Friday, October 10, 2008

Once Again, Courts And Bad Decisions Matter

Team Obama thinks that all it has to do is watch the American economy tank and ride that into the White House.
But, once again a state court divines a "right" and in another 4-3 decision, the Connecticut state supreme court ruled that same-sex marriage should be legal in that state.
Connecticut joins California and Massachusetts that have seen 4-3 supreme court decisions overturning traditional marriage and saying same-sex couples have a "right" to marry.
It is but just one of the issues that are bubbling up a lot of pent-up anger among a lot of Americans.
Can Republican presidential candidate Sen. John "F--- You" McCain harness this frustration to the White House? He better.
Note also that every single court ruling has been a 4-3 decision. There is clear division in the courts. And there is the same division in the rest of the United States.
California is going to either affirm their supreme court ruling or overturn it. If it is overturned, it is a sign that courts are speeding things that the people are not ready to do yet.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

Courts interpret the law, which is what happened here (and CA and MA).

If a state's constitution says everybody is equal under the law, then that right needs to be backed up.

It matters nothing if the ruling is by a one vote majority or unanimous.

Frankly, the most alarming aspect to this entire matter is the obscene amounts of money and effort being expended by the mormons on the CA initiative. That should be of great concern to every american.

But married gay and lesbian couples being able to enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples? The answer is yes. It's a no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

The "NO" on 8 commercials have already started and they are saying, "Don't believe the lies, churches will not looses their tax exempt status". The truth is Churches will looses their tax exempt status if they refuse to marry gay couples because they will be sued on principal and the ACLU is chomping at the bit for one of these cases. Vote YES on 8. Children deserve a man and a woman for parents for good growth and moral character. Two men or two woman will almost always give the same slanted view in child rearing. We should not let our kids think that same sex marriages are normal. We can stop this now.

DoorHold said...

Just chiming in: Vote YES.

I can't see condemning the "lifestyle" of an entire class of people while at the same time denying them the equal treatment that could "clean up" that lifestyle (that is, if you have any faith in marriage as an institution any more).

Freadom said...

All the more reason NOT to put the most liberal person ever into the White House.