Monday, August 30, 2010

This Flip-Flop May Not Be One Charlie Christ Wants

Oooh boy!
Florida governor Charlie Christ, running as an "independent" for the United States senate has been shedding any conservative position at breakneck speed. The one-time Republican got scared by a former statehouse Speaker, Marco Rubio, then left the GOP for an alleged "independent" run for the office.
While going against his one-time party on a slew of issues, the latest is his view on same-sex marriage.
Within an interview with CNN, Gov. Christ gives strange answers to questions regarding his stand on same-sex marriage.
Why is this such a big deal and a potential thorn that could undermine Gov. Christ's run?
Because of rumors about Gov Christ's sexuality.
Gov. Christ has had a lot of speculation whether or not he is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with it. It is how he has, well been his usual calculating self on the issue. If you read the Wikipedia entry, note when he married the second Mrs. Charlie Christ. In 2008. Just in time running for reelection for governor or as it has turned out for the United States senate.
Why, Gov. Christ is married. Stop the gay rumors.
Instead, they just went underground.
But this flip-flop will no doubt force the rearing of this ugly head.
And will force Gov. Christ on the defensive.
And that is where this slug should be.
Gov. Christ is going to deserve what he gets if this ends up outing him. He has bobbed and weaved so long in his political career that he does not even realize when his may have done so for the last time.
I can not believe that Gov. Christ just did not punt this question. Flip-flopping on this is not going to help Gov. Christ. And will help the next senator, Marco Rubio.

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