Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poizner Closing In On Whitman

I wrote about this topic in a post last month, so I will revisit this subject now that more polling shows Republican Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner, closing in on the eBay gal, Meg Whitman.
One of the reasons that I believe Mr. Poizner is closing in is because he is talking up his support for the recently passed immigration law in Arizona. Meg Whitman has made a huge error in coming out against the law.
Why is this a big deal?
Because two factors help Mr. Poizner in this situation.
First, the California Republican primary is a closed primary. Only registered Republicans can vote.
Second, these are the more committed, conservative voters. And I firmly believe that Mr. Poizner's message about illegal immigration and his unqualified support for the Arizona law and Mrs. Whitman's opposition will do her in.
And the polling is showing that Mr. Poizner keeping his powder dry and hit Mrs. Whitman in the end is probably paying off.
There is no question that Mr. Poizner is still behind. But Mrs. Whitman has not been able to change the subject. Mrs. Whitman is trying to paint Mr. Poizner as too liberal. Hmm, that makes a mockery of which one is more conservative. Mr. Poizner can point to the unending support of Congressman Tom McClintock, one of the most respected conservatives in California. Mr. Whitman has the support of much of the establishment such as former governor Pete Wilson.
Now who will Republican voters listen to in June? Pete Wilson, a former governor or Tom McClintock, a current congressman taking common sense California conservatism to Washington, D. C.?
I think that it will be Mr. McClintock. He supports Mr. Poizner.
Because the wind is at Mr. Poizner's back, and he is on the right side of the most hot button issue of the day, he will pull ahead and win the California Republican primary for governor.

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