Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finally The Dear Leader Is WORSE Than President Jimmah Carter

WOW! Only three plus years into the era of the Dear Leader, President Obama, and he has actually accomplished something amazing.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, is the worst president at this stage of his presidency in my 47 years on God's Green Earth.
Well, the Dear Leader, President Obama, is worst in standing with the American people according to the latest polling from Gallup.
This is a daily tracking poll from Gallup. And it is 1,500 adults. Not registered voters. Not registered likely voters. Just 1,500 American adults.
The really bad thing about this is that if is was narrowed down, the numbers for the Dear Leader, President Obama, would more than likely be worse.
The fact is that the Dear Leader, President Obama, has been consistently underwater with the American people according to Gallup. If you go the link and scan over the chart, the last time the Dear Leader, President Obama, has been anywhere near 50% was the period over May 24-26. Since then, it has been all downhill.
So, if one wants to drink Obamaade and believe that this is all a mirage and he will top the results of 2008, take a peek at this from U. S. News and World Report.
The previous worst president of my life time, President Jimmah Carter, was at 51% at this point before the total tsunami of one Ronald Wilson Reagan in 1980.
In the link, Paul Bedard points out the trifecta of losers of the modern era were Presidents Carter, Gerald R. Ford and Harry S Truman. And only Mr. Truman pulled out a win in 1948. And yeah, Team Obama thinks that it is going to do the same thing this time around.
But I submit that it is Not. Going. To. Happen.
The economy is not going to drastically improve enough for the Dear Leader, President Obama, to take any credit. In fact, the economy is not exactly humming along at record growth.
Team Obama is pointing to stellar Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Yet according to this article, about half of Americans worry that they will not be able to afford Christmas this year. It could be that the two big shopping days of the year maybe all she wrote. Not a way to go into a presidential campaign, eh?
Something to consider is that the only president that had a positive rating at this stage and lost his reelection bid was George H. W. Bush.
But even more daunting is the focus of evil in the modern Democrat world, George W. Bush had a 55% positive rating this point before winning his reelection campaign.
So it is a possibility that the Dear Leader, President Obama, can pull it off. He will have a lot of advantages.
But he has to hope for something fast to turn things around. Because I do not believe that Team Obama is going to win in states like Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia this time around. And I think that they will have a lot of trouble keeping states like Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Oh yeah, in the mid term elections, these states went right and Republican big.
If this daily Gallup poll is not showing signs of life in the next three months, it will take a miracle for Team Obama to win reelection.
And they know it.
But for now, fellow conservative Republicans, relish the fact that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is worse than Jimmah Carter.
Can you smell loser?

Its Time To Blog Again

I am back to the blog after a well-deserved Thanksgiving break.
Mrs. RVFTLC, Scout the Wonderdog and your humble blogger spent the Thanksgiving weekend in the Great State of Utah, visiting Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.
While it was unusual not to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and or friends, we had a wonderful time exploring a part of the United States we have not been to before.
And I have to admit, Utah looks really good to this conservative, Republican.
It has now the most conservative, Republican county in the United States, Utah County. It has the obvious strong influence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yet because many people are moving from many different backgrounds, the Mormon influence is not as pronounced as at one time.
It is just the overall conservative way of life that makes Utah so attractive. Not to mention the total natural beauty.
I would advise everyone to visit Utah at least once and to see the two National Parks we visited. They are amazing.
But now, vacation is over and the real world beckons. Regretably. But we have wonderful memories of a great trip.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Los Angeles Trying To Coddle "Occupying" Vermin

As I have written, I am growing beyond weary of the "occupy" crowd. I have resorted to calling them vermin. Those that are part of this "movement" are continuing to believe that there is a free lunch. That society owes them something. Anything.
Well, leave it to Los Angeles and the brain trust led by Mayor Antonio Villar.
It appears that rather than confront and break up the vermin "occupying" around the iconic city hall, they are going to try to make a deal.
It is amazing that these vermin, people diametrically opposed to the American system of government and way of life are, essentially, going to be given office space. And farmland if they just end their "occupation".
Gee, I guess this is how we could have won World War II, right kiddies?!
Are you frickin' kidding me?!
No, this is really what is happening.
According to the Left Angeles Times, one of the lead negotiators is one Jim Lafferty of a group called the National Lawyers Guild, a left-wing fifth columnist organization undermining from within the United States.
It is a capitulation that this is a legitimate group. That the city of Los Angeles will seek to reward those for their "occupation" by handing them means to carry out their work.
If that is not the case, then why does one Mario Brito, a leader in the Los Angeles "occupy" movement think it is an opportunity to expand the protests? That having an actual space will help them in their cause?
Should the effort be to remove these vermin, who have harassed many of those who work in and around the city hall and downtown Los Angeles area by any means necessary?
Not here in La La Land.
No, image seems to be more important than sending a message. That message should be enough is enough. If you really want the change that you seek, you need to stop the "occupying" and start participating in the system.
That is what separates the "occupiers" from the Tea Party. Well, a lot of things, but this is the gulf that makes any comparison illegitimate.
Those of us in the Tea Party movement believe in the American system. That getting like-minded people to run for office and seek change within the framework of the constitutional republic. No Tea Party person seeks to overthrow the government. No Tea Party person seeks to change from a mixed free-market economy to a socialist model. Yet those are two huge things the "occupiers" want to do. And the Tea Party never, ever has "occupied" anything. We have attended many political functions and asked our representatives pointed questions about where they stand on major issues. And our rallies take place in one day for a short time. For we actually have jobs and need to work.
And the Tea Party has never blackmailed any government to give them office space, farmland or anything.
It amazes me to write this, but I never thought I would write that Los Angeles political leadership makes San Francisco seem right-wing in comparison.
Coddling criminals is not what Los Angeles leadership should be doing. They should be removing them. Period.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Lefty Media Misinformation

In yesterday's Left Angeles Times, a poll was released regarding Californians views of the so-called California Dream Act.
What is important is how this was relayed both in print at the local news rack and online.
The headline in the print edition, and the lead story, reads as follows verbatim:

DREAM Act has state voters divided
Nearly 80% of Latinos back government
aid for illegal immigrants at state
universities, versus 30% of whites.

Now for the headline online:

Survey finds ethnic divide among voters on DREAM Act
Among Latinos, 79% support government financial aid for illegal immigrants who attend state universities, compared with 30% of whites. And 49% of all respondents say UC and Cal State campuses are not very affordable or are unaffordable.

Now, what do you think is wrong with the headline?
Well, if you read the print edition, you would be led to believe that the poll itself is say maybe 50-50. If you read the headline only online, it defines an ethnic divide among voters.
Yet the real story is really buried in the article.
The fact is that among all voters, no matter ethnicity, only 40% of all polled support the California Dream Act. A number of 55% oppose the California Dream Act.
So, where is the division?
Seems to me that the majority of all polled oppose the act. The only group supporting it in any large numbers are Hispanics.
And Whites support/oppose it roughly about 30% to 70%. What I can not find is how the numbers broke down among other ethnic groups. Groups as Asian-Americans and Black Americans. It would seem that if we saw those numbers, while maybe not as negative as Whites, it would show that they do not support the act either. That is why you have a 40% for and 55% against split.
But the way that the Times portrays this as a battle between Whites and Hispanics. No doubt that the California DREAM Act is a boon to illegal aliens in the schools in California. It gives them a break at the expense of just as deserving, American-born Hispanics. These illegal aliens get to pay in-state tuition rather than the out-of-state that they should be paying. Actually, they should be paying what an international student would pay. Since they are not American citizens. And not citizens of the state of California.
And I wonder how many of the American born Hispanics, when they understand what this means for their potential family members, really do support the act?
But I fault a newspaper that should report the fact of the poll. That the majority of California registered voters oppose the California DREAM Act. That the underlying fact is that, again since I do not have access to other ethnic groups polled, only Hispanics seem to strongly favor the act.
But the Left Angeles Times seems to want to bury that real fact. No, they want to fan the flames of raaaaacism. That the eeeeevvvvviiilllll White people want to keep all the Hispanics down.
No, we do not. We want those who can to pursue higher education. And no, I don't want to throw those students here illegally out of the United States. They should just have to pay the higher cost.
And the real tragedy is that this is the Democrat party buying Hispanic votes. Nothing more, nothing less.
It is too bad that the Left Angeles Times used their poll for manipulation and not the facts.

A Rocker's View Of Conservatives Needs A Conservative Primer

I start this post pointing out that your humble blogger loves rock music. Hard rock, metal, alternative, whatever it is called now a days. From such seminal bands as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, to the 1980s and Iron Maiden, Metallica, to the 90s and Nirvana, and alt bands to the 2000s and bands like Rage Against The Machine, Rise Against I have followed the music with great love and interest.
So, I recently saw the Foo Fighters in concert at the once Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, California. There is a post on why it is the once Fabulous Forum.
But in today's Left Angeles Times was The Red Bulletin, the magazine put out by Red Bull.
On the front cover was my man, the front-man of the Foos, Dave Grohl. And the accompanying article about him and music.
In the article, definitely worth the read, Mr. Grohl is asked about the Dear Leader, President Obama. And I knew that I would not be happy with the answer. And he was asked if he would support the Dear Leader, President Obama's reelection. And I was even less happy with the Q and A:

If he asks, will you support him in his 2012 re-election bid?
Absolutely. He’s got the toughest job on earth. I would hate to hand the administration over to another party that is just focused on corporation, greed and money. You know, I’m a fun, peace-loving guy, but sometimes the right wing gets a little too selfish.

Well, he is not downright insulting to conservatives and in a way just rather around the edges of grasping legitimate policy differences between conservatives and modern liberals.
I don't take my politics from celebrity whether they be on the left or the right. Many do and that is tragic.
So, in reading that part of the interview with Mr. Grohl, I find it is time for what I will call a conservative primer. It is what basically conservatives believe. And it is more personally what I believe as a conservative. Again, this is what I understand makes a conservative person.
First, a conservative believes in personal responsibility.
We all have to take an inventory of ourselves from time to time. Whether we are doing the right things in life or not. It is not just from a religious but a moral point of view. We believe that when one does wrong in life, there are consequences. But that there is also an understanding of the wrong and a way to change. Thus I, for one, believe in the ability of people to change based on an acceptance of personal responsibility. It also extends to our relationship with one another. It means not being a jerk to someone else. It means to be treated the way we or I would want to be treated.
Conservatives believe in thrift.
What that means is that we do not believe in living beyond one's means. What we have been told seemingly throughout my lifetime is that we can live beyond our means and that we should not want but demand the best in life. Thus I try to shop at the market with coupons. Look for the bargains. Don't go to Nordstrom's, but will go to Nordstrom Rack. Look for things on sale. Put a lot of money down on a home as we did and be able to prepare for the rainy day. We are not always good at that, which leads me back to accepting responsibility when we do not.
Conservatives do believe in taking care of one another. But not at government expense. We believe in the power of charities and faith-based institutions to provide for those less fortunate. We also believe in personal involvement to that end. It is not just about writing a check and then doing nothing more. Many of us do volunteer our time. Two years ago, Mrs. RVFTLC and I volunteered to serve Thanksgiving to those less fortunate in El Monte, California at our church's outreach. And we serve on the board of our Transitional Housing program at our church. It for those addicts who are trying to get back into society. In other words, we put our money where our mouths are.
In terms of government, we conservatives do believe in small, limited government at all levels. And we believe in bottom-up government. We believe that government at the most local of level can meet the needs of the people best. That the more government is centralized, whether in Washington, D. C. or state capitals, it is more removed from the very people it is to serve. Small, limited government is not as susceptible to the corruption and excess that big, unregulated government is.
We conservatives value tradition. But not just for the sake of tradition. And we are open to necessary change. Not change for the sake of it. Or to create some social experimentation.
Thus we look to history as our guide. Why we accept and respect how our Great Land came to be is because we study the history. From the first settlers. Those who landed on Plymouth Rock. Those that wrote the Mayflower Compact. Those that began the eventual United States of America. Those that wrote the most amazing document, the Declaration of Independence. The Articles of Confederation. The Constitution.
The constitution is an amazing document for it sets a delineation of power between three co-equal branches of government. The legislative, executive and judicial branches. All are to respect one another.
And the constitution is always amendable. But not made easy to do so. It is intentionally made hard to not have bad amendments adopted willy nilly. Thus it places a great deal of burden on the legislative and executive branches. The judicial, at its best, simply interprets the constitution and sometimes acts as a referee.
Conservatism is not perfect. We have made mistakes and have to reflect on those errors.
One that I can think of his how most people that identified themselves as conservatives opposed entering World War II. Even after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. Many conservatives did not want to engage in a foreign war. Many thought that World War I was one we did not have to be in.
But when we were attacked that Sunday morning in December, it changed everything. Thoughtful conservatives changed their mind and recognized that the Axis powers needed to be defeated. What separated conservatives from many liberals was the recognition that there was another evil that needed to be defeated. That other evil was communism.
And the Cold War was born.
Conservatives did not have a solid voice in the defeat of the communists really until Ronald Reagan became president. He laid it all our there for the world to see. He said bluntly that communism was an evil empire. And that it would be defeated. And for the most part, it has been. Even in Red China, what passes for communism would have Chairman Mao rolling in his grave. The few outposts of the brutality that is communism are on their last legs. Hopefully in our lifetimes.
What I have written is really a short primer on what it is that conservatives believe. It is to respond to people that have a negative, not necessarily informed view of what it means to be a conservative.
And it is true. On the sidebar of this blog, I believe that to be a conservative is to be a real rebel. Especially on the college campuses throughout the United States. To many of one's friends and relatives. it is saying the the prevailing liberal world view is what is wrong. It is taking on what has really become the establishment.
I do not expect Dave Grohl or any other rocker to get it. I think that he knows a little about politics like many people. And unlike some on the left, I do not believe that he is trying to intentionally offend a possibly large part of the fan base.
But in reading his otherwise excellent interview, it was this I feel the need to speak up for and about conservatism. Albeit very briefly.
So, I owe a big thanks to Mr. Grohl. And while we strongly disagree about politics, I still love the Foo Fighters and the great rock 'n roll you put out there.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vermin Escaping From "Occupy" Zones

Ahh, today is the second month anniversary of the so-called "Occupy Wall Street" movement.
So how to celebrate?
By being like the vermin that most are, they are leaving (well being thrown out, finally!) their so-called "occupy" zones for many a downtown to get their sycophants and hangers-on all ramped-up.
Since the "occupy" movement jumped the shark a while back, they are doubling-down and taking their protests right to the heart of their hatred.
Today, the "occupiers" went all over New York City. To Wall Street itself. Then marching around the whole of Manhattan and on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.
But read what this "occupier", David Suker, said about the day's activities:

"We just encircled Wall Street. We'll do it all day," said David Suker, a protester who was among the crowd, distributing copies of the "Occupy Wall St. Journal."
"If we don't have the park, we'll take the streets. If we can't take Wall Street, we'll take the side streets," he said.

OK, this is the problem with the whole "occupy" movement.
They are taking this as if it is a war, not a political movement. Again, as I pointed out as to why the "occupy" movement continues to lose support, it is because they sound and act patently anti-American. Like the anti-Vietnam war protesters, once there is violence and radicalism, the Great Silent Majority turn away. Even if they may agree with the basic point. And even then, that opinion may change.
While there was the joy of vermin desperately trying to really take Wall Street, their brethren were busy all over the United States.
Here in my neck of the woods, in downtown Los Angeles, the "occupiers" were pretty busy today.
While only 23 vermin were taken off the streets, they definitely made their creepy presence felt. Twenty-one of those arrested were sitting in a circle, in the middle of a major intersection. Of course they were blocking traffic in the middle of rush hour. Nice. But what does one expect of unrestrained vermin? Again, here is the words of one of the "occupiers", an unidentified one, that spoke with the local Fox television affiliate, KTTV 11:

"If they (workers, commuters) go through any inconvenience, that is nothing compared to the inconvenience that the American people are going through right now."

Uh, yes it is a major inconvenience you dim bulb.
What if there was ambulance going to an emergency call? Or a fire engine? Is that a minor inconvenience? I think not.
Again, people may have some agreement with the "occupiers", they do not particularly like the actions that these vermin are taking. And eventually, those people are deciding that we, the American people, have had enough of this mindless class warfare.
And if that is not enough, even here in my fair burg of Pasadena, California, the vermin were out in force.
Local lefty "activist", Patrick Briggs, got some fellow vermin at a local fire station to use in support of raising taxes on those making $200,000 a year.
BTW, the definition of rich changes all the time with these lefties.
The issue is that seven of eight fire stations need seismic retrofitting. And one closed down recently because there is not enough funds anywhere to do the retrofitting.
But, according to Mr. Briggs and his fellow-travelling left-wing vermin, if we just raise taxes on those making $200,000 or more, all will be well. The Pasadena fire department will have all the money it needs to retrofit the fire stations. Maybe even more than that. The state will have more money than it needs. Blah, blah, blah.
Mr. Briggs, there are not enough Californians making $200,000 or more to tax to meet your nirvana. I am sorry to inform you of that fact and reality. Because once that were to happen, we will lose many of those taxpayers. And no way will we get enough, if any to replace those taxpayers.
Again, if government at all levels were to prioritize spending, many of these issues would not be issues.
But blaming the eeeeevvvvviiilllll "rich", Wall Street, the "bankers" and the like does not solve any problems. And "occupying" to bring about a change most Americans would not recognize is losing steam and fast.
But that is not stopping this vermin from scattering and seeking more chaos to bring about their "change".

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chris Christie Is Right-2012 Presidential Race No Cakewalk For GOP

I am not always in agreement with the Republican New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.
But, Gov. Christie is right on one thing.
The Republicans can not count the 2012 presidential chickens before they hatch.
In a Facebook chat yesterday. Gov. Christie said this about the 2012 race:

"Anyone who underestimates the president underestimates at their own peril," Christie said. "(Democrats) know how to campaign, they know politics. ... People who believe he's a shoo-in loser are wrong."

On this, Gov. Christie gets it.
Way too many of my fellow conservatives and Republicans think that the American people are ready to throw the Dear Leader, President Obama, out on his ear come November, 2012. And that maybe the case. But if the election were to be held today, based on these polls, the Dear Leader, President Obama would win. Not necessarily by a landslide, but he would win.
It is not a surprise to your humble blogger.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, will raise the most money evah. He will have a bevy of allies including his Obamawhore-worshiping media darlings. And there is the power of incumbency.
That is why it is important that no matter who is the Republican presidential nominee, save for Congressman Ron Paul or the former Utah governor, Jon Huntsman, Jr., to rally the troops to the main cause.
Clearly, any of the front-runners for the Republican presidential nomination are preferable over the Dear Leader, President Obama.
And the polls I do link have some interesting caveats.
One, all the polls involving former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, show him gaining ground on the Dear Leader, President Obama. As Mr. Gingrich is gaining traction with Republican voters, this solidifies that trend.
The businessman, Herman Cain, is starting to fade. I like Mr. Cain, but I fear that the amateurishness of his campaign is wearing thin on independents and some Republicans. I am not sure he can recover in time for the Iowa caucus.
That leaves the front-runner, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney. His campaign is a well-oiled machines and Mr. Romney polls the best head-to-head against the Dear Leader, President Obama. And in looking at the Real Clear Politics average of all polls, Mr. Romney and the Dear Leader, President Obama, are essentially in a dead heat.
Most important caveat is that all the polling is national.
We do not know a lot about the early states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina. That is where the GOP nomination maybe decided.
But the thrust of Gov. Christies comment is that we can not and should not underestimate anything from Team Obama and the Democrat party.
This maybe it for them for at least four years. The Republicans may have two of the three branches of the federal government in Washington. They know that if they do not win at least the White House again in 2012, people may get comfortable enough with one-party rule to re-elect the Republican president in 2016. And that president could alter the course of the United States for a generation.
As I have noted many times, and Gov. Christie is saying that the Democrats eat, live and sleep politics. It is 24/7/365 for these dudes and dudettes. Republicans can not and better not get lazy and or complacent.
On Gov. Christie's warning, conservatives and Republicans take note. He is right and we need to keep our eye on the prize.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finally, Salt Lake City Police Rout "Occupiers"!

It is great to see that finally, somewhere in the dreaded "Occupy" protests, a city has said enough is enough.
That city is Salt Lake City, Utah.
Police took action, albeit way too peacefully than your humble blogger would have. They actually negotiated with the "Occupier" vermin how the event would occur. Of course even with such a negotiation, in which people were going to be assisted with lodging for the night, some would not go away. And of course they were arrested.
Why was this done?
Because an "Occupier", a homeless man, was found dead in one of the tents. I guess death is the only way that the authorities will deal with these vermin.
And authorities are letting the "Occupiers" protest during the day. Just no more tents overnight. Thus it does take one of the most important elements out of the movement. At least in Salt Lake City. That is that the "Occupiers" are taking over and claiming the land in Pioneer Park as their own.
I say it is about time that these vermin are knocked down a peg.
What raised the ire of some is that the Salt Lake City sanitation department used a front loader to knock down the areas that the slovenish occupiers have made a mess. Here is a quote from 21 year-old Drew Baker:

"This is what a police state looks like."

And Mr. Baker was leading a chant of that line.
Well, Mr. Baker, if it really was a police state, let me tell you, the protests that you are a part of would have never been allowed in the first place. You would have started and probably been taken away and never to be seen again. I believe that once you are released from jail, you will be right back at it.
But you will have to stop making it like some big camp-out.
What is happening is that, as I noted in this post, there is a push back among regular people. You know, those of us that actually have to work. Go to many of these areas that are now being "Occupied" by people that, beyond a few, have no idea what they are doing.
Eventually, even in parts of the nation where many politicians, Democrats one and all, have supported the movement, they will have to move these vermin along.
Salt Lake City is getting a jump on it. And there someone had to die for the authorities to do anything about it.
More cities must take the lead of Salt Lake City. Will there be confrontations? Of course there will be. But it is necessary to end this "Occupation" and if these people really want change, let them work peaceably for that goal.
It is time to stop this movement and either they will mainstream on their own. Or become the kind of movement that Americans do not want a part of. A violent one.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perversion At Penn State And The Search For Scapegoats

Gerald Sandusky maybe one of the most dangerous men in America if sexual abuse of young boys charges filed by a Pennsylvania grand jury are even remotely true.
The former Penn State football player and assistant coach has been indicted on 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys (all under 18 years old) over a period of at least 15 years if not more. And almost worst is the fact that Mr. Sandusky started a charity for underprivileged, foster children known as The Second Mile back in 1977.
One can only wonder now if that was but a front for Mr. Sandusky to find young boys to have his way with, sexually.
The indictment here is graphic and NSFW.
Mr. Sandusky's alleged perverion even reached the man he hoped to succeed one day as the Penn State head football coach, Joe Paterno.
But it does not end with Mr. Paterno.
The athletic director, Tim Curley. The director of finance, Gary Schultz. The University president, Graham Spanier.
But a strange turn of events has occurred.
Mr. Paterno and Mr. Spanier were fired last night. Yet Mr. Curley and Mr. Schultz are on administrative leave.
Mr. Paterno and Mr. Spanier are not charged with a crime.
Yet Mr. Curley and Mr. Schultz are charged with failure to report an incident.
So, my question is why is Mr. Paterno and Mr. Spanier taking the fall while those that were told and allegedly did nothing are still employed by the university.
Because there has to be a scapegoat.
Or in this case, two scapegoats.
After all, in reading the indictment, Mr. Paterno did report to his superiors the incident in which the graduate assistant, Mike McQueary, told Mr. Paterno about an incident. The incident in question was Mr. McQueaey allegedly saw Mr. Sandusky engaging in anal intercourse in a shower on campus. In the indictment, Mr. McQueary notified Mr. Paterno and in turn he notified his immediate superior, Mr. Curley.
But when you read the indictment, you realize that Mr. Curley and Mr. Schultz did not do the kind of follow up that they were supposed to do.
Again, those two men are still employed by the university.
Mr. Paterno is sullied for life because he did the right thing.
The real question is did Mr. Paterno do enough?
That is where I would say he should have done some follow up. But, what about the one who told Mr. Paterno, Mr. McQueary? Did he not try to see what was done?
A lot of people really failed these young boys. At some level, yes even someone like Mr. Paterno could have done more.
But again, why is he the one fired?
Because he is the easy scapegoat.
And I suppose that Mr. Spanier is as well. Because after all, he was the university president and should have known better, right?
I certainly do not condone the riots done last night in reaction to the Paterno firing. After all, he decided to retire before the university board of trustees got their first scalp.
But the legal system must do its thing. And two other men need to be fired now. They would be Mr. Curley and Mr. Schultz.
Looking for temporary scapegoats makes things only maybe temporarily better. It does not begin to do justice for those boys forever harmed by this man, Sandusky.
If any of the charges against Mr. Sandusky are true, he is one sick dude.
But the witch hunt and the CYA* is worse than seeking true justice.

*CYA-Covering Your A--.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

2011 Elections And 2012

Well, I am not sure that this off-year election is a portend of the 2012 election, but the results are sort of positive for conservatives.
But I think Guy Benson over at Townhall sums it up best. A mixed bag for conservatives.
In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich had his clocked clean on the vote regarding Issue 2. That would have made it a constitutional mandate that collective bargaining reform instituted by the Ohio legislature and signed into law by Gov. Kasich.
But, one hand giveth, the other taketh. And that is what organized labor did in a rather decisive manner.
But on the same ballot was Issue 3 in which many of the same voters that scuttled the collective bargaining reform said no to the Obamacare mandate. And that was by a larger margin.
But alas, you will only hear the Leftywhore media harp on the defeat of Issue 2.
In Virginia, it looks like the Republicans will essentially control the legislature as at worst, the state senate ends up being a 20-20 tie and possibly an outright Republican majority. And in the House of Delegates, the GOP increased their majority.
In Mississippi, Republican Phil Bryant will succeed Gov. Haley Barbour. And the GOP may gain control of the state legislature as well. However voters rejected the "Personhood" amendment that would have defined life beginning at conception. There was a lot wrong with the amendment and apparent some pro-life groups even opposed it.
In Kentucky, Democrat Gov. Steve Beshear scored an easy victory over Republican David Williams. Gov. Beshear did not have any help from national Democrats in keeping his office.
I would say that it was not a great night for the Democrats or Republicans. It was a typical odd-year election season.
But for conservatives, we need to keep the powder dry for the other side. We need to stop beating each other up and remember that there is an election next year.

Do I Believe Herman Cain?

Well, the Herman Cain Train has taken a helluva detour lately with the multiple stories of alleged sexual harassment.Today, after the latest accuser made a spectacle of herself yesterday in a her press conference, Mr. Cain decided to finally address the situation head on.
The first woman to go public is a woman named Sharon Bialek.
Miss Bialek claims that Mr. Cain made a very horrible advance to her after dinner and drinks. Miss Bialek claims that Mr. Cain drove her to a parking lot, put his hand under her dress, grabbed her privates and tried to force her head to an unmentionable area.
Now, Miss Bialek should be totally believed since she appeared with the ambulance chasing troll of a lawyer, Gloria The Red in her presser yesterday. And doesn't everyone accusing a serious presidential candidate of a serious charge of sexual harassment do it with glee?
So, Mr. Cain took on the allegations today in his own press conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Now generally, when there are so many similar allegations floating out there, one would say that Mr. Cain has a problem. Hell, even paying off a couple of gals does not look good.
But the problem is that noting really seems to stick to Mr. Cain. No one actually made a charge against Mr. Cain. And if Miss Bialek were to be believed, she had a minimal possibility of getting Mr. Cain on attempted rape charges. I mean, putting one's hand under a gal's dress and trying to force her head to a certain area of the body against her will would certainly qualify, right?
And why do most if not all the charges stem from the 90s and early 2000s?
If someone was as prolific a harasser as Mr. Cain and getting away with it, would he not get sloppy? Go too far?
And at the end of the day, I really looked at this man at this press conference and came away believing Mr. Cain.
Not a hundred percent. After all, he is a politician. But as much as I can and realize that maybe it is this possibility.
That Mr. Cain fancies himself as a kind of sort of ladies man. You know, flirts with women. Kind of in a way that, I suppose, a woman can take as kind of harassing. But not in the mind of someone like Mr. Cain. After all, Mr. Cain from the South. And men are much more friendly than in many other parts of the United States. Maybe these women did not see the difference.
But do I think that Mr. Cain is a serial sexual harasser?
No. None of what has come out, not even Miss Bialek's claims make me think that.
Having said all of the above, the real question is not about this. But whether or not Mr. Cain can or should be the Republican nominee for president.
I think that Mr. Cain finally tried to put this detour back on that train track and it will be up to Republican primary voters to decide.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Occupy Movement Has Jumped The Shark

Jumping the shark according to Wikipedia, shorthand version:

The usage of "jump the shark" has subsequently broadened beyond television, indicating the moment in its evolution when a brand, design, or creative effort moves beyond the essential qualities that initially defined its success, beyond relevance or recovery.

The longhand version is here.

Well, the so-called occupy movement has jumped that shark.
What is the turning point?
The recent events in Oakland is the flash point that will make the movement the left-wing fringe that it is.
Yesterday, the movement called for a general strike and the strike went so far as to close the Port of Oakland. If that was not enough later in the night, thugs went on to riot throughout the downtown area. The rioters even hit a paragon of left-wing virtue, Whole Foods.
This is a culmination of rather disturbing events that have marginalized this left-wing answer to the Tea Party movement.
Some of the disturbing events include multiple rapes, robberies, well just a cross-section of Middle America.
You know what this is a repeat of?
The anti-Vietnam war movement.
And you know what was the turning point?
The Kent State Shootings in which the Ohio National Guard was called in to quell student unrest in opposition to the war in Vietnam. On May 4, 1970, the National Guardsmen opened fire on a crowd killing four unarmed students and wounding nine others.
The anti-war crowd went ballistic and the unrest kept building up on college campuses throughout the United States.
And yet in 1972, when the Democrat party nominated anti-war dove Sen. George McGovern (D-SD), he lost the election to President Richard Nixon in a landslide. Sen. McGovern only won in Massachusetts, of course, and the District of Columbia. Sen. McGovern could not even win his home state of South Dakota.
To most Americans, the continuous unrest and violence at the colleges and universities was too much. Even those that were sympathetic to the anti-war cause did not like what they were seeing. Hence the phrase "The Great Silent Majority" coined by President Nixon in a famous speech in 1969. Although that speech was before the Kent State Shootings, needless to say it stuck in the majority of American minds come 1972 when they had the chance to vote for or against President Nixon.
Why am I sharing this seemingly ancient history?
Because it is relevant to the events of today.
One thing that Americans do not want to be a part of is a violent movement. After all, we have had one bloody and horrific Civil War. Though it is but a distant memory for us, the reality is that knowledge of that and the long-term cost to our Great Land keeps us from ever wanting or having another one. That is why extremist movements are abhorred by The Great Silent Majority.
Now that the Occupy movement has gone to violence, whatever support it may have had will dwindle.
And it may have already started even before the events in Oakland.
According to polling from Quinnipiac, the movement has a 30% to 39% support/oppose. Although the Tea Party movement does fare worse, I would like to see questions regarding violence and anarchy and what is taking place at Occupy sites throughout the United States. Bet the Q won't like those results.
And the real danger is that the Democrat party has embraced this movement. From the Dear Leader, President Obama, on down to the congressional leadership. What fire the Democrats support will burn them in the rear come election day in November, 2012.
People will turn against a movement that descends into violence and that is what is beginning to happen to the Occupy movement. And violence is this movement's Jumping the shark moment.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Is This Just The Republican Silly Season?

Well, the two stories that seem to make me believe that to be the case involve the Texas governor, Rick Perry and businessman Herman Cain, the current front runner for the Republican presidential nomination.
Let's take the Gov. Perry "controversy" first.
Apparently last week during a speech to a group in New Hampshire it appears that Gov. Perry, at the very least, was hanging loose and having fun with his audience.
Now the linked video is cut and spliced so it shows Gov. Perry in not necessarily in the best light. The full video of the speech is here.
Now without going into great detail, I can assure you that the speculation that Gov. Perry was drunk or on some kind of meds is false. Trust me. I have been in an altered state due to alcohol consumption. And Gov. Perry is not drunk. He is not slurring his speech or doing anything other than going off script.
Have we become so used to the kind of politician, say like the Dear Leader, President Obama, or so many that are so tightly wound that a little fun and going off script has Carrie Nation rising from the grave? Suspecting a sitting governor of hitting the moonshine? I am afraid so.
I am not big on Gov. Perry. I still do not really get why he is running for president. But, the thrust of his speech was discussing his tax proposals, which are serious business. So he had fun with a friendly audience? To paraphrase our illustrious Vice-President, Brain Surgeon Joe Biden, it is not a BFD*.
Yet the Leftywhore media is jumping on this like a wino to Night Train. And worse is that there is no proof whatsoever that Gov. Perry was buzzed, drunk or over medicated on something. Possibly tired, but not drunk.
It is time to move off that story. Again, the real story is that Gov. Perry has as serious a tax reform plan as our friend, Herman Cain, and the 9-9-9 plan.
Ahh, but Herman, Herman, Herman. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
The charges against Mr. Cain are potentially much more serious.
Allegedly, Mr. Cain while the head of the National Restaurant Association he was accused of sexual harassment not just by one but two women. This was in the 1990s.
The NRA (not the gun people), decided to settle with one of the women. And she got a full year salary of about $35,000 and the financial settlement.
Mr. Cain denies that he sexually harassed any women.
Now, having a financial settlement is not an admission of guilt.
Regrettably quite often when such charges are leveled, a deal is cut with the accuser to make it go away. Usually, there is no guilt to the accused, the accuser gets a settlement with a company and all are happy. Sort of.
But the website Politico has rehashed these charges and there is a lot of it that, for the moment, does not really seem to hurt Mr. Cain. In fact, it starts to look really like there is a political rat trying to derail the Cain Train. Over at HotAir, Allahpundit has a good round up of the Cain Case here and here.
Again, I like Herman Cain and think that he is a great, non-politician candidate. But is not the first rule of being in the arena to get these potential firebombs out of the way before they are thrown at you?
Of course all of this helps Mitt Romney. And I think starts making people take a second look at Newt Gingrich.
But the real story is that it really is a silly point in the endless political season.
And it needs to stop.
The United States has major problems. And we who believe that the current president, the Dear Leader, President Obama, is not up to the job are looking for the right candidate.
He or she does not have to be perfect, but ready for anything.
Right now, like it or not, Herman Cain and Gov. Rick Perry do not shine as one ready for anything.
For the sake of the republic, let us get back to the serious issues facing the United States.
Time for the silly season to end.

*BFD-Big f---ing deal.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dodgers To Go Up For Sale

The long Los Angeles nightmare is about to end as Frank McCourt will sell the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dodger Stadium and the surrounding land in bankruptcy court.
The potential bad news is that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban may now the the front-runner to purchase the storied franchise.
Mr. Cuban was interested in buying the Dodgers earlier this year. But not at $1,000,000,000.
Now, Mr. Cuban can pay a lot less, but more than Mr. McCourt paid for the team in 2004.
My hope is that an ownership group led by the former owner, Peter O'Malley, can buy the team. Mr. O'Malley would bring immediate benefit and stability to a team that has been rather unstable the past several seasons.
Whatever happens, Frank McCourt will not be the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers come Opening Day, 2012. And the nightmare will be over. Hopefully.