teammates, collapsed and died of a heart attack.
But, what a way to go!

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More Hope And Change-Get Rid Of Reporters From Newspapers That Endorsed John McCain

Ahh, that Messiah Barack Obama fellow, he of the thin skin, has found a way to get rid of some reporters that did nothing that worked for newspapers that dared, dared I tell you, to endorse Sen. John "F--- You" McCain according to the Drudge Report.
So, after months and great expense from the dead tree media, reporters from the Dallas Morning News, New York Post and Washington Times are being asked to leave the press plane. Supposedly, it is to make room for other, probably favorable reporters.
Let us see the pattern.
Go after any one that dares to ask tough questions of Sen. Messiah.
All I can say is that if hope and change leads to this, it is not hope and change but more of the same. And, this from the man many have called a Messiah.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Charles Krauthammer Makes A Strong Case For John McCain

In the latest column by Charles Krauthammer, the Washington Post's moderate conservative voice makes a strong case why he is for Sen. John McCain.
I have little to add but this.
I was dragged to the McCain side when he officially became the Republican nominee for president.
But, now I am using a lot of this column to articulate why I am for Sen. McCain over Sen. Obama.
I really believe that at this point it is why one is for their candidate rather than against the other.
So, read the link, let me know if it changes your mind.

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An Interesting Take On The Conservative Debate Over Sarah Palin

My friend Gay Patriot West over at Gay Patriot has a great post on the conservative debate over the Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
It is not so much a debate as a distinction. The intellectual class of the Republican party, led by people like David Frum and David Brooks are people who have never actually had to sell their ideas to voters. In other words, they have never ran for office.
Then there are those who have been in the arena. And that is exactly Sarah Palin.
It is really wonderful that there are debates within conservatism. Clearly, the liberals have either given up or just figure that the hard left is the way to go. There has been no debate on their side.
But the reality is that there are few politicians on the conservative side that can articulate a broad conservative message and give it a face to the electorate at large.
The last one to do that is Newt Gingrich. An intellectual and a political street-fighter.
Now, I do not put Gov. Palin in that category.
But, as Gay Patriot points out, she just needs to complete a conservative education.
These same intellectuals love to go on conservative talk radio to hawk their books, but really do not care if the books or whatever they are selling is put into practice. If they did, they would run for office.
I will submit once again that many of these same types of people have always existed within conservatism. Remember, these people did not have much use for Ronald Reagan. Yet now, many wax so eloquently about the Great Man.
Great post and do read Gay Patriot West's link to the Jennifer Rubin article.
The debate over Sarah Palin continues.

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An Open Thread: Why Are You FOR Barack Obama?

Here it is!
It is your chance to give your reasons for supporting the Democrat nominee for president, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama.
Just a couple of guidelines:
Firstly, please do not just use this to bash President Bush. I really want to know why you are for the junior senator from Illinois.
Second, be clean! You can articulate why you are for your candidate without going in the gutter.
I really want to know why you are for Sen. Messiah Barack.
So, here is your chance. Have fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When The Los Angeles Times DOES Release A Tape

If you think that the Los Angeles Times is engaging in protecting the integrity of a source in reference to a video tape that the "newspaper" will not release, you would be wrong.
There is a video tape that The Times will not release showing then little-known Illinois Democrat state senator, Barack Obama, at a rousing going away party for Rashid Khalidi, a man with very close ties to the PLO during the height of its reign of terror before the Palestinian Authority was established.
But, when it comes to a Republican, in this case, Gov. Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, thinking he was in a private conversation, the "newspaper" had no problem writing about it and releasing the audio tape.
Oh, and the same "newspaper" also wrote extensively about Gov. Benedict Arnold allegedly sexually harassing a co-worker on a movie before he entered politics.
So, again, I urge you to either e-mail the Los Angeles Times or call their toll-free number to urge them to release the video tape and let us judge for ourselves.
One more thing.
Read this from a former Los Angeles Times staff writer, Evan Maxwell. The following last two paragraphs are what makes what Mr. Maxwell wrote compelling:

I am not inured to the nuance of the practice of journalism. But even in the good old days of the last century, reporters who came into possession of confidential material from a source usually were smart enough not to admit in print that they possess the material. The moment a journalist says he is using a secret report to validate his work, and then refuses to reveal the full contents of the report, he is guilty of the kind of conduct that deservedly brought Sen. Joseph McCarthy to disgrace.

You let the cat’s tail out of the bag and you admitted you still possess that bag. Now I think you have no choice but to show us the rest of the animal so we can see it for ourselves. We are, after all, big boys and girls out here now. Hell, they even let us cast our votes. So help us to do that.

So, what Mr. Maxwell is saying is simple. The Times screwed up in the first place and now must find a way to release what is on that video tape in detail.
With that in mind, here is the contact information:

Toll-free phone number: 877-544-4000

Messiah Barack And 70s Pop Culture

Apparently, The One, aka Democrat presidential nominee Sen. Messiah Barack Obama is not all that swift about a couple of the great comedy sitcoms of the 1970s.
In a very bad attempt at humor, The One actually said the following:

"You would be having Sanford and Son," the senator said, referring to the 70s sitcom featuring Redd Foxx as the proprietor of a junkyard."I'm comin', Weezie," he said, laughing, botching one of the signature lines from the show, in which Foxx clutched his chest in a mock heart-attack and prepared to meet his late wife in heaven.

Well, The One is 47 and your humble blogger is 44. And I watched Sanford and Son faithfully every Friday night.
One problem is that I just do not remember the small businessman, Fred Sanford, ever saying "I'm comin', Weezie".
The One should get his black-cast 1970s sitcoms right.
FTR, the correct line that Fred Sanford, the late Redd Foxx, is "I'm comin', Elizabeth!" And it was almost always said in the presence of Elizabeth's holier-than-thou sister, the infamous Aunt Esther.
"I'm comin', Weezie!" was never uttered by another successful, black, small businessman, George Jefferson, the lead in The Jeffersons and played by Sherman Hemsley. But, George Jefferson did have a pet name for his wife, Louise Jefferson, played by the late Isabel Sanford (what a coinkidink!). And it was, ta da! WEEZIE!
Now, I do not know if this was the period in which The One was in Indonesia, or catching a wave in Hawaii, but either way, I can not imagine that he never saw an episode of either show and could not get an easy, funny, throw-away line right.
Has The One not ever caught an episode of The Jeffersons or Sanford And Son on TV Land?
It goes to this.
Had either Sen. John "F--- You" McCain or Gov. Sarah Palin had botched it like The One, it would be a front-page item. It would be played, oh that both are ignorant of the black culture and had no clue about pop culture.
But, once again, The One makes a faux-paux and the media will let it go, as if he is the most brilliant speaker since, well, the most brilliant speaker.
After next Tuesday, when Sen. "F--- You" McCain and Gov. Palin are doing the victory dance, Sen. Messiah Barack can get over to TV Land and catch up on some old time television culture.

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Have The Los Angeles Time Release The Video Tape

Apparently, the Los Angeles Times has a video tape of Palestinian terrorist supporter Rashid Khalidi being given a rousing send off from Chicago to his professorialship at Columbia university.
Attending the send off was a seemingly obscure Democrat Illinois state senator by the name of Barrack H. Obama.
For multiple reasons, the Los Angeles Times refuses to release this video tape.
The latest reason is that the newspaper assured the source that they would not release the video tape.
Well, there is more to write about this.
But, in the mean time, you may e-mail the Times or call the reader representative at the following:

Toll-free phone: 877-554-4000

Monday, October 27, 2008

Megyn Kelly, Best Cable News Anchor!

Megyn Kelly is the best cable news anchor and that is because she takes no crap from anyone.
Go to the link and watch her trying to get Obama spokesman Bill Burton to answer some simple questions about the Democrat presidential nominee's comments about redistribution of wealth.
I know people like our friendly lefty, Mr. Snarkle, will not agree, but Fox News has been fair and balanced to both campaigns. I have watched Mrs. Kelly be just as tough on Republicans, especially McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds.
You watch and you decide!

Dean Barnett 1967-2008

Today, the world lost a real gentleman in blogger and fill-in radio talk-show host Dean Barnett as he finally went to the glory and gave up the fight against the insidious disease he had, cystic fibrosis.
Mr. Barnett died this morning.
Like almost everyone here in the blogging community, we almost never meet, but feel like we really know each other through our blogs. That is the way I felt with Mr. Barnett. No, Dean. He would not care for the formality.
It was reading him along with Hugh Hewitt that got me interested in blogging. And, we did comment on each others work on a rare occasion when I would comment on his own Soxblog or on Hugh Hewitt's blog. And every so often, he would write back.
I will comment on this later in more detail, but I will leave you with this.
I recently lost a friend from my church who also suffered from this horrible cystic fibrosis. And, I want to let you know what I have learned from both my friend from church and my inspiration in the blogosphere, Dean Barnett.
May you be at peace with God, my friend!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Solid Conservative's Case Against "Obama Temptation"

Many in the DDBMSOWM are swooning over "Republicans" and "conservatives" that have publicly endorsed the Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama over the Republican, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain.
But in this piece by Mark Levin, he lays out the case against this way of thinking. Or lack thereof.
What Mr. Levin does is attack the reality that the whole Obamamessiah complex is a front to remake the very essence of what American society is.
It is solid as Mr. Levin is one who actually worked in the Reagan administration. Mr. Levin is one that does not forget the very essence of Mr. Reagan was that he trusted the American people. The essence of Barack Obama is that he does not trust the American people.
That is why the answer in response to the infamous question from Joe the Plumber about taking more money from him to give to others has struck a chord. When Sen. Messiah Barack says that he wants to "spread the wealth", he makes a seriously bad point that if one makes $250,000 a year, that means they have "wealth" and someone else does not. Well, to many people, $250,000 is not wealth and its their money and they have the right to do with it want they want.
I commented a while back that many on the left never really got Ronald Reagan. They thought that he was just all about celebrity and platitudes and that he really did not know what he was talking about. And, they have found their Reagan in Sen. Messiah Barack.
I think that Mr. Levin makes this point better than I did. The reality is that Sen. Messiah Barack does know what he is talking about, but has no discernible paper trail like Mr. Reagan did. For if Sen. Messiah Barack did, he would have never been selected by the Democrat party.
Election day is before us. We need to talk to those that are on the fence or taken in by Obama temptation. And, this piece by Mr. Levin is a great place to start.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Before You Vote, Consider A Few Things

Folks, it is almost time for us American citizens to exercise our most important obligation after jury duty and that is to cast our ballots and vote.
Before we do that, I would just like to point out a few things about some of those who would like to do certain things when they take power.
So, here we go:

1) Cut the defense budget 25%, raise taxes, relax unemployment insurance requirements and extended the same benefits.

And all of that was said in one interview by Massachusetts Democrat congressman, Barney Frank.

2) An increase in government spending that would be 4,300,000,000,000 (that is trillion) over the course of the next administration.

Read the whole article for what that amazing increase in government spending is going to be for.

3) The tax break that one gets for investing in a company 401k plan will be possibly on the chopping block. And to replace it-Social Security II.

Now I get it. We should not be encouraged to invest our money the way we see fit. No, we will have to give it to the government. For a three percent return.

4) It is safe to say that the Democrats foreign policy will look a lot like. . .Jimmy Carter. And we know how well that worked out.

There is a lot more, but these are just some of what one should consider when you cast your vote. Whether it is early voting or on election day.
There will be more of these as we get closer to election day.
I leave this post with this.
It is a lot more than whether a candidate has "temperament" or "erratic" behavior. It in a lot more than who gives a great speech and who sounds more like the parent that has to be the disciplinarian. It is more than whether one is grandiose or common-folk.
It is about the fundamental direction of the United States. In many aspects of our everyday lives.
And, every election is important.
But this one really is because the Democrats really believe that the United States is no longer a center-right nation. Because the Democrats believe that the American people so loathe one George W. Bush, they do not care who they vote for. As long as it is not a Republican and or a Bush. And with that, when the mask of change, hope, togetherness is ripped away from The One, somehow the people will not notice.
So, it is the duty of those of us who care to continue the fight. For it is a good fight. It is the fight for the heart and soul of what kind of nation the United States will be.
And, there will be a lot more of these kind of posts from now until election day.
Because you need to consider everything before you vote.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Death Of Journalism

This is a very sad piece written by Michael Malone, but it is one of the most honest critiques of the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media concerning the current election season.
What Mr. Malone admits is that there is a bias. And, I understand that. I actually studied journalism in college. Even then we were always taught the four Ws. Who, what, when and why. And it was always emphasised to get both sides of any story.
But, we are not getting that what so ever.
What we are getting according to Mr. Malone is the last gasp of a dying industry.
Read these last three paragraphs of Mr. Malone's piece to get an idea of what is really going on here:

In other words, you are facing career catastrophe -and desperate times call for desperate measures. Even if you have to risk everything on a single Hail Mary play. Even if you have to compromise the principles that got you here. After all, newspapers and network news are doomed anyway - all that counts is keeping them on life support until you can retire.

And then the opportunity presents itself: an attractive young candidate whose politics likely matches yours, but more important, he offers the prospect of a transformed Washington with the power to fix everything that has gone wrong in your career. With luck, this monolithic, single-party government will crush the alternative media via a revived Fairness Doctrine, re-invigorate unions by getting rid of secret votes, and just maybe, be beholden to people like you in the traditional media for getting it there.

And besides, you tell yourself, it’s all for the good of the country . . .

What Mr. Malone is writing is so frightening. Because I am afraid that it is true.
But, I offer a little bit of sanity in this insane bias.
From here on in, most Americans are now convinced more than ever that there is a wholesale, left-wing bias in most newspapers, all of network television (except for that pesky Fox News Channel that seems to be picking up viewers on a daily basis), and those who are in charge of how information is disseminated.
These people are living in the past. They have no clue about the alternative media. And because of that, they would rather sell their souls to maybe make it one more generation. And there is the hope that a one-party town will make that happen.
Oh, did I say alternative media.
Well, what is failing on these fossils is the fact that alternative media has made even the threat of a so-called fairness doctrine seem old and archaic.
And it is.
And that is why even in the worst case scenario, it will not come to pass.
Oh, the left will try. But, alternative media, both right and left, will oppose it like nothing else. They will make the lives of congressmen and senators miserable. If you thought that the DDBMSOWM assault on Joe the Plumber was disgusting, the congressmen and senators will have a wrath on them that will make the assault on Joe the Plumber look like nothing.
But, the sad fact is that these fossils, rather than looking at the new ways to get information, with little bias as possible, out to the public, are selling their souls to the devil.
And with that, many an honest journalist, not afraid of being truth tellers, are turning to this medium, talk-radio and yes, outlets like Fox News Channel to work for and or to be the next Woodward and Bernstein.
No matter who wins, the DDBMSOWM will continue the sclerosis and bleeding and it is so not necessary.
But, once a fossil, always a fossil.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Hope And Change-The Beating Edition

UPDATE: As I was suspecting, according to KDKA television, the beating was a hoax. It appears that Ashley Tood self inflicted the wounds and carved the "B" on her own face. Of course, our friendly lefty who likes to stroll over here, Mr. Snarkle, actually believes that this means the election is over. Really?! Not a chance. The DDBMSOWM can not even nail Gov. Palin on the clothes issue. What is troubling is that obviously, Miss Todd has problems beyond a presidential election campaign and I hope that she gets mental help.

It appears that even robbers are making their political views known and in no uncertain way.
According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, as well as other local Pittsburgh media, 20 year-old Ashley Todd of College Station, Texas was getting cash around 9pm yesterday evening when a man accosted her and robbed her.
But, it does not end there.
When the thug saw Miss Todd's car, and the McCain/Palin bumper sticker, the thug made his feelings known:

Now, let me be fair and write this. It is possible that the beating and the thug carving a "B" on Miss Todd's face could be a hoax. One reason is the way that the photo shows the "B" seemingly backwards. But, Ace shows that if the photo is put upside down, it is possible that the thug had her in a position that the "B" was carved in such a way that it was not self-inflicted.

Now, as I write this, there are doubts to Miss Todd's story.
As I write, we have to be skeptical about these stories because there are always people looking for their 15 minutes of fame.
But, I want to relate some reality.
Tonight I was phone banking here at the local Republican headquarters. And while doing so, a call came in that a slew of McCain/Palin signs were stolen and or destroyed. And worse, it was not far from the rightviewfromtheleftcoast manor!
And, it is not like it will be close here in Pasadena, California. It is pretty safe to write that Sen. Obama will win this burg with ease.
So, why do the Obama supporters have this need to steal signs and the like?
My thought is that they can not handle the fact that there are some people that actually believe that The One, in this case, is not the right one to lead this nation at this time. And it is sincerely on that basis, based on what many of us have come to know about him that we oppose him, not race, class or anything of that nature.
The left has been afraid of debate. So their solution, which was all but encouraged by Team Obama, is intimidation. Pure and simple.
So, it is why many believe this story of Miss Todd on face value. I am skeptical.
But, sign stealing is a real problem.
BTW, the phone banking was rather positive. More contacts said that they were voting for McCain/Palin.
Hope and change, baby! Hope and Change!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Youts For McCain?

Here is a pleasant surprise in the Death March of an election season.
Youts, er youths, are surprisingly supportive of presidential candidate. . .JOHN MCCAIN!
But true!
Our friends over at Powerline have this poll from IBD/TIPP and it breaks it down by region, area and age.
And, lo and behold!
Look at the 18-24 age bracket. Sen Messiah Barack Obama has the alligence of 43% of 18-24 year olds while Sen. "F--- You" McCain has the allegiance of 53% of 18-24 year olds. And only four percent of this group are undecided. These are the most committed of the age brackets. The least committed and the ones that those of us who support the McCain/Palin ticket need to work on is the middle-agers. The 45-64 age bracket in which 16% are undecided.
Now, one can poo-poo this poll all one wants, but many including the Architect, the EEEEEVVVVIIIIILLLL Karl Rove, said this was the most reliable public poll in the 2004 campaign. And, I have not seen numbers that discount that at all.
So, now we just have to make sure that if it is true, get these youts out on election day. Also the 65+ crowd. These are the two strongest demographics in Sen. "F--- You" McCain's corner.
Interesting, indeed!

Can We Really Have A Violent Election?

This piece in The Hill newspaper concerning election day is very disturbing.
The fact that we are facing the potential of violence on election day is something that I have never thought about before.
What the article did was say that the violence could occur if the Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama wins or loses the election.
That is just mind bending.
Has this election so deteriorated that people will resort to violence? I would like to think that we are a mature enough nation that we would not resort to such activities.
But, a lot of police departments are worried and trying to figure out how to have a strong police presence in some minority neighborhoods and not intimidate voters.
I can not believe that I am reading this, but it has become a reality.
Are we this close to becoming no better than some third-world banana republic?
I do not think so. I like to think that the American people, no matter who we are for in the upcoming presidential election, will be mature enough to accept the results. And if indeed Sen. Messiah Barack does win the election, that while many will be happy, it will be a bad act to resort to violence to celebrate.
It would behoove both Sen. Messiah Barack and Republican standard-bearer Sen. John "F--- You" McCain to speak out in some kind of joint statement telling all Americans that there is no room for violence in the election.
If these two can not even get to a point of having a joint statement regarding potential election violence, than we will deserve what we get.
Let us hope that the election is glitch and violence free.

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Why Don't These Two Just Merge Completely

Here it is folks. The new symbol for ACORN when they just be upfront and merge their operations with the Obama campaign/administration!
It seems that as we learn more and more about ACORN and their ties to not just the Obama campaign but a potential Obama administration, it is really troubling what kind of government the United States will have.
Fox News Channel is doing yeoman's work exposing the voter registration and voter fraud of ACORN.
Will be enough to get voters upset? I think so.
Remember, only 13 days left. Get busy folks. Time to get McCain/Palin in the White House!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Confused Conservatives Need To Read This

In this election Death March that is about to end? in two weeks from today, I have found myself on the opposite end of many of Michael Medved's points, especially since he jumped on the Johnny Mac bandwagon in the primary season.
But, what I have linked you to is spot on.
I am not happy when I see other bloggers such as PoliPundit willing to vote third party because they can not stomach voting for Johnny Mac and the Saracuda.
Mr. Medved is right that we can look back on how Ronald Reagan became president in 1980.
This is very important to read:
The common (and historically illiterate) formulation claims: “We had to go through jimmy Carter to get Ronald Reagan.” According to this logic, a disastrous Obama presidency will prepare the electorate for a future, Reagan-like conservative champion.
Well, we do not know that a disastrous Obama presidency is in the offing.
My guess is that if Sen. Messiah Barack Obama is elected with a stronger Democrat congress, they will crazily get as much of the left-wing agenda through congress and on a President (gulp!) Obama's desk. And, while people's taxes are raised because of the deficit, a la Clinton, under the right leadership, the Republican's can possibly take back congress and force a President (gulp!) Obama to the center, again a la Clinton.
But that is one heck of a risk to take when we do not know that could happen.
W. C. Varones over at PoliPundit seems to be willing to take that risk judging by this assessment: I can’t vote for McCain. Not that my vote would matter in California. I, like PoliPundit, am voting for Bob Barr. It’s the only way to send a message that the candidates the GOP keeps giving us are unacceptable. It looks like we’ll have to burn the party down and start from scratch in 2010.
First of all, it is the attitude that California does not matter that keeps the Republicans down at all levels. The Republican party does matter in California. We do not have to wait to burn it down. We can be doing work right now and yes, we will have some losses in a very Democrat year. But this talk of waiting another two years is madness.
And I want to remind Mr. Varones of my comment on PoliPundit:
I’m sorry that you are not happy with the choice we face for president. But, I ask all you who DID NOT WANT John McCain to be the GOP nominee this. Who did you support in the primaries? Huh? Who? You see, if we had all agreed to support ONE conservative candidate, there maybe another candidate other than Sen. McCain. I supported Mitt Romney. So many had doubts. But, by the time they realized that McCain might just win, they came over to Romney. But it was too late. And we have McCain.
Hey, you have to get behind a candidate in the primaries. There were quite a lot to choose from. When your candidate does not win, in an election of this nature, you have to back the last man standing. And that is John McCain.
I am not willing to take such a risk with such a candidate as what the Democrat party selected in Sen. Messiah Barack. We are in a titanic struggle with radical Islam. We need someone who at least gets that much. Sen. John McCain gets that.
I have a lot of issues with Sen. McCain. But, he is who we have and we need to stand by him, not be a sellout because we are not happy. I am not going to throw away my vote. I am voting for Sen. John McCain. We need a strong leader in these strong times.
I have been on the bandwagon since Sen. McCain won the nomination. Really excited when he chose Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. He at the very least saw the future of the Republican party, and it was not with a Colin Powell or a Tom Ridge or anyone else in the D. C. Beltway establishment.
So, I urge those that want to take a risk of an eight-year, unfettered Obama presidency, remember how President Dole worked out!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Keep It Classy, Dems

In more of the politics going to the gutter this Death March of a campaign season, the loser of the 2004 presidential election, Sen. John F. Kerry had this little ditty at a speech to Massachusetts business summit on energy issues:

"Barack got asked the famous boxers or briefs question," Kerry went on. "I was tempted to say commando."
The senator said Obama successfully parried that question but that John McCain, the GOP nominee, had some problems.
"Then they asked McCain and McCain said, ‘Depends,'" Kerry said to lots of laughter from the crowd.

Besides not getting what the heck Sen. Kerry meant by commando, real classy to talk about Depends and Sen. John "F--- You" McCain in the same sentence.
Maybe Sen. Kerry thinks this is a possible way to be asked to serve in a McCain administration.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is Barack Worse Than Hillary?

Here is something that I never would have thought of.
The possibility, no the reality, that the Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama is much more ruthless on the path to power than was Sen. St. Hillary Clinton.
Gary Gross has a fascinating piece on just that thought. And, it is compelling.
What I focus on is the beginning of the post, about the Rudy Giuliani Republican candidacy.
I never really understood how so many conservative Republicans were ready to jump on the Rudy bandwagon. I mean, Rudy was a great mayor of New York City. For New York City, he was like Ronald Reagan. But, for the rest of the United States, he was more like a garden variety moderate Democrat/Republican. And, the thinking among many was that Rudy because of that moderation would somehow be an antidote to St. Hillary.
Well, of course it is a moot point.
But, the ruthlessness with a smile that Sen. Messiah Barack has may wear thin to many voters come election day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conservatives ARE As Smart As Liberals

Came across this interesting story over on Yahoo about Americans being asked three political questions.
It was very interesting.
The three questions were,
1) What political party controls the House of Representatives?
2) Who is the current secretary of states?
3) Who is the current prime minister of Great Britain?
Well, it was not an overall good score.
Of the 3,612 who participated in the Pew Center poll, over 50% answered correctly. On the current secretary of state, 42% got that right. And under 30% could correctly answer who is the current prime minister of Great Britain.
Here are the answers:
1) The Democrat party.
2) Condolezza Rice.
3) Gordon Brown.
What was fascinating was the breakdown of where people got their information and thus how it related to their answers.
Look at the following chart:

The New Yorker/Atlantic: 71 percent (correctly identified Democrats as the majority in the House), 71 percent (correctly identified Condeleeza Rice), 59 percent (correctly identified Gordon Brown)
NPR: 73 percent, 72 percent, 57percent
Hannity & Colmes: 84 percent, 73 percent, 49 percent
Rush Limbaugh: 83 percent, 71 percent, 41 percent
Colbert Report: 73 percent, 65 percent, 49 percent
Daily Show: 65 percent, 48 percent, 36 percent
NewsHour: 66 percent, 52 percent, 47 percent
O'Reilly Factor: 70 percent, 60 percent, 41 percent
C-SPAN: 63 percent, 59 percent, 35 percent
Letterman/Leno: 51 percent, 42 percent, 31 percent
CNN: 59 percent, 48 percent, 29 percent
National Enquirer: 44 percent, 32 percent, 22 percent

What the chart does show is interesting. It is not surprising that people who read the New Yorker and or listen to National Public Radio, or NPR, would be more apt to get the right answers. But, I am surprised that only 71% of New Yorker readers and 73% of NPR listeners could get the first question correctly. I would have thought that number would have been in the high 80s or low 90s.
But, out of those that listen to Rush Limbaugh , the number was 83%. For those that watch Hannity and Colmes, 84% knew that the Democrats controlled the House.
For the New Yorker/NPR crowd, those that knew that Condolezza Rice was the current State Department chief was roughly about the same at 71% and 72%, respectively. And for the Rush/Hannity and Colmes people, also very similar at 73% and 71%.
On the last question, about Gordon Brown being the prime minister of Great Britain, the New Yorker/NPR crowd were better on this than the Rush/Hannity and Colmes crowd. For the New Yorker/NPR people, the percentage was 59% and 57%. For the Rush/Hannity and Colmes people, it was respectable, 49% of the Hannity and Colmes people and 41% of the Rush people got that one right.
The bottom four is very interesting.
It was C-SPAN, Leno/Letterman, CNN and The National Enquirer. The National Enquirer?!
What was astounding is that out of the C-SPAN watchers, only 63% knew that the Democrats controlled the House. For Leno/Letterman, 51%. For the CNN viewer, 59%. And bringing in the rear in The National Enquirer readers with only 44% knowing who controlled the House. As far as who the current secretary of state, of the C-SPAN people, 59% got it right. Leno/Letterman, 42%. CNN, 48%. And once again, National Enquirer readers brought up the rear with 32% knowing who Condolezza Rice was.
On the British prime minister's identity, amazing only 35% of the C-SPAN audience knew that it was Gordon Brown. Maybe many of the C-SPAN crowd miss the "Question Time" segment on Sunday evenings. But, it does not get any better from there. But, hope for the Leno/Letterman watchers because 31% of them knew. But only 29% of CNN watchers knew and again, The National Enquirer readers did them proud as only 22% could get that right.
So, what does this show?
That while people attracted to old media warhorses like the New Yorker or NPR were very knowledgeable, so too were those attracted to new media sources like Rush Limbaugh or Hannity and Colmes.
That people who get there information from CNN, C-SPAN, late-night television or supermarket tabloids are not as well informed and thus possibly not going to be attracted to such media as the New Yorker, NPR, Rush or Hannity and Colmes.
But, they should be.
They would be better informed.
And, this should put the rumors to rest that conservatives are not well informed as are liberals.
But, I am certain it will not for those who are already to say that conservatives just take marching orders from Rush or Hannity.
All in all, it was very interesting to see the breakdown.
I think it makes for interesting conversation.

A Lot Of Republicans Were AGAINST Reagan

It is amusing that now, many of those who served with honor whether in the government with Ronald Reagan or somewhere in medialand during his presidency, are turning against not only Sen. John "F--- You" McCain, but Alaska governor Sarah Palin.
It is a strange trip, man!
The latest provocateur is the former Reagan speech writer, Peggy Noonan.
For whatever reason, she is the latest of those who cut their conservative teeth under Ronald Reagan does not see that she has become the very people that Mr. Reagan spent his career running against.
Here is her latest summation of Gov. Palin:

In the end the Palin candidacy is a symptom and expression of a new vulgarization in American politics. It’s no good, not for conservatism and not for the country. And yes, it is a mark against John McCain, against his judgment and idealism.

Really, Peggy? What exactly do you mean about a vulgarization in American politics? And it is not good for conservatism?
Let me take question one.
Does Miss. Noonan not think that the left has vulgarized American politics? Take the latest smear that the DDBMSOWM has done to the infamous Joe the Plumber from Toledo, Ohio? Because Joe had the nerve to ask Democrat presidential nominee, Sen Messiah Barack Obama about the tax plan he proposes, and because The One answered honestly, about "sharing the wealth", the Obama allies went to work Joe over.
How about the reaction to those in the left had in wake of the Palin nomination to the vice-presidency?
Just in a posting yesterday, I noted how the left has resorted to wearing profane t-shirts about Gov. Palin.
And that is not vulgar to Miss. Noonan? I guess not.
As far as the Palin nomination not being good for conservatism, I will write this. We heard all of the same thing when Ronald Reagan ran in 1976 and 1980. Many of the people who sided with President Ford and then Ambassador George H. W. Bush were saying the same thing about Ronald Reagan. It was terrible that he attracted the so-called Reagan Democrats. It was not good that he was talking about cutting the size and scope of government. And when it came to the fight against international communism, it was that he was not "nuanced" enough to accept detente and all the accommodation policies that started with the Nixon presidency.
And, they called themselves conservatives.
But, I suspect that what we are seeing happen to those like Miss. Noonan and those who have turned rather vicious against the very ideas that brought them to the position where they are is that they have grown lazy.
By that I believe that they have decided to lock themselves in with the elite crowd of New York City and Washington, D. C. and forget that there really is a rest of the United States out there.
The fact is that Gov. Palin is an unconventional politician, much the way Mr. Reagan was. And, yes, her start in politics was rather different than most. As a mother, then Mrs. Palin got involved in the local PTA and it must have been an eye-opener. It made her run for the Wasilla city council, for the mayor of her hometown. And eventually, she ran for governor of her state, Alaska.
The last major American president to have a political resume like Gov. Palin was Calvin Coolidge.
As far as her intellectual understanding of conservatism, she may be a bit short on that. But she represents a kind of conservatism that we all should be supportive of. Participatory conservatism. She may not have read great thinkers like Russell Kirk, and the like. But she is putting the ideas that are promoted in the conservative think-tanks to practical governance.
And if there is the experience argument, it is valid. Gov. Palin does not have another term as governor under her belt, which would have been ideal. But, she does have a record. And it is one that has had success. Of Gov. Palin being able to carry out a great deal of her agenda in less than two years. I, for one, am trying to find any of a Barack Obama agenda that he had as a state senator in Illinois or for that matter as a first-term senator in Washington.
And, for Miss. Noonan and those like her, Mr. Reagan cut his teeth in politics as the president of a labor union, the Screen Actors Guild. Not exactly the senate, a congressional seat, or a governor's mansion. But, it was that time he was president of SAG that he went from being a lock-step Roosevelt Democrat to a conservative Republican. Again, not really a traditional model.
In reality, Sen. Messiah Barack has had a much more conventional way up the political ladder. But, because he represented an urban, overwhelmingly black state senate district, clearly he was not able to have a diverse view of things that may have tempered his left wing leanings. Had he had the patience of Sen. St. Hillary Clinton, and some legislative accomplishments, he would be a really formidable candidate.
But, back to this topic.
Conservatives in the ivory tower are passing their prime. Most are from the Reagan era and think in terms of the 1980s rather than almost 2009. A lot has changed in that time. Conservative principles have not.
And, Gov. Palin is not trying to change conservatism. But, what she is doing is exactly what Ronald Reagan did. Explain conservatism to a public that, quite honestly, has grown hostile because of the lack of conservatism shown in the waning days of the Bush presidency. Make conservatism understandable, not some esoteric theory dreamed up in the American Enterprise Institute or the Heritage Foundation.
If that is the crime of Sarah Palin, it was the same crime of Ronald Reagan. And the Peggy Noonan's and her allies have become the status quo. And that is a much larger threat to conservatism.

Read the whole Peggy Noonan column, "Palin's Failin"

Say It Mark Steyn!

In a post on National Review's The Corner, Mark Steyn gives us an explanation of the sudden debate among conservatives, especially regarding the GOP vice-presidential nominee, Alaska governor Sarah Palin.
What Mr. Steyn writes, and writes well, is that where there is conservative governance is in the so-called flyover country. Or in the case of Alaska, the middle-of-nowhere country.
Here is a real money quote that Mr. Steyn writes (which is attributed to Canadian writer David Warren):

It’s when you no longer know where your milk comes from, let alone where you got your opinions, that you have become over-urbanized.

AMEN, brother!
Where do the urbanites think all their food comes from? How about many other products that are made in the so-called flyover country? Oh, and do they really think that oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, better known as ANWR really going to upset the migration of the caribou?
It is amazing the contempt that is shown for much of the United States by the elites and their allies. The reason that there is contempt being shown towards these elites is because only now are those that these people want to govern coming to realize that they are treated not as real parts of the American experiment, but as cogs in the elite wheel.
Thank God for people like Mr. Steyn, an intellectual who is not part of the elite crowd, for being here, with the people and not with the elites!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Which Side Is Worse In This Election?

I have heard so much in this Death March of a presidential election that the conservative side is so unhinged and that many are saying horrible things at McCain/Palin rallies-BTW, unproven-that it is time to look at the facts.

See the photo below? It is not doctored in any way. And yes, it is very, very offensive. And worse, it was on a flyer sent out by a California women's Republican group. And, rightfully denounced by anyone with a pulse.
Now, take a look at the photo below. Nice! And what a beautiful way for young people to show their political feelings and leanings.

These are but two very bad examples of the decline in any sense that this presidential election will be different from 2000 and 2004.

Let us take a look at the above mentioned accusation that people at McCain/Palin rallies are letting loose with yelling "Kill Him!" in reference to the Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama.

According to the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader, the head of the Secret Service field office in Scranton said that the allegations that the infamous "Kill Him!" are unfounded. “We have yet to find someone to back up the story,” Slavoski said. “We had people all over and we have yet to find anyone who said they heard it.”

But yet, there is the fact that the DDBMSOWM ran with this as the Gospel and now have no credibility.

Seemingly the moment that the Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain announced his choice for running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the left wheels fell off.

Rumors, lies and dammed lies came out. Why there is Andrew Sullivan over at The Atlantic who is still trying to peddle the theory that Gov. Palin's baby, Trig, is still not hers but really her granddaughter.

The problem is that what has happened is how personal this election has gotten.

Many on both sides are assaulting the candidates, especially as we see Sen. Messiah Barack and Gov. Palin, on personality rather than issues.

Believe me, there are totally stark differences between Team McCain and Team Obama. The debate this past Wednesday showed it and that is why the polls are tightening.

At the end, I am sorry to write this but it is the left that has fell off the cliff.

Why? Is it because they will be discredited once again and a third senator in a row will go down? Is it because they tried to put up a candidate that was "above it all" and had a great story and yet is still not 20 points ahead?

It is all of the above. It is fear. It is how the left has lived the past eight years. They still do not realize that the United States is a center-right nation. Yes, many an American was frustrated enough to give the Democrats a blank check by electing Bill Clinton and a Democrat congress. But, they showed their leftism and got spanked in the 1994 midterms by a resurgent Republican party. And, much to the punditry class, they did not relinquish control for 12 years.

Fear brings out the worst in people. And that is what we are seeing here. Yes, there are people on our side that buy into fear and produce a lame and very incendiary photo shop to make it out that Sen. Messiah Barack is a total stereotype. You know, the watermelon-eating, Kool-aid drinking generation-to-generation welfare family. It is disgusting.

But it is nothing like people who are wearing t-shirts with the most insulting profanity to lob at anyone. It shows a depth of hatred. And why is there so-much hated against Gov. Palin? Because she is so normal? Because she exudes an amazing confidence? Because she is a threat?

All I do know is that we have a really bad discourse and I think that it is going to get worse before it gets better. Debate is one thing, but the way the debate is going is troubling.

We need to write and talk to each other, not at each other. Stop with the stereotypes of each other. And most important, let us be snarky without being disgusting.

Supremes Rule With Ohio Secretary Of State

In a decision that may contribute to doubts of thousands of votes in the upcoming presidential election, the United States supreme court sided with the Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner and gave her a stay of two weeks to comply with a lower court ruling that she had to verify over 200,000 voter registrations.
There will be more on this later, but two quick points.
One wonders if this supreme court decision is a kind of give back to the Democrats over the infamous Bush v Gore 2000 decision that essentially gave the presidential election to then Gov. George W. Bush.
That is just a little conspiracy theory I am throwing out there. Hey, why not. The left has spent seven weeks assaulting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
The reality is that the court may believe that there is no way to do what the sixth circuit court of appeals wanted done.
Since I am not a lawyer, I can only speculate.
But it is not a good decision because it undermines the responsibility of the government to insure that there is not rampant voter fraud.
With the ACORN controversy running rampant, this is really going to throw a potential monkey wrench in the election.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Current Obama Thugocracy

US News & World Report's Michael Barone's latest column is a compendium of what he calls the coming Obama Thugocracy.
Folks, I hate to break this to you.
It is already here.
While Mr. Barone gives us just a short list of some of what the United States could be like with a President Obama in the next four years, consider these two situations.
Apparently, a hotel can not make the wrong endorsement.
In this story in the Washington Post, The Colony South Hotel in Clinton, Maryland had the nerve, the nerve I tell you, to have this on their marquee:


How dare they?! How dare they have the gall to actually support this, this Republican ticket?!
Oh, Clinton, Maryland is in Prince George's county, the most Democrat county in Maryland. Roughly about 77% of registered voters are Democrats. And it is the wealthiest black majority county in the United States.
So, somehow because there are so few Republicans in this county, a hotel owner does not have the right to show who they support in the presidential election?
I guess not.
Look at some of reaction of the people in Clinton shows a real lack of getting what has made the United States the nation that it is.
Here is a "community activist", Arthur Turner:
"Businesspeople have to be mindful of the sentiments and sensibilities of their market trading area, and Prince George's County is overwhelmingly for Obama," "People I have talked to look at the sign as a slap in the face. They feel it was blatant disrespect. . . . I have heard people say they will no longer patronize Colony South because of that disrespect."
Now, there is not one thing disrespectful about what was an expression of free and yes, political speech. So, because one area is so overwhelmingly pro-Obama, that means anyone who is not pro-Obama just has to sit down and shut up? NOT!
Consider this gem from Ron Walters, a University of Maryland professor:
The marquee supporting the GOP ticket in "an area that is strongly African American was like putting a stink bomb in the middle of the living room," "What it does show is the emotions that are around this campaign and this election."
So, let me get this straight. Because an area is majority black, they can not take the fact that, not everyone is black and not everyone is a supporter of Sen. Messiah Barack? It appears that many can not.
In defense of the hotel, a local resident and member of the Obama finance team, Orlan Johnson had this to say:
"This is a highly charged election where the stakes are extremely high and emotions are running high on all fronts," "But it is difficult for me to believe that individuals shouldn't continue to have the opportunity to exercise their right to free speech. It would be un-American to not allow that to happen."
Amen, my brother! And, a sane voice within Team Obama.
Needless to say, the threat of losing business made the Colony South Hotel take down a pro-McCain sign.
Now, there is the man that may be the change for this election, Joe the Plumber.
Who is Joe the Plumber?
None other than Toledo, Ohio resident Joe Wuezelbacher.
And what sin did Mr. Wurzelbacher commit against the One?
Mr. Wurzelbacher dared to ask the One why he would want to punish someone like himself who wants to buy a plumbing business and potentially make more than $250,000 a year. Since, according to the One, people who make $250,000 or more are rich. The One wants to raise their taxes.
It is what The One said to Mr. Wurzelbacher that is very revealing. The One told Mr. Wurzelbacher that he was just wanting to spread the wealth. To give people a chance to share the American dream.
So, who died and made The One boss of who gets and does not get in a potential Obama administration.
Well, because this exchange was filmed and went out, it was a perfect opportunity for the DDBMSOWM to take this malcontent down.
Consider this exchange between a local reporter and Mr. Wurzelbacher:

REPORTER: When you registered with the Natural Law Party, what were you thinking then?
WURZELBACHER: We've been there, brother, come on now.
REPORTER: It's a registered political party.
WURZELBACHER: I've been telling you, I don't really remember and you're going on. I mean really?
REPORTER: Fine, so you don't remember registering?
WURZELBACHER: I told you that, right?
REPORTER: but you didn't know what they represented or something?
WURZELBACHER: Okay. well -- none of this is national, is it?
REPORTER: What is the biggest issue for you?
WURZELBACHER: I have a lot of issues. Personally, then as far as the country. the biggest issue, I don't know if there's a biggest issue.
REPORTER: What do you hope nor your son's future?
WURZELBACHER: Not to have to pay $10 trillion back. I mean come on now. Social Security is a joke. I have parents. I don't need another set of parents called the government. You know, let me take my money and invest it how I please. Social Security, I've never believed it, I don't like it I hate that it's forced on me. You know, as far as for my son, I want him to live in america that he's proud of, I'm tired of people doubting america. saying that we're the bad country. I mean that upsets me and my friends greatly. you know, we are the greatest country in the world. Stop apologizing for it. I mean really, I get real mad about that I'm not sorry for being american. I'm not sorry for having the things i have. I've worked for them. I'm not sorry their I wish our borders were closed and you have to come through in a legal manner. I'm not sorry for any of those things, I'm not sorry that we're in Iraq. My friend notice military that come back and have told me the thanks that they've received for us being there. It doesn't get enough play. We've liberated another country. freedom, things that every one of you guys take for credit -- take for granted. Everything that Americans take for granted, these guys haven't had it, now they've got that's an incredible thing. That's almost, I don't know if you are Christians or not, but that's like somebody coming to Jesus and being saved. These guys have freedom. Our guys here that are poverty stricken have cell phones. Those people over there, they have one pair of pants and a shirt. You know, what we've done over there is an incredible thing. Has it kept us safe? Absolutely. I believe in that 100%. Wmds or not, I don't care, we took the fight to them, we've done a pretty good job there. Could have done better? Yeah, sure, but It's easy being an arm chair quarterback. Hindsight they say is 20/20. I call it x-ray vision. So i'm like i said, proud of our military and proud what we've done over there. so that's pretty much the main thing there....
REPORTER: Not to hammer this too much, but being local, we're curious what your ties are here. I know we talked about it a little bit. where you were born and all that kind of stuff?
WURZELBACHER: I was born here. Toledo hospital. No, I'm sorry, St. Charles. I only found that out when I was 18. I thought i was born in the South and raised southern. I found out I was born in toledo. That took me back for a second. Raised down south in Florida. We called it L.A., lower Alabama. ...
REPORTER: Your family is from here?
WURZELBACHER: Yeah, for the most part.
REPORTER: Was your dad born here?
WURZELBACHER: He's actually from cincinnati.
REPORTER: That's where you get the bengals from.
REPORTER: Then you came back six years ago. who else is still here?
WURZELBACHER: My mom and dad are still here. I have aunts and uncles out in point place. so i've got a pretty good family here. we're all real close. We're together just about every other weekend during the summer having a barbecue somewhere....
REPORTER: If you say you'll be here for a long time, you anticipate taking over the business, would you ever run for office locally?
WURZELBACHER: You know, it sounds cool. but I really don't know what that entails. I don't know what kind of sacrifices would have to be made. I'm bagging on the politicians a little bit, but there are sacrifices they make and I don't know what all that entails. I'm sure it's difficult to a degree.
REPORTER: Do you think county commissioner?
WURZELBACHER: I have no thoughts on that at all right now. I'm just happy being a plumber. I'm about beat. what's that? WURZELBACHER: You know, i'm still warm from my workout earlier.
REPORTER: Do you think senator mccain will stop by your house?
WURZELBACHER: I asked the campaign if he would....REPORTER: They haven't reached out to you since this started?
WURZELBACHER: They called me and asked me to attend one of their rally's, but I'll be in new york over the weekend, so I haven't.
REPORTER: Have you seen Kevin Costner's ""swing vote""?
WURZELBACHER: I haven't seen that movie yet. I'm too busy working.
REPORTER: What does your wife or girlfriend think about all this?
WURZELBACHER: I don't have one, so I couldn't tell you.
REPORTER: What about your boy?
WURZELBACHER: My son is excited. He's jacked. He got to do a couple of interviews this morning. He and his friend, I imagine that's cool being 13 and saying you're on tv and your friends are seeing you. So my son is really, really happy about it. That's about the extent of that. all right, you guys are done. Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it.

So, in this exchange, we learn more about a man that simply asked The One a question about his tax policy, than the same DDBMSOWM have dared to ask about the relationship between The One and William Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, The "Rev". Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko and many more in the assorted cast of horrors that associate with The One.
Oh, we also find out that Mr. Wurzelbacher has a property lien by the State of Ohio for a back tax debt. And, Mr. Wurzelbacher does not have a plumber's licsence.
Again, look at all we know in less than 24 hours after the debate about an American citizen that simply asked The One a question on tax policy.
So, if anyone thinks that we just have to wait until Wednesday, November 5, to see what an America under the rule of The One, here is a taste.

HT: Drudge Report, Amanda Carpenter @

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canada Continues Rightward March

Tonight, the Canadian voters gave a boost to the ruling Conservative party and while they did not give them an outright majority of seats in the next parliament, it increased from 127 seats to 143 seats.
The election results showed that the Conservatives got about 38% of the national vote and the once powerful Liberal party garnered 26% of the vote. That is good for 77 seats in the next parliament. But, that is a real lowering of seats from 103, a loss of 26 seats. Not all those losses went to the ruling party. Some went to the outright socialist New Democrat party as they increased their numbers from 29 to 37 seats. A good showing for the Canadian far-left.
What the election showed is that Canada wants Conservatives to be in charge. But not total charge. That is why they still do not have the magic number of 155 seats in parliament that would give them an outright majority.
And a lesson for this upcoming election?
That while it is clear that Democrats will gain seats in the senate and the house, the American people may not want to give all power to the Democrats in also handing over the White House.
It has happened before. And sometimes, it happens early. Ask former President Clinton. He had the kind of majority that tried to bring the United States to the left. And, voters did not want to go that far. And the Democrats in charge of congress were showing their arrogance that ended up costing them both chambers of congress.
Americans tend to like divided government. It has been the majority since 1964. And, while it may not be a glamorous way to win the White House, it may be a good tack for the Republican standard-bearer, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain, to take if he has to.
Even with events looking bad for the Canadian Conservatives, they increased their share of the vote and seats in parliament. And maybe, just maybe, it is a good sign for Republicans here in the United States.

Exhaustive Polling Analysis

I know, polls, polls and more damn polls!
It really does not matter who one is for in this Death March of a campaign. There is pretty much a poll for everyone in this election cycle.
And yes, all polling is showing the Democrat presidential candidate, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama ahead of Republican presidential standard-bearer Sen. John "F--- You" McCain. And, they are really all over the place, but no doubt all showing Sen. Messiah Barack ahead.
Here is some exhaustive polling analysis from Elwyn Tobing of the American Thinker.
It takes a lot of reading but shows that there is still a great chance that Sen. "F--- You" McCain can pull the rabbit out of his hat and win this election.
Take a look at the Gallup polling data from the 2000 presidential election

Week Bush Gore
9/7/00 - 9/15/00 43 48
9/16/00 - 9/22/00 42 49
9/23/00 - 9/30/00 46 45
10/1/00 - 10/7/00 44 46
10/8/00 - 10/14/00 47 44
10/15/00 - 10/21/00 49 42
10/22/00 - 10/28/00 48 42
10/29/00 - 11/4/00 48 43
11/5/00 48 43

And what is the trend that you notice? That the opponent, Texas Gov. George W. Bush was ahead from the week of 10/14 to 11/04 and ended up essentially in a tie with then Vice-President Al Gore.
So, what happened?
One thing that many speculate is the last-minute revelation by a Democrat operative that Gov. Bush had a DWI conviction in the 1970s. While Gov. Bush handled that revelation as well as could be expected, no doubt some voters may have changed their minds at the very last minute.
Also, despite a tainted end of the Clinton presidency, there is the power of incumbency.
One other aspect to note.
The wild stock market fluctuations and the $700,000,000,000 banking bailout/rescue has a lot of voters anxious. Some are simply reacting to when they are called by pollsters and decide to participate. They could have just watched the news. Read a newspaper. Scanned the internet.
That helps the out candidate, Sen. Messiah Barack.
But, as the election gets closer, many people, the 20% of those who are swayable, may take a second look at essentially the incumbent. Now, Sen. "F--- You" McCain is hardly a Bush acolyte. He has been at many times a thorn in the side of the Bush administration. And his maverick streak may be something that a good amount of these 20 percenters will look at as little as the weekend before the election.
Bottom line.
There is hope that a good debate performance by Sen. "F--- You" McCain, the stock market making sustained gains, a possible (God forbid) terrorist attack helps the Republican standard-bearer. And, that Sen. Messiah Barack's clearly questionable allies and or acquaintances and lack of any substantive experience may make some people go the other way.
There are still three weeks as of this writing. And plenty of time to see another pendulum swing in the polls.

Follow Canadian Election Results Here

UPDATE: I had an incorrect link to the Elections Canada website. It has been corrected and now you may enjoy seeing the Conservatives go onto victory in the Great White North!

Today, Canadians go to the polls to elect a new parliament in the 40th national election.
If you want to follow the election results in real time, Elections Canada is a good web site to go to. It is the body that runs a nationwide election in Canada.
Remember, it is not just one nationwide election but 308 separate elections.
What ever party can get the most seats (155 is an out right majority) can be asked to form a government.
The ruling Conservative party has been the governing party, but with only 127 seats, the most in the Canadian parliament.
And, it appears that the majority of Canadian voters are poised to give the Conservatives a chance to govern again.
Whether it is a minority government or an out right majority remains to be seen.
Follow the results here.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Canada Goes To The Polls

Tomorrow, or later today, Canadians are going to the polls to elect a new parliament that may or may not increase the Conservative party's hold on power.
The latest polling data shows that the Conservatives are favored by roughly about 35% of Canadians followed by the Liberal party at about 25%. There are three minor parties that will prevent an outright Conservative majority. The next party is the outright socialist New Democrat party that has the allegiance of about 20% and then the Greens with about10%.
Because Canada follows the Westminster parliamentary system, there are 300 seats, or ridings, up for grabs. Thus, it is an election in all 300. What ever candidate wins a majority in any riding wins that seat for the party they represent. If any party gets 151 seats, they have an outright majority. But, it is unlikely that any party will get that magic number.
At the time of the election, the Conservatives had 127 seats, and the majority of seats, but not an outright majority. Thus, they have had a minority government since they were elected.
And, the Conservative leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, called the election early so to add more Conservative seats. And early on it appeared that he would and that the Conservatives would have a majority government.
But a funny thing called a financial services meltdown put a crimp in that.
So, maybe the Conservatives end up along the lines of 135 seats. Still not a majority.
We shall see if the Conservatives can hold on to the majority of seats and be able to form a government. And, could a Conservative victory now be good news for the Republicans here in the United States? We shall see.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here Is The Real Story Of The "Bradley Effect"

As you know, I have been one of the few brave souls to explain that the so-called "Bradley effect", where it is alleged that some people told pollsters in 1982 that they were going to vote for black Democrat Tom Bradley for governor in California over white Republican George Deukmejian is not real.
Well, thanks to Lance Tarrance, who was the chief Deukmejian pollster for that election, he sheds some facts to bolster the reality that there was no "Bradley effect" in the 1982 California gubernatorial election.
One of the reasons that people still write this canard is that the long-discredited Field Poll said that on the last weekend before the election, they had Mr. Bradley seven points ahead of Mr. Deukmejian.
The following is the tracking polling done by Mr. Tarrance the month proceeding the election:

Week of:Oct.7th Oct. 14th Oct. 21st Oct. 28 Nov. 1
Bradley 49 45 46 45 45
Deukmejian 37 41 41 42 44

As noted by Mr. Tarrance, it was clear that Mr. Deukmejian was closing in on Mr. Bradley. And Mr. Deukmejian peaked when it counted-on election day.
This is what is so maddening about these polls. Yes, all show the Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama ahead. But, not by much by a long shot. And, we see in some of the latest polling according to the Drudge Report that shows Republican standard-bearer Sen. John "F--- You" McCain regaining some strength.
The vaunted Gallup poll shows Sen. "F--- You" McCain now within seven percent of Sen. Messiah Barack among registered voters, 50%-43%. But, among likely voters it is also closer with Sen. Messiah Barack leading Sen. "F--- You" McCain 50%-46%.
And the sometimes liked Zogby poll shows a four-point lead for Sen. Messiah Barack over Sen. "F--- You" McCain among likely voters.
What both show is that among likely voters, it is within the margin of error and essentially still a dead heat.
So, I would not take these polls to the bank.
If I were Sen. Messiah Barack, I would stop thinking about the cruise to the White House strategy. And for Sen. "F--- You" McCain, find a theme a day and talk about it. Tie everything into the campaign theme. Reform, Prosperity and Peace. And, to repeat your quote Sen. "F--- You" McCain, fight for it. Fight for what's right.