Friday, March 31, 2006

Mexico vs the United States

In this horrible fight over illegal immigration, primarily from Mexico, the most disturbing aspect is seeing the protesting illegals and their allies showing utter contempt for the United States of America by proudly waving the Mexican flag and, in some cases, burning the American flag.
Lets, first of all, get one thing straight. This is the United States of America, not Estados Unidos Mexicanos! If these thugs, and that is what they are, want to parade around the streets of the USA with the Mexican flag, they should know that the average American will be looking at them, and may even react. How would these thugs like it if we, say in Mexico City, started waving the American flag and burning the Mexican flag in front of the majority population? I don't have to tell you that the Federales would cart them off to jail and there may not be enough money to buy their freedom.
That is what this comes down to.
These thugs and their socialist agitators are awaking a sleeping giant, the American citizen. If they don't get it, put Prop 187 on the ballot again and see if it does not pass in the same, if not larger, numbers. See if Americans keep hiring the day laborers. See if Americans don't look at the average Mexican American, who are really some of the most patriotic people we have, with utter contempt and suspicion. That is what has happened and will happen.
To President Bush, before you talk about guest workers or anything of that nature, you must assure that there will be real control of the border,
using the might of the U.S. armed forces if necessary. Also, it is time to penalize those who willing hire illegal aliens-not "undocumented workers." severally. American citizens should be the first to be considered for any employment.
It is time to see AMERICANS stand up and say enough is enough, the boat is full and it is time to show we love our country. Please, fly the American flag and wear the flag lapel to show you love America. That is a wonderful antidote to the Socialists trying to destroy America from within

Friday, March 10, 2006

Good Riddance Dubai Ports

So, Dubai Ports World decided that it was time to cut its losses and back out of the controversial deal that would have given it control of six American ports and I say that it is good riddance and time for President Bush to get back to the serious issues of the War Against Terror.
I feel that President Bush has wasted the "political capital" that he won in the 2004 election by defending a bureaucratic blunder that put his standing as the bulwark against Islamic Jihadist in serious question.
I actually do not disagree with one aspect that the president was saying in fact that there is a kneejerk anti-Arab sentiment in the opposition to the complex deal.
The reality is that nothing would essentially change in the way that the ports in question would have been managed. But the sheer fact that the company that would own the port management would be not just an Arab company, but an arm of the government of the United Arab Emirates sent shivers up and down the spines of rational Americans.
The president was basically kept in the dark as to how the deal was to proceed and when backed into a corner, he became defensive and could not rationally defend the deal.
Seeing no support, Dubai Ports World backed down and saved the president needless embarrassment in threating a veto, the first of his presidency, over a pointless deal that met its untimely demise.
Now that this is past Mr. Bush, it is time to focus on how to deal with Iran, which will be the next country in the Axis of Evil that will have to be dealt with. This is where the serious warriors against terror will now have to put the rubber to the road and take the next step in the inevitable confrontation.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dana Reeve vs Lance Armstrong

Dana Reeve died this week. She was a loyal and loving wife to the actor Christopher Reeve and when he was turned into a living vegetable due to a horse riding accident, she never left and gave him hope. Mr Reeve is gone and now she joins him in Heaven.
On the other hand we have another hero of the modern age, bycyclist Lance Armstrong, who was diagnosed with cancer, beat and threw his wife to the curb for the singer Sheryl Crow.
What I do not understand is how Mr. Armstrong is somehow a hero for when in the worst time of his wife, his wife is loyal to him and he dumps her. And shacks up with Miss Crow?
Justice was done in that situation when their planned marriage busted and they went their separate ways, with a broken marriage and not even the prize Mr. Armstrong left his wife for.
On the other hand, Mrs Reeve literally kept her husband alive and they were strong advocates for the disabled and led the fight for increased stem cell research. I do disagree with that, but her tenacity, compassion and love for her husband is what makes this all the more tragic.
Rest assured, Dana Reeve is in Heaven and while we mourn, God and the angels are smiling with her.
I shudder to think however what reward that God will have for Lance Armstrong.
One is a real hero, the other is a pretender to that throne of grace.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I can't Believe It!

I must admit, I am stunned and infact pleased that the 2006 Academy Awards did not degenerate into a lover fest for "Brokeback Mountain."
A disclaimer.
I am not much of a movie watcher. I did not see any of the nominated movies for Best Picture.
Now, the Academy must have realized,, deep in the recesses of their minds that America was not ready to embrace a story about two gay cowboys and their closeted affair.
But it is not only that but the fact that the Academy seemed to have nominated a slew of movies that most Americans could care less about or will not see.
But, when push came to shove, a controversial movie, Crash, did win.
So, at the end of day, without a doubt, few Americans were probably watching and those that did were treated to what Hollywood thinks is real America. Gay cowboys, racist Anglenos, a freaky writer named Capote, men who want to be women. I can't go on!
This American stayed away as I do from ALL awards shows.
At least this time, the Academy Awards did the right thing-in its own special way!
By the time many of you read this, some abysmal movie will have won the 2006 academy Awards. That is because there was nothing but abysmal movies nominated.
But there are more important issues, such as how President Bush can get out of the doldrums and take back the issues that will motivate Republicans and keep the House of Representatives and Senate in GOP hands.
I see the main issue is that this is a point that some things will happen that are beyond the control of any president or any one else. Hurricane Katrina was one them.
But there are some things that are IN the president's control such as the botched ports deal.
Without going in to the details, there is a bottom line.
When you can not keep your own base on an issue, save face, cut the losses and get out.
I don't like that any more than I am sure Mr. Bush, but that is the reality at this moment. Find a way out and fight another day with more ammo to use to support the position. US naval vessels have also landed in Red China, so to say that as the best defense is, well, bad.
Stay on message. The reason you are still in relatively good shape is that your presidency is being defined by the War Against Terror.
Keep talking it up. Tell the American people that it is the TERRORISTS and their allies fomenting potential civil war in Iraq. Go after them before they get us. That is the simple, yet correct, rationale in why we are fighting this war.
As far as domestic issues, the GOP is light years ahead of the Democrats on most of the issues affecting day to day life in America. Keep pushing to make the tax cuts permanent. Talk up how the economy is better now than ANYTIME in the much ballyooed Clinton years. Talk about tax reform. Talk about making America an "Ownership Society." Americans will respond to it.
There is one more all encompassing fact.
Mr. President, you have few, if any allies in the "Mainstream media." Yet, you do have to use them as well as more favorable media to your advantage. Yes, you will have to take the lead. Go on with any of the three dolts at the so-called big three networks nightly news. Also, don't forget Fox News Channel or conservative talkradio.Remember. How to win back those that might be disaffected is to go on offense.