Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Newt Is Going In For GOP Presidential Nod

Tomorrow, the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, will make it official and declare his intention to seek the Republican nomination for president of the United States.I think it is safe to say that this will be one heckuva campaign. The ideas firepower of Mr. Gingrich that dwarfs any of the competitors that are also on the verge of making a run for the Republican nomination.
With the ideas comes a lot of baggage.
How the current Mrs. Newt Gingrich, Calista, ruined marriage number two. That was when Mr. Gingrich was married to Marianne while he was leading the charge to impeach then President Bill Clinton.
Or more politically how undisciplined Mr. Gingrich can be.
But I will write this.
All the baggage is out there.
What is not out there is a candidate that has the stuff that can unite all the factions of the Republican party.
I am not saying that Mr. Gingrich is the only one. But he did lead the Republicans to take the House of Representatives in 1994. A political earthquake that has now been overshadowed by the takeover of 2010.
But he is one of the few Republicans willing to take it to the Dear Leader, President Obama. He is not afraid to call him out on the issues. He calls the Dear Leader, President Obama, the socialist that he is.
And that is what this race needs. Is a candidate that can get the base excited. All those that are thinking about a run for the White House are superior to the current occupant. But they lack a fire that Mr. Gingrich does not.
Tomorrow, Mr. Gingrich announces on Twitter. And then the race for the White House will really be on!

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