Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sign The Mount Vernon Statement

The Mount Vernon Statement was recently released by a group of leading American conservatives and it is a statement of principles that the United States needs to return if we are to be the great force in the world.
The best thing is that we, regular Americans, can sign the statement.
I encourage all conservatives to read the statement and then sign it.
I want to highlight the crux of the statement:

It applies the principle of limited government based on the rule of law to every proposal.
It honors the central place of individual liberty in American politics and life.
It encourages free enterprise, the individual entrepreneur, and economic reforms grounded in market solutions.
It supports America’s national interest in advancing freedom and opposing tyranny in the world and prudently considers what we can and should do to that end.
It informs conservatism’s firm defense of family, neighborhood, community, and faith.

Yes, it is broad but it is true. It is the same thing that Barry Goldwater and later Ronald Reagan spoke about and governed accordingly.
We need to have a way to return to the kind of government that gets out of the way. Governs from the bottom up, not the top down. We need to have more of those running for office run on and govern on these principles.

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The Dear Leader: Americans Do NOT Like Arrogance

In today's dog-and-pony show over at Blair House in Washington, D. C., the American people got to see the Dear Leader, President Obama, in a really bad light.
What many Americans saw was a president that did not like to be questioned, reminded or told that he may actually be wrong about aspects of the so-called health care "reform" he and fellow Democrats are trying to force on the American people.
Ace over at Ace of Spades had it spot on how the Dear Leader, President Obama, was conducting this so-called "forum" and here are five rules of the Dear Leader, President Obama:

1. Democrats get more time because "I'm the President."
2. Republicans may not criticise my bill. They can only talk about things on which we agree.
3. Republicans may not use the word "Washington" because it tips the scales.
4. Republicans may not use or reference an actual copy of the Senate bill. That's a "prop" and it's unfair.
And add to that 5:
5. We're not in "campaign mode anymore," by which he means McCain cannot mention his dirty dealings.

And do check out the video at the link. It shows Sen. John "F--- You" McCain (R-Ariz) showing some cajones reminding the Dear Leader of his broken campaign promises. And of the backroom deals that he did not make a peep about. Until alternative media pointed it out. And hence, that is where rule number five comes in.
What the American people saw was a professor lecturing, mocking, unable to pivot when called out. And it is just rather unbecoming of the office of President of the United States. And that was most of his 119 minutes of droning.
A lot of people criticized former President George W. Bush for a kind of arrogance. A Texas style that grated on the Establishment nerves. Maybe that is true to some.
But a real political arrogance that hurt the former president came two days after victory in the 2004 election.
Then-President Bush said that he gained "political capital" and that he was going to use it aggressively. And he started on another domestic powder-keg. Social Security reform.
Now I will not go into the details of that proposal. But then-President Bush and his team tried some of the same tactics that the Dear Leader, President Obama, and company are trying to do on so-called health care "reform". And this is while the war in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Islamofacsist Terror was continuing into an untenable stalemate.
Mr. Bush appeared arrogant and unbending. And eventually, the Social Security reform was voted down and the Iraq theatre grew worse by the day. And the Democrats by 2006 took back Congress.
But this is larger and the stakes enormous.
What will happen eventually is that the federal government will control one-sixth of the United States economy. And judging by the track record in Social Security, Medicare and any other federal government program, this will end in the same fate.
F A I L U R E!
And for some reason, the Dear Leader, President Obama, continues to try to paint Republicans as the only group standing in the way of the New Utopia.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, seems to be forgetting his own Democrat party. Or the fact that the American people have crystallized in opposition to the so-called health care "reform" now on the table.
One thing that the American people do not like is being lectured to by anybody. Whether it be a politician, a celebutard, any one.
And yet that is what the Dear Leader, President Obama did. And it really looks like it backfired on him.
Consider two separate reactions from two contributors at National Review online.
Yuval Levin had an early analysis of how the Dear Leader, President Obama, was in the morning session. Most telling is that Mr. Levin noted the obvious. That the Dear Leader, President Obama, is the only star that the Democrats have.
Jim Geraghty has a couple of interesting observations, both reinforce that the Dear Leader, President Obama, did not look all that well in today's confab.
Americans relate to presidents like Ronald Reagan and yes, Bill Clinton, because they did not lecture the people. They spoke to the American people. They reinforced the positive and has a smile on their face. There is a reason those two won two elections each over candidates like the current president. A man aloof and not truly trying to win over the critics.
And that maybe what dooms the so-called health care "reform"
Arrogance from the top.

Scott Brown's "Job" Bill Yes Vote No Big Deal

My fellow conservatives, I ask you to lay off Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) for his yes vote on the senate version of a $15,000,000,000 "jobs" bill.
I know, many are screaming that he voted for bad legislation. The government does not create jobs. The private sector does.
All true.
But, consider a few things and put this vote in perspective.
Sen. Brown ran as someone independent. Not beholden to the political class of the Democrat party or his own Republican party. I have numerous times likened Sen. Brown to the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin. In temperament and independence.
So, during the campaign to replace the late Sen. Teddy Kennedy, then state Sen. Brown said that he would possibly vote for some kind of jobs bill. And one that provided tax cuts.
This bill passed did that. Although it is "targeted" tax cuts, it is tax cuts none the less. Also, the price tag of the senate version is, as noted, $15,000,000,000. The House version on the other hand comes in at a cool $154,000,000,000. Somehow, I do not see where the two trains meet. But they might.
Another consideration is that Sen. Brown fulfilled two campaign promises in one vote.
As noted, he voted for a bill that has tax cuts. And he voted for a "jobs" bill.
So what is wrong with all of that?
To see the reaction from many, one would think that Sen. Brown defected to Red China.
What many seem to forget is that Sen. Brown is from Massachusetts. It is still a Blue state as a Blue state gets. Seeing Sen. Brown vote like Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) would pretty much end his senate career in 2012.
I would call this a forgivable vote.
And I think this analysis by Andrew Cline in the American Spectator affirms the obvious about how far Sen. Brown can go being a conservative in as Blue a state as Massachusetts.
I just write this.
This vote of Sen. Brown is not a big deal. It is a throwaway vote. Because the most important vote will be his 41st vote to stop the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his continuous attempt to socialize medicine in the United States.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gay Conservatives, CPAC And The GOP-A Good Trifecta

I have to admit, I did not get the hullabaloo directed at the Conservative Political Action Committee, CPAC, when they offered a gay, conservative, Republican group a sponsorship to this past weekend's annual confab.
GOProud is the conservative alternative to the Log Cabin Republicans. LGR is nothing more than a fifth-columnist left-wing gay agenda group. Sure, it dresses in GOP clothing. But LGR advocates strangely similar positions on a whole range of issues as do Stonewall Democrats.
If you take the time to go to the GOProud link, I think that of the 10 issues that they highlight, I am with them on 7 1/2 of the 10. Read it. I just do not see how we differ on most issues. And where we disagree, I have found that we do so with a great deal of respect for each other than gay leftists. Unlike the gay lefties, these people really do want less government, personal responsibility and a truly strong national defense and aggressive foreign policy.
So, GOProud went to CPAC and made a good showing.
But, some blowhard named Ryan Sorba went down an ugly road. Mr. Sorba is a member of the Young Americans for Freedom and, regrettably, from California. Mr. Sorba was supposed to speak about his role in bringing down ACORN in San Bernardino county. But NOOOOO! Mr. Sorba decided to use his time to condemn CPAC for letting GOProud be a sponsor of the confab. What an boor!!
What Mr. Sorba did is strangely unify a whole slew of conservatives. Against HIM! Take The Other McCain's take on Mr. Sorba's ridiculous tirade. You will find no stronger proponent of traditional marriage. But, Mr. McCain points out, you do not insult the people that invited you to speak. About ACORN, not homosexuality. Then there is this over at NewsReal blog. Hits it right on the head! It is Mr Sorba's sheer arrogance that borders on the psychotic. Dr. Zero over at Hot Air makes the case that conservatives need to build a coalition of the like-minded. Narrowing ourselves on the issue of homosexuality and its role is society is not worth the possibility of retaking congress and stopping as dangerous if not worse agenda. That of the Dear Leader, President Obama. And for some reason, Hot Air draws the wrath of a group called the American Family Association and blogger Brian Fischer.
Folks, I can only put it this way.
At the end of the day, I would support, vote for and campaign for a pro-life, pro second amendment, federalist, constitutionalist gay or lesbian over an anti-life, anti gun, statist, busy-body straight candidate for office. And yea, the aforementioned homosexual and I would disagree about same-sex marriage. And maybe on openly homosexuals serving in the armed forces. That is a whole other post.
What made Ronald Reagan unique is that he spread the conservative message to a whole lot of people and groups. I remember during the 1980 presidential campaign Mr. Reagan went to Harlem to tout the enterprise zones promoted by Jack Kemp. Mr. Reagan was shouted down by agitators. And while Mr. Reagan threatened to leave, he kept talking. To an audience that probably did not agree with anything he said. Again, rather than write off potential voters, Mr. Reagan went to them. And, Mr. Reagan believed in the 80-20 theory. Someone with him 80% of the time is a friend, not an enemy.
That is what CPAC is trying to do. Spread the conservative message to as many people that will listen. And remember, they did invite the original crackpots, the John Birch Society, to be sponsors as well.
Conservatism is diverse. Unlike liberalism, because it is not rooted it statist beliefs, there will be these flare ups.
On this one, I am with GOProud. And, I take this opportunity to ask you to check out two of my favorite gay conservative blogs, Gay Patriot and Queer Conservative.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Benedict Arnold Continues His Way To Irrelevancy

Ahh, the illustrious California governor, Benedict Arnold Schwarzengger, has some more "wisdom" to hand down to us, the plebeians, about the strength and role of the Tea Party movement.
The fact is that it was because of voter anger at his predecessor, former governor Gray Davis, that Gov. Benedict Arnold is the current governor of California. It was a grass-roots movement that began the process that recalled former Gov. Davis and elected Gov. Benedict Arnold. Period.
So, making an aside about whether the Tea Party movement is real or not shows how fast he became a politician of the political class.
Sorry, Gov. Benedict Arnold, but since you have no clue about conservatives and what conservatives stand for, I think your comments are totally out of touch.
The attendance at the Conservative Political Action Committee annual confab was in record numbers.
Those that are serious about fighting the political class of both parties are serious people.
All I can report is attending two tea party events over this past summer. The people were organized, knowledgeable and serious about playing a real role. Not just in November. Not just in the Republican party. But at all levels. From the school board election to the presidential level.
The fact that Gov. Benedict Arnold, whose approval rating is at a dismal 19%, numbers that would put a smile on former President George W. Bush's face, would be so dismissive shows why this is his political swansong. He will not be going anywhere but maybe back to acting. Oh, as an aside, if you go to the link, note that a staggering 70% of Republicans think that you suck Gov. Benedict Arnold.
This is why Gov. Benedict Arnold is totally irrelevant as far as what Republicans and conservatives do going from here. The reality is that the Republican that wins the nod to be the nominee for governor will need to run against Gov. Benedict Arnold. That candidate, whether it be Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner, will have to run as one that will not go along to get along. That candidate is going to have to be willing to butt heads not only with Democrats, but those weak-kneed Republicans like Gov. Benedict Arnold. And that is because of his own doing, not willing to be strong when he needed to be.
It is annoying for someone like Gov. Benedict Arnold for giving advice and or commentary on the state of the nation and the world today. He is a reason why California is in such a sad state. And the Tea Party movement wants to be a part of a solution. And that makes the political class cringe with fear and loathing.


The United States men's olympic hockey team scored a major upset, defeating the host Canada team today by a score of 5-3.
A totally gutsy performance by Team USA goalie Ryan Hunter led the way for the Americans, who had not defeated the Canada team since the 1960 winter games in Squaw Valley, California. Mr. Ryan saved 42 of 45 shots fired at him by Team Canada. In reality, they played a great 20 minutes in the beginning of the game. But Team USA played way better when it counted, in the last 30 minutes.
In scoring, Team USA was led by Detroit Red Wing star Brian Rafalski, who had two goals and an assist.
Many will not realize how huge this win is for Team USA. They defeated Team Canada on home ice in a winter games in which a slogan is "Own The Podium." Tonight, they do own the podium.
However, the excitement must be tempered by the fact all this does is give Team USA a bye before quarterfinal play begins.
None the less, this is a huge win and Team USA must savor this moment.
And be ready for the next game!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ma'am Boxer's Numbers Suck

In the race for senate here in the not-so Golden State, the Democrat incumbent, Sen. Barbara Ma'am Boxer has some very flat and quite bluntly, sucky numbers at this stage of the electoral season.
In the latest polling from Rasmussen Reports, Sen. Ma'am Boxer does have a lead over the three vying for the Republican nod to meet her in November.
Against former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Sen. Ma'am Boxer has a lead of 46%-42%.
Against former congressman and one-time gubernatorial candidate Tom Campbell, the lead is similar, 45%-41%.
And last but not least, Sen. Ma'am Boxer leads state assemblyman Chuck DeVore, 47% to 42%.
What is stunning is that Sen. Ma'am Boxer can not muster 50% plus over any of her potential opponents.
It did not escape one of the senator's Obamawhore media backers, the Left Angeles Times and it political reporter, Andrew Malcolm. His interpretation is that it puts Sen. Ma'am Boxer in the category of Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.). That is on the near endangered list.
Here is why I think that this is the year California voters put Sen. Ma'am Boxer out to pasture.
Even a little-known conservative state assemblyman, Mr DeVore, is within striking distance. Mr. DeVore is gaining on Sen. Ma'am Boxer, not losing ground.
Tom Campbell, who left the governor's race to get in on the fun in the senate race also has strong numbers against the left-wing Democrat warhorse, Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
And political neophyte Mrs. Fiorina is showing strength against Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
The Republicans are actually fighting for their party nomination.
The last go round against Sen. Ma'am Boxer, former Republican secretary of state Bill Jones was the lame duck against Sen. Ma'am Boxer. With no money or a snow-balls chance in hell of winning, Mr. Jones still got a respectable 38% of votes statewide.
With such fight, the winner will come out ready for anything that Sen. Ma'am Boxer throws at them.
And California voters maybe still loyal to the Dear Leader, President Obama, they will not be as loyal to minions like Sen. Ma'am Boxer.
Looking at Sen. Ma'am Boxer's numbers and the closeness against all her potential Republican opponents makes me think this year, California will just say no to Sen. Ma'am Boxer.

Sadie Wins Best In Show At Westminster

Above is Sadie, a Scottish Terrier and the Best In Show at the 134th Westminster Dog Show in New York City.
Before Sadie won the coveted title, two animal "rights" activists gave their two-cents on the whole spectacle. These animal "rights" fanatics have a problem with purebred dogs, breeding such dogs and dog shows in particular.
First, I support my local humane society and their efforts to place shelter dogs, and cats and all animals, in loving and safe homes. Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast, Scout the Wonder Dog and your humble blogger have participated in the annual Wiggle Waggle Walk to raise money for the shelter and all their efforts. BTW, as an aside, if you go to the Wiggle Waggle link, we helped raise $4,800 under the Paws On Parade team.
But, I also have no problem with the responsible and professional breeders. Many people want to have a certain dog and lets face it. Many humane societies do not have certain kinds of dogs. And the wrong people getting a shelter dog when they would have wanted a purebred will make for a bad situation.
There, off the soapbox.
For the winner, Sadie, the third time is the charm as she was denied two other times.
And, Sadie had to beat out 2,499 other dogs for the coveted title.
Congrats to Sadie! WOO HOO !! And WOOF!

Monday, February 15, 2010

John Brennan Needs To Leave

The Dear Leader, President Obama's counter-terrorism chief, John Brennan, gave the American people a glimpse as to the fundamental problem this administration has in fighting the War Against Islamofacsist Terror.
In a Q & A this past weekend at the Islamic Center of New York University, Mr. Brennan gave this answer in response to a question:

"People sometimes use that figure, 20 percent, say 'Oh my goodness, one out of five detainees returned to some type of extremist activity,'" Brennan said. "You know, the American penal system, the recidivism rate is up to something about 50 percent or so, as far as return to crime. Twenty percent isn't that bad."
Brennan added, "Many of these detainees have returned, have engaged not just extremism, but terrorist attacks. It is something that we have to look at very carefully."

All righty then.
According to Mr. Brennan, the possibility of a future terrorist attack from one of these released detainees is one in twenty. I suppose that is not a bad thing.
Except for two things.
One, the Dear Leader, President Obama's administration continues to make this not a war against those that make clear they want to kill us and change our way of life. No, they want this to be nothing more than another cog in the wheel of an already overloaded civilian legal system. A system that is not equipped to handle the kind of acts those trying to kill us can and will commit. Unlike many in the United States, the terrorists are committed to carrying out their acts. Keep in mind that many of these terrorists are still thinking in terms of the Crusades. The same Crusades that occurred over a milenia ago. To many of these terrorists, the Crusades might as well have happened yesterday. The hatred these Islamofacsists have is deep. And, it will never go away even if Israel was wiped off the map tomorrow.
Secondly, Mr. Brennan, this is the one flaw to the 20% theory.
The terrorists need only one time to commit an unspeakable act of terror. Say one of these let out and return to battle come to the United States. With a suitcase nuclear weapon. And said terrorist is successful in detonating it in, oh I do not know. Washington, D. C? How about New York City? Or somewhere off the radar. Like Fargo, N. D.? Somewhere no one in counter-terrorism would think.
It is what makes Mr. Brennan's latter remarks, about those that do return to the battlefield so mind-blowing.
Mr. Brennan is conceding way too much to the terrorists. Plain and simple.
If this is supposed to be a counter-terrorism strategy, it is an abject failure.
And to be blunt, these people should have never been let out in the first place. But, a tired Bush administration caved in and started releasing many of these detainees. The Bush administration bought into a stupid theory that some of these detainees could be "rehabilitated" in Saudi Arabia, of all places.
But, I absolutely believe that Mr. Brennan speaks for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
And that is why he will still have a job tomorrow. And the next day. Mr. Brennan has a job until he realizes that he needs to leave.
Unless, God forbid, something happens on a catastrophic scale, the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his minions in their view of "counter-terrorism" will continue to peddle the law-enforcement angle.
And pursuing a law-enforcement angle diminishes fighting the real war. Until we are attacked once again.

Evan Bayh Going, Going, GONE!

Another Democrat senator is looking at the political landscape and coming to the conclusion that the Age 'o Obama is not working out all that well.
That Democrat senator is Evan Bayh (D-Ind.).
Sen. Bayh is one of the so-called moderate Democrats that are now becoming an endangered species in congress. Sen. Bayh represents Indiana, not exactly Blue state central. And Sen. Bayh has developed a reputation of moderation. I suppose next to Democrat senators like Richard Durbin of Illinois, Charles Chucky Schumer of New York or our own diva, Barbara "Ma'am" Boxer, Sen Bayh is downright moderate.
But, the reality is setting in to those like Sen. Bayh.
This is going to be a bloody political year for Democrats. And he does not want to go out as a loser.
Sure, polls have shown Sen. Bayh ahead in a race for reelection. But, as the political season continues, those numbers will shrink. And there is no doubt that Republicans would have put a lot of resources to taking this seat.
But, for Republicans, it still is not a sure bet. Nor should Republicans lay down and think this seat is a gimme.
The Republicans should also come to a reality that they could run the table and take the senate and House.
It appears that Sen. Evan Bayh sure has come to that reality.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Insipid Winter Olympic Coverage, Left Angeles Times Style

I love the Winter Olympic games. I have to admit, I love the winter games in comparison to the summer counterpart. Maybe it is the intimacy. Could be the sports and or competitions. I do not know.
One thing that I do know is that the XXI Olympic Winter Games has been covered in the usual insipid manner one now comes to expect in the Left Angeles Times. Yes, many a moon ago, the Los Angeles Times was a decent source of information. But now it appears to be a propaganda arm of the Democrat party.
Example number one is this article in Friday's editions of the Times. The implication of the article is that there is no longer a nationalistic view of the Winter Olympics. Oh, of course there is a nationalism among the eeevvviiilll Americans. Why it even gets down to the counter-cultural snowboarders. Just read this horrifying quote from awesome men's snowboarder Shaun White:

"To the rest of the world, it's the U.S. against them," he said. "It's more about where you're from than being an individual."

Oh, the shame. The shame that Mr. White may feel that there is a rivalry between the United States and the rest of the world.
Not to be outdone, Gretchen Bleiler, the woman snowboarder had this frightening observation:

"You get up to that halfpipe and you can't help but feel patriotic."

Damnit, Gretchen! You can not say that! After all, you should be a citizen of the world. You should not think about your country!

Yet in the same article, it chronicles how Red China is becoming the Olympic powerhouse that the former Soviet Union once was. Sure, they do not have a Michael Phelps. But they try their hand at other sports. Like wrestling. Of course the Times finds a couple of intellectuals trying to peddle this lack of nationalism. But, I am sorry. It is not true. My heart soared when Apolo Ohno won silver last night in speedskating. And today, the United States women's hockey team gave Red China a nice spanking, 12-1. I can not imagine that Red China did not feel some shame for such a shellacking.
The coverage of the tragic death of Republic of Georgia luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, during a practice run on the Opening Day of the XXI Olympic Winter Games is also overdone and bordering on hysterical.
Look, luge is a fast and dangerous sport. It is not for the faint of heart. And I do not think Mr. Kumaritashvili was faint of heart.
But if one reads more of the Times coverage, well this "analysis" by writer Candus Thomson indicates that the sport is too fast. And in the article, it points out that between training runs and actual Olympic events, the total number of fatalities is, hold on to your seat, four. Count 'em. Four. That includes Mr. Kumaritashvili's tragic death.
Why some "columnists" that write for the Times thought the International Olympic Committee was heartless for allowing the opening ceremony to go on. Bill Plashcke seems to be having a lot to write about this tragedy. One would have to wonder if Mr. Plashcke may not be just milking the death for a few column inches.
I get it.
The Left Angeles Times is not reporting on the game, per se. No, they have to interject their opinions, parsed as "analysis". Their wallowing over a tragedy that has only happened a total of four times in the history of the modern Olympics, summer and winter.
Maybe this is why few people beyond the confines of the liberal-left establishment in the greater Los Angeles area have given up on the Times. They find few precious column inches for reporting and a helluva lot for pontification.
Please, please Los Angeles Times. Try some r e p o r t i n g from the XXI Olympic Winter Games. Maybe people will once again turn to your newspaper for news. Sports news.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Games Opening Marred By Death

Today is the opening ceremony in the XXI Olympic Winter Games.
But that ceremony is marred by the death of a member of the Republic of Georgia luge team has he crashed going 90 mph.
Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21, was competing in his first Olympic winter games.
Amid the tragedy, the city of Vancouver is rife with anticipation as the Olympic torch makes way through the city.
Hopefully, the tragic death of Mr. Kumaritashvili will not cast an overall pall on the games.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anne Hathaway-Another Hollyweird Celebutard Without A Clue

I kind of sort of like the actress, Anne Hathaway. Yes, she is a kind of hottie. But as far as real acting ability, meh!
But Miss Hathaway is really not all that bright about religion, faith and the role that it should play in one's life
Thanks to The Other McCain, we get some wisdom from the celebutard, Miss Hathaway:

Anne grew up wanting to become a nun but shunned Catholicism when she learned her older brother, Michael, was gay.
"The whole family converted to Episcopalianism after my elder brother came out," she tells the magazine. "Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?"
But the Episcopal church plan didn't really work out for her either. "So I'm ... nothing," she said. "I'm a work in progress."

Oh, goodness, where to begin?
Religion is not meant to always make one feel good. Christianity does actually ask a lot of us as followers of Jesus Christ. Sure, the entry is simple. Accept Jesus Christ as one's Lord and Savior and ask God to have a personal relationship with Him through Christ. But, after that it is a lot of
study and seeking God's will, not one's own will.
Now, I am not a Roman Catholic. But, it is not just some "organization" as the theologian Miss Hathaway puts it. To a true believer, the Roman church is the church of Christ on earth. The Pope is His direct pipeline. So, it is serious business if one is believing Roman Catholic. As far as the Roman church view on homosexuality, it is far more accommodating than many other Christians. But, it recognizes that in the way it sees scripture, the act of homosexuality, having sex with a member of the same sex, is what is inappropriate. Maybe if Miss Hathaway bothered to pay attention in those Cathecism classes, she would at least understand that view. Again, I am not Roman Catholic. So, I am not sure that would be covered. I get that one may have a hard time and yes, a conflict, if one has a relative that is gay or lesbian. God sees nothing wrong with that person. But it is what that person does that may be wrong.
OK, so Miss Hathaway says that the whole family "converted to Episcopalianism". Again, I do not doubt that. But, any priest, pastor, deacon will point out that it is not Episcopalianism. It is being an Episcopalian. A minor point. But the larger point is why did not the conversion stick? I mean, there is not another denomination in American Christendom that is more accommodating to homosexuals than the Episcopal Church. Except maybe the United Church of Christ, the denomination of the Dear Leader, President Obama. So what happened there, Miss Hathaway?
I have a thought as to why it may have not stuck.
Because when a church takes God out of the picture, it becomes but a shell. In Episcopal/Anglican tradition, we depend on a three-legged stool to become better equipped in what we believe. They are Scripture, Tradition and Reason. The current Episcopal hierarchy has given up on Scripture and Tradition. They have made a Reasoned case for acceptance as is for gay and lesbians. And it has caused what is the most major schism of the denomination.
I think that Miss Hathaway may have found that there is a Spiritual dryness in the Episcopal Church. And without that spiritual anchor, there is nothing to keep one active in the church.
The sad part of Miss Hathaway's comment is her feeling that she is a work in progress. Honey, we all are. But this is stunning. "I am nothing".
In all seriousness, no one is nothing. And for Miss Hathaway, I would suggest not to be too caught up in what different Christian denominations believe beyond the absolute basics. Be open to God and Jesus and what that relationship can do for you and your family.
Now, as I offer this spiritual advice, and I mean it, this is just a case of a confused celebutard trying to be cool.
Slamming the Roman Catholic church is something done in celbutardland as I change my underwear and socks daily. And Christianity, well if is not cool like the Episcopalians, it gets a good kick in the shins too. Miss Hathaway just becomes another celbutard in a long list that seem to think that they are know-it-alls on things they know little about.
Hey, Anne Hathaway is great eye-candy and a so-so actress. Theologian, she is not. She should just keep quiet on matters she knows little about.

Michael Reagan On WWRD*

The adopted son of former President Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan, is spot on that his old man would support the Tea Party movement. And people like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and current Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).
And Michael takes aim at the biological son of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Ron Reagan:

"Unlike my brother, I campaigned with and for my father in 1976 and in 1980 ."

And the reality is that is true. Michael has long been a supporter and in a sense keeper of the old man's political flame. Some might make a case that Michael gets a bit ahead because he is the son of the former president. And so what? The reality is that Michael is the true believer and Ron is the lefty troll. Sort of the blacksheep of the political family.
Just because Ron has the last name Reagan does not mean he can or should speak for the former president and how he would look upon the Tea Party movement and politicians such as Mrs. Palin and Sen. Brown.
Ron Reagan seems to not remember, but the old man's 1976 presidential campaign was totally against the entrenched Republican establishment of the day. For crying out loud, Mr. Reagan ran against a sitting president in Gerald R. Ford!
Yes, I think that Michael Reagan is right. The old man must be smiling down from heaven at those who want to restore the conservatism that he promoted all those years. And Ron Reagan would stop at nothing to make sure that does not happen.

*What Would Reagan Do

HT: Ed Morrisey @ Hotair

Another Kennedy Gone!

Well, it appears that death is not the only thing to take a Kennedy out of congress.
Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy is going to formally announce he will not seek
reelection to congress in the upcoming mid-term elections.
The announcement will be televised in Rhode Island on Sunday.
Congressman Kennedy has been a chip off the old block as the son of the late Sen. Teddy Kennedy.
In 2006, finally, Congressman Kennedy and the drinking caught up with him as he crashed his car outside the Capitol in Washington, D. C. in 2006. Since then, congressman Kennedy has been in and out of rehab.
This seems to close the political chapter in the Kennedy saga. And it is about time.
The rum-running Kennedy clan is now about to slip off the political stage at a time that the name does not carry the weight it once did.
Importantly, Congressman Kennedy may now really be able to get his life together. And that is a good thing.
And politically, the Republicans may still get a seat out of Blue as Blue Rhode Island.
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Him Yet?

Yes, as a matter of fact many of us do miss you, President Bush.
But, let me be clear, George W. Bush had made some mistakes as president. Especially in the second term. A good list is laid out by Michelle Malkin.
But, the stand that Mr. Bush took against Islamofacsist terror, not caving on the tax cuts and actually daring to take on real Social Security reform are several key reasons why I for one do miss George W. Bush as president.
As time goes on and the Dear Leader, President Obama, keeps looking more like a certain South American leader, many of those that had some misgivings about Mr. Bush will look back with awe to a time where a leader did stand up for the United States at home and abroad.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ain'ts No More!

Today the New Orleans Saints won the 44th Super Bowl, 31-17 over the Indianapolis Colts ending 43 years of frustration and giving the Crescent City something to cheer about.
After the near devastation of Hurricane Katrina, coupled by total incompetence of elected and emergency officials, this city has needed something good to happen. And it could not have happened to a team like the Saints, who have endured more than a fair share downs.
After all, this is the same team that began the paper bag over the head tradition when it went one season 1-15. Oh, and that is where the Ain'ts come from.
But this inspiring team, led by quarterback Drew Brees, came from behind to upset the Peyton Manning-led Colts.
Down 10-0 in the first quarter, it looked like the Colts might just prove the experts right. But from the middle of the second quarter on, it was all Saints. The capper was a interception of a Manning pass by Tracy Porter. Porter ran it back for a 74-yard touchdown. And in the end it took everything out of the Colts.
New Orleans deserved this game and this championship.
Congrats to the S A I N T S!

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Yes, I know that former President Ronald Reagan is off to the Glory. But today if the Great Man were still with us, he would be 99 years old. And Mr. Reagan did make it to 93 years of age.
It is on a day like this that we can remember not just the man as president but what kind of man in general Mr. Reagan was.
This tale from Paul Kengor over at The Corner at National Review Online is one that not only shows Mr. Reagan as the kind of man he was. Also how then National Security Advisor, William Clark, was.
There is something about the kind of person that wants to become president. And the story from Mr. Kengor shows in stark contrast to the Dear Leader, President Obama. Why the Dear Leader, President Obama, told a tale of a supporter that died recently. How the supporter is being buried in an Obama t-shirt. Too bad he could not remember her name. And the fact that he needed to tell such a story at all. It is something that Ronald Reagan would never do.
There is something to be said about a man's character. And what can be said about Ronald Reagan is that he was a good man. One that did not care about it being all about him. It is called leadership.
And can I focus on some major achievements of the Great Man's two terms in office?
The famous 30% across-the-board tax cuts. Which truly led to an economic boom throughout most of the 1980s. And during Mr. Reagan's second term, working with the then majority Democrats in congress for tax reform. Cutting tax brackets and making the highest of three brackets only 35%. Mr. Reagan also changed the majority of American's views on tax policy. That resonates today with the Tea Party movement. And of course it was Mr. Reagan's commitment to defeating Soviet communism. And while most focus correctly on the "Tear down this wall" speech in Berlin, it was what Mr. Reagan did in this hemisphere to bring democracy to Central and South America. And yes, defeat the growing communist influence especially in Nicaragua.
But, there were bad things that Mr. Reagan did as well.
Yes, Mr. Reagan did raise taxes in 1982. Did not like that. And yes, Mr Reagan did support and sign into law an amnesty for illegal aliens in 1986. The Iran-Contra affair was a mistake, but the motivation to defeat the communist government in Nicaragua was correct. And, Mr. Reagan did take the blame for the affair.
But I choose to focus on the good things that Mr. Reagan stood for and did as a politician and a human being. And that is why I celebrate a life well lived, Mr. President. A life well lived.

Friday, February 05, 2010

So, Why Are Liberals So Condescending?

In this devastating piece by Gerard Alexander that will be in this Sunday's Washington Post, Prof. Alexander tries to explain something that has polluted the American political scene for at least several generations.
Prof. Alexander lays out the treatise in four sections, beginning with the current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her claim of a "vast right-wing" conspiracy during her husband, former President Bill Clinton's administration. It is a simplistic view that there is nothing more than a cabal of people such as the eeevvviiilll Karl Rove and political hacks like him. Or front groups such as the Heritage Foundation. Or of course pro-capitalist groups, the eeevvviiilll scum-sucking pigs they are. No, there is no credence to the fact that they just may have serious policy differences with the modern liberal.
And that dovetails into the second section, which is just pounding home more of the first section. Only just discredit those advocating conservative ideas and not even the ideas. Prof. Alexander gives as an example that Nobel prize winning "economist", Paul Krugman. Prof. Alexander cites a blog posting by Mr. Krugman in which he harangues 35 years worth of editorials on The Wall Street Journal editorial pages. Mr. Krugman just does not get that maybe, just maybe, the writers actually believe what they wrote. No, here is Mr. Krugman in his own words:

"What do these people really believe? I mean, they're not stupid -- life would be a lot easier if they were. So they know they're not telling the truth. But they obviously believe that their dishonesty serves a higher truth. . . . The question is, what is that higher truth?"

Oh, I don't know, Mr. Krugman. That free people and free markets DO work. That liberty for individuals ensures true equality for all. Ah, I guess that is just all B. S. to someone of the caliber of Mr. Krugman.
But, Prof. Alexander has more.
The third section delves into the truly eeevvviiilll Richard M. Nixon and his diabolical plan to win white votes with the "Southern strategy". You know. Pit Whites against Blacks. Men against Women. Straights against the gays. On and on. Oh, and did you know that all that talk from Ronald Reagan and other conservatives about crime control, low taxes and welfare reform was a not-so-subtle form of racism? Well, if Rick Perlstein wrote it, it must be true! And dammit! If you do not support blindly the policies of the Dear Leader, President Obama, then you are nothing but a racist according to the last successful liberal president, Jimmah Carter.
The fourth and most hilarious section is the modern liberal claim that conservatives are driven by emotion and anxiety. A fear of any change.
The reality is that the modern liberal is driven by emotion, anxiety and fear.
Take Globaloney Warming.
It is all three rolled into one. The modern liberal is emotional because we should just take what some scientists say as gospel about the potential that earth is warming. And that it is a bad thing. And the warming makes the modern liberal anxious. They look to anything to prove their point. And they are afraid. Of whole coastal cities being swallowed up by rising waters because the polar ice caps are melting. Kind of like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. In fact, believing in something like Globaloney Warming, a theory at best, is kind of like living in Oz. Never mind that there is a real threat in this world. You remember? Islamofascist terrorists. Now, that is real.
Prof. Alexander gives insight into the mind of the modern American liberal. They really think that we are a bunch of dolts. Even those that support their ideology.
I leave you with the words straight from the mouth of the Dear Leader, President Obama. This was said when he was simply Sen. Messiah Barack running for president. It was in reference to those eeevvviiilll voters in Pennsylvania:

Obama suggested that residents of Rust Belt towns "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations" about job losses.

HT: Daniel Foster @ The Corner

Thursday, February 04, 2010

SENATOR Scott Brown

This is our Vice-President, Joe Biden, swearing in the newest member of the senate, Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.).
I am certain that Vice-President Biden's hair plugs must have been ready to fall out having to give the oath of office to Sen. Brown. I mean, I think he was expecting to give the oath to Martha Croakley, er Coakley, the Democrat attorney general of Massachusetts.
The People's seat is firmly in the hands of Sen. Brown. This is what Sen. Brown had to say about the atmosphere that is Washington, D. C.:
Brown said “more communication” is needed and less “backroom deals” and bickering. “We have terrorists trying to kill us ... and people losing their homes,” he added. Brown said Bay State voters put him in office to work both sides of the aisle.
Clearly this is a slam on the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his Democrat congressional allies that clearly do not get the message that the voters are trying to send to the nation's capital.
One thing that is clear is that Sen. Brown will be a one-of-a-kind voice for the people in Washington. And as noted, he will not be a pushover for his own party nor the Democrats.
Sen. Brown, welcome to Washington. And do not forget why you were elected in the first place!

The Dear Leader Uses Birthers For A Punchline

I have to admit, I do not understand why the Dear Leader, President Obama, found it necessary at the National Prayer Breakfast to use this punchline:

"You can question my policies without questioning my faith. Or my citizenship."

So, the Dear Leader, President Obama, figures that using the so-called Birthers, those that believe he was not born in Honolulu, Hawai'i but in Kenya, as a punchline would get religious leaders rolling in the aisles. Well, it fell flat. Barely a guffaw was heard.
Gateway Pundit noticed how strange this was as well.
Having watched the speech, being subjected to it on the eeevvviiilll, right-wing Fox News Channel, it was rather flat and not inspiring at all.
And I have noticed that a lot from the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Me thinks that the Dear Leader, President Obama, has come to realize that, gee, maybe the once adoring masses have caught on to his scams. You know. Trying to nationalize health care delivery. Crap-and-tax. Tax hikes. Massive government spending. Paying off allies. Yes, there are multiple scams, folks.
But the National Prayer Breakfast, an event the Dear Leader, President Obama, was too busy to attend last year, seems to not be a place to push the administration agenda. And certainly NOT to give credence to people that I admit are on the fringe.
The Birther movement seems to think that there is a nefarious plot to allow the Dear Leader, President Obama, to be president even though he really was not born in the United States.
I'm sorry.
But the Dear Leader, President Obama, was born in Honolulu, Hawai'i on August 4, 1961.
It is a pointless issue.
Yet it seems to get under the Dear Leader, President Obama's skin. And it is more petty on his part than those pushing such a bizarre theory.
Advice to the Dear Leader.
Don't give up the day job!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Six More Weeks Of Winter. . .BAH!

It is official.
The infamous Punxatwaney Phil saw his shadow today in Punxatwaney, Pennsylvania.
And that means we have six more weeks of winter.
Well, we have the Germans to thank for this prognosticating rodent.
Bringing a tradition from the homeland, February 2 is also known as Candlemas, a Christian holiday. If a hibernating animal awakens and sees his, or her, shadow, six weeks more of winter is a lock.
In this case, it is a hedgehog.
But a cute one, doncha think?
You betcha!
Well, one good thing about six weeks from today.
It will be right in the middle of baseball spring training.
Thanks, Punxy Phil. For nothing!

What Happens When Canadians Will Not Be Able To Come To The U.S. For Heart Surgery?

It appears that this Canadian provincial premier, Danny Williams, needs to have heart surgery. No problem. Except that this guy is coming to the United States for the operation.
I do not begrudge Mr. Williams for coming to the States for the operation. It is a testament to the fact that such an operation can be had here in the United States.
But, if the Dear Leader, President Obama, does eventually get the so-called health care "reform" scam through congress, will people like Mr. Williams be able to come here to obtain operations not available in a land that has single-payer, socialized medicine?
Of course not!
It is an indictment of the Canadian system that anyone has to come to the United States for such operations. And one does not know if it is an operation offered in Mr. Williams home province of Newfoundland. Here is Deputy Premier Kathy Dunderdale:

"It was never an option offered to him to have this procedure done in this province." Or any where else in Canada.

So, how can anyone dispute that the United States, a great last hope for many a Canadian and many from other lands with socialized medicine? And if the eventuality of a single-payer system is implemented, what happens to that status?
It goes right down the toilet.
It is situations such as this that those of us opposed to the Dear Leader, President Obama's attempt to nationalize one-sixth of the American economy need to drive home. Yes, there are problems with health care delivery. But, what the Dear Leader, President Obama, is pushing will make it worse.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, is continuing to push for the so-called health care "reform" scam. It is like a cancer that one thinks is in remission. Then, POW! It metastasizes and once again, it is put in remission.
The so-called health care "reform" scam must be killed. As Sen.-elect Scott Brown (R-Mass.) has said, it is time to junk it and start over.
And we must highlight the fact that for all the problems of health care delivery in the United States, it is the place where the best and brightest doctors are able to provide operations that many nations can not.

Illinois Voters Choose Candidates

Today was the first primary of the 2010 midterm elections and Illinois voters gave the nation a pulse as their choices for their respective party's nominees for senate and the governor's office.
First, the senate race to replace Sen. Roland Burris. You know, the appointed senator filling the Dear Leader, President Obama's seat. Well, wisely, Sen. Burris chose not to run for the seat outright. In the crowded Democrat primary, longtime Chicago insider Alexi Giannoulias won the Democrat nod with 39% of the Democrat vote. On the Republican side, Congressman Mark Kirk easily bested Patrick Hughes, taking 56% of the vote.
The senate race is intriguing because Congressman Kirk is viewed as a RINO. And, Congressman Kirk's American Conservative Union ratings do put him over 50%, right of center. But, Congressman Kirk has some not so great votes, including support of the Dear Leader, President Obama's Crap-and-Tax scheme. But in corrupt Illinois, Congressman Kirk may be the best one can hope for to take the former seat of the Dear Leader, President Obama. And, the Republican voters nominated Congressman Kirk. Thus, he will get the support of Right View From The Left Coast.
In the gubernatorial race, the current occupant, Gov. Patrick Quinn is in a neck and neck race with Daniel Hynes for the Democrat nod. The fact that it is so close can not be good news for whoever wins the Democrat nomination. The same is the case on the Republican side. As of this posting, state senator, Bill Brady, is leading for the Republican nomination. But, only by 21% to 20% over challenger Kirk Dillard. The good news is that state Sen. Brady is a solid conservative and also not from the Chicago area. And that may be the ticket to the governor's mansion. If there is an anti-Democrat and anti-incumbent mood in the United States, then this governor's race may be a bellwether.
So, in short, Illinois Republicans may have split the difference. Nominating a moderate for the senate and a conservative for governor. The Democrat picture is a Chicago machine guy for the senate and a hold on for the governor's race.
The official Right View From The Left Coast prediction:

Mark Kirk (R) over Alexi Giannoulias (D) in the senate race.
No current one in the governor's race. Have to wait to see who the Democrats settle on.