Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicago Black Hawks Lead Stanley Cup Finals, 1-0

It is really hard to write about politics and or current events on a three-day holiday weekend.
But, it is not hard to write about the Chicago Black Hawks and their triumph over the always-to-be-hated Philadelphia Flyers in a 6-5 shootout at the United Center in Chicago.
The Black Hawks have always been my second favorite National Hockey League team behind my beloved Los Angeles Kings. Both have had a similar fate in the last 40 plus years.
Neither team has won Lord Stanley's Cup.
The Kings have never won it in their history. The Black Hawks have not one since 1961. Ironically, the birth year of it's current favorite son, the Dear Leader, President Obama.
The last time the Black Hawks were in the Stanley Cup finals was 1992 and they were swept by the Mario Lemiuex-led Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-0.
But this time it is different.
The Black Hawks have drastically changed since tight-wad owner William Wirtz went off to the great beyond in 2007.
For one they now televise all home games.
But most important, they opened up the checkbook and with the leadership of current general manager,Stan Bowman, son of the legend himself, Scotty Bowman, and coach Joel Quenneville, they have a great nucleus of a team that has made it almost, almost all the way to drinking out of the Stanley Cup.
Thus, in three short years and a lot of wise draft picks and signings, we see the net result.
Although this opening game was a shootout, Black Hawk' goalie Antti Neimi kept his cool and it was rewarded as the Black Hawk offense kept the Flyers in their zone much of the third period.
Game two is Monday night. Can the Mighty Hawks go up two games against the hated Flyers? Stay tuned.

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