Monday, January 12, 2015

Sen. Ma'am Boxer Will Not Run For Reelection in '16-Does The GOP Have A Chance?

In an otherwise sad and depressing week, surprisingly one senator made my week as Sen. Ma'am Barbara Boxer announced in her usually strange way that she will not run for a fifth term in 2016.
Thank God Almighty!
We in California will not be represented in the United States senate in 2017 by the most incompetent person elected in my lifetime.
That is the good news.
The bad news is that this is California and it is a better than 60-40 chance that the Democrats will retain the seat. If that is the case, one hopes that the person elected is better than the dim bulb that has been Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
Before I go one, I must remind you of how Sen. Ma'am got her name on this blog.
On Tuesday, June 16, 2009, during a hearing with Brigadier General Michael Walsh of the Army Corps of Engineers, he made a horrific mistake. Brig. Gen. Walsh called the senator such a foul name, I'm not sure that I can write it on a family blog.
He called her ma'am.
Well, Barbara Boxer put this eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll, awful man in his place:

 “Do me a favor, can you say ‘senator’ instead of ‘ma’am’?” It’s just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title, so I’d appreciate it. Thank you.”

Take THAT you, you brigadier general!
So, due to Barbara Boxer's hypersensitivity and self-importance, this blogger refers to her as Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
Now on to the meat of this post.
While the task is daunting for the Republican party to snatch that seat from the Democrats, nothing is impossible.
So, who are some possible candidates that can do the job?
First on the potential list is one that has indicated he wants to run for another office. But could he be convinced to lower his expectations and settle for a senate seat?
Well that would be Mitt Romney, of course.

I know, I know, Mr. Romney wants to be president and he really thinks he can do it in this third time. But for the moment, in a reality burst, Mr. Romney says, "Ahh, I can't really win this president thing. Maybe I can serve in another way. I'm now pretty California connected. More than Hillary Clinton was when she carpetbagged her way to a New York senate seat. Maybe I'll give this senate run a try."
If he does, the positives are that he fits the overall California electorate. While a center-right politician, in his one term as governor of Massachusetts, he governed in the same manner. As conservative as one could when the state legislature and senate are two-thirds Democratic. Oh, and he ran for the senate before, you know.
In 1994, while the Republican landslide that saw the GOP take the house from the Democrats after 40 years, Mr. Romney decided to take on the legendary senator, Edward "Teddy" Kennedy. Mr. Romney did not win that race, but it was the closest a Republican had gotten or ever did get to Sen. Kennedy. Mr. Romney lost the race by a large 58% to 41% percent margin. OK, that is a wide margin, but the fact is he did well in his first political foray.
So, Mr. Romney does have the experience of running a campaign for the senate.
Also important is that he would have the kind of money to run a competent, issue-oriented campaign against any Democrat.
But the downside is that counting that senate campaign, Mr. Romney is a three-time loser. And that is a hard thing to shake.
I still hope that Mr. Romney considers a run.
Another potential candidate is one that has ran before, in fact in the last campaign against Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
That would be Carly Fiorina who lost to Sen. Ma'am Boxer by a 52% to 42% margin. That is one of Sen. Ma'am Boxer's largest margins of victory.
Like Mr. Romney, Mrs. Fiorina has made a run before. She is also more like a center-rightist in the Mitt Romney mold. Of course the California leftywhore media did it's level best to paint Mrs. Fiorina as a California version of Sarah Palin. Hardly, but remember that Sen. Ma'am Boxer has literally won every election telling women she supports their right to kill babies in the womb and that she prefers stone-age living all for the environment.
Mrs. Fiorina did have a coherent platform and spent a lot of money to lose in the end. She would do so if she thought that she had a decent chance again.
And being a woman does help somewhat. She comes off more polished as our senior senator, Dianne Feinstein. She is not abrasive and would certainly never dress down a member of the armed forces unnecessarily.
Mrs. Fiorina has real-world business experience in being the CEO of technology giant Hewlett-Packard.
But her negatives are very strong.
Obviously, she ended up losing the senate race to Sen. Ma'am Boxer. In a year Republicans did well across the United States, Mrs. Fiorina spent a lot of money to end up with 42% of the vote. One way to look at it is she did five points better than Sen. John "F--- You" McCain did in his failed 2008 presidential campaign.
Mrs. Fiorina's time at Hewlett-Packard was fraught with controversy and she was eventually forced out of her position.
A really major negative in my book is that after that campaign, she left California and is based in Virginia. In my serious opinion, to make any other run at office here in California, she needed to stay. That would seriously hurt her in a Republican primary.
And Mrs. Fiorina is also being bitten by the presidential bug.
But really, what can she offer in a presidential run? She lost her only serious campaign for office. But she could redeem herself with a move to run again for the senate from California.
I don't think that she will go for another chance to represent the voters of California.
The third potential candidate is one that I personally want to see get in this race and that is congressman Tom McClintock, a man that has run for statewide office before and while he lost, both times were by very close margins.

Mr. McClintock is no stranger to politics in California. He has successfully ran for and won in the state assembly and senate and in congress.
However, Mr. McClintock has not been so lucky in three statewide elections that he ran in.
In 1994,   he ran for state controller and lost to Kathleen Connell by a slim 48%-46% margin. Other candidates received six percent of the vote.
In 2002, Mr. McClintock tried again for the controller job and he lost in a closer and more heartbreaking loss to Steve Westley. Only 16,811 votes separated the top two candidates as Mr. Westley gained 45.4% of the vote to Mr. McClintock's 45.1%.
In the 2003 gubernatorial recall election, Mr. McClintock finished in third place behind the eventual winner, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger and the then Lt. Governor, Cruz Bustamante. In that election Mr. McClintock only received 14% the vote. Out of about 130 candidates.
But the loss that grates on me is his loss campaigning for Lt. Governor in 2006.
In that election, Gov. Benedict Arnold was already assured of winning reelection. And Mr. McClintock had a good chance of defeating Democrat John Garamendi. But Gov. Benedict Arnold did not campaign for any Republican candidate down ticket. As is wont for most moderate Republicans, they look out for themselves. And in what was a bad year for Republicans, Mr. McClintock went down to defeat losing to Mr. Garamendi, 49% to 42%.
The positive is that Mr. McClintock has ran statewide elections. He has consistently received over 40% of the vote each time.
For conservatives, he is consistent and true to what he believes in. He does not waver and is not a flame thrower in his conservatism. He is a traditional values conservative, but has never made it an issue in any of his statewide campaigns. Out of the three candidates I have chosen to highlight here, Mr. McClintock is the solid conservative.
But the obvious negative is that Mr. McClintock has lost every statewide race he has run. And in the last go round in 2006, his percentage of votes went down to 42%. And that seems to be the ceiling for the GOP in statewide elections for the most part.
Again, I have not said it would be an easy climb for any Republican to win Ma'am Barbara Boxer's seat. But one thing to remember that while Californian's were voting for Republicans at the presidential and gubernatorial level, they were also voting the late Sen. Alan Cranston, a liberal Dem if there ever was one, back to office with solid numbers.
All three of the candidates do have baggage in different ways. Yet they all have certain appeal that can possibly pull them over the top. I do beleive that Mr. McClintock would please us conservatives and thus the volunteers would will get excited to support a candidate. And while Mrs. Fiorina and Mr. Romney might not excite a lot of the grassroots, they could run against the Democrat establishment in California.
Nothing is ever easy for the California GOP these days. But a chance to take a Democrat seat has to be tantalizing to leadership. There will not be an incumbent so it is going to be a race for someone new on both sides. But make no mistakes. They will be "professional" politicians on both sides.
The most exciting thing is that in two years at this time, no matter what, there will not be Sen. Ma'am Barbara Boxer.

Friday, January 09, 2015

72 Hours Of Islamofacist Terror Ends In France

There is so much information to digest regarding the Islamofascist attack on the headquarters of the left-wing satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo this past Wednesday that I will start with the latest update of the killing of the suspects today near Paris.

As of this writing, two suspects that were wanted by French authorities in the Islamofascist terror attack on the left-wing satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were killed outside of Paris today.
But in the interim, another terror situation unfolded in a Jewish neighborhood in Paris as two Islamofascist terrorist, including one woman, seized a market and held hostages.
The main suspects in the assault on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, two brothers named Cherif and Said Kouachi, were on the run yet seized a print shop near Charles deGaulle international airport and held a hostage.
In Paris itself, two people seized the Hypercacher (Hyper Kosher) market and held an undetermined number of hostage. One of the Islamofacist terrorists, Amedy Coulibaly, was killed in the assault on the Hypercacher. However, it appears that Mr. Coulibaly had an accomplice and she escaped. Her name is Hayat Boumeddiene. According to the Fox News Channel report, these two are suspected in the murder of police officer Clarissa Jean-Philippe as she was in the process of investigating a routine traffic accident in Paris.
In simultaneous raids, French police raided both locations killing the main suspects in the Charlie Hebdo massacre and Mr. Boumeddiene. And as noted Miss Boumeddiene apparently escaped and there is now a manhunt for her.
Also, it appears that four of the hostages in the Hypercacher were killed but it is undetermined if it was during the raid/rescue operation or at the hands of the terrorists themselves.
The following link to CNN is informative as to what is known and what is unknown. Most important is what is known and three out of four Islamofascist terrorists are dead.

On Wednesday, three Islamofascist terrorists at the lunch hour shot their way through the headquarters of a left-wing satirical magazine known as Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people and wounded 11 others.
Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing satirical magazine that has mocked the three monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judiasm) with some racy, vile cartoons. But of course it is the fact that they had cartoons of Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, well we all know how that upsets the radical Islamics.
Apparently, they don't know such Western ideas such as freedom of the press. And if they did not like it, hey lead a boycott.
No, no, no.
Three heavily armed and well trained Islamofascist terrorists sent a message to this magazine. You will NOT, EVER, in ANY way draw and or mock the prophet, Mohammad. And to remind you of that, we will kill, wound and maim as many as we could.
In ensuing assault, at least one of the Islamofascist terrorists sought out one of the villains in the mocking of Mohammad by name. That name was that of St├ęphane Charbonnier, also known as Charb. He was the editor of Charlie Hebdo. And he was savagely executed along with 11 others for daring to poke at the main dude of Islam.
Say, notice something here?
Why as I noted, Charlie Hebdo mocked Christians and Jews. Religion was not something to revere but to mock for these folks. But why hadn't any Christian terrorists done such a deed? Jewish terrorists? Because these are advanced religions that would resort to reason rather than savagery and intimidation.
Here is a good place to show you what got Cherif and Said Kouachi and a third suspect all riled up. Here are some of the cartoons that pissed these Islamofascists off

Here's a depiction of the Islamic
prophet, Mohammad
As noted, this publication is not specifically
anti-Muslim as this cartoon
mocks Islamics and Jews.
And here is what Charlie Hebdo
has done to the three great
monotheistic religions.
Mock 'em.
Now what do you notice in the few cartoons that I have shared with you?
That Charlie Hebdo is a pretty equal opportunity offender.
And yes, there are other cartoons I choose not to share. Not because I am scared or worried. Because I will at a later date.
And you know what?
This stuff is not my cup of tea.
I mean, again this is a left-wing publication that I would not be attracted to in the first place. I would not be thrilled if one on my side was doing such things. And really, the cartoons are sort of not all that great to my taste again.
But you know what I would do if something really, really pissed me off?
I would encourage and or lead a boycott. It's what we do in the United States. If we do not like something, we point it out and we find peaceful ways to deal with such things.
Yet there are those influential in the radical Islamic world that are celebrating. That are happy of the event that took place. And of course, defending it, albeit at the edges.
A debate took place between Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity and a radical Islamic cleric, Anjem Choudury, who operates freely in London, England.
Mr. Choudury tries to play down the middle not outright supporting the terror spree that took place in Paris. I will give Mr. Choudury credit in that he is down with the explanation of Islam as its meaning, submission, and that in that submission, its cool to take out those that "insult" Mohammad. Here is a transcript of the salient part of Mr. Hannity and Mr. Choudury's discussing the events and Mr. Choudury's rather defense of what happened. Here is also the video because it is worth watching.

I think that Mr. Hannity hits it out of the ball park with this wrap up:
All right. Anjem Choudary, I still think you're an evil SOB.
Damn straight, Sean Hannity!
Understand that Mr. Choudury is able to spew his vile interpretation of Islam freely in a nation that, if he had his way, would not have the very freedom he abuses.

Part of the development of Western culture has been the idea of education and the free exchange of ideas. It is why, by and large, the West has lived in peace with each other. When we have not, it has been at the hands of non-believers in either Christianity and or Judiasm. Communism, Nazism, Fascism are but some of the examples of when the Western experiment has almost failed. But all were defeated in the theatre of war and the theatre of ideas.
It does not behoove an idea, the idea of Islam, when three gunmen, who did not commit the attack on their own, decide that they will determine what is right and wrong.
Not only did these thugs kill those inside the Charlie Hebdo headquarters but in the most cowardly manner force an unarmed policeman, laying on the ground, to beg for his life. Of course they killed him. And he was also a Muslim. Such a sad irony.
And they were not alone in terror. With the hostage drama that unfolded in a Jewish market in Paris, these terrorists forced a nation literally on its knees.
But to the credit of the French police, they did not stay on their knees. They took out the bastards before more harm can come to those being held against their will.
It has been a frightening 72 hours of Islamofascist terror that gripped Paris and a great deal of France. But they do have to look as we all do at why this scourge has taken root not only in Europe but in the United States as well.
Because some day, it could be as soon as tomorrow, we will face an event such as France just got over.
We must be vigilant and honest. That there is a very radical strain of Islam. That there are many that will die for that radical Islam. That we can not allow this cancer to metastasize any further.
Then we will not face terror of the nature that spews from the bowels of radical Islam.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

How Not To Unseat A Speaker Of The House

Let's face it.
I am not a fan of Rep. John Boehner (R-Oh) as speaker of the house. I think that he way too often seems willing to accommodate the Democrats and the current occupant of the White House, the Dear Leader, President Obama.
But I do have to admire the fact that he is a survivor and this past Tuesday survived an insurrection and was elected speaker for a third term.
While Mr. Boehner had a victory on Tuesday, it was illuminating on why conservatives at times can't be taken seriously.
The die was essentially cast shortly after the November midterm elections when the Republican house leadership were reelected with not one bit of opposition.
One of those that was expected to join the insurrection, Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), ended up voting for Mr. Boehner holding his nose. In this press release, Mr. Mulvaney gives a reasonable explanation as to why he ended up voting for Mr. Boehner. And he points out that before the die was cast in November, someone should have ran against Mr. Boehner and Republicans could have had a secret ballot vote.
And what Mr. Mulvaney did not articulate on is that those opposed to Mr. Boehner could have rallied around one candidate. One solid conservative against the establishmentarian. And Tuesday's vote may have turned out very differently.
But, alas, we conservatives did not do any of that and it was a production of the conservative Keystone Kops.
First, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), a likable fellow and solid conservative, announced that he would throw his hat in the ring.
Where was he in November? Did he oppose Mr. Boehner for the speaker ship then?
Then an unknown just elected to a second term house member, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) decided, hey, I'll throw my hat in the ring.
I will ask Mr. Yoho the same couple of questions that I have for Mr. Gohmert.
Then, out of nowhere came Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.) and he ended up getting the most votes.
Same two questions for Mr. Webster.
But how did Mr. Webster come out of nowhere? The absolute least conservative of the three that announced got the most votes at 13.
The fact is that all it would have taken was for 29 votes to force a second ballot and then all hell could have broken loose.
It's not me making that point but California Rep. Tom McClintock who knows how leadership elections sometimes turn into unbelievable fiascoes.
Mr. McClintock was a member of the state assembly after the 1994 midterm elections in which the GOP actually became the majority party in the state assembly.
Not to go into the history of how a very close Republican majority, only one vote, led to several months of jockeying that did end up with a Republican speaker of the the Assembly. But these three names, Doris Allen, Brian Setencich and Curt Pringle were all players in the drama. Oh, we can't forget the puppet master of this problem, Willie Brown.
Would it have been better to end up with something like a co-speaker ship?! We don't know and thank goodness we don't have to find out.
And if anyone calls Mr. McClintock a RINO* or a weakling or in with leadership, they are out of their collective skulls.
Again, had conservatives thought this through, they should have gotten together before this came up in November. They knew that a vote would take place right after the election for continuity reasons in dealing with the lame-duck session of congress. Had they done that, I absolutely believe that they had a chance to find a solid conservative that could be acceptable to establishmentarians and Tea Party types alike and all in between.
Now some think a lot of this angst was fueled by conservative talk radio types. I do not think that they fueled it because many were making the same case in November that there was no backbone to challenge Mr. Boehner and the leadership at any level. All were reelected by acclimation. There were enough that thought to challenge Mr. Boehner publicly. And while it provided high drama, the sad fact is that it was a foregone conclusion.
The key is to have challenged right away. Even not having the votes then did put Mr. Boehner on notice that if he does not show some backbone, he would be challenged. And by the time this past Tuesday came, a strong candidate may have emerged and Mr. Boehner might have actually lost.
Conservatives need to know how to play the long game. By that it is to build up strength and to wisely pick and choose the hill to die on. Otherwise, as I noted, those that we like and respect start to look like the Keystone Kops and we forget why we oppose Mr. Boehner, et al, altogether.
There will be more battles ahead and the real test of Mr. Boehner as speaker will be how he keeps his caucus in line.
And conservatives can and will have another fight and many fights along the way. And hopefully, better leadership to be victorious.

*-Republican In Name Only.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

First It's Jeb Bush, Now The Rev. Mike Huckabee In The Running For The '16 GOP Nod

Let's get this out of the way.
Whenever any candidate for president is either "exploring" or setting up an "exploratory committee", you can bet your bottom dollar that they are and will be running for president.
Late last year, former Florida governor and latest member of a certain family, Jeb (John Ellis Bush) Bush announced that he is setting up a presidential "exploratory committee" for a "possible" run for the 2016 Republican nomination for president.
Tonight on his Fox News Channel program, the former Arkansas governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, the Rev. Mike Huckabee, announced that he is leaving the Fox News Channel as he too is "exploring" entering what should be a crowded GOP field for 2016.
As I have my issues with Mr. Bush, I have issues with the Rev. Huckabee.
My main issue with the Rev. Huckabee is that I believe, despite denials on both sides, that he teamed up with the eventual GOP 2008 presidential nominee, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain to deny the former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, the GOP nod.
Also, the Rev. Huckabee did seem to love his tax hikes while governor of Arkansas.
But he sure can say this.
He led the way for the Republican party to take over the state of Arkansas. Granted much of the GOP gains in Arkansas occurred after he left office and was capped off by the GOP winning control of the state legislature and all elected offices in the state.
The Rev. Huckabee has a lot of supporters and he does talk up a cultural populism. But again, I am not sure that he can gain much beyond his base of primarily Evangelical Christian voters.
Having a weekly talk gig on Fox News Channel has helped him communicate a message beyond politics and he has had many guests on his show that are very political polar opposites such as singer Melissa Etheridge.
And the Rev. Huckabee had the highest-rated cable show for his time slot on Saturday night.
It is possible that because of that he could be appealing to the populist wing of the GOP, which is growing and the strongest it has been in many years.
And why even if Jeb Bush does run for the GOP nomination, as I suspect he will, he will have a hard time winning over those voters period. He will lose many votes on his pro-amnesty for illegal aliens and strong support for Common Core educational standards. And Mr. Bush was a very good, conservative governor of Florida, his last year was 2006 as governor. Twelve years and many issues ago.
The fact is one can't win the nomination today being a moderate and or a Bush.
Another reality is don't count two moderates out from setting up their own "explorations" into the '16 campaign.
That would be the aforementioned Mr. Romney and the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.
The usual wisdom is that a center-right candidate usually emerges as stronger conservatives field multiple candidates. Kind of what happened in 2012 and Mr. Romney was the beneficiary of conservative infighting.
But what a treat it would be for us conservatives to watch three moderates, Messrs. Bush, Christie and Romney duke it out. And a conservative consensus candidate emerges. That candidate probably will not be the Rev. Huckabee. I would look very seriously at the former Texas governor and 2012 candidate, Rick Perry. He is emerging now that he is no longer governor, is not fighting the effects of a back operation as a serious candidate.
But as of now, in the death march for just the Republican nomination for president in 2016, we have two serious candidates. Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee.

The Rose Parade And Rose Bowl Football Game Sure Signs Of A New Year

Yesterday was the 126th Tournament of Roses Parade and the 101st Rose Bowl college football game and they are the surest signs that the Christmas season is over and a new year has begun.
I live in Pasadena, California and I am a fan of both. However, I have never been to an actual Rose Bowl football game. That's on me bucket list.
The whole idea of a parade and football game was started by the local elite organization called the Valley Hunt Club in 1890. And within five years, the VHC could no longer handle the fact that the event became such a hit. The VHC could only do so much. In those days, however, there was no Rose Bowl football game. What they did was have such events as polo matches (remember, the VHC was the elite club of town then and now), foot races and tug-of-wars. Later there were chariot races, ostrich races, bronco-busting demos, and a race between a camel and an elephant. In 1902 there was the first Rose Bowl game and another one was not played until 1916 and has been on every New Year's Day since.
Unless New Year's Day falls on a Sunday.
Yup, we still maintain that tradition even in this secular day and age.
There are quite a few churches along the five and a half mile route that mostly runs along the main drag, Colorado Blvd. Back when the parade started, most people still got around on horses as the primary form of transportation. Horses were tethered in front of the churches and thus the parade would have clearly been a huge fiasco in frightening horses and the high probability that many would escape and wreak havoc. Obviously there are no longer horses to deal with and there are still churches. But the "Never on a Sunday" rule has been kept in place.
My first time at an actual Rose Parade was back in 1978. I just started high school and, by sheer coinkidink, New Year's Day fell on a Sunday. So I got to tag along with my older brother and his friends who had a Winnebago and away we went to spend the night at a parking structure near the parade route on Colorado Blvd. The grand Marshall of the parade that year was former president Gerald R. Ford. That was a pretty big deal. but he was not the first former president to serve as grand Marshall. Both former president's Dwight D. Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover served as grand Marshalls. Anyhow I remember staying up all night. How could I sleep? And at dawn the next morning, we staked an area to watch the parade.
And it was awesome and hooked me since.
All the marching bands and floats that are totally decorated with roses and other natural stuff. huge motorized fantasies going slowly down Colorado Blvd.
Since I have not always lived in Pasadena, my attendance was sporadic after that. And at least once I went but really have no idea what happened. Yeah, just keep in mind that it is New Years.
A tradition of many a local family is staking out a spot the day before along the sidewalk. Officially, it can not be done until 12noon on New Year's Eve. But there are a lot of sporadic unofficial spot takers already claiming a piece of sidewalk. But once noontime comes around, it becomes the world's largest block party and continues until the parade starts at the corner of Orange Grove Blvd and Colorado Blvd. promptly at 8am. Amazingly, there are very few incidents of craziness. It is estimated that anywhere from 750,000 to 1,000,000 people line up on the parade route in a combination of sidewalk and temporary grandstands.
Needless to say, when you have the worlds largest block party, you get some yayhoos. And while there are prohibitions to public alcohol consumption, as long as one is not stupid, it will be looked the other way. Same with warming devices. The overwhelming majority of campers are families that have been doing it for generations. And they are very friendly.
But with the world's largest block party/campout comes a massive clean up.
The City of Pasadena public works is on the scene as soon as the last of the parade moves. As trash litters the main drag, within a day it is as if there was no event. Like nothing occurred.
This year was an unusual year.
The grand marshal was supposed to be Louis Zamperini. Mr. Zamperini was a 1936 track and field competitor and entered World War II in the air force. He eventually became a prisoner of war at the hands of the Japanese empire. the movie Unbroken is about Mr. Zamperini from his high school days to the end of his captivity in World War II.
Only one problem.
Mr. Zamperini was 97 years old when he was named to the prestigious role. I remarked to Mrs. RVFTLC that I hoped the committee had a back up due to Mr. Zamperini's advanced age. And shortly after, Mr. Zamperini did die. Mrs. RVFTLC joked that I willed his death. I was just being realistic.
No change was made.
Mr. Zamperini is a graduate of University of Southern California, better known a
s USC. So along with the Tommy Trojan mascot of a white horse, there was a riderless horse going down the parade route. And his family sat in the grand marshal's car behind the riderless horse. The city of Torrance, where he grew up, had a float dedicated to Mr. Zamperini.
It was a great way to keep with the theme of the parade and not try to find a replacement grand marshal. Very classy.
I think some photos from the Rose Parade are a great way to end this post and to wish all a Happy and Blessed New Year, 2015.
The first float of the Rose Parade
The front of the float from the city of Torrance
honoring Louis Zamperini
 The side view of the city of Torrance float
(Sorry, hey, I'm not a professional photographer!)
United States Marine Corp
There are many more photos that you can look at here on my Facebook page. Only 90 photos and that is not even all I took.
Oh, what about the Rose Bowl game?
Well, that sure did not turn out like I hoped it would.
The hideous colors of the Oregon Ducks scalped the crimson-colors of the Florida State Seminoles, 59-20.
For many a moon, the Rose Bowl was the match up between the winner of the Pac-8, then Pac-10 and now Pac-12 conference and the winner of the Big-10, which I believe should be the Big-14. But hey, who's counting. Now with the supposed playoffs with the top for ranked teams in the country, that is why we were treated to Oregon-Florida State.
Ohio State defeated Alabama and will play the Oregon Ducks on January 12 in Dallas, Texas for the national championship.
Say, shouldn't this game be in the Rose Bowl since it is a Pac-12-Big-10 match up?!
Well, both events end the Christmas season and now we are supposedly back to normal. A new year and God willing new heights for all.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Most Dangerous Post Of 2014

When I first read this post, I thought that a conservative must have written it because it states what a lot of conservatives say about black criminals and the justice system.
It is why I would suggest to read the post twice. Once does not do it justice.
Why is what I am writing and what Michael Smith* wrote is that Mr. Smith is by his own admission a liberal.
So it is very important to read Mr. Smith's perspective thoroughly.
And I will start to analyze from the end because again, this is important to understand that this is not the ranting of some right-winger race superiorist.
Read the following two paragraphs and tell me that the truth has not smacked Mr. Smith in the face:

I am a liberal. I believe that those of us who are able to produce abundance have a moral duty to provide basic food, shelter, and medical care for those who cannot care for themselves. I believe we have this duty even to those who can care for themselves but don’t. This world view requires compassion and a willingness to act on it.
My experience has taught me that we live in a nation in which a jury is more likely to convict a black defendant who has committed a crime against a white. Even the dullest of blacks know this. There would be a lot more black-on-white crime if this were not the case.

The second paragraph is true, unfortunately. Yes, a white-dominated jury will convict a black who has committed a crime against a white. And yes, it is done in reverse. Can we all say O. J. Simpson?
It appears to me what drives Mr. Smith even with the truth smacking him in the face is that he maybe able to reach one of those he represents and hopefully turn that person's life around.
The reality is that a conservative could not get away with the brute honesty Mr. Smith writes about. Whether I like it or not, it takes someone that thinks they can change the outcome to explain that in reality, they can't.
Mr. Smith is a public defender in a major Southern metropolitan area. According to Mr. Smith, 10% of the population is black. Yet they overwhelmingly make up the majority of his cases, fully 90% of his caseload are blacks. Mr. Smith has also represented whites, Hispanics and Asians. Amazingly, he says out of all the thousands of cases, only three are where he represented Asians and one of those was partially black.
Mr. Smith goes on to describe the attitudes of those groups he has represented.
Whites are respectful of his role. They come to court, dress appropriately, keep their head down and follow instructions and it is over. Ditto the Hispanics. Nothing about the Asians, but knowing their culture I am sure that they follow the whites and Hispanics.
When it comes to blacks, it is beyond a whole different story.
According to Mr. Smith, court is like a carnival to many of those he defends. To Mr. Smith it appears that whole families congregate in and around the courthouse and that they all seem to know each other. They gossip, laugh, wave at each other and congregate around the halls adding to the carnival atmosphere.
It also appears that blacks have no respect for Mr. Smith or any of those that are trying to help them. He is not given the respect of being called Mr. Smith. It's usually his first name (where do I see that on a national scale? Hmm, maybe the Dear Leader, President Obama?!) or even worse. Mr. Smith wrote that some openly refer to him, to his face, as 'dog'. For those of you not up on pop culture slang, the word dog is used as in friend. "What's up, dog?" Uh, correct me if I am wrong but referring to your lawyer with such familiarity shows absolutely no respect. Respect that he or she deserves. It also shows a familiarity that is not there. Why should Mr. Smith or any other public defender try in any way to help anyone who shows such little concern for his or her own fate?
Not only are they disrespectful but they do not understand that a public defender or any defense attorney are not Svengali. They can not snap their fingers and all the information regarding their case magically appears.
Upon their first meeting, while Mr. Smith is doing introductions and trying to explain their particular case, the blacks are totally impatient and want quick answers. In that first meeting, the public defender does not have all the case particulars. He tries to explain to them that they have to wait and get all the evidence and information before he can tell them everything and what options there are. But blacks, they live in the immediate. The here and now.
And the worst thing is that blacks, unlike any other group, do not see their public defender as there to help but part of the "man" and thus by nature against them. Ready to cut deals to their detriment. Thus they are hostile to the person that is trying to help them from the beginning.
Which leads to an interesting observation about the criminal acts he has noticed from each of the race groups Mr. Smith has represented.
Whites commit all kinds of crime from sexual to violent and everything in between. Hispanics generally are in the system due to sexual assault on children and or driving under the influence. Blacks seem to do everything but sex crimes in general. And keep in mind this is what Mr. Smith sees in his particular area of the United States. It is not meant to be a nationwide analysis.
Where I find the aspect of Mr. Smith that is actually sad and troubling is that the blacks he deals with, whether it is the suspected criminal, that family and the usual black victim and their families are essentially barely functional illiterate.
Mr. Smith asserts that if a case gets to trial, he tries to not have the black defendant take the stand in their own defense. For that is because, again in Mr. Smith's words,

Most blacks are unable to speak English well. They cannot conjugate verbs. They have a poor grasp of verb tenses. They have a limited vocabulary. They cannot speak without swearing. They often become hostile on the stand. Many, when they testify, show a complete lack of empathy and are unable to conceal a morality based on the satisfaction of immediate, base needs. This is a disaster, especially in a jury trial. Most jurors are white, and are appalled by the demeanor of uneducated, criminal blacks.

WHOA! Could you imagine if any conservative were to write this? It is true, but Mr.Smith is blunt and to the point. Who can forget the testimony of one Rachel Jeantel in the George Zimmerman trial regarding the death of Trayvon Martin. While the article that I linked was from the Puffington Post and generally sympathetic to Miss Jeantel, no doubt that even they could not avoid the obvious.
That for whatever reason, and this is not where to address that, a lot of blacks can not effectively communicate and it will invariably hurt rather than help their cause.
And this, this maybe the most horrific, yes horrific, indictment about black defendants.
That they have absolutely no empathy for others.
Mr. Smith describes a case of three robbers and he was representing one that beat up a girl while his cohorts committed the robbery. According to Mr. Smith the defendant asks what are the chances for his case and Mr. Smith told the truth. That it was not good. And while the defendant was angry with Mr. Smith and delving into conspiracy theory, Mr. Smith pointed out that there was a video of the whole event. Mr. Smith asked the defendant what he thought a jury would think. The defendant said “They don’t care.”  But it gets better. When Mr. Smith asks said defendant if he felt any remorse for what he had done, well its so precious:

“What do I care? She ain’t me. She ain’t kin. Don’t even know her.”

WOW! What can anyone say when faced with such a response? Except again, there is no remorse and or empathy for what they may have done in the commission of a crime.
Here are several other tidbits that I found sad and disturbing all at the same time.
Mr. Smith acknowledges that one the threads common in his clientele is the fact the black males do not have an active father in their lives. Sometimes the defendants meet their fathers for the first time in court and it is a meeting that is unemotional in every way.
An observation I want to note is Mr. Smith mentioning a 47-year old grandmother. I did some math and figured that granny probably had a child roughly between 17-20 years old. That child had a child probably at a younger age. Hence, a granny at 47. For some reason, it just blows me away.
Mr. Smith also notes that the women are having multiple babies with multiple fathers and that all are essentially wards of the state. All involved in some way get some kind of assistance from the government. And the males actually working?! Are you kidding?! They are sponging off of someone and collecting either social security disability for some kind of mental issue and or some kind of physical ailment that he sure can't figure out. When Mr. Smith asks what a defendant does all day, he gets a response that goes “You know, just chill.” That chill is courtesy of the United States taxpayer.
Oh and explaining how a defendant should dress for court appearances is amazing.
Mr. Smith tells a couple of situations involving a female and male defendant. The female is on trial for drugs and shows up wearing a baseball cap. A cap that has a embroidered marijuana leaf on it. And for the male, the defendant shows up wearing a t-shirt with this charming line: "Rules are for suckers". And the public defenders office has dress shirts, suits, neckties, and dresses for female defendants. Yet, mostly the males, want to wear the cool gang colors. And it's a group effort among Mr.Smith's co-workers to try desperately to convince a black, gang-banger defendant to wear at the very least a dress shirt and necktie.
The sadness is that this is not just Mr. Smith's metropolitan area in the South where this takes place.
This is nationwide in many an urban area. And at all levels from cities, counties, states and federal courts. Mr. Smith shares a statistic that, to me, is disturbing. Twelve percent of the United States population is black. Yet they make up 40% of the prison population. The chart below is as of 2009 but probably worse today than better.

It is staggering and disturbing all at the same time. 
How does this one group seem to have self-destructed in this nation?
Mr. Smith alludes to the breakdown of the traditional family among blacks.
And Mr. Smith does not go much further but I will.
Education is not separate but equal but abysmal for blacks in the inner city. No one seems to want to get a handle on it because it will break some sacred cows that the so-called black "leadership" has vented over the last 40 years. Money, money and more money has been poured into the predominately black inner-city schools and scores at all levels have worsened, not improved. Essentially, many teachers just show up and put in their time and hope not to get killed.
Since there is usually not a mom and dad, the gang that many of the black male youths eventually gravitate to become family. Ditto for the girls.
Yes, I am a white male and according to the PC forces, I have not only no right to note the problems but I am privileged simply by the grace of God of being born white. Yet I have grown up where I am the minority. Most of my friends have been Hispanic throughout my life. Many of them are at a much better station in life than I am. There goes my "white privilege".
But what seems to have prompted Mr. Smith to write the piece he did is he wanted to tell the truth. And it is clearly painful for him to do so. The truth is there is a serious problem in the black community. There are real solutions but it will take a concerted effort of many people, groups and forces. And some of those people, groups and forces need to end some of their rhetorical flourishes and realize there are a lot of us that want to help. That want to improve education for blacks. That want to restore as much of a traditional family structure as possible. That want blacks to stop gangs and make them unattractive for their children to ever join.
The conversation has to start somewhere and it has to start with truth.
That is why this is the most dangerous post of 2014.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Here from the Right View From The Left Coast headquarters, Mrs. RVFTLC, Barney and Cashew and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and blessings for a very happy, prosperous 2015. I don't think I can say what Christmas is all about any better than Linus Van Pelt.
So, Linus, take it away!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

And The Fruit Of Anti-Police Rage Is Two Executed NYC Policemen

In my frame of mind, chest cold reeking havoc, I am pained to write this post but it has to be done.
Today in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, two NYC policemen, Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos, were blatantly executed in their police car by one Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a Black man.
It was not like Mr. Brinsley did not know what he was doing. The car that the two policemen were in was a clearly marked NYPD car.
In fact and indeed, it appears that Mr. Brinsley knew what he was doing and showed his intent on his now deleted Instagram site. Here is a bit of intent of Mr. Brinsley:

It is a bit fuzzy and his followers comments are intentionally fuzzed out. So here is what he wrote:

I'm Putting Wings On Pigs Today. They Take 1 Of Ours... ...Lets Take 2 Of Theirs. #ShootThePolice #RIPErivGardner #RIPMikeBrown This May Be My Last Post I'm Putting Pigs In A Blanket.

Charming fellow this Brimsley was.
Oh, the only good that has come out of this is that when police confronted Mr. Brimsley, he ended up killing himself.
That saves the good taxpayers of Brooklyn county the cost and spectacle of a potential trial.
The real story here is that this is the culmination of the anti-police rage in regards to two controversial police cases and one happened to be on Staten Island in New York City.
The first one is the case of Ferguson teen Michael Brown and his killing in August by former local police officer Darren Wilson. The second and more controversial case is that of Eric Garner in New York City in which a videotape appears that an NYPD officer is delivering a fatal chokehold that killed Mr. Gardner.
The purpose us not to re litigate either case but to show how the reaction, media and fanning flames led to today's events in Brooklyn.
Both cases brought out the usual suspects and they made protest all over the United States for weeks. Even in New York City at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season the flagship Macy's department store was the scene of "die-ins" in which people would simply drop to the ground as if they were dead. Here in my neck of the woods, the greater Los Angeles area, many of the protesters thought it would be totally awesome to try to block freeway traffic and in the process scare many people simply driving to their destinations. At least here that was not tolerated and police and California Highway Patrol officers got rid of those vermin quickly.
Led by the current race-huckster par excellence, Al Sharpton, reaction was very quick and definitely biased against anything the police did or did not do in those cases.
But here is the interesting one.
The current New York City mayor, Democrat Bill De Blasio, aka his given name, Warren Wilhelm, had a very negative comment about police and in regards to his teenage son, Dante.
Before that I must give a little bit about Mr. De Blasio and his family which is interesting to say the least.
Mr. De Blasio's wife, Chirlane, is Black and a "former" lesbian.
Say, I thought one was born that way?!
Sorry to digress.
Thus Mr. and Mrs. De Blasio's children are mixed race. They are the aforementioned son, Dante, and a daughter named Chiara. Here is a photo of the family.

It's important to show the family because it goes to the heart of Mr. De Blasio's comments.
And for good measure, Mr. De Blasio is probably the most left-wing mayor ever elected in New York City. That is saying a lot.
So, this is what Mr. De Blasio said when reacting to the Staten Island grand jury not returning an indictment against NYPD officer:

De Blasio said he and his wife Chirlane McCray, who is black, have had to instruct their son how to deal with cops amid a "painful contradiction."
"We've had to literally train him -- as families have all over this city for decades -- how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him," he said.

Why does Mr. De Blasio feel that he has to "train" his son to take "special care" in potential police encounters?
Oh, I think I know why.
Again, look at that photo.
Dante De Blasio is Black and has, to me, a good ol' 70s fro going on. So of course the NYPD is automatically going to harass Dante De Blasio, right? Isn't that what Mr. De Blasio means about the training to take special care?
Of course it is!
Mr. De Blasio is the mayor of New York City. He is not some two-bit community organizer type. He is the one that sets the tone of the city in general and the police department in general. From the comment he knee-jerk made, he does not have faith and or trust in the 30,000 member NYPD.
Is he not the most responsible for a person to think, hey man, we've got to get some pay back? Even the mayor seems to be on our side on this.
The reaction tonight to a press conference held by Mr. De Blasio and NYPD commissioner, William Bratton, speaks volume. The police turned their backs on hizhonor as he entered the room to make his comments.

Thus we see the fruit of the anti-police rage.
Two officers murdered, no executed, in cold blood.
And a mayor that holds more contempt than gratefulness for his police department.
My heart and prayers go to officers Lu and Ramos and their families. And to the people of New York City that now have more unnecessary pain.