Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some Questions, Some Advice And Something Positive

I have been reading a lot all over the place about the state of the presidential race. And, lets be honest. At this point, it looks very good for the Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama. Many polls nationally and in key states are breaking his way.
Now, with a month to go, it is not time for conservatives and Republicans to be buying the propaganda in the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media. We know their narrative. They want Sen. Messiah Barack in the White House. In desperation, even the Obama Press, aka the Associated Press is pushing the every criticism of Sen. Messiah Barack is racism line.
But, as I note, there is one month left and in this advanced information age, this election is nowhere near over.
So, here is what I would like to share with you from some great conservatives around the net. Jim Geraghty at The Campaign Spot on National Review Online asks the fundamental question. Does Sen. John, "F--- You" McCain want to be president? FTR, I believe that it is without a doubt Sen. "F--- You" McCain wants to be the next president. Back to Mr. Geraghty. Mr. Geraghty is pointing out that Sen. "F--- You" McCain can not let his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, be the only attack dog. He has to come out and explain why the current financial services fiasco is, a big partially, the fault of Democrats. And, he can not equivicate. Hit and hit hard. An aside. Sen. "F--- You" McCain can do that because he did that to the only Republican in the primary season to take him head on, Mitt Romney. So, I think because he does want to be president, look for Sen. "F--- You" McCain to start to take it right to Sen. Messiah's grill.
The advice comes from columnist Salena Zito. Miss Zito says in a Dear John (McCain) letter that it is time to be yourself. Stop letting the handlers have their way with you. Miss Zito uses one example that showed to many Americans Sen. "F--- You" McCain to show a steady hand and leadership. His reaction to the Russian invasion of Georgia. But, then Sen. "F--- You" McCain had a hairbrained scheme to suspend his campaign to offer to help the bailout/rescue fiasco. At first, I thought it did show leadership. And, it turned out to get the House Republicans involved. But, it was not enough. And, it ended up looking strange to many people. I agree with Miss Zito, go back to that sure leadership. It will help.
There are two positives offered in the Weekly Standard.
The first is from Stephen Hayes, giving a history lesson of the 1976 battle between incumbent Republican president Gerald R. Ford and Democrat upstart and former Georgia governor Jimmy Carter.
FTR, the United States was even more divided in 1976 than it is today.
The stench of the Watergate saga still hung like a skunk. The economy was in the midst of high inflation and stagnation. The United States also had a humiliating exit from South Vietnam the year before.
In came Mr. Carter. A one-term governor with little accomplishments or defeats to speak of. But, Mr. Carter tried the change mantra. It gave him a seemingly insurmountable lead that in the end, Mr. Ford closed within two percentage points.
For Sen. "F--- You" McCain, he is only down six percent on the Real Clear Politics poll average. So, he can make up much more than 33% in a month.
Read the whole article. Very fascinating.
Then comes this uplift from the Weekly Standard Editor, William Kristol.
Mr. Kristol just lays out the case that this election has already taken at least a couple of twists and turns and there is room for more. And it lays out both the positive approach and the negative approach Team McCain is going to have to take as we are on the turn heading for home.
Bottom line is this.
Do not listen to all these polls. Do not listen to the DDBMSOWM types. Do not pay attention when some say that this campaign is over. Do get out and volunteer. Do get excited about McCain/Palin. We did not think that Sen. "F--- You" McCain had it in him to choose someone like Gov. Palin. But he did. And we owe to him to work for victory. Do remind those you are close to and even not so close to what an Obama/Biden administration can do to this Great Land.
In other words, keep up the fight!


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

We're right there with you, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is on a roll right now. the media and the pundits say it is all over and Obama is the next president. They want us to stay home and not bother to vote. We shall all prove them wrong. We will vote and we will elect McCain and Palin.