Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Man's Salvation

This article in today's Left Angeles Times shows how one man can be on a life-long project that seems to say one thing.
God is love.
Seventy-eight year old Leonard Knight has been erecting an endless monument to God that he has called Salvation Mountain. He works on this monument every day. He lives a life of a hermit and of subsistence. Yet there he is every day painting something for God.
People come from all over to this remote spot in Imperial County to take a look at this amazing artwork and scriptures dedicated to God.
Even a social worker that went to visit Leonard was so taken with his innocence that he has stayed and is helping him continue the seemingly endless task.
The one drawback is now that Leonard's Salvation Mountain is becoming well-known, the religion haters will go after Leonard and what he does.
For in the article it points out that Salvation Mountain is on property belonging to the state of California. And heaven forbid one can put anything religious on government property.
I hope those people leave this man alone.
Leonard is doing something that is pure and he is sharing his love of God with people in a unique way.
One day, I hope to take a trip and see Leonard and Salvation Mountain.

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