Monday, November 30, 2009

The Rev. Mike Huckabee: Cop Killer Enabler

You remember the Death March presidential campaign of 2008? Don't you? Seems like an eternity ago. But it was during the Republican party Death March that Mitt Romney made a point about the former Arkansas governor, the Rev. Mike Huckabee, commuting many, many prison sentences.
Sadly, the events yesterday in Parkland, Washington, may rightfully come back to haunt the Rev. Mike and his propensity to look into criminal souls and grant leniency rather than exact justice.
The man at the center of the execution of four Lakewood, Washington, policemen is one Maurice Clemmons.
Mr. Clemmons has a criminal rap sheet as long as one's arm. Even two court appointed psychologists wrote in report last month that Mr. Clemmons was dangerous and posed a risk to the community.
What, you may ask, were there any court appointed psychologists involved in Mr. Clemmons life?
That is because last month, Mr. Clemmons was in custody accused of child rape and assault charges. However, the bail for Mr. Clemmons was a paltry $150,000. Mr. Clemmons put up $15,000 to get out of jail.
Now Mr. Clemmons is no stranger to law enforcement. Especially in his home state of Arkansas.
Mr. Clemmons started his downhill spiral as a junior in high school when he was arrested for carrying a .25-caliber pistol. Allegedly he was trying to protect himself from "dopers". Sure he was. By the time he was convicted of burglary and theft in 1990, Mr. Clemmons was serving 48 years on five felony convictions. Oh yes, he was convicted of theft and using a gun when he was 17 years old. Must have been protecting himself from the "dopers".
By 2000, the Rev. Mike was finishing up his second and last full term as governor of Arkansas.
The Rev. Mike had a real soft spot for criminals. One of the more infamous cases of the Rev. Mike seeing into the souls of criminals was the case of one Wayne Dumond. Mr. Dumond was something of a crusade for the Rev. Mike. He did everything that he could to influence the Arkansas parole board to free Mr. Dumond. Too bad. Mr. Dumond took his criminal enterprise over to neighboring Missouri. It was there that Mr. Dumond raped and killed a woman, one Carol Sue Shields. Mr Dumond was charged with first degree murder. And Mr. Dumond was implicated in the rape of another Missouri woman, Sara Andrasek.
And this, along with the Clemmons clemency, is not any isolated approach by the Rev. Mike.
in this story from The Arkansas Leader, the Rev. Mike had a real soft spot for the criminal. The Rev. Mike, as governor at that point had granted a staggering 703 clemencies. The six surrounding states had a combined total of 624 clemencies. The state with the next most after Arkansas under the reign of the Rev. Mike was Louisiana with a pikers' 213. And worse. Out of the magic 703 clemencies, a dozen were convicted killers.
So in 2000, the Rev. Mike turned his clemency eyes on Maurice Clemmons. He reduced the Clemmons 108 year sentences to 47 years. And eventually, Mr. Clemmons was granted parole.
Amazingly, Mr. Clemmons moved to Washington state in 2004. And Mr. Clemmons is apparently married. And yet, no one seemed to be all that concerned that Mr. Clemmons was telling people that he was Jesus Christ. That the world was going to end. That the Dear Leader, President Obama, was going to visit him and tell the world he, Mr. Clemmons was the Messiah.
No, nothing to see here. Move along, folks.
Now, four policemen are dead.
The four policemen are, Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; Officers Ronald Owens, 37; Tina Griswold, 40; Gregory Richards, 42.
And Maurice Clemmons is on the run, being aided more than likely from family members.
And there is the Rev. Mike, trying to pass blame on his mishandling of these clemencies on someone else. Trouble is that the prosecution in the Clemmons case did not want there to be any clemency. Your ball, Rev. Mike.
It is amazing that this guy, the Rev. Mike, got as far as he did during the 2008 Republican presidential campaign. Yet he did. Along the way, he ganged-up on Mitt Romney with the eventual Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain. No matter the denials, it was a tag-team effort to deny Mr. Romney the GOP nod. And these questions came up. It seemed that the Dinosaur, Drive-by, Mainstream Media did not concern itself with these very troubling accusations about the Rev. Mike.
Now, it appears that the Rev. Mike and his leniency on criminals may have resulted in the deaths of four police officers.
Please, explain that to the families of the four dead officers.
I would offer the Rev. Mike that he fell for cheap forgiveness and thus offered cheap grace.
Here is some links to coverage of the cop killing in Washington state.
Michelle Malkin writes about the Rev. Mike and his clemency bug.
Ed Morrisey over at Hotair asks the tacky political question about the Rev. Mike's future.
The Other McCain offers minute-by-minute coverage here and a retort the Rev. Mike trying to backpedal on his radio show today.
A little behind, but read the whole thing over at the Ace of Spades on the political future of the Rev. Mike. OUCH!
Gateway Pundit has the letter that Mr. Clemmons wrote then-Gov. Rev. Mike that he "turned his life around". Hmm
There is a lot more coverage around the web. This is a travesty that did not not have to happen.

Friday, November 27, 2009

How To Make Your Significant Other Happy This Christmas

On a lighter note, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and your humble blogger did something we never do the day after Thanksgiving
We braved the Black Friday crowds and I came out a winner. As did Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast.
One thing about Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast is that she is always Christmas shopping. I mean all year long. It can be the middle of July, 110 degrees outside and we can be in a store or a mall and she will exclaim, "That will make a perfect Christmas gift for (Fill in the blank)!" As I am schvitzing in an air conditioned mall, firing back, "How can you think of Christmas now! In the middle of July! It is one hundred and ten freaking degrees out there!"
BTW, schvitzing is a Yiddish word for sweating. Probably more than you need to know!
Because of Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast doing that all year along, we can usually get a nice gift, usually one for the both of us.
One thing that Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast has had her eye on for quite a long time is a Kitchen-aid mixer. You know the kind. See the photo below:I am not sure that this is the exact one, but I am not really allowed into the kitchen but to get things Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast needs or to do the dishes.
But, as we went to Kohl's a little after 12 noon today, it was a packed parking lot. I let Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast out and found a parking spot. That was another five minutes. Then I went in, met the missus and went our separates ways, vowing to meet each other around 12:30pm.
We met at around the appointed time. And to my surprise, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast, had her her hot hands a Kitchen-aid four ounce mixer. She said that it would be a really great deal because the regular price was $259.95c. There was 15% off, a $20 mail-in rebate. Then I said, sign up for a credit card. Another 20% off. All told, we paid about a little over $100 bucks for this item. Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast was happy. I was happy with my meager purchases. In comparison, they were. But, I was happy.
And, as The Other McCain pointed out in his post on this very subject, it is a great thing to make your wife, or your signifigant other, a happy camper at Christmas. BTW, Stacy, I got the Cuisinart Grind and Brew for the missus a couple of years ago. And it has been an great investment. It makes BOTH of us very happy campers.
So, was it worth it to brave Black Friday to end up making Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast happy! It always is, my friends. It always is.
Find a good way to make your significant other happy this Christmas. It is a very good feeling!

Bill Sparkman, R. I. P.

Do you remember the "murder" of a part-time federal government census worker deep in the back-woods of Kentucky? Do you remember Bill Sparkman?
Well, you should for the Obamawhore media did a perfect bit o' drive-by "journalism" by immediately speculating Mr. Sparkman was killed by anti-government people. Because Mr. Sparkman was found hanging from a tree and with the word "Fed" scrawled on his limp body.
It turns out that Mr. Sparkman, sadly, committed suicide. There was no anti-federal government militia driving around Clay County, Kentucky, plucking an unsuspecting census worker and then writing "Fed" on his body and then hanged on a tree in a national forest.
But, without anything other than speculation, the drive-by, Obamawhore media went into overdrive. Trying to speculate because Mr. Sparkman was found dead, naked, with the word "Fed" scrawled on his body. Too bad that a bit of evidence was left out of the original coverage. That the way the word "Fed" was scrawled was not exactly on his chest. It was, in fact, written in a manner that went from the bottom of Mr. Sparkman's torso towards the top, the chest area.
Now that the Kentucky state police have solved the case, will there be any apology to the good people of Clay County, Kentucky?
Of course not!
Read the first article I linked. That is the article that explains Mr. Sparkman committed suicide-to get insurance companies to pay his next of kin. Throughout that whole article, the writer continues to speculate, not report, on alleged the anti-federal government sentiments of the residents of the region.
I would ask you to read the excellent, on-the-scene reporting of The Other McCain, when this story first broke. Part of his reporting was to actually talk with the people, regular people, in the region. Especially people who worked for the local newspaper. The Other McCain focused on Morgan Bowling and the reaction she got from yahoos. There was an e-mailer who wrote this:

"What are you people, backwoods ignorant freaks? This crime is a reflection of all the residents of Clay County. . . . You are all disgusting pigs, and if one could level a curse at a community, then I curse the whole lot of you."

I hope that the said e-mailer can have the gall to curse Mr. Sparkman. After all, he is the perpetrator of the "crime".
You see, this is what drive-by "journalism" is all about. Swoop in, get as little actual fact as possible. Then speculate as much as one can. Thus, you have fed into an agenda that you, a "reporter" are pushing. In this case, it is speculating that what happened in the case of Mr. Sparkman was a statement against the federal government.
Now, as far as Mr. Sparkman is concerned, he had some demon deep in his soul. To do what he did, to take his own life, is a true tragedy. It will have a profound effect on his family and those close to him. One aspect the article pointed out, as often the case in suicide, is that there was no sign that Mr. Sparkman would end up doing what he did. But it is clear that Mr. Sparkman was thinking about it. To make sure the insurance companies would pay the death claims, he had to make it look a crime. Life insurance companies do not pay claims in cases of suicide.
Now, this tragedy has come to a close. I would just like to remind people that we have to be careful to remember that there are real people involved in these cases. They are not cannon fodder for any political agenda.
Bill Sparkman, Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 5:20 KJV

No matter what our station is in life, there is so much to be thankful for. For me it is my wife, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast, our wonderful yet aging Scout the Wonder Dog, our son and our extended family and friends.
From the Right View From The Left Coast family to yours,

And We Wonder Why The Federal Government Is Expanding

Take a look at the chart above. It is fascinating as it is the makeup of the presidential cabinets from Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama.
And take a good look at the current cabinet makeup of the Dear Leader, President Obama. Those that have served in the private sector are less than 10%. Less than 10%. Af---ingmazing!
Even Jimmah Carter had more people in his cabinet with private sector experience than that of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
At the post at the Enterprise blog, it is noted that since the 1950s, when labor unions were at their strongest, only 15% to 19% of Americans workers were in the public sector. Yet the current makeup of the Dear Leader, President Obama's cabinet is 90% in the opposite direction.
What that means is clear.
There is no way that this current cabinet will seek to have real solutions to such matters as high unemployment, the federal deficit, tax policy, regulation. What the cabinet is advising this president is to expand the federal government beyond any one's wildest dreams.
Why is the Dear Leader, President Obama, having a "Jobs Summit" on December 3? We do not need a jobs summit. We need a federal government that keeps its paws out of the private sector and let them create the jobs, which in turn increases tax revenue. All that is going to come out of this "Summit" is that there is a need for more government programs that lead to a dead end.
Maybe one way that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is serious about reviving the economy is getting some people advising him, and in the cabinet, that have some private sector experience.
But, alas, do not hold your breath. This president is deadly serious about transforming America. From a free market and free society to one in which the federal government controls the economy and our freedoms.
Look at the make up of his cabinet and there is a clue as to where the Dear Leader, President Obama, is going. We need to keep up the opposition. It is working. According to the Real Clear Politics aggregate polling average, the Dear Leader, President Obama, has fallen below 50% and continues to tumble. The Dear Leader is losing independents, the force that got him into the White House in the first place.
I think it is time for the Dear Leader to throw some cabinet members under the bus and bring in some new people. People who know what works and does not work. Big government will not work.

HT: Jonah Goldberg @

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Political Whore Gets His 30 Pieces Of Silver

Without a doubt, this appointment by the California "Republican" governor, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, proves that he bought off the political whore, State Sen. Abel Maldonado.
Now, we can call him Lt. Governor, and still political whore, Abel Maldonado.
Now if I may refresh your memory, it was Sen. Political Whore Maldonado that was convinced by Gov. Benedict Arnold to vote for the largest tax increase in California history. In return for that abomination, Sen. Political Whore Maldonado was promised that the voters of the once Golden State would be able to vote on several pet projects of the Political Whore. They were to include an open primary, elimination of 12c tax hike of the California portion of the gas tax, and ban pay raises for state legislators while the state is in a deficit. In the end, only the vote on pay was voted on by the voters and the gimmick passed while a slew of tax hikes failed bitterly.
Now, as if there was any doubt, Gov. Benedict Arnold gave a nice pay back by appointing Sen. Political Whore Maldonado to the largely ceremonial post of Lt. Governor.
But, it will help if Sen. Political Whore Maldonado decides to run for the job next year. And he must or Gov. Benedict Arnold would not have appointed him in the first place.
Note what Gov. Benedict Arnold says about Sen. Political Whore Maldonado:

"(He is) a terrific, loyal man that has worked very hard in public service. "

Yes, loyal to his patron, Gov. Benedict Arnold.
And of course Gov. Benedict Arnold heap praise on his reaching to the other side, being bi-partisan and post-partisan. In other words, he is describing himself and his alter-ego. And by extension someone that has no belief in anything except what is in it for him.
And, sadly, it is not good for California.
For Sen. Political Whore Maldonado he is part of the problem, not the solution. Sen. Political Whore Maldonado is what is wrong with Sacramento. It is putting off the reality that the state is broke and needs a total overhaul on the back burner. For he reached out to the other side and bought their arguments rather than stand on principle.
My bad.
One has to have principles in the first place.
Like his patron, the Lt. Governor to be, Sen. Political Whore Maldonado has none. And that is too bad for the voters of California.
What is needed is a quality conservative to run against this charlatan in the primary. And fast.
We knew that this guy, Political Whore Abel Maldonado, would be paid back for his very, very bad vote in February of this year and here it is.
These are two bad apples in the California apple cart. And thankfully, one will be gone next year. Lets make sure to get rid of the other as well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

9/11 Lawyer Says Defendants To Put American Foreign Policy On Trial-You Don't Say?!

I will say this lawyer, Scott Fenstermaker, gets what the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his four cohorts in the 9/11 terror attacks is all about.
It is about putting United States foreign policy on trial.
And it is straight from one of the horse's mouth, one Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali.
Now, maybe that is the real reason that the Attorney General, Eric Holder, made the bone-head decision to try the five defendants in civilian court and in New York City.
No, Mr. Holder tip-toed around that when questioned in congressional hearings last week.
But, if this is not just a show trial and Mohammad and his cohorts will be found guilty, then why have such a public exercise?
Because Mr. Holder and by extension the Dear Leader, President Obama, want to put on trial the way the Bush 43 administration handled the 9/11 event and subsequently, the War Against Islamofacsist Terror. And blame decades of American foreign policy in regards to Israel.
Sure, Mr. Holder had a lot of bravado about not being afraid of Mohammad or his cohorts, but what would happen if one or all are not convicted?
To hear Mr. Holder and the Dear Leader, President Obama, talk, it is a forgone conclusion that the five high-powered terrorists are going to be convicted and executed. Yes, I am sure that is what many a prosecutor thought in any other trial. Only to have the rug pulled out from under them and see the defendant acquitted.
Back to the issue at hand.
It is not a doubt that these five thugs are going to use the civilian federal courts to have their soapbox slamming the United States and their relationship with Israel. And that Americans should convert to Islam. And whatever other rantings are on their minds.
The danger in that is that at some point aspects of American security measures will also be on trial. Such as the alleged "torture" perpetrated by the United States against Mohammad. I guess the coward that sliced the head off of Wall Street Journal writer Daniel Pearl did not commit acts of torture. No, a little waterboarding is so much worse than slicing heads off.
I am afraid that this is what the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, et al will be. A show trial. A show trial against the United States and American foreign policy. And it is the worst venue for such a thing to occur.

A Stupid Reagan-Palin "Comparison"

Ahh, I have to hand it to The New Majority, oops! Now known as the Frum Forum, to beat a dead horse. But Rob Bernstein seems to think that former President Ronald Reagan, never "went rogue" and so embraced a "big tent" and seems to forget the whole history of the ascension of the Great Man. And of course it is meant to slam the Frum Forum's favorite whipping gal, Sarah Palin.
It seems that Mr. Bernstein seems to forget that the whole 1976 presidential campaign was the ultimate "Going Rogue". After all, Mr. Reagan was leading an insurgent candidacy against a very unpopular sitting Republican president, Gerald Ford. On issue after issue, there was more than a dime's worth of difference between Mr. Reagan and President Ford. And, Mr. Reagan came within a few delegates of becoming the 1976 Republican presidential nominee.
In the pseudo-right's attempt to marginalize Mrs. Palin, people like Mr. Bernstein come out with such things as Mr. Reagan, rightfully, opposing a very restrictive measure on the 1978 California ballot that would have banned homosexuals from teaching in public schools. It was not because Mr. Reagan supported the gay-rights agenda. It was because he thought it was unwarranted government intrusion. And he was right. And I think that Mrs. Palin would have also opposed such a measure.
And suddenly, because Mr. Reagan supported what were moderate to liberal Republicans in general elections, he never spoke in support or opposition during GOP primaries. It was not necessarily that he supported such Republicans as Lowell Weicker, Charles Matthias, Charles Percy, John Heinz. Mr. Reagan let the Republican electorate duke it out and supported the winner. That was just Mr. Reagan's approach.
In what is a cluttered post, Mr. Bernstein cites the famous quote Mr. Reagan made to a group of evangelical Christians in Dallas, Texas during the 1980 presidential campaign:

“I know you can’t endorse me, but I endorse you!”

Then Mr. Bernstein cites Mr. Reagan supporting illegal alien amnesty in 1986. Which was a bill of goods that was supposed to have enhanced border enforcement. And of course it did not happen. Then Mr. Bernstein says that Mr. Reagan supported nuclear non-proliferation because he signed arms reduction, known as START with then Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev. HELLO?! Arms reduction was a hallmark idea of Ronald Reagan. He did not "sign on" to anything. Mr. Reagan was the architect of nuclear arms reduction. It was Mr. Gorbachev that signed on. The only citation of Mr. Bernstein can make is the one where Mr. Reagan opposed the 1978 anti-gay teacher initiative.
Mr. Bernstein seems to forget that Mr. Reagan spoke often and loudly in defense of human life, from womb to natural death. After all, Mr. Reagan wrote one of the most moving pieces on abortion ever written by a sitting United States president. And he understood that it was the courts that made unfettered access to abortion the law of the land and that the courts would end up overturning or affirming the abominable Roe v. Wade decision. Maybe Mr. Bernstein would have mentioned that it was then-Gov. Reagan that signed the then most liberal abortion law in California that changed his mind on the subject. But, that would not fit in the narrative that Mr. Reagan was a "pragmatist".
So, we get down to it for Mr. Bernstein.
Sarah Palin is not a "big tent" Republican. One one the reasons is her support for Doug Hoffman, the Conservative party candidate in the infamous New York state 23rd congressional district special election that occurred earlier this month. In Mr. Bernstein's world, it would have been better for Mrs. Palin to have supported very liberal Republican-appointed candidate Dede Scozzafava. Mrs. Scozzafava was to the left of the eventual Democrat winner, Bill Owens. Mrs. Scozzafava was the most liberal Republican in the New York state assembly. These facts do not matter to Mr. Bernstein. Mrs. Palin's support of Mr. Hoffman took him from four percent to only 2,500 votes from winning the truncated special election. Seems like Mrs. Palin had better instincts than former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Oh, and Mr. Bernstein trots out the big lie that this congressional district has been a Republican one for over 100 years. Even a commenter had to point out that fallacie. Here is Chekote's point:

4 Chekote // Nov 22, 2009 at 11:59 am
Asked about the Democratic victory in a district the GOP has controlled for over a century,
Correction. The Dems held this seat several times during the last 100 years. The last Democrat to hold this seat prior to the recent election was in 1993. Check it out yourself:
To many times this site repeats Democrat talking points without hesitation. I say this as a fan.

OUCH! The commenter points out the obvious. That the Frum Forum is a site more interested in bashing conservatives trying to get a message out there than articulating themselves.
Case in point is that Mrs. Palin only gets support from social conservatives. Funny that Mrs. Palin as Alaska governor was not the darling of the social conservatives. In fact, Mrs. Palin was not liked by the establishment. Mrs. Palin supported a candidate in the New York state 23rd that was also supported by the Club For Growth, not exactly social conservative central. Mrs. Palin ran a conservative Republican administration as governor in Juneau. But that just gets in the way of Mr. Bernstein's talking points.
I think that David Frum and his sycophants over at the Frum Forum are just damned jealous. Only absolute political junkies have bought any of his books. If he were not a speechwriter in the Bush 43 first term, he would still be a nobody. And, it appears that he wants to be a nobody. And so does Mr. Bernstein.
It would be wise to realize that so much of what is being said about Mrs. Palin now is what was said about Mr. Reagan before and even when he became president. It is what liberals and self-loathing "conservatives" seem to like to do.
Stop trying to make Mr. Reagan out to be some moderate when he was a conservative. And please, stop demonizing Mrs. Palin because you bought into left-wing talking points. It would behoove you and the critics to actually look at Mrs. Palin's record rather than accept so-called conventional "thinking".

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rubio Closing In On Crist

In the Showdown In Gatorland for the Florida open senate seat, it appears that Marco Rubio is now closing in on Gov. Charlie Crist in the battle for the Republican nomination and is now within 10 points of Gov. Crist.
If this poll is to be believed, it looks like Mr. Rubio went from a meager four percent to now being in a real race, being 47%-37%. And, if you look at the trajectory, it is not good news for Gov. Crist.
Now I do not like registered voter polls. I find the likely voter ones more reliable and accurate. But, even when you look at Rassmussen on this race, it shows that Mr. Rubio is gaining and Gov. Crist is steady at best.
Remember, Gov. Crist supported and tried to back track his support for the Dear Leader, President Obama's so-called economic "stimulus" scam. And remember, Gov. Crist's late endorsement of Sen. John "F--- You" McCain in the Florida Republican presidential primary probably gave Sen. "F--- You" McCain the GOP nod.
While not quite in RINO territory as, oh say our illustrious governor here in California, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is not a solid conservative. Mr. Rubio is the solid conservative in this race.
Send a message to the National Republican Senatorial Committee by not sending them a dime. Send some cash to Mr. Rubio. Mr. Rubio is closing in and needs to put Gov. Crist out to pasture.

It's Here And It's On!

The Sarah Palin autobiography, Going Rogue, An American Life is finally out (and your humble blogger has it and has begun reading it) and it is as if Team McCain can not get her out of their heads.
There is no question that when the Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain asked Mrs. Palin to be his running mate in 2008, it was a game changer. And Mrs. Palin found that she was not just running against Team Obama, but some members of Team McCain.
For instance, Team McCain flunkie and neophyte Nicolle Wallace has long been suspected as one who went out of her way to undermine Mrs. Palin. It is apparent that her begging Mrs. Palin to be interviewed by CBS anchor Katie Couric was the case in point. Miss Wallace promised Mrs. Palin that it would be a light interview and it was a nine-hour marathon sliced to nine minutes and made Mrs. Palin look bad.
Let us not forget the brain surgeon, Steve Schmidt. Quite possibly one of the most incompetent campaign operatives in either party. It is apparent that he has a high opinion of himself and not a good one of others. He too has not been all that kind on Mrs. Palin.
People like Miss Wallace and Mr. Schmidt have a hard time realizing that they had a crappy candidate in Sen. "F--- You" McCain and that it was not Mrs. Palin's fault they could not focus Sen. "F--- You" McCain. Or if they did, it was moronic stunts like "suspending" the campaign to sign on to the then Bush administration so-called "bailout" scam.
The fact is that Mrs. Palin overshadowed Sen. "F--- You" McCain. And that is a bad sign on the one hand. It means the candidate is a weakling. Right after Mrs. Palin was tapped to be the vice-presidential candidate, it was obvious the crowds-and there were crowds-were not coming to see Sen. "F--- You" McCain. They were coming to see Mrs. Palin. And that had to gall the upper echelons of Team McCain.
That is addressed in the book.
But what I hope to learn is about Sarah Palin. From her perspective. Not as the second banana on a presidential ticket.
Like I would read one or both of the Dear Leader, President Obama's books, I want to read this with an open mind.
I would only hope that those who hate the fact that Mrs. Palin even walks the earth would at the very least take time to read her book and learn about her. Not through any filters or preconceived ideological blinders.
I doubt that will happen.
But without a doubt, Going Rogue, An American Life, is out, selling like hotcakes. And for those still smarting from Mrs. Palin, its on!

Roger Stone is not one of my favorite Republican operatives. But this analysis of the bitterness of Team McCain is worth a read.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dear Leader And The Phony Jobs "Created" Or "Saved"

It is amazing, not surprising, but amazing that the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his administration has fudged so much on the the jobs "created" or "saved" as a direct result of the so-called economic "stimulus" scam that even the Obamawhore media is doing some work on this.
In this interactive map over at the Washington Examiner, we see where in the United States the jobs "created" or "saved" were, well rather inflated.
Here is one of my favorites. This is from the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council:

The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council claimed to have saved 935 jobs with the $1.3 million it received, even though only 508 people work there. In fact, the group used most of its grant to give raises and now says it created 9.35 jobs.

Hmm, what exactly is a .35 job? And are you laughing at how almost double the jobs were "created". Yes, they were created. In fact, they were made up.
In Kentucky, this shoe store owner knows how to "create" jobs from $889 bucks:

A shoe-store owner claimed he created nine jobs on an $889.60 contract. In fact, he supplied nine pairs of shoes to the Army Corps of Engineers.

WOW! Almost a hundred bucks for each job, er pair of shoes, this owner "created".
If that is not enough, over at, we find that there that there are a lot more congressional districts than the 435 we have been told exist.
Maybe the Republicans really do control the House of Representatives and they just do not know it.
Thanks to ABC News, they did some digging and found that according to, there is a 15th congressional district in Arizona. Now I know that Arizona's population has been growing. But, there are only eight congressional districts in all of Arizona.
As the Slap Chop guy would say, but wait! There's more!
In the Connecticut's 42nd congressional district, there were 25 jobs created with no stimulus money. Of course not! Because there is NOT a 42nd congressional district in Connecticut!
Even the United States Virgin Islands territory is not spared this indignity:

$8.4 million spent and 40.3 jobs created in the 99th congressional district of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Again, there is that .3 business. Oh, and there are not 99 congressional districts in the United States Virgin Islands. In fact, the lone representative is a non-voting member of congress.
But, hey, don't let that stand in the way of a whopper of a story!
And that is the problem with the whole so-called economic "stimulus" story. There is little if any proof that the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his minions have created or saved one job as a direct result of the government spending. Especially when the unemployment numbers in the United States continue to worsen.
Maybe if the administration would try to loosen the governmental grip and continue the Bush 43 tax cuts, that will expire next year, and seek new tax cuts, there would be money in the private sector and the confidence to expand private businesses.
But, that would mean taking off the ideological blinders. Something that the Dear Leader, President Obama, will not do.
In the mean time, glad to see the Obamawhore media finally doing its job. Maybe they can find all the missing members of congress from these districts.

Oh Yeah, And Rush Limbaugh Would Be Bad For The NFL

In the irony department, the owner of the Tennessee Titans, Bud Adams, showed his appreciation to the fans of Buffalo this past Sunday with a couple of middle fingers waving from his luxury box at Ralph Wilson stadium.
This was after his Titans mopped up the floor with the hapless Buffalo Bills by a score of 41-17. Imagine his reaction to the Bills fans had the Titans lost.
What is the irony?
Well, we were told by some of the same NFL owners how bad it would be if radio talker Rush Limbaugh were to become a part-owner of the St. Louis Rams. That was led by the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay. And the NFL commissioner seconded the emotion.
So, a classy guy like Mr. Adams gets a slap on the wrist with a $250,000 fine. Chump change, you know.
And yet some one like Mr. Limbaugh, who would have been a part owner of the Rams had he not dropped out of the group seeking to purchase the Rams, would have been bad for the NFL.
Here is the thrust of this story.
It is A-OK for an owner to flip off fans. The fans in the city that your team is visiting. From your perch in a luxury box. Oh, sure you'll get a "fine" of $250,000, but in the end, no biggie.
If you actually spend time comiserating with the American people and have the ability to have a point of view that is, too some, controversial, just pass Go. No $200. We do not want to be a part of that.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ann Althouse On Sarah Palin Is All Wet

On Tuesday, I will join many Americans in reading Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue" and it appears that some have already taken a peek and, well, do not like some of what she has to say.
One of those is blogger Ann Althouse.
Ann is a great blogger and many times very hard to disagree with.
But, on the point that she uses to bring up doubts about Mrs. Palin's ability as a candidate, Ann Althouse is all wet.
What Ann Althouse is essentially saying is that Mrs. Palin should have told Nicolle Wallace to get off and that she would not do her ill-fated coming out interview with CBS News Katie Couric.
Now that would be nice if Mrs Palin was the presidential candidate for the Republican party. But, Mrs. Palin was the vice-presidential candidate. And yes, a rookie on the national stage that she was thrust upon.
It seems that Ann Althouse thinks Mrs. Palin should have been more like, well Sen. John "F--- You" McCain.
Well, Ace over at the Ace of Spades tries to explain to Ann Althouse that there is a pecking order, woman or not, and that Mrs. Palin had to accept her place in that pecking order.
And Ace is right.
While conservatives were suggesting that Mrs. Palin start off with more sympathetic media, this Wallace woman kept pushing Katie Couric to be the one to get THE interview with Mrs. Palin. Until then, Mrs. Palin was kept in tight wraps.
Now, she could have just said, oh I don't know, "F--- you" to the McCain campaign and gone on talk radio or the Fox News Channel. That would have shown that the McCain campaign was very undisciplined. Well, it was. But doing something like that would have exposed that fact even worse.
For the first time, Mrs. Palin was not the one in charge. She was asked by Sen. "F--- You" McCain to be the vice-presidential nominee. And there is nothing equal about that. Except that they are potential members of the executive branch as laid out by the constitution.
And clearly, that was very frustrating for Mrs. Palin.
Should she have gone that rogue that soon?
During the campaign, when Team McCain publicly and IMHO humiliatingly abandoned Michigan, it was Mrs. Palin and her husband, Todd, that wanted to keep pushing a while longer. Yes, Team McCain lost Michigan. And they would have anyway. But, in doing what they did, they so depressed Republican voters that two Republican seats in congress were lost. Could have a little more campaigning by Mrs. and Mr. Palin helped? Who knows. But she had a fighting instinct that makes for a succesful politician.
Oh yes, Mrs. Palin should have just said "F--- you" and gone off to Michigan. That would have gone over real well.
No, Mrs. Palin tried to make her case and was over ruled. That is what happens in the real world. Happens in the workplace all the time. And, this was a workplace situation writ large.
And now, Mrs. Palin writes her side of the story and still there are people who just do not get it.
Ann Althouse is one of them.
Ace does get it.

Civilian Trial Ends The War Against Islamofacsist Terror

It appears that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is officially ending the War Against Islamofacsist Terror by the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad in civilian court in New York City.
As noted by the Michael Mukasey, the last Attorney General in the Bush 43 administration, what a trial of Mohammad and his cohorts in federal does is give them a platform.
A platform for what?
To spout off their insidious radical Islamic ideology. To gloat about what they did to the United States on September 11, 2001. And to promise more of the same.
That is but the tip of the iceberg as to why this maybe the worst decision of the Dear Leader's administration to date.
While the current Attorney General, Eric Holder, seems to believe that the case is air tight and worthy to be tried in a civilian court, the risks outweigh the cost to be politically correct. Holder told reporters, "I am quite confident that the outcomes in these cases will be successful ones."
Hmm, maybe it is living in California and in the Los Angeles area that brings enormous doubt to that possibility. I mean, there is the vaunted jury that took all but four hours to acquit O. J. Simpson. And another jury to acquit another has been actor, Robert Blake, in the murder of his wife.
But, look at a point made by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy:

Moreover, KSM has no defense. He was under American indictment for terrorism for years before there ever was a 9/11, and he can't help himself but brag about the atrocities he and his fellow barbarians have carried out.

And this is also worth noting:

So: We are now going to have a trial that never had to happen for defendants who have no defense.

Yes, we are!
Because it is important for the Dear Leader, President Obama, to salve his own embarrassment. That the nation he claims to love, the United States of America, went way to far in prosecuting a war against the forces of terror. That if it takes dragging the dregs of the horror of 9/11, Mohammad and four of his cohorts now in custody, it is alright. Because airing what he perceives as dirty laundry is of great importance.
What makes this decision even more bizarre is that Mr. Holder announced at the same time that those in custody for the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000 would be tried as well. In a military tribunal.
What is different about the two cases? Are the lives of those serving in the armed forces such that those who kill them can be tried in a military tribunal? Does it mean that 3,000 civilians have to go through the horrific events of 9/11 again? That they have to suffer because everything is fair game in a civilian court?
Let us not forget that the civilian forces, police and the FBI will be the ones providing security for the federal court house. There is the possibility of more and spectacular terror acts. And even some to force the government to release Mohammad and company.
What this shows is that this president wants to end the War Against Islamofacsist Terror in failure and full-throttle retreat.
God help this Great Land.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Really Depressing Economic News

Although I like to think of myself as an optimist, this story about the potential of the unemployment rate rising to a staggering 12% is enough to make me rethink what will happen in terms of the economy.
There is a lot of conflicting information about whether the economy is in recovery or the recession is deepening.
One thing that is of great concern is the fall of the dollar. And the rise of the price of gold and other precious metals. It is a bleak reminder of the heydays of the wondrous late 1970s economy. Oh, and during that period, inflation rose and interest rates were the highest in many years.
But let us delve deeper into what David Rosenberg says.
What is really striking is taking number 12 first.
When the unemployment rate peaked long after given recessions ended. The last recession ended in November, 2001. But the unemployment rate peaked at 6.8% in June, 2003. More than a year and a half after the recession ended.
With the current unemployment rate at 10.2% according to the Labor Department, if the economy is in recovery, then the peak of unemployment is no where near its peak. Thus the analysis of Mr. Rosenberg may be frighteningly correct.
And here is something for you to chew on:

A record 5.6 million people have been unemployed for at least six months (this number rarely gets above two million in a normal downturn) which is nearly a 36% share of the jobless ranks (again, this rarely gets above 20%).

And to cleanse the palate even more, the median (18.7 weeks) and average (26.9 weeks) duration of unemployment have risen to all-time highs.
But hey, since this is not an uplifting post, this ought to be one to knock your socks off:

The longer it takes for these folks to find employment (and now they can go on the government benefit list for up to two years) the more difficult it is going to be to retrain them in the future when labor demand does begin to pick up.

And yet the Dear Leader, President Obama, somehow thinks nationalizing one-sixth of the economy in his health-care delivery scam will somehow cure all. That extending unemployment insurance benefits will somehow ease the pain of not being able to find a job. That an abject failure of a $787,000,0000,000 so-called economic "stimulus" plan should be made with a "Stimulus 2.0".
It is clear now to the American people that this is not a garden-variety recession we are in. I will just write it. We are on the precipice of a depression. And the American people want something more than hope and change. They want a plan that gets the government the hell out of the way and gets money out there to the people. And those in the private sector that take real economic risks and produce real jobs.
One should think that the Dear Leader, President Obama, would stop dithering about the economy, put the ambitious plans on hold and get a grip on what really ails the United States. The lack of economic growth and jobs.
Hope and Change needs to be replaced with J O B S.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Can We Now Call Hasan A Terrorist?

I think that the answer to the headline question is an unequivocal hell yes!
Now before y'all go off and say I am just getting my info from that phony "news" network, Fox News Channel, here is evidence straight from the Obamawhore media.
This is the most damning, from ABC News and the blotter. It is here that we learn Nidal Hasan* was trying to make contact with al-Qaeda. You remember them. The ones behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D. C. What is really damning about this revelation is what we do not know. We do not know what the army did or did not do about this. That is the 64c question.
How about this article in The Washington Post? It is clear that there was knowledge about Mr. Hasan* also trying to contact a radical cleric in Yemen. Yet this did not result in the army launching any kind of investigation into Mr. Hasan's* activities. I wonder why that would be the case? Is it because the fear of Islamic groups raising hell worries the army more than what resulted in Fort Hood, Texas in the first place? You be the judge. But note this. The cleric in question, Anwar al-Alaqui, praised the attack in Fort Hood by Mr. Hasan*. Here is what as-Alaqui said, according to The Post:

"The only way a Muslim could Islamically justify serving as a soldier in the U.S. Army is if his intention is to follow the footsteps of men like Nidal."

That is a man that Mr. Hasan was making contact with.
Important to write.
This is in no way to indict all those who are Islamic and serving in the United States armed forces with pride and dignity. The problem is that not enough was done in the case of this man, Mr. Hasan*.
Even the leading light brigade of the daily Obamawhore media, The New York Times, could not let this narrative go away.
I think that the more we know about Mr. Hasan* the more we can call the deadly attack in Fort Hood this past Friday for what it was.
An act of terrorism.

* Mr Hasan will no longer be refered to on this blog by his military rank. He forfeited that when he committed a terrorist act, on American soil and against American soldiers.

Good Lord, Dear Leader! Not EVERYTHING Is About YOU!

One would think that the Dear Leader, President Obama, would have thanked one his his predecessors, one Ronald Wilson Reagan, for accelerating the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Soviet Communism.
But, of course not!
For you see, nothing can stand in the way of some how making a historical event, the fall of the Berlin Wall, all about the Dear Leader.
Consider the evidence.
In a surprise video remote, the Dear Leader, President Obama, has to twist a fate of history to his favorite subject. H I M S E L F!
Here is the money quote:

"Few would have foreseen ... that a united Germany would be led by a woman from Brandenburg or that their American ally would be led by a man of African descent. But human destiny is what human beings make of it."

In this case, who cares about who is leading either nation now? How about taking a breath, stop the narcissism and thank those in Germany and those that were a beacon for freedom while the Soviet Union and the puppet East German government was subjugating its people in fear. That would be the British, the French and our Great Land, the United States. Even today, in a unified Germany, there are American troops ready to defend the nation of Germany at a moment's notice.
Nowhere in the Dear Leader's, speech was there a shout out to the Great Man, Mr. Reagan, who almost all alone believed that the Soviet Union and its Eastern European client states could not just be contained. But defeated. The fall of the Berlin Wall was the culmination of that forward thinking on the part of Mr. Reagan.
Just two years earlier, Mr. Reagan laid down the gauntlet to then Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev and said the fateful words, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" That was delivered in a speech at the very Brandenburg gate that opened up on this day 20 years ago when after weeks of protest against the Stalinist dictatorship of East Germany, freedom came. At the hands of hammers, sledgehammers and people's bare hands tearing the odious vestige of communism. A wall built not to keep people out. But to keep people in.
That would have been a magnanimous way to go for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
But no, remember it is all about H I M. All the time.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bill Owens Making Doug Hoffman's Job A Lot Easier

The newest member of congress, Bill Owens, from the famed New York state 23rd district is making the job of his probable opponent, Conservative/Republican Doug Hoffman easier by breaking four campaign promises and voting for the abominable Obamacare scam yesterday.
I mean, most politicians wait oh, about a week at least, before breaking the major promises of their campaigns. But no, Mr. Owens could not wait but for a day and BAM! He votes for Obamacare. Lock, stock and barrel.
According to this report, Mr. Owens had told voters in the recently concluded special election that he won that he could not vote for a public option.
The public option is the "highlight" of this bill.
Mr. Owens also said that he was against that massive cuts in Medicare that was supposedly going to help fund this monstrosity.
There are hundred of billions of cuts in Medicare. And this is according to
Mr. Owens said that he does not favor tax hikes that would fund this government takeover of health care delivery.
Of course there are tax hikes. And allowing for temporary tax cuts, the Bush tax cuts, to expire.
And most odious, but not surprising, Mr. Owens said that he did not favor allowing illegal aliens to be a part of this scam.
Of course to pay off the support of Hispanic Caucus, there will be no prohibition to illegal aliens being allowed to be part of the government-run health care delivery scam.
Four promises broken in one piece of legislation.
Doug Hoffman is noting this, I am certain. This will be an issue next year. In fact, it may be THE issue next year.
I hope that Mr. Owens does not get all that comfy in Washington. Votes matter and this maybe the vote that costs Mr. Owens his job. As it should be.

How Tragic The Berlin Wall Fell

It is amazing that this woman really feels this way, but Bruni de la Motte is a former East German that wishes the Berlin Wall never fell and that communism never ended in the storied German "Democratic" Republic.
While she was wise enough to realize that once the Wall fell, the unification of Germany would soon follow, it is with utter dismay that it happened.
Note this from the linked article:

Of course, unification brought with it the freedom to travel the world and, for some, more material wealth, but it also brought social breakdown, widespread unemployment, blacklisting, a crass materialism.

I guess it does not bother Frau de la Motte that people in her paradise, the G"D"R, did not have the freedom to travel. Not just within their own nation but to the rest of the world. One has to suppose that she saw not one thing wrong with the Wall being built in the first place. After all, it was not built to keep people out, but to prevent people from fleeing the wondrous East Germany.
The "social breakdown" that Frau de la Motte regrets is that the control that the government had over the people's lives was no more. Like anyone that had been in nothing but a totalitarian state, there was a sense of being lost and not knowing what to do. And even a yearning for the past.
Yes, there was widespread unemployment. And there still is. But, people had the freedom to choose the jobs that they wanted. They were not forced by the state to certain fields. With that freedom comes a responsibility that means getting the proper education for a job that one wants, not what the state wants.
Blacklisting. What a friggin' laugh! If one did not extol the virtues of communism, being a member of the party or not, does this Frau de la Motte really believe that there was no blacklisting by the party? Has this gal ever heard of the Stasi? That is the East German version of hated Soviet KGB. Yes, West Germany could not have known communists and or their sympathizers in the power structure. They had to either reject their failed ideology and pledge to work within a democratic, republican system. If not, their loyalty to the unified Germany had to be called into question.
As far as crass materialism, it is the sign for these oppressed people of being able to attain items that they never thought of in the communist East. Yes, there are many items that we now seem to not be able to live without. But many are not "necessary". But they show an amazing innovation and the eventuality that those items will be affordable to the majority of people in a short time.
There is a lot more to read in this column. But the best is the last paragraph. Here for your perusal:

Since the demise of the GDR, many have come to recognise and regret that the genuine "social achievements" they enjoyed were dismantled: social and gender equality, full employment and lack of existential fears, as well as subsidised rents, public transport, culture and sports facilities. Unfortunately, the collapse of the GDR and "state socialism" came shortly before the collapse of the "free market" system in the west.

WOW! Is that all there is to life? Subsidized rent? Without the possibility of ever being able to buy a home of one's choice. Public transport? Without the possibility of ever being able to buy the car of one's choice. Culture and sports facilities? What, there is no such thing in the West? Of course there are cultural and sports facilities. Social and gender equality? Really? Did the communist elite actually use the public transport? Have their rent subsidized? And gender equality? Did homosexuals have the same freedoms that they enjoy in the West? Was there even a discussion of same-sex marriage? Only in a free nation can people even discuss, and even vote on such issues. And existential fears? What in the hell is this gal talking about?
In fact, what is this gal writing about at all? The nostalgia of a form of government that took the most important aspect of a people away. That is freedom. That is why the Wall was built in the first place. To subjugate those who yearned for being truly free oppressed. If that is what Frau de la Motte misses, there are some nations left in the world that have not learned the lesson of the former East Germany.
A great place for Frau de la Motte to start would be North Korea. Uh, maybe a bit to harsh. There is always Red Cuba. Yes, that is the ticket! Let us encourage Frau de la Motte to go to Red Cuba. After all, it appears that she yearns for a land that would remind her of the East Germany that is now on the ash heap of history.
To bad the freedom that the East German's now enjoy can not be had by the people of Red Cuba. Maybe people like Frau de la Motte can go there to spread her socialist Utopian dream.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

"Green" Student Prom, Take Two

A post that I wrote in August about a local Pasadena high school working on a "green" student prom has touched some nerves. In fact, one of those quoted in the article seemed particularly peeved at what I wrote.
Now normally, I do not like to give commenter's the time of day in a post. But, Veronica Ota seems to have some hostility issues.
Firstly, if Miss Ota actually read what I wrote, I have no hostility towards the highlighted prom organizer, Josephine Kinney. I really believe that what she is doing is for the right reason in her mind. I just do not agree with it. Since Miss Kinney and her idea were featured in the article, her ideals are fair game. Not Miss Kinney. And, Miss Ota, you actually prove my point that you write the following:

"As we sit through our science classes that often remind us of the threats of exploiting the earth's resources, we realize that this is a problem we contribute to unconsciously."

And who, Miss Ota, are those "teaching" this is science classes? Teachers. Teachers that believe in a theory, Global Warming now called Climate Change.
If you read the post, I do not have any problem with highlighting real things that do contribute to a better world. We should not litter. We should not dispose of motor oil and the like down storm drains. There are many things that I can cite. Maybe I did not do enough of that in the post.
But, Miss Ota, you have to understand that I was once a student too. I know when propaganda is disguised as teaching. And science has been hijacked by a lot of propagandists. To balance what you are being "taught" in science class, here are some things you might want to read about Global Warming, aka now, Climate Change.
One book that I would recommend is The Politically Incorrect Guide To Global Warming. All I would ask is that you read it with an open mind. If it does not change your mind, fine. But you are exposing yourself to the other side. A different argument.
Now, Miss Ota, referring to those of us opposed to the Global Warming agenda as a--holes is not a way to make your point. You have a right to be insulted by Naamaste's comment. Fine. I actually am STILL idealistic. Maybe not in what you are idealistic about, but none the less, I think most people still have that spark in them.
And as far as criticizing Al Gore, please read some older posts. It is because of the hysteria of Al Gore many people believe in the theory of Global Warming, aka now Climate Change, with out any thought.
The fact that you care and are passionate, Miss Ota, is a good thing. Same for Miss Kinney. But, I just think that what you believe and are passionate about is not a good thing. And it is fed by an irrational hysteria.
And, I am all for having a civil dialogue on this topic, if you or any of your friends want to.
However, I have not changed my mind about the dangers of this kind of thinking especially among our youth. Who are taught and led by overly hysterical adults.

House Of Representatives Passes Bill To Nationalize Health Care Delivery

Well it is not all that surprising that the House of Representatives voted to nationalize one-sixth of the American economy in ushering in a era of government-run health care delivery.
But, and this is the warning to to senate, it was by the barest of margins. The vote was 220-215, and 39 Democrats in that 215 against, and only one Republican, Joseph Cao (R-La.) voting in favor.
The passage was probably insured when the Stupak Amendment was passed on a vote of 240-194 vote. That vote was pushed by pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak (D-MI) which essentially would make the Hyde Amendment, banning any federal money to perform abortions, part of the nationalized health care scam. This passed with 176 Republicans voting in favor of the amendment.
In the end, it was this vote that more than likely helped this monstrosity pass the House.
But, there is a huge hurdle to cross called the senate. And, judging by the close vote in the House, there may be more than enough nervous Democrat senators to not be so quick to pass this bill as is.
And there are mechanisms available to the minority party in the senate that the House does not have.
Consider that Dr. Tom Coburn (R-OK) is planning to force the senate to read the entire bill that was passed by the House. That would be all 1,990 pages. No skimping or skipping. Sen. Dr. Coburn would be doing what every single member of the House should have been doing. As many concerned citizens demanded that they do.
An aside to the Politico report is the comment that a senate aide made about the possibility that Sen. Dr. Coburn will have the entire bill read on the senate floor:

“If he did this it would be even outrageous for a guy who’s become known as Dr. No around here.”

Yes, it is outrageous for a member of congress to read a bill that is the largest power grab by the federal government since much of the New Deal was rammed down by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 30s.
Or consider that many Democrats in the House realize that this is not good for the United States. Or their own futures as members of the House. As usual, Jim Geraghty has the lowdown on the downside of eventual passage of this monstrosity for many Democrat members of the House. Those that are mentioned in the link voted against the bill in the end and are in districts that are very much conservative and or very Republican leaning.
Consider that while unemployment has passed the dreaded 10 percent threshold, it is now pegged at 10.2%, the House is passing legislation that it has no idea how to pay for and will not help the overall economy, but create more economic distress. And more distress to those that do not have health insurance.
Here is hoping that cooler heads prevail in the senate. After all, it is led by Sen. Dingy Harry Reid. So, there is a way better than 50-50 chance for it to die a necessary death.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Ft. Hood Masacre And The Long War Against Radical Islam

Today in Ft. Hood, Texas, a lone and obviously deranged United States army psychiatrist opened fire on fellow soldiers killed 12 and wounded 31. As of this posting, the suspect, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, is critically wounded after his rampage.
Major Hasan is an American-born Islamic. And apparently one who has at the very least expressed some sympathy to those on the other side. The radical Islamists.
Of course, no one in the Obamawhore media and even some conservatives want to use the I-word or even the T-word. But, this was a man, Major Hasan, that is Islamic and committed a vicious, terrorist act not just against the United States, the country that his family claims he loves. But against those that were being sent to the front lines in the War Against Islamofascist Terror.
And this terrorist episode brings a reality home.
No matter how hard we may try to collectively bury our heads in the sand, this War Against Islamofascist Terror is a Long War. And this is but one actual battle amid many pre-battle victories the United States alone has had this year.
Last month, not one but three different plots were thwarted by American law enforcement.
One case was in Dallas where Mosam Maher Husein Smadi was arrested in September for plotting to blow up a skyscraper in Dallas. Mr. Smadi is a 19-year old Jordanian.
Also at the same time, and this is much more disturbing, Michael Finton, aka Talib Islam, was arrested in a plot to blow up the federal courthouse in Springfield, Illinois. Mr. Finton, aka Islam is an American. A white American convert to Islam. While he was in prison.
This is a serious part of the Long War strategy on the radical Islamics. To work the American prison system at all levels as a recruitment ground for future Islamic terrorists. And, they will look like the average, White, blond-haired, blue-eyed guy or gal next door. And also Black Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans. Anyone that they can bring to the cause against the evil Crusaders.
If Mr. Finton is not enough to make this case, consider that of Daniel Boyd and seven compatriots arrested in July for plotting terrorist attacks. Mr. Boyd is another White convert to Islam. Also spent time in prison. And this was in the hotbed of all radical Islamic activity-North Carolina.
While all of this happened another plot was thwarted in New York with the arrest of four suspects, three of which were converts to Islam while in prison.
These are very important victories in the Long War.
The Long War is not just in Afghanistan and Iraq. But right here within our borders. And in our prisons. And, if we are not more careful, within our armed forces.
There is a fine line that we have to observe here.
We as Americans have to be discerning as to know the difference between a blowhard blowing off steam and one that makes comments that seem to support the efforts of the radical Islamics. We need to get a better handle on the kind of Islamic Imams are entering our prison system and what it is that they are preaching. There is nothing like stirring up already bad seeds into believing that there is another enemy rather than these criminals owning up to their responsibility.
We also have to recognize that there is a spiritual component to this Long War.
What drives the radical Islamics is their interpretation of Islam, the Koran and the Haddith, an extension of the Koran. These radicals are fed a twisted view of the religion of Islam. They bring dishonor and shame to those that wish to practice their faith in the bosom of freedom that the United States offers them. Those people have no agenda. They are not trying to forcibly convert their neighbors at the point of a gun or a sword. But the radical Islamic is trying to do just that. If we try to look for other avenues rather than face that reality, it will be hard for the West and the United States to defeat this enemy. Not recognizing the contribution to the American experiment that the Jews and Christianity bring to our way of life, making this a secular exercise will make us eventually meet the same fate as those of old. Nazis, Fascists, Communists. All on the ash-heap of history. Can the West and the United States be far behind? One hopes not.
The massacre at Ft. Hood is but a battle in a Long War to defeat radical Islam. With sadness, 12 brave Americans died and 31 are wounded. A new reality must set in if we are to focus and win battles before and when they happen. Turning ourselves inward will not change that reality.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Great Night For Conservatives And Yes, The Republicans

A huge win for traditional marriage in Maine where voters repealed a law passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor that legalized same-sex marriage. The numbers are roughly California-like, 53% for repeal 47% against. No win for the pro-same-sex marriage crowd here. 0 for 31. Civil unions would be the way to go, but the left-wing gay activist community is not getting the message. Losing in a state like Maine is a body-blow to those advocates of same-sex marriage.

Although it appears that the Great Conservative Hope, Doug Hoffman, will not be going to Washington from the New York state 23rd congressional district, the news is still great for conservatives and the Republican party in this off, off-year election.
Republicans gained the governorships of New Jersey, yes New Jersey, and Virginia and seats in both state legislatures that put the GOP in a great position nationwide.
Let's take New Jersey first.
Republican Chris Christie won the most brutal race in memory against incumbent Governor John Corzine.
With 99% of precincts reporting, here are the results:

Chris Christie
Jon Corzine(i)
Christopher Daggett

Now, it is possible that without "Independent" Chris Daggett in the race, this may have been a total blowout. Of course, since the soon to be ex-governor is a millionaire and spent millions of his own money slinging mud beyond belief, it also helped to make it close.
But, Mr. Christie winning being outspent over five to one shows that at the end of the day, issues do matter. And the issues won out here.
Virginia went way over back to the Red state that it has been with the win of Republican Bob McDonnell and the whole Republican ticket.
Here are the latest results as of this post:

Bob McDonnell (R)
Creigh Deeds (D)

And it does not get better down ticket in the two other elected statewide offices:
Lt. Governor:

William Bolling (R)
Jody Wagner (D)

Attorney General:
Kenneth Cuccinelli (R)
Stephen Shannon (D)

This is an embarrassment as the two down-ticket Democrats did better than the man at the top of the ticket, Mr. Deeds.
And worse, it appears that the Republicans are poised to gain seats in the House of Delegates and the State senate.
But all is not good for the Republicans, but good for conservatives.
Because of the foolishness of the New York state 23rd congressional district Republican county chairs hand-picking Dede Scozzafava as their congressional candidate, a Democrat won this race, Bill Owens. But, a spirited challenge by Conservative party standard-bearer Doug Hoffman showed that conservatives are the back and could have won if there was a primary and the GOP and Conservatives backed him to the hilt. Because Mrs. Scozzafava's name remained on the ballot and pulled votes that probably would have gone to Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Owens squeaked out a win in this Democrat district. The results are:

Bill Owens
Doug Hoffman
Dede Scozzafava

There is the five percent that would have made Mr. Hoffman the winner and not Mr. Owens. The lesson here is that the New York state Republican party needs to not go down this road of hand-picking candidates. There needs to be an open and fair primary or caucus. This is two disasters in a row. Let us hope that new New York state party chair, Ed Cox, does two things. One, make sure that Mr. Hoffman is welcomed back in the Republican fold and encouraged to try it again in 2010. And to get rid of archaic ways of choosing candidates. Make the party democratic, not autocratic.
And in the California 10th congressional district, California Democrat Lt. Gov. John Garamendi bested upstart Republican David Harmer. While the results are a little over 50% of precincts reporting, here are the numbers.

John Garamendi (D)

David Harmer (R)

Now, the numbers to look at are Mr. Garamedi garnering a scant 55% of the vote. Former congressman Ellen Tauscher won this district with 65% in the last election. The Dear Leader, President Obama, won this district by the same number. That means in a Democrat district, it is a ten-point drop in less than one year. Mr. Harmer has the best showing in 10 years of this district. So, it is a psychological win for the Republicans. But, it is not a win, and that is all that counts. If things do not get better by next year at this time, it is possible that there may be a rematch and a different result.
All in all this is a great night for the Republicans and importantly conservatives. And it sends a real message to the Dear Leader, President Obama.
S L O W D O W N!