Thursday, August 12, 2010

Remember When America Had A REAL President

On former president George W. Bush's Facebook page is a set of photos of he and former First Lady Laura Bush, greeting returning soldiers home from America's two-front ground war against Radical Islamofascists.
Now, I had my disenchantment with Mr. Bush a lot during the second term, but this is what is why I miss W.
He never forgot that the people that he was sending into harm's way were real men and women. Dads and moms. Sons and daughters. Husbands and wives.
And it is a reminder that we are still on the ground in Iraq and ramping up in Afghanistan. And while we may not agree or get the Dear Leader, President Obama's war strategy, remember that these brave men and women that do not care who the president is. That they are professional and carry out their duties with honor and dignity.
While that is true, one other thing comes to mind.
W has got to be tired of the endless Blame Bush that Team Dear Leader keeps haranguing around his neck. But he just lets it slide off his back and does not dignify those that seem to want to pick a fight with the former president. It is not that he does not want to react, I am certain. But he understands that his role is done. He is no longer president. It is not becoming to bash the guy that is in the Oval Office now. Even if you strongly do not think he is doing the right things for the country. Hell, you even team up with former president Bill Clinton and work on getting the nation of Haiti back from the devastating earthquake earlier this year.
That is what I mean by a real leader. One who knows when his time is up.
Thankfully, W is not forgetting those that are serving our Great Land. And neither should you!

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