Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Reason Pro Sports Is In Sad Shape

Today's news that the National Hockey League Atlanta Thrashers are being sold and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, brings a reason why pro sports is, well rather in sad shape.
Get this.
The NHL thought gee, Atlanta essentially did not know that they had a hockey team from 1972 to 1980. Yeah, that is where the Calgary Flames were born. They were once the Atlanta Flames. So, lets have a do over with a new team in a brand new arena.
And the Thrashers were born.
And now, it appears about 20 years later, the NHL has come to realize, maybe Atlanta just does not care about hockey. How else does one explain this turn of events?
What is more perplexing is that they would let the team be sold and move to another market that could not support a team.
That would be Winnipeg.
Now I have nothing against Winnipeg. It is just that if at once you do not succeed, is it worth it to try again?
Well, let me change sports and ask the good folks of our nation's capital, Washington, D. C. How is the third time around for baseball going?
Yeah, Washington was once the home of the current Minnesota Twins. They left the nation's capital in 1961. But somehow, the wizards of major league baseball thought, gee, why not try it again in Washington. Thus, the second incarnation of the Washington Senators was born. And what do you know? They could not hang in D. C. either. They went to Arlington, Texas and became the Texas Rangers.
Yet the wizards of major league baseball essentially seized the Montreal Expos, drove it into the ground intentionally, sold it to another owner and they thought, this time baseball will soar in D. C.
So, to make sure it would work, one thing they did not do was try that Senators moniker again. They are now the awe inspiring Nationals. And they are not in the American league as the two previous stints. They are in the National league. Yet the old saying is the same.
Washington, first in war, first in peace, last in the American league. Now, just change that to the National league Eastern division.
Why does pro sports keep going to the well of losers? Why go back to Winnipeg? Why try again in Atlanta? Why keep beating the Washington dead horse?
Because they do not have a real vision.
There are so many other markets that could support a major league team. Yet the cartels that are the leagues do not seem to want to think out of the box.
Here are a few cities that make some sense to have major league teams.
Columbus, Ohio. Yeah, they have the Blue Jackets in the NHL. Support is very strong. Why didn't major league baseball think of this city?
How about Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha?! Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot? Why not? After all, they have hosted the College World Series forever. And Omaha completed a new, $125,000,000 stadium for the CWS for the next 25 years. So, why not give this town a chance?
Another out of the box thought is New Orleans.
It would be a real shot in the arm for a city that has seen its share of hard times. And it would be a great half-way point in baseball for Houston, Arlington and Atlanta. Just a thought.
See, as long as major league sports thinks that going back to cities that had their chance to support a team, they will be in sad shape.
Winnipeg had their chance. They blew it. Atlanta had their chance not once, but twice. They blew it. Washington had their chance three times and could be close to blowing it once again.
Major league sports need a shot in the arm. Not in the pocketbook. But this myopic thinking is the potential doom.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Must Run For President

All the signs are beginning to point to it.
So I will lay out the case as to why the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, must run for the Republican nomination for president.
First, I think that it would send an instant jolt in not only the Republican establishment, but among Democrats as well.
The Republican establishment is convincing itself that it can only win the White House if they nominate someone kind of moderate. Milquetoast. Say like a John Huntsman. The moderate. Or Milquetoast. Like Tim Pawlenty. These are the same folks that fought one Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980. Told us ol' Johnny Mac or Rudy Guiliani were the only guys with a fighting chance in 2008. Of course all these same brain trusts thought that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat presidential nominee.
In my mind, once they got over the initial shock, many would look at the instant energy of a Palin campaign and realize that she would have a fighting chance. After all, that is what many did for Mr. Reagan in 1980 once it was clear George H. W. Bush was not going to stop the Reagan train.
For the Democrats, they should be careful what they wish for. After all, in 1980 Team Carter wished for Mr. Reagan to be the Republican nominee. He was then what Mrs. Palin is now. Not a part of the establishment wing of the Republican party.
Secondly, Mrs. Palin would be able to amass the kind of money that it will take to match the Dear Leader, President Obama and his team.
Secondly, excitement would a Palin run bring to the whole Republican party.
One of the constant themes we are hearing this time around is that many a Republican voter is not all that excited about the current field of candidates. Announced, unanounced and waiting on the sidelines. No doubt Mrs. Palin would change that just with a hint of an announcement.
Third, focus.
Look for a potential Palin canididacy to focus not on beating up fellow Republicans. She would have her eye right on Public Enemy Number One to Republicans. That would be the Dear Leader, President Obama. She could and will go right up to his grill. Respectfully, of course and as she should.
Fourth, she is already that most vetted of the candidates, and or potential candidates.
In case anyone forgot, once she was announced as John McCain's number two in 2008, she became the most vetted person for the second spot in history. The only thing that we do not know is the exact day and time she became a full-fledged woman. But give that time, I am sure. The point being that there would not be any surprises that could befall any of the other candidates. We know Mrs. Palin and her record as governor.
Fifth, she would be the only candidate that could get the United States out of the energy morass that we are in. No doubt, coming from an oil producing state, she has first hand knowledge that others do not. And, she is not in bed with the eeeeevvviiiiilllll big oil companies. In fact as governor she went up against them on more than one occasion. And the energy morass and the economy will be the top issues of the campaign. No doubt about that.
Sixth, she can connect with people on a real level. Save for Mr. Pawlenty's background, Mrs. Palin has not always had life so easy. She can relate to one trying to make ends meet. She can and does get it and wants to do the right things that will bring people up from their station in life. She has done it.
A note is that during the Presidential Death March of '08, it was Mrs. Palin that wanted to make a last-ditch effort to contest for the state of Michigan. Maybe Michigan was not or ever in play. One never knows. But Mrs. Palin and her husband, Todd, wanted to make one last try. They would have done what Team McCain just could not do. Speak right to the voters. Not just with knowledge but from the heart. In a sense, she is like the Dear Leader, President Obama. They can connect with people.
Seventh, she will be able to promote a plan to cut the size and scope of the federal goverment. And that in her experience as Alaska governor.
Ahh, but there are bumps in the road.
One is the fact that she did not finish her term as governor. I believe that she should have. But she resigned. And she made a lot of money to pay for legal bills due to friviolus lawsuits against her in a campaign reform law that she championed as governor. While charge after charge was disproven, she racked up necessary legal bills.
And maybe the American people will not like the fact that she another young whippersnapper. Again, not unlike the Dear Leader, President Obama. Maybe Republicans will want an "adult" this time. Like a Mitt Romney.
But we will not know the answer unless Sarah Palin runs. And she must for the good of the Republican party and the United States of America.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

No Matter How Ya Slice It, Moving Sucks

Folks, I finally have my internet service working at the new Right View From The Left Coast bunker. It took forever. Two weeks and a surly A T & T tech to come to the bunker to help straighten things out.
But, that was just one of the reasons I concluded something rather important.
Moving sucks!
The whole process, period.
Since this is the first time Mrs. RVFTLC and I have bought a home, both of us had our eyes opened to a lot of things.
First of all, we got an education in real estate terminology.
A short sale, well it is not really a short sale for the potential buyer. Being naive about the whole process, we read up and asked a lot of people about the short sale. Essentially, the term means that the seller owes more than the home is worth. And in our case, the owner married and moved in with the new mate. Thus, she nor the bank seemed to care about the total value of said home.
Advantage there, us.
But the disadvantage is the fact that the bank is in no real hurry to sell said property. And sometimes it takes up to one year from beginning to end of the process. One has to have patience.
Yet in our case, the whole process took five months.
One reason, have a nice chunk of cash to put down. Squeezes out even one that outbids the first buyer.
The next reason it all sucks is that it is beyond signing your life away. Our file at the escrow office had to be at least one and a half inches thick. And to be honest, I can not tell you a quarter of what we signed.
Then there is signing before and after.
I should have just started signing with my left hand. But I did keep signing with the right. After a while, I am certain many of the signatures looked like I had too much to drink. You know, kind of crooked and going off the page.
OK, there is more.
Packing is absolutely a horrible exercise. If you are like me and have accumulated a lot of stuff, there is no time in the world to do the kind of purging necessary to make it work. So, you just take a lot of stuff with you. Unless you are Mrs. RVFTLC. She can purge with the best of them. No binging on her part. No sir. Just purge, purge and purge. And even then, it is not enough.
As the process began, Mrs. RVFTLC was bringing boxes from work. A lot of them. I kept telling her we did not need that much.
Boy, was your humble blogger wrong.
We almost did not have enough at the end. Oh, did I mention that the end is the worst?!
It is like a fire sale at a shop going out of business. Everything must go! Into a box and hope that you figure it all out at the new location.
Moving day in the past was an absolutely horrible experience. But this time, age and wisdom shined in both the missus and your humble blogger.
We hired movers.
Now, the move was only about 3.3 miles. But we are not in the best of shape. And we had the money to do so. And it was the best investment of the whole process.
The movers we hired were excellent. Very polite and never letting us pick up anything. Going from the old bunker to the new one. And once we got there. We just told them where to put everything. That was the best part of the otherwise suckable experience.
One would think that two weeks ago yesterday would be the end of the saga.
In our second bedroom, which is the world headquarters of your humble blogger's enterprise, we discovered there was no electricity. Not one electrical outlet worked. We eventually found the circuit breaker and, shock of all shock, the breaker to the office was. . .broken!
We had to wait until Monday for it to be repaired. And one thing our real estate agent did was purchase warranty insurance. It covered the cost.
But you know something. There would not have been a cost if those involved listened to Mrs. RVFTLC and your humble blogger.
Here is a clue to you renters and homeowners.
Always make sure your smoke alarms are in working order. If they are chirping at least five months, you know it might be something more than needing a new battery. And that was the case in why the office had no electricity. The smoke alarm had to be replaced. And the fact that it is connected to the electricity in the ceiling should have been a clue to the inspector and the city inspector. But hey, what do we know?!
And as far a Direct TV, well they kind of sort of screwed up. But they did redeem themselves.
The tech that came out should have called my cell number if he or she could not reach our home number. Yeah, we are still into having a land line. And they did have the cell. Supposedly. I called they nice gal at Direct TV, and she said that the tech did not have my cell number. So, to cut this short, we had to wait until Monday for the new appointment and installation. It kind of sort of worked out OK. We got a lot more stuff put away than if there was a working television.
Now I have railed on about A T & T. And that, my friends, is a whole other post. When I will not spew profanities that would make a hooker and a sailor blush.
The whole experience, I believe, is major suckage. It takes a huge amount of time and commitment. One would think that commitment is in order.
But, I can share with you that one thing to look for is an excellent handyman. And
I can say we found a great one.
In one evening, he and is assistant put together and over-the-range microwave, a dinning room set, an American flag pole, a swinging bench and a shelving unit in three hours. Oh yeah, and fixed the garbage disposal as well.
Now it is beginning to feel that all of it is worth it. After all, this is our first home. And it is having our touches. Mostly Mrs. RVFTLC's but a few of mine. Such as the flag pole in front. And my office. But, it is our baby.
The experience has sucked, but now it is starting to feel worth it. But I sure as hell do not want to do this for a very, very long time.
Because moving really sucks!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is Palin Running?

All the signs are pointing to a presidential run for the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin.
I think that Jim Geraghty over at the Campaign Spot thinks that she is in.
This headline over at the Drudge Report seems to say that she is in:
IT'S ON: PALIN HITS TRAIL And the link is to an article in Politico. And the article seems to think Mrs. Palin is in.
That would shake up the Republican '12 presidential race.
All the party establishment will rally round either the former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney or former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. My guess is they will split the difference and not go for one over the other.
I will have more on this later, but suffice it to say this is a good thing. The more the merrier I say.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A T & T Sucks

OK fans, I have not dropped off the planet. No, I was not Raptured this past Saturday.
I have been off the blog because Mr. RVFTLC and I have completed our American Dream. We moved into our new home this past weekend.
But, A T & T has made it rather an unpleasant experience.
While keeping our current phone number and internet service, I did what any red-blooded American would do now a days. I made the changes online.
Well, the good people at A T & T decided that I disconnected my internet service. Yeah, that is what the nice representative said when I completed my call moments ago. I explained that I did not disconnect the service. Just wanted to switch everything to our new abode.
And after a week and realizing, gee, there is no connection to the net, I made this call.
While all is going to work out, I will not get my service back until Wednesday.
So, hopefully then I will be back to the blog.
Unless A T & T screws up once again!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Newt Is Going In For GOP Presidential Nod

Tomorrow, the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, will make it official and declare his intention to seek the Republican nomination for president of the United States.I think it is safe to say that this will be one heckuva campaign. The ideas firepower of Mr. Gingrich that dwarfs any of the competitors that are also on the verge of making a run for the Republican nomination.
With the ideas comes a lot of baggage.
How the current Mrs. Newt Gingrich, Calista, ruined marriage number two. That was when Mr. Gingrich was married to Marianne while he was leading the charge to impeach then President Bill Clinton.
Or more politically how undisciplined Mr. Gingrich can be.
But I will write this.
All the baggage is out there.
What is not out there is a candidate that has the stuff that can unite all the factions of the Republican party.
I am not saying that Mr. Gingrich is the only one. But he did lead the Republicans to take the House of Representatives in 1994. A political earthquake that has now been overshadowed by the takeover of 2010.
But he is one of the few Republicans willing to take it to the Dear Leader, President Obama. He is not afraid to call him out on the issues. He calls the Dear Leader, President Obama, the socialist that he is.
And that is what this race needs. Is a candidate that can get the base excited. All those that are thinking about a run for the White House are superior to the current occupant. But they lack a fire that Mr. Gingrich does not.
Tomorrow, Mr. Gingrich announces on Twitter. And then the race for the White House will really be on!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Benedict Arnold And Maria Shriver Separate

It is not good news as former California governor Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver have announced that they are separating after 25 years of marriage.Say what you want about the fact that Benedict Arnold was a lousy governor and a tolerable actor. And that Maria Shriver was milking the Kennedy name for all that it was worth.
But it is never, ever good to see a marriage on the rocks. While there is no announcement of an actual divorce, I for one hope that they can get over their problems.
If they can resolve their problems and remain a married couple, that tops any professional and or political accomplishments.

Jon Huntsman, Jr. The Leftywhore Media New Republican Lovefest

Hmm, if you think that I do not care for the Huntsman flavor, Erick Erickson over at RedState H A T E S Mr. Huntsman. Do read the whole link. But take this away and wonder if you would like this as a potential president of the United States:

The reason I will never, ever support Jon Huntman is simple: While serving as the United States Ambassador to China, our greatest strategic adversary, Jon Huntsman began plotting to run against the President of the United States. This calls into question his loyalty not just to the President of the United States, but also his loyalty to his country over his own naked ambition.

OUCH! I did not even go this far. But Erick is spot on!

The leftywhore media is trying desperately to pick the Republican candidate for president in 2012.
The ways that you can tell is who they are propping up as "good" Republicans.
The first is the Indiana governor, Mitch Daniels. Now I believe that he has been a good governor for Indiana. A solid conservative. But, Gov. Daniels is beyond a Johnny Onenote. He is way to focused on the potential of economic collapse of the United States, a real possibility, that he wants to not discuss any other issues.
Where Gov. Daniels got into big trouble is suggesting that there be a "truce" declared on the so-called social issues. That conservatives and liberals can put aside their very profound differences on many social issues and focus on fixing the broken federal government.
That is music to the ears of the leftywhore media.
They hate conservative Republicans that speak about defending the unborn. Supporting traditional marriage. Believe that crime needs to be dealt with sure and swift. That the death penalty is something to continue. That racial quotas and or affirmative action are wrong remedies to problems that have actually changed-for the better-over time.
Now, the new flavor of the leftywhore media is the former ambassador to Red China for Democrat President Obama, Republican former Utah governor John Huntsman, Jr.
Look at that. A bipartisan election. A former Obama administration official running against him in a general election.
And one that has a record that the leftywhore media like.
For instance, Mr. Huntsman is a believer in Globalloney Warming. He was all in on the issue. Why he even got together with the biggest RINO of all, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the act back when they were both governors in 2007.
That is one reason I am weary of a potential Huntsman candidacy. Also why I am weary of the former Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty. If one is a conservative, and Republican and believes in Globaloney Warming, it is a non-starter for this conservative Republican.
And if one looks at this on Wikipedia, Mr. Huntsman likes working with the other team.
The telling graph:

Huntsman is a Republican, with conservative fiscal credentials and conservative to moderate positions on some social issues. He has been described as "a conservative technocrat-optimist with moderate positions who was willing to work substantively with President Barack Obama."[41]

Yes, that always seems to work well for conservative Republicans. Work with the other team. Hey, Huntsman and your ilk. The other team does not want to work with you. They want to work you over. They want you to change your mind and support their policies.
And that, my friends, is why Mr. Huntsman is the new flavor of the leftywhore media.
Because he is a bore. And is not confrontational. And even believes in some of what the other side believes.
Not just actual Republican primary voters need to be leery of this, but the American public.
If you are dissatisfied with the current leadership, why just change color and model? How about the whole thing? How about someone that stands up for what he or she believes? The other side does it all the time. And are praised to the highest heaven for it. Yet when we do, we are fill-in-the-blank. Eeeeevvviiiiillllll! Racist. Homophobic. Haters. Deniers. The blanks go on.
So, the leftywhore media want you to believe that the only way to defeat the Dear Leader, President Obama, is with a candidate that is bland, boring and non-inspiring.
Do not trust their praise of Jon Huntsman, Jr. He is just another flavor for the leftywhore media.

Hey, Maybe American Republicans Should Take Some Lessons In Winning Elections From Canada's Conservatives

Sheesh! A long headline, yet it is packed with such truth!
Last week the good people of Canada finally gave the Conservative party the levers of government ending six years of Conservative minority governments.
Because Canada government is more or less based on the Westminster system, it was 308 mini-elections. Three-hundred eight is the number of members of the House of Commons, the lower house of government. A majority is 155 seats. In the past two elections, the Conservatives were the majority party, yet did not get 155 seats. But by being the majority party, they were asked to form the last two governments.
Long windily, what happened last week was the culmination of a tenacious wearing down of the left and making the Conservatives the party people trust to govern.
So, how did this happen?
It did not happen overnight.
Because Canada's Conservatives made the Republicans here in the states look like unity beyond belief.
After suffering a humiliating defeat that saw the former Progressive Conservatives go from majority to two seats in 1993. They would eventually cease to exist as a party by 2003. That is when the Reform and Canada Alliance parties merged with the Progressive Conservatives to form the current Conservative party.
But it took several elections for the people of the whole of Canada to eventually embrace the now modern Conservative Party.
As Michael Barone notes in this column is that in the complex racial politics that is modern Canada, the Conservatives made an all out effort to attract non-white and or French candidates for each seat. They made a real effort in attracting Indian and Chinese speaking Canadians to run and appeal to voters in the languages that they understood. No, not the way that the American Republicans think that they can do with appealing to the amnesty crowd. Just by serious outreach.
The American Republicans have a lot of very good people in office now, such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Governors Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Brian Sandoval in Nevada. And two of the most conservative members of congress in Blacks Tim Scott (R-SC) and Allen West (R-Fla.).
They are the future of the Republican party. And all of the above are conservatives.
And Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper learned to attract fellow conservatives of color in Canada, the Grand Old Party must do the same in the United States. It will be how we win future elections. On principle and tenacity in espousing that principle to all people.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

So, We Can Watch Bin Laden Family Videos, But Not Photos Or Videos Of Him Dead?

I just do not get this about the Dear Leader, President Obama, his minions, and enablers on the right.
We are told multiple reasons why the government can not release any photos of the cold, dead corpse of Osama bin Laden. Nor any photos or videos of the dumping of bin Laden in the sea.
Yet, yesterday a slew of videos are released showing bin Laden to be the self-obsessed tyrant that, well most dictator types are.
Oh, bin Laden cooked-up his gray beard black so when he made some video message for the eeeeevvviiiiilllll Americans, allies and non-Islamics, he looked cool. You know, in the white turban, some kind of robe and that black beard.
Another of the bin Laden family vids show a blanketed bin Laden watching a television that had on the Dear Leader, President Obama. Strange to show that, isn't it? Maybe it is to prove to us Obama-doubters that even the world's most wanted terrorist could not get enough of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Again, why is this necessary to show, yet photos and or video of the cold, dead bin Laden corpse somehow a bad thing?
There is not one logical response to the above question.
Because the reasoning has changed. From it is not what a civilized nation does to it would endanger our troops. There is not a real reason that the administration and or its defenders and enablers to continue to stonewall the people.
Now much will be made of this NBC poll that show Americans basically agree with the decision not to show the death photos. But now that the administration has chosen to show the family vids, maybe that should be asked and put side-by-side. Consistency would have to be that if one does not want to see the dead bin Laden, one should not want to see the vids of the alive bin Laden.
Now I think that the reason may be a fatigue in general regarding the War Against Islamofacsist Terror.
It has been almost 10 years since the war came to American shores. And while former President George W. Bush warned that it would be a long war, people are weary of it. The economy sucks, unemployment is at nine percent, the general attitude of the public is that the righteous killing of bin Laden will not really make a difference in their lives.
Also, once again this is a poll of about 800 adults. Not registered or likely voters. People that may not pay a lot of attention to events in general.
I maintain that the showing of the photos of a dead bin Laden is not because I am a doubter. But that there are fence-sitters that wonder what happened last Sunday night. The story has changed numerous times. Now it is being reported that bin Laden may have actually been in United States custody and that he was killed in that state. Much different than a firefight that was originally reported.
I ask again, why does anyone want to see the bin Laden family video, and not the cold, dead corpse? I think that someone needs to ask those questions and get some consistant answers.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Gutless Call From A Now Gutless Leader

Just as this blogger gained a certain respect for our Dear Leader, President Obama, he has blown it, big time, by deciding NOT to release any photos or video of the cold, dead body of the late terror fiend, Osama bin Laden.
The reasoning is also very disappointing.
According to the interview that will air this Sunday on CBS' 60 Minutes, the Dear Leader, President Obama said the following:

"The risks of release outweigh the benefits," he said. "Conspiracy theorists around the world will just claim the photos are doctored anyway, and there is a real risk that releasing the photos will only serve to inflame public opinion in the Middle East."

"Imagine how the American people would react if Al Qaeda killed one of our troops or military leaders, and put photos of the body on the internet," he continued. "Osama bin Laden is not a trophy - he is dead and let's now focus on continuing the fight until Al Qaeda has been eliminated."

OK, sure Dear Leader, President Obama.
Again, the people in the Middle East that hate us already are already inflamed. Those on the sidelines need to know that the deed was done. Everything. photos and videos.
In the second paragraph, again Dear Leader, President Obama, al-Qaeda and its allies HAVE done just that. Hell, they showed the full execution of The Wall Street Journal writer, Daniel Pearl. This is how these thugs work. It is all part of the fear that they try to impart to people.
Again, it is not just the Dear Leader's, President Obama's approach to this.
Way too many Republicans in congress are also short sided. In the previous post, I wrote about Congressman Mike Rogers' (R-Mich) opposition to releasing the photos and videos.
Speaker of the House, John Boehner, said he does not need to see any proof one way or the other. However, again Mr. Boehner, it is not about proof. It is to show that the deed was done. We all need to see it.
Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass) said that he has seen the photos. With all due respect, why should we, the people, not see something like this? Why should congressmen and senators get the privilege?
There also the yucky factor.
Many believe that we, the people, are not strong enough to see the bullet holes in the head of bin Laden.
This is from the nation that defeated Hitler? That dropped not one but two nukes on Japan to end World War II?
Have we gotten this soft? If so, how can we think we will win the War Against Islamofacsist Terror?
This is a bad call from our national leaders and I believe will show weakness, not strength.

Dear Leader, Show Us ALL The Photos Of The Dead bin Laden

Well, the Dear Leader, President Obama, has decided NOT to release any photos and or videos of the cold, dead body of the late terror leader Osama bin Laden. Separate post on this development to follow.

I just do not get the reasoning behind the fact that the photos of a cold, dead Osama bin Laden have not been released as of this post.
It appears to be following a trend within the administration of the Dear Leader, President Obama, to worry about the sensibilities of the crazy, radical Islamics.
As I pointed out in this post, the mere killing of bin Laden is enough for this crowd. From the harping of the administration about bin Laden being given a supposed proper Islamic sendoff to whether or not we, the people, should see every photo and or video possible of the cold, dead bin Laden corpse.
Even some Republicans are expressing concerns about releasing photos and or videos regarding bin Laden.
Take this from Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich):

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., chairman of the intelligence committee, put out a statement opposing the release Wednesday morning. He told Fox News he's using a simple test -- if the release of the photo would make a village elder in Afghanistan less cooperative and less likely to snitch to U.S. troops about potential attacks, then he's against it.

OK, that is something to think about. But with all due respect Congressman Rogers, these elders are still possibly upset with killing of bin Laden in the first place.
The American people, no make that the people of the world, deserve to see what wondrous work our Navy Seals did.
Again, it will not please those in the fever swamps, but who cares about them?
The reason I want to see the photos is simple.
Because I want to see the handiwork of the Navy Seals. I want people to see what happens to the face of evil when the United States has the will to hunt them down and take them out.
Not releasing the photos because of some kind of political correctness or fear is wrong, wrong, wrong.
I urge the Dear Leader, President Obama, to release everything. The photos, videos, everything regarding the cold, dead corpse of the late Osama bin Laden.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Should The United States Announced How We Disposed Of The bin Laden Body?

No, I say no, no, no! The United States should not have announced that before the corpse of one Osama bin Laden was tossed in the open sea, he was sent off with a full Islamic corpse-laying.
Or in this case, a full Islamic ceremony before being tossed to the fishes and the sharks.
One of the reasons for this constant pronouncement from all involved is that this is so the Islamic world does not think we, the eeeeevvviiiiilllll Americans would desecrate the body of the world's most wanted man.
But, the simple act of the brave Special Forces killing bin Laden is enough for the fanatics.
Also, the argument goes that actually burying bin Laden in the ground would create some kind of shrine that the followers and sympathisers can use as a rallying point.
Well, I think that the compound if Abbotabad, Pakistan, will become such a site. No doubt that it will be torn down, but everyone will know where it was, no matter what.
All that should have been announced is that the body of bin Laden has been dealt with. Period. No need to announce if it was buried or tossed into the sea. Let the fanatics and conspiracy nuts go to town on it. They will anyway.
But because the Obama administration may be splitting hairs on whether or not it was a proper disposal of the bin Laden corpse, it makes constant pronouncement that they did abide by Islamic precepts on burial harder to prove correct.
It was and is a clear political decision what occurred in respect to the disposal of the bin Laden corpse.
Had the Obama administration simply buried the body in an unmarked grave, said nothing, it probably would be more correct than the appearance of political correctness.
In and of itself, what was done may have been proper. I worry more that this will still be seen by the whack jobs as a desecration of the bin Laden corpse.
The whack jobs and the conspiracy nuts either believe that bin Laden is still alive, has been dead for a long time or, strangely, a combination of both. So, no matter what, anything will be seen as suspect.
But announcing that bin Laden was given a full Islamic sendoff to the 72 virgins, that may come back to haunt the Obama administration more than we realize.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Conservatives Win Outright Majority In Canada

It looks like the Conservative party in Canada will get a majority of seats in the Canadian parliament and be able to form a government for four uninterrupted years.
According to the latest from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Conservatives have 156 seats outright. Two over majority. And lead in 10 more. If that holds up, they should end up with 166 seats.
The stunner of the night is the surging left-wing New Democratic party and they are going to be the opposition party as they have 98 seats and are leading in six more. If that holds, they will have 104 seats in parliament. Most of the ND gains are at the expense of the Bloc Quebecois, the Quebec separatist party. They will be reduced to three seats in the upcoming parliament. And the ND also gained in British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario.
The losers are the venerable Liberal party. Not as far to the left as the ND, they suffered the most humiliating defeat ever as they are assured of a minimal of 29 seats and lead in five. If they win the five outstanding, that will boost their anemic numbers to 34 seats.
For a detailed look at the key battleground areas of this election, The National Post has a handy guide here. It appears that the Conservatives gained a lot in Ontario and its gains are in and around the largest city, Toronto.
This is a very important election for Canada. In it, Quebec has rejected the separatism of the Bloc Quebecois for the outright leftism of the New Democratic Party. The same ND party has made enough gains outside Quebec to become the opposition party. The Liberal party is now a shell shocked hull of it old self. It is a distant third party. And the Conservatives will have an outright majority for the first time since they reorganized the old Progressive Conservatives and Reform party in the mid 1990s. And this party is a different one from that party. It is more decidedly conservative. And now in outright majority will govern accordingly.

Canadian Elections Today

Today the voters of Canada are going to the poll to elect a new national government. The ruling Conservatives are hoping to be able to govern with an outright majority of seats in the lower House of parliament. Since they won election in 2007, they have led minority governments.
However, there is a surge of support for the outright socialist New Democrat party. Unlike the Liberal party, the New Dems are full-throated socialists. There is talk that they may become the formal opposition party in parliament. And may coalition with the Liberals to keep the Conservatives from forming a new government.
It is an important vote and could usher in a majority Conservative government. Or a grand coalition of the left.
Here is a place for complete coverage. More updates later tonight.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

We Want To SEE Bin Laden's Dead Corpse!

Yeah, you read that right. We, the American people, want to see the cold, dead corpse that is Osama bin Laden.
Not for a reason some of you reading will think.
I absolutely believe and know that the bastard is dead. This would be something if he was not.
But, the whack job community will not believe it.
You know who I mean. The conspiracy crowd. The ones that have believed that the Dear Leader, President Obama, was not born in Hawai'i on August 4, 1961. The ones that believe that the attacks of 9/11 were either an inside job or a plot by the stupid, yet maniacal former president, George W. Bush. And the ones that believe that former presidents Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush were in cahoots as drug dealers.
The problem is that with the internets, this crowd is gaining a certain amount of, how shall I write this, respectability? I mean, if a serious businessman like Donald Chump can ride the birth certificate "issue", that is not a good thing.
I am amazed that as I type this, there are people out there either not happy that justice has been done or are ready to get the tin-foil ready to give us the conspiracy view on the death of Osama bin Laden.
That is why we need to see the body, morbid as it is. Because now is not the time to be bashing our president. Tonight, we need to praise the fact that the Dear Leader, President Obama, made the right decision to go after bin Laden. The fact he was killed is A-OK with me. But let us, the people, see that cold, dead bin Laden corpse!


Simply amazing news tonight that the leader of the focus of evil in the world today, al-Queda chief Osama bin Laden was killed in outside Islamabad, Pakistan last week.
The terror mastermind was, from what has been reported, hiding in relatively plain sight. The demise of the bastard was but about 150 km from the capital of Pakistan.
The Dear Leader, President Obama made a formal announcement from the White House under one hour ago.
In the announcement, the Dear Leader, President Obama, indicated that intelligence that was very reliable set the stage in motion to the events that led to a bullet in the head of al-Queda.
This is very welcome news. The mastermind and the one that followers look up to, bin Laden, is dead. Yet with the righteous celebrations come a stark and worrisome reality.
That al-Queda and its allies will spiral into more terrorism and that it may be even more destructive than the events of 9/11. I would think that those in charge know that this is a real risk.
But in the end it is what had to be done.
Killing bin Laden was the only way to cut the head of the snake. And though al-Queda is organized in a way that it is not centralized, the followers look up to the image of bin Laden. And now that is gone.
This is a time to celebrate. To praise the commander-in-chief. To give even greater praise to our men and women that took the fight directly to al-Queda and bin Laden. Those of our armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are the front line against the evil that is radical Islam.