Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Take A Squeeze Out Of The Dear Leader

I love it!
Over at The Weekly Standard, they are selling the "Obama Stress Head"
What is an "Obama Stress Head", you may ask?
One of those soft, squeezing things that you can use when you in a stressful situation.
Say you are at work and you are on the telephone with someone that is driving you crazy. Instead of banging the table in frustration, take a squeeze out of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Get a tax bill and you are ready to explode? Don't explode! Get your Obama Stress Head and squeeze to your hearts content!
There are great uses for the Obama Stress Head.
Just remember, squeeze as hard as you can when you need to. Which maybe quite often!

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Phoenixism said...

They go great in doctor's waiting rooms!