Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Observation From Bill Kristol

Looking over at The Weekly Standard, I happened upon this post from Editor Bill Kristol.
Yes, it is about Sarah Palin and something that she did this past Friday night.
But it is the last three paragraphs that are worth reading. Especially the last one.
It is a great response to those that want to paint conservatives as nothing but racists and other bad things.
Once again, Bill Kristol makes a great observation on modern American conservatism worth the read.

Sarah Palin Kills The Murkowski Dynasty

Who says good things happen to those who wait?
Well, Sarah Palin must be saying that about this moment.
In a battle royale to the finish, Sarah Palin's endorsement killed an Alaska political dynasty.
Today, Sen. Lisa Murkowski conceded her race for reelection to political neophyte Joe Miller and he will be the Republican nominee for the United States senate from the Last Frontier state.
And Sarah Palin can now say she took out a big part of Alaska's political establishment.
You see Mrs. Palin ran for governor in 2006. And she ran against then incumbent Frank Murkowski, Lisa's dad. Yeah, Gov. Murkowski gave up his senate seat, ran for governor in 2002, won and gave the seat to daughter Lisa. Well, Mrs. Palin handily defeated Mr. Murkowski in the primary. The most tone-deaf act as governor form Mr. Murkowski was appointing his own daughter to his empty senate seat. And he never recovered. His numbers when Mrs. Palin beat him in 2006 would have made then President George W. Bush think he was north of 50. They were bad.
So, Mrs. Palin went on to defeat Democrat Tony Knowles in 2006 for Alaska governor. It was one of the only highlights for the Republicans in a dismal year in which they lost both houses of congress.
Fast forward to the present.
Mrs. Palin decided to endorse Mr. Miller over the incumbent Sen. Murkowski.
Mr. Miller was very much to the right of the moderate conservative Sen. Murkowski. And he was backed by Tea Party activists as well as other Alaska political figures.
But none more important and effective than the former governor, Mrs. Palin.
Before her endorsement, Sen. Murkowski was trouncing Mr. Miller in available polling data. The numbers looked bad for Mr. Miller.
But with Tea Party, anti-establishment conservatives and Sarah Palin backing Mr. Miller, and Sen. Murkowski basically ignoring his rise, well, there you have it!
Now it is Republican candidate Miller and Sen. Murkowski will be heading back to the frozen tundra in January, 2011.
And Sarah Palin can now say the Murkowski's are done in Alaska politics for the foreseeable future.

Monday, August 30, 2010

This Flip-Flop May Not Be One Charlie Christ Wants

Oooh boy!
Florida governor Charlie Christ, running as an "independent" for the United States senate has been shedding any conservative position at breakneck speed. The one-time Republican got scared by a former statehouse Speaker, Marco Rubio, then left the GOP for an alleged "independent" run for the office.
While going against his one-time party on a slew of issues, the latest is his view on same-sex marriage.
Within an interview with CNN, Gov. Christ gives strange answers to questions regarding his stand on same-sex marriage.
Why is this such a big deal and a potential thorn that could undermine Gov. Christ's run?
Because of rumors about Gov Christ's sexuality.
Gov. Christ has had a lot of speculation whether or not he is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with it. It is how he has, well been his usual calculating self on the issue. If you read the Wikipedia entry, note when he married the second Mrs. Charlie Christ. In 2008. Just in time running for reelection for governor or as it has turned out for the United States senate.
Why, Gov. Christ is married. Stop the gay rumors.
Instead, they just went underground.
But this flip-flop will no doubt force the rearing of this ugly head.
And will force Gov. Christ on the defensive.
And that is where this slug should be.
Gov. Christ is going to deserve what he gets if this ends up outing him. He has bobbed and weaved so long in his political career that he does not even realize when his may have done so for the last time.
I can not believe that Gov. Christ just did not punt this question. Flip-flopping on this is not going to help Gov. Christ. And will help the next senator, Marco Rubio.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Is Wrong With Wanting To Restore Honor?

We live in a horribly cynical age. An age in which we question one man that took a lot of flack and heat for stating the obvious. That this Great Land is a broken land. And the same man took to one of the great heroes of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, and another, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and said it is time to restore honor in this Broken Land.
That was the message of Glenn Beck and yesterday's Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C.
Yet because Mr. Beck is percieved as a conservative, well how dare he think that there is something wrong with the United States. How dare he question whether this nation has lost it's way. After all, we elected the first Black president in the person of the Dear Leader, President Obama. And we were told that our place in the world would soar. And it has not.
One thing that Mr. Beck said and has said is that we can not nor should not put all our eggs in the political basket. And I do agree. Even though I do believe that who is elected and what policies they follow is important, it is not the end all. Thus, Mr. Beck is correct.
The overarching theme of Restoring Honor was that we as a nation need to return to God. It does not matter if one is Christian, Jew or Islamic. No matter how we worship, we need to return as a nation to a relationship with God.
And there is a lot of why we are in the brokenness we are in as a nation.
While many have made a life of removing God from the Public Square, there seems to be a correlation of decline of what has made us an honorable people.
We just do not seem to care about each other. I mean as a people. We are ready to dismiss people that we do not agree with in our politics with ease rather than know them as people. Same with religion. We as a people are just worried about me, myself and I.
Thus it was very wonderful to see Albert Pujols and Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals at the Restoring Honor event. It was great to see people acknowledged for going out of their comfort zones and doing the right thing. It was great to see people really care about our men and women in harm's way doing what so few of us would do.
Yet the cynics are looking at this event and thinking, ah this is just a flash in the pan event. It will not and can not have a long term effect.
That is a possibility.
But it will take those that attended, or watched on CSPAN to spread the message that faith, hope and charity are the way and not some distant or alien concept as to how we should be as a people and a nation.
Being broken is easy. Being whole is hard work.
And that is what lies ahead for Glenn Beck and those of us that believe the best is yet to come for the United States if we just turn back to God and love one another.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Thrill Is Gone. . .For The Dear Leader

With apologies to the great B. B. King.

The thrill is gone
For the Dear Leader, President Obama.

The thrill is gone away
Much like those approval ratings.

The thrill is gone baby
Cause you've turned out to be a typical Democrat pol.

The thrill is gone away
Cause you can't keep you mouth shut when you need to, Dear Leader.

You know you done me wrong baby
Like we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan and no socialized medicine.

And you'll be sorry someday
Kind of like November 2 when we who adored you stay away and let the GOP in the driver's seat.

The thrill is gone
From Chris Matthews' leg.

It's gone away from me
Cause we thought you would be a healer, not a divider.

The thrill is gone baby
Cause unemployment is at 9.5%.

The thrill is gone away from me
Much like our jobs and our national pride.

Although I'll still live on
With 99 weeks of unemployment bennies.

But so lonely I'll be
When I'm the only car in the neighborhood with a "Yes We Can" bumper sticker.

You know I'm free, free now baby
To vote for the GOP.

I'm free from your spell
And can come out of my conservative closet.

I'm free, free now
To say No We Can't.

I'm free from your spell
And trying to avoid those taxes you want to raise.

And now that it's over
It will be over November 3rd.

All I can do is wish you well
And good luck in 2012.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today, Right View From The Left Coast makes a formal endorsement of the 2010 political season and heartily support John Colbert for congress in California's 29 congressional district.
John has a real uphill battle against Dear Leader, President Obama, sycophant Adam Schiff.
But in a year that the American people are souring on Democrats and their controls of both congress and the executive branch, this is actually a race to watch.
One of the reasons that I want to see Adam Schiff get defeated his is disingenuous approach to the so-called health-care "reform" scam.
Mr. Schiff wanted his constituents, I am one of them, to believe that he was agonizing his support for the behemoth legislation. Why he even had an infamous Town Hall meeting last August. It got so big that it had to be moved onto the street in front of the Alhambra City Hall. However, Mr. Schiff did several things to show where he really stood on the issue.
One, only supporters were part of his Q and A panel. Supporters were in the front of the audience, buffeted by SEIU union goons. But, they were clearly outnumbered by the opponents and their zeal to ask questions of Mr. Schiff and his "panel". Of course we who opposed the so-called health-care "reform" scam did not get to ask questions. And of course, Mr. Schiff voted for the largest power grab in United States history.
And there is the vote for the so-called economic "stimulus" bill and more expansion of the federal government. Expansion that is stalling what ever economic recovery may be taking place now.
Take a look at each candidate's endorsement page on their website.
Mr. Schiff has a who's who of the local Democrat political establishment backing his candidacy. And expect that he will throw some Republicans in the mix. Yes, I do know one backing Mr. Schiff. But her husband once served on a local city council and she really basing her support on clearly parochial grounds. It is not the totality of how Mr. Schiff has been as a Democrat member of congress.
Now at Mr. Colbert's endorsement page, it is a good mix of Republican politicians and regular citizens. It shows that while Mr. Colbert does value the support of the Republican party, he values the support of the citizens of the district that he wants to represent in Washington. A real contrast. And Mr. Colbert has the support of the Pasadena Patriots, the local Tea Party group.
And on the issues, these two are at polar opposites when it comes to the issues.
Mr. Colbert has very detailed policy positions. Mr. Colbert opposes raising taxes. Supports a smaller, limited government. A strong national defense. Mr. Colbert reminds us that national defense is the most important function of the federal government. It has been very lost on many Americans. And Mr. Colbert opposes amnesty for illegal aliens. Kind of a foreign concept but enforcing current laws would be a start.
Well, if Mr. Schiff had a policy position page on his website, I may be able to prove that Mr. Schiff has been nothing more but a Dear Leader butt-boy. But, I do have this to prove that point to be accurate.
This website, On The Issues has a very detailed look at Mr. Schiff and his stands on issues and how he has voted as a member of congress. And of course, Mr. Schiff comes off rather to the left-of-center than he publicly makes one think.
What we need in the 29th congressional district is a true, independent voice. Some one that is not beholden to a slew of special interests. Some one that realizes that it is still the land of We The People and not the land of the special interests.
That candidate is John Colbert.
And this blogger will support Mr. Colbert for congress from now until election day, November 2!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Left Trying To Slam Sharron Angle On Religion

You know, I think that the American left knows it is going to get it's clock cleaned on November 2.
Why else would Slate magazine try to link Republican senate candidate Sharron Angle to a movement called Christian Reconstructionism?
Now, I will be the first to note that this view of Christianity is very narrow, Calvinist and not anywhere near mainstream Evangelical Christian thinking. And, Mrs. Angle is a Southern Baptist.
But, according to the Slate article, because at one time, Mrs. Angle associated with a group called the Independent American Party. And it is a bad group according to Slate. And it is an offshoot of the Constitution Party. Another bad group in the eyes of Slate magazine. And CP leader Howard Phillips, well he is just yukky!
Well, so what? So, Mrs. Angle may have flirted with a third-party?
The key is that Mrs. Angle is now a Republican. Has been throughout her elected political life.
And this is really where the left wants to go? After all, her opponent, Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry Reid belongs to what many on the left despise. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Better known as the Mormons. So what, dueling whack jobs according to the left?
Look, this midterm election is about the economy and the rise of the federal government and the ineptitude of the the Three Stooges, the Dear Leader, President Obama, the Speaker of the House, Jackass Nancy Pelosi and the aforementioned senate Majority Leader.
This is just another attempt to scare voters into thinking that Mrs. Angle will win the senate seat and somehow transform the United States into this narrow theocracy.
Ain't. Gonna. Happen.
My advice is for Mrs. Angle to ignore this latest attack and focus on her agenda, the economic mess the United States is in and the horrible leadership of Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry.
I think that the left figures that they will go down in flames. Why else bring up a non-issue as this?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ninth Cicuit Finally Gets One Right And Stays Prop. 8 Ruling

It is rare for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to get one right. After all, it is usually the most overturned of the circuit courts. But this time, a three-judge panel has blocked the ruling that Judge Vaughn Walker did on California's Proposition 8 and for a while, same-sex weddings are on hold.
One of the aspects of the December 6 hearing will be if the current legal team defending Prop. 8 actually have the standing to be involved in the appeals process to begin with.
I will leave that to the legal eagles.
But the good news is that the court did issue a stay of Judge Walker's ruling. So there is the thought that the current plaintiffs in the legal battle, protectmarriage.com, are able to continue the fight. Even if the current attorney general, Democrat Jerry Brown, and Governor Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, do not appeal the original Judge Walker decision, protectmarriage.com can continue to pursue the case to the United States supreme court.
Here is the thing that advocates of same-sex marriage are not getting.
You are actually gaining support.
A majority of Americans are warming to the idea of civil unions. Calling it marriage is where many draw the line.
This issue can not continue to be decided in courts of law but in courts of public opinion. By the elected representatives and where applicable, the people in the initiative and or referendum process.
When Prop. 8 passed, the usual suspects in promoting same-sex marriage were trying to gain signatures to overturn Prop. 8. Which would have reverted to the ruling of the California supreme court that created a right for those of the same sex to marry.
But once this lawsuit was filed, plans were dropped to take this back to the people.
Bad move.
Prop. 8 passed by a much narrow margin than a forerunner to this, Prop 22. Prop. 22 passed in 2000 with 61% of the vote. Prop. 8, 52% of the vote. In a year that California voted for the Dear Leader, President Obama, with 61% of the vote.
In other words, proponents of same-sex marriage gained nine percent of support.
Then, because it is not fast enough for proponents, they took the fight to the courts. And lost the public, once again.
If those that advocate same-sex marriage keep up this approach, they will create a resentment rather than support of the people.
Rather than demonizing those that oppose same-sex marriage, open up conversation. If you believe that you are right, tell those opposed why. Rationally and reasonably.
Going to the courts makes your position very weak. That is what happens whenever people lose in elections nowadays.
No matter what, this ruling probably gets this case one step closer to the supreme court.
And my guess is that they will support Prop. 8 and basically say that this has to be left to the states and localities to decide.
And that is what happens in a federal republic. And that just means those that support it have to work harder than those that oppose same-sex marriage.
One more thing.
This is another issue Democrats have got to wish would just go away.
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is not going to let it happen.

Friday, August 13, 2010

More From Why No One Trusts The Obamawhore Media File

In a recent poll conducted by the Gallup organization, the American public is continuing to no longer have trust in what I call the Obamawhore media.
That is what is also referred to as the Mainstream Media, or other pet names others use to describe the vanguards such as ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, The Left Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek and Time.
I think that I covered every thing.
The Gallup poll specifically was about newspapers and television news.
Strangely, in the 18-29 year old group, they had the highest trust in newspapers. But read them the least.
Go figure.
But it is a steady decline in the majority of Americans believing that the Obamawhore media is down the middle and that coverage is fair and balanced.
Of course it is not.
But the fraud is still perpetuated by the Obamawhore media that they really are fair and balanced.
But, the following should be a reason to put that theory out in the wastebasket.
The Torrance Daily Breeze is a newspaper that covers the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Primarily Torrance, of course, and some beach cities like Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach.
It is one of several Los Angeles area newspapers owned by the MediaNews chain. My local fish wrap, the Pasadena Star-News is one of the newspapers owned by MediaNews.
The Daily Breeze area is represented in congress by Jane Harman, a Democrat. And she is running for reelection.
But, one guesses that does not seem to dawn on the beat writer that is assigned to the campaign, Nick Green.
It appears that Mr. Green does not realize that there is a Republican candidate running against Mrs. Harman. That would be Mattie Fein.
But, in Daily Breeze land, it is nothing but a meh. Nothing to see. Not a real candidate against the mighty Mrs. Harman. Maybe not, but it does have an obligation to cover her as the major party opponent of Mrs. Harman.
How do we know this?
Because when John S. Thomas of Thomas partners sent an e-mail to Mr. Green about when he could talk about Miss Fein's reaction to a claim by Congressman Harman that recently signed legislation "saved" 215 jobs in the district, here is Mr. Green's response:

Don’t call or e-mail us – we’ll call you if we’re interested. And if you haven’t got it yet, we’re not interested. And stop sending the same messages to my co-worker Art as well.
Thank you.Nick

Hey, maybe how about a screw you Nick! Are you an editor at The Daily Breeze? Who died and made you boss? And since when do you turn down stories? Is it not your obligation to report news, especially the reaction of the Republican candidate for the 36th congressional district?
Of course it is a newspapers obligation to report news. And, Miss Fein has a reaction to Mrs. Harman's claim. And whether Mr. Green likes it or not, it is news.
Robert Stacy McCain has been all over this attempt to not report news.
But that is not the end of this tale of journalism malpractice.
Mr. Green now pulls the rabbit out of his hat.
That he is the victim. That The Other McCain and other bloggers are trying to pull an Andrew Breitbart on him. In Mr. Green's attempt at defending himself, here is a nugget of his view of his job:

It's the job of newspaper reporters and editors to decide what to cover when and how.
It's a matter of news judgment, time and resources. And this week I have other priorities and do not wish to be hassled via e-mail by a consultant upset I won't leap on his story pitch.

And also, Mr. Green does not address the fact that he wrote to Mr. Thomas that he is not interested in covering his client, Miss Fein.
The reality is that it is the editor's job to determine what stories are, can and should be covered. And yes, reporters can pitch a story to said editor. It is not up to the reporter to decide what is and not important. And Mr. Green, do you have a problem multi-tasking? Because in your screed, you whine that you are the lead reporter and writer on the salaries of local elected officials. And that you have spent three weeks on it. BOO! HOO! Oh, and who's idea was the epic story you are so working hard on?
So, Mr. Thomas was aggressive about getting some coverage for Miss Fein. Between the two of you, someone could have made a quick phone call, asked some questions and pitched it to the editor. If the editor said that there is not a story there, end of it. I would also ask you to look at what Mr. Thomas wrote to Mr. Green and his co-writer, Art Marraquin. It looks rather innocuous to me. Even if it was sent a hundred times in five minutes. Yet to Mr. Green, all it was a guy that was bothering him. And who really knows what Mr. Marrioquin thinks?
But this gets right down to it.
Mr. Green says that he is an independent journalist. Maybe. But his reaction to Mr. Thomas and his weak defense says otherwise. The reality is at the very least, it is lousy news judgement. At worst it is a decided bias and quite frankly a laziness on the part of Mr. Green.
Now, will Mr. Green stop the whining "defense" of himself and admit that he was wrong? Will either Mr. Green or Mr. Marroquin actually cover Miss Fein? That remains to be seen.
But, it is up to us as watchdogs to demand that media cover stories at least with a modicum of balance. It would have been nice to know how the Republican interpreted Mrs. Harman's remarks and claims.
All of this leads to the mistrust of the American public of the media. Why this blogger refers to it as the Obamawhore media. And unless they change, New Media will overtake them and that may actually be a good thing.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remember When America Had A REAL President

On former president George W. Bush's Facebook page is a set of photos of he and former First Lady Laura Bush, greeting returning soldiers home from America's two-front ground war against Radical Islamofascists.
Now, I had my disenchantment with Mr. Bush a lot during the second term, but this is what is why I miss W.
He never forgot that the people that he was sending into harm's way were real men and women. Dads and moms. Sons and daughters. Husbands and wives.
And it is a reminder that we are still on the ground in Iraq and ramping up in Afghanistan. And while we may not agree or get the Dear Leader, President Obama's war strategy, remember that these brave men and women that do not care who the president is. That they are professional and carry out their duties with honor and dignity.
While that is true, one other thing comes to mind.
W has got to be tired of the endless Blame Bush that Team Dear Leader keeps haranguing around his neck. But he just lets it slide off his back and does not dignify those that seem to want to pick a fight with the former president. It is not that he does not want to react, I am certain. But he understands that his role is done. He is no longer president. It is not becoming to bash the guy that is in the Oval Office now. Even if you strongly do not think he is doing the right things for the country. Hell, you even team up with former president Bill Clinton and work on getting the nation of Haiti back from the devastating earthquake earlier this year.
That is what I mean by a real leader. One who knows when his time is up.
Thankfully, W is not forgetting those that are serving our Great Land. And neither should you!

Dingy Dirty Harry Reid Steps In It Again

God love him! I mean, who else can love the senate majority leader, Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry Reid?
Well, it appears that the Democrat Solon wants to know how anyone of Hispanic heritage can be a Republican?
Of course, may I turn it around to Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry?
How can any Mormon be a Democrat?
Ahh, I digress and it is really important to stay on point.
What Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry said was the following:

"I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK. Do I need to say more?"

As the television pitcher says, but wait! There's more!
If that was not enough, Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry went on to say the reason that there is animus towards Hispanics is because "their skin's a tone darker". Than those who were immigrants from Europe.
This guy is beyond an ignoramus. But he is the senate majority leader and is the face of senate Democrats.
It is not the first time that Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry has shown his fixation on race.
Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry said about then Democrat presidential candidate, Sen. Messiah Barack,
that he was "light skinned" and had no "Negro" dialect. And he got out of that with an apology and a wrist-slap. Ol' Trent Lott basically was drummed out of the senate when he gave an old man, Sen. Strom Thurmond, a nice remark as he was celebrating his 100th birthday.
What is it about Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry and skin color? Why is he so into skin tone? Dark skin? Light skin?
Hey, schmuck! Who cares?
Why does no one question his Mormonism as Mitt Romney was harassed on the presidential trail in 2008? Hmm? How about asking Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry how he can be in a denomination that did not allow Blacks in the priesthood? Huh?
I want to bring you the thoughts of a Hispanic, a woman and-DA HORROR!-a Republican!
Rachel Campos-Duffy, who gained fame in MTV's The Real World in season three, has been an active Republican for years. And in this post in The Corner at National Review Online, she hits the nail right on the head as to why Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry is so, well sorry to be blunt, stupid.
I like that she writes about her father not just being a Hispanic Republican, but as a resident of Arizona, a supporter of the infamous Senate Bill 1080.
But the clincher is pointing out the obvious. That Hispanics are not all different than anyone else. They care about the economy. Jobs. Taxes. National Security. And I will point out how many Hispanics join the armed forces to defend this nation. It is a high number and something that I am very proud of as a fellow American.
See, Dingy Dirty Harry, there are a lot of Hispanics that actually like and believe the Republican message. They do not feel that they have to stay on the Democrat plantation. That they want to move up by ability, not name, heritage or some skin tone. That is why they are and become Republicans.
Oh, maybe this is all a little ginning-up to get a bunch of Hispanic Nevadans to vote for Rory No Last Name for governor. Why does Rory not say his last name? OMG! My bad! Rory's last name is R E I D! Same as Dingy Dirty Harry! Why, Rory is Harry's son!
I bet Rory is giving daddy a big wet kiss as a thank you as I write this.
Yeah, right.
Come November, it will be nice to call Sharron Angle sen.-elect Angle. The people of Nevada deserve better. And will get it.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

An Evanglical Take On Prop. 8

I am certain that you have read all about the federal court's Proposition 8 decision that overturned the people of California recognizing marriage between one man and one woman.
I have linked to the actual decision on the judge involved in the case, Vaughn Walker. Yes, he was appointed by former President George H. W. Bush. Proving the difference between a Republican and a conservative Republican. But, it is a rather tortured decision at best.
What I think is important is how people of faith deal with this new blow to traditional marriage.
Timothy Dalrymple has one of the best columns on the subject I have read since Judge Walker's decision came down.
It makes a case to defend traditional marriage and to have a real dialogue and compassion to those that are homosexuals rather than the approach so many take to demonize on both sides of this issue.
I note the end of Mr. Dalrymple's post:

Incalculable harm has come from political and religious leaders who opposed same-sex marriage but were later shown to have sexual or even homosexual sins of their own. Stories like those of Ted Haggard or Larry Craig or even Mark Souter make it all too easy for gay-marriage activists to portray our opposition as a manifestation of sexual repression.

As we often say, read the whole thing.
It is the best of what an Evangelical Christian can do in regards to such an issue that has become so divisive to many Americans.

HT: Hugh Hewitt @ www.hughhewitt.com

More Reasons The Left Angeles Times Continues It Descent Into Irrelevancy

I really have to say that I have lost count on my scorecard of the Left Angeles Times and its continuing free fall into irrelevancy.
But today, two articles caught my eye and see if you get the same "Huh?!" that I got.
Exhibit number one is this one focusing on a supposedly vulnerable House Republican congressman, Dan Lungren. Sure, the Democrats are throwing good money after bad. They do have a decent candidate in Ami Bera. But you have to go all the way to the end of the article to get the fact that the Democrats should have taken this seat in the presidential election year of 2008.
Tony Quinn, longtime California political know-it-all said this:

Quinn, a Sacramento campaign analyst, suggests Democrats may have missed their best chance to beat Lungren, in the Obama landslide. "Two years ago was when they needed to do it. He may survive thanks to good timing."


Yet the Left Angeles Times gives the impression that Mr. Lungren is about to get voted out on the rails. That somehow Democrat turnout will be awesome or something like that.
Uh, think again.

Before Mr. Quinn's money take down of the whole premise that Mr. Lungren will be voted out,
there is this from Julian Lopez, a labor organizer:

The problem Bera faces is not a lack of resources but an absence of enthusiasm, which was evident as he recently canvassed a neatly-tended development on the eastern side of Elk Grove, about 15 miles south of Sacramento.

The barefoot man in shorts, Julian Lopez, greeted Bera warmly and happily accepted a campaign flier. But after Bera left, Lopez, a labor organizer, said members of his plasterers' union had other priorities besides politics.

"They only thing that interests them and gets their attention is jobs," Lopez said. "The excitement about politics is nowhere near what it was in 2008. It's like it just died."

Yes, even labor organizers realize that this is not going to be a good year for the Dems. But, the Left Angeles Times wants you to think so. That somehow, there will be manna from heaven and Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents are going to come out for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Not. Going. To. Happen.
The next article is an op-ed piece by former Times reporter Bill Lobdell. Mr. Lobdell was once an active, born-again Christian. Until he lost his faith and wrote a Meh book, "Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America — and Found Unexpected Peace." So, in the eyes of the editorial board of the Times, that makes him a go-to guy on religion.
And Mr. Lobdell cites the author Anne Rice and her "leaving" the Christian faith as proof of the decline of the Christian church in the United States.
In his latest piece, Mr. Lobdell also uses statistics to back up that the evangelical side of Christianity has its problems. Along with Mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics.
Essentially, Mr. Lobdell is stating the obvious. That all who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are still sinners. And, regrettably, hypocrites as well.
There is no question that the church is becoming more like the secular world in many ways. But that does not take away the truth that is Jesus Christ, his saving redemption and promise of everlasting life.
The church has been wracked by people who have perverted the faith for their own ends, well since there has been a Christian church. In reality, one can say that the Roman Catholic church is the first Protestant church. I think that Orthodox Christians would think that way. Then there is the Protestant rise and reformation within the Roman church.
No question that there are problems between what Jesus teaches and actions. Some perverse and some that show the grip of the secular world.
But leaving the institutional church because it is not perfect is worse than finding one that works. The institutional church runs the gamut.
People like Mr. Lobdell and Miss Rice simply were not grounded enough in their faith to overcome the clear problems that are within.
But, the Times thinks this is the mainstream of Christian thinking.
I am afraid to burst their bubble, but it is not.
Just as Dan Lungren really in all that much trouble in the upcoming midterm election is not true.
Again, these are real reasons the Left Angeles Times is continuing its downhill spiral. How long before the powers that be realize this and try to right the ship? So, far the crickets are still chirping.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Required Reading For Conservatives

Today's column by Jonah Goldberg in the Left Angeles Times is absolutely required reading for conservatives and a push back against those "conservatives" that long for a different time in the conservative movement.
Mr. Goldberg's column was a direct response to a piece by David Klinghoffer that appeared in this past Sunday's Left Angeles Times. In that column, Mr. Kllinghoffer laments that today's conservatives are not like those of old.
The problem for Mr. Klinghoffer is the same thing that plagues fellow-travellers as David Frum, David Brooks and to a lesser extent, Christopher Buckley. That the die is cast and now the movement is taking charge to return the United States to a more traditional era.
Mr. Klinghoffer seems to think that raconteur Andrew Breitbart is the leader of the modern conservative movement. No, Mr. Breitbart is not the leader of the conservative movement. And no, he is not a potty-mouth either. What Mr. Breitbart is an entrepreneur of the new media. And he uses it to inform the conservative movement and to call the left out on lies that the perputrate on the American public. After all, without Mr. Breitbart, the canard that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were spat upon and called n------s would have gone unchallenged. But, and Mr. Breitbart has made the point that he made an error, did get the Shirley Sherrod video out to quickly. He may have been had. And that is no worse than the Obamawhore media making similar errors if not outright falsehoods.
I do agree with Mr. Klinghoffer that conservatism is a lifestyle, so to speak. But, it is also ideas that have to be put in place. And that means running in and winning elections. And, it means that said politicians are going to play hardball. After all, it is the way the left plays. For keeps.
That is why Mr. Goldberg's response is important.
Mr. Goldberg is around the same age as your humble blogger. As well as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and many other conservatives that came of age during the Reagan era.
And what Mr. Goldberg is trying to remind Mr. Klinghoffer and those conservatives that seem to like getting kicked around is that winning is important. When there was William F. Buckley, Irving Kristol and the Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, conservatism was starting from scratch. Then came along one Ronald Reagan that showed how a conservative politician can win elections. And set the stage for the future.
Let me digress.
Mr. Reagan was pro-life. And in his time, that was a decided minority of opinion in the United States. While Mr. Reagan did not gain any victories in the cause, his ability to write and talk about the issue has led to public opinion changing to the point the majority of Americans want to have some restrictions on abortion. A far cry from Mr. Reagan's time.
The ideas were put in motion by men like Messrs Buckley, Sen. Barry Goldwater, Kristol, the Rev. Neuhaus and Reagan.
Now, the torch is carrying on to a new kind of leadership.
And one other thing.
The ideas are timeless and some issues change.
We are no longer fighting a long war with the Soviet Union and their brand of communism. But we are fighting radical Islam. We are still fighting against the rise of big government. But, the leadership led by the Dear Leader, President Obama, is much more aggressive than we have seen in most of our lifetimes. We are also fighting against judicial tyranny, which continues to thwart representative government.
On this, Jonah Goldberg is right and David Klinghoffer is wrong. But both are well worth reading and both make important points. Do not forget who brought you to the party. And do not forget that ideas have to be put into practice.

Mad Max Waters And Democrat Corruption Coast To Coast

You know, even though I have been following Mad Maxine Waters congressional career for quite a while, I forgot that there is a Mister Maxine Waters, Sidney Williams.
He is one lucky guy.
I mean, he must see something in Mrs. Waters that most Americans do not.
Oh yeah, the fact that Mrs. Waters as a member of congress maybe steered some of that there stimulus money to a bank where Mr. Williams just happens to be on the board of directors.
Well, what Mr. Williams sees is ka-ching! Certainly not Mrs. Waters charming personality.
Now everyone knows Mrs. Waters and her close ally, Charming Charlie Rangel, are facing ethics charges in the House and right before the midterm elections in November.
Great timing.
Of course the Obamawhore media is highlighting that Mrs. Waters and Mr. Rangel are B l a c k. You know, Black Democrats. So of course there is no reason for these charges. It is just eeevvviiilll White raaaaacism!
Of course not, but because these are two of the longest serving members of congress, it seems to not have dawned on their enablers in the Obamawhore media that gee, maybe they have been around too long. Maybe that is why both seem to be up on these charges. Because they have the ability to have their hands greased to make life easier for their supporters.
See, it is not that these two are Black. But that they have been kept in congress by being in gerrymandered districts for 20 years in Mrs. Waters case. And double that for Mr. Rangel.
In Mrs. Waters case, it highlights the stupidity of the so-called stimulus bill passed last year.
Up to $12,000,000 may have went to the bank, One United, that Mr. Williams has stock in and has been on the board of directors. Because this bank got way in with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, it was nearly taken over by the FDIC. Instead, it got the $12,000,000 in TARP money and one assumes still making bad business decisions.
Folks, this is the kind of corruption that the Democrats ran against in 2006 and 2008 in taking back congress and the White House.
One assumes that the Democrats simply learned their corruption at the feet of the eeevvviiilll Republicans.
I mean, the Democrat party is the party of virtue, truth, honesty and the little guy, right?
What the Waters and Rangel cases show is that there is a class of politicians in both parties that think it should be an actual career to be in elected politics. The fact is that our Founders thought that the House of Representatives should be a place where the people ran, won elections and when they accomplished what they set out to do, go home and call it a day.
One hopes that these two realize that the jig is up, call it a day and return to their districts as triumphant congressmen. But, it appears that they both want to go down with the ship.
BTW, here is the website for K. Bruce Brown, the Republican running for the 35th district seat currently occupied by Mrs. Waters. Fork a little cash and give Mrs. Waters a little encouragement to leave her seat a little early.