Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mad Max Waters And Democrat Corruption Coast To Coast

You know, even though I have been following Mad Maxine Waters congressional career for quite a while, I forgot that there is a Mister Maxine Waters, Sidney Williams.
He is one lucky guy.
I mean, he must see something in Mrs. Waters that most Americans do not.
Oh yeah, the fact that Mrs. Waters as a member of congress maybe steered some of that there stimulus money to a bank where Mr. Williams just happens to be on the board of directors.
Well, what Mr. Williams sees is ka-ching! Certainly not Mrs. Waters charming personality.
Now everyone knows Mrs. Waters and her close ally, Charming Charlie Rangel, are facing ethics charges in the House and right before the midterm elections in November.
Great timing.
Of course the Obamawhore media is highlighting that Mrs. Waters and Mr. Rangel are B l a c k. You know, Black Democrats. So of course there is no reason for these charges. It is just eeevvviiilll White raaaaacism!
Of course not, but because these are two of the longest serving members of congress, it seems to not have dawned on their enablers in the Obamawhore media that gee, maybe they have been around too long. Maybe that is why both seem to be up on these charges. Because they have the ability to have their hands greased to make life easier for their supporters.
See, it is not that these two are Black. But that they have been kept in congress by being in gerrymandered districts for 20 years in Mrs. Waters case. And double that for Mr. Rangel.
In Mrs. Waters case, it highlights the stupidity of the so-called stimulus bill passed last year.
Up to $12,000,000 may have went to the bank, One United, that Mr. Williams has stock in and has been on the board of directors. Because this bank got way in with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, it was nearly taken over by the FDIC. Instead, it got the $12,000,000 in TARP money and one assumes still making bad business decisions.
Folks, this is the kind of corruption that the Democrats ran against in 2006 and 2008 in taking back congress and the White House.
One assumes that the Democrats simply learned their corruption at the feet of the eeevvviiilll Republicans.
I mean, the Democrat party is the party of virtue, truth, honesty and the little guy, right?
What the Waters and Rangel cases show is that there is a class of politicians in both parties that think it should be an actual career to be in elected politics. The fact is that our Founders thought that the House of Representatives should be a place where the people ran, won elections and when they accomplished what they set out to do, go home and call it a day.
One hopes that these two realize that the jig is up, call it a day and return to their districts as triumphant congressmen. But, it appears that they both want to go down with the ship.
BTW, here is the website for K. Bruce Brown, the Republican running for the 35th district seat currently occupied by Mrs. Waters. Fork a little cash and give Mrs. Waters a little encouragement to leave her seat a little early.

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