Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What Colorado Democrats Think Of Some Voters

As the Democrat party thinks insulting voters is a new path to victory, we learn that there is a project that an umbrella left-wing group in Colorado is trying to "Educate The Idiots" in an attempt to continue to keep their stranglehold on government in the Rocky Mountain State.
So, who are the "idiots" according to this group, known as the Colorado Democracy Alliance?
They are GEDs, people who did not graduate high school but did take an equivalency examination, high school dropouts and of course minorities.
Remember what the Democrats and their allies really think of you. They insult you because somehow you do not vote for them and do not even care. They think that because you are a person that is a high school dropout, a minority or one who has a GED, you are ripe to be brainwashed.
This is not surprising that these "educated" fools really think that a large segment of Americans are idiots. They feel that they are the ones that can bring them along. Like some kind of freak-show project.
Here is a difference between these people and most Republicans.
Most Republicans respect those who did not finish high school. There are so many reasons why that is the case. Republicans would encourage those people to finish their education and yes, attain a GED. And, if one has a GED, then Republicans would encourage those to go on to college. Possibly a trade school. As far as minorities, most Republicans want them to be the best that they can be so that they may too be able to attain the American dream. With as little government interference as possible.
I note that I write most Republicans. We have our elites within who are not all that far off from the Colorado Democracy Alliance's thinking.
This comes on the heels of the Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama's infamous "bitter" comments to a fundraiser in San Francisco earlier this year. You know, where Sen. Messiah Barack said that many people in Middle America are bitter because of a bad economy. That is why they "cling" to their guns and their religion.
It is astonishing that while the Democrat party is spending an enormous sum of money to gain seats in congress and to win the White House that there are so many openly disparaging potential voters. I can say that Republicans do not do that at all. We are always looking for every vote we can. And, we do not insult those we seek to vote for our candidates.
The Colorado Democracy Alliance is carrying on the Sen. Messiah Barack tradition of insulting a potential voter in the thought that somehow, insulting is a new way to gain votes.

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