Monday, May 23, 2011

A T & T Sucks

OK fans, I have not dropped off the planet. No, I was not Raptured this past Saturday.
I have been off the blog because Mr. RVFTLC and I have completed our American Dream. We moved into our new home this past weekend.
But, A T & T has made it rather an unpleasant experience.
While keeping our current phone number and internet service, I did what any red-blooded American would do now a days. I made the changes online.
Well, the good people at A T & T decided that I disconnected my internet service. Yeah, that is what the nice representative said when I completed my call moments ago. I explained that I did not disconnect the service. Just wanted to switch everything to our new abode.
And after a week and realizing, gee, there is no connection to the net, I made this call.
While all is going to work out, I will not get my service back until Wednesday.
So, hopefully then I will be back to the blog.
Unless A T & T screws up once again!

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