Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Sad Day in "Palestine"

Today is a sad day in "Palestine" as the people of the Palestinian Authority have swept Hamas to power in parliamentary elections.
Hamas is expected to get 70 out of 132 seats in the parliament.
This is worse than when the Nazis seized power in 1932 through election chicanery.
The people voted in large numbers for a terrorist entity that advocates the total destruction of Israel.
Now, some will say, taking this to the logical conclusion, that if Hamas had its way, there will be no more Israel. I think that it is the likely outcome.
The fact that the Palestinians have elected these people shows how they have been hoodwinked into a quick solution. Get rid of Israel and all will be ok.
It is another reason why we are fighting the war on terror. We can not have this be the end result.
It is a sad day in "Palestine."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Does ANYONE Read The Los Angeles Times?

Radio talker Hugh Hewitt ( has had a long running assertion, rightfully so, that the Los Angeles Times, aka the Left Angeles Times or Pravda West for those of you old enough to remember the old Soviet Union daily newspaper, is irrelevant to the modern media.
He is right but utterly wasting his time fighting the gray monster of Spring Street.
If I really need to see something in the Times, I can easily go to their website. I only actually buy the Red Rag only when there is a major current event and save it for posterity.
But honestly, with so many other sources on the web and cable news, the Times and their propaganda is just not even important to read on any ongoing basis.
So while Hugh has on the columnist Joel Stein to defend a sophomoric, or moronic, column about the war in Iraq and the fact Mr. Stein does not like supporting the troops because he opposes the war, it is ridiculous.
The circulation of the once great newspaper is way below one million, which is a benchmark of a successful major metropolitan newspaper in a city the size of Los Angeles.
According to the 2005 New York Times almanac, as of 2004, Times circulation is at 983,727.
The Times is read by its followers and no one else.
Giving them the public platform that Hugh Hewitt gives them is a waste of time.
The Times is not going to change until it changes the whole culture of the newsroom, editors and management.
Firing the repulsive and reflexive lefty columnist Robert Scheer is not going to bring back center right readers.
actually reporting the news with as little bias as possible will do that.
So, as I say, does anyone read the Los Angeles Times?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

God Bless Canada

God bless Canada for having the wisdom and courage to finally give the Conservative party the chance to govern!
In national elections yesterday, the Conservative party, led by incoming prime minister Stephen Harper, won the majority of seats in Canada's House of Commons and will form the next government.
It will not be a outright majority, but it will be a test to see if Canada within the next two years is willing to go all the way and give the Conservatives the outright majority.
The anti-Conservative Canadian media was no help, and may have infact helped the Liberals in the end from getting totally obliterated. But when you look and the map of Canada this morning, it looks more like the United States in the infamous blue/red state phenomenon.
It is good for America, but more importantly it will be good for Canada to be led by a leader that wants to lead Canada into the 21st century. The Liberals, like our Democrats, are relics of the past and as they were in Germany last year being tossed out in favor of change.
Prime minister-elect Harper will lead a rejuvenated party while the Liberals will slash and burn to find meaning in the outcome.
Here is a clue.
Stop taxing people to death. Stop stacking the judiciary so that when you can't pass controversial legislation, they will come in like Snidley Whiplash and force what you can't win at the ballot box. Respect the inititives of the individual, not the state.Treat you constituents like you work for them, not the other way around.
Come to think of it, maybe the Democrats can learn this as well!
Well done Canada, well done!

Super Bowl 40

As I told you in an earlier posting, Super Bowl 40 is the Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers.
Now, as a Cleveland Browns fan, this pains me to write but we have the cheer the Steelers on the victory.
We can not endure a potential year of the latte drinkers from the Pacific Northwest potential NFL champions.
The local fish wrap, the Seattle Times, is so politically correct, they would not even refer to an earlier opponent as the team name, the Washington Redskins.
Imagine that, political correctness at the sport desk of a major metropolitan newspaper? Who would have thought? You won't see that in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of the Tribune-Review!
No, we need the Steelers to send the pretenders back to any Starbucks on any corner of Seattle and give the AFC another Super Bowl title.
No matter the outcome, it will be a great game!

You Did It!

You did it! By your NOT watching, the dreaded "Book of Daniel" is being cancelled! HOORAY!
By scoring abysmal ratings, NBC saw the writing on the wall.
To have a successful television show, one thing you must have is sponsors.
You can't run a hour-long promo for your network and prop up a dismal show that the Book of Daniel was.
Now that the ratings are getting lower and lower each week for an equally abysmal show, Commander in Chief on ABC, we can only hope that it is the next show on the cutting room floor.
It is not censorship that some of your liberal friends might suggest but the power of the viewer who, in this increasingly technical age, have many viewing options. Gone are the days when the big three television networks dictated the viewing habits of the American people. There is serious competition and these networks better get a clue.
The moral of this?
Bad television=cancellation!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Osama's Latest Tome

Osama bin Laden is alive and we hope not well.
He is reduced to audio taping his latest rantings so it is safe to say that he is deep in the mountains of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region hiding from the "Infidels."
It is so nice of him to offer a truce if we just get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. You get out of Islamic lands and we might leave you alone.
He is insinuating that there will be another attack against the United States. Not when or how, but sometime there will be an attack on this nation.
You see, this is why we are fighting bin Laden and those like him who want to bring the West and especially the United States down and to its knees.
bin Laden is not like say the Irish Republican Army who had the decency to give aphone call warning before launching a terror attack. No sir, bin Laden and his gang WANT to cause the greatest amount of pain and humility possible.
Like it or not, as presidential press secretary Scott McClellan said on Thursday when bin Laden's latest audio tome came out, this is why President Bush is fighting against this scourge and fighting to win. Not to a stalemate like the cold war was until Ronald Reagan came around. To win.
Also, like it or not this is a war of survival for the West and the ideas of freedom and democracy. We have to fight this to win.
Despite the fact that bin Laden is still among the living it is a strong reminder as to why we will continue to fight and win.
It is for our children and their children's future.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Anaheim Angels

There is an interesting trial in Orange County, California involving the City of Anaheim and the Angels baseball team over what city they actually go by.
currently, team owner Arte Moreno thinks that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim sounds pretty good.
A little history here is needed.
The Angels became an American League team in 1961 and were in Los Angeles and know as the Los Angeles Angels. In 1966, team owner Gene Autry, the singing cowboy, moved the team to the then backwater city of Anaheim, home to Disneyland. He changed the team name to the California Angels. When he sold the team to the Disney empire in the mid 90s, the new owners changed the name to Anaheim Angels. Then comes Arte Moreno.
In his infinite wisdom, he thought that he could change the name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, sell it as a Los Angeles team and fulfill the legal contract with the City of Anaheim by keeping Anaheim in the name.
The City of Anaheim said no way and took them to court.
They are right.
I mean, they have nothing to do with Los Angeles other than because of geography they are considered part of the Los Angeles media market. But they severed their ties to Los Angeles almost 40 years ago.
The City of Anaheim should win and the team name should be, correctly, the Anaheim Angels.
Then, when there is the Freeway Series it will mean something for the Los Angeles Dodgers to play the Anaheim Angels.
Hey, if the Red Sox and White Sox can win the World Series back to back, then next is the Chicago Cubs getting in and winning and then the Freeway Series.
Go ANAHEIM Angels!

Canada Coming Rightward

On Monday, January 23rd, sometime in the late evening the Conservative Party of Canada will ascend to power in a potential landslide.
Understand, in Canada, like Great Britain, voters vote in their district, or in the case of Canada a riding whatever that means. There are 308 ridings and it takes 155 seats to form a majority government.
Judging by the latest polls, the Conservatives have roughly about 40% of the voters and the ruling Liberals have about 30% with the New Democrats (Socialists), Greens and others pulling up the rear. That should easily give the Conservatives 123 seats. They should easily pick up the 32 seats to form a majority government without having to form a coalition.
Stephen Harper, the Conservative leader, will become prime minister and the hostility that Canada has shown the United States should lessen.
The Conservatives are really a more or less moderate party but a vast improvement over the truly corrupt and incompetent Liberals.
We need a friendly neighbor to the north so that they can be a ally and not a thorn in the side in the War on Terror and in other aspects of mutual beneficial policies.
There is the false impression that Canadians hate the United States. Well, maybe in Montreal and Toronto, but the rest of Canada loves America.
The west and the prairie provinces would just as well be part of the United States.
But, with Mr. Harper and the Conservatives to the rescue Canada will turn rightward and that is good news for President Bush and the United States

Monday, January 16, 2006

America Should Be A Vanilla Country

Is that provocative enough for you?!
Well, the wonderful mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin (D), said that god is mad at America and as divine retribution, he uleashed Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on us.
If that is not enough, he imagined and "conversation" with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But, alas, that is not the topper.
Mayor Nagin said that New Orleans again will be a majority Black city, a "chocolate" city.
How did this brain surgeon get elected in the first place?!
I mean, if a white mayor said all that he said, the left wing MSM would be all over him or her like bees to honey.
Well, if he can say all of that, I say I want America to be a vanilla country.
this is what happens when people leave their brains, and manners, at the door and go down this racist road. The problem is that Mr. Nagin is the elected mayor of a, more or less, displaced city that does not have much of the machinery up and running.
Oh yea, that is a direct result of his "leadership" during the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.
Please, some how stop this insanity. New Orleans, and America deserves better than this.

Hiding In The Bunker

Speaking of the left wing axis, I am hiding in my bunker as the Hollywood loons, or Hollyloons, are having the 63rd annual orgasm otherwise know as the Golden Globes are going on.
I have know idea who won what, but all I do know is this is the beginning of the season where the Hollyloons pat each other on the back leading up to the big orgasm of all, the Academy Awards.
Let it be know that I never watch ANY awards shows. I think it is nothing more than a self serving exercise that has not one bit of importance in my life, the life of America or the world.
While these Hollyloons will pat each other on the back, insult President Bush or any other conservative and people will think that it is funny, people are doing real jobs and keeping the economic cycle going strong.
I will continue to hide here, blogging for you, until the nightmare is over!

Super Bowl 40

You read it here first.
The Super Bowl this year will be between the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks.
Although it is really not that important since the Cleveland Browns are nowhere near the playoffs, what is relevant is the fact that the Super Bowl is the networks worst nightmare. Two small market teams, one blue collar and gritty, the Steelers and one from the latte coffee northwest, the Seahawks who have not been in the big game for a while. In the case of the Seahawks, never.
Well, I love it!
Good for the networks that will have to pay attention to a couple of towns outside the New York-Los Angeles-Washington left wing axis.
I think there will be a lot of interest. I know that I am interested and think, at this point, the Steelers will win it all.
Come back here next week to see if I still think that.
But one thing is pretty safe bet. Seahawks vs Steelers in Super Bowl 40!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Recommeded Reading

If you want to know why we went to Iraq to depose Saddam Hussain, take time to pick up the newest issue of The Weekly Standard, 01/16/06.
Read "Saddam's Terror Training Camps" by Stephen F. Hayes.
I do not know why the Bush Administration does not ramp this up to quiet the ignorant critics of why we are there. It also would be educational to those who are on the fence on this war.
It is time to make these documents public and get those who question the war to explain this away.


As you know if you read this with any regularity, I will now make this weekly plea to anyone with any morals or decency.
All I can say is that it is one of the most horrible shows ever put on network television.
We can not support this in any way. The only way that we can get this garbage off the air is to simply not watch. Just tell your friends, acquaintances, any one you know not to watch.
It will be that kind of approach that will put a fork in this dreck
Again, do NOT watch the Book of Daniel

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shame, Shame and What a Laugh

It is appalling that the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee would be going after Judge Samuel Alito with such vengeance that Mrs. Alito would be driven to tears and walk out of the hearings.
But at least there was a funny moment when Sen. Teddy 'Windbag' Kennedy could not finish his question and our lovely Sen Diane Feinstein had to ease him along.
This is just a shameful performance by the Democrats. They can not ask real questions so they bring up a Princeton alumni group that Judge Alito never denied belonging to.
They keep trying to pounce him over the head about abortion as if he is going to say, "Hell yes, I will vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade the first chance that I get!"
The whole thing is a pointless episode. I predict that Judge Alito will be confirmed 57-43. The Democrats will not have the votes to sustain a filibuster and even if they try, they will set a horrific chain of events that when they have the majority in the Senate and their president wants to nominate a left-winger to the supreme court, Republicans will not forget and stick it to them but good.
You read it hear first, Alito will be confirmed.
I can not wait for the next justice to retire so that President Bush can nominate another conservative and really get the Democrats to fall off the cliff!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Bad End For Tom Delay

It is a sad day in America where, before there is even a trail, a man like Tom Delay (R-Texas) is forced to give up being the House Majority Leader as the witch hunt goes on with this Jack Ambramoff "scandal"
The fact is that the Travis County District Attorney, Ronnie Earle, has had to do some behind the door shenanigans to get any charges filed against Mr. Delay in the first place. You know, if at first you don't succeed in getting one grand jury to indict, you just keep going like the Energizer bunny until you find one.
Now it is down to one very hard to prove charge of essentially money laundering.
I mean, Ronnie has got to keep us safe from the EVIL of Tom Delay. I wonder if Mr Earle is this worked up over people who actually commit crimes.
Lets put all the cards out on the table. Mr. Earle is a partisan Democrat as Mr. Delay is a partisan Republican. They don't like each other. Mr. Delay is actually successful at what he does. And what has Mr. Delay done? He has pursued and enacted the Republican, and in this case, President Bush's agenda.
That is not good.
Hence, Mr Earle has got to be thinking that there is something wrong with that, hence he has pursued getting Mr. Delay since he became the House Majority Leader.
Now, he does have something, potentially, that may go to trial and a jury may have to decide.
Thus this is why many nervous Republicans are throwing Mr. Delay overboard and, decent man that he is, saw the handwriting on the wall and quit as Majority Leader, setting the stage for elections later this month.
I guess that this is how succes is now rewarded in America in 2006.

The Book of Daniel...YUK!

It pains me to admit that, for research purposes only, I subjected myself to two unbearable hours of watching NBC's overhyped show The Book of
It had to be the most dysfunctional group of people ever put on network telelvision period.
In a nutshell, the cast is led by Aiden Quinn as a typical left-of-center, "non judgmental" Episcopal priest in New York state. He is the sane one. He pops pain killers for a bad back and talks to Jesus as if he is a regular guy. His wife is an alcoholic, his children are a real bunch of degenerates. The daughter sells pot to support her on line anime habit. The one son is gay and the adopted Chinese son is a over sexed smart aleck. Oh, what else. Quinn's father is a bishop and mother has alzheimers. So what does this bishop do? He finds a female bishop and has an affair with her.
Thats just the immediate family.
Then there is the sister in law whose husband is the church treasurer and runs off with his much younger secretary and a little over three million dollars. So what does an Episcopal priest do to track this degenerate down and get the money back? He goes to Father Frank, the Roman Catholic priest with ties to the Mafia!
I have to stop! You get the idea.
What, among many aspects about this show that is troubling is that it uses the Episcopal Church as a backdrop. As I wrote in an earlier post, the Episcopal Church is the liberals favorite denomination. For some of us, it is unfortunate because of the liberal takeover of the leadership at most parishes, dioceses and the national church, the leadership does not reflect the average person in the pew.
This Aiden Quinn's priest said that tempation is not really a bad thing because without temptation, there can be no redemption. Got it?! When Quinn was talking to Jesus, he should have asked him why he would foolishly ask his followers to pray not to be led into temptation.
Please, I ask those reading this NOT to watch this show. The only way it will be taken off the air is with the most abysmal ratings possible. I mean you have got to rate it lower than an average UPN show for this dreck to be taken off the air.
If this is what Hollywood wants to portray as the normal American family, give me 7th Heaven on the WB anyday!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Governor Davis, er Arnold's State of the State

WOW! Gray Davis is back in Sacramento!
I mean, how else can you explain who that was standing in the well of the California state capital and gave the State of the State speech?
It looked like Governor Arnold, but sounded like he was Gray Davis.
Is it because of Susan Kennedy, is Democrat Chief of Staff? Is it because he feels that the special election from last year was a mistake because they lost or that he did not, or does not, believe in them?
All I can say is that Governor Arnold needs to step back and realize that many a Republican may just nominate him to run for reelection this year and sit home on election day.
I mean, why vote for the watered-down version and not get the real thing, a Democrat?
I am hoping this is a bad dream, that if he wins reelection he will jettison this and return to being a Republican that fights for lower taxes, individual rights and law and order.
Maybe, just maybe this is the run to the center stragedy. I mean I know Governor Arnold is not Ronald Reagan, but I will settle for a George Deukmejian or Pete Wilson.
Come back Arnold, come back!

The Reverend Pat, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

Be it for me to cast the first stone regarding the Reverend Pat Robertson, but today's choice comment concerning Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's massive stroke is worth rebutting.
The fact that he said it is God's judgment because he followed through in giving the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority is poor theology.
People seem to forget that there is God and the Devil-good and evil. Bad things do not happen because God lets them. The Devil, like God, is battling for souls. But not for good, for bad.
I don't think that God decided to punish Mr. Sharon, or his potential successor(s) who try to proceed with the peace process.
I myself oppose the giving of land for peace, ask former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain how successful that was!
But the Reverend Pat needs to step back and stop saying silly things.
I know about silly things. I belong to the Episcopal Church and many silly things are said every Sunday in many a pulpit.
I can not always defend what an Episcopal preacher says any more than I can not defend the Reverend Pat.
So I would say please Reverend Pat stop the insanity and stick to saving souls-not politicians.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Happened in West Virginia

I am saddened to hear what happened to the 13 miners in West Virginia, with only one surviving after the world was told that 12 of the 13 survived. Unfortunately, the reverse was true.
What is more troubling is that when the false information that 12 miners had survived, the mine owners knew 20 minutes later that the reverse was true, yet it took three hours to devastate the families even more.
It is a tradgedy that can not happen again.
A thorough investigation must take place and where the blame falls has to fall.
People can NEVER be made to go through what those families went through.
I am a diehard capitalist, but there is a point in which where the system does not take into account the humanity of people, we must stand back and do that on our own and this is one of those times.
Now we must pray for all the miners, their families and most of all the sole survivor that he can recover and move on with his life.
What a tradgedy.


As I told you in yesterday's posting, Texas would beat USC for the college football national championship and they did for the reasons stated yesterday.
One reason that Texas won is that Pete Carroll out coached Pete Carroll. On two occasions, he chose to go on forth down. The second time was a huge mistake giving Texas excellent field position and Vince Young went to work.
Anyway, very importantly, it was the best game I have seen in many a moon and it was worth the wait.
However, I still think that this BCS, aka the Bowl conspiracy Series, needs to be revisited. Computers are not a major reason to be used to determine who the best team in the country is.
There are still too many bowl games and the NCAA should look at returning to the old system in which the polls determined the national champion.
Just a thought.
Win or lose this was a game for the ages.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pray For the Trapped Miners

Please pray for the 12 miners that are still alive in the coal mine explosion in West Virginia. They do an amazingly thankless job and deserve our thoughts and prayers. Also pray for the one person whose body was found.

Hook 'em Horns! Texas will BEAT USC!

You read it here first. The Texas Longhorns will beat the USC trojans for the BCS (Also known here as the Bowl conspiracy Series) college football championship.
Yea, yea I know. I live in Pasadena and should be, by all accounts, a big USC fan. But I'm not. My game was last Friday when UCLA came back and beat Northwestern like a drum.
So, here are some reasons why Texas will wipe the floor with USC.
1) Tougher schedule and more convincing wins. Texas had to go into Ohio State, were underdogs, and won. Also, the Big 12 is a tougher conference than the Pac 10. Also, while USC did pound the beloved UCLA Bruins into the ground to cement this game, Texas massacred Colorado, 70-3 to win the Big 12 title game, something that the Pac 10 does not even have.
2) Better quarterback. Yes, I know some people look and wonder have I hot the sauce to make this claim, but while Matt Leinart has great numbers, it is the overall quality of Vince Young that impresses me.
3) Swagger. USC coach Pete Carroll is way too business like and it reflects in the attitude of the team. You have to be hungry every year.
You have to have the attitude of Texas safety Michael Huff who said after pounding Colorado, "They (USC) probably have the second-best offense, compared to our offense, in the nation. Then lineman Rod Wright said, "We want to dominate."
4) Red state vs. Blue State. Sorry, although I am of the left coast I do live in a very blue state, at least on the coastline. Texas is a growing state, has a superior business climate and Republican governance. Until this state elects more real Republicans, we will be looking very much like, much to my horror, New York or even worse, Massachusetts!
Some of this is hyperbole, but the bottom line is that Texas is a better team and peaking at the right time. Tomorrow at this time, a lot of Americans will be doing the hook 'em horns!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Since it is now 2006, why not join the masses and share with you some of my New Year's resolutions.
1) To be more patient with those who disagree with me. It is not always easy being right so often!
2) To share more with people about my relationship with Jesus Christ. As an Episcopalian, it is not exactly one of our strong suits, but this year I am going to try hard to change that for myself in a personal way.
3) To work hard to elect more Republicans, not wishy-washy ones, to office. A strong Republican party is one that elects more center-right people to office. A weak Republican party ends up looking like that in Massachusetts and soon to be in New York state.
4) To pray for a Freeway Series in October between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Anaheim (NOT Los Angeles!!) Angels. Hey, the Red Sox have won and last year the White Sox won, why not the Freeway Series!
5) Do something to effect positive change in my community. Here in Pasadena, California a big issue is whether or no we will look into getting a pro football team to play in the Rose Bowl. I believe that it should be put to a vote by the people and let the chips fall where they may. Some of my fellow citizens do not seem to appreciate that the rest of the community has a say in matters for the whole of the city.
6) To shop more at Walmart! I am so sick and tired of those who seem to hate Walmart (and secretly shop there!) and yet do not have a clue that it is how the retail industry is. Walmart is not the first retailer to go in to a city and offer low prices and that leads to some loss of mom-and-pops and that they do not pay like supermarkets that charge as much as five times what any given item. And please, do not fall for the propaganda that Walmart does not offer health insurance.
Those are just a few of the realistic resolutions that I will try to keep this year. I hope that you make realistic resolutions and do all you can to keep them!