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Side By Side, Palin Vs. Obama

Here is one of those side by side charts that compares the Republican vice-presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin and the Democrat presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama.
It is bound to drive the lefties insane. Judging by what I have been reading in the blogosphere, some of these lefties need to get their rabies shots. BTW, that is NOT for you Right Wing Snarkle! You are genuinely mild in comparison.
Since being mayor of a "small town" does not seem to matter to the Obamiacs, let us go down the list of those successful, big city Democrat mayors.
I can start right here in California.
San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom. He is really special on my list of successful Democrat big-city mayors. You know how he solves the illegal immigration problem? He dumps convicted illegal alien criminals in other counties in California. Until he gets caught. Then he does the "all the others do the same thing" defense. Oh yes, it is the same Mayor Newsom who takes his marriage vows so seriously, ask the former Mrs. Newson, Kimberly Giulfoyle, that he led the fight to have the California state supreme court to find a mythical right for same-sex marriage.
Oh, and let me tell you about the homeless in San Francisco. Why, they have more rights than, well illegal aliens. That's right. It is a sanctuary city!
Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villar another winner. He gets more face time than, well, President Bush. Oh. and he too thinks a sanctuary city is just swell. And, he is pushing for one of those county-wide sales tax hikes. To fund transportation projects in the CITY OF LOS ANGELES! So, since there are not enough people to tax in the city of Los Angeles, spread it out over the whole county.
Chicago mayor Richard Daley. Wait, that would be a whole post in and of itself. Corruption begets corruption. A Daley begets another Daley. And the corruption stays the same. Correct me if I am wrong, but did not a certain state senator come from Chicago? Why of course, Barack Obama! Enough said.
Two of my personal favorites are New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin of Hurricane Katrina fame. As I write this another hurricane is potentially barrelling onto New Orleans. Another bad one. This is the same mayor that let school buses sit there during the evacuation phase before Katrina and did nothing to get those out of harms way before the storm hit. Then the storm hit and all hell broke loose. He lost any control of the many people trapped in the Louisiana Superdome and the Convention Center. While not many of the sensational events did occur, it was clear that this man was way in over his head. And yet, this guy gets REELECTED! Amazing!
The top o' the list has to be the "hip-hop" mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick. I mean, he is a great dresser, yet he just does not know how to keep his lies straight. And by golly, while jobs and businesses in droves leave Detroit, once one of the United States largest cities, he finds time to be hookin' up and trying to cover his tracks. I mean, this guy has been in jail not once, but twice. Way to go, man.
Yea, I guess I kind of like "small town" mayors who stick to business, cut taxes and still provide services. Wasilla, Alaska may not be Los Angeles, but somehow it has been a truly great place to live and work. And some of that is the direct result of leadership provided by former mayor Sarah Palin. Hmm, what did Barack Obama do during all of that "community organizing"?

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Interesting How Palin And Obama Won Elections

My blogging friends at Gay Patriot show in an interesting way that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Barack Obama got to where they are in their respected elections.
As noted, Sen. Obama was busy knocking people off the ballot in his very first race for the Illinois senate seat that he won in 1996. In the same year, Mrs. Palin had already been a two-term member of the Wasilla city council. She took on a incumbent mayor and won.
Jump ahead to 2004 for Sen. Obama. Somehow, the Chicago Tribune found it rather important to force the sealed divorce records of Republican candidate Jack Ryan. And a judge agreed that the records should be unsealed. And we know that Mr. Ryan was into some bizarre stuff and the former Mrs. Ryan, actress Jeri Ryan, was not. Then a desperate Illinois Republican party turned to Alan Keyes and he turned out to be, well, beyond not ready for prime time. Sen. Obama won in a rout.
In 2006, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I were in Alaska and saw all these Palin for governor signs. I knew that then the current governor, Frank Murkowski was in real political trouble. And this upstart not only beat him in a three-way race, but went on to beat the very popular former Democrat governor, Tony Knowles, in a really bad election year for Republicans.
Bottom line, on that alone Gov. Palin shows that she is tough and ready to take on any and all comers. Sen. Obama is one who weasels and finds ways to knock off opponents more or less on what we used to call dirty tricks.
And, once again for all those who think that all the criticism against Sen. Obama is on experience only. It is judgement and ideology. And, he is wrong on both. Gov. Palin is right on both.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Conservative/Republican Elites Just Do Not Get It

To be a conservative Republican is to sometimes put up with the kind of elitism offered by the likes of David Frum of National Review.
Mr. Frum's take on Sen. "F--- You" McCain's choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin reads pretty much right out of the original Team Messiah Barack's handbook. It is the denigrating of the fact that Gov. Palin was mayor of a "small town", Wasilla, Alaska, before she eventually became the first woman governor of Alaska.
Let me ask Mr. Frum what was more qualified about former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani? He ran for the Republican nomination for president. Based quite a large part on his record as mayor of New York City. And, if memory serves correctly, you sir were all in on his very failed run for the Republican presidential nod.? I do believe so.
But, alas, Mr. Frum's point of view is not a lonely one among conservative Republican elites.
Another National Reviewer, Richard Brookhiser is not very high on the Maverick's choice of Gov. Palin.
They are but two examples.
The problem is that these are people who do not live in the real world. They are inoculated from the real issues that many Americans like Gov. Palin face every day.
Gov. Palin is the example of an American who took her duties as an American very seriously. She started as a PTA mom and ended up as the governor of Alaska. And, for being a "small-town" mayor, she won that post twice. And, cut taxes and improved vital government services. Not bad for a growing "small town".
Gov. Palin, to quote the Democrat candidate for vice-president, Sen. Blowhard Biden, is a storybook life, man!
The question should not be experience. It should be where the candidates stand on issues. And do they have enough knowledge on issues to actually explain and implement. And, the record shows that Gov. Palin has that kind of knowledge, explains well and implements. Sen. Messiah
Barack does not. I am still waiting for the major piece of legislation that he has authored and shepherded through the senate, house, conference committee and to the president for signature. Events are what make or break many a presidency. Ask President Lyndon Johnson. He won a landslide in 1964 and could not even run again in 1968 because the events of Vietnam paralyzed his presidency. It is also how a president reacts to events. Take President Carter. His reaction to the Iranian hostage fiasco, high inflation, interest rates, gas shortages is what eventually did him in. President Reagan felt so strongly about aiding the Nicaragua Contra rebels that he was willing to circumvent a law banning such direct and or indirect aid to the Contras fighting communist Sandinista rule in the 1980s. It really did almost cost his presidency because he gave underlings, intentionally or unintentionally, the OK to sell arms illegally to Iran then they sold to the Contra rebels.
You see, it is the fact that every candidate for president can only promise so much and events, not policies, sometime end up dictating the course of a four-year term.
But, for Sen. "F--- You" McCain, he felt that a young Turk in Gov. Palin is the one that can be that potential leader. And that is what the American dream is all about.
It is a shame when some of our own do not get that reality.

Stay Classy Dems In The Face Of A Potential Disaster

It really is amazing how pathetic the far-left in the United States has become that they will praise God that a hurricane may fall once again in New Orleans and that it will affect the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Led by the fat pig propagandist, Michael Moore, he really believes that God is behind this potential disaster. Because it may have some effect on whether or not a political convention will go on or not.
Not to be outdone, a current South Carolina Democrat congressman, John Spratt and Democrat
National Committee Chairman, Don Fowler, groused on how wonderful it would be if Hurricane Gustav continues its course and slams on the gulf coast. In their sick, demented minds, of course once again in New Orleans. Of course in their sick and demented minds, this can only help the Democrats for once again they will say that any disaster will be the fault of President Bush.
Let us go back three years to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
It was the blatant incompetence of the New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin, and the then governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco. Oh, both are Democrats. The mayor for not getting people out of New Orleans on a slew of available school buses. The governor for not accepting federal assistance offered by the eeevvviiiilllll President Bush before the hurricane hit the gulf coast.
But no matter.
Mayor Nagin, who amazingly was reelected after his incompetence, did his best Alfred E. Neumann, "What? Me Worry?!" As did then governor Blanco. They twisted and turned and blamed President Bush for not acting fast enough to offer federal assistance. Again, President Bush offered it before the hurricane hit landfall. Again, no matter.
While people were out and out lying about how terrible things had become in New Orleans, especially in the battered Louisiana Superdome and the New Orleans convention center, it just led people to believe all the stories of rape, murder and mayhem. Which we later found out did not happen. Once again, no matter. The narrative was set and, by golly, it was all President Bush's fault. And, the narrative stuck.
The real story that Hurricane Katrina exposed is that the corrupt politics of New Orleans led to make a situation worse than it had to be. The tragedy of the people of the Lower Ninth Ward is that they have been stuck in poverty because the city government has done nothing to make their lives better by making it possible to own their own homes. To protect the citizens so businesses would be attracted there and bring all boats up.
But, that is all the fault of one President George W. Bush, by golly!
Well, for the doom and glee Democrat crowd, one thing that happened as a direct result of the Hurricane and subsequent incompetence was that the good people of Louisiana elected a new governor. One Bobby Jindal. A Republican.
And, as this post is being typed, he is taking charge and making sure that there are no problems. Gov. Jindal is making sure that New Orleans has all that it needs in the way of transportation and the like to make sure that all that want or can are taken out of the potential path of destruction. Something former Gov. Blanco should have done better and especially Mayor Nagin.
Now that you have the history of what really happened because of Hurricane Katrina, know this about the current state of affairs in the Democrat party. They can only succeed when there are bad things that happen and they can somehow blame the Republicans. The fat pig propagandist, the congressman and the Democrat National Committee chairman just are honest. Remember that in November if one is really thinking of giving these sick, demented people any more power than they already have.

Mark Steyn's Take On Gov. Palin

Once again, author and conservative racounter Mark Steyn is right on the money why Sen. John "F--- You" McCain made a great choice for his number two in Alaska govenor, Sarah Palin.
I love Mr. Steyn's reference to the gun-totting Miss Wasilla!
Read the whole thing!

Friday, August 29, 2008


The above says it all.
Sen. John "F--- You" McCain once again earned his status as the original maverick when he defied the odds and asked the very popular Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, to be his running mate.
There is sooooo much to write about this historic moment in the history of the Republican party and the United States. It may take a couple of posts.
But, I was mildly disappointed last night when retiring for the evening and it seemed that Mitt Romney was not going to be Sen. "F--- You" McCain's choice for the vice-presidential nod.
When I awoke this morning and heard that it was going to be Gov. Palin, I nearly dropped my breakfast! I could not believe that Sen. "F--- You" McCain would finally send a big "F--- You" to the Democrats by not only naming the first woman to be on a Republican ticket. But she is not a St. Hillary clone. Gov. Palin is her own woman and did not get where she is on the back of a husband who was president.
What makes this choice very special to me is not just that she is very much pro-life. She talks the talk and walks the walk.
When she was pregnant with her and husband, Todd's, fifth child, she was told that he would be born with Down Syndrome. Gov. Palin could have ended the pregnancy right then and there but chose not to. Gov. Palin chose life and brought now four-month old Trig Palin into the world. It had to be the most difficult decision in her and her husband's life. And, without a doubt it was not made lightly.
On the serious issues of the day, Gov. Palin ran as and has governed as a conservative reformer.
Gov. Palin killed the infamous "bridge to nowhere" that all but ended the Republican 12 year hold on the House of Representatives. Gov. Palin has cut wasteful government spending. Some of what she has done is symbolic, but it is very important symbolism.
What Gov. Palin brings is a conservative future for the Republican party. Not a grumpy one but a lot like another Republican maverick-Ronald Reagan.
Yea, I know. A lot of people do not realize today but Mr. Reagan when he first ran for governor of California in 1966 was a lot like Sen. "F--- You" McCain. Going against the moderate-liberal wing that had dominated the party since the middle of the FDR years, Mr. Reagan not only won the Republican nomination but crushed a grand ol' tax and spend Dem, Gov. Pat Brown. By a million votes.
With Gov. Palin, and a McCain/Palin victory, she will be the future of the Republican party. And, that is what in part provoked the original maverick into surprising us all one more time.
The photo says it all. "Uhhh" "Change".
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do You Expect This On The September 4, 2008 Los Angeles Times

It is a really great front page of the Thursday, August 28, 2008 Los Angeles Times. Really it is. I mean, the watercolor looking drawing of the Democrat nominee for president, Sen. Messiah Barack. Makes me almost have a tear down my eye. NOT!

Come on, it is just another reason to add to the DDBMSOWN in the tank for the Chosen One.

I know that the Decatur Daily from Alabama is a bit small, but it is the hokey drawing of Sen. Messiah Barack with the word

Of course, America's Great Newspaper, the New York Post says it all. All adulation, all the time for the Chosen One and his shlump, Sen. Blowhard Biden.

Good Lord, this has just got to stop!

Maybe next week when the Republicans meet in St. Paul to nominate Sen. John "F--- You" McCain, it can be shown how adults go about the process.

To be clear, this post is not to take away from the reality that it is historic that a major American political party has nominated a black American to be the nominee for president. It does show that yes, it can be done finally!

It is the rank adulation of the Chosen One. We still do not really know what makes him different than say, oh Bill Clinton, the last Democrat president. Or other than slamming Sen. "F--- You" McCain and the Republicans.

Maybe that could be an assignment for the DDBMSOWNers in the next two months. Instead of beautiful drawings and God-like adulation.

If You Could Vote For A Past President In This Election, Who Would It Be

It is very interesting to see this poll over at Instapundit about which former president, since Ike, would you vote for if you could today.
The surprise is not that Ronald Reagan is ahead. But it is a landslide! Mr. Reagan would be the choice of 82% of the 8,773 respondents so far.
A real surprise is that Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton both have a rip-roaring two percent each. But, Mr. Nixon has more actual votes than does Mr. Clinton. And right after his wondrous speech at the coronation of the Chosen One last night in Denver!
I think that it shows people are hungry for real, authentic leadership. That was what Mr. Reagan showed as governor of California and as president of the United States.
One of the reasons a lot of people seem drawn to Sen. Messiah Barack is that he projects leadership but does not have the real gravitas that Mr. Reagan had.
Mr. Reagan was a real thinker, a rarity in politics in any age. He was really delving into the virtues of democracy vs. communism. From the time he lost the GOP nomination in 1976 until he ran again in 1980, Mr. Reagan was writing and giving radio commentaries on all subjects.
Real leadership, that of Ronald Reagan, comes around so few times in history.
That is why Mr. Reagan is leading this poll. The American people remember the time that Mr. Reagan was president. The fact is that he made us not just believe in the American dream but live it.
Even when this election is over, who ever wins, we will still be looking for the kind of leadership of Ronald Reagan's. And still not get it.

Classy Chris Matthews. . .NOT!

Well, MSNBC windbag Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews unloaded on not one but two prominent black members of the Bush cabinet as "showcase appointments", not that they earned it like the crowned messiah tonight, Sen. Messiah Barack Hussein Obama.
In a diatribe on the network so few Americans really watch, Mr. "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews said this little ditty about former Secretary of State, Colin Powell and current Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice:

Again he [Barack Obama] carries with him the history of tonight. And it's important to point out, as we have not so far, Barack Obama was not given this nomination, he won it. He was not offered a nice title like Secretary of State, like Condoleezza Rice got from the Republicans. He was not offered the title of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as Colin Powell was, or Secretary of State. He won the nomination of a Democratic Party voting together. He defeated all other opponents and took the prize and took the leadership. He is the chosen leader of the Democratic Party.

Hey, Mr. "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews, I have a news flash for you. The real reason that Sen. Messiah Barack is the Democrat presidential nominee is because of a neat little, and very undemocratic, trick called "Superdelegates".
Sen. Messiah Barack was barely 100 voted delegates ahead of Sen. St. Hillary Clinton at the end of the primary/caucus season in June. Even the real number of how many delegates he was really ahead I would question given to some silliness like people actually voting in a Texas primary and then after the polls closed, a caucus took place. Sen. St. Hillary won the primary, but Sen. Messiah Barack won the caucus. As it turned out, due to another neat trick, proportional distribution of delegates, Sen. Messiah Barack and Sen. St. Hillary essentially walked out of Texas with a split.
Once the primary/caucus season ended, and Sen. Messiah Barack seemed to be ahead in voted delegates, a flood of "Superdelegates" came over to the Chosen One and that sealed Sen. St. Hillary's fate.
Sorry for the digression, but it illustrates the point that the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media can not wrap their heads around. If there was not a fix, the way the delegates were distributed in the first place, it would have been Sen. St. Hillary.
The fact that Mr. "Thrill Up My Leg" denigrates an army general in Mr. Powell and a real academic in Miss Rice shows that he is nothing more than an ignorant fool, and a tool of the Chosen One.
Mr. Powell went into the army and worked his way up and became chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Mr. Powell also served as National Security Advisor to President George H. W. Bush. Then President George W. Bush appointed Mr. Powell as Secretary of State. I think that he actually earned it.
There is a similar narrative for Miss Rice. She rose in academia as the Provost at Stanford University. She also was a National Security Advisor and then replaced Mr. Powell at the State Department under the current President Bush.
What hard work did Sen. Messiah Barack do? Community organizing? I think that is AKA left-wing agitating.
No, Mr. Powell and Miss Rice are two of the most respected black Americans ever to serve in government. Even at this moment, many Americans wish that Mr. Powell could be Sen. John "F--- You" McCain's running mate. Hell, many wished that Mr. Powell was the Republican presidential nominee!
I have to say, Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews has shown nothing but contempt for a lot of black and non-black Americans with those comments.
I liked Mr "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews a lot better when he was bashing former President Clinton!

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More Mind-Numbing Veep Rumors

UGH! Here we go again! Once again, everyone is speculating on Republican presumptive presidential nominee, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain's running mate.
Here is one from Roll Call that seems to indicate it is Mitt Romney.
But wait, here is one from Townhall that says Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty is cancelling all interviews today. Too bad that is not accuarate for as I write this, Mr. Pawlenty is talking to radio talker Michael Medved.
I write this, begging this. STOP! When Sen. "F--- You" McCain makes his choice, it will be better than the way the Democrat nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack, chose Sen. Blowhard Biden for his number two. A 3 a.m. text to supporters?! Please!
We will all find out shortly so relax and stop the head fakes!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I THINK That Mitt's The Man

Ok, ok, I did not go out of the box on Sen. Messiah Barack's eventual choice for his running mate, Sen. Blowhard Biden. I really thought that he was going to double-down and run all out on change and pick the Virginia governor, Tim Kaine.
So, I think that Sen. John "F--- You" McCain is not going to inflame the base and try to be cute by a half. No Sen. Joe Lieberman. No Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. No outliers.
It has come down to a couple of governors. One current and one ex-governor.
The current governor is Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty. He is an early McCain backer and never wavered. Sort of a wonk, may not be enough of an attack dog against Sen. Blowhard Biden.
That leaves the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. He was the only Republican to go right up in Sen. "F--- You" McCain's grill, so to speak. Thus, Mr. Romney fills several criteria.
One, he has a private-sector background. He has actually created wealth and jobs. And he was the governor of arguably the most liberal state in the nation, Massachusetts. Most important, he is not a senator and can easily fill the role as a Washington outsider. Imagine Sen. Blowhard Biden, a senator since Richard Nixon was president, trying to argue with Mr. Romney who would be a better Washington outsider.
Also, I have to think that Sen. "F--- You" McCain pays attention enough to the base to know that he has begun to be seen by most Republicans and defiantly conservatives as the best number two choice.
I would point to at least two online polls, one at National Review and one on that show rank-and-file Republicans favor Mr. Romney.
Now, unless Sen. "F--- You" McCain is listening to the DDBMSOWM and those who do not have his best interests at heart, he could pull a surprise and pick a candidate out of thin air. And he could do that with his track record.
But, one thing about John McCain. He wants to win. He will do what it takes. And that is why he will not pick a fight with his base. Sen. McCain will choose Mitt Romney as his running mate.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is Joe Scarborough FINALLY Tired Of MSNBC Bias?

Ahh, the irony!

MSNBC has decided that the only way it can finally break through the cable news haze dominated by the Fox News Channel is to become even more left-wing than much of the DDBMSOWM dares to be. Why else would this network put up with the worst sports reporter ever, Keith Olberman?

Anyway, it appears that one of the two token conservatives on the network, Joe Scarborough, has had enough and called out one of his colleagues, MSNBC hack, er reporter, David Shuster.

This little treat from Newsbusters shows that Mr. Shuster just came out and commented that Mr. Scarborough's "party", i.e. the Republican party mocks calls for a set timetable to withdraw combat troops from the Iraq theatre in the War Against Islamofacist Terror.

Mr. Scarborough had enough and called Mr. Shuster on the table about what political party he belonged to.

It was so right on. Mr. Shuster mocked that he was an "independent" and then Mr. Scarborough went on a rant about how everyone at his network were "independent"-you know in the wink-wink kind of way.

The problem that MSNBC and CNN have is that they do not realize why Fox News Channel is successful.

It is because they do not have token conservatives and or Republicans. They are right there, in the face of liberals and Democrats. The network strives at presenting both sides of a story. And it will attack stories that the other two cable news networks will not. Nor will their over-the-air brethren, ABC, CBS or NBC. And, for that reason Fox News Channel is some front for the Republican party. PLEASE!

MSNBC really thinks that Pat Buchanan is the mainstream of conservatism and or the Republican party. That is who they put up. As well as the former congressman, Mr. Scarborough. Now, his criticisms of the GOP are much more in the sense that they had strayed from conservative principles. Not that they should go to some conservative stone-age that Mr. Buchanan would like to see.

And CNN? Well, they are a refugee center for out-of-work Clintonistas like James Carville and Paul Begala. Enough said.

Maybe Mr. Scarborough will see the light and leave the abysmally left-wing network and let them go completely in the tank for the left and the Democrat party. At this point, he already a dead salmon that has swam upstream staying on that network.

I am glad that Mr. Scarborough had the courage to call out the smug Mr. Shuster. Tag team in a WWE grudge match, anyone?

The Rev. Mike Huckabee, Shut The Hell Up!

God Bless the former Arkansas governor, the Rev. Mike Huckabee. I mean, he can not hide his contempt for the former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney.
Now, the Rev. Mike has the nerve to say that Mr. Romney should have just ignored the Massachusetts supreme court decision that legalized same-sex marriage. In other words, the Rev. Mike is essentially saying that Mr. Romney should have done a George Wallace.
For those too young to remember, the Democrat former governor of Alabama, George Wallace, was an ardent segregationist. When he was ordered to desegregate the University of Alabama, he did not. He stood at the door shouting "Segregation Now, Segregation Forever!" Of course, and rightfully, it did not last forever.
This insidious feud that the Rev. Mike is trying to start with Mr. Romney goes back to the primary campaign. It is clear that the Rev. Mike is insanely jealous of the fact that Mr. Romney made a lot of money in the private sector. And, he is a religious bigot because he does not like the fact that Mr. Romney is a practicing Mormon. The Rev. Mike and his minions run around saying quite inflammatory things about Mormons and their religion.
It is bizarre because we are fighting a war against those that want to forcibly impose their version of Islam on the rest of the world. Yet, we have the Rev. Mike inciting a reaction when he "sheepishly" asks, of all people, a New York Times reporter if it is true that Mormons believe that Jesus Christ and Lucifer were brothers.
I have written many times that I am not a Mormon and have no intention of becoming one. Yet, someone like Mr. Romney agrees with my position on the "social" issues I believe in. And, I thought that he would make a great president. Still do. I want Sen. John "F--- You" McCain to choose him for the second spot on the GOP ticket.
But, for some reason, the Rev. Mike keeps shooting it down. He brings up tired, old objections.
So, let us examine the fact that when the Rev. Mike was governor of Arkansas, he had a chance to "ignore" court rulings that he did not like.
The Arkansas supreme court ordered that certain taxes be raised to pay for road improvements. There were apparently other rulings that "forced" the Gov. Rev. Mike to raise taxes. If he is one that believes in low or no taxes, why did he not ignore the court rulings? Because, when one examines the record of Gov. Rev. Mike, he really did not care all that much. And, get this, he said that the courts "forced" him to raise taxes.
Yet, this ignoramus says that Mr. Romney should have just gave the Massachusetts supreme court the middle finger?
What he leaves out is that Mr. Romney disagreed with the court decision and did all he could to try to get an initiative on the Massachusetts state ballot to have the people decide on the issue. And, why does not the same Rev. Mike have criticism of California governor, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, for saying he would implement the same decision that was forced on here in the not so Golden State?
Sorry, Rev. Mike, but it is time to just shut the hell up on Mitt Romney and Mormons. You will get no where with the majority of Republicans and minimize yourself within the party. Please, just slither off the stage.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yes, Yes, Another Romney For Veep Post!

I am certain that as much as many of us are sick about hearing of Sen. Messiah Barack and his running mate, Sen. Blowhard Biden, I will take you to another why Sen. John "F--- You" McCain should pick Mitt Romney as his running mate.
No, I will not send you to Hugh Hewitt's blog. This is Paterico's Pontifications and his guest blogger who makes an outstanding case for Mr. Romney to be the number two.
Since Sen. Messiah Barack decided to bring a fossil back to life in Sen. Blowhard Biden it is clear that the foreign policy assaults of the McCain campaign are beginning to work. Rather than double down on the change aspect of his candidacy, Sen. Messiah Barack showed how easily he can be whipped in just a scant several weeks by Team McCain. Imagine Sen. Messiah Barack "negotiating" with the likes of the Iranian president in this manner.
But, what this exercise opens up is Team McCain putting in Mr. Romney, who was his toughest challenger with no apologies to the former Arkansas buffoonish governor, the Rev. Mike Huckabe (BTW, Happy 53rd birthday Rev. Mike!). Yes, the Rev. Mike hung around longer but became like a bad piece of Limburger cheese.
In reality, a McCain/Romney ticket would show that Sen. "F--- You" McCain does have some respect for the toughest challenger he faced in the Republican death march to the nomination. Unlike Sen. Messiah Barack showed to Sen. St. Hillary Clinton. And that he will have someone who is not a senator and has some real world economic experience.
So, I will continue to point out those that see the benefit of a McCain/Romney ticket. So, get ready for more of these posts.

Pro Life Legislation That Works

Some of those who are advocates of abortion on demand want those of us who advocate a pro-life position to explain how we would punish those who seek an abortion and or the doctors who perform them. If Roe vs. Wade was overturn.
But, that is not what I want to write about. That is for another day and time.
Here in California of all places is a state law that allows mothers who do not want to keep a new born baby up to 72 hours to turn the baby into designated areas, such as fire and or police stations, without fear of prosecution. The authorities can not and do not ask any questions.
And, if said mother changes her mind and wants the baby back within 14 days, she can have the baby back. Again, no questions asked. And it is working throughout California.
According to the Pasadena Star-News article, as of June 30, 2008, 251 newborn babies were surrendered to authorities. Unfortunately, a much too many 149 were found abandoned. One statistic that is not counted is how many abandoned babies have died. It is necessary to count those babies because it can be used to have the program more widely advertised. It can be used to point out that one does not have to leave a baby to die.
One thing that I do not understand about the claim that the state is having trouble reaching more people about the law than they would like. Believe me, here in California, I can tell you that there is an anti-smoking commercial that I can see at least two to three times in a evening of prime-time television. Maybe some of the money spent on that can be used to promote this worthwhile program
The most important aspect is that this allows for any woman for any reason to not make the choice to abort a baby. They can choose to bring the baby to full term. And, if they have not been able to possibly give the baby up for adoption or any other manner of situation changes, they can do the right thing. Let a truly loving family have the eventuality of raising a baby that God gifted the world with. As an aside and another post, we should be making it easier, not harder, for people to adopt children who are Americans. And, those that want to adopt need to consider an older child, maybe not a baby. One can give love and nurture to an older child as to a baby.
There is no doubt about the fact that this is a pro-life measure that has worked. And it would be a wonderful thing to encourage across the United States.

Underreported Story

Lost in the DDBMSOWN crowd is this little item on political party strength.
It is not good news for the Democrats.
According to Rasmussen Reports, the numbers showed the Democrats ahead by a high of 10.1% over Republicans in May. Now, in the dog days of August, that has dropped to 7.6% lead for the Democrats.
What gives? Should the 10.1% advantage be growing for the Dems? And, where will these people go who are no longer identifying themselves as Democrats.
To the Republicans, of course.
Radio talker Rush Limbaugh credits the infamous Operation Chaos having something to do with the changing numbers.
Now, the numbers are not backing that up Mr. Limbaugh's claim at this point, but I think that he may be right as the election gets closer and both parties ramp up their GOTV efforts.
The glaring fact is, where is this on the big-three networks, ABC, CBS and NBC? Even on Fox News, GOP central according to the left? Did not see this anywhere but on Rush's website.
The stark reality is that the Democrats should be taking off and it appears that they are declining. And that can be good news for the Republicans if they play their cards right.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Good Olympics For The United States

Ah, it is all over. The 29th Summer Olympics have come to a glorious end in Beijing.
Now, a lot of people will not focus on the fact that the United States won the most medals of the games.
The focus will be on the fact that Red China won the most gold medals. And, that is a fact.
But, one has to wonder how hollow at least the "women's" gymnastic ones are?
Is there any doubt that more than likely, not one of the girls are at least 16 years of age? And, why was there not a proper vetting of said girls before the Olympics?
A good thing is that no athletes dropped dead in the stifling, humid, smog-filled heat of Beijing.
But can anyone forget the triumph of American swimmer Michael Phelps? EIGHT, count them, eight gold medals. Not any of the Red Chinese come close to that magical number.
Or the wonderful competition between American women gymnasts Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson?
How about the beach volleyball duo of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh winning their 2008 gold medal and winning their 108th consecutive match?
There are, as usual, so many great stories that these games produce.
And, that is what is at the heart of the Olympics. So many triumphs over tragedies. Of men and women pushing themselves to limit. Beyond the limit. So amazing!
As we say goodbye to the 2008 summer games, bring on the 2010 winter games in Vancouver!

Does This Comment Get Pawlenty Thrown Under The Straight Poop Express?

I must say, Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty has a lot going for him to be a finalist in the Sen. John "F--- You" McCain veepstakes.
But I am kind of wondering why he would have made this comment about Sen. Messiah Barack's running mate.
I mean, was suggesting Gen. David Petreaus would have been a better choice for Sen. Messiah Barack suppose to be a joke? I think a rather bad one at that. I believe that my dog, Scout the Wonder Dog, has laid a better turd than that comment of Gov. Pawlenty.
I, like Sen. "F--- You" McCain admire and respect Gen. Petreaus. But for Gov. Pawlenty to suggest that he would make a good choice-for the other side-shows why these off-handed comments may come back to haunt the person that said it.
I think that this may be something that even an aisle-walker like Sen. "F--- You" McCain can not tollerate. Since he will not choose a pro-abortion veep, maybe Gov. Pawlenty does not want the nod. Hence, maybe he will get a close up of the wheels of the Straight Poop Express as they drive over him.
Sometimes, things are just better left unsaid. I think this is one of those times.

What strange things have been found on planes?

What strange things have been found on planes?
You have to go to the link and scroll down to the 10 photos.
Look at photo number 10. Does that look familiar?
So, that person in photo number 10 is one of the strange things found on planes?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The 2008 Dream Electoral Map

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This is courtesy of I admit, California is not looking all that for Sen. "F--- You McCain, but you never know. Last year at this time, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was not even suppose to be where he is now. A lot can happen!

The 2008 Democrat Party Ticket

I think this photo says it all. Thanks to the Exurban League

Finally, It's Biden!

After a very long time coming, seemingly an eternity, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack has made a rather conventional choice to be his running mate.

And that is Delaware Democrat senator, Blowhard Joe Biden

Not exactly a choice of the hope and change that we have been promised from the Chosen One.

Sen. Blowhard Biden has been in the senate since 1972. He has an American Conservative Union lifetime rating of 13%. Not bad for a 35-year liberal. Last year, the Americans For Democratic Action rated Sen. Blowhard Biden a solid 75%. Not as far to the left as Sen. Messiah Barack, which I guess makes him pretty clean, moderate fellow.

That is in reference to Sen. Blowhard Biden's reference to Sen. Messiah Barack as a serious, black American running for president:

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Beautiful! Had any Republican said what Sen. Blowhard Biden did, well, you know what would have happened.

There is a treasure trove of this kind of stuff from Sen. Blowhard Biden.

But, what this decision shows is that in the end, the Chosen One is not much more than a garden variety politician that made a pretty dull choice for his running mate. Had the Chosen One really been all about hope and change, yada, yada, yada, he would have chosen the Virginia Democrat governor, Tim Kaine.

However, now that people are beginning to pay attention to this race, many are coming to realize that the Chosen One does not sound like he really knows what is going on without a teleprompter. Without the teleprompter, he make inane comparisons between the United States and Red China.

So, on foreign policy, Sen. Blowhard Biden is better than any of the other also rans.

But this is a disaster for a candidate who claims to be an outsider. One who has not been polluted by the inside-the-beltway deal cutting. One does not stay in the senate for 35 years without cutting at least a deal or two.

So, there we have it. The Democrat team is Sen. Messiah Barack H. Obama, senator from Illinois. And vice-president, Sen. Blowhard Joe Biden from Delaware.

Now, there is change we can believe in!

The Audacity Of, Ah, Just The Audacity

OUCH! That is smarts!

But, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack, really stepped into yesterday in a rather bizarre comparison of Red China and the United States.

Here is what the Chosen One said:

Everybody's watching what's going on in Beijing right now in the Olympics. Think about the amount of money that China has spent on infrastructure. Their ports, their train systems, their airports are all vastly superior to us now, which means if you're a corporation deciding where to do business, you're starting to think Beijing looks like a pretty good option.

WOW! So, if I am correct, Sen. Messiah Barack is comparing the United States, a free-market democracy, with Red China, a still communistic, totalitarian, state with a little capitalism?

A question for the Chosen One.

Does he really think that what we see in Beijing is representative of the whole of the nation?

I guess he was too busy to notice the earthquake in Southwest China. A lot of infrastructure did not seem to hold up too well.

Also, does Sen. Messiah Barack realize how all of what is seen was built?

I am certain that there were no AFL-CIO people there to make sure all the builders were unionized. I do not think that these workers were given much thought. I am certain that a lot were not exactly paid union scales. And or the left's newest, greatest cause, the "living" wage.

And really, what is the rest of Red China like outside of the showcase cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong? Does not Sen. Messiah Barack realize that out of a population of 1,000,000,000 people, 800,000,000 people are still classified as peasants?

What is really appalling about such a comparison is that it shows a clear lack of understanding the fact that Red China is no ally. They are a competitor and a threat. The Red Chinese are spreading their tentacles far and wide. The Red Chinese are spreading their money around Africa buying two things that they desperately need. Influence and oil.

No, I do not think that the potential next president of the United States needs to compare our nation, a free-market democracy with a one-party dictatorship that dabbles in a market economy.

I hope that the appearant selection of Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) will help him to not make such inane comparisons in the future of this campaign.

Photo HT: Rush @

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Is Wrong About A Political Forum At A Church?

It appears that some people, including some conservative writers like Kathleen Parker are not all that comfortable with the Civil Forum On The Presidency that took place this past Saturday at Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church here in California.
I do not subscribe to that view.
I am more in agreement with John Hawkins' take on the Forum
I think that Miss Parker is more like Sen. John "F--- You" McCain. A person of faith yet one who is not comfortable talking about it. That is why I think she has raised objection to the Forum taking place at all.
Yet, Miss Parker points out that neither candidate had a gun put to their heads forcing them to participate. It was so important to one candidate, Libertarian standard-bearer Bob Barr that he went to court to force his way on to the Forum.
Mr. Hawkins has the most important point to make.
That government has grown larger and larger. And that same government at all levels are making decisions that affect religious freedoms.
Like it or not, Christians vote and have a right and a duty to question where candidates stand on issues that are of particular interest to this voting bloc.
As a Christian myself, I believe that it is imperative to know where candidates stand on many issues and what my support of and voting for a candidate will have on my community, state and nation.
And, like it or not, there are many issues where the moral teachings of Christianity come up against the interests of the state. Always have and always will in this nation that values religious freedom.
I think that some, even conservatives, object to the fact that this took place at a very well known evangelical Christian church. So, here is how to solve that problem.
If Roman Catholics, mainline Protestants or any other religious group wants to have a forum like the one Pastor Warren had, they should and they should invite the two leading presidential candidates and have a similar format.
Whether we as a nation like it or not, faith and politics are constantly competing with each other. I think that it was refreshing to have the kind of format and questions that came from Pastor Warren. I would really like to see more of these. I think that we get a real feel for the candidates. And I think that we can learn a lot more in the homestretch how both of these men would make a decision and why.
I wished that the DDBMSOWM would ask these kind of questions. But, they are only interested in that "GOTCHA!" question.
And that is why a pastor has to have the kind of setting and ask the questions that he did to show the DDBMSOWM how it is done.
So, there is nothing wrong with it and we need more of these, not less.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Strange But True Tale From Across The Pond

Meet Yoda, the cat with four ears!

Well, the story is from across the pond. But the cat is a bar cat from Chicago. Why do strange animals and people come out of Chicago?

Anyway, I thought this is a light story that we can all enjoy!

A Good Sign

Hopefully, this little item on is true.
Tom Ridge for vice-president would be a monumental disaster and could open up a fight at the convention to force a vice-president on Sen. John "F--- You" McCain. Same with Sen. Joe Lieberman.
For the record, all it would take is the majority of six of the delegations to force a floor vote. That would mean that there would be vice-presidential nominations from the floor. And neither Mr. Ridge or Sen. Lieberman would be on those from the floor.
I hope that this is all a head-fake and that Sen. "F--- You" McCain is really going for the conventional choice.
The dirty little secret is that this will not really change all that many people's mind. For either party.
But, it makes for some fun blogging!

Interesting Electoral Map

The folks at Real Clear Politics came up with what the electoral college map would look like if there were no toss-ups and to-close-to-call states and it is amazing
It shows the electoral college as follows:

McCain 274
Obama 264

It would be a virtual repeat of the infamous 2000 election.
But, I think that while it is on the right track, I will throw in a little different map.
I think that Michigan can go into the Republican corner. Of course, that means that the McCain people have to take a serious look at how to turn Michigan from marginal blue to marginal red.
Adding Michigan increases Sen. John "F--- You" McCain's total electoral votes to 291. Another potential flip is New Hampshire. Yes, a lot has changed but I consider it in this election a swing state. And, Sen. "F--- You" McCain all but staked his whole quest for the Republican nomination for president on the outcome in the Granite State. Another four electoral votes and Sen. "F--- You" McCain is at 295.
All is not bad for the Democrats.
They could and more than likely will get back New Mexico and Iowa. Both states have a combined electoral vote count of 12.
And, for what I think is the real state to watch it is Pennsylvania.
Sure, Sen. Messiah Barack has been in the lead there pretty much since the Democrat nomination was wrapped up in June.
According to Real Clear Politics, Sen. Messiah Barack has an average lead over Sen. "F--- You" McCain of 6.4%. That is slightly over the margin of error when averaged out.
The question is how much of Sen. Messiah Barack's lead is due to the large black vote in Philadelphia? Also, is the "bitter" vote being underestimated in Pennsylvania polling?
I think that it is a combination of the two.
If that is the case, then I think that in reality, Sen. Messiah Barack's lead in the polls in Pennsylvania is marginal at best. It is probably more or less within the margin of error.
If somehow Sen. "F--- You" McCain could pull off an upset in Pennsylvania, well that would be the story of the election.
While I am believing that Sen. Messiah Barack has decided on asking Virginia governor Tim Kaine to be the running mate, there is another choice that would be better for Sen. Messiah Barack. And that would be the Pennsylvania governor "Fast Eddie" Ed Rendel. That would put Pennsylvania out of reach for Sen. "F--- You" McCain.
And for Sen. "F--- You" McCain, I will say that he has two choices. Both governors. Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty or former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Either puts the above states in play.
But what a map! And what if it would end up in the end being like 2000?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Speculate On Obama's VP Pick

After a disastrous weekend at Saddleback Church in Irvine, California, it appears that the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack, is poised to end the running mate speculation as early as Wednesday.
My two cents.
If Sen. Messiah Barack wants to double-down on the experience, or lack thereof, issue, Virginia governor, Tim Kaine, seems to be a good choice.
But, Sen. Messiah Barack may want some more experience and a fellow senator who knows his way around Washington. My guess is that would lead to Indiana Democrat senator Evan Bayh. He brings a famous Democrat name, a heartland state and someone who gives the secular messiah a bit of real world experience.
Here is a wild card. Former NATO commander and loudmouth Gen. Wesley Clark. A devoted Clintonista, he would bridge that gap between the St. Hillary supporters and the secular messiah. And, although questionable, he would add a great deal of foreign policy credibility.
Who will it be?
I think that he is going to double-down and chose Gov. Kaine of Virginia.
For whatever reason, Sen. Messiah Barack will buy into the possibility of snagging Virginia for the Democrats. And, he wants to emphasize change.
It will be a disaster for Sen. Messiah Barack and once again bring into question his judgement.
All speculation and we shall soon see.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Face Of A Winner

There it is. The face of a winner. The greatest male swimmer of all time, eight time Olympian from The United States, Michael Phelps.

It is truly astonishing what he has accomplished at these Beijing Olympics.

Think of it. Mr. Phelps won in every competition. Eight times. some literally by a longer arm than his nearest opponent.

Some people may think that this comes naturally for Mr. Phelps. But it has not and does not come naturally or easy. I can personally attest to that.

My son was a high school swimmer. And, he had a less intensive regimen than does Mr. Phelps. But it was very early morning workouts, after school, weekends and a lot of food!

It was all on a smaller scale, but I can totally relate to what Mr. Phelps mother went through to find the best coach and to get her son to and from all the practices and events. Again, it is very hard work and commitment.

But look at the payoff. An amazing eight gold medals. Talk of being the greatest Olympian ever. And, I think a real humility that is instilled by a wonderful support system.

That is a winner. And that winner is Michael Phelps.

Annoyances Both Left And Right

There are two things that really are stuck in my craw tonight and it is bi-ideology.
Firstly it is one the left.
Last night in the Civil Forum On The Presidency at Saddleback Church, the presumptive Democrat nominee for president, Sen. Messiah Barack, gave a very flip answer in response to a serious question asked by Pastor Rick Warren in regards to human life:


Now, this is classic Obama. Give a long winded, no point answer. But, where he went way over the line is by saying that it is above my pay grade.
It shows an absolute arrogance and lack of willingness to admit, as a Christian, that life begins at conception. Like many other liberal Christians and or politicians, once he makes that admission he can then neatly compartmentalize how that baby, that human being, can be dealt with. But, it was intellectual dishonesty wrapped in flippancy. This will come back to haunt the secular messiah. No, while the DDBMSOWM are buying into conspiracy theories that make JFK assassination conspiracy nuts blush, they will not admit that this was a dishonest and flip answer to an issue that is of great importance to many Americans.
I wonder if he would appreciate a flip answer on whether or not it is OK to use the word "nigger". Would he like if some politician said that was above his or her pay scale? Or how about poverty. Well, that could be beyond many people's pay scale. You see where I am going with this? Serious issues demand serious answers.
Contrast the clear, concise answer that Sen. John "F--- You McCain gave to the same question:


Clear and to the point. And, Sen. "F--- You" McCain can answer with authority for he has always voted for pro-life legislation even if he was not a leader on the said legislation.
No DDBMSOWM covering is going to work on this one.
Now, for my problem with the right.
On Friday, I posted a piece, The Case Against Tom Ridge for Sen. "F--- You" McCain's running mate. I focused on him because Mr. Ridge is a Republican.
But now, there are even bonified conservatives making a serious case for Independent Democrat Sen. Joe Lieberman to be Sen. "F--- You" McCain's running mate.
National Review's Rich Lowry makes a case
So do a lot of members of The Weekly Standard.
Here is the fundamental problem with all this analysis.
If Sen. "F--- You" McCain were to ask Sen. Lieberman to be his running mate, he would lose quite a lot of Republicans. You know, the ones that actually do the grunt work of knocking on doors, phone banking, GOTV, all of that. There is no reason for Republicans, who want to elect Republicans to work to hard to elect both a Republican and a Democrat.
Also, Sen. Lieberman is no where near the maverick that Sen. "F--- You" McCain is. After all, the only reason he ran as an Independent Democrat is because he lost to a very anti-war Democrat in the Connecticut primary. When Sen. Lieberman became then Vice-President Al Gore's running mate, he could no longer support school vouchers like he did previously. No more any education reform that did not pass muster with the teacher unions. What would Sen. Liberman have to give up to be a running mate to a Republican? Most of what he believes in.
Sen. Liberman is a liberal, not a socialist but a liberal Democrat. That is why he could support the war effort in the Iraq theatre and does understand the War Against Islamofacist Terror.
But, on almost every other issue, he is to the left of the other DDBMSOWM crowd, Tom Ridge.
When conservatives try to make a plausible case for Sen. "F--- You" McCain choosing either someone like Sen. Joe Liberman or Tom Ridge, it sends a shiver up my spine. There is no real reason for Mr Ridge and there is less of a reason for Sen. Lieberman.
So there, I have been bothered by both the left and right. It is time for the right to stop justifying a bad left move, McCain's running mate. And it is time for the left to answer the abortion question with honesty just once, once I ask. Stop the lying, obstruction and flippancy.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tonight At Saddleback Church

Tonight was the big moment, so far, of this presidential campaign death march. The Saddleback Civil Forum On The Presidency with Pastor Rick Warren spending one hour each with the two presumptive candidates for president, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.
Sen. Obama went first and, to be honest I felt like I was back in college having a bull session with a professor. Oh, Sen. Obama had a lot of the faith lines down pretty well, but one question I would have wanted Pastor Warren to ask would have been how he could have stayed in a "church" for 20 years led by a man like the "Rev." Jeremiah Wright. But, remember, this was a civil forum.
Where Sen. Obama blew it big time is the simple question that Pastor Warren asked as to when human life begins. After the patented stuttering and stammering, Sen. Obama answered with a flip, "Its above my pay grade." I am sorry, but here is the problem that the pro-abortion side can never get right. If they believe that life begins at conception, then they have to admit that abortion is murder, denying that child the right to be born. So, that is why someone like Sen. Obama stutters and stammers and then says, "Its above my pay grade".
And he did not help himself on the question of marriage. Again, he gave a pat answer as to his personal view of marriage, but came up with some gobbly-goop about not wanting to deny a right to others and that he opposed Prop 8 on the California ballot.
A digression.
Prop 8 would define marriage as between one man and one woman and nothing else. For the record, it would not take away any, any of the domestic partnership legislation that essentially gives gays and lesbians much of what a married couple have now.
I am afraid that Sen. Obama looked like he was still body surfing in Hawaii.
Another digression. I would have been much more impressed if Sen. Obama would have actually surfed, like you know, on a surfboard, dude.
Seriously, I do not think that the American people want to have four years of Professor, er President Obama leading the largest college classroom of all time.
But, on Sen. McCain I think he looked the best he has looked in the campaign season. Sen. McCain actually looked comfortable, was cracking jokes and on occasion gave us a glimpse of his personal side that nearly brought him to tears on more than one occasion.
Sen. McCain was able to answer the when does human life begin question quickly and unequivocally. At conception.
And, he said he believes in marriage between one man and one woman and supports Prop 8 and to try to let the states handle it. He even went so far as to support the federal constitution being changed if a federal judge forces one state to recognize a state that allows same-sex marriage. Sen. McCain had not done so in the past with such forcefulness.
Sen. McCain admitted his greatest moral failing was the end of his first marriage to Carol McCain. And that was enough for me.
Overall, I think that for the first time, both candidates showed that they will allow the tough questions and answer them. Sometimes in a cloudy haze of academia. Or with blunt, short answers.
And to Pastor Warren, thank you for doing this. I do not get why he gets into so much trouble from my fellow traditionalists in engaging the other side. I believe that what he did is show that while he may have a preference, he will not share that and try to play it down the middle. Not like many a modernist or many a black preacher that lets their church be used like a Democrat ATM machine. Pastor Warren is not a politician but a man of God that engages all sides. That way, he does not get into trouble like some have done in the past.
All in all, I think that if there was a winner, tonight for once it was Sen. McCain.

Poll Results

The official latest poll question is done.
The results to the question, Who Would Better Handle The Georgia Crisis:

Sen. John McCain 7 votes 78%
Sen. Barack Obama 2 votes 22%

Remember, this is not a "scientific" poll. It is sort of fun and a way to see how people feel about an issue of the day.
I will keep this poll up a while because this issue is not going away.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Case Against Tom Ridge

It is amazing how the DDBMSOWM crowd reads a comment from the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain about a possibility of a pro-choice candidate for the number two spot on the Republican ticket. The man that he mentioned was the former Homeland Security secretary, Tom Ridge, moderate Republican. Somehow, the DDBMSOWM crowd thinks that the Arizona Solon is really saying it really will be the Connecticut Independent Democrat, Sen. Joe Lieberman.
Well, rest assured, it will not be Sen. Lieberman. For the record, I have a lot of respect for Sen. Lieberman, but he is in his heart a Democrat. And it is an absolute way to see a serious challenge to Sen. "F--- You" McCain's nomination itself.
The real fear is that Sen. "F--- You" McCain will ask Mr. Ridge to be his vice-presidential candidate.
Ostensibly, Mr. Ridge is a moderate Republican. No, he really is a moderate.
First elected to congress from Pennsylvania in 1982, Mr. Ridge was to the left of the then Republican mainstream. Mr. Ridge opposed the Reagan administration arms buildup. He was the only Republican in congress to favor the inane nuclear "freeze", the then cause celebre for the left-wing crowd. Mr. Ridge opposed the Reagan administration economic policies. And, by the time he left congress in 1994, he managed a perfect life time American Conservative Union rating of, you guessed it, 50%
In 1994, Mr. Ridge was elected governor of Pennsylvania and proceeded the same milquetoast style of governing. It appears that the major accomplishments were the sucking of the taxpayers to build new sports stadiums in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
In 2002, Mr. Ridge went from the Pennsylvania state house to become the first secretary of the Homeland Security department. A mess of a new layer of government, Mr. Ridge was again right down the middle. After all, it was under his watch that the color-coded system of the threat level came to being. And, that would have to be the major accomplishment.
There are two aspects to Mr. Ridge that seem to carry him from different levels of government service.
First, he was a veteran of Vietnam, like Sen. "F--- You" McCain. And that he deserves all the honor and the thanks of a grateful nation.
But it is the second aspect that we conservative Republicans need to be weary of. The Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media loves him. And why? Because he also has the image of being a "maverick" because he is not, hold on to you seats, a conservative!
It is enough that we already have one maverick on the ticket, but two is more than the Republican party can bear. And to the left of Sen. "F--- You" McCain?!
At least Sen. "F--- You" McCain pays lip service and votes correctly on most of the social issues. Sen. "F--- You" McCain is not all that comfortable about discussing those issues. But, Mr. Ridge is not only a pro-abortion Republican, he voted consistently to have the American taxpayer foot the bill for what many, myself included, find an abomination.
Having two people who show utter disregard for a huge chunk of the Republican base is a recipe for losing an election.
And, I do not think that Mr. Ridge has shown that he understands the fight that we are in with radical Islam. I know that Sen. "F--- You" McCain does know the titanic struggle that we are in.
Tom Ridge seems to be an OK fellow, but he is not one who should be seriously considered anywhere near a potential McCain administration.
If Sen. McCain wants to lose the election, he can do so by alienating the Republican base. There are just not enough so-called independents and cross over Democrats to fill that void. And if this election is a close one, Sen. "F--- You" McCain will need every vote that he can get.
Sen. "F--- You" McCain will not get many votes if he chooses Tom Ridge to be his vice-president.

Less Than Two Hours Left

I know that it is late, but if you on this blog site and it is nearing midnight, go ahead and vote as to "Who Is Better In A Foreign Crisis"
I know that it is not a "scientific" poll, but it is simple and your voice is heard.
Go ahead and vote!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Obama Nation

I have been reading a book that I recommend on the Books Worth Reading section on the side bar, The Obama Nation by Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD.
Now, before you say, "Are you in conspiracy land? How can you read anything by this Corsi guy?!" I look at it this way. Call it the broken clock theory. You know, a broken clock is right twice a day. That is how I have read the book, so far.
I am about half way through the book. It starts off deconstructing the Obama autobiography, Dreams From My Father. I would say that it is very accurate, especially the time that Sen. Messiah Barack lived in Hawaii. I mean, how many kids of his background could have ended up at the most prestigious prep school in the state? That is a little taste of how Dr. Corsi deconstructs a great deal of the infamous autobiography.
I will not let you in on more for I do want you to read the book.
Warning and a spoiler alert!
Dr. Corsi really goes into a little bit of the esoteric in discussing Daddy Messiah and his relationship with politics in Kenya. But, it is the land from which Sen. Messiah Barack lineage comes from. But it is a bit much and I would say that it may be a bit boring to some.
Now, why is Dr. Corsi seen as a "nutter"?
Well, he wrote another tome, that I have not read, called The Late Great USA and the book deals with the latest conspiracy theory that the United States will eventually merge with Canada and Mexico in a European Union style agreement. Why they already have a currency in mind, the Amero.
I do not think that even the DDBMSOWM would be able to cover up any way to unify the three North American nations into one. But it is a legitimate theory. And, it is only a theory.
Also, Dr. Corsi makes it quite clear in the introduction to The Obama Nation that he did not write the book to help the McCain candidacy. He is a member of the fringe Constitution party.
And he writes that he will vote for the Constitution Party candidate for president.
So, while Dr. Corsi can be considered in many a way an outlier, he has written a very interesting book and so far, 50% of it is interesting in how Dr. Corsi deconstructs the Dreams From My Father autobiography. And the part about Daddy Messiah is, well rather arcane.
Unlike some who think that one should not give any credibility to Dr. Corsi, I do believe that this book, The Obama Nation is worth purchasing and reading. But, I will also read The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso (and it is also a recommendation in the Books Worth Reading section). I think that both these books will be useful to refute those who may have fallen into the spell of the secular messiah.

The Obama Test

You can find a fun new feature on the side bar of Right View From The Left Coast-the Obama Test!
Personally, I a very disapointed that I scored a 23. That should be considered way too high!
Take it for yourself and enjoy. And hopefully you will score lower than 23!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who's Better In A Foreign Crisis?

Here is the new poll and it is simple. Who would be the better leader in regards to the crisis between Russia and the Republic of Georgia.

This poll will end on Friday, August 15, 2008 at 12 midnight.

Who Would Better Handle The Georgia Crisis?

Sen. John McCain
Sen. Barack Obama free polls