Saturday, October 11, 2008

They Just Don't Get It

Suddenly, the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media has found an angry mob.
And it is on the right!
Yes, it are some people who are very much conservatives and very concerned over the direction of the United States.
But once again, some oracles from the mother ship, the Old Gray Lady, aka The New York Times, are alerting the frightened masses of the hostility of many a conservative that are attending McCain/Palin rallies across the United States.
Take this from The New York Times oracle number one, Frank Rich.
Mr. Rich starts off his rant about the biggest fear when the Barack Obama campaign started was that a "crazy person might take a shot at him". I guess that is not incendiary since it comes from the left. It is just projection, after all. But the following paragraph makes me laugh. Really. Look at this:

Until now. At McCain-Palin rallies, the raucous and insistent cries of “Treason!” and “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” and “Off with his head!” as well as the uninhibited slinging of racial epithets, are actually something new in a campaign that has seen almost every conceivable twist. They are alarms. Doing nothing is not an option.

Really?! Has Mr. Rich ever seen the venom of the left directed at President Bush? Vice-President Cheney? Former defense secretary Dick Rumsfeld? Hell, any member and or supporter of the Bush administration? Apparently not. Otherwise, he would realize that the left has had its stingers in for President Bush, hm, since January 20, 2001. And it has not been pretty at all.
And Mr. Rich reminds all of us that Sen. "F--- You" McCain was not really into all of this frenzy as noted in the same column

It wasn’t always thus with McCain. In February he loudly disassociated himself from a speaker who brayed “Barack Hussein Obama” when introducing him at a rally in Ohio.

Well, one could make the argument that Sen. "F--- You" McCain should not have done that. Maybe had he just let the comment go, it would have been nothing than a DDBMSOWM creation that it really was.
But the thrust of the diatribe of Mr. Rich is that it is all about race. From the full name of the Democrat nominee for president, Barack Husein Obama, to saying that Sen. "F--- You" McCain running mate, Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, has no clue when she says her home state is a microcosm of America. Because there are not a lot of blacks and or Hispanics. Gee, I guess Eskimos and Native Americans do not count as minorities in Mr. Rich's world. Oh, and when a small state governor, former Vermont governor Howard Dean ran for president in 2004, one assumed that Vermont was a microcosm of the United States, right Mr. Rich? News flash, Mr. Rich. Vermont has less blacks and Hispanics than Alaska. But, dammit, don't let facts get in the way of sliming the McCain/Palin ticket. Because of their supporters maybe getting a little frustrated.
And then there is the queen of verbose, Maureen Dowd. Her latest rant gives us a little Latin.
Her little ditty starts off that we are in a decline of modernity. And it deteriorates from there. It goes on to piggyback on the rant of Rich. That it is the McCain/Palin ticket that is riling up these crowds and the like.
Here is a view from out here. In Blue as Blue California. I know, Miss Dowd and Mr. Rich, you do not think that there are people who are conservative such as myself. But we are here. And I will try to explain to you why there is a sense of frustration and yes, even hostility, on display at some of these campaign rallies.
While you two and most of your DDBMSOWM crowd have done nothing to accurately "vet" the Democrat nominee for president, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama, and have all but carried water for him, it gets really hard to take. Most of you and your ilk within 48 hours of Sen. "F--- You" McCain asking Gov. Palin to be his running mate, were digging into every, and I mean every aspect of Gov. Palin. Not limited to her as governor. But as to whether or not her fifth child, Trig, was even hers at all. We all know more about Gov. Palin than it appears we ever will about Sen. Messiah Barack.
How about your Mother Ship, the Gray Old Lady and the hit job on Sen. "F--- You" McCain after he secured enough delegates to become the Republican standard bearer? You know, the one in which you implied that Sen. "F--- You" McCain may have had relations with an attractive, young lobbyist? Oh, there was no proof but a helluva lot of innuendo. What used to be in the back pages of the National Enquirer appeared on the front page of your beloved newspaper. Oh, may I remind you that when there was a real story about former Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards not only having an affair but a love-child from said affair, that did not seem to make the front page of your newspaper until there was enough "proof".
A personal frustration of mine has been spending the past eight years having to defend the Bush administration against some of the most scurrilous charges that have made the front pages of most newspapers, the top stories on the three television networks, and everywhere else that people get information from in the United States. The worst has been the fringe theory that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were nothing more than an evil plot cooked up by the Bush administration.
Oh, but it goes on.
I see more "impeach Bush" bumper stickers around than I care to count. I have been to many a mainstream event in which among the anti-Bush crowd are so-called 9/11 "truthers" trying to peddle their garbage. Why, there is even a name for it. Bush Derangement Syndrome or BDS.
But, all that is A-OK in the world of The New York Times, and Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich.
A very few people at several McCain/Palin rallies let their emotions and frustrations get the best of them and WHOA Nellie! !
No, get out with all the people a little more Miss Dowd and Mr. Rich. We really are not all that bad. We have valid and important points of view. But when we are not taken seriously, we get frustrated. And sometimes it shows in ways that I admit are not great.
But, it is nothing compared to the eight long years of BDS.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

You're rationalizing inexcusable behavior.

You're glossing over exactly the kind of behavior you say you object to.

McP.O.W. and Bible Spice are trying to foster and exploit, for their own short-term political advantage, something that can't be controlled - namely, an angry mob.

It's all they have left. They can't argue issues, they can't promote an agenda. They've got nothing.

Kevin said...

The left should take the plank out of their own eye before they go after the speck in ours...

Pat Jenkins said...

amen kev. 64 you have no better example of this hatred then are friend rightwingsnarkle!!!

DoorHold said...

Those authors should, but won't, admit that the reason conservative anger is surprising enough to be newsworthy is the authors disagree with why they're so angry.

They have never, ever, not once mentioned angry liberals because .. the authors AGREE with why they're angry.

Burn Bush in effigy? "Tsk, tsk, such PRANKSTERS!" Call Obama a socialist? "OH MY Non-denominational-deity! The HORROR!"

Of course, everyone they know, everyone they talk to, everyone they associate with, thinks the same way, so they have no clue otherwise. Kinda like what some people snarkley accuse of conservatives. ;)