Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Left Trying To Slam Sharron Angle On Religion

You know, I think that the American left knows it is going to get it's clock cleaned on November 2.
Why else would Slate magazine try to link Republican senate candidate Sharron Angle to a movement called Christian Reconstructionism?
Now, I will be the first to note that this view of Christianity is very narrow, Calvinist and not anywhere near mainstream Evangelical Christian thinking. And, Mrs. Angle is a Southern Baptist.
But, according to the Slate article, because at one time, Mrs. Angle associated with a group called the Independent American Party. And it is a bad group according to Slate. And it is an offshoot of the Constitution Party. Another bad group in the eyes of Slate magazine. And CP leader Howard Phillips, well he is just yukky!
Well, so what? So, Mrs. Angle may have flirted with a third-party?
The key is that Mrs. Angle is now a Republican. Has been throughout her elected political life.
And this is really where the left wants to go? After all, her opponent, Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry Reid belongs to what many on the left despise. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Better known as the Mormons. So what, dueling whack jobs according to the left?
Look, this midterm election is about the economy and the rise of the federal government and the ineptitude of the the Three Stooges, the Dear Leader, President Obama, the Speaker of the House, Jackass Nancy Pelosi and the aforementioned senate Majority Leader.
This is just another attempt to scare voters into thinking that Mrs. Angle will win the senate seat and somehow transform the United States into this narrow theocracy.
Ain't. Gonna. Happen.
My advice is for Mrs. Angle to ignore this latest attack and focus on her agenda, the economic mess the United States is in and the horrible leadership of Sen. Dingy Dirty Harry.
I think that the left figures that they will go down in flames. Why else bring up a non-issue as this?

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