Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cameron In As British Prime Minister But At A Steep Price

Today, Gordon Brown resigned as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and asked Queen Elizabeth II to name Conservative party leader David Cameron as his successor.
Queen Elizabeth did just that after Mr. Cameron and the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, agreed on a coalition government.
However, as happy as I am over a conservative at the helm in Britain, I still believe that this is not the way to go. That Mr. Cameron would be better off going alone and maybe having to call elections later in the year that would give his party an outright majority in parliament.
Mr. Clegg has a hair-brained scam to replace the Westminster system, the 650 constituencies that determine who will be prime minister with a plan called "proportional representation".
What that will do is make Britain like other nations that have the system a laughingstock.
Italy has this system. How many governments have they had since World War II. There have been 62 governments. SIXTY-TWO! Israel also has this system. Every nation that uses "proportional representation" has problems. It does not make a nation's politics any better but more corrupt and giving fringe parties-like the Lib Dems-more power than they deserve.
But, to get a coalition government, Mr. Cameron will find a way for the British people to vote yea or nay.
And do not forget that this means the Lib Dems get some cabinet positions. The good news is that the Lib Dems will not get the top posts like Foreign Secretary or Defence or the Chancellor of the Exchequer. But, Mr. Clegg does become Mr. Cameron's deputy Prime Minister.
And some of the policies that the Conservatives wanted to implement will have to be put aside to please the junior partners in coalition.
Again, I think Mr. Cameron would have been wise to form a minority government and try to implement his policies piece by piece. And if parliament had forced a no-confidence vote and another election, so be it.
This is a bad price for glory, but we just have to wait and see how it all works out.

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