Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dear Leader, Show Us ALL The Photos Of The Dead bin Laden

Well, the Dear Leader, President Obama, has decided NOT to release any photos and or videos of the cold, dead body of the late terror leader Osama bin Laden. Separate post on this development to follow.

I just do not get the reasoning behind the fact that the photos of a cold, dead Osama bin Laden have not been released as of this post.
It appears to be following a trend within the administration of the Dear Leader, President Obama, to worry about the sensibilities of the crazy, radical Islamics.
As I pointed out in this post, the mere killing of bin Laden is enough for this crowd. From the harping of the administration about bin Laden being given a supposed proper Islamic sendoff to whether or not we, the people, should see every photo and or video possible of the cold, dead bin Laden corpse.
Even some Republicans are expressing concerns about releasing photos and or videos regarding bin Laden.
Take this from Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich):

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., chairman of the intelligence committee, put out a statement opposing the release Wednesday morning. He told Fox News he's using a simple test -- if the release of the photo would make a village elder in Afghanistan less cooperative and less likely to snitch to U.S. troops about potential attacks, then he's against it.

OK, that is something to think about. But with all due respect Congressman Rogers, these elders are still possibly upset with killing of bin Laden in the first place.
The American people, no make that the people of the world, deserve to see what wondrous work our Navy Seals did.
Again, it will not please those in the fever swamps, but who cares about them?
The reason I want to see the photos is simple.
Because I want to see the handiwork of the Navy Seals. I want people to see what happens to the face of evil when the United States has the will to hunt them down and take them out.
Not releasing the photos because of some kind of political correctness or fear is wrong, wrong, wrong.
I urge the Dear Leader, President Obama, to release everything. The photos, videos, everything regarding the cold, dead corpse of the late Osama bin Laden.

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