Saturday, December 31, 2005


Here is to all a safe, prosporus and happy 2006!

Franklin Roosevelt vs. George W. Bush

It has occurred to me that with the recent revelation that President Bush has authorized secret wiretaps of suspected terror suspects how President Franklin D. Roosevelt would have handled the situation in 1941 with today's technology.
Would have President Roosevelt have made the fateful decision to inter over 140,000 Japanese-Americans because he had no idea who was a threat or not?
If President Roosevelt had the kind of surveillance technology as we have today, he could have authorized the wiretapping and anything else in the intelligence arsenal to root out sympathizers and agents of Imperial Japan.
And, President Roosevelt would have been right to do so then as is President Bush today.
Because of what we can do behind the scenes, America does not have to round up anyone with an Arabic-sounding name or look and keep them in inhumane interment camps. Most of those Americans, as where most of the Japanese, are loyal and productive citizens.
BUT, we do have to be vigilant and that is what the president did by authorizing the secret wiretaps.
What is amazing is the fact that the New York Times printed the story which leads to the point.
We are at war! There is no getting around it, we are fighting the most cunning enemy that we have faced, international Islamofacist terrorists.
The president has tried, as to not upset many things like the economy, to make it appear that we are not in a what like World War II, but this is World War III and the case has to be drilled into the American people.
Not to upset the applecart, so to speak, but so that when these kind of things come out, people are not confused that what Mr. Bush is doing is against loyal American citizens.
Franklin Roosevelt did let the American people know that we were at war and George W. Bush needs to do the same so that we are united in fighting and winning the War Against Terror.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What President Bush Should Do in 2006

Since President Bush will get plenty of advice from friend and foe, I will offer what I think he should do in 2006.
1) Iraq:
Mr. Bush should stay the course and get the Iraqi armed forces trained and ready to take up protecting the country. He should not cave into bringing the troops home before the job is done. Only bring home some troops if events warrant it.
2) Energy:
If there is not a reason to drill through limited drilling in ANWAR, then there is no time. As radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt ( has said, it is an issue of national security. Unfortunately, some Nervous Nellie Republicans, who worry more about what the New York Times will say, are thwarting getting this off the ground. If they do not get it, maybe a defeat at a party primary might get through to these people.
3) The budget and taxes:
They go hand in hand. Again, sometimes it is the self-flagellating Republicans that cause more trouble than the suicidal Democrats led by Dr. Howard Dean. Now more than ever Mr. Bush must push through real budget cuts, maintaining the tax cuts and begin real tax reform.
4) The elections:
Nationalize it! Make it a referendum on the Democrats. Make them come up with plans and defend them. It is not, as Dr. Dean has implied, a plan that will come when they get it together. No sir, you have to have a core belief and run on it. It is how Republicans run and win elections.
I think it is time to see the muscular President Bush, not the get along President. It is the last chance before 2008 rolls around for the President to make a lasting impact. Lets faxe it, it all will ride on Iraq and it will be where all else rolls. Mr. Bush needs total victory in Iraq and will get victory in everything else.

Friday, December 23, 2005

The War Against Christmas

Just finished reading John Gibson's terrific book, "The War on Christmas" and what blew me away was not all of the stories that he related but a couple of lines in the beginning of the book.
"Some institutional backers of the war on Christmas are Christian Churches, such as the Unitarians (Personal note, I would not consider Unitarians Christians and they would not either) and the United Church of Christ who celebrate Jesus Christ's humanity and leave the room when the discussion turns to his divinity. These are the churches that marry gays and turn their backs on preborn babies"
Whoa Nelly!
As we are about to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who was born to save the world and bring all to a perfect relationship with God, this is a sad truth but not limited to the above mentioned denominations.
My own denomination, The Episcopal Church, celebrates and elevates such outright heretics as Bishop John Shelby Spong. Bishop Spong has written books one such subjects as deny the Virgin Mary and the virgin birth of Christ. Another is why Christianity must adapt or die. How should Christianity adapt? By throwing out the traditions and essentially adopting a secular humanist agenda.
But that does not mean all of us who love our church agree with such outright heresy.
Those, such as myself, actually believe that what traditional Anglicanism has taught all these many centuries. Scripture, tradition, reason. I believe
that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. From genesis to Revelation. Tradition is what guides how we look at the Holy Bible. Reason is how people of disparate views at least agree on the basics.
Ah, but there are people like Bishop Spong, who clearly must be a shill of the Democratic Party, who hate being a Christian so much that they and people of his ilk will actually believe that the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior would offend people. That is part of this War against Christmas is about.
Those of us who fight back in little and big ways are what will save us from people like Bishop Spong, the leadership of most of the Mainline Protestant denominations that keep getting it wrong.
I love everything about Christmas and am not ashamed of it. The celebration of the birth of Christ, the Christmas Trees, the bright lights that decorate everywhere and then general feeling of goodwill that, infact, transcends the fact it is a Christian holiday and celebration.
I am also positive that we will win this war. We are right and when you talk to many people you will realize that there is good will.

The Fight for Religious Freedom-a New Victory

It is good to see that my hometown upscale mall, the Paseo Colorado in Pasadena, CA is finally wising up and reversing a ridiculous decision earlier this week that took down the annual Hanukkah display, a menorah, from this years holiday display.
The reason. It is a "religious symbol" and the mall's management, Developers Diversified Realty, said it is a new policy of not displaying religious symbols. This as the Christmas Tree, er Holiday Tree, was standing tall in the bright and warm California sunshine.
After rightful outrage, the management company relented and the menorah lighting ceremony will be held this Monday, the day after the first night of Hanukkah.
My friends, this is what anyone of us who sees this war against religion in the public square are fighting against. This anti-religion zealotry that does nothing to protect religious freedom.
The constitution is clear on the subject. The first amendment says that congress shall make no law to establish a religion and prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
When people like the so-called People For the American Way and Americans United for Separation of church and State lead the way to assault our constitutionally protected freedoms and then when their shock troops enforce it, they will stand back, cower and make some aside that people like that are just a little bit overzealous. As was the old Soviet Union and present day Communist China with respect to religious freedom.
Thankfully, this issue untied Jews and Christians and as more assaults on our religious freedom occur, we will also see Islamics and other faiths joining with us to protect our rights in America.
Thank you Paseo Colorado for seeing the light!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The AP Gets it Wrong Again

The Associated Press today released the top 10 news stories of 2005. Funny, the year is not over, but I digress.
Of course the number one story is Hurricane Katrina. As a natural disaster is rivals only the devastating Sumatra Earthquake of 2004. I mean, there are not many other weather calamities that wipe out whole cities as did Katrina.
But, where the AP blew it is that the recent Iraqi elections were no where to be found on the top ten list. What the AP did, cleverly, is lump it in general about Iraq as a whole as the number three story of the year.
Of course there is the mention that this past year saw the 2,000th plus deaths of brave American soldiers and the 30,000 plus dead Iraqis and the suicide/homicide bombings. But the election, and the previous constitutional elections in this past January, is the real story of Iraq.
It trumps the trial of Saddam, any other news out of Iraq.
Why? Because it happened!
With all the doom and gloom the the Iraq war opponents, led the the Cindy Sheehans and Dr. Howard Deans, this should not have happened whatsoever.
But it did!
President Bush did not cut and run when the polls showed support waning for the war. He ramped it up. Recently he gave a series of speeches that explained in detail why we are there, the mistakes made and why we are still there to finish the job.
That, my friends, is leadership.
And now, the Iraqi people will, as they have against all the odds, stand up and find the leaders that will continue to fight against insurgents and terrorists. I am confident they will and that should be the story of the year.
But success, especially where President Bush is concerned, is not something that the AP or anyone else in the "Mainstream" media ever warrents a top ten story of the year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Truth from the Archbishop

An interview in this past Sunday's Times of London ( with the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord George Carey, was not only eye opening but sad for those of us in the Episcopal Church that agree with him and his points.
The Main points in his own words:
1)"I think there is a view around that practicing Christianity and all the symbols that go with it embarrasses people of other faiths and of course thats nonsense."
2)"We can't keep faith out of politics or out of public life, Its part of our own indentity."
3)"We must avoid the kind of political correctness that is creeping in and undermining the public expression of the Christian faith."
That is exactly the point those of us who are Christian and Episcopalian have been trying to say, espcially in this season of open warfare by anti-Christian zealots with regard to Christmas.
Where is our Presiding Bishop, the Most Right Reverend Frank Griswold? Where is our local bishop for the Diocese of Los Angeles, the Right Reverend Jon Bruno? Stunningly silent.
This Christian and Episcopalian is silent no more.
Do not be ashamed at wishing people a Merry Christmas. Use it as an oppertunity to talk about your church of your own realtionship with Jesus Christ.
Do not be ashamed of sharing the Gospel in whatever way you are comfortable with.
It is time for those of us who are serious about our faith to say so, and proudly!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

HO HO HO From the New York City Transit Workers

I see that the New York City transit workers went on strike this morning, at the lovely hour of 3am local time.
As they cry for more money, striking illegally, thousands of New Yorkers are left stranded.
For how long is only a guess at this point.
While "Republican" Mayor Michael Bloomberg walked over the Brooklyn bridge, or the plank, to show solidarity with the stranded commuters, another "Republican", Gov. George Pataki issued a whinny statement essentially saying "Please go back to work." the union bigwigs must be laughing themselves silly.
After hosing California Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger is the recent special election, public employee unions must think all "Republican" officials are easy pushovers.
I remember a former Governor, Calvin Coolidge, came to national prominence by stopping an illegal police strike in Boston.
Another president, Ronald Reagan, stopped an illegal strike by air traffic controllers cold. He fired them!
Do we have to dig Republicans like this out of the history pages to show what to do with illegal strikers? I hope not

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Case for War

President Bush has spent the past couple of weeks making the case for the war in Iraq. Mr. Bush is Finally waking up from the assaults of the anti-war press and is fighting back.
Most importantly, Mr. Bush is stating the obvious to those of us who have been paying attention. This is the central, not only front in the War Against Terror.
The freak-show of the left wing, led by such luminaries as Cindy Sheehan, had their day.Now those of us that want to see success in the Iraq theater are speaking up, loud and clear and that is, better late than never, being led by President Bush.
Keep it up, Mr. President!