Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canada Continues Rightward March

Tonight, the Canadian voters gave a boost to the ruling Conservative party and while they did not give them an outright majority of seats in the next parliament, it increased from 127 seats to 143 seats.
The election results showed that the Conservatives got about 38% of the national vote and the once powerful Liberal party garnered 26% of the vote. That is good for 77 seats in the next parliament. But, that is a real lowering of seats from 103, a loss of 26 seats. Not all those losses went to the ruling party. Some went to the outright socialist New Democrat party as they increased their numbers from 29 to 37 seats. A good showing for the Canadian far-left.
What the election showed is that Canada wants Conservatives to be in charge. But not total charge. That is why they still do not have the magic number of 155 seats in parliament that would give them an outright majority.
And a lesson for this upcoming election?
That while it is clear that Democrats will gain seats in the senate and the house, the American people may not want to give all power to the Democrats in also handing over the White House.
It has happened before. And sometimes, it happens early. Ask former President Clinton. He had the kind of majority that tried to bring the United States to the left. And, voters did not want to go that far. And the Democrats in charge of congress were showing their arrogance that ended up costing them both chambers of congress.
Americans tend to like divided government. It has been the majority since 1964. And, while it may not be a glamorous way to win the White House, it may be a good tack for the Republican standard-bearer, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain, to take if he has to.
Even with events looking bad for the Canadian Conservatives, they increased their share of the vote and seats in parliament. And maybe, just maybe, it is a good sign for Republicans here in the United States.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

maybe, just maybe, it is a good sign for Republicans here in the United States.

Uhm, I don't think so.

Take cover. Big storm coming.

Pat Jenkins said...

ohhh canada!!!

DoorHold said...

"Americans tend to like divided government. It has been the majority since 1964."

I'm a bit confused by that statement ...

Righty64 said...

Doorhold, what I meant was that in 32 out of 44 years, the president and congress were of the opposite party. For the people complaining so much about it, it appears that they rarely ever want to throw out THEIR bums, so to speak.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

So, does this mean you're moving to Canada?

That would be ironic.

Nikki said...

Canadians...they are like our retarded little brother we always have to bail out of a jam...oh sorry did I say retarded I meant liberal. Maybe they are seeing the light. We could use an age of enlightenment. :)N

Freadom said...

If McCain wins, can we consider that a win for conservatism? That's a tough one to answer. An Obama win, though, would definitely be a blow. But with a liberal house, senate and president, liberalsim is far more likely to show its ugly head & lead the way to a conservative 2010.