Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicago Black Hawks Lead Stanley Cup Finals, 1-0

It is really hard to write about politics and or current events on a three-day holiday weekend.
But, it is not hard to write about the Chicago Black Hawks and their triumph over the always-to-be-hated Philadelphia Flyers in a 6-5 shootout at the United Center in Chicago.
The Black Hawks have always been my second favorite National Hockey League team behind my beloved Los Angeles Kings. Both have had a similar fate in the last 40 plus years.
Neither team has won Lord Stanley's Cup.
The Kings have never won it in their history. The Black Hawks have not one since 1961. Ironically, the birth year of it's current favorite son, the Dear Leader, President Obama.
The last time the Black Hawks were in the Stanley Cup finals was 1992 and they were swept by the Mario Lemiuex-led Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-0.
But this time it is different.
The Black Hawks have drastically changed since tight-wad owner William Wirtz went off to the great beyond in 2007.
For one they now televise all home games.
But most important, they opened up the checkbook and with the leadership of current general manager,Stan Bowman, son of the legend himself, Scotty Bowman, and coach Joel Quenneville, they have a great nucleus of a team that has made it almost, almost all the way to drinking out of the Stanley Cup.
Thus, in three short years and a lot of wise draft picks and signings, we see the net result.
Although this opening game was a shootout, Black Hawk' goalie Antti Neimi kept his cool and it was rewarded as the Black Hawk offense kept the Flyers in their zone much of the third period.
Game two is Monday night. Can the Mighty Hawks go up two games against the hated Flyers? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Take A Squeeze Out Of The Dear Leader

I love it!
Over at The Weekly Standard, they are selling the "Obama Stress Head"
What is an "Obama Stress Head", you may ask?
One of those soft, squeezing things that you can use when you in a stressful situation.
Say you are at work and you are on the telephone with someone that is driving you crazy. Instead of banging the table in frustration, take a squeeze out of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Get a tax bill and you are ready to explode? Don't explode! Get your Obama Stress Head and squeeze to your hearts content!
There are great uses for the Obama Stress Head.
Just remember, squeeze as hard as you can when you need to. Which maybe quite often!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terrible Tom Campbell And The Ad Of Deception

Terrible Tom Campbell, one of three Republicans running for the nod to face Sen. Ma'am Boxer (D-Cal.), must be very, very desperate.
The latest television commercial seems rather innocent enough. I even think that every should take a look at it (go to the video at the link "Clear alternative").
Why is this ad deceptive? Or why is this any more deceptive than any other political ad?
Well, if you look at it before you even click the ad, the name Tom McClintock appears.
The quote from Congressman Tom McClintock is that Terrible Tom is "Clear. Straight forward. Honest".
So, why is Terrible Tom using a quote from Congressman McClintock? Especially when Congressman McClintock is not endorsing him? But is endorsing rival Chuck DeVore for the GOP senate nod?
Call it endorsement by association.
See, Terrible Tom wants the viewer of the ad to believe that because Congressman McClintock said a nice thing about him an eon ago, he must be on board. And to a casual viewer, potential voter and one who likes Congressman McClintock, it would appear that way.
If you want to actually see Congressman McClintock's endorsement of Mr. DeVore, follow this link.
Of course Terrible Tom is desperate.
If the latest poll numbers are to be believed, the once big lead he had over both Carly Fiorina and Mr. Devore is gone. And it is possible that Mr. DeVore could over take Terrible Tom.
But, there are still two weeks to go in this death match for the Republican senate nomination.
One thing I would like to see is this from Terrible Tom Campbell.
If he is the "Clear. Straight Forward. Honest" man that Congressman McClintock once said that he is, he will take Congressman McClintock's quote and name off the ad that is now running on California television.
Desperate times may seem to call for desperate measures by Team Terrible Tom. But resorting to an eons-old quote from a man endorsing your opponent seems to be rather a cheap move.
Terrible Tom, take that ad off the air!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poizner Closing In On Whitman

I wrote about this topic in a post last month, so I will revisit this subject now that more polling shows Republican Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner, closing in on the eBay gal, Meg Whitman.
One of the reasons that I believe Mr. Poizner is closing in is because he is talking up his support for the recently passed immigration law in Arizona. Meg Whitman has made a huge error in coming out against the law.
Why is this a big deal?
Because two factors help Mr. Poizner in this situation.
First, the California Republican primary is a closed primary. Only registered Republicans can vote.
Second, these are the more committed, conservative voters. And I firmly believe that Mr. Poizner's message about illegal immigration and his unqualified support for the Arizona law and Mrs. Whitman's opposition will do her in.
And the polling is showing that Mr. Poizner keeping his powder dry and hit Mrs. Whitman in the end is probably paying off.
There is no question that Mr. Poizner is still behind. But Mrs. Whitman has not been able to change the subject. Mrs. Whitman is trying to paint Mr. Poizner as too liberal. Hmm, that makes a mockery of which one is more conservative. Mr. Poizner can point to the unending support of Congressman Tom McClintock, one of the most respected conservatives in California. Mr. Whitman has the support of much of the establishment such as former governor Pete Wilson.
Now who will Republican voters listen to in June? Pete Wilson, a former governor or Tom McClintock, a current congressman taking common sense California conservatism to Washington, D. C.?
I think that it will be Mr. McClintock. He supports Mr. Poizner.
Because the wind is at Mr. Poizner's back, and he is on the right side of the most hot button issue of the day, he will pull ahead and win the California Republican primary for governor.

Congressman-Elect Charles Djou!

Hawai'ian voters in the first congressional district had the good sense to send a good man to congress and Charles Djou emerged victorious in the Bloody Battle For The First.
Congressman-elect Djou got 40% of the vote over the closest Democrat, Colleen Hanabusa, who received 31% of the vote. Third place went to Democrat Ed Case who pulled in with 28% of the vote.
No question, Congressman-elect Djou benefited from a divided Democrat party. But who cares? A win is a win.
Look for the Democrats to spin it, but remember as I noted in an earlier post, Congressman-elect Djou, Republican, now represents the home town of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Eternal justice!
This is really a big deal.
This district, the Hawai'i first, has not had a Republican representative in 20 years. Congressman-elect Djou becomes only the third Republican to represent Hawai'i in congress in 50 years.
And this breaks a streak of losses for the Republicans in special House elections.
As Jim Geraghty points out at The Campaign Spot, the special election in the Georgia ninth congressional district has actually broken the streak. And many of these races were in very Democrat districts. But nonetheless, the Republicans should have been able to at least split the difference and win some of those races.
What helps Congressman-elect Djou is that he will be the incumbent when the election rolls around the first Tuesday in November. And the Democrats may still decide to rumble with Mrs. Hanabusa and Mr. Case running against each other for the Democrat nod to face then Congressman Djou.
This is a great win for the Republicans. But this does not mean to count the chickens before they hatch. The Democrats are going to fight tooth-and-nail to take this seat back. We must be ready for all that they will throw at Congressman-elect Djou.
For now, let us savor the victory. And hopefully the beginning of more of these kind of wins for the Republicans.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Man's Salvation

This article in today's Left Angeles Times shows how one man can be on a life-long project that seems to say one thing.
God is love.
Seventy-eight year old Leonard Knight has been erecting an endless monument to God that he has called Salvation Mountain. He works on this monument every day. He lives a life of a hermit and of subsistence. Yet there he is every day painting something for God.
People come from all over to this remote spot in Imperial County to take a look at this amazing artwork and scriptures dedicated to God.
Even a social worker that went to visit Leonard was so taken with his innocence that he has stayed and is helping him continue the seemingly endless task.
The one drawback is now that Leonard's Salvation Mountain is becoming well-known, the religion haters will go after Leonard and what he does.
For in the article it points out that Salvation Mountain is on property belonging to the state of California. And heaven forbid one can put anything religious on government property.
I hope those people leave this man alone.
Leonard is doing something that is pure and he is sharing his love of God with people in a unique way.
One day, I hope to take a trip and see Leonard and Salvation Mountain.

Interesting Cali GOP Polls

Hmm, the races for the Republican governor and senate nominations in California are getting interesting according to the latest polling data.
In the race for governor, the leader had been Meg Whitman, the eBay gal. And she was leading the Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner, by as much as 50% back in March.
But, Mr. Poizner has run a blistering campaign from her right and it appears to be paying off. Although Mr. Poizner is still behind in the polls, the two latest polls have him closing the gap.
Tucked in between the Survey USA poll and the Public Policy Institute poll is one by a Republican leaning pollster that shows Mrs. Whitman still ahead of Mr. Poizner by 17%. It may be that is an outlier. The latest PPIC poll shows Mrs. Whitman leading Mr. Poizner, 38% to 29%. That leaves an amazing 33% still undecided.
What it does show is that if Mrs. Whitman thought she could just convince candidates to leave the field and buy the Republican nod, she was mistaken with Mr. Poizner. And another aspect in Mr. Poizner's favor is that he has already won a state-wide race. To be the insurance commissioner.
Look for the end result to be very close.
In the senate race, it appears that Carly Fiorina is slightly ahead of Terrible Tom Campbell, 25% to 23% with Assemblyman Chuck DeVore trailing with 16% of the vote.
For Mrs. Fiorina, she is within the margins of error. For Mr. DeVore, it means that he better start kicking it into overdrive if he expects to pull off what can only be now an upset. For Terrible Tom, it shows that Republican voters are beginning to pay attention. And that can not be good news for Terrible Tom.
The Real Clear Politics average is showing Mrs. Fiorina getting within five points of Terrible Tom.
I would say that this race goes down to the wire as well. And, even as a DeVore supporter, it becomes more of a Terrible Tom/Carly race, it will put more pressure on Mr. DeVore to drop out.
Mr. DeVore has the solid conservative vote locked up. He needs to show moderate conservatives why they should vote for him. And how he will be a different candidate from Terrible Tom and Carly. It is the only way he gets up into the 20s and people start really looking at him as a viable nominee.
But the overall fact is the two races are tightening and no reason that they will not tighten more as election day nears on June 8.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Good Republican Night

In today's mini Super Tuesday, it was mostly a good night for the Republicans.
In the Pennsylvania ground zero, it was a split decision for Republicans.
Thankfully, Pennsylvania Democrats threw the charlatan Sen. Snarlin' Arlen Specter out of office as Congressman Joe Sleaztak, er Sestak (yeah, I wanted to write Sleaztak!) defeated the turn coat rather handily, by a margin of 54% to 46%. Mr. Sestak will face the Republican standard bearer, former congressman Pat Toomey in November.
Remember, Sen. Specter thought he would win reelection switching parties. He said so himself. But even Democrats could not buy his song and dance. No one is crying for Snarlin' Arlen tonight!
But, in the Pennsylvania special election for the late John Murtha's 12 congressional district seat, the Democrat won that race.
Mark Critz, Mr. Murtha's top aide, beat back a spirited challenge from Republican Tim Burns. Mr. Critz won the race 53% to 43%. But, because there was also a primary today, these two will face each other in November. Strange. But, one advantage that Mr. Burns will have then that he did not have is that Mr. Critz will have had to take votes. And will have a record. We will see if he can continue the charade of running to the right of the Dear Leader, President Obama, Jackass Nancy Pelosi and voting down the line for their legislation.
The big win was in Kentucky.
Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, won his senate primary against the Secretary of State, Trey Greyson. It was not even close. The margin was rather humiliating for Mr. Greyson. Mr. Paul won 59% to 35%. Mr. Paul is the first Tea Party backed candidate to win a statewide race. And according to Real Clear Politics, Mr. Rand already has a slim lead over prohibitive Democrat challenger Jack Conway, 43% to 39%.
Yes, I worry that Mr. Paul is as, well unusual. Like his old man, Ron. But, I have watched him and he appears to be reasonable and a lot less knee-jerk isolationist than the old man. But, his adherence to wanting to actually uphold the constitution is a really good thing.
In Arkansas, incumbent Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln is being forced into a run off from her left as the Lt. Gov., Bill Halter, almost pulled ahead, but fell two points short of going into the runoff as the leading Dem. The margin is 44% to 43%. And at this posting, only 81% of the vote statewide has been counted. So, it is possible that Mr. Halter will pull ahead. But, one has to get 50% plus one to win outright.
For the GOP, Congressman John Boozeman won easily gaining 54% of the vote and avoiding any runoff. This should be an easy Republican pick up in the fall.
Even with the loss in the Pennsylvania 12th congressional district, it was a good night for the Republicans and point to a great November.

Pasadena Wusses Out On Illegal Immigration Resolution

Much to my surprise, the Pasadena city council passed a rather tame resolution "condemning" the state of Arizona for actually having the termidity to pass a law that solidifies federal law in regards to illegal immigration.
Pasadena is following the lead of many liberal-left cities across the United States putting it 2 centavos in the nose of Arizona's business. After all, since many within the Dear Leader, President Obama's administration have not read the 10 page law, one has to wonder how many members of the Pasadena city council did before the wussy vote? Or better yet, how many of the council members do not realize that they should carry some form of identification in public?
Leave it to Councilman Victor Gordo to come up with this gem:

"Simply failing to be in possession of certain documents should not subject any American to arrest," Councilman Victor Gordo said. "A few years ago I was cited by a (California Highway Patrol) officer for having left home in a hurry and having left my wallet. No American should be subject to arrest for making that simple mistake."

You know what. I have forgotten my wallet too on occasion. But, if I am stopped by law enforcement and do not have any ID, they have an obligation to find out who I am. For all that officer knew, Councilman Gordo could have been Charles Manson redeaux. So, the office had good reason to cite Councilman Gordo. If the story he told is even true. Oh, and if one is driving without his or her driver's license, again the police can cart you off to jail. And if you are not a citizen and do not have papers as to your status in the United States, according to federal law it is grounds for deportation.
As expected, the council chambers was ripe with the left-wing pressure groups intimidating anyone that did not vote in the affirmative on the resolution.
But, two city council members did vote against the resolution.
The two heroes are Terry Tornek and my Councilman, Margaret McAustin. In fact, Councilman McAustin gave the money quote of the night:

"We spent more time on this issue than we did on the budget ... I think we need to keep our priorities straight."

Bada bing! Spot on sister! And, Councilman McAustin does oppose the Arizona law. But, she is right. Cities that are facing huge budget shortfalls are obsessed with a law that does not even take effect until July 29.
But, for the left it is all about posturing. It is about making their feelings known. Never mind that nothing can be done by any city that is hell bent on condemning or boycotting Arizona for taking action. Just as Arizona can not do anything about Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco. Cities that simply thumb their nose at immigration laws that are on the books. Arizona has chosen to strictly enforce the laws. San Francisco, meh!
The good thing is that the resolution simply condemns the Arizona law. And a concurrent resolution asks congress for, UGH!, so-called comprehensive immigration "reform". There is no boycott out of this.
But it wasted a lot of time. Time that, as Councilman McAustin pointed out, could have been used to deal with a budget that affects Pasadena directly.
In the end, Pasadena decided to wuss out. But it squarely came down against Arizona. And that is the real shame of it all.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Should Chuck DeVore Drop Out Of The California Senate Race?

This is a painful post to write.
It is painful because I have been, and still consider myself, a supporter of California Republican senate candidate Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.
But, there is a time to support and believe my candidate can really win and for reality to set in.
The reality is that unless Mr. DeVore can raise himself to at least be tied with fellow Republican candidate Carly Fiorina in polling, it is time for Mr. DeVore to consider the unthinkable.
To drop out of the race and endorse Carly Fiorina.
There are three words that make this a potential necessity.
Terrible Tom Campbell.
Whatever you think about Mrs. Fiorina, she is no where near the Republican In Name Only, or RINO, that Terrible Tom is. And, Terrible Tom is exactly the politician that we do not need right now to send to the Nation's Capital. We need someone that is not obsessed with climbing the political ladder.
Terrible Tom is one of those that has been priming a climb up the ladder. In fact, Terrible Tom has been jonesing for any senate seat since 1992.
In 1992, Terrible Tom ran against Sonny Bono and political commentator Bruce Herschenshon. It was a epic battle, but Mr. Herschenshon prevailed for the Republican nod.
In 2000, Terrible Tom was given the Republican nomination for senate. He ran against Dianne Feinstein. And guess what? HE LOST! And badly, getting only 37% of the vote statewide.
So, this time around, Terrible Tom thought, gee maybe I can be governor. After all, I gave the current governor, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, some wonderful advice. Like raising taxes. Even though I keep touting myself as a fiscal conservative.
But, being mired in the single digits in polling, Terrible Tom pulls a switcheroo and decides, maybe the third time will be a charm and I will run for the senate.
That decision threw this race for senate into Terrible Tom and who could emerge as the strongest candidate against him.
Right now, like it or not, it looks like Mrs. Fiorina is the stronger of the two. And one thing that she has and Mr. DeVore is not is money. And she is much closer to Terrible Tom than is Mr. DeVore.
Take a peek at the polling average over at Real Clear Politics.
The total of polls averaged out show that Terrible Tom has a nearly seven point lead over Mrs. Fiorina. Mr. Devore? Mr. DeVore is averaging 11%, which is 28 points behind Terrible Tom's 29.4% of the average.
The reality is also that California is not like most states. A winner needs a boatload of cash to be competitive.
The incumbent senator, Ma'am Boxer, is loaded with cash. And the only one that can and will match her is Mrs. Fiorina.
A compelling case was made by CK McLeod over at HotAir that Mr. DeVore should at least consider dropping out of the race.
And let me write this.
I have lived with this embarrassment of a senator her whole career. I want this to be the year that we finally put her out like a horse to pasture. But I do not want to do so with a weasel like Terrible Tom Campbell. I want some one that has some sense of where the nation is going. And wants to lead there. I never get that from Terrible Tom. I do get it with Chuck DeVore. And I think that a non career pol like Carly Fiorina gets it.
There is is still some time for events to change and Mr. DeVore to make a serious run at Mrs. Fiorina and eventually overtake Terrible Tom. But I am not seeing it. And I think that it is time for Mr. DeVore to do some real soul-searching this week and come to a decision that is good for conservatism and the Republican party in California.
Because, like it or not, until June 7, the enemy is Terrible Tom Campbell. And he must be stopped.
Then we can beat Sen. Ma'am Boxer.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

If You Live In Pasadena, Tell The City Council To Butt Out Of Arizona's Business


It appears that that San Diego may fall victim to the Arizona Bashingmaina if The San Diego Union-Tribune is correct. As one who has travelled to SD during the summer (for Del Mar racing, of course!), I can assure you that many people DO come from the summer heat of the Desert Southwest for the cool ocean breezes of SD. Maybe one should remind the Pasadena city council of this. That it could happen, oh I do not know, around Rose Parade time!

It appears that my hometown of Pasadena, California, is to join a list of other cities in condemning and or boycotting the state of Arizona for the passage of Senate Bill 1070. The bill dealing with the state enforcing federal immigration laws already on the books.
The Pasadena city council may take up this "issue" at the upcoming city council meeting this Monday evening.
It is supreme arrogance that cities ranging from Los Angeles to Boston and many in between want to take Arizona to task for actually doing something to stem the real and present danger of unchecked illegal immigration. Most of these cities have some real and serious issues. Such as huge budget deficits and trying to keep the books balanced without cutting basic public services. Some of these burgs also have issues like what to do with "homeless" people. And yes, illegal aliens.
Yet rather than deal with their own real problems, these cities are looking to make the good people of Arizona scapegoats because they are taking real steps to solving a problem. A problem not of their own making.
If you live here in Pasadena, here is the city page that you can contact your city council member, as I just did. Tell them not to take up anything in regards to the Arizona situation. Point out that there are real issues right here in town that need to be dealt with.
See, the left-wing groups will have the council chamber packed and intimidate even fence-sitters to vote to "send a message" to Arizona. If we who think that for one, the law is correct, also come out to counter, maybe some council members will not be so quick to jump on the Arizona Bashing bandwagon.
Please take the time to write an e-mail to your council member. Do not be a jerk about it. Let the lefty libertards dig their own hole. Be positive about what they can do about the issues that truly affect the everyday lives of Pasadena residents.
Rather than cower to the other side, we need to let them know that the 60-70% of Americans that support what Arizona is doing are not just a silent majority. We need to, as the Dear Leader, President Obama, has said, get right in their face. Talk to them. Change their minds.
The city council meets this Monday, May 17 beginning at 6:30 pm.
Let us show the council that we support Arizona and that enough is enough. Let the law take effect and see if it does work or not.
The Silent Majority can not be silent any longer.

A Warning About Prime Minister David Cameron

OK folks, do not say that I did not warn you about the new, "Conservative" British Prime Minister, David Cameron.
It appears that he suffers from political dyslexia.
Prime Minister Cameron actually referred to himself as a "liberal conservative" yesterday.
What does that even mean?!
But in doing his self-description, Prime Minister Cameron added two members of the defeated Labour party as advisers.
But, not really all that unexpected.
One of the advisers is a left-wing "intellectual" named Will Hutton. He is a writer for the left-wing Guardian newspaper. And even too radical for the Labour party.
As I noted, what you get in Prime Minister Cameron is a little George H. W. Bush, a little John "F--- You" McCain and President Dear Leader, Barack Obama.
Too bad that there is not some Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher in Prime Minister Cameron.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Left In Full Meltdown Mode Over Arizona Immigration Law

Excuse me for starting off this post with a laugh.
But what else can one do as we watch the American left completely combust over the recent passage of the immigration enforcement law in Arizona. A law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer.
Many people have an opinion about the 10-page law. Roughly about 2,990 pages less than the so-called health care "reform" scam. The bill actually solidifies federal laws that are already on the books. No, it does not allow police and other government officials to look at an Hispanic person, ask for their papers, and if none are produced, take them on a one-way trip to the Mexican border.
But, that does not stop the American left.
Take the city council of Los Angeles. Please, take the whole blessed bunch of them! Yesterday, these paragons of leftist "morality" passed a law that bans official travel to Arizona. It also seeks ways to get out of contracts with Arizona-based companies. And bans new contracts with Arizona based companies. The hyperbole was rancid with the usual comparisons to Nazi Germany and the beginning of the interment camps that Japanese-Americans were herded into during World War II. Remember who was president at that time. Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt.
But this gem from a real intellectual, Councilmen Ed Reyes, will go down as one of the most insipid statements ever uttered by an elected official:

As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. If I come across an officer who's having a bad day and feels that the picture on my ID is not me, I can be . . . deported, no questions asked. That is not American.

Now I do not know if Councilman Reyes had a little adult beverage. Or herbolic refreshment. He must have had something to make such a moronic statement.
No one needs to have a passport in the United States. All one needs is a state-form of identification. If one is stopped by law enforcement, under the Arizona law, if they suspect that the suspect is an illegal alien, they will be able to ask for another form of identification. If one does not produce it, then they are taken to jail. Eventually they would be handed over to the federal government for them to determine what to do with that suspected illegal alien. Again, Councilman Reyes, it is not an instant one-way trip to the border. No questions asked. Heather McDonald over at The Corner at National Review Online slaps down this insipidness rather easily.
But this meltdown is not just in Los Angeles. It really is in all the usual suspects of liberal "morality". You know, San Francisco, Berzerkly, Boulder, Colorado, and so on.
My worry is that my politically correct burg, Pasadena, California, will soon take their "stand" on this issue.
Really, these cities, especially Los Angeles, need to actually do some serious governance. Such as dealing with a direct cost of illegal immigration.
In Los Angeles, there is a huge budget deficit. There is actual talk of, layoffs, for city workers. Yet somehow, the city council of America's second largest city found time to cut it's nose to spite itself.
But not as unreal as the situation at Highland Park high school in Highland Park, Illionis.
There, the brave assistant school district superintendent, Suzan Hebson, told the girls basketball team that they will not travel to Arizona to participate in a basketball tournament that they were invited to long before this law came into being.
Miss Hebson gave a usual leftist song and dance about diversity and that because they provide an education for all within its district no matter immigration status.
And that is a reason why so many schools are in the dumper. And that is a whole other post.
One of the gal's father, Michael Evans, exposes the school and the district's hypocrisy. Read this:

"The school has sent children to China, they've sent children to South America, they've sent children to the Czech Republic, but somehow Arizona is more unsafe for them than those places. The beliefs and values of China are apparently aligned, since they approved that trip."

Nice shot, Mr. Evans.
But it is also worth reading the convoluted statement from the district superintendent, Dr. George Forenro.
Here is one part that is intriguing:

When our students travel, the school district is responsible, both legally and ethically, for their safety, security and liberty. We cannot commit at this time to playing at a venue where some of our students’ safety or liberty might be placed at risk because of state immigration law.

Yet it would not seem to bother Dr. Fornero that same students might have been harassed in, oh maybe Red China. Maybe some South American nation. No, only in Arizona. In the United States of America.
Only a libertard lefty like a Dr. Fornero can really think this way.
The problem is that these people are against the overwhelming majority of the American people. Poll after poll shows support for the law in Arizona. And it can not only be eeevvviiilll White Republicans. It runs the gamut. And that seems to not dawn on these people.
My friends, Arizona is a trail blazer in the on going immigration debate. The law they passed and the governor signed is designed to alleviate a serious problem in their state and assist a strapped federal government in gaining some modicum of control over the Southern border.
As I have noted, lets let the law take effect and see how it works in six months. Only then can we make the assessment as to whether or not it is something other states and or the federal government want to do.
Actually, Arizona is doing what the federal government should be doing.
And the left is in total meltdown.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Republicans, Do Not Run The 2010 Midterms As David Cameron Ran The British Election Campaign

As I noted in the previous post, the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron, made a deal with the Devil and is stuck in a coalition with the Liberal Democrat party.
Mr. Cameron did not have to do what he did, but remember, I noted the Trifecta that Mr. Cameron is.
A little George H. W. Bush, a little Sen. John "F--- You" McCain and a little of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Tim Montgomerie makes the point that the Conservatives should be the majority party. That the campaign they ran is what did them in. And the majority of Conservatives agree. And Mr. Montgomerie points out that running an American presidential-style campaign ended up hurting him in the end. It made Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg more than he is. And now Mr. Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister. Thanks to the ineptitude of one David Cameron.
When the next election will be held possibly later this year, Mr. Cameron needs to shed the moderation and run on principle. If he can do that, the Conservatives win outright.
And they should have won the election out right.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cameron In As British Prime Minister But At A Steep Price

Today, Gordon Brown resigned as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and asked Queen Elizabeth II to name Conservative party leader David Cameron as his successor.
Queen Elizabeth did just that after Mr. Cameron and the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, agreed on a coalition government.
However, as happy as I am over a conservative at the helm in Britain, I still believe that this is not the way to go. That Mr. Cameron would be better off going alone and maybe having to call elections later in the year that would give his party an outright majority in parliament.
Mr. Clegg has a hair-brained scam to replace the Westminster system, the 650 constituencies that determine who will be prime minister with a plan called "proportional representation".
What that will do is make Britain like other nations that have the system a laughingstock.
Italy has this system. How many governments have they had since World War II. There have been 62 governments. SIXTY-TWO! Israel also has this system. Every nation that uses "proportional representation" has problems. It does not make a nation's politics any better but more corrupt and giving fringe parties-like the Lib Dems-more power than they deserve.
But, to get a coalition government, Mr. Cameron will find a way for the British people to vote yea or nay.
And do not forget that this means the Lib Dems get some cabinet positions. The good news is that the Lib Dems will not get the top posts like Foreign Secretary or Defence or the Chancellor of the Exchequer. But, Mr. Clegg does become Mr. Cameron's deputy Prime Minister.
And some of the policies that the Conservatives wanted to implement will have to be put aside to please the junior partners in coalition.
Again, I think Mr. Cameron would have been wise to form a minority government and try to implement his policies piece by piece. And if parliament had forced a no-confidence vote and another election, so be it.
This is a bad price for glory, but we just have to wait and see how it all works out.

Nice! West Virginia Dems Dump Obamacare Rep!

When you have lost fellow Democrats in West Virginia, this is a sign that the Democrats are continuing to become the tree in the wood chipper that will be the November midterm elections.
Tonight, West Virginia Democrats ended the career of 28-year House member Alan Mollohan giving an upstart financial planner, state Sen. Mike Oliverio, a chance to keep this seat in Democrat hands.
The Republicans have made this a target seat and even with Mr. Hollohan's loss need to keep it in target range.
Sen. Olivero will face Republican David McKinley in the November election.
Now the anti-incumbent tide has hit the Democrat party. After Republican Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) was defeated in his bid for a fourth term this past weekend, this will give some credence to the Obamawhore media theme that there is an anti-incumbent trend rather than an anti-Democrat trend.
But, if primaries are decided like this, that argument will fall by the wayside. An incumbent does have, well, incumbency, on his or her side. An upstart in such a volatile environment may not have the ability to keep any given seat. And Republicans are very hungry this year.
In November, a lot of Obamacare supporters are sure to feel the wrath of an electorate that wants to put government in its place.
One way is to beat the dead weight in primaries.
Just ask Sen. Bennett and Rep. Mollohan.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sen. Bennett Ousted And Let The Hand Wringing Begin

Yesterday, Utah Republicans meeting in convention in Salt Lake City ousted three-term senator Robert Bennett and even before it happened, the hand-wringing was beginning as how terrible it is. That such a man that was willing to reach across the aisle gets the boot.
Please, that is what the primary process is for.
However, I will state that the way the Utah Republicans and Democrats get there is a bit undemocratic.
For the Utah GOP, three candidates stood for nomination. Sen. Bennett's opponents were businessman Tim Bridgewater and attorney Mike Lee. Sen. Bennett survived a first round, but finished third in the second round. Since neither Messrs. Bridgewater or Lee got the required 60% of delegate votes, all Utah GOP voters will get to decide whether Mr. Bridgewater or Mr. Lee will carry the GOP banner in November.
But what this vote signaled is not the hand wringing of such "conservatives" as the Washington Post's Kathleen Parker.
Three things came to pass that ended the career of Sen. Bennett.
One, incumbency.
Sen. Bennett is now going to be wrapping up a third term in the senate. That is 18 years. And Mr. Bennett is 76 years old. If he were to win the party nomination and win a forth-term, when he would leave or maybe even run again, he would be 82 years old. Not that there is anything wrong with age, it is already having 18 years to be a good and or effective senator.
Two, insider=bad.
Having been in Washington for 18 years in this climate is a bad thing. People in Utah may have fired the first shot across the bow of any incumbent, Democrat or Republican. Given the chance, Utah Republican convention delegates said thanks, but no thanks, to Sen. Bennett for another term in office. What Utah Republicans said and will say in November is that it is time for someone new to be a senator from the Beehive State.
Three, trying to cut deals with Democrats.
This is the grievous sin of Sen. Bennett, especially in regards to the TARP bailout and working with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) on another bad version of so-called health care "reform". One that would force Americans to buy health insurance or be fined. Never mind that Sen. Bennett did in the end vote against the so-called health care "reform" bill that, voila!, includes the mandate to buy health insurance. He was working to get this in a bill. This mandate.
It is a sign that Sen. Bennett has been inside the Beltway a little too long.
See, reaching out to the other side means that a Republican and or a conservative is accepting the liberal-left premise and trying to somehow put even a nominal conservative, Republican stamp on bad legislation.
And while there is no doubt that many of those participating in the Utah Republican convention are Tea Party people, it is a good thing. It is new blood in a party that needs it.
What the Republican party does not need is more Bob Bennetts.
And in the linked Mrs. Parker column, even she admits that it is not a bad thing to, well you read:

It is certainly not objectionable that Americans reshuffle the deck now and then. Entrenched politicos become too beholden over time to special interests, as well as to the very relationships that sometimes can be useful to the common good.

Mrs. Parker states the obvious. That Sen. Bennett is entrenched and becoming a creature of the special interests that he no doubt ran against.
But Mrs. Parker writes this, as if it is a bad thing:

But in purging impure Republicans from the ranks, tea partiers ultimately may manage to further shrink the GOP by alienating those repelled by purity tests.

Funny, no one ever thinks that when Democrats have primary battles. Funny how many on the left berated Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) for daring to run as an independent when he lost the Democrat primary in 2006 to Ned Lamont. In fact and indeed, Sen. Lieberman is the rarest of Democrats that reach across the aisle to help Republicans pass legislation. For that, he has all but been banished from the Democrat party. No one cries for that on the other side.
This is why we have primaries. This is why the voters, eventually in this case, will decide which Republican can best run and win in November.
That is what Beltway people like Mrs. Parker do not seem to grasp. That voters get to make the choice. And sometimes, even a good senator like Bob Bennett needs to be shown the door. New blood is what both parties need every generation. It is that time in Utah.
We should not wring our hands but help whoever wins the primary in Utah. It is change that people are seeking after two years of a lot of the same. Promises that have been broken time and again from the Dear Leader, President Obama, all the way down. People want real change. And we are soon going to see what that change looks like.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

David Cameron Making A Big Mistake

In the just concluded British elections, the Conservative party won the most seats, but not an absolute majority. There went that prediction!
But, what the Conservative leader, David Cameron, is embarking on is a huge mistake.
It appears that Mr. Cameron is going to try to create a coalition government with the leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Nick Clegg.
At least Mr. Cameron hopes that he can convince Mr. Clegg to join him.
It is a huge mistake for Mr. Cameron to make.
Look at the election map of the United Kingdom today. It is, correct colors, BTW, a sea of Conservative blue. Sure, they may not have the requisite 326 seats, but they have the majority of voters on their side.
They can take the lead of the Conservative party in Canada.
Led by Stephen Harper, the Conservatives have won two consecutive elections, but not a majority of seats in the parliament. And he has gone to govern with only his party. No coalition. And the party gained seats in the last election.
That would be the way for Mr. Cameron to go.
In another article, it appears that the current prime minister, Labour leader Gordon Brown, has all but burned any attempts to try a coalition with Mr. Clegg and his Lib Dems. The old saying that one can get more with honey than vinegar does not apply with Mr. Brown.
It was a messy election and the while the results do show the British people want something different than Labour and Gordon Brown, David Cameron has not completely sealed the deal. And he could seal the deal if he goes it alone.

Damn Those Arizona Racist Police!

It appears that these police in this video are not from the now official racist state of Arizona.
No, they are members of the Seattle police force.
That is right. The Seattle, Washington police force. You know, the home of Starbucks coffee, the Pacific Northwest's answer to San Francisco, etc., yada, yada, yada.
Hmm, we are being told that since the Arizona legislature passed a law actually enforcing federal immigration laws already on the books, bad things like this would happen. Too bad that it did not happen anywhere near Flagstaff, Phoenix or Tucson. No, it happened in a paragon of liberal "morality", Seattle, Washington.
Rather than seeing how the new law in Arizona will be implemented and if it does work, the usual suspects are railing and protesting how inhumane the law is. Remember, it is only enforcing laws that are on the federal books.
I only link to this to show that there is so much hypocrisy in those areas of the United States that think they are so above it all. That they and their liberal values are so superior. They are not and in fact and indeed have the same flaws as the rest of us.
Remember, this happened in Seattle, not the racist state of Arizona.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

See British Election Results Here

If you are interested in how large the Conservative majority will be, here is a good place to see results in real time.
The Daily Mail site is the easiest to read compared to other sites I looked at.
The exit polls show a hung parliament. Still think the Tories will win outright and not have to ask any other party to coalition with them.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Election Day In The UK-Conservatives Will Triumph

It is already Thursday in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and it is polling day. We in the ol' colonies call it election day.
On this day, the Conservative party, led by David Cameron will be the majority party in the parliament at the end of the evening. The only question is whether or not they will have an outright majority or form a coalition government with members of parliament from Northern Ireland or a minority government that will not last long.
The last of the daily tracking polls from You Gov show that the Conservatives have a lead, but that the Labour and Liberal Democrats are essentially tied for second.
But the problem is no matter how hard they try to make this general poll an American style election, it can not be done.
Essentially, there are 650 different election polls taking place in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The party that wins 326 of those different election polls is the majority party in parliament and will be asked by Queen Elizabeth II to form the next government.
A while back it appeared that Mr. Cameron would have no problem securing the 326 seats to form the next government. But then came along a guy named Nick Clegg.
Mr. Clegg is the leader of the Liberal Democrats. And in an attempt to Americanize the election, the three main party leaders, Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative leader, Mr. Cameron, and Lib Dem leader Mr. Clegg had an American-style presidential debate televised across the land. And apparently, Mr. Clegg used the playbook from the Dear Leader, President Obama, and banded about, UGH, 'hope and change'. And it has worked enough to give Mr. Clegg a potential shot at being the loyal opposition to the Cameron-led Conservatives.
Make no mistake though. Mr. Cameron ain't no Margaret Thatcher. Think of Mr. Cameron as a combo of George H. W. Bush-'kinder, gentler conservative', John "F--- You" McCain-believes on fairy tales like Globaloney Warming, and the Dear Leader, President Obama. I would say it is a Trifecta of Impotence, but it seems that it is the best the Conservatives have had since former prime minister John Major.
The bright side is that a Cameron government will bring along some good conservatives leading some of the cabinet posts.
Former Conservative leader William Hague will become the Foreign Secretary. Mr. Hague may have not led the Tories to victory under his leadership, but he is an acolyte of Mrs. Thatcher. The new Defence Secretary will be Dr. Liam Fox. He will provide solid leadership and continue the British involvement in the War Against Islamofacsist Terror. Another intriguing new face will be that of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, equivalent to the Treasury Secretary, and that is George Osbourne.
My prediction is that the Conservatives will win an outright majority. 330 seats. A bare majority, but a majority none-the-less.
Mr. Cameron may be the right man for the right time and restore the Special Relationship between the UK and the United States. One can only hope for that kind of change.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why Do Liberal-Run Cities Tolerate The "Homeless"?

In my previous post, I commented that on our family road trip through No. Cal., one thing that was striking in Eureka, Sacramento and San Francisco is an unbelievable tolerance for the so-called "homeless" and the effect that it has to have on non-residents of these bergs.
Our first stop was San Francisco. I admit, I love visiting this town. There is a feel in San Francisco that is different than anywhere else on the Left Coast. But what brings it down is the rampant "homeless" population. And it is not confined to the low-rent district. It is all over town. Downtown, Uptown, Nob Hill, The Tenderloin. You name it and there they are. The "homeless".
Note that the good, lefty legislators of San Francisco city and county, it is one and the same, another oddity, have gone so far as to provide free, public toilets for the "homeless" population.
Yet as Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast and I were walking from City Hall, a beautiful edifice, to the BART station to return to our hotel in South San Francisco, there was a clearly disturbed, unbathed "homeless" man, muttering and yelling at the same time. We stopped our walking and pretended to look at something so the clearly disturbed "homeless" man could go ahead of us. He did. But, when we turned the corner, so did he. And instead of urinating in one of the taxpayer provided public toilets, Mr. "Homeless" proceeded to go into a corner of a building, whip out Mr. Happy and urinate right for all to see.
And it just got better as we encountered a slew of "homeless" that clearly were mentally disturbed, drunk, or high on drugs. Hell, most seemed all of the above. This was just past the very high-end Tenderloin district of Baghdad By The Bay. It is home to one of the longest running porn shows in the world. Not an area to take the family.
While that was in the early evening hours, it did not get any better in broad daylight. And at a supposed family friendly area, Fisherman's Wharf.
There we were treated to another assortment of beggars, drug-addled, alcoholics and just plain lazy people.
For me, the highlight was the couple that used one man's disability as a way to beg for the cash.
It revolted me. For some reason, it non-plussed Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast.
San Francisco is notorious for such a policy regarding "homeless" people. It not only seems to tolerate them, it seems to encourage them to come on in. Going so far as providing toilets specifically for the "homeless".
Let me move on to Eureka.
It is another animal altogether.
Eureka is next to the college town of Arcata, home of Humboldt State University. Humboldt State is very well known as a place where the ol' Mary Jane is tolerated. Among the students.
Well, it appears that there are a helluva lot of Humboldt State drop outs roaming the streets of Eureka and Arcata. Unlike their compadres in San Francisco, these "homeless" do not push shopping carts. No siree, Bob! They have camping backpack and will travel. And I never saw so many White boys with dreadlocks. Such poseurs!
And yet, these guys and gals were roaming the streets, begging for cash. No doubt to score some weed or other mind-altering substance. And these "homeless" were not typical down-and-outers. These "homeless" clearly came from middle-class backgrounds. It appeared that most were in their 20s or early 30s. Some seemed that they were trying to live a Hobo's life and not bother anyone. Even the gentleman in the public park with his camping backpack. And a machete. I guess he was prepared for the bears. Maybe a deer. Who knows.
The most offensive sight was a young gal in front of the McDonalds near our hotel.
There she was sitting on her rump with a sign, and I am paraphrasing it because I did not have a camera to take a photo.
"I am dreaming of a Big and Tasty burger and fries" .
I just railed at poor Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast. Why did not this gal get up off of her rump and put in a J O B application? Maybe if she was hired, an at least 50/50 possibility, she would stop dreaming and start chowing! Right? I guess this gal is living the Hobo dream and the food is but an afterthought.
In this part of California, a lot of people can best be described as living "off the grid". The problem was telling the difference from those with some kind of shelter from those living on the streets.
Now Sacramento, the "homeless" seemed to be confined to the Downtown area. And no where near the capitol building. But here too, there are way too many and the tolerance is way too high.
I know what many of you are thinking.
Yea, it is all that heartless Reagan's fault. He closed down all the mental hospitals and let loose these people on our society.
Yes, former governor Ronald Reagan did close many places where people like this could be in. Out from the cold. Three squares a day. Yet please understand, Mr. Reagan was not alone. He had help from lefty do-gooders that saw these places as more inhuman than if these people were "free". And it was a time that the clear abuses in these institutions were coming out. And people rightfully felt sorry for many of those confined.
Yet we went from keeping these people in to letting them out. And the society as a whole has suffered.
One other note on the demographics that I saw.
There were no families of homeless. No moms and dads and children. I know that there are many. And these are the people that we must help get their act together. These are the ones that probably end up truly homeless through no or little fault of their own.
One thing that must change is our overall view of the "homeless"
We must not tolerate them. We have to go beyond the shelters, the Rescue Missions that people of faith run. We have to get those with addictions help. It does not just come from the government, folks. It comes from secular and religious charities. We must change the laws so that people not able to take care of themselves have someone responsible and truly caring make the right decisions. That means, yes, confining them in some kind of institution for their own good. If there are able-bodied young people as I evidenced in Eureka, get them to do some work around town. You know, clean up the park, not camp in it. Find something that they can put some of their God-given talent to use.
Tolerating those that choose to be "homeless" is not helpful to them and to the society as a whole.
We need to change our attitude. We need to go from providing toilets to a way out of their condition.
I admit, I do not have a clear-cut answer. I shared something. I want to read what you think. Maybe we will be in more agreement than disagreement. But all I know is that the three cities I gave as examples are one of the bad effects of lefty do-goodism.


I am finally back from the land of vacation and fun to the real world of the Dear Leader and, surprise, another foiled terrorist attack in New York City.
The vacation was to celebrate the nuptials of Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast and your humble blogger. It was our 10 year wedding anniversary last Thursday. We took a road trip with Scout the Wonder Dog to No Cal (ok, Northern California!). We travelled to San Francisco, Eureka and Suckramento. Check that! SACramento! It is the Trifecta of Leftyland here on the left coast. But we like all three cities.
Read the following post on why these cities all need to do something about a serious problem.
But, we had a lot of fun traipsing around this beautiful state. It is amazing that Eureka is about 700 miles from the Right View From The Left Coast bunker/headquarters in Pasadena. It is in a way like being in another country. And the rain!
Well, there is a lot about this trip that actually provides blogging material. Stay tuned.