Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today, Right View From The Left Coast makes a formal endorsement of the 2010 political season and heartily support John Colbert for congress in California's 29 congressional district.
John has a real uphill battle against Dear Leader, President Obama, sycophant Adam Schiff.
But in a year that the American people are souring on Democrats and their controls of both congress and the executive branch, this is actually a race to watch.
One of the reasons that I want to see Adam Schiff get defeated his is disingenuous approach to the so-called health-care "reform" scam.
Mr. Schiff wanted his constituents, I am one of them, to believe that he was agonizing his support for the behemoth legislation. Why he even had an infamous Town Hall meeting last August. It got so big that it had to be moved onto the street in front of the Alhambra City Hall. However, Mr. Schiff did several things to show where he really stood on the issue.
One, only supporters were part of his Q and A panel. Supporters were in the front of the audience, buffeted by SEIU union goons. But, they were clearly outnumbered by the opponents and their zeal to ask questions of Mr. Schiff and his "panel". Of course we who opposed the so-called health-care "reform" scam did not get to ask questions. And of course, Mr. Schiff voted for the largest power grab in United States history.
And there is the vote for the so-called economic "stimulus" bill and more expansion of the federal government. Expansion that is stalling what ever economic recovery may be taking place now.
Take a look at each candidate's endorsement page on their website.
Mr. Schiff has a who's who of the local Democrat political establishment backing his candidacy. And expect that he will throw some Republicans in the mix. Yes, I do know one backing Mr. Schiff. But her husband once served on a local city council and she really basing her support on clearly parochial grounds. It is not the totality of how Mr. Schiff has been as a Democrat member of congress.
Now at Mr. Colbert's endorsement page, it is a good mix of Republican politicians and regular citizens. It shows that while Mr. Colbert does value the support of the Republican party, he values the support of the citizens of the district that he wants to represent in Washington. A real contrast. And Mr. Colbert has the support of the Pasadena Patriots, the local Tea Party group.
And on the issues, these two are at polar opposites when it comes to the issues.
Mr. Colbert has very detailed policy positions. Mr. Colbert opposes raising taxes. Supports a smaller, limited government. A strong national defense. Mr. Colbert reminds us that national defense is the most important function of the federal government. It has been very lost on many Americans. And Mr. Colbert opposes amnesty for illegal aliens. Kind of a foreign concept but enforcing current laws would be a start.
Well, if Mr. Schiff had a policy position page on his website, I may be able to prove that Mr. Schiff has been nothing more but a Dear Leader butt-boy. But, I do have this to prove that point to be accurate.
This website, On The Issues has a very detailed look at Mr. Schiff and his stands on issues and how he has voted as a member of congress. And of course, Mr. Schiff comes off rather to the left-of-center than he publicly makes one think.
What we need in the 29th congressional district is a true, independent voice. Some one that is not beholden to a slew of special interests. Some one that realizes that it is still the land of We The People and not the land of the special interests.
That candidate is John Colbert.
And this blogger will support Mr. Colbert for congress from now until election day, November 2!


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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how two people can be at the same place and perceive things so differently. I was at Rep. Schiff's town hall and he clearly stated his support for Obama's health care reform (he stated this was in line with his constituents). He also tried to take questions but there was so much shouting it was difficult. It seemed to me that support was pretty evenly split.

Anonymous said...

I support John Colbert also. I live in S Pas, just went to a meeting, and met Mr Colbert. He's a respectable man who will do the right thing for our country. He has my vote.

Chris said...

I respectfully disagree that Colbert would be a good candidate to represent our district. I read an article in the Glendale News/Press (intended to be positive of the candidate) that made him seem inarticulate. What concerned me most was that he didn't seem to understand how the legislative process works. I guess one can learn on the job, but I really wonder how well he would do.

Also, do you know if it's true that Colbert never bothered to vote before 2008? I received a flyer from the Schiff campaign that pointed this out. I don't know if it's true, but it would concern me if Colbert really didn't bother to vote for decades.