Monday, January 29, 2007

Stop Taking Conservatives For Granted

To those who think that we who have signed the pledge NOT to give any money to any GOP senator who votes for any resolution that opposes President Bush's increase of troops in Iraq, it is just one more case of establishment GOPer's taking the conservative, dominent wing of the party for granted.
They like our money to get them elected or reelected, but ingore the issues that matters most when it comes time to take lesgistative action. In fact, they mock us as not really understanding how things really work. It is really sickening how this plays out when the Republican party is NOT in the majority in the House or Senate.
The mulitude of resolutions that are floating around the Senate almost all oppose the troop buildup in Iraq. Sen. John Warner (R-Virginia) is leading a "less strongly" worded disaproval. He says that it is either too late or will not help. How does he know? Is he clairvoient? And, what if the situation does improve in say six months? By not even giving the increase a chance, he has indicated he is giving up. So is Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), Sen Brownback (R-Kansas), Sens Snowe & Collins (R-Maine).
Yes, there have been mistakes made. Now we do have a chance to rectify it and should do everything we can to win as the president says.
The above mentioned Senators are part of the problem. They will say that we who support the president's plan are not realistic. They look at polls and can not stand on principle. Look at Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY). She cravenly said over the weekend in Iowa that she did not vote to give President Bush the use of force in Iraq and that he "misused" it and if she knew what she knows now, she would have not voted for the war. Wonderful; standing by what you believe, or don't believe.
To those lacking backbone, please develop one. Stop looking at polls now. They are not a real indication of what will be next year when the situation will be different.
You who voted for the war, and you did vote for a war, stand by the vote and stand by the president. Stop worrying about YOUR political future. You will not get the support of the people you need to win reeelction, conservatives. Either you believe we will win or you want us to lose. There is no in between. No deal to cut.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sign The Pledge!

Sorry, I have had some computer issues and not been able to blog.
But, the capitulation of the Republican leadership to allow the Biden Resolution to come to a vote without a serious fight is undermining the war effort in Iraq. If you do not believe me, General Petraeus, who was confirmed today by an 81-0 vote of the senate, says it will.
It is nothing more than the I-hate-George W. Bush crowd to stick it to him. Of course, this is a meaningless resolution because it is just a sense of the senate resolution, no legal binding. But, while the Bush haters go after the president, they are using American soldiers for their cheap political stunt.
Please, go to and show the senate Republican leadership that you mean business. Sign the pledge that Hugh Hewitt ( that WE will not support their cave in and to stop using us when it comes to election time and OUR cash and not even stand up to cheap-shot Democratic senators.