Sunday, May 16, 2010

If You Live In Pasadena, Tell The City Council To Butt Out Of Arizona's Business


It appears that that San Diego may fall victim to the Arizona Bashingmaina if The San Diego Union-Tribune is correct. As one who has travelled to SD during the summer (for Del Mar racing, of course!), I can assure you that many people DO come from the summer heat of the Desert Southwest for the cool ocean breezes of SD. Maybe one should remind the Pasadena city council of this. That it could happen, oh I do not know, around Rose Parade time!

It appears that my hometown of Pasadena, California, is to join a list of other cities in condemning and or boycotting the state of Arizona for the passage of Senate Bill 1070. The bill dealing with the state enforcing federal immigration laws already on the books.
The Pasadena city council may take up this "issue" at the upcoming city council meeting this Monday evening.
It is supreme arrogance that cities ranging from Los Angeles to Boston and many in between want to take Arizona to task for actually doing something to stem the real and present danger of unchecked illegal immigration. Most of these cities have some real and serious issues. Such as huge budget deficits and trying to keep the books balanced without cutting basic public services. Some of these burgs also have issues like what to do with "homeless" people. And yes, illegal aliens.
Yet rather than deal with their own real problems, these cities are looking to make the good people of Arizona scapegoats because they are taking real steps to solving a problem. A problem not of their own making.
If you live here in Pasadena, here is the city page that you can contact your city council member, as I just did. Tell them not to take up anything in regards to the Arizona situation. Point out that there are real issues right here in town that need to be dealt with.
See, the left-wing groups will have the council chamber packed and intimidate even fence-sitters to vote to "send a message" to Arizona. If we who think that for one, the law is correct, also come out to counter, maybe some council members will not be so quick to jump on the Arizona Bashing bandwagon.
Please take the time to write an e-mail to your council member. Do not be a jerk about it. Let the lefty libertards dig their own hole. Be positive about what they can do about the issues that truly affect the everyday lives of Pasadena residents.
Rather than cower to the other side, we need to let them know that the 60-70% of Americans that support what Arizona is doing are not just a silent majority. We need to, as the Dear Leader, President Obama, has said, get right in their face. Talk to them. Change their minds.
The city council meets this Monday, May 17 beginning at 6:30 pm.
Let us show the council that we support Arizona and that enough is enough. Let the law take effect and see if it does work or not.
The Silent Majority can not be silent any longer.

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Jeff said...

The SILENT MAJORITY was bowled over by the presence of the LAW BREAKING MAJORITY in the chambers. The fools that sit on this city council ate the lunch the "victims" served up for them and moved forward to protect unlawful residents of Arizona and put the law abiding in the rear seat. Amazing our city has come to this. Our country has been invaded and it is now being steered in a dangerous direction away from sovereignty.